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The Children's Day.
! "Lust Sunday was Children's Day wit ;
the Congregational Sunday-school am
the evening service was given up entirely
to the children and the rendering of th
special program prepared by the little
ones of the school.
"The Little Builders" was the title o
the simple but pretty cantata renderet
by the children , and the service was en
joyed as much by the older ones who
were present in large numbers as it was
by the children. The singing , recita
tions and action of the children were
such as to interest and cause all.present
joy and pleasure.
' The church wasentrancingly decoratec :
with flowers and national flags , and the
efiect'was simply charming in the lavish
. and lovely display of cut flowers of main
kinds , palms , etc.
At the close of the service two little
girls gathered a collection in flower
baskets for the benefit of the Congrega
tional' Publishing House , the proceeds
being devoted to the purchasing of Sun-
day-schodl supplies for schools that are
not able to bear the expense of buying
'the same themselves. A liberal collec
tion iv'as ' raised for this laudable purpose.
A McCook Boy First.
At the commencement exercises of the
Northwestern university at Chicago , last
-week , a McCook boy , JolnrF. Cordeal ,
teed 'first in his class in the law depart
ment , numbering over one hundred
graduates. He was one of the three who
secured prizes for theses read. The sub
ject of his thesis was "The Status of the
Indian Tribes of the United States , " and
the prize received is an edition of the
' American and English Encyclopedia
of ; iLaw , " 'a very valuable and latest
edition of that standard series of law
books. THE TRIHUNE feels proud to
learn that a McCook boy should achieve
so much distinction , knowing the recipi
ent to be in every way worthy of the
honors bestowed.
The New War Loan" . '
* HM '
" ' The war loan which is now being of
fered sold to subscribers at par
during the period of subscription , which
ends July I4th , 1898. Blank forms may
be secured at the McCook postoffice , and
on these forms is clearly indicated all
that is necessary for the subscriber to
fill out. Remittances may be made by
postoffice orders. Any further informa
tion may be secured at the McCook
postoffice. There is a big demand for
these 3 per cent bonds , and if you expect
to get in on the ground floor you should
be prompt in your applications.
Their Third Annual.
Last Sunday was the third anniversary
of the South Side Endeavor society and
the occasion was celebrated by special
exercises held in the Fitch school-house ,
in which neighboring societies were in
vited to participate. There was a large
turnout and the program rendered was
most enjoyable and excellent. The
South Side Endeavor society has been
an excellent influence in that entire
neighborhood since its organization and
we hope its future may be characterized
bv good works and substantial results ,
as it has been in the past.
Advertised Letters.
The following letters were advertised
by the McCook postoffice , June igth ,
1898 : Harry Baugh , Lizzie Barnell , Geo.
A. Brooks , Miss Bridget , Harry Fiske ,
Mrs. May Handy , Frank Hammond ,
J. W. Hyers , O. E. VouOven , J. T. Mc-
Improves the Streets.
"N Several of our citizens have graded in
front of their properties out to the twen
ty-foot limit , and the effect is a decided
improvement. We hope the move may
become more general and that uniform
results may be secured.
Furnished Rooms to Rent.
Furnished rooms to rent. Inquire of
Mrs. Laura Hammond , two blocks west
of the court house.
McConnell's Colicure
Cures Colic , Cholera Morbusand Diar- |
rhoea. Money refunded if not as repre
FOR SAT.E CHEAP A second-hand
bicycle in good shape. Inquire at this
oSce'for particulars.
. 'Machine Oils at McConnell's.
This coupon and ten cents get a
* "Uncle Sam's
copy of the peerless
- Navy" Portfolios , at THE TRIBUNE
> j office. The supply Is limited , so
' call early before the assortment is
' broken.
' ' I/K NUMBER 5. , / ' .
A. BARNETT has been absent in Oma
ha all week on business.
MRS. T. B. CAMPBELL went down to
Lincoln , Wednesday , on a short visit.
MRS. E. H. WATERS arrived home ,
close of last week , from her visit in the
tative of the Chicago Record , is in the
MRS. J. G. STOKES is down from
Hayes Center , the guest of Mrs. W. M.
Miss MABEL WILCOX returned home ,
Tuesday evening , from Grand Island ,
MRS. J. W. McKENNA is down from
Denver , the guest of her brother , Rev.
J. W. Hickey.
Miss MAGGIE GIBBONS will remain in
the city a week or two , the guest of Mrs.
A. S. Campbell.
ELMER SPRAGUE , a former McCook-
ite , arrived from St. JoeMo. , Wednesday
night , on a visit.
STUBY went up to Denver , Monday
night , on a short visit.
J. C. GAMMILL , the well known stock
man and politician of Frontier county ,
was in the city , Monday.
REV. F. M. WILLIAMS of Lincoln has
been spending a few da's in this city
and section of the state.
MRS. FRANK HARRIS is in Omaha ,
this week , attending the sessions of the
Eastern Star convention.
MRS. MAX ANTON departed on Tues
day morning for Farnam , Nebraska , on
a visit to Mrs. T. G. Rees.
Miss JENNIE GIBBONS and Master
Tom Gibbons left on Tuesday morning
for their old home in Orleans.
CALEB CLOTHIER was down from
Hayes county , a few days early in the ;
week , the guest of H. H. Troth.
Denver , Tuesday morning , and will take
a course with pencil and crayon.
from Hastings , Tuesday evening , and is
the guest of J. S. LeHew's family.
Miss MARIE HICKEY departed on
Thursday morning , to be absent all
summer visiting relatives in Boston.
Mrs. Henry Meyer arrived home , Tues
day night , from a long visit in St. Ans-
gar , Iova.
Miss MABEL BISHOP went down to
Indianola , this morning , to spend a
week with her aunt , Mrs. James Heth-
Miss ETHEL WAGY arrived from Illi
nois , last Friday evening on No. 3 , and
expects to pass the summer here with
her sister , Mrs. R. A. Green.
C. H. MEEKER was in Lincoln , Satur
day , endeavoring to make arrangements
to get permission to make a small lake
n the bottom near the pump house.
S. L. DONNELL of Red Oak , Iowa , ar
rived in the city , Tuesday night , looking :
fter his real estate interests in Red
Villow precinct. He returned horne-
vard today.
FRANK RATHBUN , the new register of
he land office , arrived in the city ,
Vednesday , from Frontier county , and
s learning the ropes before formally
aking charge of the office on the first
ay of July.
MRS. IMOGENE RowELLaud daughter
Grace left for their home in Mt. Ayr ,
owa , this morning. Mr. and Mrs. C.
} . Rowell gave Miss Grace and her
oung friends an ice sream , strawbeny
nd cake treat , last evening.
A. L. CAVINESS , our new superinteud-
nt of schools , was up from * Syracuse ,
Nebraska , Tuesday and Wednesda } ' , [
coking over the field and making ar-
angements for moving his family to our
Uy. We welcome them with greetings
warm and hearty.
D. C. HILTON of Lincoln , advance
agent for the "Lotus Quartette" of that
city , spent Sunday in McCook. Dates
were made for July 7th , when all will
enjoy the opportunity of hearing these
young men , two of whom are well known
to many of our people. Notice is given
in another column.
C. P. VILAND and family departe'd ,
yesterday , overland , for Sioux county ,
Iowa , where they expect to make their
future home. The. Viland's have tbeen
among our most desirable citizens for
years , and many will regret their depart
ure. We wish them all success and hap"-
plness in their new home , and promise a
warm welcome for them should that
country not come up to their expecta
A Farewell Reception.
The Misses Doan gave a farewell re
ception , Monday evening , in honor o
the Misses Gibbons , which was one o
the most delightful social events of the.
summer containing but one element o
pain the knowledge that the affair cel
ebrated the fact that the Misses Gibbons
were about to leave the city and take up
their home in Orleans , their former
The txvo score of young people of the
city who participated in the reception
are a unit that the occasion was a very
swell affair.
The Misses Gibbons have been popu
lar members of the young society of the
city and they will be missed from those
Besides the felicity of social chat and
association , refreshments of a choice and' '
dainty sort were served during the even
ing , and added to the zest and success of
the evening in appreciative measure.
The guest list was composed as fol-
ows :
Misses Lotta Stover , Ona Simons , Ma
bel Perry , Elizabeth Thomson , Maud
Burgess , Carrie Frazier , Nellie Brown ,
Minnie Rowell , Maud Wood , Laura Mc-
Millen , Nelle Gunn , Lulu Beardslee ,
Maud Cordeal , May Stuby , Lillian Wel-
) orn , Myrtle Meyer , Hattie Yarger. '
Messrs. A. F. Clark , Ed. Cann , A. H ;
Snyder , Arthur Wood , Guy Murphy , Carl
Dennis , E. O. Scott , O. B. Thorgrimson ,
T. H. McCarl , Fred Beardsjee , Russel
McMilleu , Will O'Neil , Win. Bulger ,
no. Thomson.
Will Beat the Record.
Arrangements are now practically com
pleted for the grandest Fourth of July
celebration ever given by the people of
McCook. Commencing at ten o'clock in
the morning there will be trades and
calithumpian parade , bringing up at the
water-works park at eleven. Here Rev. (
W. J. Turner will deliver the oration of
the day , the declaration of independence
will be recited , orders will be read , etc.
all interspersed by music b- the Brigade
Dinner will be eaten in the grove.
Free roast ox , sandwiches and iced tea .
will be served. Bring your baskets and " \
liave a feast in the shade. Ball game at
the bicycle park at three , with bicycle
races between the innings. Other amuse
ments will be provided. In the evening
fire-works will be set off.
Considerable money is being spent to
make the park at the water-works com
fortable and many of the improvements
ivill be permanent , and may be enjoyed
by other gatherings , private and public.
You can't afford to miss the McCook
: elebration , this year.
The Need is Felt. t
As the Fourth of July approaches the
3eed of a suitable grove is felt , each
pear , and remarked about. THE TRIE-
LINE learns that there is a move on foot
o secure this desideratum , and that an
effort may be made to secure the fine
ivooded tract surrounding the water
works plant for grove or park purposes.
Ibis would make a splendid place for .
such gatherings as picnics and celebra
tions , and we hope that the deal can and
be made. It would not require a
arge expenditure to provide excellent .
jrove privileges and advantages.
a ;
Wedding Bells.
On last Sunday morning at the home
af the bride's mother in Danbury pre-
: inct , Rev. White united in marriage
Alexander Ellis and Lydia Cooley , two
af our well known and most excellent
young people of Red Willow county.
Mr. Ellis is oue of the substantial young
men of Gerver precinct. Miss Cooley , , .
better known as Nettie Cooley , has been
for a few years one of the county's suc-
: essful school teachers. THE TRIBUNE
jffers its congratulations.
Return to the Old Home.
The family of Receiver Gibbons de
parted yesterday morning , for their old
ionic in Orleans. During the four years
af their residence in McCook they have .
made many warm friends who will re
gret their removal from our midst and :
who part from them with many kind
wishes for them one and all.
2O Acres Bottom Land
Under the ditch. Will lease in small
tracts to be planted to potatoes. In
quire at U. S. Land Office. " f.
in Omaha , this week , taking in the great
fair and attending a meeting of the
Eastern Star , to which Mrs. Easterday
and Mrs. Frank Harris are delegates
from the local lodge.
O. B. THORGRIMSON went down to. :
Cambridge , this morning , to act as
stenographer in a trial over a recent
stabbing affray there. ;
MRS. J. F. KENYON and Master Dare
departed , the close1 of last week , for
Iowa on a visit of some length.
CHRISTIAN Bible school each Lord'
daj' at 10 a. m. Social and communiot
services at n a. m. Y. P. S. C. E. at 7
p. m.
CATHOLIC Mass at 8 o'clock a. m
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. m.
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m ,
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HICKEY , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL Sunday-school at 11:00 a.
ni. Evening service at 8:00 : p. m. Even
song and instruction on Thursdays al
8:00 : p. in. REV. HOWARD STOY ,
Priest in Charge.
CONGREGATIONAL Sunday-school at
10. Morning subject , "A Deepening Ac
quaintance with God. " Junior Endeav-
orats. Endeavorat7. Evening subject ,
"King Lear-A Revelation of Judgment. "
All are cordially invited.
W. J. TURNER , Pastor.
BAPTIST Sunday-school at 10 a. in.
Preaching service at n. Junior Union
at 3 p.m. Senior Union at 7. Gospel
service at 8. Morning subject , "The
3ones of Joseph. " Evening theme ,
'Woman as a Reformer. " All are made
velcome. T. L. KETMAN , Pastor.
METHODIST Sunday-school at 10.
Preaching at n ; subject , "The Pilgrim's
Place and Promise. " Junior League at
2:30. Epworth League at 7. Preaching
at 8 ; subject , "Stormed and Taken. "
3rayer and Bible study , Wednesday eve
ning at 8. All are welcome.
JAS. A. BADCON , Pastor.
Remember Miss Tillotson in the Con
gregational church , July I4th.
The Meihodist ladies held a success
ful and profitable social in the old Wil-
: ox store room , last evening.
The Junior League will hold an ice
: ream social next Tuesday evening.
and have a good social time with
: he Juniors. COMMITTEE.
The members of Mrs. G. A. Noren's
: lass in the Congregational Sunday-
ichool indulged in a happy picnic in
.Valsh's grove on the Driftwood , Wednes-
i A McCook Boy. '
To the Editor of THE TRIBUNE : The
lommencemeut exercises of The North- o
restern University of Evanston held on
he evening of June i6th , at the Audi-
orium in Chicago were of more than
> assing interest to McCook boys.
One of their friends , John F. Cordeal ,
vas among the graduates of the law
chool and achieved during his course
here a remarkable record.
Entering the university with no other
ducational preparation than that of a
horough home training seconded by his
> atience and industry Mr. Cordeal found
liuiself in class with men who had al- *
eady graduated with honors at univer-
ities like Yale and Harvard and Prince-
Taking his work with classmates
rained at the best schools of this coun-
ry the McCook boy not only held his tl
wn , but , without thought of competi- „
ion or striving for place , actually passed o
lis fellow workers and finished with the
g ]
loners of his class.
Not only this ; but he did the regular
hree years work in two years and was
iven the highest markings on examina-
ions for the final year in the whole
chool. In the examination on "Trusts , " I
le received the only "A , " in the class ;
here was but one "A" given the pre-
ious year.
A thesis on "The Tribal Relations of
he Cherokee Nation with the United
States Government , " won for him the
nest valuable prize awarded , The Eng-
ish and American Encyclopaedia of
vaw , in some thirty-eight volumes.
This record is now of less importance
o Mr. Cordeat than those ambitious
toys of McCook who are apt naturally
o repine at their lack of advantages.
t is safe to say that none of them enjoy
ewer than this McCook boy did , and the
nstance only proves , after all , that the
.nibitiou and the determination are the
mly absolutely essential factors to sue- fi
I believe there are more boys in Red
Villow county who will be heard from
n their due time ; certainly this case ,
nay well inspire them to work unremit-
ingly for success.
Chicago , June 20 , 1898.
Those "Uncle Sam" portfolios are a
hing of beauty and a joy forever. You
ihould avail yourself of the opportunity
o buy one. THE TRIBUNE offers theme
o you for 10 cents each. Buy one and
rou can't resist the temptation to pur-
hase the whole series.
The Athletic Club is preparing the
rack for races which they intend to hold
m the Fourth. >
Guaranteed Mixed Paint atMcMillen's
Drug Store.
Confirmed a Largo Class.
Last Sunday was a day of great mo
ment and large interest to the members of
St. Patrick's church , being the impress
ive occasion of the confirmation of a
class of fifty by the Rt. Rev. Bishop
Bonacum of Lincoln. The scene was
deeply touching and solemn , the church
being crowded to witness the same.
Confirmation was administered by the
bishop and Rev. J. W. Ilickey was cele
brant of the Mass.
Special music was rendered for the
memorable occasion.
The altar decorations and in fact the
entire interior of the church added to
the attractiveness and impressiveness of
the sacred scene and act.
Shipments In the Year 1897.
The shipments of stock , etc. , from Red
Willow county for the year 1897 were as
follows : Cattle , 93 cars , 2,232 headhogs ; ,
448 cars , 30,464 head ; horses and mules ,
4 cars. 80 head ; wheat , 468 cars , 312,000
Jtishels ; corn , 21 cars , 15,000 bushels ,
rhe shipments from McCook during 1897
vere : 489 cars in total , of which 48 cars
vere cattle , 127 hogs , 183 wheat , 55 rye ,
56 miscellaneous. Car receipts were 661
n all , of which 84 were lumber , 276 coal ,
280 miscellaneous. By far the largest
ingle shipment will be seen to be coal ,
vhich makes up almost half of the total
eceipts at this station.
I. O. O. F. Memorial Day.
The Methodist church was crowded ,
ast Sunday morning , when Rev. J. A.
Badcon delivered the I. O. O. F. Me-
iiorial Day sermon before the members
> f the local lodge. A strong sermon was
elivered , special music sung and the
hurch was appropriately decorated for
he event.
After the services at the church the
jraves of the following deceased Odd
? ellows were decorated with flowers :
C. T. Brewer , and F.V. . Jeffries. Also ,
he grave of the wife of Brother Badcon.
The Imperial Brigade.
The Nebraska Brigade band of our
ity was complimented , this week , by
in invitation from Musical Director \Vil-
ard Kiuiball of the Omaha exposition
o fill a two weeks' engagement at the
lig fair. As the boys expect to make
me visit to the exposition , later in the
eason , and are making their arrange-
nents to that effect , they were not able
o accept the invitation. They appre-
iate the compliment just the same.
General Improvements.
St. Patrick's church has been under-
oing general improvements. The out-
ide and interior have been reoainted ,
ew paper adorns the walls , a new cross
nd other improvements have been made
a the steeple and a new hard wood floor
as been laid in the church , which now
5 one of the handsomest and best ap-
ointed edifices of the kind in this part
f the state. .
W. T. Coleman Quite III.
W. T. Coleman's many friends over
lie city and county will learn with re-
ret of his illness with his old complaint
f the bowels. His condition has been
uch as to cause some uneasiness.
Making a Monkey of the Colonel.
Colonel Mitchell has been "requested
o state that Miss Qrphie Hayden is now
ii Denver , and J. A. Hammond is in
lastings. " All of which is important ,
f true.
For Sale Cheap.
Good five room house and lot , part
ash , balance in monthly payments
-io-iots. Write C. E. MAGNER ,
Kearney , Nebr.
McConnell's Colicure
Cures Colic , Cholera Morbusand Diar-
hoea. Money refunded if not as repre-
On July I private postal cards will be
dtnitted into the domestic mails. Un-
er the new law by complying with cer-
ain regulations any firm may issue its
wn cards. A i-cent stamp must be uf-
ixed. An advertisement may be print-
d on the message side. They must not
ie larger than three and one fourth
aches by five and one half inches and
-hite , cream , light gray in color.
The series of twelve "Uncle Sam's"
lortfolios is now complete. If you want
very pretty and artistic thing illnstrat-
ug all of our warships and many other
cenes in connection with the navy don't
icglect this opportunity. They are only
en cents a copy. They are very artistic
nd taken from photographs of the
Hob' Smoke ! The Courier lost a
mndred subscribers in one week. . But
ie got the saloon applications to print
in the fradulent showing aucj is ahead
f the hounds a few leaps , perhaps.
Guaranteed Mixed Paint atMcMillen's
Drug Store.
Machine Oils at McConnell's.
See McMillen's new stock of WAI.I ,
C. B. Gray is busily engaged in taking
the school census , just now.
The fact that the farmers are in the
corn fields is making business quiet.
GIRL WANTED To do general house
work. MRS. C. H. MEEKER.
Martin Yager has built a small addi
tion to hisdwellingon Manchester street.
A new sidewalk is Joseph Menard's-
addition to the improvement columi-
this week.
Abstract books of Red Willow county
for sale or trade. J. E. Barngrover ,
Creston , Iowa.
A reduction is announced in the rates-
for international money orders to go in
to effect July ist.
The departure of C. P. Viland make * ;
a vacancy in the janitorship of the West
ward school building.
Rats have a choice tooth for youthful
chickens and losses are reported by num
erous fanciers of poultry.
Some property is changing hands in
the city , but at modest figures comparer.
with former good times.
There was no meeting of the board of
education , last Saturday eveniag ; or
account of the lack of a quorain.
Fifteen cents will buy a bor of pa
per at THE TRIBUNE office that will
surprise and please you for quality.
For hot summer weather nothiaij s-
cool and fine as a crash suit.
2t I. T. B
Cut out a coupon and bring itwith te :
cents to THE TRIBUNE office sad tet H
copy of "Uncle Sam's Navy PortJaSos. "
George Leland is enlarging his busi
ness quarters on the ground , recently
occupied by the old Colvin oSce bid
You want one of our series of
Sam's Naval Portfolios" . They an.
handsome and cheap. . A cotipos.ned te-
cents gets a copy.
These fine , warm days-are beiajj foil ; .
utilized by the farmers in. aghtiaff the
weeds that stole such a long in&rck or
them during the wet season.
If you are advertising for resells , TH >
TRIBUNE should be in your calculation ?
If you are advertising for fun , "aay ol. "
thing" will answer your purpose.
You can enjoy a fine time , a dish of
ijood ice cream and a piece of rare cskt
it the Maccabee social at the lawn of A.
Barnett , this evening , all for ten ceats.
Some are alarmed over the grasshop
pers , but so far little or no damage ha >
been done , and it is not likely that much
liarui will befall the splendid crops from
Lhat source.
Those "Uncle Sam" portfolio picture-
ire going fast. They are splendid pict
ures of Uncle Sam's ships , sailors etc. .
ind are cheap at ten cents n piece. TH >
IRIBUNE office.
The Rider-Huber cemetery has r
the "laid-out" stage. And it is stu'ev'
Lhat one burial lot has been disposed of.
The grounds are located at the foot of
west Dennisou street.
The Brigade baud indulged XK a re
hearsal in the grove at the water-work- .
last Sunday afternoon. It WHS also a
picnic occasion for : i number of the
young people of the city.
These better times are overruttuim ;
the land with fakes and fakers. The
most of them ought to be herded
within an enclosure and a dyiuunUc
bomb exploded in the midst of them.
The arrangements now about complet
ed for a Fourth of July celebration in
McCook promise to a certainty Uu
most attractive celebration that wiU In-
given by any town in this section ol
Of the eighty delegates to the conwn
lion of Women's Clubs that ) M&ttv.
through McCook , Monday morning , for
Denver , eighteen were the wive * of mi !
liouaires. They were ati aristocttUu-
company , ami easeful , if bruiuy.
The Lady Maccabees announce it iev
cream ami cake social ou the lvtt t
Mrs. A. Barnett's home tonight. The
ladies extend a general invitation to the
public , to come ami partake of a dish
of ice cream reinforced with cnke , nil at
the small price often cents.
Dr. J. I' . Williams , associated with Dr.
W. L. Dayton of Lincoln , Xeln\ , will
again be in McCook , Wednesday ami
Thursday , June ugth and 301 h , at the
office of Dr. W. V. Gage , for the treat
ment of diseases of the eye , ear , nose
nud throat and the fitting of glasses.
Machine Oils at McConueH's.