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Their Anniversary Occasion.
The Odcl Fellows of McCook celebrat
ed the 77th anniversary of Oddfellow-
ship , Tuesday evening , with their usual
enthusiasm. The regular public anniver
sary service was performed in the lodge
hall over Ganschow's store , and a large
-company heard the same. The principal
address of the occasion was delivered by
.Past Grand Master , Judne George W.
Norris , of Beaver City , whose effort was
a magnificent one und was greatly en
joyed and appreciated by all. Rev.
James A. Badcon of our city also spoke
in appropriate language and spirit.
After the completion of the services in
the hall , the members and their invited
guests repaired to the store room lately
occupied by the posloffice , * where was
spread a banquet fit for the gods. Over
200 people enjoyed this delightful feature
of the event ; which was carried out on a
magnificent scale and with the most sat
isfactory particulars. The members and
their wives are to be congratulated upon
the success of the anniversary in its ev-
< : ry detail.
To Improve the Park.
THE TRIIJUNK learns with pleasant
anticipations that there is a prospect
that the committee of ladies will undertake
take the work of raising funds and im
proving the city park. That perhaps
some entertainments will be given to
that purpose. We sincerely hope the
effort will be made , and that some im
provements may be made in the park in
the near future. Even a small sum of
money judiciously expended in conjunc
tion with the Lincoln Land Co. will ac
complish very attractive results and
transform that promising public place
into a spot of beauty and popular pride.
The Date Settled Upon.
At a meeting of old soldiers held on
"last Saturday , some local committees
were selected to commence the work of
arranging details for the old soldiers' re
union for Southxvestern Nebraska to be
held in our city in the coming fall The
date for holding the reunion was settled
upon as the week commencing on Monday -
day , September 26th. The committees
- appointed will be around amongour -
people in due time in the line of arrang
ing and settling certain details in which
all our citizens will be interested , it is
Good Time Social.
The ladies oi the Congregational
church will , hold a Good Time social in
the church on next Tuesday evening.
There will be games , music and refresh-
Tueuts for the entertainment of all , and
the invitation embraces everybody.
Come and enjoy yourself with us. The
social will be given by the Dorcas soci
ety to meet the new pastor , Rev. W. J.
Choice lot of home grown Cedars for
Iiedge , cemetery and ornamental pur
poses , at grounds east of C. L. DeGroff
& . Co.'s , opposite Union Hotel. Call
and see them. Orders left at TRIBUNE
office promptly attended to. A few nice
-cherries , pears and apple trees still left ,
in prime condition.
Appointed Committees.
At a meeting of Grand Army men ,
last Saturday , the initial steps were
taken in the matter of arranging for Me
morial Day. Committees were appoint
ed and the matter will be given due at
tention to the end that a suitable , well-
planned celebration of that day of tender
memories may be had.
Stop the Cruelty.
The inexcusable slaughter of birds by
the small boys of the city with their
rifles should be discouraged by the par
ents , and in case of their failure to stop
the outrageous brutality the city author
ities should compel obedience to the city
ordinances and the laws of the comuion-
Why He Is Here.
Colonel Phillips looked over Mayor
Shelley's committee appointments and
at once wisely concluded that Deacon
Morlan is ' 'strictly in it" . Is Colonel
Phillips unmindful of the fact that that
is one of the strong reasons for the Dea-
con's being on the earth ?
Carries the Pelican Belt.
Amos , son of W. N. Rogers of Shade-
land stock farm , a few miles east of the
city on the Republican- last Friday ,
at two shots , killed three large pelicans
'and wounded a fourth , which is now on
exhibition in the city as a pet. The lad
is quite proud of his feat.
Fire in a pile of straw and manure
called the department up to the resi
dence of Supt. Campbell , this morning.
The fire was under control by the nse
ofgarden hose. There was no damage.
MRS. JOHN GARBER visited in Red
Cloud , lost week.
L. R. HlLEMAN returned from a trip
east , Wednesday morning.
F. H. STROUT went down to Hastings ,
Tuesday on 6 , on business.
JAMES O'NEiLreturned from Chicago ,
the latter part of last week.
J. C. SHUMAKER of Indianola was a
visitor of the county seat , Tuesday.
MARION POWELL of Indianola was a
visitor in the city , fore part of the week.
Jupiter was in'tbe city , first of the week.
Miss MAY MITCHELL of Ihdianola is
the guest of her brother E. J. of the
MRS. L. C. CALDWELL and daughter
Zillah are making their home at 509
South Madison.
a little daughter to their family and
hearts , Sunday.
R. Q. STEWART , deputy internal reve
nue collector , was in the city , Wednes
day , on business.
C.L. DEGROFF was up from Nebraska
City , Saturday , looking after his busi
ness affairs here.
Miss OR A SMITH was up from Indiau-
ola , Saturday , the guest of her COUMII ,
Miss Ursa Smith.
Miss MAUDE CORDEAL made a flying
trip to Denver , this week , going up on
Tuesday morning.
REV. G. W. SHEAFOR will remain here
and engage in the cattle business while
seeking to regain his health.
C. J. RYAN left , Sunday afternoon , for
Omaha , on commission business of the
firm he represents , the Woods Brothers.
rejoicing in the advent of a daughter at
their home , Sunday. Congratulations.
MRS. T. J. SMITH is here from Lincoln
visiting her daughters , and is the guest
of Assistant Cashier and Mrs. F. A. Pen-
rented the Jacob Burnett dwelling and
will take possession about the first of the
month ,
REV. T. L. KETMAN arrived on his
new field of labor , mid-week , and will
conduct services in the Baptist church ,
next Sunday.
ELMER ROWELL left on Tuesday for
Victor , Colorado , where he is interested
in mining. He reports fair success and
bright prospects for the future.
MRS. V. H. SOLLIDAY returned on
No. 2 , Monday morning , from Denver ,
where she attended a meeting of the
Ladies' Auxiliar } ' of the O. R. C.
Miss MAGGIE VAUGHN , who has long
been the guest of her sister , Mrs. A.
Campbell , departed for her home in
O'Neil , Nebraska , Tuesday morning.
MRS. W. A. JOSLIN returned , Saturday
evening , from a week's visit with her
parents , who live near Bartley. She
was accompanied by her brother , Geo.
MRS. FRANK KENDLEN entertained a
number of friends , Tuesday evening , in
honor of Miss Maggie Vaughn , who left
Wednesday morning , for her home in
O'Neill , Nebraska.
G. R. FREY , Bert Colter and Fred
Kinghorn left for Lincoln , last Sunday ,
for the purpose of enlisting in the state
militia for service in the Cuban war.
Frey is a member of the company at
Broken Bow.
FRANK STILLMAN went to St. Louis ,
Monday , with a car-load of mules to
place on that market. The war has
doubtless improved the demand for and
price of the long-eared and uncertain-
heeled quadrupeds.
Hemphill , aunt and cousin of Mrs. T. B.
Campbell , from Allegheny City , Penna. ,
arrived in the city , last Friday night ,
and remained here over Sunday , on their
way to Denver. They will visit here on
their return east.
DICK HUNTER , advance agent for the
Robinson show , was in'the city , Satur
day. Dick was formerly in front for
Frank Taylor's show. He is a clever
advance and was in fine fettle over his
treatment here in making arrangements
for the show he represents , which ap
pears here on the i6th of May.
rived from Sioux City , last Saturday eve
ning , overland , and expect to make Mc
Cook their future home. The drive and
change of climate were very helpful to
Mrs. Spickelmier , who is in better health
than for years , but the doctor was ill dur
ing his entire absence and is more than
pleased to be back again.
The Great Circus , Menaprerle and
Hippodrome to Exhibit
In this City.
The mere announcement that the John
Robinson Greatest of all American Shows
is to exhibit in McCook , Monday , May
l6th , should be sufficient to crowd the
tents of this great amusement institution
to overflowing. For 74 years the John
Robinson Show has been America's lead
ing circus , and year after year it has been
so greatly improved and augmented that
its would-be competitors have never
come within hailing distance of it.
Strange to say , it has preserved its great
and distinctive name through three gen
erations , and it is still a John Robinson
who holds the helm and guides it on its
career of uninterrupted success. As in
the past , the John Robinson show is still
a show of superlatively great features ,
and no act is too expensive and no feat
ure is too difficult to secure as long as it
can contribute to the pleasure of the
show's thousands upon thousands of pa
trons. This season the management has
again demonstrated its enterprise and
regard for the public by securing what is
undoubtedly the most startling arenic
feature ever presented with an American
circus In presenting Louis Cyr , the
Canadian giant of strength , as a unique
special attraction of the show , ail rec
ords of managerial enterprise have been
broken. Mr. Cyr is the strongest man
in the world and he receives more than
double the salary ever paid to any single
circus attraction , either in this country
or in Europe. Mr. Cyr is , however , not
the only great feature of the show. The
roster fairly scintillates with the names
of world-famous perfonnersamonjj whom
are the Brothers LaRole , the Hying mete
ors ; the Harvey family of acrobats ; Sam
uel Burt , the wonderful ladder equilib
rist ; the Miller family of bicyclists ; Julia
and Cecil Lowande , Win. and Nellie
Dutton , and a dozen other great somer
sault riders , and hundreds of other spec
ialists in new , novel and daring feats of
skill , daring and dexterity. A superb
menagerie , a thrilling real Roman hip
podrome and a horse fair containing
over 350 of the finest blooded horses are
among the many other attractions of
this greatest of great shows.
Municipal Matters.
The city fathers were in regular ses
sion , Monday evening. Bills of C. G.
Coglizer , Ed. Jordan , and R. M. Osborn ,
fire service , referred back for correction.
Each fireman was instructed to make
out separate bill.
Bill of C. W. Barnes was allowed , less
amount for printing treasurer's report.
On motion all bonds and petitions
were referred to the city attorney.
The applications of L. W. McConnell
& Co. and Albert McMillen for drug
gists' permits were granted.
The bond of A. C. Clyde was referred
back for amendment and additional se
The bond of Harry Barbazett was re
ferred back for additional security.
The application of Patrick Walsh for
liquor license was granted and his bond
Applicatipn of Bennett & Lawless for
billiard license was granted and bond
Bonds of Treasurer Wilcox and Police
Judge Babcock were approved.
Report of ex-City Clerk Gray was sub
mitted and placed on file.
Coglizer & Clark submitted a bill to
sprinkle streets and do all street work.
The mayor named the Tollowing com
mittee on cemetery and the same was
approved by the council : Mesdames A.
Campbell , H. H. Troth , R. M. Osborn ,
Frank Harris and F. A. Pennell.
Adjourned to meet Saturday evening
at S o'clock.
The assault case of the State of Ne
braska vs. Flora Ohler and Ida Davis ,
on complaint of Naomi Gielday , came
up before the county judge , Saturday.
Flora Ohler was held in the sum of $500
bonds , and Ida Davis in the sum of $250.
The bonds were filed on Monday.
License to wed was issued , Monday , to
Fred J. Bradley and Celia A. Monroe ,
and the couple was united in marriage
at the Commercial hotel by Rev. G. W.
Sheafor. Mr. Bradley is cook in Miller's
restaurant , and came here from PawPaw ,
Michigan , as did also the bride.
On Tuesday was filed a transcript of
the State of Nebraska vs. Flora Ohler
and Ida Davis from the county court.
Facts to Remember.
The postoffice lobby opens at 6:30 in
the morning. The general delivery at
S o'clock. Money order window closes
at 5:30. Postoffice at 7:30. General de
livery open Sundays from 12 to i.
Guaranteed Mixed Paint at McMillen's
Drug Store.
CATHOLIC Mass at S o'clock a. m.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. m. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HiCKEY , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL Sunday-school at 11:00 a.
111. Evening service at 8:00 : p. m. Even
song and instruction on Thursdays at
8:00 : p.m. REV. HOWARD STOY ,
Priest in Charge. .
METHODIST Sunday-school at 10.
Preaching at n ; subject , The Soul's De
sire. Junior League at 2:30. Epwortu
League at 7. Preaching at 8 ; subject ,
The Testimony of Experience. Prayer
and Bible study Wednesday evening at
8. All are welcome.
JAS. A. BADCON , Pastor.
CONGREGATIONAL Morning subject ,
"Unbelief is Voluntary. " Evening sub
ject , "The Book of Jonah , one of the
deepest and grandest ever written. "
Sunda3'-school at 10. Junior Endeavor
at 3. Endeavor at 7. All are cordially
invited to attend these services.
W. J. TURNER , Pastor.
BAPTIST Sunday services : Bible
school at 10. Preaching at n ; subject ,
"The Life of Christ in the Believer. "
B. Y. P. U. meeting , led by Rev. Shea
for , at 7. Preaching at S ; subject , * 'No
Cross , No Crown. " Baptizing after
evening service.
T. L. KETMAN , Pastor.
There was special lantern class for the
West ward children , Saturday evening.
The class of ' 98 has invited Rev. W. J.
Turner of the Congregational church to
deliver the baccalaureate sermon , this
E. Hopt of the Seventh and Eighth
grades spent Saturday and Sunday with
his parents in the east end of thecounty ,
making the round trip awheel.
Lantern Class tonight and Saturday.
Our National Capital. Recent photo
graphs of Washington and vicinity ,
showing capital , white house , govern
ment offices and other historic places.
AiK especially interesting collection of
pictures at this time when attention is
so generally directed to the action of the
the ailing ones.
A. BARNETT is laying a new sidewalk
about his premises.
MRS. W. W. ARCHIBALD is making
her mother in Chicago a brief visit.
from Stockville , yesterday , on business.
JOHN SUNDEAM and wife expect to
leave , first of next week , for Lincoln , to
dianola were city visitors , Saturday of
last week.
MAYOR KELLEY contemplates mak
ing some extensive additions and im
provements to his house , this spring.
L. J. KIPLINGER and Harry Relph ,
who have been here from Creston , Iowa ,
for a while , departed for Wray , Colorado
rado , midweek , on their way to the
mountains for the latter's health.
For the season of 1898 , I will make
the following rates , season to begin May
ist and ending October 2Oth :
10 ltS. per day delivered at door. . $10 oo
I5fts. " " " . . 12 50
2olbs. " " " 15 oo
25lt > s. " " " . . 17 50
3olbs. " " " . . 20 oo
35lbs. " " " . . 22 50
" " "
40 Jbs. 25 oo
In order that each patron can get the
ice when most needed , I will issue to
each one making the contract , coupon
books , calling for the total number of
pounds for the period of the ice season ,
in order that he can take the ice when
most needed and in such quantities as
he may deem proper.
I will also redeem at the end of the
season the unused coupons at their pro
portionate cost , and will assume no lia
bility upon contracts on account of short
age of ice from any cause. In that event
I would only expect pay in proportion to
the length of time the ice was furnished.
Strict compliance with the printed regu
lations on coupon covers is most respect
fully requested. P. WALSH.
The bill-posting car of the John Rob
inson show is in the city , today , but the
high wind so far has made it impossible
for the men to place their paper on the
THE TRIBUNE and The Toledo Blade
for $1.25 a year , strictly in advance.
Sails From the Cape Verde Islands , This
Morning at Half Past Eight.
Moves North People Starving
Troops Concentrating : In Ha
vana Nebraska Boys to
Fts. Crook , Robinson ,
Niobrara , Omaha.
LINCOLN , NEB. , April29. Spec
ial to THE McCooK TRIBUNE :
Spanish squadron consisting of
four armed cruisers sailed south
from Cape Verde Islands at 8:30 :
this morning. Supposed destina
tion Porto Rico or to capture U.
S. Battleship Oregon off the east
ern coast of South America. The
Government is taking measures to
meet them. The Spanish torpedo
flotilla sailed north at 9:30 , this
morning , with two transports.
The Spanish schooner En Gracia
was captured near Havana. A
ship-load of refugees from Santi
ago De Cuba report the situation
desperate there and the people in
danger of starving. The soldiers
are leaving the smaller garrisons
and concentrating at Havana and
other large cities.
The War department desig
nates Nebraska's quota as two
thousand thirty-four. It is sup
posed that they will be sent to
Fort Robinson , Fort Niobrara ,
Fort Crook and Fort Omaha , but
there have been no official orders
for movement yet.
Organize a Reserve Corps.
A meeting was held in the city hall ,
Tuesday night , for the purpose of organ
izing a Reserve Corps , pursuant to the
request of certain well known retired
generals of the army. The meeting was
well attended and quite a number signi
fied their willingness to respond to the
call of his country , should such action
be necessary. Doubtless the enrollment
will be much larger as the purposes of
the organization become better known
and understood. The drum corps was ill
attendance and their martial music and
the firing of the anvil created no little
stir and patriotic enthusiam , while Old
Glory waved over quite a few business
In response to a letter received by the
mayor from Major General A. McD. Mc-
Cook , secretary of the National Volun
teer Reserves , a recruiting office was
opened in our city , as stated above , and
the following persons have enlisted up
to date :
John E. Kelley Joseph S. LeHew
Joseph Schwarz Carl Gust Budig
Herbert E. McKain Albert J. Warner
Ernest Van Buskirk Admiral D.Shirley
Aetna Willis Chas. E. Garretson
John B. IrwSn Eugene Pohl
Wm. E. Crawford Joseph Walters
John C. Green Chas. F. Babcock
Chas. Mick Richard C. Knox
Edward Walters Thomas Orton
Byron D. Davis Roderick McDonald
Frank D. Harding Edward D.Jordan
Grady B. Latimer William Keslick
Robert Byers James Garfield Dole
Edgar Huber Frank S. Curry
The Next Register.
Frank Rathbun of Frontier county has
been appointed register of the McCook
land office. The time of the present
officials will expire July ist.
Colonel Mitchell's scheme to run a
daily during these warlike times has
failed to materialize. Is it possible that
we are lacking in appreciation of brains
and enterprise , or do the people think
that the Colonel had better take a kin
dergarten course in weekly newspaper
publishing first.
Colonel Mitchell of the McCook Com
fort has fallen in love with Deacon Mor-
lan so violently , overheadedly that
Rhoderick Dhu had better look well to
his congressional fences and honors. A
crisis may be expected.
The round house force fires a salute
morning , noon and night from a cannon
of their own manufacture. When they
get that new flag the boys will be in the
patriotic push with enthusiasm.
Mr. and Mrs. Vance McManural are
entertaining their daughter , Mrs. Jack
Cook , and the children.
Thursday morning , a son was born to
Mr. and Mrs. John Muirhead.
See McMillen's ne\v stock of WALL
WANTED Shorthand pupils by L. W.
GIRL WANTED Inquire at the Cen
tral hotel.
Guaranteed Mixed Paint at McMillen's
Drug Store.
Everist , Marsh & Co. pay the highest
market price for hogs.
The air is heavy and sweet with the
bursting\buds of fruit trees.
THE TRIBUNE and The Chicago Inter-
Ocean fori.35 ayear , strictly in advance.
Observe the change of advertisement
made by the Cash Bargain Store , this
The date for the John Robinson show
at this plare is Monday , May jffth. Wait
for it.
HOUSE-CLEANING Leave orders for
man to do house-cleaning at TRIBUNK
Be in the swim. Buy one of those
wonderful Vive Cameras from H. P.
The classic shades of Driftwood already
afford attractions for the popular Sundaj
fishing party.
A. D. Miller has purchased the J. E.
Robison dwelling in West McCook , no\v
occupied by him.
Letters advertised April 24th : Frankie
Bacon , W. J. Daniels , Mr. Chas. Mainord ,
Mrs. D. D. Phillipps.
See McCook Transfer Co. for lot plow
ing. Leave orders at Everist , Marsh &
Co.'s meat market. 31
Smoke Marshal Spinola sc. cigar , ab
solutely the best on earth , for sale at L.
W. McConnell & . Co.'s.
The contract for the building of the
proposed Methodist parsonage has been
let to James Kilpatrick.
FOR SALE Household goods , includ
ing baby carriage. All about new.
The authorities are doing some street
grading in different parts of the city.
West Dodge is receiving some attention
The tabernacle meetings have been
discontinued. They were quite success
ful and the Christian brethren are now
looking for a regular pastor.
The drum corps is out every evening
now , adding the inspiration and enthus
iasm of familiar martial music to the
excitement of these warlike times.
Had the weather clerk been around ,
Wednesday , nothing but the strong arm
of the law would have saved from lynch
ing. It was an execrably windy and
dusty day.
I. M. Beardslee has rented the Cole
store room , and is having the same
placed in readiness to receive his stock
of goods. He expects to make the change
in about ten davs.
Clean Your Alleys.
Attention is called to the ordinance re
quiring property-owners to clean ti { .
about their premises. There is a lieaw
fine for violation or failure to oomph
with this ordinance , and the immediate
attention of all is called to this matter
The ordinance will be strictly enforced
Clean up ! ED. JORDAN , Marshal
Meetinj ? of Subscribers.
There will be a meeting of the sul-
scribers of creamery stock in the cit\
hall , this afternoon , at the hour of three
o'clock , for the purpose of orgaimin ; ,
and transacting such other business a > >
may properly come before the
All subscribers of stock are rte
to be present.
Ready for Business Again.
I have again opened for business in tlit *
building opposite my old location , anil
ask the patronage of all my old patrons
and many new ones , that I may I > f al > Ir
to regain in a measure the heavy ! ese - .
resulting from the late fire.
Only One More Week.
I will be here to take Stamp Photo *
all of next week. Twenty-five picture- *
for twenty-five cents. Old photograph
gallery. ED. RODSTKOM
Circle of G. A. R.
Regular meeting Saturday May i-jth
at 3 p. m. All members requested to
be present.