The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 25, 1898, Image 8

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    9 oo DROPS '
JSN elaUePieparatioafor As
similating iheToodandBegula-
ling ihsStfliaadis anlBowels of
nessandBfestContalns neither
Jt feUSJtf
/tniseSctd *
AperfectHemedy for Constipa
tion , SourStomach.Diarrhoea ,
Worms.Convulsfons .Feverish-
ness ondlioss OF SLEEP.
TacStnute Signature of
! j E
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
You Have
Always Bought.
. .
ALL ROADS ARE ALEKE ' . . , ' . ml
Perfection is the rcooi. of our Song
are the product of mechanical ingenuity.
Send for E898 Catalogue.
Agents wanted in open territory.
Lake , Halsted and Fulton Streets , Chicago *
Branches-New York , London and Hamburg.
Send ten 2-cont stamps for a deck of Monarch Playing Cards Illustrating
Lillian Russell , Tom Cooper , Lee Richardson , and Walter Jones.
Send your address to us , and we will
inform you how other men earn from
$15.00 to $35.00 weekly. If you are endowed
dewed with an average amount of coni-
111011 sense , you can in a short time do as
well , or bitter , by securing a county
agencj'for one of our standard publica
tions. If yon want to start without de
lay , send $ i 25 , and \ve will forward a
cop } ' of "Reversible Wall Map of the U.
S. & World , " 66x46 inches in size , eleven
beautiful colors. A county map of the U.
S. en ontsifle. . and a library map of the
world on ihe other , should be in every
"home and office. This is the 1898 rdit-
ion. to date ; two five-dollar maps at a
popular price.
Wevill also send a copy of 0111 new
t.all map of Nebraska , showing counties ,
railroads , towns , etc. , 1898-edition with
a marginal index , locating every town
on map and jjivinjf population , 28 x 44
inches in size , just issued.
Above two maps almost sell them
selves , but printed instructions accom
pany samples. Later on you can try
some expensive article. Write quick
and choose your field. j
RAND , MCNAI.I.Y & Co. , . ,
166 , 168 Adams St. , Chicago , 111.
California Excursions
Via Burliiigton Route. Cheap ; quick ;
comfortable. Leave Omaha 4:35 p.m. ,
Lincoln 6iop. m. , Hastings 8:50 p. m.
and McCook at 11:40 p. m. , ev-
erv Thursday , in clean , modern , not
crowded tourist sleepers. No transfers ;
cars run right through to San Francisco
and Los Angeles over the Scenic Route
-through Denver and Salt Lake City.
Oars are carpeted ; upholstered in ratan ;
have spring seats and backs and are
provided with curtains , hedding , towels ,
soap , etc. "Uniformed porters and ex-
perie'nced conductors accompany each
excursion , relieving passengers of all
bother about baggage , pointing out ob-
iects of interest and in many other ways
heldinc to make the overland trip a de
lightful experience. Second class tickets
are honored. Berths W. For folder gtv-
ine full information , call at nearest Burlington -
Rente ticket office , or write to J.
Francis , General Passenger Agent , Oma
Nebraska Irrigration Annual.
The second number of this book con
tains 217 pages full of interesting and
valuable information for the progressive
citizen , wide awake farmer and business
man , including a stenographic report of
the fourth annual convention of the Ne
braska Irrigation Association. There are
many attractive features which limited
space will not permit to be mentioned
here. There are single pages in the book
worth four times the cost of the book to
any public spirited student of scientific
agriculture. Recent demonstration in
the practicability and utility of irrigation
are given , and the results are so surpris
ing as to make them read like extracts
from a wonder book Even the adver
tisements contain useful bits of knowl
edge The constitution and by-laws of
the Irrigation Association are given in
full ; " Not less than twenty national and
state authorities contribute special arti
cles on various phases of irrigation ex
perimentation. The popular address of
1'rof Erwin Hinckley Barbour of the
University of Nebraska , accompanied by
fourteen illustrations touching the home
made windmill , is one of the priceless
literary jewels in this line. Hon. Chas.
W. Irish , who has had more than twenty
years practical experience in irrigation ,
and for many years an expert of the
United States government , has two val
uable contributions on alfalfa and irriga
tion science. Prof. G. D. Swezy writes
interestingly on the variability of rain
fall , giving tables covering the historj *
of humidity in this state from 1849 to
1894. There are upwards of forty portraits
traits and pen pictures of prominent irrigators -
rigators of the nation. The book may
be had at the small price of 25 cents per
copy and orders should be sent to A. G.
Wolfenbarger , president Nebraska Irri
gation Association , Lincoln.
E. E. Divine bus bought n farm.
J. W. Corner is putting more of
his Inud under plow.
Will Bixler will .break out part
of the 0. Phillips laud.
W. M. Bozell waa hi McCook ,
Saturday , and brought out the ma
terial with which to build a hog
A young man in an adjoining
county caught the yellow fever
and lit out for the dispensary
Win. Bymer and John Divine
will lnvak up 80 acres for Gertie
Colernan. Eighty acres are under
cultivation now.
The other fellow says , "Blame
the luck ! " while the industrious
man who puts intelligent thought
into his work , prospers.
H. B. Wales has broken up a
patch on the Cole land and has
commenced to break sixty acres on
tit * Ella Thruilldll place.
On last Monday afternoon , Hey
Coleman , twelve years old , drove
to McCook with pony and carfc.
Oil starting home , when just north
of the base ball ground , one trace
dropped which let one of the thills
down. Roy jumped out and caught
the pony by the bits but could not
hold her. She whirled around and
around and the carfc turned com
pletely over twice. She got loose
from the cart and started for home.
The wind was blowing terribly and
growing cold fast. The little fel
low started for home , seven miles ,
afoot , facing the wind. W. llich-
ardsou's boy saw the pony go and
jumped on a horse and went after
her. Near the cemetery he met
her leisurely walking back toward
the cart. He brought her back
and , hitching her to the csirt , Roy
drove home. It was getting chirk
when he got home and the little
fellow had nearly perished. He
had gone to town without overcoat ;
or mittens. The cart was damaged
only slightly.
ROAD NO. 325.
To Equitable Land Co. , L. J. Holland , Mary
Jane Williams , William D.Ryder , A N.Wiley ,
Trustee , Alexander Brown , George Hocknol ! ,
and George E. Craig , and to all whom it may
concern : The Board ot county commissioners
have established and ordered opened a road
commencing at southwest corner of section
twenty-six (26) ( ) in Bondville precinct , Ued
Willow County.Nebraska , running thence east
on section line three (3) ( ) miles and terminating
atsouthwestcornerof section twenty-nine (29) ( )
in Missouri Ridge precinct , and all objections
thereto or claims for damages must De filed
in the county clerk's office on or before noon
of the aist day of May A. D. iSgS , or said road
will be established without reference thereto.
3-18-41 R. A. GREEN , County Clerk.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
B. 3. ASHTON , Pro : . T. B. McDONALD , Cash.
OLIFF02D NADEN , Asst. Cash.
A General Banking Business
< gTAny business you may wish to
transact with THE McCooK TRIBUNE
will receive prompt and careful atten
tion. Subscriptions received , orders
taken for advertisements and job-work.
gf Agent _ of Lincoln Land Co. Office
Rear of First National bank.
All dental work done at our office is guar
anteed to be first-class. We do all kinds of
Crown , Bridge and Plate \York. Drs. Smith
& Bellamy , assistants.
Piano , Organ , Guitar and Banjo
J -Studio Over the "Bee Hive. "
Dr. VV. V. GAGE.
McCook , - - - Nebraska.
Office and Hospital over First National Bank.
Office hours at residence , 701 Marshall Ave. ,
before 9 a. m. and after 6 p. m.
McCoos : , NEBRASKA.
"I guarantee a care. No cure , no
pay. Write me at above address , or call
at my home in Coleman precinct.
of the Mother shapes the course
of unborn generations goes
sounding through all the
ages and enters the confines o
Eternity. With what care , there
fore , should the Expectant Moth
er be guarded , and how great the
effort be to ward off danger anc
make her life joyous and happy
allays ai :
ness , re. -
hevcs the
Cramps ,
and .N a u-
sea , and so
system that ChiJdsirlJi is made easy
and the time of recovery short
ened many say " strongc" after
than bcfoic confinement. " It in
sures safety to In" : : of both rnoth-
cr and child.Ml who have used
' Mother's Fri'siic. ' . - will
s.u- they nev
er be withoi't ' ' . a : : < r. No other
rem cdy r oi x ; cu ; f ; P. men tor : ts p. : i n
"A cntor.iior ! < ; wife urpt .
saydtliai if uho had to - thoiirh tl - unie- )
again , and there weintr , " > : r bottles u. lie
obtained , and tlo c'.ar. w.i.-i per hottlu. he
would have tliens. " ( , II > .JL.WTOS , Iisyton , Ohio
Ser.t by express , on rcnoijtt of piieo. Sl.OO PER
ERri" muilcd free upon application , contiiui !
valuable infomiiulon unU roluiitnry
What does it cost to get there ? When
and how should one yo ? What should
one take ? Where are the inttie * ? How
much have they produced ? Is work
plentiful ? What Wiiges are paid ? Is
living expensive ? What are one's chances
of "making a strike ? " 4-25-98
Complete and satisfactory replies to
the above questions will be found in the
Burlington Route's "Klondike Folder , "
now ready for distribution. Sixteen
pages of practical information and an
up-to-date map of Alaska and the Klon
dike. Free at Burlington Route ticket
officesor sent on receipt of four cents in
stamps by J. Francis , Gen'l Passenger
A ent , Hnrliiigtcin Route , Omaha. Neb.
After years of untold suffering from
piles , 15V. . Purs-ell , of Knitnersvilk- ,
was cured l > v using a single box of De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. Skin dis
eases , such as eczema , rash , pimples and
obstinate sores , are readily cured by this
famous reinedv. A. McMillen.
A tin ill of terror is experienced when
the brassy hound of croup sounds through
the luniM. ' at night But the terror soon
changes to relief after One Minute Cough
Cure has been administered Safe and
harmless for children. A. McMiilen.
There aie three little things which do
more work limn any other three little
things rreated they nr the ant , the bee ,
and DeWitt's Little Early Risers , the
last being the famous little pills for
stomach and liver troubles. A.McMHlen.
What pleasure is there in life with a
headache , constipation , and biliousness ?
Thousands experience them who could
become perfectly healthy by using De
Witt's Little Edilv Risers , the famous
little pills. A. lie ! : : ! : -n.
Whooping cough is the most distress
ing malady ; but its duration can be cut
short by the use of One Minute Cough
Cure , which is also the best known rem
edy for croup and all luny and bronchial
troubles A. McMiilen.
Don't annoj- others by your coughing ,
and ri < kotr life by neglecting a cold.
One Minute Cough Cure cures coughs ,
colds , croup , grippe , and all throat and
lung trouble ? . A. McMiilen.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
all the pain
which women
suffer is caused
by weakness or
'derangement in
the organs of
Nearly always
when a woman is not well these
organs are affected. But when
they are strong and healthy a.
woman is very seldom sick.
Is nature's provision for the regu
lation of the menstrual function.
It cures all " female troubles. " It
is equally effective for the girl in
her teens , the young wife with do
mestic and maternal cares , and
the woman approaching the period
knov/nasthe "Change of Life. "
They all need it. They are all
benefitted by it.
For advics in cases requiring special
directions , address , { jiving1 symptoms.
tha "Ladies' Advisory Department. "
The Chattanooga Medicine Co. , Chatta
nooga , Tenn.
THOS. J. COOPER , Tupelo , Miss. , says :
" My sister suffered from very Irregular
and painful menstruation and doctors
could not relieve her. Wine of Cardul
entirely cured her and also helped my
mother through the Change of Life. "
DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure ,
Pleasant. Quick Results , Safe to take.
J. W. Jones and wife were shop
ping in McCook , Monthly.
E. 0. Goehring is preparing to
plant nn orchard , this spring.
The cold snap , this week , has
interfered with farming to some
Frank Green wns riding around
buying cattle , Tuesday. He said
it was never too cold to trade.
E. 0. Goehring raised some fine
artichokes , Inst year , and they have
kept good all winter without being
"We will have war" and "We
will not have war" are two sen
tences that we hear repeated over
and over these days.
Will Hunter is working on the
Everist place. Will says he is
one of the boys that will go to
war if it is necessary.
The poultry association hold an
interesting meeting in McCook ,
Monday afternoon. We hope the
people will all attend the next
There is considerable discussion
iu this vicinity over the word
"AntfiUnuin , " and it is being dis
cussed over on Eed Willow also.
One of THE THIBUNE'S correspond
ents says it means not as high a
state of culture as Altruria ; an
other one says it means spiritual
education. We do not know what
it meuns.
Marshall is a neat little city of
7,000 population in the state of
i'exns. Among its many enter-
n-ising merchants is Mr. V. E.
Wyatt. In a recent letter to Dr.
ETartman , Mr. Wyatt says : 'kl
lave been nfllicted with the In
grippe four times and the last
ime was worse than the first. I
> egau to think , after trying sever-
il remedies without any relief.
Imt the diseuse could not be cur
ed. Two year ? ago was the last
ime I had an at-
; ack of it. I de
cided to try Pe-rn-
ja and got six bet
tles. The first bot-
le I took did me
nore good than all
he medicines I had
: aken before. I
ecomrneud Pe-ru-ua to all who are
suffering with any disease it is ad-
ertised to cure. I am well and
stout now. I want everybody af
flicted as I was to know of the
vonderful merits of Pe-rti-na. "
Unless treated by Pe ru-nn , la
grippe leaves the system in a de
ferable condition. It completely
lemoralizes the nervous system ,
leranges digestion and disturbs
nearly every function of the body.
? e-ru-nu is a perfect specific for
his condition. It is an admirable
remedy for the after-effects of la
grippe. For further testimonials ,
see book entitled'Tacts and Faces , "
sent free by the Pe-ru-ua Drug
Manufacturing Co. , Columbus , O.
Wanted-Cattle to Pasture.
I want 125 head of cattle to pasture on
the Stewart ranch , at 25 cents a month. ,
Plenty of water two new large cisterns.
J. A. RESH , Manager.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Eronio Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. 25c.
THE TRIBUNE and The New-York
Tribune for $1.25 a year , strictly in ad
THE TRIBUNE and Demorest's Family
Magazine for $1.75 a year , strictly in
For some time I have suffered with rheumatism - ,
matism and tried ever } ' imaginable remedy , i
without effect. Mr. F. G. S. Wells advised mete I
to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm , telling me
that it had cured many cases of long standing
like mine. I have used four bottles , and feel
sure that one more bottle will make my cure
complete. A. P. Kontz , Claremore , Arkansas.
Sold by McConnell.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers ,
The famous little pills.
of the . . . .
We respectfully solicit your business ,
ind guarantee pure milk , fall measure ,
md prompt , courteous service.
One Minute Cough Cure , cures. :
That iswhat U was mhde for.
For the convenience of readers of TllB f :
TRIBUNK , we have made arrangements
with the following newspapers anil peri
odicals whereby we can supply thet/i in'
combination with THE TRIIIUNK at the
following very low prices :
wi rn
Detroit Free Press Si oo 5150
Leslie's Weekly 400 300
Prairie Fanner I oo 125
Chicago Inter-Ocean I o < > i 35
Cincinnati Enquirer. I oo 150
New-York Tribune i oo 125
Demorest's Magazine I oo 175
Toledo Blade I oo 125
Nebraska Farmer 100 165
Iowa Homestead I 00 75
Lincoln Journal i oo 175
Campbell's Soil-Culture I oo ISO
New-York World i oo 165
Omaha Bee I oo 150
Cosmopolitan Magazine I oo i Ho
We nre prepared to fill orders for 11113-
other papers published , at reduced rntes.
THE TRIBUNE , McCook , Neb.
School Business.
During the month of Miirch I will be
in McCook as follows : Saturdays , the
5th and igthaml Friday. I he 25111 Reg
ular examination the 191 h I will also
hold a special examination at the schoolhouse -
house in Bartley , Saturday , March 26th.
County Superintendent.
When Baby was sick , we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child , she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss , fiho clung to Castoria ,
When eho had Children , she gave them Castoria.
"I can say one thing for Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy , and that is.
that it excels any proprietary medicine 1 have
seen on the market , and 1 have been in the
practice of medicine and in the drug business
for the past forty years. " writes J. M. Jackson ,
M. D. , Bronson" , Fla. Physicians like Cham
berlain's Colic , Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem
edy because it is a scientific preparation , and
because it always gives quick relief. Get a
bottle at McConnell's drugstore.
ROAD NO. 323.
To Horace W.Olmstead , John W.Collicott.
William M. Nicholson , Mary A. Olmstead ,
Everitt Oxley , and to all whom it may con
cern :
The Hoard of County Commissioners have
established and ordered opened a road com
mencing at the northeast corner of section
fifteen [ 15 ] , in North Valley precinct. Red
Willow county , Nebraska , running thence east
on section line one mile , terminating at north
east corner of section fourteen [ 14) ) , North
Valley precinct ; and all objections thereto or
claims for damages must be filed in the county
clerk's office on or before noon of the 7th day
of May , A. D. 1898 , or said road will be estab
lished without reterence thereto.
2-4-4ts R. A. GREEN , County Clerk.
KOAl ) N'O. 324.
To Riley J. lladley , Orley J. Iladley , Elam
J. lladley , John J. Lamborn , Jesse D. Welborn ,
P. II. McCabe , and to all whom it may con
cern :
The Board of County Commissioners have
established and ordered opened a road com
mencing at the southwest corner of southeast
quarter of southwest quarter of section eight
| 8J , in Indianola precinct , Red Willow county ,
Nebraska , running thence east on section line
three-fourths of a mile , to southeast corner of
said section eight , thence north on section
line one-half mile , terminating at northeast
corner of southeast quarter of said section
eight , all in Indianola precinct ; and all objec
tions thereto or claims for damages must be
filed in the county clerk's office on or before
noon of the yth day of May , A. D. 1898 , or
said road will be established without reference
2-4-415 R. A. GREEN , County Clerk.
From all over the country come words of
praise for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Here is a sample letter from Mrs. C. Shep , of
Little Rock , Ark. : "I was suffering from a
very severe cold , when I read of the cures that
had been effected by Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. I concluded to give it a trial , and
accordingly procured a bottle. It gave me i
prompt relief , and I have the best reason for
recommending it very highly , which I do with
pleasure. For sale by McConnell.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. A
The bladder was created for one pnrpose ,
namely , a receptacle for the urine , and as such
it is riot liable to any form of disease except
by one of two ways. The first way is from im
perfect action of the kidneys. The second
way is from careless local treatment of other
Unhealthy urine from unhealthy kidneys is
the chief cause of bladder troubles , so the
womb , like the bladder , was created for one
purpose , and if not doctored too much is not
liable to weakness or disease , except in rare
cases. It is situated back of and very close to
the bladder , therefore any pain , disease or in
convenience manifested in the kidneys , back ,
bladder or urinary passage is often , by mis
take , attributed to female weakness or womb
trouble of some sort. The error is easily made
and may be as easily avoided. To find out
correctly , set your urine aside for twenty-four
hours ; a sediment or settling indicates kidney
or bladder trouble. The mild and extraordi
nary effect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root ,
the great kidney , and bladder remedy is
soon realized. If you need a medicine
you should have the best. At all druggists
fifty cents and one dollar. You may have a
sample bottle and pamphlet both sent free by
mail upon receipt of three two-cent stamps to
cover cost of postage on the bottle. Mention
THE TRIBUNE and send your address to Dr.
Kilmer & Co. , Binghamton , N. Y. The pro
prietor of this paper guarantees the genuine
ness of this offer. April 2-1 yr.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
Cures Piles. Scalds. Burns.
Carpet Laying ,
Carpet Cleaning.
. , -am still doing
- - carpet laying , carpet
leaning lawn cutting and similar work. See
3r wnte me before giving such work. My
harges are very reasonable. Leave ord'ers at