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H A Hearty Reception.
H Rev. G. W. Sheafor was tendered o
| rousing and hearty reception at the home
H _ . of Mr. W. F. Everist , last Friday eve-
H \ ning , by the members und friends of the
H Baptist church. Invitations had been
H extended to the members of the other
H Protestant churches of the city and to
H other friends , arid the guests of the occa-
H [ sion were very numerous.
H A short literary and musical program
H was given : Selections by the Baptist
B choir , a duet by Miss Stella Norval and
H Mr. John Selby , a solo by Miss Notval ,
H and a recitation by Miss Ethel Barnett ,
B making an enjoyable and pleasing part
H of the evening.
H Refreshments were served the guests
H of the occasion , which was in every re-
1 spect one of happy social enjoyment and
H was well managed by the ladies having
B the affair in charge.
H Keeping : Up the Record.
H The meeting of the Star of Jupiter , on
B , Monday evening , was well attended , and
' . there weie three initiations. In the matter -
| ' . . ter of applications for membership and
H ' reinstatements the record was well susJ
H ' tained , there being six applications for
B membership and eight applications for
| reinstatement. To fill the vacancy made
H | by the resignation of Treasurer L. W.
H * Cox , C. B. Gray was unanimously elected.
B The regular business of the session was
H promptly discharged and a brief social
B session followed and concluded the meet-
Hj ing. The growth of the lodge and order
H is in every way unprecedented in the
B history of the organization. In a brief
H < while the order will be at the front of its
H kind in the state.
H A committee was appointed to inspect
H the regalia of the lodge and make such
H repairs as they deem necessary.
H Notice of Republican Caucus.
H i Notice is hereby given that on the 14th
M I clay of March. 1898. at the city hall in
I the City of McCook , Red Willow county ,
Vw Nebraska , a caucus of the Republican
H I voters of the incorporated city of Mc-
H 1 Cook will be held at 8 o'clock p. in. , for
H 1 the purpose of placing in nomination the
m H following officers ; One mayor , one clerk ,
H H one treasurer , one police judge , one city
H i engineer , one councilman for the first
H ward , one councilman for the second
H M ward , and two members of the Board of
B B Education.
B , jj Dated this 9th day of March , 1898.
H j" ; C. I. Hall ,
B J I Chairman of Committee.
L 1 rir-ii 1
B The New Postmaster.
B | v ' F. M. Kimmell , publisher of The
\ \ \ \ \ \ \ W * Tribune , was on last Friday appointed
H postmaster at McCook , to succeed C. H.
H Meeker , whose commission will expire
M on the 19th day of this month. The ap-
Ky pointmeut of Mr. Kimmell was con-
K. finned by the United States senate on
\ of this week. The proba-
_ _ _ _ _ W _ j Wednesday
m m bilities are that the new postmaster will
B K go into office with the beginning of the
B f | new quarter , April 1st.
B | ' The publisher takes this public method
\ of expressing his thanks to all who as-
B sisted him in securing this recognition.
' \ An Ugly Accident.
V Monday morning , Peter Henckel of
B the car-repairing gang , met with an acci-
H | dent , while running the circular saw ,
HB 1 which relieved him of part of his thumb ,
T first , second , and third fingers. Only
L I . the nail of the third finger was injured
PI and the surgeon expects to save the end
H 1 0f the second finger as well. The acci-
B I dent was all over so suddenly that Mr.
L M Henckel hardl'knows how it happened ,
B.I but while feeding a piece of wood his
T W liand in some manner came in contact
B with the rapidly revolving saw , with the
B v IB * disastrous result above described.
B B They Are All Improving.
H B It will be learned with delight by all
H B tlieir friends that the members of Benja-
H\ . min Baker's family who have been ill
H\J , with diphtheria , are all rapidly improv-
H l ing and convalescing. They have had a
H I " liard time of it , but are coming out in
Hfc B good shape.
B Seeds to Distribute.
B The publisher has received some seeds
B B through the courtesy of Senator Thurs-
B B t00 frbm the government , and the same
B B wiU be distributed to those applying at
B B TChe Tribune office , until the supply is ;
B B .exhausted.
B B Notice to Lot Owners.
H B \ All fences and copings are herewith
H tfm ordered removed from Longview Ceme-
B /B / tery by the 15th of March.
B B BY order of Cemetery Trustees.
B * ? 1 Forty-six calves for sale. Call at the
jj Valley farm. S.G.Gohben.
B m ThE Tribune and The Cincinnati
k B Weekly Enquirer for $1.50 a year , strictly
BB in advance.
H. H. Troth had business in Minden ,
S. R. Smith of Indianola was in town
today , on legal business.
John Welborn of Indianola had busi-
nessin the city , Monday.
Mrs. R. B. Simmons made a flying
trip to Omaha , mid-week.
H. E. Dole is assisting in the Barnett
lumber yard for the present.
W. -Davison was a guest of the
Boyd hotel , Lincoln , Thursday.
C. L. DeGroff was up from Nebraska
City , Monday and Tuesday , on business.
Orla LEHew will leave on Sunday for
Osceola ' , la. , on a short visit to friends.
Mrs. S. L. Moench made a brief visit
to her home in Orleans , first of the week.
F. C. KELLOGG attended the Grain
Dealers' Convention in Lincoln , Thursy
day. '
Messrs. E. H. Doan , A. A. Bates
and i Johnson were Culbertson visitors ,
Sunday. J
A. G. DOLE has been attending to busi
ness in the eastern part of the county ,
this ] week. .
Miss Sara Lowman returned , Wed
nesday night , from her trip East to buy
spring ! goods.
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Beardslee visited -
ited j their daughter , Mrs. George Hill , in
Indianola ; , Sunday.
Misses Flora and Angie Quick of
Indianola were the guests of Mrs. E. J.
Mitchell over Sunday.
William VlNCENTand wife of Lenox ,
Iowa , are recent arrivals , and expect to
become residents of our city.
H. H. Easterday went down to Lin-
coin , , Thursday , to attend a meeting of
the grain buyers of the state.
W. Geo. Sheppard of Indianola , was
in the city , Monday , on his way to Tren
ton , on business at that place.
Mrs. J. B. MESERVE came up from
Lincoln , Sunday night , and has been the
guest ; of her daughter , Mrs. F. M. Kim
Dr. and Mrs. W. V. Gage have been
absent visiting her parents and the fam
ily in Alliance since the close of last
Mrs. S : L. Moench left , yesterday ,
for Plattsmouth and other pointsin ) east
ern Nebraska , on a visit to relatives and
John R. King of Lincoln was in the
city , Monday , on his way to Cripple
Creek to look after his mining property
up there.
A. D. Gibbs , formerly court reporter
of this judicial district , came in from the
west on No. 6 , Thursday afternoon , on
W. S. Morlan went down to Lincoln
and Omaha , Monday night , and was ab
sent from the city on legal business un
til Thursday.
Mrs. E. E. Rowell arrived in the
cit3' , this week , on a visit. Mr. Rowell
expects t6 come later and also make rel
atives a visit.
Dr. A. P. WELLES is in Chicago at
tending a post-graduate course , and ex
pects upon his return to make a specialty
of diseases of the eye and ear.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Spalding and
Lola will leave for Riverton , where they
formerly resided , next week , to make
their home there for the present. The
best wishes of their many friends.attend
Reuben Lipps. one of the state bank
examiners , was in the city , Tuesday , and
examined the McCook Cooperative Build
ing and Savings association , which he
declares has no superior in the state and
is in first-class condition.
L. W. Cox" having some time ago re
signed his position with the Barnett
Lumber Co. , on Wednesday of this week
left with his wife for her home in Mis
souri , where she will remain for a while.
He will look around meanwhile for a lo
cation. '
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Henderson departed -
parted on Sunday morning for Blasdell ,
New York , where they expect to spend
the next three months visiting old home
scenes and friends. Mr. Henderson has
not visited there for almost twenty
REV. H. Bross was up from Lincoln ,
Wednesday , conferring with the officers
and members of the Congregational
church , over the proposition to build a t
parsonage at this place for the Congrega-
tional pastor who will shortly occupy the
pulpit here.
_ _
The Ladies' Circle of the G. A. R. will 1
meet at Mrs. M. E. Barger's , tomorrow
evening , at 7 o'clock.
Leg Broken In Two Places. I
Last Sunday evening , on the way be
tween here and Indianola , a ten-year-old
daughter of a mover by the name of
Paxton was run over by the wagon in
which they were traveling , and her leg
was broken in two places , and badly
mashed 1 besides both front and rear
passing ! ' over the leg. A temporary house
arrangement on the wagon added to the
weight of the vehicle. The girl was en
deavoring to get into the wagon when
the 1 accident occurred , and a young sister
was ' helping her. Tlieir bands slipped ,
and the.cruel wheels did the rest. They
arrived in the city about eight o'clock ,
and Dr. Gunn reduced the fracture. The
child is at present at the house of Mr.
Rice ] , in South McCook , the members
of the family proceeding on their way to
near Palisade , where Mr. Paxton has a
farm. They were driving from Shenandoah -
doah , Iowa. The child's injuries are
very severe , but she is getting along as
well as may be expected under the cir-
The following cases have been filed in
court since our last issue :
John Farrell et al. . vs. John R. Neel ,
sheriff , appeal.
Michael Morris vs. Albert Lang et al. ,
John J. Lamborn vs. Michael O'Leary
et al. , equity.
EHza Stone vs. David Carpenter et al. ,
Eila > M. Little vs. Frank Kinget al. ,
The only case of the week was the ap
pointment ] of Charles F. Shafer as admin
istrator of the estate of Joseph S. Gielday.
Quite an effort was marshaled to defeat
this t appointment , but without success ,
A cloud of witnesses were in attendance.
The case is rather unsavory and some
what , exciting in its details.
By Petition.
The following municipal ticket has
been 1 placed in the field by petition :
For Mayor H. H. Berry.
For Clerk A. McMillen.
For Treasurer C. B. Gray.
For Councilman , First Ward D. W.
Col ( son.
For Councilman , Second Ward J.J.
Gerrard. (
For Members of School Board W. T.
Coleman and E. H. Doan.
Thus the municipal campaign is gaily
Contemplate ' Building a Parsonage.
The members of the Congregational
church ' are talking strongly of building
a ' parsonage in the early summer. They
have ample room on their lots adjoining
the church , and the prospects are good
for the completion of a large and convenient -
nient parsonage within the next few
months. Arrangements to that end are
now under way , and it is expected that
the money will shortly be available ,
plans and specifications ready , and ev
erything ready to push the building to a
quick and early completion.
A Happy Party.
Miss Eva Lewis and Miss Jessie John
son entertained a large company of young
friends at the home of the former , on
Thursday evening of this week. Re
freshments were served , games were
played , and the social side of youth was
given full sway during the evening ,
which will long be remembered with
sensations of pleasure by all who had the
honor of an invitation.
A Farewell Reception.
The ladies of the Degree of Honor of
the A. O. U. W. tendered Mr. and Mrs.
M. A. Spalding a farewell reception in
McConnell's hall , Tuesday evening ,
which was greatly enjoyed by everybody.
Refreshments were served and the occa
sion was made one that the guests of
honor will ever remember with pleasure.
Broke His Collar Bone.
E. T. Maddux is laid up with a broken
collar bone and other painful hurts ,
bruises , etc. , received on Wednesday ,
when a horse in the corral of his livery
barn jumped onto him accidentally. His
injuries are quite severe and will keep
him quiet for some weeks.
Eggs For Sale.
Eggs for sale from 1st prize pen of
Single-comb Brown Leghorns. Score of
cock , 93J4. Hens , 93 .92 , 93. 93 # . 93 # " .
$1.00 per 13.
Alex. McDonald , McCook , Neb.
This week , William Huber had a house
he recently purchased over in West Mc
Cook moved onto the lot on which his
home \was burned a few weeks since.
This gives him a very comfortable home
at nominal cost.
= = = = =
The Kimball pianos are high grade
and reasonable in price.
Catholic Mass at 8 o'clock a. m.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 : , a. m. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
Rev. J. W. Hickey , Pastor.
Episcopal Sunday-school at 11:00 a.
m. Evening service at 8:00 : p. m. Even
song and instruction on Thursdays at
8:00 : p. m. Rev. Howard Stoy ,
Priest in Charge.
Methodist Sunday-school at 10 a.m.
Preaching ] at 11 ; Subject : "The Power
of Light. " Class at 12. Junior League
at 3 p. hi. Epworth League at 7. Preach
ing i at 8 ; Subject : "The Lachrymal. "
Prayer 1 and Bible study Wednesday evening -
ning at 8. All are welcome.
Jas. A. Badcon , Pastor.
Baptist Church Bible school at 10
a.m. Preaching at 11 ; Theme : "Stream
af Life. " Youug People's meeting at 7
p.m. Evening service at 8j Subject :
"The Price of a Man. " Revival servi
ces every night during the week , the pastor -
tor l being assisted by Rev. Green. A
cordial welcome to all.
Geo. W. Sheafor , Pastor.
Congregational Sunday-school at
ten. Junior Endeavor at three. Joint
church and Endeavor services at eight
o'clock of special music , readings , devotional -
tional exercises , to which all are cordially -
ly invited. Prayer-meeting at 8 o'clock
on Wednesday evening , when an important -
tant business session of the church will
also be held , to which all members are
urged to come.
Miss Mabel Perry was a school visitor ,
on Friday last.
"Arbor Day , " April 22dwill be observed -
served schools "Bird . "
s by our as Day.
Eva Burgess , of the Tenth grade , was
absent from school , this week , on ac
count of sickness.
James Stangeland , of the Ninth grade ,
was taken quite ill in the book-keeping
class , Tuesday , and had to be taken
About $ r5 worth of books belonging
to t the school were gathered in from the
homes of the city , and returned to their
respective grades for use.
A Welcome Snow.
The snow that fell over this section of
country , Wednesday night and Thursday -
day , is thrice welcome and invaluable.
The fall amounted to about three inches
of wet , heavy snow , which is worth ev
erything to the small grain now in and
will place the soil in fine condition for
spring seeding of all kinds. The reports
indicate j that the storm was quite gener
al , from the Missouri to the mountains.
Just : as soon as possible seeding will be
resumed , with renewed vigor. Hail to
the ( beautiful ! And may there be others.
Wanted-Cattle to Pasture.
I want 125 head of cattle to pasture on
the Stewart ranch , at 25 cents a month.
Plenty of water two new large cisterns.
J. A. Resh , Manager.
The new meat market of Everist ,
Marsh & Co. opened for business , Thurs
day morning , with everything in ship
shape , and with indications that they
will be accorded a fair share of the pat
ronage of the city in their line. They
are prepared to conduct the business in
first-class shape. See their new adver
tisement in this issue.
Some of the fences in the cemetery
have been removed from about the
burial plots with improving effect. The
committee is preparing to plant trees
along the drive-ways , and these in time
will further enhance the appearance of
our city of the dead.
School in the Houlihan district will
close this afternoon. Miss Laura Mc
Millen has been teaching the school with
entire satisfaction and much success , so
much so that after finishing two terms of
three months each , she was hired to
teach an extra month.
Remember the lecture by Chancellor
W. F. McDowell in the Methodist church ,
tomorrow evening. Price of admission
is 25 cents. Lecture will be given under
Epworthian auspices.
The existence of the Western freight
traffic bureau is again being threatened
by the withdrawal of some of its mem
A Coleman youth , this week , sold a
lame horse to another youth , a German , '
for $8. The German sold the animal after
ter a short trial for $4 , and has decided
to take the yellow painted cars to Denver :
rather than the overland route.
Gave the Colonel a Fit.
It is being noted , and multiplied in
stances can be cited , that as Colonel
Mitchell's circulation mounts up sky
ward and grows apace into untold mil
lions , that his head in the same ratio is
growing smaller and harder. It is a mat
ter of comment that that once massive
brow , that erstwhile towering intellect
have gradually shrunken until a peanut
pod would now rattle around on his lilliputian -
putian , peaked cranium likea battle-ship
turret on a common walking-stick. While
no one thinks of taking the Colonel ser
iously , save his amusing self , his latest
hysterical outburst and present sad and
lamentable : mental condition is a grow
ing i source of alarm to his friends. Will
some 1 one please push the colonel off the
fence ?
For the Cubans.
The Mercy and Help Depattment of
the Epworth League will give a " Cuban
Social" , in the M. E. church , Tnesday
evening , March 15. Admission 10 cents.
. Come-and help the good work along.
Refreshments will be served after the
following program has been rendered :
Opening Chorus Choir
Solo J Blanche McCarl
Reading : , "I Am With the Wounded" . .
Cliff Brown
Solo i Ida McCarl
Solo i and Chorus , "Throw Out the Life-
Line" Choir
] " Dinner"
Reading , "My
Miss Rachel Berry
Song J , "Stay With Me" . . . Ladies' Quartet
Brief talks on the Cuban question.
The County Teachers.
There was a fair attendance of teachers -
ers of the cpunty at the association meetj
ing held in the East building , last Satur
day < , and the program was of interest and
did < not lack the important element of
In the evening , State Supt. W. R.
Jackson delivered an address before the
teachers 1 in the Congregational church ,
which effort has been highly praised for
its ] general excellence. It is only regret
ted , that the attendance was not larger.
The members of the Twelfth grade of
our ' public school entertained the visiting -
ing ; teachers at dinner and supper which
were served in the East building.
Services Are Well Attended.
The gospel meetings held in the Baptist -
tist 1 church , this week , have been well
attended , and they have been replete
with interest and instruction. Though ,
on account of sickness Rev. Green was
not able to be present , this week , the
services have been conducted with entire
satisfaction and success by R6v. Sheafor.
Commencing with next Monday evening ,
it is expected that Rev. Green will be
present and assist in the meetings. Ev
erybody should make an effort to attend
these meetings , which have been and
will be profitable and instructive.
Six Handsome Kimballs.
Today Mrs. E. E. Utter has on exhi
bition at the Cole store room , one door
south of the "Bee Hive , " six different
styles of the celebrated Kimball pianos.
These superb instruments are being ex
hibited by a representative of the manu
facturers , and you should not miss this
opportunity of seeing these high-grade
pianos , which are recognized the land
over as among the very finest toned ,
handsomest appearing pianos on the
Muslcale and Supper.
We desire to call attention to the musicale -
cale and supper to be given in the opera
house on the evening of March 17th , by
the cemetery committee of Calvary cem
etery. The price for both musicale and
supper is twenty-five cents. The mem
bers of the committee wish to raise the
funds with which to plant trees and
otherwise improve Calvary cemetery and
they should be encouraged by a liberal
The Sir Knights.
The members of Saint John Comman-
dery at their meeting last night accepted
the invitation of the members of the Con
gregational church to attend Easter ser
vices in their church on Easter Sunday
morning in a body and in uniform. Rev.
A. W. Coffman of Gibbons , who is a
member of Saint John Caniuiandery ,
has been invited to preach the sermon.
The matter of Sunday closing might
be agitated to good advantage in our
city. We mean the closing of the back
doors of one or two of our saloons. A
pitiful example of the back door system
might have been seen on our streets last
Sunday afternoon.
Attention is directed to the new and
enlarged advertisement of the Famous '
Clothing Co. appearing elsewhere in this '
Two good milch cows for sale. In
quire of Colson , at the Bee Hive.
McMillen's Cough Cure ; 25c. H
Cuticular soap at McMillen's ; 15c. H
Buy a Kimball piano , and get the best. H
Wanted Shorthand pupils by L. W. H
Stayner. H
Take advantage of the special sale of ' , H
Kimball pianos. H
The Kimball pianos are sold for cash , Her
or on easy payments. , H
v r H
Scale Books For sale ut The Tkiii- H
UNE office. Best in the market. |
The Tribune and Leslie's Weekly for • |
$3.00 a year , strictly in advance. H
The Tribune and The Prairie Farmer M
for $1.25 a year , strictly in advance. M
Try McMillen's Poultry Powder and N |
Egg Producer. Satisfaction guaranteed. |
The Tribune and The Chicago Inter- H
Ocean for $1 35 a year , strictly in advance. M
Try McMillen's Poultry Powder and |
Egg Producer. Satisfaction guaranteed. M
Be in the swim. Buy one of those H
wonderful Vive Cameras from II. P. H
Sutton. M
' w " Messrs. Wilcox & FlitcraftaTe papering H
and , other wise improving their meat H
market. , H
The Kimball piano lias several special |
features which would have to he seen to H
be appreciated. H
Madame Gossip is being compelled to |
give 1 way to Madame Cultura , much to- H
the | benefit of the sex mentally and physically - H
ically j hereabout. H
The Danbury Topics has passed under M
the ' management of A. C. Furman , Earnest - |
est Galusha retiring. M
A terrific dust storm struck this section - M
tion , Tuesday evening , about 8 o'clock , . H
and made things interesting for the space / |
of an hour or so. ( H
We see by the daily papers that Chas. | |
W. Beck of University Place , formerly of |
Indianola ; , has been granted an increase- ' |
of 1 pension from $ S to12 per month. H
The Republican city caucus is called / - * H
for next Monday evening. With another f * M
ticket 1 already practically in the field , . H
there ] is a probability that the coming H
city election will be quite lively. H
Workmen are engaged in getting the _ M
Meeker ditch ready for the spring irri- v l
gation ; , which they expect to commence V l
on 1 the coming week. It is expected that V H
the water will be used to good advantage , . \ M
this season. _ _ _ _ _ _
The following letters remained uncalled H
for at McCook postoffice , . March 7 , 189S _ H
Bormen Alexander , John Heggy , Christopher - H
topher Hauxwell , R. S. Handy , Evan. H
Jones , J. W. KibbyJ. B. Roshong , Mrs- H
Mary E. Stephens. , H
The job of overseeing the construction ; \ |
of the new court house has been given to- ' i H
C. H. Meeker , which guarantees that the H
county will receive good work and good | |
material. No better selection could have j H
been made in our city. J H
If you prefer to have your clothing H
made to order , leave your measure witk _ M
us. First-class work , good trimmings , _ _ m
and a good fit , as well as lowest prices , _ _ u
guaranteed at _ _ t
The Famous Clothing Co. H
The March number of the "Mystic H
Star" is out promptly , this month. It is H
one of the neatest of the fraternal order H
papers , and reflects credit upon the order - H
der , its editor and the publisher. Modesty - H
esty forbids our mentioning the name of j H
the latter. H
The consolidated Nebraska Farmer H
and Cultivator , now published weekly at H
Omaha , the commercial metropolis of H
the great Trans-Mississippi agricultural H
region , the most popular , best known and H
best liked home and agricultural journal . H
in the west and The McCook Tribune H
all one year for $1.65. H
The McCook Co-operative Building H
and Savings Association makes its twentieth - H
tieth semi-annual statement , this week , j H
which makes a very good showing indeed - H
deed , when all the circumstances are • * H
considered. McCook has reason to be B
proud of the work of the association in H
the past , and to have great confidence in * M
its future. * fl
The first installment of electrical ma- v H
terial for service at the Trans- Mississippi - _ M
pi Exposition was received from Nashville - H
ville a few days ago. The material filled M
twenty cars and consisted of poles , arc ' M
lamps , cross arms , bolts , spark arresters , H
Edison lamps , dynamos and machinery _ M
tools. Several train loads more material - H
al for the construction department of the jH
Exposition are daily expected. M
9' _ Jl _ _ _ _ \