The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 18, 1898, Image 8

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_ _ _ I _ _ - _ _ _ _ H 4
v '
_ H
HI I t What is
_ _ l ? : vHI _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ r _ K
_ _ _ ' 1 _ _ _ Hf A Z B I I I h4 1 f
--B iaL P7 P m _ _ _ _ _ W J v _ _ _ V
_ _ _ _ fl 'j < J _ _ Hi _ Hi _ _ ta _ _ _ _ HMlfel _ _ hillHMHHHK
_ H
_ _ _ '
1 Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
H and Children. It contains neither Opium , Morphine nor
m other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
H for Paregoric , Drops , Soothing Syrups , and Castor Oil *
H ! j It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by
H - Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
H | fevcrishncsaCastoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd ,
H j cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
H teething troubles , cures constipation and flatulency.
B Castori- assimilates the food , regulates the stomach
1 and bowels , giving healthy and natural sleep. CasH -
H toria i _ the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend.
I Castoria.
* > " Castoria la an excellent nil iHH'n for chll-
\ I _ ren. 3IoUicra have rorx _ ta ! . i .d me of its
I ' good effect upon their children. * '
! , D. . . G. C. Ooood ,
| I " Lowell , Mass.
" v. iStoria Is the be t remedy for children of
i j # hick I um acquainted. I kopj .oday is not
far distant when mothers will consider the real
interest of their children , and use Castoria In-
I stead of the various quack nostrums which are
destroying their loved ones , by forcing opium ,
morphine , soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats , thereby sending
them to premature graves. "
Do. J. F. Ktxchelok ,
Conway , Ark.
The Centaur Company , TI Murray Street , New York City.
m i - _ gi
What doeit c isi to get there ? When
ami how should one go ? What should
• oue lake ? Where are the niim- > ? How
much have they produced ? Is work
plentiful ? What wages are paid ? Is
* - ? Whataieone'schances
* 5 living-expensive
of " . s'rikt- ? "
"m.tking a 4-25-98
I Complete and saltsfactorv replies lethe
the above questions will he found in the
Burlington Route's " Klondike Folder , "
1 now ready for distribution. Sixteen
pages of practical information and an
up-to-date map of Alaska and the Klou-
' ' dike. Free at Burlington Route ticket
" offices.or sent on receipt of four cents in
stamps by J Francis , Gen'l Passenger
Aijent , Burlington Route , Omaha , Neb.
Mr. F. C. Helbig , a prominent druggist
of Lynchburg , Va. , says : ' One of our
citizens was cured of rheumatism of two
I ' years standing by one bottle of Cham
berlain's Pain Halm. This liniment is
I . famous for its cures of rheumatism ; thousands -
* - ' ands have been delighted with the
* " • , prompt relief which it affords. For sale
bv McConnell
McConnt-ll's Balsam rures coughs.
California Excursions
Via Burlington Route. Cheap ; quick ;
comfortable. Leave Omaha 4:35 : p.m. ,
Lincoln 6:10 : p. m. , Hastings 8:50 : p. in.
and McCook at 11:40 : p. m. , ev
ery Thursday , in clean , modern , not
crowded tourist sleepers. No transfers ;
cars run right through to San Francisco
and Los Angeles over the Scenic Route
-through Denver and Salt Lake City.
Oars are carpeted ; upholstered in ratan ;
have spring seats and backs and are
provided with curtains , bedding , towels ,
soap , etc. Uniformed porters and ex
perienced conductors accompany each
excursion , relieving passengers of all
bother about baggage , pointing out ob
jects of interest and in many other ways
helding to make the overland trip a de
lightful experience. Second class tickets
are honored. Berths $5 For folder giv
ing full information , cad at nearest Bur
lington Route ticket office , or write to J.
Francis , General Passenger Aeent , Oma
ha Nebraska. .
, f 4-25-98.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Broino Quinii eTablets
All druggists refund the iiioiih if it fails
to cure 25c
. 1 & Bicycle Gearing Absolutely Hew , .Hovel , and Practical ,
m I - In their indiscriminate haste to an-
H M I nounce the making of chainless wheels ,
H 1 some manufacturers have tumbled over
H m I ach other in the endeavor to be in front.
m I I To be in front is a spasm , to "keep in
H 111 front "is sustained energy. To utter a
H III truism is one thing , to live up to it is
B III -another.
_ H I ll ' - ie sPirifc ° f tne aphorism of the
_ H I II -Monarch Cycle Manufacturing Com-
1 I II pany , " Bide a Monarch and Keep in
H I II -Front , " is well illustrated in its latest
1 [ I product , The Monarch Chainless. Alive
H H j I to the times , the company will prom -
m i j ] duce a chainless bicycle which has been
H I 11 proven by repeated tests to be superior ,
H | J I in its c ass.m every particular.
Hlfl 11 ' wo surflces that will roll on each
_ _ IH ll other will transmit motion from one to
| H 11 the other. If the surfaces are compar-
1 1 Si IB atively smooththe , motion is transmit-
VI II ted by friction. But , when the surfaces
H Hi IS are Provided with projections , the mo-
H fll tion , although itis unchanged in nature ,
1 l | is transmitted by direct pressure , and
H 9SH it is irregular unless the acting surfaces
m. illof the projections are carefully and
H JlSl exactly shaped to produce an even mo-
HlnHH tion. It is the difficulty which is ex-
Hh | | fl perienced to produce these perfect pro-
1 ( 911 jections , when bevel gears are used ,
Mttl which leads the experienced mechanic
1 awav from them. Long experience in
Bl Sewing Machine manufacture has
1 taught the Monarch Company that
| whatever transmission was used , bevel
| gears were not to be considered if easy
| running was to be thought of. The
H result has been a driving gear which is
H B excellent in its easy running qualities.
H H The mechanism is simple. The crank
| axle and hub gears somewhat resemble i
| the familiar sprocket wheels , the notice- 1
B able difference being the teeth which 1
H are closer together and y shape in cross <
| section instead of four sided. . The 1
VflVflVI shaft connecting the two is provided at f
H cacl end with a pinion having roller 1
H pin teeth which run in and out of the . <
H wide ancle open ' mcr between the gear i
teeth. Each set of gears is enclosed 1
" Castoria Is so well adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me. "
H. A. Abchkr , M. D. ,
Ill So. Oxford St. , Brooklyn , N. Y.
" Our physicians in the children's depart
ment have spoken highly of their experi
ence in their outside practice with Castoria ,
and although we only hare among our
medical supplies what is known as regular
products , yet we are free to confess that the
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon it. "
United Hospital , a. . * . Iumpcnsart ,
Boston , Mass.
ArxEt * C. Surra , Pres. ,
but should they from any cause be ex
posed the action of the pin teeth is such
that they are self-cleaning , forcing mud
and dirt out from between the teeth.
One of the chief objections urged
against chainless wheels by mechanics
is that should the rear frame become
twisted or out of line , there would be a
consequent binding of the mating gears.
The Monarch chainless is entirely free
from this objection inasmuch that the
junction of the pinions and gears form
a type of the ball and socket joint ,
thereby permitting free running under
the conditions usually met with in =
bicycle riding. A particular advantage
which this gear has , and which gives it
the highest efficiency , is the direct lift
as against the end thrust which is common -
mon to all bevel gearing. This end
thrust is a prominent factor in friction
and frame strain.
Another point to be counted in favor
of the Monarch gear is , that it is not of
delicate construction although com
paratively light in weight.
As stated by Grant , the wellknownau-
thorityongears , "Thepingearisparticu-
larly valuable when the pins are made in (
the form of rollers for then the minimum b
of friction is reached. " The friction _
between the tooth and pin , otherwise a
sliding : friction at a line bearing is. with
a ; roller pin , a rolling friction. When (
properly made , there is no form of tooth
that is superior to the roller pin
tooth. 1
While the Monarch company is war
ranted 1 from the study of experts , in F
placing ; its chainless machine on the a
market 1 as the best type of that class , -
its faith in the chain wheel is in no way "
diminished. It will continue to keep J
them in the forward ranks of that type
of bicycle which is yet the choice of the
majority of the people. In line with
the general policy of the Monarch com
pany , the price of its chainless will be p
S100.00 , which will give a complete line , n
including chain machines , ranging from 2
this price to 840.00. _
1 ' 1 I I. L ' I I' ' II 1 I I II MrimiWIt > ! Htf I III 'I ' i ll
" ' ' ' " " '
" ' "
\ t " m II I 111 I
Burlington Route.
To Portland , Ore. , without change of
cars. Through tourist sleeping qars , in
charge of special excursion manngers and
accompanied by unifoimed Pullman porters
ters , leave Kansas City every Thursday
morning for Portland , Ore.
They run over the Burlington Route to
Denver , D. & R. G. Ry , ( Scenic Ltne ) to
Ogden , Oregon Short Line and O R &
N. Co. to destination. A lay-over of ten
hours is made at Salt Lake City , giving
passengers all opportunity to become ac
quainted with oue of the most beautiful
and interesting cities in the world.
Travelers destined to Portland or any
other Pacific northwest point should join
these weekly excursions This they can
do at any point at which trains stop
There is no cheaper or more comfortable
way to make the trip The cars have all
the conveniences of palace sleeping cars ,
" acking only their elaborate finish Second
end class tickets are accepted. Berth-
rate , Kansas City to Portland , $5.
For tickets and full information call at
nearest Burlington Route ticket office or
write to J. Francis , G. P. A. , Omaha , Neb.
For Sale.
A pedigreed Jersey bull. Call on or
write to C. A. W'ASSON ,
McCook , Nebraska.
It is singular that farm poultry , which
finds a place on nearly every one of the
5,000,000 farms in the country , should ,
until now , have had no representative
paper , poultry being , almost without ex
ception , published tu the interests of the
fancier and exhibitor. The Poultry Far
mer , however , which has recently been
established at Des Moines , Iowa , has
changed this , and in it farm poultry ,
grown to pay grocery and dry goods bills ,
finds a practical and truly representative
paper. It should lie read on every farm
where a chick "peeps" and a hen scratch
es for it. It is just what the farmer and
farmers' wives and daughters who "keep
chicken ? , " and sell the eggs and meat
they produce , have long needed , for it is
made expresslj' to meet their wants. It
is onlv 50 cents a year. The February
number is just out , and every reader of
this paper can get a free sample copy by
addressing The Poultry Farmer , Des
Moines , Iowa.
Don't annoy others by your coughing ,
and risk your life by neglecting a cold.
One Minute Cough Cure cures coughs ,
colds , croup , grippe , and all throat and
lung troubles. A. McMillen.
The Tribune and The New-York
Tribune for $ r.25 a year , strictly in ad
The Tribune and The Toledo Blade
for $1.25 a year , strictly in advance.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs
Cuticular soap t McMillen's ; 15c.
One Minute Cough Cure , cures.
That is what it was mauc for.
No 1 ice of Sale Under Agister's Lien.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an
a-jister'sjien for the pasturage and keeping of
one bay mare about six years old , from the 26th
day of May , 1894 , until this date , and of one
bay horse colt coming two years ohl , from the
1st day of December , 1896 , to this date , under
contract with Frank P. Allen , owner of said
stock , on which is now due the sum of S55and
affidavit setting forth the description of said
stock and the amount due for the feeding and
keeping of said stock having been filed in the
office of the county clerk of this county , being
the county where said stock was fed and kept ,
on the 7th day of February , 1S98,1 will sell the
property above described , at public auction at
the residence of W.N.Rogers in Willow Grove
precinct , Red Willow county , on the 10th day
of March , 1898 , at two o'clock , p. m. , of said
day. Said sale will be for cash m hand.
Dated Feb. 17,1898. W. N. Rogers.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Notice of Sale Under Agister's Lien.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an
agister's lien for the pasturing and keeping of
one dark bay horse about six years old and one
light bay horse about six years old , from the
15th day of September , 1895 , unt'l this date ,
under an implied contract with one John Doe ,
true name unknown , owner of said stock , on
which is now due the sum of S28 , and affida
vit setting forth the description of said stock
and the amount due for the feeding and keep
ing of said stock having been filed in the office
of the county clerk of this county , being the
county where said stock was fed and kept , on
the 7th day of February , 1898 , I will sell the
property above described at public auction at
the residence of W. N. Rogers in Willow
Grove precinct in Red Willow county on the
10th day of March , 1898 , at two o'clock , p. m. ,
of said day. Said sale will be for cash in hand.
Dated Feb. 17,1898. W. N. Rogers.
McCook , Nebraska.
85 ? Agent of Lincoln Land Co. Office-
Rear 1 of First National bank.
All dental work done at our office is guar
anteed to be first-class. We do all kinds of
Crown , Bridge and Plate Work. Drs. Smith
8c Bellamy , assistants.
Piano ' , Organ , Guitar and Banjo
SfStudio Opposite Postoffice.
Dr. W. V. GAGE.
McCook , - - - Nebraska.
Office and Hospital over First National Bank.
Office hours at residence , 701 Marshall Ave. ,
before 9 a. m. and after 6 p. m.
McCook , Nebraska.
Et l guarantee a cure.No cure , no
pay. Write me at above address , or call
at my home in Coleman precinct.
Easy , pleasant , profitable work. Genteel ,
permanent business in your own town or '
neighborhood. Write for particulars.
2-iS-5t D. O. Cowen , ]
2557 15th St. , Denver , Colo.
, . .
- _ * • " ' " '
1 n. m I I l |
" M .M.r
, , , , 1
" * * ' - fcw . ,
n - - -
ffcw iT.-i r 1IT I 1 1 l 11 t 1 -
to which the Expectant Mother is
exposed and the foreboding and
dread with which she looks for
ward to the hour of woman's
severest trial is appreciated by but
few. All effort should be made
to smooth these rugged places
in life's pathway for her , ere she
presses to her bosom her babe.
allays Nervousness , and so assists
Nature that the change goes for
ward in an easy manner , without
such violent protest in the way of
Nausea , Headache , Etc. Gloomy
forebodings yield to cheerful and
hopeful anticipations she passes
through the ordeal quickly and
without pain is left strong and
vigorous and enabled to joyously
perform the high and holy duties
now devolved upon her. Safety
to life of both is assured by the
use of "Mother's Friend , " and
the time of recovery shortened.
"I know one lady , the mother of three
children , who suffered greatly in the
birth of each , who obtained a bottle of
'Mother's Friend' of me before her
fourth conGnement. and was relieved
quickly and easily. All agree that their
labor was shorter and h > ss painful. "
John G. Polhili. , Macon , Qa.
$1.00 PER BOTTLE at all Drug : Stores ,
or cent by express on receipt of price.
RflflK Containing invaln.iblo information of
rrrr interest to all women , will bo sent to
rilCC any adilrrs3 upon application , by
The bradfield regulator co. , Atlanta , Ga.
It is not often that a physician recom
mends a patent medicine ; when he does ,
you may know that is a yood one. Dr
J P. Cleveland , Glasgow , Va , writes :
I have used Chamberlain's Colic , Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy in my prac
tice and it has proven to lie an excellent
remedy , where a thorough course of med
icine has failed with me. I recommend
it to my patients every time for colic and
diarrhoea " Manv other physicans rec
ommend and use this reuiedv , because it
always cures and cures quickly. Get a
bottle and you will have an excellent
doctor in the house , for all bowel com
plaint's , both for children and adults.
For sale by LV. . McConnell.
We are anxious to do a little good in
this world , and can think of no pleasanter -
anter or better way to do it than by rec
ommending Oue Minute Cough Cure as
a preventive of pneumonia , consump
tion , and other serious lung troubles that
follow neglected colds. A. McMillen.
After vears of untold suffering from
piles , H W. Pursell , of Kuitnersville , Fa ,
was cured by using a Mngle box of De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. Skin dis
eases , such as eczema , rash , pimples and
obstinate sores , are readily cured by this
famous remedy. A. McMillen.
A thrill of terror is experienced when
the brassy sound of croup sound- , through
the house at night But the terror soon
changt s to relief after One Minute Cough
Cure has been administered Sale and
harmless for children. A. McMillen
There are three little things which do
niore work than any other three little
things created they are the ant , the bee ,
and DeWitt's LittleE'irly Risers , the
last being the famous little pills for
stomach and 'iver ' tr. > u' ' les. A.McMillen.
What pleasure is there in life with a
headache , constipation , and biliousness ?
Thousands experience them who could
become perfectly healthy by using De
Witt's Little Early Risers , the famous
little pills. A. McMillen.
Whooping cough is the most distress-
iug malady ; but its duration can be cut
short bv the use of One Minute Cough
Cure , which is also the best known remedy -
edy for croup and all lung and bronchial
troubles A. McMillen.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
J JNE-TENTHS ofi - - -
g- JT-1
all the pain w&h tits *
andsicknessfrom 54JVTs
'which women Sj j Sl
suffer Is caused &MmE M [ \
by weakness or Jflft/jX *
derangement in J XtS '
the organs of A ffltjjjjpj
menstruation. | jawWj | ,
Nearly always SnBBKL _ iS5
when a woman is not well these
organs are affected. But when
they are strong and healthy a
woman is very seldom sick.
Is nature's provision for the regu
lation of the menstrual function.
It cures all "female troubles. " It *
is equally effective for the girl In i
her teens , the young v/ife with do
mestic and maternal cares , and
the woman approaching the period j
known as the " Change of Life. "
They all need it. They are all
benefitted by it. I
0 Mj
For advice in cases requiring special jj
dlredions. address , giving" symptoms. H
the "Ladies * Advisory Department , " Q
The Chattanooga Medicine Co. , ChattaM
nooga , Tenn.
THOS. j. COOPER , Tupelo , Miss. , says : B
"My sister suffered from very Irreaular H
and painful menstruation and doctors N
could not relieve her. Wine of Cardul al
entirely cured her and also helped my
mother through the Change of Life. "
DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure ,
Pleasant , Quick Results , Safe to take.
1I . r---TiTijtlSMfrtni iii
I - - - ? ;
' 1 11
' ttlwigiiMiwMMMfiW
. , ' -"A -T r a 'T
TcrOur Customers ,
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the
best cough syrup we have ever used our
selves or in our families. W. H. King ,
Isaac P. King and many others in this
vicinity , have also pronounced it the best.
All we want is for people lo try it and
they will be convinced. Upon honor ,
there is no better that we have ever tried ,
and we have used many kinds. R. A.
Hlnke & Son , General Merchants , Big
Tunnel , Va. Sold by McConnell.
When Baby was sick , wo gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child , she cried tor Castoria.
When she became- Miss , she clungto Castoria.
When she hod Children , she gave them Castoria ,
The bladder was created for one nnrpose ,
namely , a receptacle for the urine , and as such
it is not liable to any form of disease except
by one of two ways. The first way is from im
perfect action of the kidneys. 1'he second
way is from careless local treatment of other
Unhealthy urine from unhealthy kidneys is
the chief cause of bladder troubles. So the
womb , like the bladder , was created for one
purpose , and if not doctored too much is not
liable to weakness or disease , except in rare
cases. It is situated back of and very close to
the bladder , therefore any pain , disease or in
convenience manifested in the kidneys , back ,
bladder or urinary passage is often , by mis
take , attributed to female weakness or womb
trouble of some sort. The error is easily made
and may be as easily avoided. To find out
correctly , set your urine aside for twenty-foui
hours ; a sediment or settling indicates kidney
or bladder trouble. The mild and extraordi
nary effect e > f Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root ,
the great kidney , and bladder remedy is
soon realized. If you need a medicine
you should have the best. At all druggists
fifty cents and one dollar. You may have a
sample bottle and pamphlet both sent free by
mail. Mention The Tkiiiune and send your
address to Dr. Kilmer & Co. , Binghamton , N.
Y. The proprietor of this paper guarantees
the genuineness of this offer. April 2-1 yr.
United States Land Office ,
NcCook , Neb. , January 24,189S.
Notice is hereby given that Thomas Boeuan , for John Boozan , now insane , has
filed notice of his intention to make final proof
before register or receiver at his office in Mc
Cook , Nebraska , on Saturday , the 5th day of
March , 1898 , on timber culture application
No. 6576. for the southwest quarter of section
No. 31 , in township I north , range 31 west of '
the 6th p. in. He names as witnesses : Byron
E. Severns , George Kennedy , William Kennedy - ]
nedy and George C. Cox. all of Herndon , . '
Kansas. A. S. Cami'Iikll , Register. !
United States Land Office , (
McCook , Neb , , January 27 , 1S98.
Notice is hereby given that JohnW.Hartman , (
has filed notice of Ins intention lo make final
proof before register or receiver at his office •
in McCook , Nehon Saturday , the 12th day of ,
Match , 1S9S , on timber culture application ,
Nei. 6628 , for the southwest quarter of section
No. 20 , in township No. 6 n , range No. 30 w
6th ( p. m. He names witnesses : John Fitz- t
Gibbons 1 and Thomas FitzGibbons of Zimmer , , y
Nebraska , Samuel M. Cochran and Henry II. " .
Troth of McCook , Nebraska. !
A. S. Campbell , Register. J
Land Office at McCook , Nebraska.
January 27th , 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named , settler has filed notice of his intention
to 1 make final proof in support of his claim ,
and ; that said proof will be made before regis
ter l or receiver at McCook , Nebraska , on Sat
urday , March 12th , 189S , viz : Phillip Roemer-
sheuser ! , who made II. E. 9858 for the w } _ ne
M and w } . se 14 of section 22 , T 5 n , R 30 w
6th ( P. M. He names the following witnesses
to ( prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation , of said land , viz : John Peterson ,
Peter Rheinheimer , Joseph Allen and George
Cappel ' all ot Osborn , Neb.
A. S. Campbell , Register.
Land Office at McCook , Neb.
January 27th , 1898.
Notice is heieby given that the following-
named , settler has filed notice of his intention
to 1 make final proof in support of his claim ,
and that said proof will be made before regis
ter 1 or receiver at his office in McCook , Nebr. ,
on 1 Saturday , March 12.1898 , viz : John Peter
son ! , who made II. E. No. 10,368 for the n #
sw M sw 'A swi sw % nw % , section 23 T. 5
n , R. 30 west 6th P. M. He names the follow-
tng witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence ( upon and cultivation of said land , viz :
Phillip Roemersheuser , Peter Rheinheimer ,
George Cappel and Joseph Allen all of Os
born , Neb. A. S. Campbell , Register.
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of his intention
i to make final proof in support of his claim ,
and that said proof will be made before Reg
ister 1 or Receiver at McCook , Nebraska , on
Saturday , February 26th , 1898 , viz : Hans I.
Peterson , who made homestead entry 10,555
| for the south yz southwest M section 13 , town
ship 1 north , range 30 west , 6th P. M. He
names i the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of ,
said land , viz : Joseph II. Relph , Banksville ,
Nebraska , Abraham V. Olmsted , John Good-
enberger and Orlando L. Thompson , of Mc
Cook , Nebraska. A. S. Campbell ,
-4-6ts. . Register.
ffl BE CUBED !
And to PROVE that our CATAJ1RH
CUKE will positively CURE catarrh in
its worst forms , we will send a
Two Weeks' Treatment Free
to all who send us ten cents (10c. ( ) in stamps
to pay cost of postage and packing.
Address JOIIXS & DIXON , Rorliester. 5. V.
of the . . . .
We respectfully solicit your business ,
and guarantee pure milk , full measure ,
and prompt , courteous service. (
< - -
* * * * - * > * . _ H - si _ _ tc _ _ _ _ _ _ _ si3S & . H
" _ m
* r I > l
* * f
FLORIDA. f t |
A Superior Through Sleeping Car \ \
Line Between St. Louis 11
and Jacksonville. < JJ
Commencing December 26th theLouis.J * Sjjg * 'j
* mr I
ville AirLiue has established the greal
Through Sleeping Car Route to Florida. M > I
Through sleeping cars arranged to leave 'M , • I
St. Louis 9:15 p. in. daily , passing Louisville - , I
ville 7 a. m , Lexington 10:55 : a. in. , 'I
reaching Chattanooga 5:55 p. in .Atlanta ' * 1
10:40 : p. va. and Jacksonville 8:40 a. m. - j 1 I
( second morning. ) Stop-overs allowed. ; ]
This route is through large cities and in- ' 9
terestiug country , and , while a new I
through sleeping car route , is over most _ I
superior and well-established lines of - M
railway. The schedules are fast and I
most convenient. M
The line also affords passengers for - >
Florida trip via Asheville , N C , the
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tion promptly furnished. R. A Camp-
BEr.L.Gen'lPas'ng'r Agent , St.Louis , Mo.
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Rand , McNauy & Co. . H
166 , 168 Adams St. , Chicago , 111. H
ROAD NO. 322. H
To John B. Rozell and to all whom it may M
concern : M
The commissioner appointed to locate a P
road commencing at a point in the road about H [
32 rods west of the southeast corner of the M
southwest quarter of section sixteen (16) ( ) , M
town , three (3) ( ) , range twenty-seven (27) ( ) west M
of the sixth Principal Meridian in Indianol- M
precinct , Red Willow county , Nebraska , running - M
ning thence north by west down the canyon M
to intersect the bottom road on the Republican - M
can river bottom and terminating thereat , has M
reported in favor of the location thereof aw j M
follows : Commencing at a point on the sec M
tion line forty rods west of the southeast cor M
ner of the southwest quarter of section sixteen M
(16) ( ) , township three (3) ( ) north , in range twen M
ty-seven (27) ( ) west of the sixth Principal Me M
ndian , thence north eighteen (18) ( ) degrees M
west one hundred and two [ 102 ] rods to intersection - H
section of the main traveled road on the Republican - M
publican river bottom and terminating there- H
at. and all objections thereto or claims for _ H
damages must be hied in the county clerk's _ , H
office on or before noon of the 16th day of / M
April , A. D. 1S9S , orsaid road will be estab- M
Iished without reference thereto. M
R. A. Green. County Clerk. H
In the district court of Red Willow county , H
Nebraska : David Brown vs. Cornelius J.Ryan , H
Mary J. Ryan , his wife , Louis Stull and William - H
liam Stull , partners , doing business under the H
name and style of Stull Bros. M
Cornelius J. Ryan , Mary J. Ryan , his wife , |
Louis Stull and William Stull , partners , doing H
business under the name and style of Stull H
Bros. , defendants , will take notice that on the H
8th day of January , 189S , David Brown , plain M
tiff herein , filed his petition in the district M
court of Red Willow county , Nebraska , against M
said defendants , the object and prayer of 1 1 |
which are to foreclose a trust deed executed I | |
by the defendants , Cornelius J.Ryan and Mary H
J. Ryan , his wife , to William Stull , trustee for , M
Louis Stull , and which was by them assigned ' H
to plaintiff , upon the southeast quarter of section - ' H
tion thirteen , township three north , range H
twenty-nine west of the 6th P.M. to secure the H
payment of one promissory note and interest H
thereon dated June 1st , 1887 , for the sum of M
S700 , and due and payable in five years from H
the date thereof. One hundred dollars of said H
note was paid at maturity and the time of H
payment of the remaining six hundred dollars - H
lars was by agreement extended for the terra H
of live years from said date. That there is j H
now due on said note and trust deed the sum H
of $825.14 , for which sum with interest from H
January 1st , 1898 , plaintiff prays for a decree M
that defendants be required to pay the same Her
or that said premises may be sold to satisfy H
the amount found due. You are required to H
answer said petition on or before the 7th day ; H
of March. 1898. M
Dated January 27,1898. M
David Brown , Plaintiff. H
i-2S-4t By W. R. Starr , his Attorney. H
" ' ' ' " _ _ _ l
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