The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 17, 1897, Image 3

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k f * * - 'fi' ' m w i' ikhi < Hum * n-m ! * -Mi > ! > i
IT f A smart Chicago operator advertised
B gj J" that he had discovered a process by
R tL I -which old and rancid butter could be
L. J ; raade over an good an new , but that he
HLV could only handle lnrge quantities.
Hff ? < r1 ? * . Some dealers sent him samples to try
K jt j and in return received perfectly fresh
M H V creamery butter. Then they sent
B ' ) | agents all over the state , bought heav-
m 4 I ily and sent the stuff to him. To their
H | I consternation ho declined to operate
1 II on it , but offered to buy it at a small
m 1 g figure , much less than they had paid
M I W for it , and as , in the open market it
B # H % vould be graded as axle grease , they
HTA ] | were obliged to let him have it.
H \ $ ? The now model Remington Typo-
K § e -writer enjoys a larger sale than any
H | \ \ other typewriter over had , because It
H | I $ Is the best Send for catalogue. 1710
F' 5 * Farnam street , Omaha , Neb.
B J % At a- recent nale of autographs in
B \ % London that of Keats sold for 5131.25 ,
Mk \ ll while that of Oliver Cromwell sold for
P U J , F l . § 33.75 , and Lucretia Borgia , $02.50.
Ht > M A complete electric plowing plant
HF < Ji f | Iias heen installed on an estate in
ft I fjj Prance.
Hk' ? vf .ASTHMA ran ho quick y cureil t y Ir. Tnft's
K "i jft JlHlllllllllUiK ) . All Ulir.lUTK f11)111 thli tlIxtrc < liiK
m \ 3k complaint fcliouM wiile to Dr. Tnft Jliott. . i Klin St. ,
WW/ * Si Itorliciitcr.N. Y..foraNUiiploliotlieMntiiliJoliiley
K B freeonrecciptofmiiiieuiiiiaddieiiis. Theyaicreliable.
B if * make us its contents and i s readers
H I j | arc the most cultivated men and
B f ra women in every part of the country.
m I Houghton , Milllin & Co. , Boston , Mass.
j \ f My doctor said 1 would die hut , Piso's Cure
k\ 8 * for Consumption cured nio. Amos Kolnor ,
Hf V > , \ Cherry Valley , Ills. , Nov. 23,1S'J5
V ' / The world is full of men with no
B i / other pb session than experience , who
m j , u would be glad to sell it.
B \ J $ Star TolMicco is the leading brand of
H / $ the world , because it is the best.
B } V , The star of Bethlehem was so called
K > M because of its resemblance to the star
B ; -which guided the Magi.
B \ I Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoio Tear Life Away.
B > | To 1uIt tobacco easily and forever , bo mac-
B' j \ nctlc. full of life , nerve and vigor , take No-Tc-
B } § Bae , the wonder-worker , tbat makes weak men
Bv C / strong. All druggists , f > 0c or 81. Curoguaran-
H > jf toed. Booklet and sample free. Address
B g s Sterling Remedy Co. , Chicago or New York.
B t I WLen Answering Advertisements Kindly
B \ \ Mention This Taper.
• * • " " ' . ' ' " " " vr- " ! -18" " " " " • " "eierf MSiiKvm
When Andrew D. White , now United
States ambassador at Berlin , was min
ister to Germany nearly twenty years
ago he received some queer letters
from Americans asklnrr for his influ
ence in their behalf in court circles.
Perhaps the funniest of all waB a very
mandatory epistle from an old lady
living in the west , who inclosed in her
letter four pieces of white linen , each
some six inches square. "We are go
ing to have a fair in our church. " she
wrote , "and I am going to make an
autograph quilt. I want you to get
me the autographs of the emperor and
empress , the crown prince and Bis
marck , and tell them to be very care
ful not to write too near the edge of
the sauares , as a seam had to be al
lowed for putting them together. "
Youth's Companion.
Clerk Geare , of Martinsville , Ind. , a
war veteran , has just returned ? 350 of
back pension money which he had re
ceived on account of physical disability
on the ground that he has recovered
his health , and is therefore no longer
entitled to a pension. The pension of
ficials say that the case is almost un
"Klomlyko IJulletlii"
Will bo published by tlioSoo Line Mondays ,
containing all Tei.egkapaic NEWSsmd up-to-
date information as to Best Boutes , Snn-
vices , Steamship Sailings , and every facility
as .same develop. Ijtvai.habm : to Alaskan
prospectors and ail their friends. To bo placed
on mailing list , tend six cents ( Cc ) in stamps to
\Y. B. Callaway , G. 1 . A. . Minneapolis , Minn.
"I came to ask for your daughter in
marriage , sir , " said the young man.
"Have you any money of your own ? "
asked the careful parent. "Oh , you
misunderstand me. I do not want to
buy her. " Yonkers Statesman.
Important Notice- .
A mnn or woman of ( rood church btandinpr can secure
cure position with well known hotuooC 20 years stand
ing to act as JIanagerand Correspondent In this coun
ty , t-nlary $750 yearly. Address A. 1 * . T. Elder , Sec
letary , 27X Jlichlpon Ave. . ChicaKO. 111.
Seventy-five thousand of the enroll
ed petition signers whose "flattering
mandate" to become a candidate for
mayor of New York the Hon. Seth Low
obeyed soberly and in fear of God , did
not vote for him. Political enroll
ments are humbugs. New York Sun.
Kducato Yonr Bowel * With Cascarets.
Candy Cathartic , cure constipation forever.
10c. 25c. If C. C. C. fail , druggists refund money.
The first lucifer match was made In
If } How baldness begins.
H ; i How to prevent it.
K J | Every person , male or female , shrinks
V > S from baldness. It adds to the appearance
H 4 of age and is a serious discomfort. The
H ' M cases are rare when the falling out of the
B a hair may not be stopped , and a new and
H S healthy growth of the hair promoted. The
V5 } hair grows in the scalp like a plant in the
< M soil. If a plant flourishes , it must have
ftS constant attention- must be watered
T % regularly and find its food in the soil
v P where it is rooted. It's so with the hair.
BrV . Neglect is usually the beginning of bald-
P'v ness. Dandruff is allowed to thicken on
B7 the scalp. The hair begins to looseu. The
Bj > • ' scalp loses its vitality. The hair , insuf-
BA i. ficiently nourished , begins to fade and to
H { j' fall. The instant need in such a case is
Bl i some practical preparation which , sup-
BA ft plying the needed nourishment _ ip the
Bf S' scalp , will feed the hair , give it strength ,
K B and so produce a strong and healthy
k growth. All this is done by Dr. Ayer's
H B Hair Vigor , the most practical and valua-
H ; n , ( le preparation for the hair that can be
K Ta obtained. It tones up the scalp , does away
B I % with dandruff , stops the hair from falling ,
H. \ h restores the original color to gray or faded
hair , and gives an abundant and glossr
growth. Those who are threatened with
approaching baldness will be interested
in the following voluntary statement ,
made by Alderman S. J. Green , of Spencer ,
Iowa. He writes :
"About four months ago , my hair com
menced falling out so rapidly that I
became alarmed , and being recommended
Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor by a druggist , I
resolved to try this preparation. I have
been now using it for three months , and
am much gratified to find that my hair has
ceased falling out and also that hair which
had been turning gray for the past five
years has been restored to its original
color , dark brown. It gives me much
pleasure to recommend this dressing. "
S. J. Green , Alderman , Spencer , Iowa.
Those who are interested in preserving
and beautifying the hair will do well to
send for Dr. Ayer's Curebook , A story of
cures told by the cured. This book , of ioo
pages is sent free , on request , by the J. C.
Ayer Co. , Iowell , Mass.
H | The Omaha Bee for 1898.
BI The Omaha Weekly Bee is the leading paper in the Trans-Mis-
B { \ sissippi country. It will be much improved in 189S , enlarging ; some of its
B ] \ important departments. The price remains the same , 65 Cents per year
Bl \ IK cents per week. The 15ee prints 12 pages each week , publishing-all the
B\ / news of the week , both foreign and domestic ; accurate market reports from
Ht V all the centers of trade , giving special attention to the western country , as well
Bf i as carefully selected articles of special interest to each individual member of
the family.
\ The publishers of The Jlce have made favorable arrangements with a
Iv number of the leading publications of the country , which enables them to offer
/ j , > i one or more of these publications with The Bee at nominal prices.
V \ The Weekly Bee Alone Is 65 Cents Per Year.
Bl J For clubbing purposes add the following amotmts for each publication
B | desired :
K . > For Woman's Home Companion 30c
H For Farm and Fireside 20c
Hi For Farm and Fireside , with Almanac 3Gc
B' For Orange Judd Farmer , with Almanac 35c
Hl , For New York Tribune 25c
: For Prairie Farmer 50c
! I" x Each of the above publications is one of the best in its line. At no time
maaaaam f has the price of good reading been as cheap as it now is , and the offers made
A _ I here are among- the lowest offered this season. Address all orders to
I The Weekly Bee , Omaha.
H' - ' Y j 25c g DRUGGISTS j rJJlTVRBTrTftv Sick and Nervous Head-
l > fl SlflSSwiffllP aches P0SIT1FELY Cured
HB' | * ' < il il | in30 Minules , by
Wf % ii-seii ! e
B m I S l * * all druggists or sent post-
Ht | lmr pa'd ' upon receipt ° { ' *
u i
Br \ h vf- SJ 356 Dearborn St. .
H \ V jjBgy - - > Cblcago , in ,
HALL'S * 4
i , Vegetable Sicilian IJ
i Qcanses the scalp and l/g&k
KtI pots new life into the ffJpl
wfl hair. It restores the VrM
[ fl L lost color to gray L lj
mSB iaf * means jl
i7Jk | | ) youth and beauty * / \ Wv |
' " ' "T" ' '
: lIion-i * *
| rini iii iiiiiliii i
Slow SIio Destroys All Fcaoo and Com
fort for Husband and Children.
The mistress of a house feels that it
Is her duty none the less clear be
cause It is disagreeable 4o point out
the faults of those in her charge , ssys
the Philadelphia Ledger. Beginning
• with the maid3 and ending with her
-husband or sometimes vice versa she
thinks It her mission in life to fin *
and condemn imperfections. And from
this attitude it is but a short step to
the position of a family "nagger" a
character which destroys all peace and
comfort. Business men often make a
similar mistake and act upon the be
lief that n-j man does his best work
unless unaer the constant dreail of
sarcastic and bitter fault-finding. The
work in general may be far above the '
average but that the way to keep it
so is to pick flaws in every possible
weak place is the decision of certain
minds. Because a fault exists 1b no
reason that it should be mentioned
without regard to time or place , and
to one open to conviction it would not
be difficult to prove that there is wis
dom in allowing people to make mis
takes unobserved , or at any rate unre-
buked ; but this wisdom can only flour
ish in the faith that the evil of today
is not a finality. No mother , for in
stance , really believes that her little
daughter is necessarily to be a life
long slattern because at 12 years of age
she keeps an untidy room and her
hoots are often seen without the proper
button , nor does she think that a lie
in the mouth of her 3-year-old boy
condemns him to a future of fraud and
deceit. These things must be met , of
course , but if they are met by the con
stant inculcation of better habits and
better principles the evil in itself
needs little or no comment. Indeed , a
word of censure withheld often is a
more effective rebuke than a storm of
angry fault-finding. To grow in the
wisdom of this judicious silence we
must first of all cultivate in ourselves
a just perception of values and proportions
tions , we must learn what to see and
what not to see , what to leave out and
what to put in our mental pictures. It
may be , too , that then we shall often
give sympathy where others deride , or
encouragement where the sternly just
would condemn ; but we should at least
relieve those around us from a very
irritating insistence upon trifles.
Cheapest Flaco to Shop In Russia.
"Thieves' Market , " a traveler de
clares , "is the cheapest place to shop
in all Russia , even for a foreigner. It
is in Moscow , which is the railroad
center of the empire , and quite likely
the clearing house or exchange for
stolen goods. The merchants tell the
buyer frankly that the reason they can
sell things cheaply is because they are
all stolen. 'Everything everything ,
monsieur ; all are stolen. "We deal
only in that which costs us nothing.
We charge you for storage , that is all. '
Curios from the whole Eastern world
are there. It is a desperate place for
one to go if one would not spend
money. Do not buy presents for
friends at home until you have looked
through the 'Market. ' "
"Walsh came downtown with his
overcoat pockets full of potatoes and
turnips. " "How did that happen ? "
"Well , their fiat is so small that his
wife hasn't any place to keep veget
ables and she had forgotten to take
them out. " Detroit Free Press.
Too Far.
"This is going too far. " Her voice
had a haughty ring ; she was evidently
much offended. Then the trolleyman
meekly apologized for having carried
her 'steen blocks beyond her destina
tion. Memphis Commercial-Appeal.
A new variety of chrysanthemum ,
rich purple in hue , has been named af
ter Lillian Russell.
Henry Arthur Jones has sold to
Charles Frohman the American rights
to his latest play , "The Liars. "
Augustin Daly is apparently much
incensed at the action of Beerbohm
Tree in offering Ada Rehan the part
of Katherine in "Katherine and Pe-
truccio" and is freeing his mind with
considerable vigor.
Maude Adams was for several years
known as the youngest leading lady on
the New York stage. Her successor to
that title is pretty Florence Rockwell
of "Cumberland , ' 61who . is said to be
just 18 a couple of years younger
than was Miss Adams when the dis
tinction was hers.
A day or two ago Miss Olga Netner-
sole received a parcel containing the
manuscript of a play , which has been
following her around for two j-ears.
The first legible date on the cover is
Sept. 23 , 1895 , Sydney , N. S. W. , and
the last Oct. 19 , 1S97 , Liverpool. It was
marked by the Dublin postoffice , "Re
ceived at Grafton Street Walk in this
condition. " The parcel was originally
addressed to Miss Nethersole , in Lon
don , and forwarded from her former
residence to Daly's theater and thence
to the Savoy hotel. Being returned to
the dead letter office , _ Sydney , it wa3
indorsed there "January , 1836 , " and
lay dormant some months. Then it set
forth on its travels again to ITew
York , May 18 , 1896 ; to Chicago , June
10 ; to New York again. Thence , in
July , it came to the Gaiety , Lofldon.
Several other addresses in London
were tried , and again the unlucky par
cel got to the Sydney dead letter office
on November 26,1896. Not until March ,
1897 , was another attempt made at
delivery. Then it made a jffurney
through America , crossed the Atlantic
and followed Miss Nethersole on her
English tour , with the result now re
- - . . . . . . . _
T [
The Fury of an Cnfettorod Klemcnt Falls
to Cruiih Them The Flro Florid Delicti.
The news comes from Attica , Ind. ,
of the destruction , by fire , of the big
laboratory and office building of the
Sterling Remedy company , makers of
Cascarets Candy Cathartic and No-To-
Bac , the original guaranteed tobacco
habit cure. The preparations made by
this big corporation are known
throughout the world.
The fire broke out In one of the
packing rooms on the third floor during
the noon hour , and had made consider
able headway before it was discovered.
The Sterling Remedy company is the
principal industry of the beautiful lit
tle city of Attica , employing several
hundred people , besides being affiliated
with the interests at the Indiana Min
eral Springs , the famous Magno-Mud
Cure. The entire population was
worked up to a frenzy of excitement.
Meanwhile tin almost proverbial
energy and presence of mind of "Hust-
lig" Harry Kramer , the general man
ager of The Sterling Remedy company ,
was displayed. He was the coolest
man at the scene. He quietly walked
away , and secured a big carriage show
room near by , and had all office furni
ture , charred and delapidatcd as it
was , taken there. Several shipments
were made the same evening from
goods saved , and on Friday morning ,
all departments were at work in var
ious rooms about town , while a gang
of men wore cleaning away the wreck
age preliminary to rebuilding.
The actual damage amounts to many
thousands of dollars ; the loss due to
interruption of business and confusion
of detail is inestimatable. but pluck
and energy of one man will turn de
feat into victory and move the wheels
of business to ever-increasing speed.
Nothing can stop the success of Cas
carets and No-To-Bac with such char
acteristic force behind them.
George Dudley Seymour , of New Ha
ven , will soon give an interesting relic
to Yale. It consists of the double
doors of the house of the late Rev.
William Russel , of Branford , Conn. ,
where in the year 1700 the trustees of
the future Yale collese met and pre
sented forty books each trustee as he
laid the volumes down , said according
to tradition , "I give these books for the
founding of a college in this colony. "
The original house was built in 1675 ,
and was bought by Mr. Russell twelve
years later. It was torn down in 1835 ,
but the doors were secured and kept
in a garrett by Mrs. Mary E. Russell
Mann , of Branford , a descendant of
William Russell , and from her they
have been obtained by Mr. Seymour ,
who will have them handsomely fram
ed and presented to the university ,
possibly in 1901 , in connection With
the two hundreth aninversary of the
Mrs. McKinley , in spite of her posi
tion as "first lady in the land , " re
tains all the simple habits of her Can
ton home life , and when entertaining
a caller informally at the White House
drawing room deftly plies her crochet
needle or stitches at some dainty
piece of needlework.
Beauty Is Blood Doep.
Clean blood means a cleau skin. No
beauty-without it. CascaretsCandy Cathar
tic cleans your blood and keeps it cleau , by
st/rring up the.lazy liver and driving all im
parities from the body. Begin to-day to
b\nish pimple ? , boils , blotchc blackheads.
and thatbicklybiliouscotnplexiou by taking
Cascarets , beauty for ten ceuts. All drug-
jjists. satisfaction guaranteed , 10c , 2oc , 50c.
The volcanoes of Vesuvius and Etna ,
are never both active at the same time. I
. ,
- - . . . - * * , ' ' ' ' " " " " " '
in i -i i-r iri rr-n.i i ii mri r I "I'l
An English paper tolls of a tory
army officer who trained his Scotch
collie to bark and growl whenever Mr.
Gladstone's name was mentioned. Ho
lived to bury his favorite pet , and over
thereafter used to decorate the dog'a
grave with primroses on Lord Hca-
consflold's birthday. Now , the old tory
la dead himself , and ho left Instruc
tions that his body should be cremated
and the ashes burled in the narden
beside the grave of his dog.
A number of Atchison men who
have dyspepsia recently formed a club
to exchange Ideas , but they are all
so bad tempered that they had a light
the first night. Atchison Globe.
An Important feature of the Ameri
can monthly Review of Reviews frr
December is the book department ,
which occupies thirty-two pages , with
numerous illustrations , and deals with
the publications of the season. Dr.
Albert Shaw writes on "Some Ameri
can Novels and Novelists. " Another
chapter Is devoted to "Books for Chil
dren and Young People , " and a third
to "Other Books of the season. " fol
lowed by classified listo of titles.
Thii Pursuit f Happiness.
When the Declaration or Independence os-
sertud man's right to this. It enunciated an
immortal truth. The bilious sull'erer Is on
the road to happiness when ho begins to take
llostetter's Stomach Hitters , the most ellh-a-
clotis regulator ot the liver In existence.
Eiiuiilly reliable Is it In chills and fever , con
stipation , dyspepsia , rheumatism. Iclndey
trouble and nervousness. Use It regularly
and not at odd Intervals.
The wife : "The baby has been jab
bering away there for an hour , and I
can't understand a thing she says. "
The husband : "I notice , dear , the lit
tle thing grows more like you every
day. " Yonkers Statesmen.
Coc'a Conirh Itnlinm
Ie the oiliest nnd ticst It 111 break up a coM quicker
than uri ) thlribo. . I It I * alwajB rcliablu. Try it-
A ton of oil has been obtained from
the tongue of a single whale.
Take L.axativo Brome Quinlno Tablets. All
Druggists refund the money If It falls to cure. 'Joe
When Answering Advertisements Kindly
Menttou This Taper.
Iowa Farms for sale on crop pavment. 51 per
acre cash , balance Vi cron vcarlv until paid for.
J. Mulhall , Waukcgan. 111.
The new stars already discovered
thi3 year number 427.
FITS PormanentlyCurcd.Nonts ornorvousnessaftci
Jir-.t day's use ot l > r. Kline's ( .Nerve. Restorer.
Send tor FItEE SU.00 trial hottlo and treatise.
Da , R. II.,931 Arch St. . I'liilisdolplnn , I'a.
Women never play in a game unless
there is another game under it.
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or
If C. C. C. fail to cure , druggists refund money.
A woman loves but once , that is ,
the same man.
Smoke Sledge Cigarettes , 20 for 5cts.
Ladies fight with pretty words that
are full of fists.
ISli : © J"ac30lb Oil
J DR. SAMUEL" PITCHER , of Bijannis , Massacliusetis ,
was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA/ ' the same
that has boj'ne and does now /Hif y/&r7 s ? cat tW evGrU
hear the facsimile signature of z/ / i/Z < wrapper.
This is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA/ ' which has heen
used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the xvrapper and see that it is
the hind have " ' " ' aa the
you always "bought S7 S/Jf/7 on
and has the s4&sX'&CcJu/2
signature of & ' wrap
per Jfo one has authority from me to lose my name except
The Centaur Company of which Chas. R. Fletcher is
President. /
March 8 , 18977Q&2 * * & & > & 4 073
Do Not Be Deceived ,
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute
which some druggist may offer you ( because he makes a few more pennies
on it ) , the ingredients of which even lie does not know.
"The Kind You Have Always Bought"
t&XttS | I i i i I r i T *
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed YouB
Ship direct to O. IV. ICKES & Vi ) . . 1070
Howard and .TOO So. lltli ht. . Oiuulia. ,
and set hlsliest market pi ice. Inference : Omaha I
Hank" , Commercial Agencies. Correspondence j '
Established 1STO.
Specialties Butter , Eps. Poultry. Veal , !
nines and Game. AY rite for tairs and prices. !
Talking Machine s ° o !
For Christmas , it will Talk , Whistle. Pin ? and
give Instrumental Music. The latest and
most perfect Graphophone made. Western '
Talking , Wachno ! Co. , 221 So. juthst. , I
Omaha. > eb. scute. O. D.
* " ° * * *
Omaha , XcU . |
n gJ No larger stock of
SB a J&J ? { Pi Silks and Dross Goods
H U BiSv 5 in any market. The
U a tr . Sa& lowest prices for finest '
goods. Samples free ,
HAYt > EUltOS. . . Onialia. > • • ,
EDEIGHT QASn on " order * of = 00.1 sq. ft. of , '
rnCIQSi I "HfiOrtoonaf- Wall er.d Celling'
Manilla. Write for samples and price. The i'aT
2Ianilla Bootliic Company , Camden , N. J. j
< lliis Knife i 3 Inches lonp when closed.
! Otir regular "c Knife ; sample er.t for c. |
| Our Diamond Kdiro Hollow i.jonnd iiezor. " 3c.
I The atote Jct'l ; Knife end Ra.or for $1.15. i
I Goods tent postpaid. < ata'oue fiee. i
! E MPUIN CJTLERY [ co- Burlington , Vt. '
I * * * " * \ Quality Jlt the pnrseand pleases buyer.
I fe | J.adTs or firnt'riaan'A { .emine Inn rlcanf.olil
! l ? HU J ( not platedjia c . T jewtled. Ua-
. yfSj&IffiV maskecncii Xlefeel Movements , enameled ,
/Qj T Srw ' "a' > fccrpv Lei'-I and l'a < * t. ri'-lily en- ,
tHji % & 3M Pravo < ' - fully warranted. 3ienl Ki.c ,
tS V&j&a ? ? open faec.i'.Tj. . I.odle'Gsir.pnfaee , '
x&imK3 * .75.IluntinjCa-eI. } " , nex'ia.W' - , ,
NSjSjjfejjy peed ones. SI.75. We are manufacturer * ,
* * * and < > H all Undsmdse. Ca'alatftieFrce.
207 and 2C9 Wabash A\enuc , CHICAGO. ILL. _
rlease mention this paper when writing- . j
" "
fj published by JONES * CASH STORE ,
ES 108 & 110 Front Street F0RTLAND. ORE.
* Q i M
TtiHHlH > i , j ii ii r M
Weak Stomach I
FooIq Perfectly Well SInce Taking H
Hood's Snrsaparlllo. H
"I have been troubled ( or over two H
years with a weak stomach. I concluded H
to take Hood's Sarsaparllln. After taking H
a few bottles I felt perfectly well , and I H
cannot speak too highly of Hood's. " |
Mits. M. II. WnianT , Akron , Ohio. H
Hood's eSSSa I
Is the best in fact the Ono True Blood Purifier. M
Kood's Pills arc the favorite cathartic. 25c. M
An insurance , to be called the Industrial - H
trial , is bcinK formed by cmployea M
throughout Germany , to insure agalnat M
loss ariBing from strikes. H
Engineers in Germany receive from H
the government u gold medal and $500 M
for every ten years of service without M
an accident. M
f H
I The r.urliiitim Knotc California Kx- H
Clicai' . Oulclc , ( 'uiiifnrttililp. j H
Leave OiiKilm 1:3. > p. in. , I.linohi 0:10 : p. m. H
.ind Hustings S : . r .O p. id. every Tlmrxlay In H
clean , inoriurn. not ciowdeil tourist sleepers. H
No transfers ; cars run right through to San H
I Francisco and Los Angeles over tin1 Si'eitlc H
! Ioulo through Ien\cr ) and Salt Lal.o City. H
, Cars are carpeted ; upholstered in rattan ; H
' have spring scats and bicls : and aic pro- |
' vlded with curtains' , bedding , towels , i-oac H
I etc. Uniformed porters and experienced ex- j H
I cursion conductors accompany each e.vcur- |
I slon. relieving passengers of all bother about H
| baggage , pointing out objects of Intercut and J
, In many other ways helping to mil.o the J
| overland trip a delightful experience. Second |
I class tickets arc honored. IlerthsS- ' . |
I For folder giving full Information , call at j H
nearest Burlington Koute ticket olllce , or |
I write to J. Francis , General Passenger Agent , H
Omaha , Nub. |
I A newly discovered spot on the sun H
! is said to he . ' 10.000 miles in diameter. H
? ApC is lll ° name of u H
lyivUi O simple but effective - H
5nj remedy for rhuumatism , nou- |
rnlgin , ustlmiu nnd kindred ail- ' |
incuts. The trudo mark is self- |
explanatory. Five Drops nntko |
a dose. The elicet is magical. Jn days R
: genu by other alleged cures have been |
marketed with the promise to take efleet in H
thirty- days or mure. Five DropH begins |
to euro at once. Immediate relief is felt. |
; The mauufncturcrR of I'ivc Drops have |
' • thousnnds of testimonials from reliable |
' people , copies of many of them gladly H
I sent upon ajtjilication. in order to moro |
! effectively advertise its merits the com- |
, pauy will for the net thirty days send |
I out 100,000 of their sample bottles of this |
; positive cure for ti. cents a bottle by mail |
I prepaid. Large bottle , 300 doses , $1 ( for H
I thirty days 3 bottles 2. . " > 0. ) Those suffer- H
i ing should write to the Swansou Ilhoii- H
I inatic Cure Company , 11)7-100 Dearborn St. , |
' Chicago , 111. , and take advantage of this B
[ generous offer. This compnny is reliable , H
I and promptly (111 every order H
jW. N. U. OMAHA. NO. -1897. . M
j VJ'iea Answering Advertisements Kindly |
j P'cnticn 'ihis I'spcr. |
Or IVeakncss In Men They Treat ami [ |
Tail to Care. Mr H
An Omaha Company places for the first 1
tinio before the public a Maok ai. Tiiat- H
sient for the care of Lot Vitality.Nervous H
and Sexual AVcakne s , and Itc.r > toration of H
Life Force in old and young men. No H
worn-out French remedy : contains no H
Phosphorus or other harmful drugs. It is H
a U'oKiinnrri. . TitEATMnNT magical in its H
effects positive in its cure. All readers , H
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paj' railroad fare and hotel bills to all who H
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have no Free Prescriptions , Free Cure , H
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every ease they treat or refund every dol- H
Iar : or their ch arges may be deposited in H
a bank to * bo paid to them wheu a cure is H
effected. "Write them today. H
Everj- hone eckei.u uid atdres < i either J Y. | * [ [ H
MKKIrV. A. G. 1 * . A. , 31ancic < ter , , o-va , W. A. * " " " |
KI"T I.ON'D , A. G. r. A. , I.onUvHle. Ky. . or S. G. H
HATrit , I > . P. \ . Cln.-Itin-iti o. for a free copy of | * H
> iOUTiIii.V HUMKSKSivKKS' gl'idi ; . | H
y in 2UrlE YQURSELF2 H
jf y bv2 S\ I ! ' { , * U.k O f-.r unna'CTSl t H
/ flu lw5il js-\ { < Iisrh < srcf < ! ,' : us , H
[ • ! GoiritiU-ti \j Irritations or uln r. .tif ; ia H
„ I net t itrieturuf m u r o t. " ' ! ; . H
? T ta eoci ; ie = . J'smle-s. ati'I not . .Etna- * * H
\ciHC'it71.0. ! [ Sold bj-Kr = 53iiste , * [ [ H
v rV V ( J. S. A. 7 r" "r ! Pnt ir flain wraprr , | | | " H
. > . jA 5 * ' % ' xprn' . prp.i1 for "H
* * W > * ! /o\l ? ' - " ' - 2l > o tIi-P$2. . H
* c * o _ _ p u Circular teat oa rui'iefit. [ [ [ H
/ P CSV fEW ; 3"SC0VEBY : Bi 3 H
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ll'irf'b 2 f riuLkrcliefuaJcuit- | H
* " "
n.v % . Send for too ! : of ti" > tirionlAN an-i 10 days * H
icaz.tsc.caz Free. Vr. u.ii.aas 'ssoss. itiicu , Uc H
/jP [ I rfffi S < Knlizn.it5onlj ain. H
& t5 * ' ° ! " ° " < i w < - ' ' - * ! js- * - " • stamUnL H
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IT 8 &S tV5 HOJIP rCRE. UorU FIU.K. 1 > K. j. c. H
j b tjy SK2 uui rr.AS. i beiiaR.j. . , ciiAi.o , ill. H
U .i.3 < ! j WMiUlIiUtrry rated ? ! 0O. O0. fie
samples. Several earn si.030 y'rly. V. o. IS71\rw Tori.
trfi Cast Conah Syrup. Tastes Good. Urc V * *
Ggj In time. Sold by drcpiists. f • A