The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 15, 1897, Image 1

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Hk That Judge Post will be unitedly sup-
BI / ported by all Republicans is admitted.
L\ His eminent judicial ability and preemi-
B\ went ranuliuess are irresistible.
H B Recognizing the popularity of the
H % -present incumbent , the Republican parly
B it lias adequately met the situation in the
H kjr * "nomination ofEsben P. Day for the of-
m m m fice of county clerk.
B\ \ O. L. Thompson is making a winning
H • campaign for the treasurership. His
wMwM qualifications are becoming recognized
AwMwM throughout the county and he is adding
& strength and votes daily.
H Tub friends of W.A. McCool are flock-
B ing to his support all over the county in
P numbers and enthusiasm to warrant the
B statement that he will he a formidable
H candidate for the office of sheriff.
H H As THK campaign advances it becomes
k more and more evident that the Repub-
m lican party made no mistake in noinina-
Vu ting C. N. Whittaker for superintendent.
H * He is developing unexpected and telling
A strength.
H One of the qualifications that is prov-
ft Xng a source ol increasing strength and
K popularity to G. 'S. Bishop , the Republi-
A can nominee for county judge , is the
V fact of his being a lawyer. The office
H requires legal ability.
H "EXCUSE me for the rest of the cam-
H paign , gasped the Colonel , as he disap-
B peared from sight and pulled the aper-
H ture in after him , after giving birth to
V his immortal observation about republi-
H Cans , anarchists and fusion.
H To fill the bill adequately the Oma-
P lia Bte has increased its morning issue to
L twelve pages on all days but Monday.
H The Bee is easily in the van of Trans-
W W Missouri dailies , and is an honor to the
K . state as well as a proud monument to the
WMy en > and enterprise of its pluck } ' edi-
MMM tor-fri-chief , Mr. Edward Rosewater.
r _ _ _ _ _ _ _
H i 'Colonel Mitchell is suffering with
H attack of ' '
a clinging 'walking typhoid
H fever" and we are in dotibtas to whether
H he will he able to unliinjber his can-
opener in time for action this campaign
MwMwor not. Whether the Colonel's trouble
r ns "buck fever" or ' 'pernambulating
H typhoid" , we ore delicate about aiinounc-
B ing , as our forecast last week was pre-
B mature and the results unsatisfactory.
V "Russell Corner returned from a year's
B stay ni Iowa , Monday A. Prentice is
MwM hauling off his wheat crop these days. . .
B M. H. Cole is lifting Ifis potatoes. Has
B about ioo bushels and is delivering them
WM in town as he digs them W.M. Sharp
K lias been drawing off some of his cats. . .
B W. Heum took hay to McCook , Wednes-
U day Bert Wales is cutting cane. . . . H.
Hfe 11. Wales willve \ enough potatoes for
m * home use R. Trapbagen went to McA -
A Cook to buy a team , but when he saw it
B he had no use for it A good many
Bf went to McCook , Friday evening , to see
Bi Uncle Tom's Ca 'bin , but many of
WT them wished they had stayed at home.
B S.H. B. Wales is making a new gran-
r ' ary. It took a granary of 3,000bushels
1 capacit\r to hold Weley Rozell's small
1 grain M. H. Cole had a race with a
f badger , but it out-run him Now if you
t owe adebt go and pay itand if you can't
Kf 7 pay all , pay part of it We had no idea
B \ * but everything wasfresh and sweet up
B * n tne neighborhood of the candidate for
B assessor , until Wednesday , Jake Betz
K took a barrel of salt out . . .Bob Johns
B\ raises fine hogs. He had a load on the
B .market , Thursday , and got the top of
B\ the market Frank Carothers has a
B lame limb , but is getting better. . . About
B a year ago Grandpa and Grandma Rozell
KS& went back to Ohio to spend their days.
Bjp On Thursday night they returned and
HjL will spend the rest of their days here.
BjP A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Al-
jF „ end Church , Sunday or Monday A
jji sad accident happened to Almond Church
2 * Teceutly. While driving cattle his horse1
L stumbled , and as a result Almond's
jpL- shoulder-blade was . broken He has the
BW' S3mpathy of his many friends As
ft some women and children were driving
K $ Mr. Hoag's team , the horses ran away
C and several of the occupants were thrown
K ! out. Mr. Hoag's infant's arm was brok-
BB en and an infant belonging to a women
'I living at Mr. Hoag's , was nearly killed.
E Tfe The farmers are very busj' putting in
B w their fall grain. Hope they will be suc-
BJS - cessful as last year Heavy frost , last
flft Sunday night.
Lewis Leist has commenced building
a a new barn on his place soutfl of town.
P. J. Bastian has sold his butcher-
shop to his brother S. G. Consideration
700 J. O. Siminson claims he has
threshed with his steam thresher over
28,000 bushels of wheat , this fall C.
Naden and Ed. Dennis rode over to Mc
Cook , Sunday , on their bikes S. H.
Coon & Son have sold their stock yards
to Harrison & Messner Grain buyers
at this place have bought over $46,000
worth of grain , this fall J. B. Dolph
is plastering four more new rooms just
finished on his hotel building Wm.
Sandon's new store building is moving
Threshing is the order of the day in
this neighborhood Uncle Billy Holbrook -
brook was quite sick , fore part of the
week , but is all right now Messrs.
Taylor , Cleveland and Garrison from
* yt * tiear Trenton have been threshing in
, { this neighborhood for the last two weeks.
-1 Frank Cain has been hauling grain
\4- . to McCook , this week , from his farm in
- S Grant precinct Mrs. W. D. Burnett
; % and children of McCook visited with-Mrs.
1 If J. H. Wade , Sunday Wm. Darlington
\ Jrfe and family visited at W. A. Holbrook's
V ' . . Sunday . . .Mrs. J. Pickrell and daughter
\ N - Eva visited with Mrs. W. S. Hartman ,
. ' # Wednesday Milt. Frost had business
# • in this town. , Sunday evening.
Receiver Gibbons is out west on a
business trip.
Dr. A. P. WELLES is further improv
ing his cosy home.
Ray Hall is enjoying a vacation in
Denver , this week.
Mrs. C. " H. Meeker left on Monday
morning for Missouri on a visit.
S. R. Smith was up from Indianola ,
Wednesday , on business at the court
Master Sciiell Kimmell is among
the scarlet fever patients ; but is getting
along nicely.
Mrs. Henry Kapke and the children
returned , Sunday night , from their visit
iuvKansas Citv.
Mo. , is in the city visiting her cousin ,
Mrs. L. W. Cox.
Mesdames Z. L. Kay , Vina Wood
and W. C. LaTourette were Culbertson
visitors , Wednesday.
Mrs. H. H. Meyer , who has been
visiting in Denver for some time , returned -
turned home , this week.
Mr. and Mrs Bomgardner are in
the city in the interest of the Armstrong
Clothing Co. of Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. Howe Smith left on
Thursday morning for Castana , Iowa , on
a visit to a sister of Mrs. Smith.
Mrs. C. O. LeHew and Miss Montague -
tague will leave , tomorrow night , for
Chicago and Aurora , Illinois , on a visit
to relatives.
Colonel Mitchell went down to
Lincoln , last night , to procure materials
and make arrangements for the printing
of the ballots.
James LaTourette arrived from
Marion. Indiana , last Friday night , on
business , leaving for the east again on
Monda3' evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Forbes were in
Lincoln , Tuesday. He was attending
the grand lodge meeting of Nebraska.
Knights of Pythias.
C. M. Pinckneycommitteeman from
Red Willow , was in the city , Monday.
He reports the political outlook in his
precinct as encouraging.
W. A. McCool was up from Indianolal
Wednesday , looking over the1politica ,
situation , which he finds to be very encouraging -
couraging over the county.
Mrs. Julian Hulaniski of Ouray ,
Colorado , arrived in the city , last Fridaj'
evening , aud after a brief visit left for. .
Illinois on a visit to a sister.
Esben P. Day , the Republican nomi
nee for county clerk , was over from Lebanon - .
anon , Saturday , in the 'furtherance of his
campaign , which is getting along swim
mingly. " I
Treasurer and Mrs. Meserve
came up from Liucoln , Sunday night. 1
He returned to Lincoln , Tuesday night ,
having sold the cattle on his ranch a few
miles south of the city , about two hun
dred head in all. Mrs. Meserve is still
here. -
W. C. LaTourette came out from ,
Cedar Rapids , Iowa , Friday night last , ,
aud will be here about two weeks , invoicing - t
voicing and looking after business mat ,
ters here generally. It is probable that
he may move to Marion , Indiana , in the
near future.
Banquet the Band. L
It is admitted by all who participated '
in the affair that the banquet tendered 3'
the Nebraska Brigade band , Thursday { .
evening , was one of the most felicitous
occasions of the kind in many moons , * =
and-that among other desirable results s
the business men of the city aud the
members of the band now have a much ? :
better understanding and the band will ,
in future be appreciated as it never has
been in the past. It will be recognized
as one of the best advertising mediums
the city has ever enjoyed and will be en
couraged properly and fully as it merits.
The banquet was spread by Robert
Bj'ers at the Burlington dining hall and \
was a splendid example of the caterer's , :
art. The dining hall was filled to its *
capacity and there was ever } ' evidence
of complete and unalloj'ed pleasure on * '
the part of both entertained aud euter- *
tainers. After the banquet cigars were
passed and the Toastmaster Col. J. S.v
LeHew was duty installed in office. His
introductions of the speakers of the a
evening were clever and appropriate and
the responses were in a very happy strain.
Among the responses were those of Wil
liam Valentine , Sylvester Cordeal , Dr. C
W.V. Gage , J. H. Berge , Dr. S.C. Beach , \
C. F. Babcock , H. P. Sutton. H.W. Cole C
and J. E. Kelley , and it was developed
that McCook has some fetching post
prandial talent , especially when the Bri
gade band is the object of the expressions
of pride and satisfaction.
The affair was in fine a very satisfac
tory success and is duly appreciated by
the band as an expression of the well-
wishes of our people and of their un
bounded pride in the more recent ac
complishments of the organization es
Lillie Miller is helping Mrs. Byfield
while Minnie Englebrecht recovers from
a severe attack of erysipelas. . . .Julia
Baker was so ill that she missed school a
day or two last week S. L. Miller has
just finished threshing. He had 1,100
bushels of wheat and considerable rye.
Louis Elmer will assist on Wm. By-
field's farm for a time , perhaps all win
ter Ernest Strayer is back to the old
home Mrs. Byfield recently received
four fine new Pekin drakes which quite
surpass any previous ones added to her
flock Mrs. Helm had a severe illness
but is quite recovered we believe Hog
cholera let this immediate neighborhood
well alone , for which we are truly thank
ful. Perhaps it will call on us yet
Mrs. McKey has quite recovered from
her late illness. . . .Mrs. Roland nee Mary
Canaga is convalescirig after a severe ill
ness Mrs. R. Loomis is visiting back
in Michigan
You can get a good ink tablet for 5c.
and loc. at McConnell's.
Monday was pay-day and a big one at
that. '
Mrs. J. W. Line went to Hastings , yes
terday morning.
Switchman F. S. Curry is laying off on
account 1 of sickness.
Two new machinists entere l the com
pany's employ , Monday.
Engineer Harris and Fireman Koll are
back on the main line again.
Extra Conductor M. Carmony and
wife are visiting in the east.
Chief Dispatcher Forbes was in Lin
coln , , last Saturday , on official business.
J. H. Patterson and wife made a short
visit to Red Cloud , fore part of the week.
Trainmaster Kenyon's soil Dare is con
valescing from an attack of mild scarlet
fever. j
Fireman William Koll will occupy the
Starbuck residence on North Madison
Mrs. A. L. Knowland was called east ,
Thursday morning , by the sickness of
her ] sister.
One of the machinists is luxuriating in
the | proceeds of a 53 ° ° check received
last ] week.
Brakeman John Humphreys has gone
to j Akron to switch in the 3'ards there a
few j weeks.
Engine crews on the Western division
out of McCook are being rushed at a
lively j rate now.
Arthur Douglass came down from Den
ver with the band boys , last Friday
evening 1 , visiting here a day or two.
D. Hawksworth , Chief of Motive Pow
er , was up from Plattsmouth , Monday ,
on business of the motive department.
Dr. F. M. Washburn returned to duty ,
yesterday morning , after a visit to his
wife's folks in the eastern part of the
These pa3-days remind us of the hal
cyon days before the strike , when the
Western division was strictly in the
. C. H. Quereau has been promoted _ to
the position of superintendent of motive
power on the Rio Grande with headquar
ters in Denver.
. Brakeman E. M. Cox expects to move
his family to McCook , next week , hav
ing been , transferred from the Republi-
can-St. Francis run.
Two engines were sent from here to
the Wyrnore division , this week , al-
thoughthe Western division is short of
motive power itself. l
A large party of baggagemen went
through to Denver , Tuesday night on 3 ,
to attend the annual meeting of the bag
gagemen's association , which opened its
sessions on Wednesday. General Bag- :
gagemaster Thomas Marsland of the Bur
lington was with the party.
Is the best for all ALL PURPOSES
secause it is Clean and Economical ; is a
Free Burner , and makes an intensely hot
ire. No Smoke , No Soot , No Waste.
IVill keep fire over night as well as any
lard coal , and with a good bed of coal
vill keep a live fire from 24 to 36 hours
vithout any attention. Clean to Han
dle , Clean to Burn. When starting
i new fire use kindling as you would for
rard coal , and like anthracite it needs
10 ' poking. Put SHERIDAN COAL on
'our fire and leave it alone. Stove Fur-
liture ' never has any soot on it when
Sheridan Coal is burned. Especially
jood results are obtained where a long
itretch of pipe is necessary. Pipes never
jet clogged with soot and never need
leaning when Sheridan Coal is used. In
mef , use SHERIDAN COAL. For sale
jy W. C. BULLARD & Co. $4-5 ° a ton.
Mr. Baker and wife drove over from
3artley , Friday eveuing Rev. R. H.
Chrysler was returned for another year
.0 this point and Wilsonville School
11 district 26 closed two days for the
harvest Home Church services have
jeen changed to the afternoon j. . .We
earn that L.J. Shippee has rented some
jottom land to farm uext year. . . .J. C.
Moore and wife celebrated the 10th an-
riversarj' of their marriage the 5th inst.
rhey invited all their friends to come
igain 15 years hence.
McCook Markets.
Corrected Fridav morniue. .
Corn $ .iS
Wheat 64
Oats ! I2 > 4
Rye 29
Barley iS
Hogs 3.25
Potatoes 50
Eggs : . I2 >
Butter 15 @ .20
To a Large Audience.
The Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. had a full
tent to hear them in our city , last Friday
evening , despite the cold weather , and
carried away a nice penny for their prof
its. The company lacks a deal of being
strong , aud in some respects is not even
interesting , notwithstanding the peren
nial popularity of Uncle Tom.
For Sale or Trade.
A lady's and a gentleman's wheel. In
quire of L. W. MCCONNELL.
"The frost is on the pumpkin ,
The fodder is in the shock" ,
So now give your orders in
Before we are out of stock.
I. T. Benjamin.
The Episcopal people are engaged in
raising the funds with which to repair
their parsonage. They contemplate
painting and otherwise making the resi
dence appear to better advantage ; and
hope to secure a tenant in due time.
An alleged mesmerist and his mate
made an attempt to do the , town , first of
the week , without much success.
One of Harry Barbazett's children , his
little girl , is down with the scarlet fever.
WMBBBB BB B k MBBBIBBi3BiMM&Szg . ? pr'gsTg
German Methodist Regular ser
vices at 9 o'clock , every Sunday morn
ing , in the South McCook Methodist
church ; services in German.
Rev. M.Herrmann.
Catholic Mass at 8 o'clock a. m.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 : , a. m. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 : p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
Rev. J. W. Hickey , Pastor.
. Episcopal Morning service at 11:00. :
Evening service at 8:00. : Sunday school
at 10:00 : a. m. Evensong on Wednesdays
at.8 p. m. A. F. Morgan ,
Geueral Missionary.
R. A. Russell , Assistant.
Christian Services every alternate
Sunday , commencing with the first Sun
day in May at 11 and 7:30 : o'clock in
McConnell hall. Sunday school every
Sunday at 10 o'clock.
Elder C. P. Evans , Pastor.
Congregational There will be reg
ular services Sunday , both morning an'd
evening , at the Congregational church.
Rev. F. G. Appleton of Vermont will
preach. Usual Sunday-school , Endeavor
and Prayer-meeting.
Baptist Bible school at 10. Preach
ing at 11 ; subject , Influence of the Indi
vidual. Young Peoples' meeting at 7.
Evening service at 8 ; Christ Curing the
Palsied Man. A cordial welcome to all.
G. W. Sheafor , Pastor.
Methodist Sunday school at 10.
Preaching at 11 ; subject , A Nineteenth
Century Christian. Class at 12. Junior
League at 2:30. : Epworth League at 7.
Preaching at 8 ; subject , A Refuge Castle.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8.
All are welcome.
J. A. Badcon , Pastor.
Pay Your Delinquency.
In view of the better times , and higher
prices for grain etc. , the publisher ex
pects those indebted to The Tribune
for subscription to make good their de
linquencies at once. During the con
tinued hard times and failures no effort
was made to force the collection of sub
scription accounts , but now that the con
ditions have changed greatly for the bet- ,
tec it is expected that these delinquencies
will be promptly paid up. Statements
will be sent out to all in arrears and with
the expectation that all will appreciate
our past indulgence and respond at once.
The Publisher.
Scarlet Fever.
Scarlet fever in a mild form is prevail-
initp { quite an extent in , the city and
surrounding country. Fortunately llis
disease is of a verv mild form. The citv
authorities , together with the members
of the board of education , are taking all
precautions possible against the spread
of the disease , and in this they should
have the prompt and thorough coopera
tion of the citizens , for in no other way
can the disease be held within bounds
and controlled. A careful response
should be given to every reasonable re
quirement of the health officers.
Ask for Decorations.
The committee in charge of the com
ing Bryan demonstration are very desir
ous that an effort be made by the people
of the city in the line of decoration for
the event , which they claim has more
than a local signification , when the na
tional reputation of the speaker aud the
large number of expected visitors are
Notice to Debtors.
Having decided to leave McCook about
November 1st , all parties indebted to
me are requested to call promptly and
settle their accounts. All accounts not
settled by October iSth will be placed in
judgment. Z. 'L. Kay.
Rooms to Rent.
Two furnished front rooms. Inquire of
Mrs. C. T. Brewer.
The meeting of the Star of Jupiter.last
Monday evening , was well attended and
a large amount of work was disposed of.
This institution is growing rapidly and
coming to the front in good shaee. It
has bad only two deaths in three years ,
which is a remarkably low death rate.
These death losses also have Been paid
promptly in each instance.
Prof. House of Crete , a reader , singer
and elocutionist of ability , will appear
at the Methodist church , Monday even
ing , October 25th , under auspices of the
Epworth League. The price of admis
sion is 25 cents. The Professor is said
give a splendid entertainment.
The s ocial by the Ladies' Guild of the
Episcopal church , last evening , in the
Phillips store room , was accorded a fair
patronage. The musical program was
enjoyable and of some merit.
Homer House of the Adelphian and
Wesleyau Quartets will be at the Metho
dist church , October 25th. Mr. House
as vocalist , story-teller and dramatic im
personator is equaled by few.
The oyster social by the gentlemen of
the Congregational church , Tuesday
evening , in the church , was not largely
patronized for reasons over which the
gentlemen had no control.
An effort is being made by the local A.
P. A. for a date and place for Rev. T. M.
C. Birmingsham to preach on "National
Prosperity Through Christ. "
Estrays Three spring calves , to
W. M. Irwin's farm north of McCook.
Owner can have same by proving prop
erty and paying expenses.
Danbury claims to have already paid
out about fifty thousand dollars for
wheat , this season , and the season is
but well started.
Extra Agent Hall succeeds Arthur
Wood in the freight office.
* | M S258 * SNe l JK - • - - - i ' * f • w-5f * &ra& w ? sft < - ' , * & & & lSml &
The lantern class was somewhat poorly
attended , last Friday evening , owing to
the greater drawing features of the Uncle
Tom's Cabin company.
Mr. Cressman of the Doane college
faculty will talk at the lantern class , this
evening , in tlie interests of the above-
named college. '
The attendance in some grades has
been greatly effected by the presence of
scarlet fever in the city. A half dozen
or more pupils are among the ill with
the disease.
The school board was in session with
tlfe city council , Tuesday afternoon , over
the scarlet fever outbreak. ' But it was
not deemed necessary or advisable to
close the schools at this time.
An Acknowledgment.
Alma , Neb. , Oct. 9th. 1897. Supreme
Qfficers of the Star of Jupiter , McCook ,
Neb. Gentlemen : This is to certify that
I have todav received payment of certifi
cate No. 836 for one thousand dollars
held by my late husbagd. Edward C.
Putman , in The Star of Jupiter. I wish
to extend my appreciation of the prompt
payment and generous treatment afford
ed me by the order and to recommend
the institution to any one desiring to
provide for the future at a very reasona
ble expense in a safe and well conducted
fraternal beneficiary society. Signed ,
Mrs. E. C Putman.
Quietly Passed Away.
Mrs. Keeling Berry , aged 75 years , af
ter an illness of seven weeks , quietly
passed away on Wednesday night. The
remains were taken to Virginia , Illinois ,
for burial , on 2 , Friday morning , being
accompanied by Mr. L. W. McConnell
of our city , and her daughter , Mrs. D.H.
Plunimer of Springfield , Illinois. Brief
services were conducted at the residence ,
Thursday evening , at seven o'clock. At
request of the departed final services will
be held in the old home church in Vir
ginia , Illinois.
J. M. Sundean of our city and Hilma
Lindberg of Axtell were married in the
Swedish Lutheran church , Axtell , Wed
nesday eveuiufi at 6:30. : They will arrive
in the city tonight and for the present
will board with Mrs. F. C. Brainerd.
Mr. Sundean is a trusted employe of Mr.
J. F. Ganschow and his bride is a young
lady highly spoken of by all who know
her. May their wedded life be happy
and prosperous.
Is Too Sick.
James Carmichael , the Populist nomi
nee for county commissioner- the Second
end district , is sick and in Iowa seekine
health. He has requested that his place
on the county ticket be filled , and the
central committee will meet in Indianola
tomorrow for that purpose. Dick Hatch
er , John Bloomfield or S. E. Hager are
mentioned as the probable successor.
Estray Notice.
Came to the S. M. Cochran farm , two
miles northwest of McCook , Wednesday
night of last week , four young mules , a
black , a gray , a sorrel , and two bay
horses. Owner can have animals b\-
proving property and paying charges.
Jacob Fichtner.
Look for a Large Crowd.
The managers of the coming Bryan
meeting expect a large crowd for Satur
day , October 23. Word from Frontier
county states that there will be 300 wag
ons in line from that county , headed by
the Curtis band of 16 pieces.
The symptoms are : coldsticky sweats ,
tired-out feelings , chilly feelings alter
nating with hot flashes , coated tongue ,
bad breath , dizzy head and dull head
ache , loss of appetite , heavy , unrefresh-
ing sleep , ringing in the ears , brown
moving specks before the eyes. Of course
no one has all these symptous at once ,
but they will come , one after the other ,
making the victim hideously miserable.
The remedy is Pe-ru-na. This remedy
quickly restores the appetite , when new
blood is made , strength returns , refresh
ing sleep , new courage and good nature
come back , one by one. Life is worth
living again.
Send for free book on malaria , written
by Dr. Hartman. Address The Pe-ru-na
Drug Manufacturing Co. , Columbus , O.
North Star Chapter.
A number of McCook Epworthians
drove out to North Star school house ,
Tuesday evening , where they organized
a new Chapter of the Epworth League.
They were assisted by the M. E. pastor
and a number of Epworthians from In
dianola Chapter. The officers elected
were : president , Mrs. A. S. Rogers ; 1st
vice president , Miss Bessie Endsley ; 2d
vice-president , Mrs. Sarah Endsley ; 3rd
vice-president , J. Warfield4th ; vice-pres
ident , Jas. Carter ; secretary , Miss Josie
Proctor ; treasurer , C. Proctor. These
were duly installed by Rev. W. J. Crago ,
with tuauy kind suggestions and words
of encouragement. We bespeak for this
Chapter a successful career , and its in
fluence for good will be felt by all who
come within its range of work.
School supplies at McConnell's.
3 cakes Juvenile soap 40c. at McCon
The best line box papers and tablets
in the city at McConnell's.
Edward Fitzgerald-has purchased the
Hart dwelling on North Marshall street
now occupied by M. A. Spalding. Con
sideration , $1,200.
About half past ten o'clock , last night ,
during the prevalence of a very high
wind , afire alarm was turned in * by the
crossing of the electric wires and the fire
alarm line. The people turned out in
large numbers , but all drew a sigh of re
lief when it became known that the alarm
was a false one.
School supplies at McConnell's.
Hammocks at McMillen's drug store. .
Machine oil , 25c. per gallon , atMcMil-
len's drug store.
Machine oil , 25c. per gallon , atMcMil-
You can get a good ink tablet lor 5c.
and ioc. at McConnell's.
The best line box papers and tablets
in the city at McConnell's.
Regular 75c. value in gents' laundered
shirts now 50c. at the Bee Hive.
They are taking an account of stock
at the Pioneer hardware store.
A new sidewalk in front of the Meek-
er-Pliillips building , this week.
A guaranteed buggy for a cheap-john
° "Kgy price at S. M. Cockran & Co. 's
We are still selling granite-ware at 50
per cent under the old liner , ' at the Bee
Be in the swim. Buy one of those
wonderful Vive Cameras from II. P.
• We will save you money on razors ,
clippers , shears and cutlery of all kinds
at the Bee Hive. ' •
H. M. Boydston of Nebraska City is
the new grand chancellor commander of-
Nebraska Pythians.
Next week The Tribune will have
the necessary space in which to give the
usual amount of news.
The Christian Endeavorers will serve
dinner and supper , October 23rd , of
which particulars later.
Strictly pure spices at the Bee Hive
for the same price you are paying for
common trash elsewhere.
10 dozen No. 2 parlor brooms would be
good value at 20c. each ; will close them
at 2 for 25c. at the Bee Hive.
About fifteen thousand dollars more
taxes were collected in 1897 up to Octo
ber first than in a similar period in 1896.
Mrs. C. T. Brewer will take orders for
Pastel and Oil Paintings ; also Embroid
ery and Stamping. Orders for Christ
mas solicited.
The Dorcas'society of the Congrega
tional church will hold their annual
fair in the Menard opera house , Novem
ber 12th and 13th.
Dr. S. C. Beach has , iven up his In
dianola dates in order to devote his en
tire time to his growing practice in Mc
Cook and vicinit } ' .
Don't think of buying a carriage , bug
gy or any other vehicle until you have
seen the stock at S. M. Cochran & Co. 's
store and gotten their prices.
The Building Association has some
good houses which can be bpught at low
prices and on easy payments. See the
Secretary at First National Bank.
S. M. Cochran & Co. will have the
largest line of carriages and buggies ever
exhibited in McCook. And they will
sell them at prices never equaled in this
city. ,
Do you want to rent or buy a house ?
The Building Association has several
good'houses to rent or sell. Inquire of
F. A. Pennell , Sec'y , at First National
J.E. Kelley has received from the J. B.
McFarland Co. a consignment of buggies
a carload for immediate sale. See
him before buying. He will save you
J. E. Kelley has a carload of buggies
that must be sold at once. This means
unprecedented bargains for all wanting
a buggy. See him and get figures. They
talk for themselves.
You want to hear "There's a Hot
Time in the Old Town Tonight" as play
ed by the Brigade band. A cylinder was
made during the band's stay in Denver ,
and Wilcox & Son's phonograph plays it
"outofsteht. "
Everyone desires to keep informed on
Yukon , the Klondyke and Alaskan gold
fields. Send ioc. for large Compendium
of vast information and big color map to
Plauiilton Pub.Co. , Indianapolis , Ind. 6t
We will pay a salary of $10 per week
for man with rig to introduce Perfection
Poultry Mixture in the country , the
greatest egg producer on earth. Ref. re
quired. Address with s amp. Perfec
tion Mfg. Co. , Parsons , Kansas.
Robert C. Walker has been appointed
fourth class postmaster at Thornburg ,
Hayes county , vice J. M. McAleese , the
Cactus King , removed and soon to be
tried in Federal court at Lincoln for us
ing canceled stamps in his business.
Solomon truly said , "There is nothing
new under the sun" ; and there seems to
be expanding ground for the statement.
Two thousand years ago the penny-in-
the-slot machine was as efficacious in
bringing the thirsty a drink as the mod
ern machine is in producing a stick of
chewing gun.
F. D. Burgess' horse became frightened
at the tearing down of the Uncle Tom's
Cabin bill-boards , Saturday afternoon ,
and ran away with Master George , who
was the only occupant of the buggy. A
pair of badly demolished thills , a slight
ly injured horse , and a frightened lad ,
were the net results. 1
S. M. Cochran ik. Co. are neadquarters
for carriages , buggies , carts , and in fact ,
for all sorts of vehicles. They will make •
you prices that nobody can beat for firstv
class , reliable goods. Don't buy until 1
you have seen them and heard their 1
gentle racket on prices. Standard goods t
at rock-bottom prices.
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