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    mm - , * - H
IS 4 m
_ _ F > _ § i ' * |
El ' 1
K 8L/ Enforce the Came Law !
_ Bf _ K The difficulty in enforcing the game laws ir ,
A the past , has been the expense of arresting ,
bV. * * v orosecuting and bringing to trial the offenders
_ _ _ M F Under the provisions of the law , as amended
m VJ ? by the last legislature , farmers and others whc
B K * f * mve uccn pestered with trespassers , claiming
A ? { to be sportsmen , can secure their rights and
K W / jprotect game and insectivorous birds , without
l one-half of their year's earnings
_ f _ ( waving to pay -
Kw l n lawyers fees and costs.
M # ' It is unlawful to kill song and insectivorous
bt w\ \irds excepting on the land of l he owner , ll
H g _ k i is unlawful to kill or have in possession any
B jfril quail , between the first day of January and the
_ _ | fcfl \ iirst day of November. It is unlawful for any
H h j \ person to go upon the land of another for the
_ _ _ ( ' _ _ { purpose of hunting , without first ' procuring
H H ' the owner's or occupier's consent. 'I his doing
_ _ L- _ I/ away with putting up notices of warning to
_ _ R \ \ hunters.
K > ? I The penally for any violation of the game
Hfc' r 3aw is a fine of from live to one hundred dol-
_ _
H _ k 1 ' ij rs , one-half of the fine collected going to the
Hw * informer.
H U Especial attention is called to the following :
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ " prosecution in.iv be brought by any * > crt-on in
Bflnx the name of the Suite of Nebraska , against any
HV r N / JviT'iy 'or parties violating any of the provisions of
_ _ _ Y ' i ! > act , before any justice of the peace or county
_ > J"dfe of the county in which such violation is
_ _ _ _ * ; ' cluujjcd to have taken place , or before any court of
_ _ BbP > T7 competent jurisdiction ; and it is made the duty of
f. . .ill-countv attornejs in this state to see Uiat the pro-
H , v&ionso * f this act are enforced in. their respective
I counties , and they shall prosecute all offenders on
H jy „ • receiving * information of the violation of any of the
_ _ & \ v * I ipw-iisions of this act : and it is made the duty of all
Ht " "A ' sheriffs , deputy sheriffs , constables and police ofli-
B o 'Cer.s , in inform against and prosecute each and
_ _ PlC . ev sy part } ' or parties , person or persons , whom
H V f ' Jtbfti is reasonable or probable cause to belic\ are
M Lf uilting of violating any of the provisions of this
M * act. Any county attorney , sheriff , deputy sheriff ,
M C * constable or police officer , who shall fail , neglect
H V t . or refuse to discharge the said duties hereby im-
H f l posed on such officersrespectively , shall be deemed
w \ ( guilty of a misdeamor , and on conviction be fined
H f ' not less than twenty-five dollars , nor more than
H f tonx'-hundred dollars , for each offence. " Sec. q6f ,
_ B _ ; \ . E > aj e " ST7 , Compiled Statutes of Nebraska for 1S97.
Hp \ Under the provisions of this section , all any
_ Hig person has to do , if he does not wish to pros-
_ H\ / ecute in his own name , is to inform the sheriff
B \ or nearest constable of the violation , and it is
H | Y ne duty ° suca ° fficer to inform against the
Hk • See that no one hunts on your land without
HI \ your consent. See that no song or insectivor-
Hf 1 ous birds are killed at any time of the year.
BL J See tliat no game birds are killed out of sea-
/ son. See that no quail is killed between the
H m f UrU oJ January and the first of November. See
Bff \ hat no game birds arc shipped out of the
Hk * state by the railroad company.
K , The game laws now in force will be found
HL ff on pages 1344 to 1350 , Compiled Statutes of
A I Nebraska , tor 1897 , and in the Session Laws
K\ \ of Nebraska for 1S97 , on pages 3S0 to 3S6.
m ' \ 3t is especially made the duty of the county
B m \ 'attorney to prosecute violators of the game
& m ) law. Therefore it is only necessary to lay the
HI 5 offense before the county attorney , and he
| _ r must draw all the necessary papers and pros-
Htt * _ ecute the case , or if you do not desire to sign
H inform the nearest constable or
] _ , j _ \ the complaint ,
HftS-jf sheriff of the violation of the law , and it will
HLif J be his duty to make complaint and see that
H * § t She offender is prosecuted.
B -S The Red Willow County Fish and Game
HV ? Association will furnish attorneys to prosecute ,
H& I impeach and remove from office , any county
Hf \ i attorney , sheriff or constable , in the Fourteenth
B r * Judicial District , who refuses to perform his
_ _ L | x duties under this act. Dated Sept. 2SU1,1S97.
H < JiED Willow Co. Fish and Game Ass'n.
HR f An Artistic Display.
H ji \ The lovely and artistic array of niil-
Rj $ > "linery goods to be seen in the establish-
H * uient of Mrs. M. E. Barger cannot be
V I -excelled in this part of the state. Such
BK \ is the verdict of niany of the customers
H | tf of Mrs. Barger on beholding the beauti-
Hf ful and stj'lish hats , caps and bonnets
H * now displayed at her place of business.
H , S -Mrs. Barger has been in the business
P ? tiearly forty years and understands how
K N and when to buy , keeping up with the
Hk- } latest styles and selling at prices that
H ( astonish the public.
K f Great praise is due the Misses Mont-
v v gomery and Barger. for their taste shown
Hk in the display made at the opening.
m 1 Mrs. Barger is also doing first-class
K , saress-making ; cuts and fits for outside
Hi % parties without it being necessary to go
Hc < through the usual , tiresome fitting. Best
P \ of help employed in this department.
H | % Baptist Bible School Rally.
H \ The third annual rally of the Baptist
KA I "Bible school , Sunday morning , was , in
Kf' J point of attendance , the most successful
l | \ ever held. It was a fitting prelude to the
p , s year's work before the school , which ,
, \ commencing next Sunday , will take up
WL \ in all departments the Bible Union les-
Wt * sons on the life of Christ. All scholars
H | and others desiring to take up this study
Hj 4- -should be present next Sunday morning
WL \ at 10 o'clock. Handsome souvenir pro-
Hp J grams of the commencement of the
HL i school year will be given at the door. A
V i cordial welcome to all.
HT V A A Splendid Showing.
- "Red Willow county made a splendid
1 f showing at the state fair " and carried off
ft 3 a number of prizes : First premium in
H | [ Red Spring wheat ; this weighed 63) .
W \ pounds to the bushel and was raised by
1 y James Doyle of the Willow ; also second
W y premium in White Spring wheat. In
_ \t corn the premiums were taken for best
V corn , best collection and greatest variety ;
m \ there were _ S varieties. Much of the
W V artistic effect of arrangement is due teA
A f Messrs. Hogan and Starr.
W f Annual Fall Openings.
L \ The millinery establishments of Misses
V f Stover & Burgess , Mrs. M. E. Barger and
I \ the Lowmans held their annual openings
I j of fall and winter goods , last Friday and
4 Saturday * There was the customary ,
t a large attendance and lively interest , and
a charming display in each establishment
> * S * " of the latest creations of the millinery
i 1 \ art , with quite encouraging opening
} sales.
$ J Their Third Annual.
r i The Christian Endeavor societ3T cele-
' . . f brated its third anniversary , Sunday
S \ J evening last , with a special program of
i\ \ interest and profit. The society has ac-
tp * g coniplished creditable things in the year
_ \ past and promises greater Jesuits in the
4 w
Fg5 , X future. The Epworth League joined in
F * m the service.
V Cattle for Sale.
( % 48 head of yearlings and. 2-year old
/ B heifers for sale. Inquire of
\ M. C. Maxwell , McCook , Neb.
, For Sale or Trade.
jt A lady's and a gentleman's wheel. In-
1 C quire of L. W. McConnell.
1 \ * ' *
* *
_ _ _ _ 1' , \ - 1 x x . * _ * . . .
James Sert of Holdrege has charge o
the Wauneta gravel pit.
C. B. Kithcart of Wilsonville wil
be a resident of our city.
L. R. HlLEMAN had business in tin
state capital , Tuesday.
Chris. Faber has returned from St
Joe , Missouri , to remain.
Mr. Rider of Fairbury , father of Mrs
Lou Ilurlburt , is in the city.
Miss Annie Gibbons was a Lindel
hotel guest , Lincoln , Tuesday.
Miss Ona Simons returned from ho
Iowa home visit , Saturday night.
Dr. W. A. DeMay of Danbury wai
over Wednesday of court week.
Mrs. Boyd of Omaha is in the citj
visiting her sister , Mrs. H. P. Sutton.
Isaac Meyers of Wilsonville hac
business in our city , close of last week
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Meeker re
turned , Sunday night , from the .state
W. F. Esher is in St. Joe , Mo. , thi :
week , investigating the faith cure gen
Dr. Walter Rowland of Cedai
Bluffs , Kansas , was here on business ,
Rev. R. A. Russell is in Omaha on
a two weeks' vacation , guest of W. S.
Mabel Kendall of Colorado Springs
is visitiug Darius Kendall and wife , hei
P. Walsh returned , Sunday night ,
from a business trip to Kansas City and
Kansas points.
W. V. Vickrey and I. W. Stevens
and son of Bartley were among our couri
week visitors.
Mrs. Holman of Michigan City , Ind. ,
is visiting in the city , guest of Mrs. C.
A. Dixon , her niece.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. BrinTON are en
tertaining a daughter who is here from
Iowa on a short visit.
B. F. Brewer was up from Deweese ,
Mondaj * . J. M. Maun of Indianola was
also a visitor on that date.
Mrs. Lyman Miller returned , Tues
day night , from her five weeks' visit in
DeWitt , DeWitt county , Illinois.
Mrs. W. S. Morlan entertained a
few friends , Saturday evening , in honoi
of Mrs. C. L. DeGro ff of Nebraska City.
Mrs. E. H. Doan is entertaining hei
sister , Mrs. English of Waterloo , Iowa ,
who arrived in the city on last Friday
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. DeGroff were
up from Nebraska City , Saturday and
Sunday , in - a dual business-social ca
LESLIE Clark arrived home , Satur
day , from an absence of a few months in
the east.
Mrs. Minnie Stoddard of Vestal ,
N. Y. , is here on business and to visit
Mrs. C. W. Bronson and Miss Nellie
Brown went dbwn to Oxford , Sunday
evening , to meet the Miller-Smith wed
ding party.
J. W. Johnson of Lincoln , the famous
writer of the "Joe Johnson" letters ,
spent Wednesdaj' in the city , on matters
presumably political.
Henry Walker returned from In
dianola , Saturday , after a five weeks'
absence. Wednesday , he drove over to
Stockville on business.
Miss Nell Fisher came down from
Wauneta , Tuesday evening , on her way
to Hastings. She was the guest of Mrs.
J. V. Line between trains.
J. P. A. Black of Bloomington and
M. A. Hartigan of Hastings .were among
the out-of-town lawyers in attendance
upon district court , this week.
Mrs. S. J. Best started on No. 2 ,
Monday , for Chillicothe , Missouri , to
visit sisters and brothers that she has
not seen for about fifteen years.
Mrs F. A. PENNELL , who has been
visiting her parents in Lincoln for a num
ber of weeks , returned home , Sunday
night , with her husband , who was on
his way home from the state fair.
August Droll left on Sunday morn
ing for Springfield , Illinois. He will be
in charge of a fine Red W7illow county
agricultural exhibit gathered and placed
on exhibition by William Coleman.
Mesdames Sylvester Cordeal ,
Frank Harris , David Magner and H. G.
Borneman were in Culbertson , last Fri-
da3' night , and assisted in the installa
tion of the officers of the Order of the
Eastern Star , returning home the same
Rev. Hart L. Preston , who for the
past four years has been pastor of the
Congregational church of our city , de
parted , this morning , for Sioux City ,
Iowa , where he will be located for the
present. With him go the well-wishes
of this community.
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Campbell , Mr.
and Mrs. Mehaffey and Rev. H. L. Pres
ton went up to Denver , Monday night.
They contemplate a visit over the Loop
and elsewhere. Rev. Preston returned
Wednesday morning , the remainder of
the party staying until Friday evening.
License was issued to Mitchell Young
and Mrs. Almeda B. Wood , both of Danbury -
bury , Wednesday ; and in the evening of
the same day , in the St. Charles hotel
parlor , the county judge united them in
marriage , a few friends witnessing the
brief , simple ceremony.
Mrs. Lottie Brewer has been granted
letters of guardianship for her minor
John Condon expects shortly to bloom
out with a new dray , purchased by him
recently in Omaha , while Tie and Miss
Mamie were taking in the state fair. He
bloomed this morning , all resplendent in
red , white and gold.
A. P. Ely is keeping time for Road-
master Hagberg's ballasting gang.
' ' " " - -a-tU- ,
• " ' ' ' ? - - - - 1
Mrs. S. L. Moench went down to Oi
leans , Sunday.
C J. Hill is a new switchman in th
McCook yard.
Train-master J. F. Kenyon was a Lin
coin visitor , Tuesday.
Chief Engineer Holmes Blair returnei
to Lincoln , Monday night.
Switchman C. P. Ball has returned l <
work in the yard at Akron.
Brakeman M. C. Wayson spent Sun
day with the family at Ives.
Sickness kept Steve Finn off of hi
run a few days , first of the week.
The office boys have been very bus ]
with the pay rolls , the past week.
Harry Dixon and William Woods an
riding on the right side of their cabs now
Brakeman E. F. Caffery and wife an
visiting in Stamford a few days this week
Conductor Mundy went to work 01
Monday after a sickness of over tw <
Ed Cann has been promoted to th <
honor and emoluments of extra dis
Two sections are not uncommon for 7 ;
now , and some times there are three
"No. 2 caught the section car At Hoi
brook , last week , and made kindling
wood of it.
Harry Conoveraud wife of Red Clouc
spent Saturday-Monday here visiting
former friends.
Engineer Geo. R. Johnson also was 1
guest at the Miller-Smith nuptials , Sun
day , in Lincoln.
Festival of Mountain and Plain a !
Denver , next week. Half rates via th <
Burlington Route.
The gravel trains are on , but notdoing
full service on account of lack of mei
and shortage of flat cars.
Henry Maxon of Minden .has beei
given a position in the telegraph service ,
He has been helper at Minden.
E. 0. Brandt' was out from Omaha
Wednesday , checking up the receiver
etc. Stayner was all of one red cem
Extra Brakemen F.L- Hayes and C.V
Kerr are down on the Hastings-Oberlir
run a few days relieving Brakemen C. L
Olmstead and Neal Beeler.
The Republican City Democrat kick ;
because the Hastiugs-Oberlin boys an
making more money than the boys or
the Republican City-St. Francis run.
Festival of Mountain and Plain , Den
ver , Oct. 5 to 7. Most beautiful , origina
and interesting of all autumnal celebra
tions. Half rates via the Burlingtor
Route. See ticket agent.
Call at the Burlington depot and get 1
copy of the "Festival Excursionist. " Il
tells all about Denver's Festival of Moun
tain and Plain , Oct. 5 to 7. Half rate ;
via the Burlington Route.
Charles McManes of Clinton , Iowa
visited his mother , Mrs. E. H. Doan
first of the week , returning home or
Tuesday night. He spent Sunday it
Denver. He is an engineer on the North
The company is putting in large pass
ing tracks at Minden , Heartwell anc
Funk. They were needed and will be
helpful in getting trains over the road
these busy times.
Engineer J. E. Sanborn arrived home ,
Wednesday evenning. He states that
Mrs. Sanborn was very low with an at
tack of peritonitis , but is recovering and
if nothing new arises in her condition
she will be home in about two weeks.
A Sad Death.
In the burning of John Fitzgerald ,
Tuesday evening , McCook has her second
loss of life in a fire. About half past
seven o'clock the residence of Edward
Fitzgerald of South McCook was discov
ered to be on fire , but by the time help
arrived from the immediate neighbors
even it was impossible to enter the build
ing , which became a mass of flames in a
twinkling and was quickly reduced to
ashes together with practically the en
tire contents. The stable which stood
just east of the house was also burned.
Mr. Fitzgerald was away from the
town on business ac the farm near Leba
non , and Mrs. Fitzgerald and the chil
dren were at her sister's , Mrs. Peter
Carty's , near by , so no one was in the
house but the aged grandfather , who was
very old and infirm , and who had been
ailing for some time to the point of help
lessness. A lamp had been lighted for
him ; but whether it exploded or was in
some way overturned will never be
known : Only the sad and deplorable fact
that the old man was a victim of the
cruel flames. The very meager remains
were recovered at about midnight and
taken to Pade's undertaking establish
ment for preparation for burial.
The house and contents were insured
for $1,000.
In addition to the loss of house and
furniture , Mr. Fitzgerald had about $100
in cash , ( derived from a recent sale of
wheat , ) which was also consumed.
The deceased's age is not definitely
known , but he is supposed to have been
in the nineties. The funeral was held in
St. Patrick's church at three o'clock on
Thursday ' afternoon , services being con
ducted by Rev. J.W. Hickey , after which
the remains were interred in Calvary
[ John Fitzgerald was a native of
the County Galway , Ireland , and was
past 90 years of age at the time of his
tragic death. At the age of 25 years he
was united in marriage with Catherine
Gibbons of Detroit , Michigan. Of this
union twelve children were born , ten of
them are living at this time. But two
live in this country , Mr. Edward Fitz
gerald and Mrs. James Farrell of our
city , Canada being the home of the re
mainder of the family. ]
The bereaved ones have the deep sym
pathy of all , especially in view of the
sad and tragic circumstances of the death.
School supplies at McConnell's.
Congregational No preaching ser
vice morning or evening. Sunday-schoo
at ten a. m. Endeavor at 7 p. in. Pray
er-nieeting on Wednesday night.
German Methodist Regular ser
vices at 9 o'clock , every Sunday morn
ing , , in the South McCook Methodis
church ; services in German.
Rev. M. Herrmann.
Catholic Mass at S o'clock a. m
High mass and sermon at 10:30 : , a. in.
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m ,
All are. cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. Hickey , Pastor. . : .
Sunrise Meeting. Union prayei
meeting at the Methodist chuich , nexl
Sunday at 6 o'clock a. m. Subject ,
Steadfastness. 1 Cor. 16:13. Mrs.C. O.
LeHew , leader. All invited.
Baptist Bible school at 10. Preach
ing at 11. Young Peoples' meeting at 7.
Preaching at S , continuing the sermons
on the miracles. A welcome to all.
Geo. W. Sheafor , Pastor.
Episcopal Morning service at 11:00. :
Evening service at 8:00. Sunday school
at iboo a. m. Evensong on Wednesdays
at 8 p. m. ; A. F. Morgan ,
* . General Missionary.
R. A. Russeli..Assistant. •
Christian Seryices every alternate
Sunday , commencing with the first Sun
day in May at 11 and 7:30 : o'clock in
McConnell hall. Sunday school every
Sunday at 10 o'clock.
Elder C. P. Evans , Pastor.
J EThodist Sunday school at 10.
Preaching at 11 ; subject , The Ideal Chris
tian Man. Class at 12. Junior League
at 2:30. : Epworth League at 7. Preach
ing at 8 ; subject , Carnal Conceptions of
Greatness. The first service for this con-
fert'nee year for the new pastor. All are
welcome. J. A. BADCON , Pastor.
Supreme Lodpre Reorganized.
Ihe reorganization of the Supreme
Lodge and Board of Directors of the Or
der of the Star of Jupiter is announced ,
this week. The present Supreme Officers
are : James W. Hupp , President ; John
B. Meserve , Vice President ; Hugh W.
ColeSecretary ; Erank Harris , Treasurer.
Boprd of Directors is now composed as
follows : W. S. Morjau , J. B. Meserve ,
George Hocknell , J. W. Hupp , H. W.
Cole , William Simpson , Frank Harris.
It is not necessary for us to state that
thip.reorganization , this infusion of new
blood into the official life and directory
of the Star of Jupiter means large and
important things for the order , means
the rapid growth of the order in mem
bership and its early establishment
amqug the leading mutual , benevolent
life insurance companies in the west. It
is the definite policy of the new manage
ment to put more organizers in the field
and to make an active and thorough can
vass in the interest of the order , which
has , all agree , one of the best and most
equitable plans and a future of usefulness
and success. We wish to congratulate
all concerned in the very encouraging
turn in the affairs of the order.
Secretary GagtS.
Lyman J. Gage , secretary of the Unit
ed States treasury , and wife , were eastbound -
bound passengers , Monday morning on
2. They occupied a state-room on the
Pullman Faina. In conversation with a
Lincoln Journal reporter the secretar } '
among other things said : • 'Well I did
not get to see a great deal of this state.
At McCook I was met by an editor who
recognized me. I thought I would slip
through without being discovered , but it
was not to be so. I learned from him
that the corn in that section was slightly
damaged. The section of the state
thioygh which we passed , however , ap
pears , to look well and from the activity
manifested I should judge that it is a
good year for farmers" .
Farewell Serenade.
The uniform rankKnights of Pythias ,
brigade band of McCook , serenaded the
World-Herald , yesterday afternoon , be
fore returning home. The playing of the
band in the grand stand at the state fair
races and during the Ak-Sar-Ben parades
and coronation ball confirmed the good
impression formed of it during the pre
vious state fairs and carnivals. It has
become familiar to and very popular
with Omaha people , so much so that it
is no longer looked upon as a staanger
to the city. Omaha World-Herald.
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock , Con
ductor Harvey H. Miller of our city and
Miss Maud Smith of Lincoln were made
husband and wife , Rev. Stein performing
the. ceremony , at the home of the bride's
parents , Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Smith , in the
presence of the near relatives of the con
tracting parties. A wedding dinner was
served after the ceremony. The young
couple arrived in our city on 3 , the same
night , and have taken apartments at the
Commercial hotel. The Tribune joins
in wishing these estimable young people
a prosperous and happy married life.
The many friends of Rev. Badcon will
learn with pleasure of his return to this
charge for another year.
Arrangements were well under way tote
to send the Jeffries boys to the reform
school at Kearney , but the mother , who
is still very ill , objected and the matter
unfortunatety had to be dropped.
It is unofficially announced that an
Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. will play here in
the near future. It is stated that there
are 45 people in the company , which
plays in a tent that will seat 3,500 people.
While a large acreage of small grain
will doubtless be sown in Red Willow ,
this fall and next spring , our farmers
should not lose sight of the necessity
and desirability of planting a diversity
of crops. Don't put all your eggs in one
basket when you go to market.
- - - . SHsB - _ _ _ _
Miss Ona Simons will befiiuherschoo
on Ash creek , next Monday.
G. H. Thomas , assistant high schoo
teacher , spent Saturday and Sunday ii
Lincoln and his home in Harvard.
The 12th grade had charge of the Ian
tern class , Friday evening last , and gavt
a creditable-program with some outside
A teqnis club was organized by some
of the assembly room pupils , first of the
week. Officers were chosen and a con
stitution drawn up and adopted.
Mrs. A. P. Bonnet will be the vocal
teacher in the schools , using the opening
hour four times a week in which to give
her lessons. This sh6uld be a welcome
innovation , and we expect desirable re
The Coming Insurance Order.
The regular meeting of the Star of Ju
piter , last Monday evening , was well at
tended , and a great deal of interest man
ifested. Several new applications were
received and the order continues to grow
and flourish. The reorganization of the
board of directors of the Supreme Lodge
was announced and was well received bv
the members present. The society is
entering upon a season of greater work
and.activity. There are several organi
zers now in the field and more being en
gaged for the work , the intention being
to extend the membership in the imme
diate future throughout the central west
ern states which comprise the healthiest
portion of the United States. The order
being comparatively new and the mem
bership confined to the most healthy lo
calities explain the extremely low death
rate , which enables its members to carry
their insurance at a veo * small expense.
The society invites examination.
Sale of Recorded Poland Chinas.
Frank Davis , proprietor of tlie famous
Maple Grove herd of Recorded Poland
Chinas , announces his third annual sale
to take place on Thursday.October 14th.
commencing at n a. m. He has 34
males and 23 females to sell. Herd
headed by Tecumseh 10,772. He will
also sell five head of cattle , agricultural
implements and household goods. Free
conveyance to farm , two miles south of
Holbrook. Free entertainment. Cor
dial welcome , fair honorable treatment.
Send for catalogue.
2t " Frank Davis , Holbrook.
The Democrat Ticket.
The Democratic county ticket has been
filled by the central committee and is as
follows : S. P. Hart , clerk , McCook ; Eu
gene Miller , treasurer , Missouri Ridge ;
C. J. Ryan , sheriff ; McCook ; George
Cramer , county judg" , Indianola ; Miss
Lillian Welborn , county superintendent ,
Indianola ; John L. Wilson , surveyor , In
dianola ; John Teuis , coroner , Alliance
precinct. Miss Lillian Welborn is the
only one on the ticket that is en the
Populist ticket.
A Victim of Typhoid Fever.
Napoleon Hunt , night engineer at the
waier works , died of typhoid fever on
Friday evening last. The deceased was
63 years of age. He leaves .1 wife and
two sons , one in the employ of the Bur
lington here in the shops and the other
a resident of Colorado , who , however ,
was here at the funeral , which took place
on Sunday morning , interment being
made in Longview. The deceased was
an uncle of C. H. Meeker. He was an
old frontiersman.
Festival of Mountain and Plain.
Denver , Oct. 5 to 7. Three days of fun
and frivolit3' of band concerts , masked
and military parades , balls , trolley musicales -
icales , Indian dances , races and games.
Half rates via the Burlington Route.
Tickets on sale Oct. 5 to 7 , both dates
inclusive. Return limit , October 10.
G. W. Vallery , J. FRANdS ,
Gen'l Agent , Denver. G.P.A. , Omaha.
Our Store will be closed on WEDNES
DAY , OCTOBER 6th on account of holiday.
3 cakes Juvenile soap 40c. at McCon
Notice Frank Davis' sale , near Hol
brook , Oct. 14.
McCook will be in Denver , next week ,
in large numDers.
You can get a good ink tablet for 5c.
and 10c. at McConnell's.
The best line box papers and tablets
in the city at McConnell's.
Uncle Josh Spruceby at the opera hall ,
tomorrow night , October 2. Remember
the date.
Brakeman and Mrs. Will McCarl were
guests at the wedding of Conductor Mil
ler and Miss Smith in Lincoln , Sunday.
The ladies of the Dorcas society of the
Congregational church will hold their
annual fair on November 12th and 13th.
Engineer F. W. Hawksworth and wife
are receiving a visit from his mother and
sister , Mrs. D. Hawksworth and Mrs.
Dr. Cook , both of Plattsmouth.
The Brigade band arrived home , last
Saturday night , all covered over with
glory and bearing the laurels of popular
apnroval. They will do it atjaiu in Den
ver , next week.
The four-year-old son of Henry Leh
man of Culbertson was fatally kicked by
a horse , last Friday , dying on Sunday.
The child's forehead was frightfully
crushed. H. H. Berry of our city was
present at the funeral on Monday.
H. P. Steers , who has been suffering
with consumption for some time , passed
away about one o'clock , Thursday af
ternoon. The funeral was conducted by-
Rev. Badcon on Friday afternoon , the
interment taking place in Longview
School supplies at McConnell's. m
Hammocks at McMi' .len's drug store. m
Machine oil , 25c. per gallon , atMcMil- 3s '
Jen's drug store. m
Machine oil , 25c. per gallon , at McMil- M
len's drugstore. M ,
Monday was the Jewish New Year , II
Rosh Hashona. 91
Remember Uncle Spruceby at the Men- mm
ard , tomorrow evaning. Ml
You can get a good ink-tablet lor 5c. 5fl
and 10c. at McConnell's. § | '
The best line box papers and tablets § 1
in the city at McConnell's. Mm
Larry Rooney has purchased a saw - M
mill at Woodruff , Arkansas. HI
Holmes Blair of the civil engineer II
corps was up from Lincoln , Sunday. il
A guaranteed buggy for a cheap-john M fl
"KKy price at S. M. Cockran & Co. 's S _ _ |
The dry weather has effected the water a l
pressure noticeably the past week or two. m l
Be in the swim. Buy one of thoseT L. Wmm
wonderful Vive Cameras from • H. lPJ JiL Wmm\ \
Sutton. * ' $ & & % ? IH
W. J.Spiker and wife of West McCook * . W Ware
are rejoicing in an addition to their ' B l
family. I H
Sol Smith of Trinidad , Colorado , has K H
been looking after his real estate inter- Si H
ests near Cambridge. , . * " . . . t V _ f _ _ _ _ _ _ _ l
A representative of Dr. Miles , the pat- IH
ent medicine man of Elkhart , Indiana , > _ f _ EI
was here on business. Tuesday. B |
The new two-cent postage stamps are. V / S l
to be green. The government will save ff l
about 510,000 in the change from carmine. I l
The Tribune understands that John l l
Penny will get about $600 of back pay in jf l
connection with bis pension recently al- f l
lowed. l l
Pew and Powell recently shipped in l H
1,100 head of sheep , which they are feeding - / _ _ _ _ _ _ {
ing over on the Duckworth place on the , | _ _ H
Beaver. ' } |
Tuesday the Lowmans moved into P l
apartments over the old postoffice building - |
ing , Agent A. P. Thomson moving into |
their residence. H
The city fathers held a brief session , H
Monday evening , allowing salary claims H
of , Marshal Jordan , $60 ; C. G. Coglizer , . |
$51 ; C. B. Rowell$35. MMW
The Tribune will be compelled to h l
condense its newsto the utmost for the i H
next three weeks for reasons that will be I H
apparent to the reader. I l
W. Y. Johnson is swinging around the |
circle with his side-wheeler , Arvetta |
Wilkes. He has sold Counsellor to Li- |
burn Phillips of El wood. / M
Don't think of buying a carriage , buggy - J
gy or any other vehicle until you have H
seen the stock at S. M. Cochran & Co. 's |
store and gotten their prices. H
Last Sunday was "Rally Day" for the _ H
Congregational Sunday-school and a H
special , attractive program coin memo- H
rated the event appropriately. fl
The Building Association has some i l
good houses which can be bought at low - H
prices and on easy payments. See the H
Secretary at First National Bank. . H
o. M. Cochran & Co. will have the H
largest line of carriages and buggies ever ; |
exhibited in McCook. And they will H
sell them at prices never equaled in this H
_ _ | _ _ |
Do you want to rent or buy a house ? : H
The Building Association has several . H
[ rood houses to rent or sell. Inquire of ' &W
F. A. Pennell , Sec'y , at First National _ H
Bank. * H
J.E. Kelley has received from the J. B. ( | H
McFarland Co. a consignment of buggies |
a carload for immediate sale. See |
trim before buying. He will save you |
Liioney. H
J. E. Kelley has a carload of buggies r |
that must be sold at once. This means fl
jnprecedeuted bargains for all wanting 1
1 buggy. See him and get figures. The } * 3 |
talk for themselves. s H
Mrs. M. E. Barger's announced faith jB M
: ure from a cancerous affection of years' 1 I H
standing , during her recent visit in St. H
foe , Mo. , is a source of amazement and j H
: ongratulation on the partof her friends. 1
Everyone desires to keep informed on 0 H
Yukon , the Klondvke and Alaskan gold H
Selds. Send 10c. for large Compendium H
} f vast information and big color map to . H
Hamilton Pub.Co..IndianapolisInd. 6t |
A new postoffice has been established - ' H
n Frontier county , Nebraska , seven H
aiiles southwest from Zimmer. The of- H
ice will be called Stevens , after the first H H
postmaster , Frank G. Stevens , who was it l
appointed today. n H
We will pay a salary of $10 per week 1
for man with rig to introduce Perfection f l
Poultry Mixture in the country , the uj _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
greatest egg producer on earth. Ref. re- t fl
quired. Address with stamp. Perfec- t B
ion Mfg. Co. , Parsons , Kansas. j l
S. M. Cochran & Co. are Headquarters 1 l
or carriages , buggies , carts , and in fact , l l l
ror all sorts of vehicles/ They will make S l l
pou prices that nobody can beat for first- d H
: lass , reliable goods. Don't buy until : H H
i-ou have seen them and heard their t _ | _ _ |
gentle racket on prices. Standard goods t _ _ | _ _ _ _ H
it rock-bottom prices. • ai H
Strayed From the Stewart ranch , e l
Tour yearling cattle , last seen at middle _ l
river bridge south of McCook about May l H
est. Liberal reward will be paid for in- H
formation leading to their recovery. Earmarks - |
marks slit in left ear and hole in right 1
: ar cut by No. 10 wad cutter. Hl
J. F. Helm. : ' H