The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 30, 1897, Image 5

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, i in I , , . „ _ _ . _ j- _ _ _ * - . 4
| > i Clearing 1
I Out Sale. . : [
\ \ g Having accumulated a large Ng7
j \ | | f lot of small sizes in Ladies' Shoes j | |
\ \ S N1 > Slippers , I will dispose of | p
Ik So them at the followingprices : R
I' 1 All 2 Sizes , $1 a Pair , g
$ 1 13 to h Sizes , $1,25 a Pair , I
\i \ 1 Ail 4to4 Sizesl.50a Pair. 1
I j The former prices of these S
J shoes were from $2 to $5. Your Npl
I S little girls can wear them. Come jSi |
I v\ > Kand \ see. We have many more of | X |
I r § 3 such bargains at the only p |
1 * v § [ mi n r n ni m H
f < \ s If jpimpiiip \firp l
La g Ulli IlOlMJlO OliUU OlIllG g
1 g | J. F. GANSCHOW , McCook. Jf
vZ ? w ? ? ? > ? W ? * $ & ? * ? * $ ? ? w ? Stt ? Sv ? ? * ? > Z ?
ttl ' EVERY member of WM
fCLr- ! EVERY family on % $ $ $
pK ( iP15 | EVERY farm , in &g *
\ $ & / / Q. EVERY village , in g $
1 8 ( il S fe.EVERY State and Ter.
Sfe $ V S ISSa EOR Noble Manhood , ? $
§ ? ? % v EOR True Womanhood § ? &p
pjjjj * It gives all important news of the p # *
Jjfetf Nation and World , the most reliable * jpg
gjyp market reportsbrilliant andinstruewjgp
§ f ? $ tive editorials , fascinating short stog $
53 S ries , an unexcelled agricultural dejfep
f3 partment , scientific and mechanical S&fJ
* j qj information , illustrated fashion artitgg
paSji eleshumorous illustrations , etc. , etc. ? &j
mi $ m
gg EOR 81.50 , CASH IN ADVANCE. gj > g
g&p Address all Orders to THE McCOOK TRIBUNE. g H
, . .
* * " * Write your name and address on a postal card send it to Geo. W. Best t j2
55 3 Tribune office. New York City , and a sample copy of the New-York Weekly Tribune Wv P
ffiji f ' "HI be mailed to you. ffc&t
j i (12 PACES EVERY WEEK. ) f Tft
jffi for the balance OC nAnfn Pvi
m of this year for Z3 llGlllS. m
y The state campaign , this fall , -will be an ini M
ijQ teresting one. The Bee will report its progress IS
[ impartially and fully. 1 1
g [ The foreign news , this fall , will he unusually pNS
5j [ interesting and with its unsurpassed foreign yNy
jvl | cable service , the Bee is able to present to its r j
j n readers this news more fully than any other j
| br | western paper. IS
% M At the price named , you cannot afford to do j
jC [ without a complete newspaper , this year. ( §
SQ Send your 25 cents to 1
The Weekly Bee , Omaha , Neb. pl |
No. 2. Vcstibuled Express , daily ,
Lincoln , Omaha , St. Joe ,
Kansas City , St. Louis.Chi-
cage , and all points south
and east 5:55 A.M.
No. 4. Local Express , daily , Lin
coln , Omaha , Chicago , and
all points east 9:00 P. M.
N0.148. Freight , daily , ex. Sunday ,
Hastings and intermediate
stations 5:00 A. M.
No. 76. Freight , daily , Oxford , Hoi-
drege , Hastings 6:45 A.M.
No. 80. Freight , daily , Hastings and
intermediate stations 7:00 A. M
No. 5. Local Express , daily , Den
ver and intermediate sta
tions Si5 p. M.
No. 3. Vestibuled Express , daily ,
Denver and all points in
Colo.Utah and California , 11:40 P.M.
N0.149. Freight , daily , ex. Sunday ,
Akron and intermediatesta-
tions 6:00 A.M.
No. 77. Freight , dailyStrattonBen
kelman , Ilaigler , Wrayand
Akron 1:30 P. M.
No. 63. Freight , daily.Stratton.Ben-
kelman , Ilaigler , Wrayand
Akron 4:10 P.M.
N0.175. Accommodation , Mondays ,
Wednesdays and Fridays ,
Imperial and intermediate
stations 7:00 A. M.
No. 64. Freight , daily , Oxford , Red
Cloud , St. Joe , Kansas City 4:30 A. M.
Sleeping , dining and reclining chaircars
( seats free ) on through trains. Tickets sold
and baggage checked to any point in the
United States or Canada.
For information , time tables , maps and
tickets , call on or write C. E. Magner , Agent ,
McCook , Nebraska , or J. Francis , General
Passenger Agent , Omaha. Nebraska.
Ham mocks at prices
ranging ; from 75 cts.
to $5.50 at
H. G. Borne&ian was able to be at his
desk as usual first of the week.
Dispatcher and Mrs. W. B. Mills were
state capital visitors , Saturday.
Desirable hosiery and neckwear at the
Famous Clothing Co.
The force at the dining hall has un
dergone almost a complete change , this
* week.
Two special Pullmans , Ballyclare and
Tallyhassee , went east attached to No. 4 ,
Saturday evening.
All available engines and freight cars
are being placed in commision to handle
the great small grain crop.
John Egan , and F. Wales , of McCook ,
were in Alliance the 17th and left for
Sheridan , Sunday morning.
Mrs. J. A. Harris went down to Re
publican City , Saturday morning , to
visit friends and take in the reunion.
Miss Zetta Dawson accompanied her.
A. J. Cole was absent in Red Willow-
county , several days last week Miss
Mary Cassell has been at McCook , the
guest of relatives , since the first of the
week. Oxford Standard.
Brakeman Bud Williams , who was
recently killed at Clearmont , was buried
at Minden , Monday. Funeral was con
ducted by the members of the Workman
lodge of that place.
Mrs. F. A. Stark and children came
down from McCook Saturday night and
will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. O.
Griggs while Mr. Stark is filling the po
sition of yardmaster here. Oxford Stan
Prosperity has arrived : The entire
shop force at this place was put on ten
hours work ; Wednesday morning. This
will mean quite a large increase in the
monthly pay of all these employes. In
addition the carpenter force was in
creased two.
Al O'Neil departed Thursday night for
McCook and he will run out from that
' place in the future. Al asked for the
change because his parents have removed
to McCook from Chicago and it thus en
ables him to spend more time at home.
Mr. O'Neil has proved himself an exem
plary citizen while in our midst and his
removal is regretted by our citzenship
in general. Republican City Democrat.
Santa Fe trainmen vouch for the state
ment that Friday's through California
train was flagged by section men two
miles this side of Lexington because the
rails of the track had been curved by the
heat into the appearance of sleigh run
ners , the heavy spikes having been pul
led from the oak ties and thrown into the
air by the strain of the bending rails.
The accident occurred but a few minutes
before the train was due to pass ; and had
not the section men been at once attrac
ted to the spot by the noise of the fly
ing spikes train would have dashed- into
the break and have been hurled from the
track. Passengers on the train stated
that the heat at the point of the accident
was terrific. While the repair of the
track was going on the occupants of the
train sought wood at one side of the
track and remained there until the work
was completed. It took two hours to
put the track in shape for the train to
proceed. Kansas City Journal.
Frank Brainerd is expected from Clarinda -
rinda , Iowa , soon. A sister will accom
pany. We Bre informed that the Iowa
authorities claim the case to be one
properly belonging to Nebraska and that
an effort will be made to place the un
fortunate man in one of our state insti
A. B. Smith , assistant general passen
ger and ticket agent of the Burlington ,
is one of the luckey holders of a valuable
gold mine claim up in the Black Hills
country that promises a fortune for each
one interested.
Brakeman C. J. Sncll says it was all
right about the new daughter at their
house , and she's finer than silk , hut he
couldn't stand the title of conductor ,
the same week , so we take that back.
Machinist James Ritchie has purchased
the Spearman house over on North Melvin -
vin street , lately vacated by County
Judge Smith , who has moved over to the
northwest part of city.
The following extra brakemen have
been put on the list : Herman Hegenber-
ger , G. C. Topping , J. A. Hileman , Al
bert Coulter , C. L. Oluistead , J.J. Old
ham , F. N. Eugstrom.
The people of Mascot , Harlan comity ;
want that station reopened , and nineteen
of its citizens have petitioned the board
of transportation to that effect.
General Manager G. W. Iloldrege
went over the Imperial branch on a trip
of inspection , first of this week.
Conductor Mose Carmonj' is laying off
with an injured foot. A box fell on the
foot and mashed it.
Mrs. B. C. Monpleasure entertained
some Oberlin friends , close of last and
first of this week.
J. H. Moore was in Stratton , Monday ,
trying to buy uy some cattle in that
Master Guy Burnett went up to Denver ,
Monday night , on a visit of a few days.
Brakeman B. L. McCarl is in Illinois.
Miss Ida will return with him.
Supt. Campbell went up to Denver ,
Wednesday night , on business.
A son was born to John VanWyck and
wife on Monday.
Brakeman Frank Rank is entertaining
his sister.
Claude Tubbs is visiting friends in the
R. A. Brown is hostling at Holdregc
Gophers Destroy a Canal.
An Oklahoma City enterprise has
been ruined by the gopher pest. It was
thought that the rapidly flowing North
Canadian River could be used to operate
all the mills that could be placed on its
banks at Oklahoma City. The fall was
neaily thirty feet and it was expected
that 2,000 horse power would be devel
oped. A canal five miles long was con
structed , at an expence of $40,000. It
was diked part of the way and the river
was crossed twice. The canal is twenty-
five feet wide and four feet deep , and
when four inches of water was in at the
head gate an electric light plant and a
large flouring mill were run with ease ,
but an unsuspected enemy soon caused
disaster to the enterprise. The banks of
the canal were porous , sandy soil and
gophers attacked the dike , the holes
which the animals burrowed quickly
widened into crevasses and the sandy
dikes -were easily swept away , causing
constant and expensive repairs. Finally
the entire canal became wrecked , and
farmers are now plowing up the right of
way and the canal is gone. Scientific
Excursion to Hot Springs , S. D. ,
Tuesday , August 3rd. $18.70 for the
round trip from McCook , Neb. Tickets
good to return until Sept. 2nd. The
hottest month of the year is still to come.
Spend it in the Black Hills. Bathe in
the mammoth plunge bath , Hot Springs ,
see beautiful Sylvan Lake , make the side
trip to Spearfish and you will return
home with the knowledge that nowhere
could you have had apleasanter holiday.
For full information , call at B. & M.
ticket office.
Low One-Way Rates
To all points east , via the Burlington
Route , July 16 , 17 , iS , 19 , 20 , 21 and each
Friday and Monday thereafter until Au
gust 13. Go east on any of the above
low rate days and you save enough to
cover all the incidental expenses of travel
berth in sleeping car , meals , transfers ,
etc. See nearest B. & . M. R. R. agent ,
or write to J. Francis , G. P. A. , Omaha ,
Neb. July i6-4ts.
Ready to Thresh.
Kinghorn , Ball and Masters have
bought a new J. I. C. Separator and are
ready for threshing business. Work
Charley Kerns and Miss Anna May Erb
rode up from McCook on their bicycles
the first of the week and will spend a few-
days on the farm. Trenton Register.
1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Bullard Lumber yard at Palisade
j has been purchased by F. C. Kratter ,
j who now has the business all to himself.
J Hammocks at McMillen's drug store.
v * . „ 1 j j _ . r _ u _ _
jl OF II
1 Sammer Dress Goods. 1
1 1
J3 | | We still have a large assortment cwd
sgj of Hot Weather Dress Goods , but m
% $ % they will not last lonoat the Low ggg
§ Prices at which we are now offering" § f | j
® fo them. Buy now and get a genuine grS
% m . "
® ® baro'ain &r $
dfts Ladies ' Shirt Waists at Cost. We S ? $
tm sell Ladies ' Ready-Made' Wrappers ms
d § § and Dress Skirts. Groceries sold S1
right. Try us. § m
m wosh m
B ors . . . . g
Sgjj C. L. DeGROFF & CO. jj8 ] |
12 Authorized Capital , $100,000. jo
| 2 Capital and Surplus , $60,000 j@
gy GEO. HOCKNELL , President. B. M. FREES , V. Pres. jXj
Kj W. F. LAWSON , Cashier. F. A. PENNELL , Ass't Cash. j g
| = = | l A. CAMPBELL , Director. FRANK HARRIS , Director. i@
gy _ _ | Jj §
pi wJBa tew naam miar.Mne w BMiMiBMwiMMMiwwwBMnBW
# #
if V. FRANKLIN. President. A. C. EBERT , Cashier. § f
4 OF MeCOOK , NEB. #
* . 3 *
f Paid Up Capital , $50,000. Surplus , Si0,000 #
# . 4
H DIRECTORS iin i ff
& • H
. . . .
• ggJa aarjgcay c-sgcirjrijjr sgcagi-jgp-egi ggyay-jKy. mjl Jt jx ci r y .J i.J'ji.sgc'