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    iP - m * * * * * * * * I
wM Will Accept the Lots.
w\ A number of McCook business men
$ wk met with the board of county commiss-
\W\ ioners , Friday morning , and the matter
tin ° a sUe an tlle building ° f a c ° urt
$ M- * * court house was discussed at some length
Sff and in considerable detail. A proposi-
§ m tion was submitted by City Attorney J.
# S. Lellew offering the county lots 7,8,9 ,
VKt 10 , II , 12 in block 4 , original McCook , as
Kra ste * ° r * * ie court house an other county
( WMf buildings. This is the southeast quarter
? Yj of the block in which the Baptist church
( fift is situated. While the commissioners
$ ? did not take any official action on then
n\ proposition , they each expressed
4 | j themselves as willing to receive the lots
PA ? lots offered , or any other lots that would
if\ ( \ > be satisfactory to the people of McCook ,
g with the understanding that the deed
jgf should run to the county without qualifi-
&f cations , that the title should be absolute.
• Vsk So the question of site may be considered
V as settled. Title to the lots will at once
) secured. All the lots , save No. 12 , are
' owned by the Lincoln Land Co. It may
require condemnation proceedings to secure - <
cure title to lot 12. if so , such action will
i be commenced at once. ,
As to the matter of making an appro
priation to assist in the building of a
court house the commissioners did not
appear to be ready to take any action
therein. It was submitted that the $10 , -
W' 000 donds voted by McCook to assist the
X county in building a court house could
hr\ not be negotiated until the county had
V f \ appropriated some sum of money in the
p I furtherance of the proposed enterprise.
m $ * The law permits county boards to ap-
f propriate not to exceed $1,500 in any one
Ejj year for such purpose , without a vote
W of the people , and it was suggested that
Jgh the commissioners appropriate such rea-
J ifP' sonable sum as the county's finances will
I * l ? warrant now , this will make the sale of
I 'fib'1 tue S10-000 ltl bonds legal and available
I ig ( at once. Then the commissioners will be
I & in position to ask for bids for erection
I Kf and construction of such buildings as
I y\ may be determined upon.
I * wfr The next session of the board will be
I held August 21st , and The Tribune be-
• lievesthat the commissioners will then
I \ determine to make such an oppropriation
H % as the county treasury will safely admit.
Wm & * ! . They will then be ready , as soon as the
m - ? ' \ usual preliminarj' arrangements are com-
h\ I pleted , as soon as plans and specifications
HLf are determined upon , to advertise for
K bids , let contracts etc. , and this disturb-
Hk ing question then be settled , and the
N | county in due time be in possession of a
§ V * court house of its own. Such modest
vXf appropriation can in future be supplemen-
B Ki ted as the case requires , and the voting
K of bonds avoided.
HeT This is a business proposition in which
Hp the whole county is interested , and The
Hf Tribune believes it will in due time be
Hjr settled by the commissioners in business-
Hk like manner and to the satisfaction of all
HlL fair-minded people.
Hfc ? \ State Finances.
HEf * State Treasurer Reserve issued another
M , call yesterday for $50,000 of general fund
l ' warrants for July 20 , making a total of
II $130,000 called for the month of July.
H mTreasurer Meserve says he has paid out
Mf/ ' for all purposes $2,200,000 since he came
Hk into office.not counting two calls fof war-
KBft rants for this month. During the two years
M Js * of Bartley's last term the total disburse-
V ments were $3,059,354.99. During that
H 1' term $589,000 was paid out on general
HJ Jtfund warrants. Treasurer Meserve says
ajP he has already paid , out $ roS7ooo on
K | % \ general fund warrants , not including two
HJRr v calls for this month that are yet unpaid.
g > M- Lincoln Journal.
B 1 Won a Warm Place.
Hjr It should be said for the McCook band
j thatlndianola makes no kickon either the
Hr | quality or quantity of music furnished on
B , the 3d. The Brigade band has won a
Bf warm place in the hearts of Indianola
H t people and a much better feeling for the
H Jt&- town of McCook. Indianola Reporter.
Ht ; Raises Its Tolls.
H | The Western Union Telegraph comB -
B L. pany , Monday , announced an advance of
wM5 about 60 per centinitsratesfromLincoln
j B * west in Nebraska. This increases the
Wk 25 cent rate to 40 cents. This seems
B > . like a very inopportune time to make so
Bb' large an advance in telegraph rates.
K Kern-Clous.
Hi Last Sunday , after church in themorn-
K | ing , Rev. Vogt of the German Congrega-
B | tional church united in marriage John
U\ . Kern of this city and Lizzie Clous of
H H Sutton. Both are Russians.
R ' Let us help you when you want to fig-
K { ure on your wedding outfit , young man.
HL We will dress you in style and at a slight
Wmtoutlay. . See us.
K I The Famous Cioxhing Co.
B , \ Machise oil , 25c. per gallon , atMcMil-
Hr \ len's drag store. .
Wf > * Wall Paper. atJCcCooaell's. .
Banker Caluhan was a brief visitor ,
Tuesday evening.
Register Campbeli , was a Lincoln
visitor , Tuesday.
Harry Stern was up from Holdrege
on business , Tuesday.
I. M. Smith , county judge , visited
relatives in Culbertson , Thursday.
LovEMS Clyde of McCook was in the
city , this week. Red Cloud Chief.
Oliver Thorgrimsom arrived home ,
Sunday night , from his Buffalo county
Miss Lotta Stover has been visiting
her sister , Mrs. R. H. Chrysler of Wil-
Frank Holbrook is here from Kan
sas City on a visit to his parents on the
South Side.
Miss Pearl Malcolm went up to
Imperial , last week , to visit Robert Mal
colm and wife.
Mrs. W. E. Babcock was up from
Cambridge , first of the week , guest of
Mrs. C. F. Babcock.
Mesdames James Murphy and Bar
ney Sharkey went up to Denver , Tuesday
evening , on a visit.
Editor Smith of the Bartley Inter-
Ocean had business in the county seat ,
Wednesday afternoon.
Dr. Kay was called up to Benkelman ,
Monday night , to see Mrs. J. P. Israel ,
who is seriously sick.
George Hocknell arrived in the city ,
Tuesday evening , on business connected
with his large interests here.
Editors Floyd and DeWald of the
Trenton Register were both city visitors ,
Monday evening between trains.
W. F. Everist and C.W. Barnes made
a business trip to Danbury , Monday ,
driving over and back the same dar .
Mrs. F. S. Curry and daughter Pearl
visited relatives in Benkelman , last week ,
returning home on Saturday evening.
Miss CANN.Danbury , joined Messrs.L.
E. Cann and Bert Beyrer on their journey
to Toronto , whither they started on Tues
day morning.
H. G. Borneman and S. M. Cochran
have been forced to forego their trip up
to the gold mines in Wyoming on ac
count of sickness.
Mrs. H. G. Borneman has been quite
ill all week with an attack of fever
threatened typhoid but is some little
better at this writing.
Miss JennieGoheen has been elected
as teacher of the Intermediate depart
ment of the Bartley public schools. The
Tribune promises good work.
Mrs. John Witherlay , who has
been visiting relatives and friends here
since last fall , departed on Sunday night
for her home in EHzabethtown. 'New
Mrs. Eliza G. Nettleton has been
visiting down in southern Kansas for the
past two or three weeks , at the home of
an old friend at whose home she was
married down in Kentucky.
REV. J. W. Hickey of St. Patrick's
church departed , on Monday for Boston
to enjoy a vacation at the old home of a
few weeks. Father Engelbert Boll of
Crete will fill the pastorate during his
GEO.W.SHEAFOR , pastor of the Baptist
church.left for Colorado Springs.Tuesday
night , on a month's vacation. Evangelist
Tyson of Lincoln will fill the pulpit next
Sunday and may possibly remain here
for a month.
State Treasurer Meserve was up
from Lincoln over Sunday on business.
Mrs. Meserve and Miss Edna accompa
nied him and they are still the guests
of Mrs. F. M. Kimmell. The treas
urer returned to Lincoln , on Sunday
REV.J. A.Badcon , wife and family
left for Denver , Sunday night , to remain
some time for Mrs. Badcon's health ,
which has been ill for quite a while. Mrs.
M. E. Horner accompanied them to
nurse. It is to be hoped they will , find
a great improvement in health for Mrs.
Ira Crane rode into McCook , Satur
day last , on his wheel , bound to Denver
from Iowa , where he has been living the
past few years. He remained here over
Sunday visiting oldtime friends.continu-
ing on his -way t © Denver on Monday
morning. He also visited briefly at Frank
lin eHroute. " EereportsNebraska crops
more advanoetLtkaa the e of Iowa.
Teachers' Annual Institute.
Office of County Superintendent of
Public Instruction , Red Willow county.
FELLOW Teachers : The annual tea
chers' institute for this county will be
held at Indianola , beginning August9th ,
forasesion of three weeks. This institute
is for you. Let us endeavor to make it a
school where everybody works.
Each division will be under the super
vision of those who have had practical
experience in teaching in country and
high schools. Our work will be done not
wholly upon the lecture plan , but will be
more of " 'Round Table" work , thus
giving opportunity for a full and free
discussion of the different topics as they
are presented. The first and second
weeks will be given to the teaching of
first and second grade certificate studies
( also third grade studies if desired ) . The
third week will be devoted to that which
has a direct bearing upon practical school
I request all teachers to attend the first
and second weeks.believing that they will
be benefitted by the work done there.
All teachers who expect to teach in this
county must attend the last week of the
A registration fee of one dollar will be
charged to all teachers whether they at
tend one week or the entire term.
No third grade certificates will be is
sued this year , but the standing will be
credited on a second grade , if not lower
than 80 per cent , and a satisfactory ex
amination is passed in the remainder of
the studies. ( Examination at Indianola
August 14th and 21st. ) No examination
the last week of the institute.
Among the instructors are : J. W. Bow-
lus , N.Jones , J.W. Dobson , A O.Thomas ,
J. F. Carnahan. Lecturers : State Supt.
W. R. Jackson , Lieut. Gov. J. E. Harris ,
President J. A. Beattie of State Normal ,
Revs. J. A. Badcon , G.W. Sheafor , H. L.
Preston of McCook , Dr. J. W. Bowlus of
Wesleyan University , Lincoln , Supt.A.O.
Thomas of Minden schools.
L. A. Carnahan ,
County Superintendent.
Old Settlers Organize.
A meeting of the old settlers of Red
Willow county was held in Indianola on
Saturday afternoon , July 3rd , and an old
settlers' organization was effected.
The following named persons became
members. The date of settlement in the
county is also given :
E.S.Hill , Aprils , 1872 ; William Wey-
gint , April 3 , 1872 ; W. M. Nutt , 1878 ; T.
C. Sedden , 1878 ; James Barnes , 1878 ; M.
Adams , 1879 ; Chet. Dow , 1S79 ; E.Wolfe ,
JS79 ; James Hetherington , 1873 ; C. A.
Hotze , 1873 ; Elias Canaga , 1873 ; James
Everist , 1879 ; Isaac Vandervort , 1873 ;
W. S. Fitch , 1S73 ; John Francis , 1879 ;
J. S. Phillips , 1879 ; W. O. Bond , 1879 ;
William Byfield , 1873 ; Charles Hartman ,
1877 ; Henry Tomblin , 1879.
It was decided to style the organiza
tion The Red Willow County Old Set
tlers' association.
The following officers were elected :
E. S. Hill , President ; Elias CanagaVice
President ; James Hetherington , Secre
tary ; C. A. Hotze , Treasurer.
It was decided that a residence of
twelve years in the county should enti
tle one to membership in the association.
The following committee was appoint
ed to prepare a history of the county :
W. S. Fitch , James Hetherington , E. S.
Hill and J. S. Phillips.
It was determined to hold the first
reunion at Indianola during'the soldiers'
reunion , September 7-11.
The officers were authorized to arrange
for a programme for the September re
The secretary was instructed to pro
vide the county papers with the proceed
ings for publication.
A small collection was lifted to defray
expenses , and the meeting adjourned.
The New Board.
The new board of education as recent
ly reorganized is as follows : President ,
A. CampbellVice-President ; , E.H. Doan ;
Secretary , J. E. Kelley. The standing
committees announced are : Repairs and
Supplies , J. E. Kelley , R. B. Archibald
and Harmon Thompson ; Teachers and
Text Books , W. F. Lawson , R. B. Archi
bald and E. H. Doan ; Finance , J. E.
Kelley and W. F. Lawson.
This is the time of the year when some
mothers are worried about getting
enough pants for their lively 'boys. See
us. We can help you at very little cost.
We can fit the boys from three years old
and upwards. . *
The Famous Clothing Cfc.
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est prices , at The Tribune offij < .
Have you been into loojf at Selby's
harness at the "Bee HivejT ?
Machine oil , 25c. per afllon , at McMil-
lens drugstore. W
Methodist Sunday-school at 10.
Preaching at 11 by Rev. A. J. Crago.
The Epworth League will conduct the
evening service at 8 o'clock.
German Methodist Regular ser
vices at 9 o'clock , every Sunday morn
ing , in the South McCook Methodist
church ; services in German.
Rev. M. Herrmann.
Catholic Mass at S o'clock a. m.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. m. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
Rev. J. W. Hickey , Pastor.
Episcopal Morning service at 11:00.
Evening service at 8:00. Sunday school
at 10:00 a. m. Evensong on Wednesdays
at 8 p. m. A. F. Morgan ,
General Missionary.
R. A. Russell , Assistant.
Christian Services every alternate
Sunday , commencing with the first Sun
day in May at 11 and 7:30 o'clock in
McConnell hall. Sunday school every
Sunday at 10 o'clock.
Elder C. P. Evans , Pastor.
Congregational Morning theme ,
"Ultimate Victory. " Evening topic ,
"Christ and Calvary. " Sunday-School
at 10. Endeavor Society at 7 , topic , "Be
lief in Christ. " Leader , Ethel Oyster.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8.
All are cordialy invited.
Hart L. Preston , Pastor.
Baptist Rev.T.K.Tyson , the Baptist
State Evangelist of Lincoln , Neb. , will
fill the pulpit at the Baptist church mor
ning and evening. Mr. Tyson is not a
stranger to a McCook audience having
preached here many times before. Bible-
school at 10 a. m. B. Y. P. U. at 7 p. m. ,
subject , "Natural History of Sin" , Mrs.
F. D. Burgess , leader. Evening service
at the usual hour. Prayer-meeting , Wed
nesday evening at 8 o'clock. A most
cordial invitation is extended to all.
Level Clyde has returned home.
Mrs. C. E. Pope was an Oxford visitor
early in the week.
Miss Idalia Palmer of Arapahoe is
in the city visiting friends.
D. B. Winger of Tinidad , Colorado ,
is in the city , guest of J. A. Wilcox.
W. G. Manspeaker and wife were
down from Culbertson on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Pat. O'Hare were
passengers on 5 , Tuesdey evening for the
Mrs. O. E. Reynolds of Trenton was
here between trains , Tuesday evening ,
on her way east.
Misses Ona Simons and Maude Wood
returned , last night , from their visit to
Sheridan , Wyoming , friends.
Herb Stone is visiting the folks in Or
leans and Rufus Carlton is discharging
the duties of cashier meanwhile.
Sheriff Bailey and Lawyer Mac-
Mahon drove down from Hayes Center ,
yesterday afternoon on business and will
return home today.
Mrs. P. F. McKenna and mother ,
Mrs. S. S. Reed , departed , last evening ,
for Chicago. They will visit a short
time in Hastings while en route.
W. T. Coleman is suffering with an
attack of appendicitis. His condition
was quite serious first of the week , but
we are happy to report him better
as we go to press.
We will sell for ONE WEEK only , 4
full 2-oz. BOTTLES of triple extract
Vanilla and Lemon for 25c. If you wish
to take advantage of this sale , come at
once. Dent wait until after the time
has expired. The "Bee Hive. "
A tramp suffering with typhoid fever
walked into town , Wednesday. The city
authorities took care of him temporarily
and will today turn him over ro the
county authorities for care and treat
House Paints , Floor Paints ,
Buggy Paints , Wagon Paints ,
Family Paints , Enamel Paints ,
And all kinds Varnish Stains at
Several new things in men's colored
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The Famous Clothing Co.
Engineer Donovan is entertaining his
mother from Colorado.
Hammocks at McMillen's drug store.
Wall Paper at McConnell's.
A Subscriber Says No.
Mr.Editor : In your issue of July 9 you
published an article from the Red Cloud
Chief entitled "Have our Merchants De
generated ? " This article says this is a
question that can be answered yes.
Taking this article as referring to McCook
and I say no. This article goes on to say
that several years ago this town and its
merchants * names were household wc-rds ;
that the merchants advertised and that
the newspapers were crowded for space ,
but to-day the newspaper man must get
down on his knees for what few adver
tisements he gets. Now , Mr. Editor ,
( also the editors of other papers , ) I ask
if you are not all to blame for this to a
great big extent ? There is hardly a pub
lication but what you will see the follow
ing notice among the personal items , Mrs.
and Mrs. have been in Lincoln or
Denver ( which ever the case may be )
two or three days shopping. Now , then ,
the public at large who do not know all
there is to this deal , believe that there
is something wrong with the merchant
at home ; you do not go so far as to say
these same people ride on passes and that
their goods are all deadheaded in which ,
is case nine times out often. Those very
same people who go away from home to
do their shopping are people who make
their living off of the degenerated mer
chant and who should be the very last to
go away from home for anything ; instead
of that they will tell their neighbors
what they can buy this and that at in the
city , not only when at their own homes ,
but when they happen to meet one an
other in the store of one of these degen
erated merchants.
Again , the article says , that a paper
filled up with advertisement , when sent
away from home gives the idea that the
town is full of business. Again what
will the persons say who receive the paper
when they read about this one and that
going away to do their shopping ? There
is something wrong some where will be
their answer.
There is still another feature to this
question. When one of these poor de
generated merchants wishes to advertise
in the home paper he must pay for the
same , which is perfectly right. Still by
giving the people free notices of their
going to this city or that city you are
simply giving the merchants of those
cities free advertising which they are not
entitled to , as they ne\rer benefit the
the small towns one cent in any way ,
shape or manner. There are several ways
to look at this question and which could
be prolonged long enough to fill a whole
paper , Now , then , Mr. Editors , when
giving publicity to these small items of
personal notices stop and consider is this
the way that I would that others should
do unto me. A Subscriber.
Customs and Manners.
The lecture delivered in the Methodist
church , Wednesday evening , by Mrs.
Esther Ilahi Baksh on the customs and
manners of the people of India , was most
instructive and entertaining. There was
a large audience present and her lecture
was greatly enjoyed. She spoke English
quite fluently. All who heard her intui
tively became foreign missions enthusi
The speaker is studying medicine in
order to assist her better in missionary
work among her own people , and a
collection free will offering was taken
up for her. Mrs. Baksh spoke in native
costume and three children were on the
platform in native dress.
Called the Colonel Down.
In a recent issue of the CourierColonel
Mitchell expressed the raw opinionwith
such emphasis as he is capable of , that
all opposed to fusion are either Republi
cans or Anarchists. Thisuncookeddog-
matic expression of political faith was
too much for William Adams of Danbury -
bury , who is neither a Republican nor
an Anarchist , but a middle-of-the-road
Pop. On Mondaj' Mr. Adams dropped
in and discontinued his Courier and thus
purged his household of heresy , and in
cidentally reduced the largest circulation
on this hemisphere one copy.
State Fair Band , 1897.
The State Fair attendants this fall will
have the pleasure of hearing again the
famous "Nebraska Brigade Band , U. R.
K. P' " of McCook. The manager will
prepare and rehearse during the summer
especially for this occasion. All will be
"revised and corrected" "embossed ,
bound in morocco and gilt-edged. " Wait
for the band. State Fair Bulletin.
Mesdames S. L. Green , F. S. Wilcox
and Nellie Johnson departed for the
mountains , last evening , on an outing.
Hot weather neckwear and handker
chiefs at the
Famous Clothing Co.
Joseph Spotts reports the grasshoppers
as dying in large numbers on his place
just east of town.
Wall Paper at McConnelJ's.
For hail insurance see C. J. Ryan.
Selby can repair your old . buggy tops.
Machine oil , 25c. per gallon , at McMil
len's drug store.
The Orangemen had a picnic on the * '
South Side , Monday.
Some of W.R. Starr's household goods
arrived in the city , Saturday.
Are you right with the editor on your
subscription ? If not , why not ?
Just the sort of weather for harvesting
the immense crop of smaU grain.
Black and colored hosiery for men at
The Famous Clothing Co.
= = -
Be in the swim. Buy one of those
wonderful Vive Cameras from H. P. '
Sweet corn is in the local market and
paregoric may De expected to fluctuate
go up and down.
The dynamo cod has been worked with 1
enthusiasm , this week , and the wheat is >
about all "shocked. "
A mowing machine has been contesting
the right of way with the weeds on the
city streets this week.
Read Ganschow's clearing sale an
nouncement in this issue. He is offering
very attractive bargains.
E. C. Goehring had quite a sore eye ,
first of the week , caused by a small piece
of straw entering the member.
Seasonable underwear for men , all
sizes now ready at the
Famous Clothing Co.
County Judge Smith issned a mar
riage license to John Kern of our city
and Lizzie Clous of Sutton , Saturday.
Selby is now selling his own make of
leather suspenders at 40 cents ; same kind
the old hundred per center is selling at
60 cents.
Frank Stillman made a "iniscue" the
other day in getting over a fence. He
will use a cane until the ankle becomes '
strong again.
The ladies of the Methodist church
enjoyed a liberal patronage at their ice
cream social in the Phillips building ,
Tuesday evening.
S. M. Cochran & Co. beat 'em all in
hog fencing. Get their prices and in
spect their stock. Quality and cost will
both stand the test.
The Building Association has some
good houses which can be bought at low
prices and on easy payments. See the
Secretary at First National Bank.
LOST A Briar Pipe , valuable to owner
ou account associations connected with
it. Finder please call at Tribune office ;
suitable reward will be given.
Leave your order for a crash hot
weather suit , a dress or business suit.
Lowest prices guaranteed.
Famous Clothing Co.
Do you want to rent or buy a house ?
The Building Association has several
good houses to rent or sell. Inquire of
F. A. Pennell , Sec'y , at First National
By looking toward the sun any day
now grasshoppers on the wing may be
seen in great numbers. A darkened glass
will simplify aud make easier the opera
A successful social was held by the
ladies of the Episcopal church in the
Phillips building last evening. A liberal
patronage was accorded the -ladies and
by them appreciated.
Mr. Keim of Lincoln passed through
McCook , Sunday , with a large drove of
horses. He was driving thern to his
farm near Lincoln , where he is engaged
iu the horse breeding business.
From information received we learn
that Miss Mabel Wilcox is attending
state normal school in Chicago , and
taking a course of the more advanced
studies , such as psychology , psychologi
cal psychology , etc. ad infinitum.
The grasshoppers seem to have a nat
ural and vicious animosity toward cheap
binding twine , for it is stated that no
sooner does a bundle of wheat 'bound
with this inferior twine leave the binder
before the hoppers fall upon the bundle
and devour the twine.
Colonel Phillips of the Indianola Re
porter has opened the way for a killing.
He writes : "The Fly paper has almost as
large a patronage as the Courier. "
Colonel Mitchell should promptly
challenge Colonel Phillips to a duel to
the death , or remove that superscription
from the Courier's caption.
< > -