The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 09, 1897, Image 4

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    By F. M. KIMMELL.
It is gratifying to know that
Chief Justice A. M. Post has final-
I ly surrendered to the urgings of
I his many warm friends over the
I state and has decided to stand for
H reelection to the supreme bench.
H Doubtless this determination on
the part of Judge Post means fi-
H nancial loss and the most uuremit-
ting toil to him , for the salary is
I paltry and the duties of the office
HI most pressing and laborious , but
II the Judge's loss will be the dis-
II tinct gain of the Republican party
11 and the people of the state of Ne
ll braska. Judge Post is in every
11 essential well , nay eminentlyqual-
II ified for the position he has held
II during the past few years , and the
II Republican party will honor itself
| g by recognizing the ability and
IK splendid record of Judge Post by
m renominating him for the supreme
HI bench , for no man in the state over-
H measures the Judge in the severe
Hi requirements , mental , moral and
H judicial , for a judge of the supreme
H court of the state of Nebraska.
Hj And not only is Judge Post pre-
H eminently fitted in all particulars
III for the place , but the conditions as
J well call clearly and loudly for his
B retention on the bench , where he
K has made a clean , honorable and
M able record. It is indeed a pleas-
ure for The Tribune to learn of
his decision and to urge upon the
I Republican party of the state what
we consider its duty , the renomi-
nation of Judge A. M. Post of Oo-
lumbus for judge of the supreme
lj court.
H There is nobackward step in bu-
Hj sinessalthough the season of mid-
summer quiet is near. Improve
ment continues , gradual and pru
dently cautious as before , although
in many branches evident where
f no signs of it were a few weeks ago.
lj Business men of the highest stand-
H ing in all parts of the country have
gradually perceived that the tide
I has begun to rise and are regulating
I their contracts -investments
I and plans for the future with a
I confidence quite unknown to them
I a short time ago. Great changes
B before the adjournment of Congress
B are hardly to be expected , but re-
B moval of uncertainty is with reason
i expected to bring into operation
I buying forces which have been restricted -
: stricted for months. Meanwhile
j it is encouraging that crop prospects -
\ pects still grow brighter ; that the
industries meet a gradually in
creasing demand for products ; that
I labor questions which had a
threatening aspect have been adjusted -
* justed , and that the Treasury
maintains its ample strength not
withstanding some exports of gold
; brought about by premiums paid
i ' on behalf of foreign governments. "
Dun's Review , June 26.
In issuing the official call for
i the National Republican League
of the United States , which is to be
held in Detroit , July 13,14 and 15 ,
President "Woodmansee says : "We
I cannot overestimate the importance
of this convention to the Republi
can party. Our victory of last
I year does not guarantee perma
nency of power. We must keep our
organization well equipped for the
contest of ' 98 , when we will again
vote for members of Congress , and
in many of our state elections
this year the terms of members of
the United States Senate are at
stake. "
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Adding : Disabilities Together.
One of the cruel strokes at the
veterans by the Cleveland Admin
istration was Order 224 prohibi
ting Examining Boards from ad
ding together minor disabilities
'to make a pensionable rating under
the act of June 27 , 1890.
This was malignant in concep
tion , and harshly unjust in execu
tion. . It was one of the devices
employed to nullify the Disability
Act. Cleveland and his followers
lacked the courage to repeal out
right that admirable but terribly
slandered piece of legislation , so
they resorted to all manner of
tricks and subterfuges to defeat
its operation. Order 224 was one
of the most cunning and effective
of these.
The object of the Disability Act
was to give a pension not exceed
ing § 12 a month to every man who
was incapacitated for manual
labor. This was its true intent
and purpose , and it should have
been administered solely to that
end. But unless a man had some
one specific disability and under
the Lochren rule , it had to be an
exceedingly severe infirmity
sufficient to entitle him to a rating ,
he was denied a pension.
The injustice of this is clear to
every reasonable man. The meas
ure of a man's disability is not any
one infirmity , but the sum of all
from which he suffers. They all
contribute to disable him , and two
lesser disabilities will cripple him
more than one more severe. JFor
example , a man with moderately
bad rheumatism may get along
better than one with slighter rheu
matism coupled with hernia and
chronic diarrhoea. The disabilities
have always been taken togeather
under the old laws , and the only *
reason for varying the custom of •
she Bureau was eagerness to do '
anything and everything to nullify
and invalidate the act of June 27 ,
Order 224 still stands on the
books of the Pension Bureau , but
we are in daily expectation of its
repeal by Commissioner Evans.
Last week Representative R. D.
Sutherland , of Nebraska , intro
duced the following bill , which , if
passed , will sweep away the obnox
ious order , and prevent any future
duplications of it.
Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Con
gress assembled , That in applica
tions for pensions under section 2
of the act of June 27 , 1890 , or for
am increase under the said law ,
now pending or hereafter to be
made , it shall not be necessary for
the applicant to allege any special
or specific disability , but a general
allegation that the claimant is suf
fering from a mental or physical
disability of a permanent charac
ter , not the result of his own vic
ious habits , shall be sufficient.
Sec. 2. That all acts and parts of
acts inconsistent with the provis
ions of this act are hereby repealed.
The first gathering of Republi
cans in a National Convention
since the victory of ' 96 will be
that of the National Republican
League in Detroit , July 13. Re
duced railroad rates make it easy
for Republicans to attend. It
looks as though the convention
were to be a great gathering. It
is interesting to note the evident
desire that Detroit has for the
nominating convention in 1900.
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gripe. A. McMillen.
Western Star Wash
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One Minute Cough Cure , cures.
That is what it was made for.
O. E. Boone's baby is sick with
the measles.
E. C. Goehring was cutting
wheat , Tuesday.
Grasshoppers are doing some
damage to wheat.
Mr. Hipp has very fine crops on
the upper Driftwood.
J. W. Jones and W. F. Esher
were cutting rye Tuesday.
A. D. Lord finished laying by
130 acres of corn this week.
Archibald Speer and son James
were laying by corn first of the
Alex. Haining has a fine crop ,
and so have most of the farmers in
that vicinity.
Be sure to remember the ap
pointment at Pleasant Ridge next
Sunday morning.
George Meyers has 75 acres of
slean corn with one sunflower left
in the field to shade a turtle-dove's
Al Hatcher says he would like
; o know where Charley Burton
: ound all those old traps that he
piled into his buggy.
Lyman Brown says he came
jack to Nebraska because it is a
jood country and there were people
ple that he wanted to see.
It is encouraging to most of us
vho have passed through the
Irouth stricken'years in Nebraska
o notice tkeffine prospects all a-
ound for a bountiful crop this
Your correspondent attended the
elebration on Saturday at the
Jtone ranch. It was a success in
every particular. The exercises
were held in a beautiful grove of
elm trees. There were patriotic
speeches by a number of good
speakers , interspersed with excel
lent music by the Culbertson band.
The Cornell glee club composed of
Messrs. Powers and Hinkle and
Misses Paddock and Flood also
furnished good music. There were
500 or 600Jpeople there from the
towns of Culbertson , Trenton and
Cornell and the country around.
The Ladies' Aid society furnished
refreshments and took in 310 at
their stand presided over by Mrs.
Roger Barnes. Money will be
used in building a new church.
Last but not least there was an
abundance of good things to eat.
The people all unite in saying that
it was a harmonious celebration of
a glorious day.
A Mr. Rodes and family are
stopping a few weeks with George
Some spent the 3d at Holbrook ,
some went to Lebanon and some
stayed at home.
Mrs. Phoebe Gowdy from Kan
sas is visiting with her parents ,
Mr.and Mrs.Kimptonof this place.
Dr. Bennett's new house which
he is having built on his farm will
add greatly to the appearance of
the place.
One form of reciprocity that will
prove convenient as well as advan
tageous has just been agreed upon
between the authorities of the
United States and Mexico. It is
; he exchange of weather reports by
which Mexico will apprise this
country of approaching cyclones
and in return for that service the
United States weather bureau will
tip a wink to Mexico whenever a
cold wave starts in that direction.
Mutual advantage must necessarily
result from this arrangement , and
by the same token there is no
reason perceptible why it should
not be extended throughout the
civilized world. Kansas City Star.
J. P. Schoolfield , our editorcel-
ebrated in Orleans.
We were visited by another rain
on Friday evening.
Most of the Danburyites cele
brated at Indianola.
The. farmers are all very busy
harvesting their small grain and
Real estate has been changing
hands very rapidly of late in this
small city.
Messrs. Clifford Naden and Will
Sandon started for Pueblo , Colorado
rado , Tuesday.
Simeon .Billings is having a new
dwelling house erected in thesouth-
east part of town.
Dr.W. A. DeMay returned from
Michigan , Saturday , where he has
been visiting with his aged mother-
Several Danbury citizens at
tended the Sunday school picnic ,
the Fourth , on the Sappa near De
catur , Kansas.
E. L. Dennis , our new lumber
man , is treating the buildings at
the lumber yard to a coat of paint ,
which improves the looks of the
buildings wonderfully.
Vim , vigor and victory : these are the char
acteristics of DeWitt's Little Early Risers , the
famous little pills for constipation , biliousness
ind all stomach troubles. A. McMillen.
John Wepp of Frontier county
ivill live high for some time , as he
secured several of the prizes award-
id on the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Nichols of Chi-
jago arrived on Tuesday , and are
visiting a sister of the latter , Mrs
F. E. Werner of this place.
There was a select A. P.A. cele
bration at the grove , Sundaywhich
though small , was spirited , judg
ing from the fireworks exploded
during Sunday school time.
There is to be a basket meet
ing at Box Elder , Sunday , July
18th. There will be preaching in
in the forenoon , and in the after
noon there will be baptismal ser
vices and reception of members.
Moritz Mohler is having a "peck
o' trouble" with the water ques
tion. His well has failed and he is
financially unable to sink a new
one. To add to his general good
fortune , several of the neighbors
have shown their usual tendency
to extend a helping hand to the af
flicted by refusing to allow him to
use water from their wells.
The celebration was largely suc
cessful , the majority voting it as
such. Mr. Valentine was as good
as his word in giving something
new in the line of Fourth of July
speeches. The remarks by H. H.
Berry were also appreciated. The
contests were all spirited , from the
fat men's race to climbing the
greased pole. There were a few
who were disappointed by the ab
sence of the dancing bowery , butte
to the largest portion of those
present it was a pleasant disap
It heals everything but a broken heart may
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HighesV Honors World's Fair , '
* WCfr
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia , Alum or any other adulterant.
Harry Edward of McCook is
cowboy for Samuel Ellis at present.
Harvest has commenced in ear
nest this week , and bids fair to be
a bountiful one.
The school meeting decided to
hold an 8-months term of school ,
and levied us a tax of 17 mills.
A. 0. Ely's mother arrived here
a few days ago from Ohio , and
will make her sou an extended visit.
Mrs. John Rowland of Banksville
will leave there in a short time for
a six-months' visit to her old home
in Ohio.
Arthur Dodge and Henry Rich
ardson of this place furnished the
music at Matt. Droll's dance , on
the evening of the 3d.
Most of our people celebrated at
Cedar Bluffs , Kas. , this year. The
usual routine of exorcises was suc
cessfully carried out. Oration was
delivered by Rev. J.M. Bell of Mc
Deputy Sheriff Ryan sold under
tax sale some old traps that be
longed to Phillip Katzenmyer , at
the residence of O. L. Thompson's ,
last Friday. It seems as though
old and worn out traps are in bet
ter demand and at better prices
than new ones.
A gentleman termed a McCormick -
ick expert was in this vicinity , last
week , setting up binders. Through J
some hook or crook he got Ed
Lawther's and Samuel Ellis's ma
chines mixed together and could
not tell whether the pieces belonged
: o the binders or a locomotive
engine. We suggest that we have
nany farmers with far more ex
If yoxi want Fruits
go where they are
kept. At Knipple's ,
of course.
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all throat and lung troubles. A. McMillen.
I. A. Sheridan went in to Lin
coln , Tuesday , witn a shipment of
J. J. Lamborn returned to Wil
cox Tuesday night , after spending
Saturday and Sunday here.
A. J. Rand visited his numer
ous friends here on Saturday. He
was on his way west from a trip
to Omaha.
County Attorney and Mrs.H.W.
Keyes were in McCook , Monday ,
the board of county commissioners
being in session.
H. W. Keyes is putting a num
ber of hundred dollars into im
provements on his house. He will
have one of the cosiest homes in
the county.
F. H. Strout returned home ,
Monday evening , the shop in which
he was cutter at McCook having
closed for the present. He hopes
to return to the county seat in the
near future.
The probabilities are that Hon. ,
J. J. Lamborn will attend the Republican - i
publican National League meetino- ]
in Detroit , next week. If so the ]
Republicans of Red Willow county '
ivill have stalwart , enthusiastic j
representation. John is straight
goods , a yard wide , and warranted
not to rip.
The Commissioner of Pensions
does not agree with the Democrrtic
idea that the duty of examining is
to invent ways and means of keep
ing old soldiers from getting pen
sions justly due them , and so dis
missed about five hundred Demo
cratic examining surgeons who
seem to have thought that their
chief duty during the past four
ftm 1
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The manufacturer who is preparing to H
put a chainless bicycle on the market j l
next season estimates that it will cost at * |
least Jrso. He has secured a large j H
number of patents on the chainless H
devices , it is reported , and will have no H
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: he public will hardly pay $ r5o for anew * -
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11 find his trade next year is the wheels fl H
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? F. I ) . Burgess , 9 J l
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