The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 21, 1897, Image 7

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    I " K Co t or Stopjiln- Train.
I : KT * iv : i hcries ° calculations it hai
H JBS been demonstrated that it costs a rail-
H 3k' road'tun * cunts to stop a locomotive
L Jp und four cunts for each stop of a pas-
HS ) bftiger car. It often happens that a
Hr passenger does not mahe any move to
Hk leave the train until the order is" given
HJP ) to go ahead , and a train must be
HJE / brought to a stop again to let theslow-
S going passenger off. This little inci-
H # dent costs the railroad company six-
m teen or twenty cents , sometimes as
M % much as the tardy passenger has paid.
M R This is one of the little leaks that a
M M railroad company undertakes to guard
m | f against , and the number of coaches to
m M u train is limited to save expense of
1 at stoppage , as well as to lessen the
V Si number of pounds of coal consumed
h § 7 ant wear anc tear ° f * ts rnnnfrgcir-
• if ; Tlic I'ollowinfr littler.
H \sl MrDrAuSnt : Your h'ttcr. asUms ; my lin-
% TM ntvhsioiisas a i > lisiiaii , of the Mack Hills
B comitry as a health resort is befoie niu.
H II i N I made a itersonal investigation of the Hot.
I Hi \ Sirhis | ; in j-ciuili Dakota , and believe they
TC are of Rival value to invalids. Water , free
H % i from organic compounds or rliuinicat 1m-
Ak jim 11 It-- , . -iikI : i delightfully pure , dry atmos-
w jiliere with plenty of sunshine , aie essential
I 9- , ! • ' 11"P - ' > i > ' f diseased I issues , and such
A conditions obtain at Hot Springs. S. II. Hut f
_ J am specially interested in the study and
treatment of nervous diseases , and it was for
ihe purpose of informing invself of the licue. -
Jiekil effects to be derived to that class of
y "suffering humanity" thai I directed mv In
\ vesications. For such ailments I find the
| : ilmospheric conditions especially commend-
J able , lieln light and whoilv free from ihat.
! / humidity so prevalent in this and lower
* aliitudes. The clear , mire springs are con
stantly issuing out of the ro-ks at a temporal
al arc about ecjual to the normal body heat
and potent in therapeutic properties that are
very superior in benefitting nervous affec
The high altitude provides a pure , dry air
not possible in other health resorts , however
artificially beautilied. Tot lie pleasure seeker ,
• who is desirous of rest and recuperation from
the daily duties of routine business or nro-
* Jessionul life , there is no better locality.
* Hotels an- inviting and moderate in rates ,
vIdle a tramp over the hills , or ride in the
t stage coach , or on horse-bark to the nuiner-
\ oils resorts is inexpensive , and lie who visits
Niagara Falls to view its majesty may see a
. grander work of nature in tue gteat Wind
ff l ave of Hot Springs. S. I ) .
p jii > yoit iia"i > it ?
If you wish to know the name of the
prominent Omaha physician that wrote
t the letter , 1 will tell you. and at same
Sp time mail you a map and time card
showing that the "North-Western Line' "
is the most dirict to these springs.
.7. It. Buchanan.
G. P. A. , P. E. & M. V. K. It. ,
* Omaha , Neb.
L New Treatment for Nervous Disease * .
p > This novel method consists in snben-
taneous injections of a solution of the
* phosphate of soda , which , riot entering
5 the system by the digestive tract , acts
' directly on the nervous system. The
Brown-Sequard elixir was not always
, harmless , but in many instances pro-
JJ dueed local inflammation at the point
B xvhere the injection was made or other
\ unpleasant consequences. But no
jr * -uch serious objection is likely to be
V } . raised to the use of a solution of five
v grammes of the phosphate of soda in
M 100 grammes of sterilized , distilled
| -water. .
' % > A correspondent writes : "I was drunk
/ on and off for drunk
- • < over twenty years ,
' % xvhen I had money , sober xvheii 1 had none.
K Many dear frieuds 1 lost , and numbers
f jrax-e me good advice to no purpose : but ,
thank God. an aujjel hand came at last in
4 tiie form of my poor xvife , who administer-
. /J * < d your niarx elous remedy , "Anti-Jag , " '
p4" to uie without my knowledge or consent.
"St1 * 1 am now sax-ed and completely trans-
jM Jormed from a xvorthless fellow to a sober
aL and respected citizen. "
m . If 'Anti-Jag" cannot be had at your
3H | drugpist. it xvill be mailed in plain xvrapper
isS with full directions how to give secretly ,
Mr < ai receipt of One Dollar , by the Itenova
SK rheniical Co. , GO Broadway , New York , or
jsL iiiey will glndlv mail full particulars tree.
| L Effect of I'ro.t at Niagara Falls.
Wj - The xvear and tear of the elements
IV A nn aS"ara ina3 * e better remarked in
.111 early spring than at any other season.
* E i , Ureat boulders are continually fa.ling
I from the faces of the cliffs where the3"
T t xxere loosened by the action of the
% \ frost , and the same process , no doubt ,
* \ is going on in the stone under the
\ , \ cataracts. The erosix-e power of the
fc | ? . \ x\aterfall is not so great , but xvater.
B > I xvind and frost together make the re-
* * - \ , 1 cession of the gorge , particularly on
r \ tlie llorseshoe side , quite perceptible.
\ The editor of this paper advises his
readers tlmt a free package of Peruviana ,
f the be t kidney and liver cure ou earth , xvill
be delivered FREE to any sufferer , if xvrit-
ten for promptly. I'r.tcrviAXAliEMKDT Co. ,
f "stf ath St. . Cincinnati. Ohio.
tL General ( > rat Keplio to : i Snob.
* * The anecdote is told of General Grant
J , that soon after his nomination for the
presidency " ne xx-as in the city of ,
3u V
jf r xvhere he had not been expected , and
yg * xvas known to but few. and there , on a
< | | rainj * Sunday , entered a church and
2 ik took a seat in a vacant pew not far
| from the pulpit. The man xvho rented
aw or oxx-ncd the pexx- came in. and seeing
0 s > me one in the seat , sent the sexton
jsP to ask him to leax-e it. xvhieh the gen-
L eral did , simply saving : " 1 supposed
I l5 | it xvas probably the pew of a g ntle-
JrS' man or I should not have entered it. * '
jyp / pifS PcnMacntlCnn'd. > ofituraorvousnf alt
JjK * Iirxt day b u-e of Dr. Klmpn t .Nrr Restorer.
* . s s.nd lor FREE S' .OO trial Lottie and trestiso
W \ -iu-E-U. KLISE.Ltd-.H31 ArcliM. . rialadelphia. Pa.
Mi i \ J One Caper if si t.eorgia t'yclone.
\ / The xvind sometimes cuts very queer
jfr- . ' capers An old colored xvoman in the
§ | t , ) upper part of Georgia owns a very
Jf large wash pot , xvhieh s.he claims xvas
K turned inside out by a cyclone. She
V says the pot is as good as ever , only
j j the leg ? and handles are on the inside
ft , now , and pester her xvhen > he stirs the
| clothes.
H \ CoeV Coacli Kulaara
A I the oldest and be t. It will breakup * co"il Uiilcfcfr
/ I thi ii njthinsel . It i al a } . rt.lial.UTi \ iU
W J Chraiu
W Ellicott Squeer-I notice that the
Mj. new restaurant managers are going toY
* Y\ r-"t in Boston girls As "lady waiters. " '
j/\ Kllmore Yes : they believe it will save
\Sj them the cost of ice and electric-fan
| C nowcr.
| Lillics of the valley are in high favor
f with brides and debutantes.
K Wo-To-Kac for Firty Cenlg.
jk , Guaranteed tobacco habit cure , makes Tveak
pr % tncu stroau. Wood pure. 50c. 81. All drucgibls.
WF The shiftless man is always away
• from home x\ lien a good opportunity
JaeUV Uooiiicr.iti ? . Or llio Storjr ii
Little Uoy Who Wan Too F nnl ol
IMaylnK Trick * lie's a Ilriek Souit
Talf'h oT l'crll.
An Evening Cuc t
Cfft F in the silence ol
/r \ / / this lonely eve ,
/ j > With the streel
/ fiChM i lamp pale
' VI 'J\sjk ) flickering or
\ rf y / . ? J An ' anujel xvere tc
\ < t K fr whisper me-
YOrBeliev. -
//y W \ U sliall be Kiver
/fir/t/ llK'eCall ! " -
-j < ij whom siiould J
( ( { call ?
And tlien I were tc
see thee sliding in
Clad in known garments , that with
empty fold
Lie in : ny keeping , and my fingers ,
As thine were once , to feel in thy
safe hold ;
I should fall weeping on thy neck and
say ,
"I have so suffered since since" Bul
my tears
Would stop , remembering how tliot
eount'st thy day.
A day that is x\-ith God a thousand
Then what are these sad days , months
years of mine.
To thine eternity of full delight ?
What my whole life , xvhen myriad lives
May xvait , each leading to a higher
height ?
I lose myself T faint. Beloved , best.
Let me still dream thy dear humanity
Sits xvitli me here , my head upon thy
And then 1 xvill go hack to heaver
with thee.
• lack's l ooiuer ns >
Aunt Flora xvas making some wal
nut creams that last afternoon in
March. She had to crack the nuts very
carefully to get them out xvhole , and
some halves of shelves xvere not brok
en at all. Jack's sharp eyes discovered
them in the coal-hod.
"Oh. goody ! " cried he , "they'll be
just the thing to fool Teddy xvitli lo-
morroxv , Aunt Flo. I'll stick them to
gether and he'll think they're regulai
xvalnuts. "
"I xvouldn't , " said Aunt Flo. "He
is such a little boy , and he will be
disappointed. I wouldn't , Jack. "
But Jack would. He picked out shell ;
enough to make three xvalnuts , then he
got the glue-bottle and stuck them to
gether so carefully you xvouldn't have
known they ere ever cracked.
"Don't- they look just good enough
to eat ? " laughed he. "Noxv , x\-hen they
get dry I'll put them in a paper bag
and give them to Teddy in the morn
ing. "
Then he ran out to his play , whist
ling ; and he played so long and hard
that he didn't think of the xvalnuts
again until he came home from school
next day , at noon. Aunt Flora had
put them away for him , however. She
told him where to find them.
"On the second shelf of the dining
room closet , in a paper bag. " said she.
Jack's face had a sober look. He
thought perhaps Aunt Flo didn't like
his joke.
"Maybe I hadn't best fool Teddy , "
said he. "Guess I'll take them out and
fool Johnny Wilson. I haven't been
fooled today , Aunt Flo. "
But Aunt Flo did not answer , and
when Jack got to the fining room he
found Teddy there. It did seem too
good a chance to be lost. Jack took
the bag of xvalnuts from the closet
"Hello , Teddy ! " said he ; "have some
nuts ? "
"Oh. yes ! " cried Teddy , running to
get the tack hammer. Ho liked wal
nuts almost better than anything else.
"You're the bestest boy , Jack , " he
At xvhieh Jack looked sober again. I
think he felt a little bit ashamed.
After all. it xx-asn't the best of fun to
fool a little five-year-old boy. and his
oxvn brother , too. But he gave Teddy
the bag.
In less than two seconds down came
the hammer on the first walnut. It
cracked very easily , indeed , and it had
the funniest kernel you ex-er saxv in
a nut a bright nexv dime ! It didn't
take long to crack the other txvo , yon
may be sure ; and there xvere thirty
cents enough to buy two xvhole
pounds of walnuts.
"Oh , oh ! " cried Teddy , astonished
beyond measure. "Are they mine ?
Where did 'em come from ? "
Jack's face xwts red as a rose. He
was almost ready to feel cross about
it : but looking up , he saw Aunt Flo
smiling in the doorxx-ay. and laughed
instead , a little sheepishly.
" 1 guess I'm like the story you told
about the man that threxv the boom
erang. Aunt Flo , and it came back and
hi ; him , " said he. "But I'm glad of
i ; just the same. " Youth's Companion.
lie's a lirick.
When a boy does something tha ; is
particularly good or noble his com
rades say "He ' s a brick ! " for to call a
fellow "a brick" is as high a compli
ment as one boy can pay to another.
If we stop to think about it , though ,
iteems rather strange that a brick
fhould be chosen as a standard for
measuring the worth of a boy. There
is surely nothing very wonderful or
fine about a brick. But. like a great
many other sayings that do not appear
to have much sense , we shall find , by-
looking up the origin of the expression ,
that it started out with a very sensible
inclining. In order to get at its be
ginning , xve have to go back into &n-
t-int history for a distance of uine
hundred years before Christ all the
way back to the time of Lycurgus , th <
gicat Spartan ruler. Plutarch tells ui
that Lycurgus had a great many wise
and curious notions as to hoxv peoph
should live and how the affairs of Mi
country should be managed. One of hi-
ideas xvas .that there xvas no necessity
for building a wall about a town > f the
soldiers xvere properly trained to pro
tect the place. On one occasion an am
bassador from a neighboring countr ;
came to see Lycurgus , and he askei
hoxv it xvas that he had no xvalb
around the town. "But xve have xvalls , '
replied Lycurgus , "and if you will cow.
with mo I will show them to you. '
Thereupon he took his guest out upir
the plains where the army xvas drawr
up in battle array , and , pointing tc
the ranks of the soldiers , he said :
"These are the xvalls of Sparta , ani
every man is a brick. " So you ce =
when the expression xvas first used n
had a great deal more sense than it ha'
Titles of l'crll.
While three men were hunting ir
Idaho , one gax'e a shout , and the others
ran to his assistance. They found hiir
clinging to some x'ines. that grew or
the edge of a great hole in the ground
at least thirty feet in diameter. Aftej
hauling him out , he explained that h
had xvalked into the hole xvhile lookint
ahead for game , and only saved himseli
by the merest chance. The hunter :
came back the next day xvith ropes ant
lowered a man into the pit. He report
ed that it xvas nearly sixty feet deep
and half-xvay down xvas narrowed ii
like an hour glass , so that any living
thing falling into the pit could nevei
get out without assistance. As a proof
the floor of the pit xvas strewn xw.l
the carcasses of bear , deer and lessei
game. The luckless animals at differ
ent times had evidently fallen into the
pit , perhaps xvhile being chased , and
of course , xvere unable to climb the
xval > 3 , xvhieh inclined toxvard the nar-
roxv opening. Nobody of any sense ex- -
er hunts for a grizzly , but xvhen one
comes in sight hardly any one can re
frain from firing at him. This xvas the
case xvith txvo men in Montana , xvhc
were going over the mountains on z
narrow trail , xvhen they saxv a grizzly
on the rocks above. Both men prompt
ly took to shelter and consulted. The
grizzly xx-as evidently coming to i
spring nearby to drink , and was mind
ing its oxx'n business , but one of the
men thought he saxv a chance , anc
fired. The bullet hit the bear in the
neck. This merely irritated him enougl
to make him look around for his tor
mentors , and presently he was in ful
chase. They ran at a lively pace , bu1
would have been caught had they not
scrambled up the rocks. The grizzly
scrambled up , too , but presently al
sounds of pursuit ceased. Looking
back , they saxv the bear jammed be
tween two rocks. Before he could bad-
out , one of the men ran back and pu ;
a ball in the grizzly's ear , and the chase
xvas over. It xvas such a narrow es
cape , however , that .the hunters re
solved to avoid grizzlies in future.
In Los Angeles , a resident exhibits
the skin of a mountain lion , got in i
peculiar xvay. He xvas riding leisurely
among the foothills xvhen a mountain
lion crossed his path , and xvas slink
ing axvay. as it generally does , xvhen he
rashly fired at it xvith a light shot
gun he carried. The lion , slightly
xvounded. came back in a rage anc '
made a dash at him. The horse shiee :
and the man xvas thrown , striking his
head against a rock , and causing in
sensibility. When he came to his
senses his horse was standing ox-ei
him , and a dead lion lay a little dis
tance axvay. He examined the beast
and found its skull crushed like ar
eggshell. The horse had got a fail
crack at him with his heels , and made
an end of him.
Ceremonial Laws of Savaccs.
In a recent lecture on "Primitix-e Re
ligious Expression" in Nexv Haxen
Conn. . Professor D. G. Brinton said that
ceremonial laxv is found to exist in ex- -
cry tribe , and is obeyed xvith surprising
punctuality. It is often absurd and ri
diculous , but is obeyed just the same
Among certain tribes it is against this
laxv to roast a pig. only boiling of tha.
animal being allowed ; xvith othei
tribes no fuel from two different
species of trees may be used for th >
same fire and in
; Kamtchatka a cer
tain tribe has a ceremonial laxv xvhieh
prohibits the scraping of snoxv from the
boots with a metal knife , and anothei
law xvhieh threatens xvith boils anyone
who kills a very young duck. It is be-
liex-ed that punishment for the infrac
tion of of these -
any laxx-s falls not upor
the indix-idual , but upon his tribe. Dar
win found very little religion amen : .
the Patagonians , but the severest ceremonial
menial laws in x-ogue.
An Elephant-Hunting Ad\etiturc.
Selous. the African elephant hunter
en one occasion had a marvelous es
cape. He xx-as chased by an infuriatei
elephant , throxx-n from his horse , xvhict
ran axx-ay , leaving him upon the ground
Before he could rise the elephant xvas
upon him. and. falling upon his knees
sent on. ' of its sharp tusks through hi
thigh into the ground , for a moment
pinning him there. Scions , xvhile suf
fering terrible agony , did not lose hh
presence of mind , but pretended to ik
dead , xvell knoxving that this xvas hi.
only hope. The elephant watched him
closely a moment , then , thoroughly de-
t-eived , pulled his tusk out and ran oft
into the xvoods. receiving as it went It&
quietus in the shape of a bullet , which
the hunter's companions had not dared
to fire before , fearing that the animal
would fall on him.
Professor Bailey , of Ithaca. N. Y. .
has succeeded in grafting tomato on
potato vines. In this case the toma
toes grexv to full size , but the pota
toes remained small.
Insane Trcaki or Aiiliinit I' I'pon n
Kentucky Man.
Thomas Odcll. a young man of 2L
years , living seven mi' ( * s > bade of
Greenup. Ky. , has met death in a
strange manner , lie had been u puzzle
to physicians for several years. lie
xvas affected bv what he ale to such an
extent that whn he indulged in beef
e-ting about an hour afterward he
would become restless , and wander out
in search of cattle and bellow as an ox.
and would get down oa his hands and
eat grass like a cow. When he par
took of mutton his actions xvere those
of a sheep , and he xvould plaintively
bleat like a lamb. When he ate chicken
he would go out and scratch for worms
xvhieh he xvould devour xvith apparent
After eating fish he xvould xvander
to the creek and go in swimming.
Lately his father kil.ed several squir
rels , of which the son ate heartily for
dinner. He left the house shortly
after and xvas folloxvcd by the father.
The father saw him entering an oak
grove , and soon saxv his son jumping
nimbly from limb to limb , at the same
time barking like a squirrel. Ilecallctl
for him to come doxvn , but this only
seemed to make the boy want to
escape , and he attempted to jump from
one tree to another , but missed and
fel. to the ground , a mangled , breath
less mass of humanity , and expired in
less than five minutes.
I5i-j Karruijrs Coming in A ain.
"Monster earrings. " says a jeweler ,
' 'belong to thee a of cannil a'ismand
xvidow-burning , and I never expected
to see the mastodonic oriental fashion
sxx-elidom has decreed
revived , but English
creed that big earrings must be xvorn
again , so be prepared to see the lobes
of ladies' auricles weighed clown xxith
gr'-at heax-y combinations of mctalu
and jexvcls. I xvonder xvhy the women
stop short of xvearing rings in their
* nails ttuck
r.o-es and ten-pennx
through their upper lips.
A Dangerous Lethargy.
The foientiiner of a train of evils , which
too often culminate fatally , is inactivity or
lctliaifry of the kidneys. Not only is Hripht's
disease. "diabetes , gravel , or some other dan-
joous integral disease of the organs thein-
sflxes to he apprehended , hut diopsical
diffusions from tlie hlood. rheumatism and
gout , are all traceable to the non-removal
fiom the blood by the kidneys of certain im-
puiities. Hostetter's Stomach Hitters depu-
latesthe blood , renders the kidneys active
and ptevents their disease.
The Ileit Way to Learn.
Rogers , the poet , xvon a reputation
for caustic speech : but he had a great
distaste for the "small beer * ' of per
sonal gossip. "I xvonder hoxv the
Blanks are able to keep a carriage , " a
lady once said to him , in his own
house , and the poet at once turned to a
serx-ant to say : "Go to Blank Square
xvith Mrs. Proctor ' s and my compli
ments , and ask hoxv the family con
trive to pay for their carijiajre.
Take Laxative Brome Quinine Tablets. All
Druggists refund the money if it fails to cure , :5c
Not l'sirticular.
"We take breakfast here at ' ! , " the
mistress informed the nexv servant.
"Don't change your arrangements for
me. mum. 1 can find something for
myself when I come down later. "
Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is a constitutional cure. Price , Vac.
Kngllslimen IvnoM-n to Frenchmen.
The onlx- Englishmen that are knoxxn
to the French people generally , it has
been said in a jocular xvay , are Ilobin-
son Cru.soe and the prince of Wales
Cafe Iiobinson. restaurants built in
trees , are among the latest Parisian
fads. They take their name , of course ,
from Bobinson Crusoe.
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take Ca caiets Candv Cathartic 10c or 25c.
I ! C. C. C. fail to cure , druggists refunil moaev.
A man xvho i.s not x-ery smart , can
gix-e good advice.
i1IPp11Bgreat dcaI of I
l"pls * 1 i nonscnse ias been w
( I PP fk IP' ' w"ttcn o * be5
slfk l Iicvcd about
il >
W >
g l glj blood purifiers.
i if § 15 H What ? mmes the &
gi jlglla -nal j blood ? I )
g If diseased , however , they cannot , *
8 and the blood continually becomes W
ft more impure. Every drop of blood fe
a in the body goes through the kidneys ,
si the sewers of the system , every three
minutes , night and day , while life %
m endures. &
w puts the kidneys in perfect health , and p
nature does the rest. g >
f 1 he heavy , dragged out feeling , the g
( | bilious attacks , headaches , nervous p
unrest , fickle appetite , all caused by fe
f poisoned blood , xvill disappear when w
the kidneys properly perform their m
* There is no doubt about this , w
Thousands have so testified. The p
M theory is right , the cure is right and
9 health folloxvs as a natural sequence. 9
m Be self-convinced through perm - p
m sonal proof. fe
Vegetable Sicilian
Beautifies an J .estoies Grav
Hair to its original coicr and
vitality ; prevents baidness :
cures itching and dandruff.
A fine hair dressing.
11.1' . Hall & Co. . Props . V sliua. X.ll.
Sold hall .Druggists.
President Barnaby , of Hartsville College , Survives a Serious Illness
Through the Aid of Dr. Williams * Pink Pills for Pale People.
, . .
From tiic Kcpublicun Columtms. Iml.
The Hnrtsville College , situated at Hurts-
vi-le. Indiana , was loundel years ago in
the interest of the United lSrethreii Church ,
wiiou the state was mostly a wilderness
and colleges were nearce. " The college in
well known throughout the country ,
former students having gone into all parts
of the world.
Sfi miL & K. I
nu > r aixis i' imn.NAin
A reporter recontix called at tins famous
s-ent ot learning mid was slnn into the
room of the President , l'ruf Alvin 1' . Har-
naby. When last seen by the reporter
l'rof. Harnnby xvuin delicate health. To
day he xvas apparently in the l > e-t of health ,
lures-pause to an inquiry the profc-sor saiil •
"Oh , yes , 1 am much better than for
sometime , lam now in perfect health :
but my recovery xwis brought about in
rutlier a peculiar wax . "
"Tell me about it. " said the reporter.
"Well , to begin at the beginning. " ' said
the professor. "I studied too hard when at
f-chool. endeavoring to educate mx self for
the professions. After completing the
common course 1 came liete. and graduated
from the theological course 1 entered
.he ministry , aud accented the charge of a
A Historic Cathedral Doomed *
The old cathedral in Herlin is being-
pulled down 'n I a new one erectt-d.
The emperor hi.o consented to allow
papcrxveights to b made of the marble
pavements and the step's of the altar
where the late Emperor William ' s cof
fin stood. Each weight bears stamped j
upon it the xvords H xvhieh the em
peror gave his permission as a guaran
tee of its genuineness. Thex- are to be :
sold for charitable purposes.
My doctor said I xvou 'd die I ut. Piso ' s Cure
for Consumption cured me. Amos Ke.ner.
Cherry Valley , Ills. , > oJi. . IMC.
Another Olfrr Tor Sljrht. |
A. J. Miller , a wealthy merchant of
Frankfort , Ind. , has offered to give
$50,000 to anyone xvho xvill restore his
sit , * t , lost three xears ago by a stroke
of paralysis.
Educate Your isovrcls fVitli Cascarotn.
Candy Cathartic , cure constipation forever.
lOc. ir C. C. C. fail , druzsists refund mout-y.
Theosophy is the cultured and soul
ful xvay of going crazy.
United Hruthren Church nt n small piuco
in Kent CountMich. . Hoing of un am
bitious nature , 1 applied myself diligently
to my work and studies. In time I uoticpd
thut ' inx- health was failing My truiililit
was indigestion , mid this with other trou
bles brought on nervousness.
" .My physician proscribed for mo for
soiiiosometiiiie. and ndvised mo to tufco n
change of eliunito I did as he requested
niul xvns homo mi proved. Soon after. I
cumo hero as professor in physic , and
chemistry , mid later was financial a mit
of this college The change agreed ith
inc. and for a while mv health was bettor ,
but my duties were heavy , and again I
found my trouble returning. Tins time it
x\as more severe and in the winter I be
came completely prostrated. I trio 1 xari
cms medicines and different physicians
Filially , J was able to return to mv duties
Last spring 1 waselected president of the '
college. Again I had considerable work. '
and tiie troublewhich iiad not been entire
ly cured , began to titled me. and ! nt fail
J collapsed. I had ditlcrcnt doctors but
none d. 'd me any good. Professor ' .ou
man. who is professor of natural science ,
told me of ins experience with I > r Wil
liams * Pink Pills for Pale People and urged
mo to give tliem a trial , bi'causo tie\ ! had
benefited him in a similar case , and 1 con
eluded to try them
• • The box helped me , and the -ci-i.nd
gin e great relief , such as I had neveex i
periciiced from Ihe treatment of mix phv i\ \
sicinti. Alter using six boxes ot the inedi JS
cine 1 xvas entiiely cured. To day I am t ,
perfectly well. 1 leel butter and stronger Jj
than for years. 1 certainly recitmmeiid : '
this medicine. " •
To allay nil dmilit Prof. Parnaby cheer
f nilv made an allidavit before
Lym\s .1. Sci'KiiKit , Notary Public
Dr. Williams - Pink Pills for Pale People
aio sold by all dealers , or xvill be sent post t
paid on receipt of price , .Ml cents u box or
six boxes for i'2 f > < > ( they are never sold in * ' 4
bulk , or by the 100) . bv addressing ! > r Wil j
liains ' Medicine Co. . Schenectady , N Y I
The Hire t'la r . I
Mamma "I am inclined to b > - . as- 1
picious of Mr. Smithers. " I
Maud "Why. mamma , he a' .wjva I
wears a dress suit when he calls ' I
Mamma "Yes. but it is not aiw.ixs J
the same one , my child.Judge -I
_ _ ,
S75 S50 I I
Western Wheel "Works I
- > . MAKERS .vD - .
Cf C * f t i. \
Late I'rlnrlpkl Examiner V B. Pennon Eurrzu.
3)Ii. in lull war , l ailjudnaling els. a - • . H
DROPSY ! c . ° yE - t ;
f tfsiiiiiiuiiaiml 10 < li\i * H
< -a-H „ SniI for iiook - -
treatment J'reo. I r. > , Atlanta , un.
W. N. U. OMAHA. NOIi 1. -1 7. I
When writin * ; to advertiser- . Kind > • ; • > H
tion this jiapcr. B
$ IS * * S3 ! k S Si l YoiTII find out what | ' I
| jjj S SE ' jr Je * i H ga fe they arc when you I
I L u\if ; \ ! d ST. JACOBS 01L = = = : . I
jj is xvhen you put the crutches axvay , completely cured.
O candlc the oil lamp ' ' gas- \ I
1 mw///u 7 / | 1 # C\V these arc stages in th < - cvoS
J\yfyWWW///ti\"ys \ \ N \N Iubon of iiluminaticn , which \
y 's ' ' ' iodzy finds its highest expo- &
6 nent in the electric light. 6 % 9
Similar and no less stt king has been the evolution of grain ana ( I
grass cutting machinery. In 1831 the scythe and the cradle were superseded by
) the McCormick Reaper. The intervening years have seen many improvements , r I
Xyf until noxv we have that model Harveste- and Binder , the McCormick Right K H
Vp Hand Open Elevator , and that veritable electric light of mowersom , the vc. H
rf I
, ii New 4. It is not only the handsomest mov/er ever built , but it is , in exery w- B
sense of the word , the best and if ycur experience has taught you anything. < H
Vfl it is that there's nothing cheaper than the best. , \
* \ McCormick Harvesting Machine Company ; Chicago. fj fl
Jj The I.tht-RuTinintr M > .orrr.icl : Open Elex-ator Harvester , 'Tkl M
. . . . . S ! M
K/ The I.isl.t-kut.uinp MiCormitk ev.4 steel Mou-er.
ftp The i.i ht-Kur.miifr McCormnk Vertical Corii I.nder and C § fU
jS The I.ight-Kunnn < j McCorniick Liai-v Rcitr for ssle ever Trhere [ M
Fork Crown I
In'h < l-fiTCoInm-
bia models a feature
J ofspt. lal-niportanre i
15 ihr double fork !
crown. It is a special
construction which
we have tried and 1
foaaJ to be the
strongest. The crow n
encased in nick
cled c-i utcheons ,
• "xcludia dust or
out. and givirg a
. . rich , distinctive
? = ist..ccishio
t c i vs : * fe'l'rj. finish , md that a ! a
rot its ? . qlance the fact tha *
the wheel is the Columbia is apparea' . $ !
( 1897 Columbia Bicycles J1
1896 Columblas , $75.
j HARTF0RDS , next best , S60 , S50 , $45 $
\ POPE MFG. CO. , Hartford , Conn.
< ( ATALO&UC * t flV * * V Ck i.v i tt L , It MAIL. fOW WS
' > NNNNX\\\\NN\\\X\NN\\V \ I
Oift" . i to Dfr H
To California 1
comfortably. I
i nrnrw rm r i i m _ H
Every y , a4.35 B
p m..h Lrt-i- - , .w pica : H
lor Drav . . > .ttl 'L.j.iZ'i City , H
San ? rc. . .s.r and Los M
Ange " * - - ijf" Omaha via H
the ' - Eon * "
S'u-lizi'frn jH
It it. • irp"teJ. upho.- H
Etfre .n - .jt' . i , Has spring |
sats i : . - . Us- & > , and 1a H
1 m l P'oviJf 1 v.ith curtains ,
| | iNHM Mm b dd.j.jr. 'o- - : > i , soap , etc j t
lillllllillUlllfll • * ' * " i • "i * " . ' ti excursion. |
imffttUHm cond'i mi .1 unifonaed H
HiIiIIKlH Pullmar . . ' - ? • raccompany
HilJijll H it thrci ' . t.j the Pacific
' 1 Coast p. M
Not -si • "is.tvely tin. - |
isheel nor m > f , ; Tol-okat |
as a uala y - - ; eper. . but M
just as oo < l to tiJ in M
Fecond • lu * tj. , t t tp B
honor * d. a.c * hpn' - " . - > f j" M
a berth , riniaca and M
big en. v.ri. ' 'T ' • 3. 0,1liJ M
Fir . . - tt. . - : 21 9
partif - . ivs * B
J. FRANCIS , GneP - Atii , fl
Oi.ah . N- ' H
> % TPIITft H. B.WII.I-SON 6. CO. Vasb- H
| ffl I fV I nFu'1- ' ' ' X - , ti 'I'at nt 1
K % I nil I Wtecureii. * . . . ; ; ; IiimiV free , M