The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 26, 1897, Image 2

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I *
H | V F. l r. KIMMELL , Pnbllshcr.
H Thijer women have been nominated
Hj for the school board in Beatrice.
H Tiik iec house at Ashland is said to
H be the largest in the United States.
H Sevkhai , brick business blocks will
H Ikj erected at Crawford the coming
H season.
H T. 13. Cuiitis of Portland , Me. , is feed-
H , ing 4,000 head of cattle on his big farm
Bl near Gothenburg.
j A dog supposed to have rabies was
M "killed near Elmwood after having bitten -
M -ten two small boys.
H Ceimi : couJiTi is putting four dclin-
H quent tax collectors in the field. The
H county has about § 23,000 of delinquent
H taxes.
H i At many points in the state dealers
H have ceased buying corn because the
Hj cribs are full , and they do not feel like
H building more.
Hj The Catholics of Ponca will soon
H erect it new church building to take
H the plaee of the one destroyed by fire
H u few months ago.
H Stone has been purchased and the
H foundation of the new Swedish Luth-
H eran'church will be laid as soon as the
H weather will permit.
H O'Neili. people are greatly agitated
H over the prospect of the removal of
H hicory factories from that place , and
H have called a public meeting to devise
H ways and means to retain the enter-
Hj prise.
H Geouge Heimhod , treasurer of DougH -
H las county , last week made his month-
H ly statement for January with State
H Treasurer Meserve. Mr. Heimrod
V turned over$19,442.23 , which was ered-
H ited to tlie various funds.
H A scourge of lagrippe has been
H sweeping over the section about Brad-
H shaw , in some instances whole families
H being down. The revival meetings
H -which were in progress at the JMeth-
H > odist church arc closed on account of
H \ Mrs. .T. H. Mackat , in her applica-
Hjj I tion for divorce from Dr. J. H. MacH -
H ; I kay > says the Madison lleporter ,
Hj } charges her husband with extreme
Hj cruelty and adultery and names Miss
Hj Anna Grabel , formerly supervisoress at
H& the Norfolk asylum , as co-respondent.
R V W.m. Muktz of Unadilla has had the
K principal of the Unadilla school ar-
f rested" for whipping his 14-year-old
H daughter. Murtz says the teacher
K tried to instill free silver ideas into the
H mind of his daughter , and she not beE -
E j -ing in a receptive mood was ferruled.
H I The town of Clarks is pretty evenly
B j divided over the saloon question , and
H ' one side prevails about as often as the
j . s other. The past year the saloon ele-
B _ 3nent held forth , but the temperance
H people are stirring themselves with a
B S view to shutting out the saloon this
Hjj "g year.
Bb n A Lincoln county lady became sud-
Bjj denly insane -while attending church
Bfl and assaulted the preacher , .tearing a
liandfulof hair from his head. The
Baj men ? who interfered for his protection
BBS fared no better. She was finally induced -
duced to leave the house , and has since
BBS recovered her senses.
B PnoF. H. W. Campbell , of Sioux City ,
BBjH Ta. , will lecture in York upon the sub-
BBI ject of How to Hold the Moisture. In
BmB connection with the lecture there will
BBS "be a discussion on the advantages of
BBS chicory raising. York county farmers
BBS are becoming more favorably inclined
BBS toward this product , and there is a
BBS prospect of greatly increased acreage
BBS this year.
B The dry goods merchants of Norfolk
BBS "have for some time been greatly an-
BBBt noyed by shop-lifters , A number of
BBS suspects were closely watched , and last
BBS -week search warrants were sworn out
BBS against Mrs. Manske and Mrs. Christian ,
BBS and three officers , accompanied by a
BBS ! number of merchants , made a search
BBJ | of their homes , and found a great as-
BBDsortment of dress goods , ribbons and
BBH other wares.
Hu Secretary Wakefield has received
Hu i a letter from Congressman Mercer , fix-
BBn ing Omaha as the place and March 4
BBH as the date upon which the women of
BBBj the Second congressional district shall
BBH assemble to elect two members of the
BBH "board of lady managers of the educa-
SBJ tional department of the Trans-Missis-
BSBJ sippi exposition. The secretary will
BBSS issue the necessary call for this meeting
BBSS in a few days.
Hjl An enterprising York county farmer
BBS9 living east of York , named Henry Na-
BBBFg bor , has started a skunk farm. He
Hf " " "i11 S ° int < > tne raising of the little
Hl pests extensively , and there is a good
BBHE prospect of his coming out of the ven-
H | ture financially successful. The skins
HI bring a fair average price and the fat
Bb I ' is sold for one dollar a pint. It is sup-
m I posed to be a valuable external remedy
Bb B for many ailments.
H j Mrs. L. C. Lawsox of Lincoln , wife
HI of a Burlington conductor , will proba-
HI ably lose an eye as the result of an ac-
BBV cident that marred charter day exer-
BBB cise.s at the campus. "With some
BBS friends Mrs. Lawson was standing
BBS close to the
artillery when the gun-
BBS ners were giving their exhibition drill.
BBJj A piece of the material used in making
BBS blank cartridges struck her full in the
BBI right eye with results before stated.
H John H. Ehriiakdt , the newly elcct-
BBJ ed department commander of the G. A.
BBJ It. , was visited at his home in Stanton
BBJ by a large number of the principal men
BBJ of the city. Dr. W. L. Bowman , as
BBJ representative of the gathering , made
BBJ a short address , congratulating the
Bj new commander upon his selection ,
BB Mr. Ehrhardt responded , speaking
HB briefly and feelingly of the present and
BB future of the G. A. It. and afterwards
BBJ rcgailing the company with fruit and
BBJ cigars.
Burglars broke the glass front door
to P. G. Shanstroin ' s clothing store at
St. Paul and stole a lot pf ready-made
clothing , underwear and fancy articles.
J The loss is estimated at from § 200 to
BB S300. The robbers got onto a handcar
BBJ -with their booty and escaped over the
BB Union Pacific tracks.
H "Walter Clark , 1G years old. while
B feeding hemp , in the mill of the Ne-
BB "braska Binding Twine company at Fre-
BB "mont , got the thumb of his left hand
H so badly crashed that Drs. Davis and
BB Smith found it necessary to amputate
BBJ the member.
HU - Pawnee county man will set out
Hn 1,000 pear trees the coming sprinc
1 " " • - . ili ikt * .i il i n li i mi
At that Time tlto Houbo Will Definitely
Decide What Is to Bo Done With the
Measnre Kvans of Douglas Couaty
Unseated In the Senate Continued In
troduction of Bills But Few Measures
raised Miscellaneous Notes.
The Nebraska Assembly. .
Senate. During the morning hour on the
10th the bcnute added ten bills to the general
file/Introduced seven new ones and received
and referred a largo batch of petitions and
resolutions. Mr. Johnson , from the commit
tee on miscellaneous subjects , presented
favorable reports on the following bills :
Senate file No. ltfS , to repeal the dead letter
statute Imposing a penalty for the killing of
deer ; senate file > io. 8 , forbidding railroad
companies to jclvo free passes : senate file
No. 158 , to prevent the blacklisting or pub
lishing of discharged employes : senate file
No. 157 and 158 , both forbidding city and
county employes from accepting free street
railway passes , free telephone , electric lighter
or gas ; senate file No. 121 , relating to the Is
suing of liquor licenses by county boards.
Among the new bills Introduced were : Pro
viding for the appointment of a tax commis
sioner and deputies in cities of the metro
politan class. Senate file No. 280 , in reference
to the interpretation of the statements in a
life insurance policy and in applications
therefor ; in reference to the defenses in
suits on such policies ; and for the allowance
by the courts of a reasonable attorney fee
to be taxed as costs on rendering judgment
in a suit against a life insurance company on
its policies. Senate file No. 289 , to permit
county agricultural societies to participate
in the Trans-Mississippi exposition and to
provide for expenses oi county exhibits.
Sexatk. The senate on the 17th put in a
big day's work- , passing seven bills as follows :
Providing that cities and villages are em
powered and authorized to receive by gift or
devise real estate within their corpoiate
limits , or within five miles thereof , for pur
poses of parks or public grounds. Providing
a law defining cruelty to children , providing
punishment therefor and for the guardian
ship of children in certain cases. Providing
that no child under 12 years shall be em
ployed in any store , office , shop , factory ermine
mine in Nebraska to exceed three months in
any one year. Providing that all graduates
of the University of Nebraska holding the
degree of bachelor of arts or bachelor of
science shall bo accredited as qualified teach
ers within the meaning of the school laws of
this state. Requiring school district boards
to provide on.-orcry school house site and
keep in good repair and in clean and health
ful condition at least two separate water
closets. Providing that all legal advertise
ments shall be set in solid nonpareil type. A
joint resolution inviting foreign nations to
participate in the Trans-Mississippi exposi
tion was passed. The senate then took a
recess till 7 p. in.
Senate. Presentation of petitions was the
first business in the senate on the 18th.
Among others was one from the ladles of the
G. A. K. protesting against closing the Milford -
ford soldiers' home. The petitions were all
referred. Mr. Johnson , from the committee
on miscellaneous subjects , recommended-
that senate file No. 113 , introduced by Mr.
Talbot , be placed on general file. The bill
defines the crime of grave-robbing and pre
scribes rules for disinterring and dissecting
bodies. The same committee presented a
favorable report on senate file No. 190 , by Mr.
Ilaller , authorizing the organization of mu
tual insurance companies to insure property
in cities and towns. The bill introduced by
Mr. Mutz , senate file No. 23 , making it unlaw
ful for a county treasurer to accept in pay
ment of poll tax the affidavit of any person
that ho was not notified , was recommended
to pass. In the afternoon session considera
tion , the governor's message was the special
order , but there were no developments of in
terest. The message was read and then , on
motion of Mr. Howell , it was referred to a
committee of-five to report on not later than
ten days. The lieutenant governor aamed as
t-he committee , Senators Beal of Custer ,
Dearing of Cass , McGann of Boone , Mutz of
Keya Paha and Talbot of Lancaster , me
public pwntpr bill was considered and rec
ommended to pass. Important amendments
were made , notably one cutting down the
salary of the public printer from S2.500 to
$1,500. Mr. Bansom , from the committee on
constitutional amendments , recommended
that joint resolution No. 3 , introduced by Mr.
Teltz , and memorializing congress to submit
a woman suffrage amendment , be placed on
general file.
Senate. A number of new measures were
introduced , and when the business of the
day was through the senate session of the
19th was concluded by adjournment until
Tuesday at 2 p.m. Anticipating the report
of the committee on privileges and elections ,
which it had been given out would report for
the seating of John Jcffcoat and the unseat
ing of John II. Evans , Douglas county con
testants , a large crowd rat erCyiu the senate
chamber. After the roll call the CCLiuiitec
reported in favor of Mr. Evans. After the
motion to adopt the report of the committee.
Senator Graham sent up an amendment
naming Mi * . Jcffcoat as being entitled to the
seat. A long discussion ensued in which the
claims of botli parties were exhaustively set
forth , and then roll was called upon the mo
tion to unseat Mr. Evans and seat in his stead
Hon. John Jcffcoat. Those voting In the
affirmative were : Messrs. Beal , Canaday ,
Farrell , Feltz , Fritz , Graham , Grothan , How
ell. Heapy , Johnson , Lee. Muffly , Mutz ,
Schaal , Sykcs , Watson , "Wcller 17. Tho-e
voting in the negative were : Messrs. Cald
well , Conaway , Dearing , Gondring , Ilaller ,
McGann. Miller , Murphy , Osborn , Iiitchie , <
Talbot. Spencer. Steele 13. Dunttas , Evans :
and Bansom not voting. This action gives '
the seat to Jcffcoat , the contestant. Senator I
Graham sent jp a resolution asking that the
committee on public buildings be allowed to
visit the public institutions and be excused i
during their absence. Leave was granted , j
Senator Dearing sent up a resolution provid- i
inc that the co > t of the contest case be naid •
out of the incidental expense fund. The
amount is something over $4(100. The reso
lution was lad over under the rule.
House. All members had not yet arrived
when the house convened on the lfith. only
sixty-two answering to roll-call. The house
had adjourned Thursday evening , and now
met for the first time since , and began work
on the thirty-first day of the session. On the
report of the standing committee , house roll
No. G , by Yeiser , of Douglas , was ordered to
the general file. This is his celebrated bill for
the initiative and referendum. A number of
bills on second reading were iefcrred to com
mittees. House constitutional amendments
failed to receive a two-third * majority and
was declared lost. House roll No. 97. provid
ing that foieign insurance companies must
have a capital of at least S200.iV0. was also
lost. Speaker Gailin , in the midst of the read
ing of bills , directed attention to the fact that
he was about to sign house roll No. . " > . the bill
providing for a re-count of the votes cast in
November last , for the constitutional amend
ments , which lie did. House roll No. 197 , by
Stebbins. an irrigation measure , and Iioum *
roll No. 12 , by Clark , of er. amendatory
of the general election law. and providing for
the election of clerks andjudges of election ,
were recommended to pass. The housct lien
adjourned to participate in charter-day ex
House. The paper that has attracted the
closest attention of tlie house since the ses
sion opened was Gov. Ilolcomb's special
message read on the 17th announcing a short
age by ex-Treasurer Bartley of SSCOno. For
tlie first time absolute silence reigned in the
hall of representatives. The message was
made special older for the l 'th. Previous to
this tlie house had devoted the forenoon to
cutting down the salaries of county commis
sioners , county attorneys and the superin
tendent of the boys' industrial school at
Kearney from S2.000 to Jl.fC0. House's bill ,
providing for transportation of inmates of
soldiers' and sailors' homes , was nas ed
by a vote of 4 too. Lemar's bill , house roll
No. 7-1. for an act to establish a.state lioard of
embalming , was recommended to pass.
House roll No. Ill , an act relating to disin
terring , mutilating , dissecting or otherwise
interfering with dead human bodies , defining
the crime and providing punishment there
for , warecommended to past as auunded.
Tlie committee's substit ute for house roll No.
117 , providing for the temporary issue of non-
interest bearing warrants upon thostatetreas-
tiry and to provide for the redemption and
reissue of the same , was. after amendment ,
recommended to pass. A number of petitions
from Richardson , Wayne. Polk and Hamilton
counties were read , all favoring a liberal ap
propriation to the Trans-Mississippi exposi
tion , ranging from § 200.000 io ? ti0.fi0i ) . A
petition from Aurora in favor of house roll
No. 211 , amending the * act relating to
decedents was presented and read.
House. In the house on the 18th , re d-
qyty. > mwi nmi in < nNwwmwmijiyiw ypjupd. . .
Ing of the minutes was suspended and null
was recognized by the speaker. Ho said he
wonted W ) speak on behalf of prompt action
on the Trans-Mississippi exposition hill. Ho
moved that the bill , house roll > o. 9.1. bo ad
vanced to the head of the list on tlie general
file. Considerable discussion'took ' place , when
Eager demanded the previous question ,
which carried , and Gaylord called for the
ayes and nays , the result iK-lng. ayes 3p. nays
3. , absent and not voting. 7. The bill is now
on tlie general file with sixteen measures
ahead of it. Tlie first thing in the afternoon
Wooster called for the special order of the
day. This was the report of a committee ap
pointed fo make a preliminary investigation
of the affairs of the state treasury. Speaker
Gaflin announced that tlie report/of the in
vestigating committee , to inquire Into tlie
condition of the several state offices was in
order and it was read by Chief Clerk Eager.
Pollard moved to adopt the report of the
committee. Soderman wanted to amend by
referring to a special committee of four , with
power to send for persons and papers. Pol
lard opposed this. A lengthy discussion took
place , at the conclusion of which tlie house
went into committee of the whole to con
sider bills on the general file , with Pollard in
the chair. The committee of the whole pro
ceeded to advance bouse roll No. 2 * on the
list by a viva voce vote. By this it appeared
that the committee of the whole was more
potent in advancing bills than was the house.
The bill is an act to protpct stock growers
and provides that butchers shall keep a rec
ord of all beef animals they may slaughter ,
and that the hides shall be exhibited ten
days after killing. The bill was recom-
jnended for passage. House roll No. 123 pro
vides for the appraisement and leasing of
school lands , and stops the sale of such lands.
Sheldon , introducer of t'ie bill , said that ,
although it was a large document , there was
nothing in tlie measure differing from tlie
old law except , the provision prohibiting the
sale or school lands. Horner wanted to know
the object of stopping the sale of such lands.
Sheldon said that tlie message of the gover
nor read yesterday fully answered that
question. The bill was recommended for
passage and the house adjourned.
House. Tlie house on the 19th , by a vote of
S5 to 2. made tlie exposition bill a special
order for Tuesday , Feb. 23. This action ad
vances the bill to the head of the calendar
and gives the right of way on the legislative
track after the hour named. House roll No.
3S was recommended to pass. By the pro
visions of the bill a judge is disqualified from
trying a case in any case where he is a party ,
or interested , or where he is related by ties
of consanguinity , or where he lias been at
torney for either party. No. 77. tlie age of
consent LHI , was engrossed for third reading.
A petition from a number of veterans was
read , endorsing the Milford soldiers' and
sailors' hemp , and asking that it be main
tained. The report of tlie committee recom
mending an investigation of the affairs of
tlie deaf and dumb institute at Omaha was
adopted. Committee reports recommended
numerous bills for passage , among them
being : Felker's bill , house roll No. 102. It is
an act to incorporate the order of tlie Eastern
Star and give it the right to hold and dispose
of property. House roll No. 70. by Clark of
Lancaster , providing that husbands aYid
wives may testify against eacli other in civil
cases , and in criminal proceedings for a
crime committed by the one against the
other. House roll No. 71. providing that an
appeal can be made to the supreme court
within six months instead of a year. House
roll No. 87 , by Snyder , amending tlie code of
civil relating to change of venue
in justice courts. Felker's bill , house roll
No. 147 , amending tlie compiled statute on
evidence. House roll No. 350 , by Wheeler ,
providing for the payment by the state of
the premium of the state treasurers bond ,
when such bond is f urnislied by a guaranty
company. House roll No. 342 , by lernow ,
providing for the administration of the pen
itentiary. The house then adjourned.
Five of the sub-committee of six appointed
by Speaker Gaffin to visit the state institu
tions and report to tlie house , returned from
their first trip on the 15th. They visited the
asylum for the chronic insane at Hastings ,
the industrial school for boys at Kearney , the
soldiers' and sailors' homo at Grand Island
and the home for fallen women at Geneva.
The report of this committee will recom
mend several appropriations for repairs and
improvements , especially at the Hastings
asylum , where it is admitted unanimously
that more room is needed. Supt. Damrell in
his estimate of the biennium asks for tyo
additional buildings. One will bo recom
House roll No. 473 , Introduced by Swyder of
Nemaha , is an act to provide for the salaries
of officers of tlie state government. It is en
tirely independent of the action of the com
mittee in charge of the appropriation bills.
It provides for an averaged reeffcetion all
along the line of axiout 25 per Cent. Tlie sal
aries of heads of departments remain the
same. That of the governor's private secre
tary is cut from $2,000 to $1,500. Salary of
the chief clerk from $1,200 to ShOO. The adju
tant general is reduced from 51,000 to SiOO.
Salary of the deputy land commissioner
from $1,700 to S1.200 ; chief clerk from $1,200 to
$700. All other deputies drop from $1,700 to
$1,200 , and the salary of tlie deputy of the
state superintendent is reduced to $1,000.
The salary of the deputy of the attorney gen
eral goes down from $ ls00 to $1,500. The sal
aries of all the state institutions a re attacked.
Salaries of $2,000 per annum of superintend
ents go down to $1,500 , and that ot all em
ployes from 20 to 25 per cent.
srrr : sugar bill.
The liousc committee appointed to consider
ways and means for the encouragement of
the beet sugar industry , held an open meet
ing at the Lincoln hotel with a good attend
ance. Chairman Pollard explained in
general the committee's idea of drafting a
bill permitting the organization of districts
to vote bonds for sugar factories. The plan
being based upon tlie Wright irrigation law.
The plan seemed to meet with general ap
proval. Mr. Utt advanced the idea that
some restriction should be placed on the
number of factories which should be per
mitted under this law , for the first few years ,
pointing out tlie fact that if people became
too enthusiastic , factories would be erected
before a sufficient number of practical men
could be secured to operate them. It is prob
able that the ideas of the committee will bo
embodied in a bill and presented to the leg
islature within a few days.
Lincoln Dispatch to the Omaha Bee : The
bondsmen of ex-Auditor Eugene Moore held
another conference in the office of Attorney
Gen. Smyth. Willis E. Beed of Madison , who ,
with Attorney Harry Brome of Omaha , was
present at the conference. Mr. Beed said
that he anticipated that criminal proceed
ings would be commenced against his client.
He added that the attorney general might ,
however , decide to begin a civil suit for the
balance owing by Moore. $2000. Moore says
he has a one-third interest in a mine in Col
orado , for which lie would not take $100,000. It
now nets $1,500 a month and Moore Is ready
to pay $50(1 ( a month to the state on his in
Attorney Reed says that the law of 1S73
provided that these 'insurance fees should be
paid to the state auditor. The constitution
of la75 amended this law and made all fees
received by any state department payable in
advance to the state treasurer , lleiice. the
bondsmen of Moore assert that they are not
liable , as Moore had no right to receive the
fees. Mr. Reed says that this will , lie be
lieves , be a good defense in a criminal action.
Attorney Oeneral Smytli said firmly that
something must bo done in the matter or an
arrest would be made. This is what Attor
ney Reed expects and he is making prepara
tions for defense. Mr. Moore said that he
was doing all lie could to fix this matter up ,
and if given time would do so.
The Kaiser Angry Because Ills Greek
Scheme "Was Vetoed.
UnRLlN , Feb. 20. The newspapers of
this cit- reflect the resentment felt by
the emperor at the rejection by the
Marquis of Salisbury of his Majesty ' s
personal proposal to coerce Greece b\ *
a joint blockade of the Piraeus , the
port of Athens , by the fleets of the
powers , in order to check the warlike
demonstrations of Greece.
Michigan StaCo Flower.
Lansing , Mich. . Feb. 20. The House
committee on state affairs , to whom
had been referred a bill to make the
apple blossom the official state flower ,
recommended a bill in which the "Pin-
jrree Peachblow Potato " is substituted
for tlie apple blossom. Amid shouts of
laughter the substitute was referred
to the committee on railroads , upon
which will devolve much of the Pin-
grcc proposed reform legislation.
Kossvllle , KanPostmaster. .
"Washington , Feb. 20. Hennett
Smerenger has been appointed post
master at Eossvillc , Kan. , on the rec
ommendation of Etgsne Hagan.
L. ; 1l < WIKIIIM lll M I Bill I l | im , . > ! I , l > MI1I.M III III
Interviews Will o Granted Only to
Those Specially Invited Four Cab
inet Portfolios Said to Me Still
Unsettled As to the Persons
to Whom They Will -
Uo Assigned.
Canton , Ohio , Feb. 22. ' 'President
elect McKinley has fully recovered , his
accustomed good health , " said Dr. T.
II. Phillips this morning , "and I be
lieve is stronger than ever. That docs
not mean , however , that he will re
sume his receiving visitors promiscu-
ouslas I have advised emphatically
against that custom. "What busi
ness the President-elect will give
his attention to previous to
his departure for Washington will
be what has been partially arranged
beforehand. Special visitors , or those
who come by invitation from the
major , will be given audience , but not
a great deal of this will be transacted.
The rest and freedom from official
cares obtained the past week have
been most beneficial to him. ' '
3Ir. HIcKhiloy Undecided as to Several
of the Cabinet Assignments.
Canton. Ohio , Feb. 22. While it is
believed that Colonel J. .1. McCook of
New York will be invited to come here
in a daj' or two and confer with th ?
President-elect as to a place in the
next cabinet the position of Attor
ney general is not thought to be
decided upou for the distinguished
New Yorker. The places ot postmas
ter general , .secretary of the navy and
secretary of the interior as well as at
torney general are all believed to be
under advisement , although it is still
thought that the appointment of Mr.
McCook will complete the full list of
the personnel of the cabinet.
Russia Against Greece.
St. Petersburg , Feb. 22. The ob
stinacy of Greece is causing irritation
here. The Novoe Vremya expresses
the general feeling and policy of the
government in saying that the powers
have no idea of altering the policy they
have taken. If needs be , the Greek
battalions will be disarmed by them
and Greece placed in a painful situa
tion by being blockaded. The Mirova
Geotzoloski says politics is not senti
mental and good sense orders the
Greeks to retire.
Important Land Decision.
Sauna , Kan. , Feb. 22. The suit
pending in the.several courts for sev
eral years , brought by the United
States against the Union Pacific rail
way company and "William Hoard of
this county , to cancel the patent to the
latter's land , has been decided by the
United States supreme court in Hoard's
favor. This was a test case , and Judge
Garver , who won the case for Mr.
Hoard , states that it virtually settles
any further question as to the title tea
a large amount of land in Saline , Dick
inson and other counties.
The Joke on Dan Stuait.
Jefferson City , Mo. , Feb. 22. A
telegram from Dan Stuart to Rebo ,
the member who introduced the prize
figlit resolution , was read to the House
this morning. Stuart offered to place
one of the best boxes at the ringside
at the disposal of the Missouri com
mittee if one should be appointed to
see the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight
Xot Guilty of Murder.
Lexington , Mo. , Feb. 22. Ollie Lo
gan , 10 j'ears of age , charged with Jo
seph 'Wilkerson with the murder of
James Secrease at Odessa , Mo. , April
15 , was acquitted this morning , the
evidence clearly showing that Wilker
son committed the deed. Wilkerson ' s
trial was continued until the June
term , he being unable to appear on ac
count of sickness.
A Cambridge Degree forIr. . Bayard.
London , Feb. 22. Cambridge uni-
versit3' is to confer the doctor of laws
degree on Ambassador Payard and Dr.
Nansen at a special congregation at
which the chancellor of the university ,
the Duke of Devonshire , will preside.
Mr. liayard already lias a doctor of
civil laws degree from Oxford.
A TJHzzard in North Dakota.
Grand Forks , K D „ Feb. 22. Snow
began to fall yesterday and has con
tinued since , with a high , cold north
wind. Every available snow jilow has
been sent out in all directions , to
gether with a lai'ge force of snow
shovelers , to keep incoming trains
Uhl sialics a Denial.
Berlin. Feb. 22. Ambassador Uhl
denies a report circulated in the
United States that he will be a part
ner in a law firm to be organized by
President Cleveland and Secretary Ol-
ney , with headquarters in New York.
General KolofT Flees to Cuba.
New York , Feb. 22. It is reported
that General Iloloff , the Cuban against
whom an indictment was recently se
cured for his alleged connection with
filibustering expeditions , and whose
bail bond of § 2i00 was forfeited by
his non-appearance in Baltimore , has
gone to Cuba.
Xo Pardon for an Kmhezzlcr.
Washington , Feb. 22. The Presi
dent has denied a pardon to W. C. Gar
vin of Colorado , sentenced to five !
years " imprisonment for embezrling i
national bank funds.
The XVlto nt a IVntinuHtcr uiul a Young
MmShot. .
Falls Village , Conn. . Feb. 22.
When he awoke this morning , the 10-
ycar-old son of Postmaster Walter
Chapin found tlie corpse of his mother
in the dining room of their home and
nearby the dead body of Charles
Mead , about 23 years old , tlie son of
Jtalph P. Mead , formerly of Falls Vil
lage , but now of Scotland , Conn.
Some distance away was a revolver
with several chambers empty.
Chapin. who is engaged as superin
tendent of Henry Bishop's factory at
Sheflield , Mass. , was summoned home
upon the discovery of the double
tiagedy. The supposition is that
Mead killed Mrs. Chapin and himself ,
but at present the facts in the case are
not known.
The Uody of a Clilcagoan Pountl iu n
Hot Springs Sewer.
Hot Springs , Ark. , Feb. 22. An in
quest was held this morning on the
body of Itobert Muerling of Chicago ,
which was found yesterday jammed
in a sewer main. Investigation
strengthens the belief that he was
murdered , as it would have been im
possible for him to have replaced tlie
cap on the manhole if it had been sui
cide. The body was decayed so badly
that the jury is unable to determine
yet in what manner he met death.
Tlie only way by which it could be
identified was by the name on a collar
found in a coat pocket. The date of
disappearance is unknown.
I'or tlie Fellows Family.
New York , Feb. 22. It was while
stumping the South for the Palmer
and Buclcner ticket that Colonel .1. II.
Fellows caught the cold that probably
caused his death , and Republicans , in
cluding Messrs. McKinley , llanna and
Carnegie , have promised to contribute
for his family § 50.000 , which sum it is
proposed to raise to § 100,000. Colonel
Fellows gave away nearly all his
money and there is a S20.000 mortgage
on the home. Edward Lauterbach is
the father of tlie relief movement , and
he and Senator Piatt are pushing it.
Lelarnl Charges Fraud.
Topeka , Kan. , Feb. 22. Cyrus Leland -
land , whose administration as chair
man of the county board of Doniphan
county was the subject of an offensive
petition offered in the Senate a few
days ago , has been conducting an in
vestigation of the matter and to-day
says the petition is a fraud. He finds
that the names of numerous citizens
on the petition w.ere put there with
out their consent or knowledge , and
that fraudulent means were resorted
to to obtain the signatures of others.
May Come to America.
New York , Feb. 22. Princess Chi-
may lias given Oscar Hammerstein an
option on her services at the Olympic
music hall in this city , and he has a
week to decide whether lie will pay the
salary asked , which is something like
§ 2,000 a week and expenses. It is
thought that Gypsy Rigo will accom
pany the princess to this country , if
she shall come.
Arkansas's Governor Against the Treaty.
Little Rock. Ark. , Feb. 22. Gover
nor Jones replied to a telegram from
the chairman of the national arbitra
tion committee that lie was not in
favor of ratification either with or
without amendment , closing : "In my
judgment it is a trap for the United
States into which we should never be
led with my consent. "
Buslincll Haps Newspapers.
Cleveland , Ohio , Feb. 22. At the
Y. M. C. A. state convention to-day
Governor Bushnell made an address in
which he said that he hoped that the
influence of the Y. M. C. A. on news
paper men would keep them from stat
ing every morning who was going to
be appointed , United States Senator
from Ohio.
Pingroc's Mayoralty In Court.
Detroit , Mich. , Feb. 22. Arguments
were heard by the judges of the circuit
court , sitting en banc to-day , on the
application for a mandamus to compel
the election of a maj-or to succeed
Governor Pingree , who , it is alleged ,
vacated the otiice of mayor in becom
ing go\'ernor.
An Electric Car Struck.
Chicago , Feb. 22. During the thun
der storm early this morning lightning
struck a Forty-third street electric car
full-of workingmen on their way to
the stock yards. All were badly
shocked and one man , Zach Root , had
to be removed in an ambulance. The
car was badly damaged.
Safes for Hew Mexico Sleepers.
Santa Fe , N. M. , Feb. 22. As a
protection against train robbers the
territorial council has passed a meas
ure providing that every sleeping car
shall carry a fire and burglar proof
safe for storage of valuables while
passing through this territory.
Salary Dili Passes the Senate.
Topeka , Kan. . Feb. 22. The senate
passed Senator Jumper ' s salary bill.
The bill makes a general reduction in
the salaries of state officers , including
judges and employees , of about IS per
cent. Senator Jumper says the bill
will save the state between § 50,000 and
§ 75,000 annually.
Calhoun's Grandson Drowned.
Middlesijoro , Ky. . Feb. 22. The
body of Noel T. Calhoun , grandson of
the famous nullifier , John. C Calhoun ,
was found floating in the Kentucky
river near Ilydcn. He was a large
lumber dealer.
> o Moro Auctions of Vagrants.
Jefferson City , Mo. , Feb. 22. The
Senate this morning passed a bill re
pealing the vagrant law which was
passed several 3ears ago authorizing
the sale of vagrants. The law was
held unconstitutional.
" " " To Do Ku lnc Without Money. > - ' " H
Guthrie , Olcla. , Feb. 10. A remark- J | l
nble bill was introduced in the Houses J M
yesterday. It contemplates doing the C H
business of the territory without \ H
money by n Territorial exchange sys- H
tern , depositories for products and deposit - |
posit fecrip in books. A territorial fl l
board of control is provided and each. ' H
county treasurer is manager for tho- M
countv , and issues the scrip for deposits - M
its of product * or on loans on personal s H
property or real estate , no loan to bo H
for less than § 25 or more than § 1,000. H
and all scrip to be good for payment H
of taxes and legal tender within the H
territory. H
Miss Jewell , the St. Joseph Nun. Will B
Give Gp Thousand * . M
St. Joseph , Mo. . Feb. 19. in the M
will of Frederick Taylor , a New York H
banker , who died a few days ago. M iss H
Carrie Jewell , a nun in the Cotivont of H
the Sacred Heart , was offered § 25,000 H
if she would lay aside the veil , leave H
the convent and promise never again H
to enter a Catholic order. H
Miss Jewell has declined the offer. H
She says she gave up much more than. | H
§ 25.000 in money when she renounced - fl
the world and became a nan live years- . _ H
ago. and all the riches of the worliL H
could not tempt her now to leave thu m
order of the S.icr.-d Heart and to give. B
which bc 1k * devoted.
up the work to t > J
her life. VBVJ
Immigration Kill Has Pas3cd itotbr HBV
Houses of Congress. 1
Washington , Feb. 10 The immigration - H
gration bill now goes to the President , H
the last legislative step having been H
taken in the Senate yesterday by an. M
agreement to tlie conference report on. H
tha bill. Strong opposition was made H
to the report , but on the final vote the- |
friends of the measure rallied a small H
majority , the vote being , yeas 31 , nays- H
- . . - . B
for Triplu iilui.n :
San Qcentin I'risok , Ca ! . , Feb. li . M
Chun Sing , a Chinaman , was hanged H
yesterday for three atrocious murders. H
His crimes were committed in Septem- H
bcr , 1305. With an : u. he attacked , H
without any provocation , r. fellow- H
countryman , Ah Fook , in the kit tor ' s- H
house. He left Ah Fook for dead and H
brained his wife as she was attempting - H
ing to escape. Then he went to the j H
house occupied by Charley Ta : . another - H
other Chinese , anil killed Jiiru and a |
woman he found there , actually beheading - |
heading the latter. H
Battleship Texas Stock In the Mini. j M
Galveston , Texas , Feb. 10. The j |
battleship Texas got stuck hard and |
fast in the mud in Bolivar roads ves- H
tcrday , just after crossing the bar , H
and remained in that condition until |
4:30 in the afternoon. Galveston ' s. H
proud boast is that she has a twenty- | H
six foot channel , and as the Texas- H
draws but twenty-two feet , naturally |
enough , it was desired to keep the fact |
of her grounding a profound secret. H
Hertburs's AVhiow on tiio Sta c. |
Chicago , Feb. 10. Mrs. Raymono |
Stevens , the widow of Captain led- k
burg , who was shot and killed by f M
Lieutenant Mean at Fort Sheridan ht - > ' . l
1803 , will shortly make her debut noon. rl l
the stage in continuous variety. Mrs. |
Stevens will take her first step in van- |
devilie under the guidance of her husband - M
band as his stage partner. Mr. Stevens - H
vens for some time plaved the nart of j H
Columbus in " 1402. H
Rear Admiral Calhonn Dead. | |
Washington , Feb. 10. Rear Admiral H
Edmund R. Calhoun ( retired ) died sud- M
dedly last night at his residence hereof - H
of heart failure , aged 75 years. He |
appeared well and hearty almost up to- H
the time he was stricken , and passed. H
away before a Dhysician could be sum- H
moned. _ Admiral Calhoun served val- H
iantly in the Mexican and civil wars. 1
> o Cadets at the Inauguration. H
Washington , Feb. 10. The senate |
committee on military affairs to-day ' |
took adverse action on the proposition * H
to bring the cadets from West Point to |
the inauguration. Onlv nvrhh > . . „ , . 1
bers were present and Bates , Cockrell , H
Mitchell of Wisconsin and Walthall |
voted against the measure. Senator H
Palmer did not vote. J H
Can Photograph at Long Kaa-e. 1
New York , Feb. 19. Thomas A. J M
Edison says that by a new method of 'i7 |
long photography with camera and l
telescope now developing it mav be I H
possible soon to take photographs as 1
far as the eye ean see with a telescope. M
Quotations Prom N'eir York , Chicago. St. H
Louis , Omaha and Kkcr/Iierc. 4 H
Butter-Creamery separator. . . 20 ® • > H
Butter-Choice fancy country. . i : ; < & TT I M
fcpnns Chickens-Dressed % H
Turkeys. . . . . . 7 . 6a * ' H
Oucse and Ducks 7 } % H
Cranberries-ncrMil o 00 & H
C rj
Lemons-Choice Mt > * ina # H
> 300
© : j
Honeyancy white k fl
Onions , per bu u ) k . u , < H
Heans-Ilandplcked Navy " [ [ " j & | \ H
Potatoes .7x : ; ! j M
Sweet Potatoes , per bbl ' . . ' . . ' 1 % ft $ M
Oranges , per box : i fo Jg r ! M
1 lay L pland. per ton 4 m ck - $ 1
" " " -
APplcs.perbbl "I" % 'i % J H
h - weights. . : : : : : : : : : | g | g g M
Bulls " 75 < & 4M |
Mi.ker4 . ad spri : : : : : : : : : : : 8 § \ % B
Caves 2G3 © 3K5 B
bows. ! : : : : : : : : : : : : ? s ft5 * * H
Heifers J . , i | M
Stockers and Feeders " . S ' . { ° ° H
Sheep-Native cwes 2 $ @ \ 1 M
Sheep-Lambs. . . . . ! „ Tm % r " ° H
Wheat No.2Snriu"H
Corn , per Ira. . : . ? . : % & ' ' - * * M
Oats , per t.u ? i © 212 H
Pork. . . -ij g 13 $ M
Lard ' M ft 7 JB B
Corn N o.2. . * . . ! " , 'ash ! S < C * * |
oats-xo. 2. . . . : : : : ; ; ; ; ; ? | ss S H
LarUV. "V. ' . ' . ' . .V. ? 8 $ S' * 4 H o.2.reu &T-LOL'IS * , M
Corn , per tm $ © SS M
Oats , per bn - 13 © lo fe H
Ho < ; s-MIxed pack ' ln- . , i ? < • * 16fl ! 1
Cattle-Xatlve ijcevS" : J ? , ' a • " > 0 H
. . . . , , KANSAS ciTV 50 ° H
Wheat Xo.2 , hard ' H
Corn-Xo.2. . . 7G © TO B
oats-vo. : . : : i s © iv 1
gg S11 " : : 38848 B