The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, January 01, 1897, Image 6

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I F. M. ICIMatKrX , Publisher.
I McC00K' - : " " • ' NEBRASKA
I The poultry and stock show at TJast
H ings was well attended.
The fire companies of Fremont will
H organize a mutual beneficiary society.
H Old soldiers at the Milford Home re-
H tnrn thanks for furniture donated.
H JMaj. 'J. If. Showaltcr of Fremont
B wants to succeed Frank White as U. S.
H Senator.
H Nebraska City's salvation army will
H give a free dinner to the poor on Christ-
H mas day.
H An Otoe county patriarch of sixty-
H four was recently married to a blushing'
"Widow of sixty.
H The Salvation army of Nebraska
H City gave a free dinner to poor child-
H ren on Ciiristmas.
H H. P. Knapp shipped a fine load of
H mules from Ithaca place iast week to
H the St Louis market.
H An Indian on the reservation near
H Bushvillo killed himself to escape ar-
H rest for horse stealing.
H G. E. Jones of Nuckolls county sold
H a brood sow the other day that tipped
H the 'beam at G65 pounds.
H Mr. I3aker , late agent of the Gilcrest
H Lumber company at Oconto , was con-
H victed-of embezzling § 140 from his em-
L , ployers.
H The residence of Joseph Mctzner of
H Arapahoe was destroyed by fire. The
H contents were saved. Loss , SC00 ; in-
H suranee , $400.
H A. liocdecker of Plattsmouth was re-
H pairing acorn sheller when the horses
-suddenly started , and now he has but
H one thumb.
H The 15-months-old infant of Mr. and
"Mrs. T. J. Hardy of Elk Creek swal-
H lowed a safety pin and the crisis passed
H without injury.
H A hedge fence deal was worked at
H Wayne , and the Republican says it was
H a clear -case of "a smooth confidence
H man taking in suckers. "
H The mayor and councilmen have
H starteda subscription list for the bene-
t of the south Omaha hospital and
H leaded it with an individual donation.
j The Ord irrigation district is making
arrangements to sell their § 50,000 of
K "bonds , and -will push the work of
Kj ditch construction as rapidly as possi-
HI Fire broke out in the residence of
H I. F. Leedom of Dakota City. The
Hi "building and contents were destroyed.
Hi Loss about SI,000 , with small insur-
Hj ance.
Hi Several cases of diptheria have "been
Hi Teportcd to the David City board of
H ] health in various parts of that place ,
Hi and it is feared that it may become an
HI epidemic.
| George Smith , aged 22 , son of "Win *
HI Smith , a farmer near Octavia , was
HI killed by kick from a horse. The horse
Hj "was sick and young Smith was attend-
H | ing to him.
HJ Hog thieves are operating north of
HJ Tierce. One farmer went to town and
Wl loaded tip with shot and shell and
1 there may be a few human corpes lay-
It ing around there ere long ,
fj At Lincoln C. J. Wineingcr was
| i Tound over to the district court in the
llj sum of S500 to answer to the charge of
g bastardy preferred by Mary Cizek. He
If gave bond.and was released.
Kjj The people of Milford have decided
| | to hold an election , and the candidate
It ] reciving the highest vote wiil be the
Ig next postmaster , providing the wishes
IH of the community are respected.
HJ There is no market for shelled corn
II .at Winside , there being fear that it
l | | will heat. If ear corn is taken 80
H pounds to the bushel is required for
In which the holder is paid ten cents.
If ) A Lyons farmer comes forward with
ij the statement that corn is not the stuff
II to burn. He says coal is cheaper and
II lie advises farmers to sell their corn ,
IS even at the present prices , and buy
In coal.
S Frank Fredahler , a student at the in-
lj | stitute for the blind , Nebraska City ,
Ih fell from a-second story window , strik-
lf ing on the brick walk , fracturing his
II skull very < badly , and at this writing is
8very low.
IH There is a probability that the hour
I g ' of meeting originally fixed for the bi-
I metallist state conference at Lincoln ,
may be changed .from 2 o'clock in the
afternoon.of Jan. G to 11 o'clock , a. m.
of the same day.
A black mare , S years.old and weigh
ing about 1,100 pounds , was stolen
from Graen Swayze's barn at Elkhorn.
An unknown man was seen the day
"before walking west with a saddle , and
y he is supposed to bethe man who stole
the animal.
D.Y. . Stevenson , for several years a
resident near Monroe , left for parts
unknown other night He aban
dons his farm , which , it is claimed , is
mortgaged for more than it is worth.
He is said to leave other debts.
' D. S. Zimmerman , representative-
lect for York .county , was repairing a
fence at his suburban residence , and
threw his coat and vest over a post.
"When he returned to get them , both
articles , with the valuables they con
tained , were gone.
Mrs. Smith , wife of the Missouri
Pacific section foreman at Paul , was so
• severely beaten by her husband as to
require medical aid. Smith has been
'in jail for beating his wife before. The
county attorney of Otoe county will
liave a warrant issued for his arrest
! A. D. Dort of Burchard has just fin
ished husking G.000 bushels of corn
-from eighty-five acres of ground. He
• pirated and cultivated this entire field
lalone. besides doing his other farm
'work ' , with the help of one man , did
the husking.
A result of the meeting of Cuban
sympathizers in Lincoln , is the circula
tion of a report that an ' agent is in the
city enrolling names of volunteers for
Cuban service. A number of members
iof local military companies are said to
nave signed and are to report at Kan
sas City at the proper time.
_ _ . - - - *
v - - •
Hi . .
' • - " - - * •
' ' ' " '
yiinmiT' iiiiiii imi i Tn ii mi i um ri , Hi Ml in in
A four year old Eon of J. II Moody
of Mason City was run over by a heavi *
ly loaded wagon and fatally injured.
A special election was held at Hast
ings to vote on the proposition author
izing the city council to issue bonds in
the sura of 8,000 for waterworks im
provements. The proposition carried
by a majority of 123.
The Blair horse collar factory , which
was not rebuilt after being burned
down some months ago , is being resus
citated. A new company has been or
ganized and it will begin to manufac
ture collars again and will tan its own
Prof. Dutton , formerly of Colridge ,
who is prospecting for coal near Ponca ,
has reached a depth of 300 feet with
out finding a vein of sufficient thick
ness to bank on. The Austin mine ,
with a two-foot vein , is furnishing the
town and surrounding country with
good fuel.
The decision of the supreme court ,
holding the sugar and chicory bounty
law unconstitutional , has given those
industries a hard blow. The loss to
the beet and chicory raisers in Dodge
county alone from failure to receive
the extra SI per ton for beets of the
required standard , and the SI. 50 per
ton for chicory , will run well up into
the thousands.
Superintendent John T. Mallalieu of
the Boys Industrial school of Kearney
was at the state capitol last week. He
reports that all but two of the twenty-
eight lads who escaped from the school
have been returned , the most of them
having returned voluntarily. At the
time of their escape Mr. M. was in the
city of Kearney buying Christmas pres
ents for them.
The Oxnard sugar factory has issued
a circular to farmers to ship their beets
in by Dec. 20. This year's crop has
proven to be the largest and most sat
isfactory of any since the factory com
menced business , and the total output
will reach nearly 12,000,000 pounds of
fine granulated sugar. The intention
of the factory people is to close up the
factory on beets Jan. 7.
Sam Winnegar , Win. Winnegar , Jo
nas Reynolds and a man named Bru-
ing , who were recently arrested in
Hastings for robbing hencoops , were
turned over to Sheriff Dean of Grand
Island. Hall county has charges
against them for grand larceny. The
prisoners kicked on going to Grand Is
land , preferring to stand trial and sen
tence for petit larceny in Hastings.
Lovell Vandever , living four miles
west of Stella , was seriously injured
while stacking corn with a hay der
rick. The rope broke and the beam
fell , striking him on top of the head ,
knocking him from the top of the stack
to the ground , where he lay uncon
scious for a long time. Medical aid
was summoned and the injured man
was carried to the house , where the
wound was dressed.
The Nebraska beet sugar association
will meet in Hastings February 2 and
3. Among the objects is to devise ways
and means for securing additional beet
sugar factories. The governor is au
thorized to appoint twenty delegates.
The members of congress , Gov. Hoi-
comb , all state officials and members of
the legislature and county boards are
ale designated as delegates. Reduced
rates will be made on all railroad lines.
Dr. Ratkermel of Denver was in Cal
houn the other day and went over to
the Wagner farm , on which it was
claimed gold in paying quantities was
discovered last spring. He declares
that there are several gold veins , one
of which will run $ o0 to the ton in
gold , and all of which will pay to work.
The news has revived the excitement
there that existed when the first an
nouncement that gold had been dis
covered was made , and owners of ad
joining farms will begin sinking shsfts
at once.
The secretaries of the state board of
transportation have prepared the copy
for the biennial report of the depart
ment , and it has been sent to the
printer. The only recommendation of
moment in the report was prepared by
Secretary Dilworth , which is to the ef
fect that the board , now composed of
five members , state auditor , secretary
of state , treasurer , land commissioner
and attorney general , should be abolished
ished and the appointing power of the
secretaries the hands of the
A distressing accident happened one
and ahalf miles sonth of Ednolm , at the
residence of Wm. Smith , in which Geo.
Smith was .killed. The young man
and his father were doctoring a sick
horse which had given them considera
ble trouble. They had both worked
with it sometime , when the father was
called away. On returniag , his son
George , a young man about twenty-
four years , was found lying on his face
near the horse , apparently dead. Ef
forts to revive him proved unavailing.
He had been kicked in the breast by
the sick horse.
Secretary Williamson of the Nebras
ka Club is in receipt of a letter from a
resident of Bennett , Pa. , representing
a colony of German-Americans wishing
to locate in the west ; also a letter from
Gov. Holcomb , to whom the same party
had written. Besides giviug the com
munication careful attention , the mat
ter has been referred to various local
clubs in this state , so that altogether
the Pennsylvania citizen and his colony
ny are in a fair way to get all the de
sired information , together with sev
eral warm invitations to "come to Ne
braska ; " also a very positive impres
sion that Nebraskans are wide awake
and ready to extend a hearty welcome
to all good new comers. This sort of
work is what commends the Nebraska
Club to the ready support of the people
of this state.
Burglars entered the house of John
Andresen , a farmer living two miles
sast of Elkhorn and secured S8 for
their labor. As Mr. Andresen has been
in the habit of keeping large sums in
the house , the opinion prevails that the
thief was not a stranger.
A large number of Hastings business
nen held a meeting in the court house
for the purpose of discussing the beet
iugar meeting to be held there in Feb
ruary. Committees were appointed to
nakc all necessary arrangements for
he entertainment of the Nebraska
) eet sugar association , which meets
feb. 2 and 3.
Congressman ami Senator-Elect Money
of MiKHfoslppi to Visit Cuba and
Malco a Personal Investigation
and Interview General "VTcy-
ler Captain General's
I.atist Interview.
Washington , Bee. 2S. It is denied
officially and authoritatively that any
European government cither directly
or indirectly has made any representa
tions whatever to the United States to
restrain or prevent its free action in
connection with the Cuban insurrec
tion. A similar report was denied by
authority several weeks ago. A. Von
Bruening , secretary of the German em
bassy , said that so far as the embassy
here was concerned no such intimation
had been received. He discredited the
whole story. "We have not heard a
word concerning Cuba , * ' said he , "for
three montlis. "
Senator-elect Money of Mississippi ,
now a member of the House foreign
affairs committee , proposes to leave
Tampa , Fla. , next Saturday morning
for Havana , to remain a week or ten
daj's in Cuba. He will seek an audi
ence with Captain General Wcylcr and
will ask him to provide an escort and
a ilag of truce , so that he can go into
the heart of the territory occupied by
the insurgents , with a view of finding
out what is going on. Mr. Money says
he is determined to make as lengthy a
journey into the interior of Cuba as
his time will permit , and it is under
stood that he will endeavor to com
municate with the insurgents whether
Captain General Weyler grants him
permission or not. He realizes that it
will be a risky thing for him to proceed
on his own account if a permit is refused
him. However , he is so anxious to
have trustworthy information that he
will take the chances , even if he finds
himself later locked up in prison. It
is his intention to state frankly to the
captain general that he visits the
island because it is impossible to
procure from President Cleveland or
Secretary Olncy any official informa
tion regarding the condition of affairs
in Cuba , and , as a member of Congress
and of the House committee on foreign
affairs , he wishes to know what he is
doing before he casts his vote for or
against any one of the several resolu
tions pending.
Mr. Money was an officer in the Con
federate army during the war under
General Forrest , and his four years'
service in the field whetted his interest
in military operations. He thinks
that liis visit will at least enable him
to learn more than he could by depend
ing on the State department for in >
Pinar del Rio Rebels Jicclarcd Helpless-
No Cruelty to Tlu-so Who Surrender.
Nkw Youk , Dec. - ' . A dispatch to
the Herald from Camp Arroyo Grande ,
foot ofthe , Ilangel Hills , Pinar del Ivio
province , December T ) , via Havana ,
Cuba ' "In interview with *
, saj's : an 3our
correspondent. Captain. Weyler said : ' 1
have twenty-six battalions , ranging
from S00 to 3.000 men each , occupying
all the hills of the province These
columns liave desiroj'ed everything in
sight and have been able to subsist on
the cattle of the insurgents , which
were found grazing in the hills , and
with , whose destruction died the re
maining hope of sustenance. They
must either starve or submit and some
may prefer to do the former , owing to
their remarkable apathy. '
" 'But why are there so few prescn-
tados , general , in other words , persons
willing to lay down their arms ? '
" 'That is cleared .
point easily up. I
know that they have held meetings
with the idea of coming in as presen-
tados , but have been told that I mur
der them all , Avhicli is absurd , is it
not ? Certainly I shallnot harm them ,
knowing that they hope to throw away
their arms and pose as pacificos. '
" 'You can tell prett\r well by the
nurnber of arms given up how many
have been concealed , can 't yon V
" ' 1 am not sure there are more
arms than there are insurgents. They
show their desperate condition. 1 can
tell you that 1 know positively that
Maceo himself went three days with
out food before he was killed. '
" 'You still believe him dead ? '
" 'Beyond a doubt , certainly. We
even know where his "body is , but we
do not like to disinter it , as it would
savor too much of the profanation of a
grave. '
' • * AVhy has Arolas left the troclia
with 8,000 men to take part in the ac
tive campaign ? '
" 'Because the necessity for the
trocha as a defensive line no longer ex
ists. There is , however , a considera
ble force there still amply sufficient
for all present purposes. '
" 'De you expect to capture Itius
" 'I don 't think Rivera will show
himself at all , " said General Weyler.
'We never hear from him , but some
times do one of the Ducasse brothers. " " '
John Urako Townsend Dead.
New Yoijk. Dec. 2S. John Drake
Townsend , eminent lawyer and poli
tician , died" suddenly at Christmas
Brutal Jefferson City Mnrdcr.
Jefferson Citv , Mo. , Dec. 2S. The
body of a -year-old colored girl was
found in the rear of Stamflis' furni
ture store with the head crushed and
the abdomen cut open. Tobe Lana-
han , a negro , was arrested , but the
evidence * against him is meager and
circumstantial. A lynching is possi
A Negro Boy Shoots a Policeman.
Paris. Kv. , Dee. 2S. Johnson Howe ,
a lfi-year-old negro boy , fatally shot
Policeman Lacy at Cynthiana Christ
mas eve when the officer attempted to
arrest him. Last night he was brought
here for safe keeping ; T
Easily Knocked Out by Peter Dlalicr
In " Seconds.
New York , Dec. 23. It took just
twenty-seven seconds' time for Peter
Maher , the Irish pugilist , to again de
monstrate his superiority in ring
tactics and hard hitting qualities over
Steve O'Donnell , the Australian boxer ,
in the arena of the Greater New York
Athletic Club at Coney Island. Both
men were in excellent condition and
trained to the hour. Each of them
was confident , but Maker ' s backers
made him a hot favorite by laying
odds ranging from .1 to 5 to 1 on the
Irishman's chances of winning.
From the outset Maher never left
the result in doubt. He rushed at
O'Donnell the moment the referee
called time , and O'Donnell assumed
the defensive. The big Anstralian led
his left for Makers body , but the
Irishman blocked the blow with his
right hand glove. Then Maher sent
his left to the chin and swung again
with his left on the face. lie put
O'Donnell to the floor a second later
with a left on the chin , and , after the
Australian regained his feet , Maher
landed a left smash on the jaw , follow
ing it quickly with a left half-hook ,
which sent O'Donnell down in a heap.
Steve rolled over on his back in a help
less condition , and the referee slowly
counted him out.
weylefTtold to delay.
Rumor That Spain "Will Blake Overtures
to the Rebels.
New York , Dec. 2 8. A Madrid spe
cial says : It is rumored that General
Weyler has delayed fresh operations
against the insurgents in order to give
time to discover the disposition of the
bands and their chiefs since the death
of Maceo , with a view to feeling his
way to preparing the ground for - finishing
ishing the present Cuban war like the
past insurrections in Spain and Cuba ,
where money and unofficial negotia
tions prove more telling arguments
than force of arras , directly the insur
gents saw no more hope of foreign aid.
It is also believed in diplomatic cir
cles that Spain will take advantage of
the dispositions of Presiden Cleveland
and Secretary Olney to negotiate
quickly and directly with the United
States to secure American neutrality
by granting discriminating concessions
in the contemplated Caban tarifc and
fair promises of colonial autonomy be
fore the accession of MeKinley.
Two Pemiscut , Mo. , Men Settle an Old
Fend "With Pistols Both Dead.
New Madrid , Mo. , Dee. 2S. John
Adams and Charles Simpson met at a
dance in Pemiscot count3'- last night at
the residence of Joseph Canot and
drawing their pistols fought a duel to
the death. Each man emptied the con
tents of his revolver into the anatomy
of the other. Simpson died on the floor
and Adams outside the door. An old
feud was settled.
Double Murder.
Corxixg. N. Y. , Dec. 2S. A horrible
.iouble murder occurred at Rathbun-
ville , fifteen miles west of this city ,
last night. William Allen , William
Harrington and Cloyd Myers , while in
an intoxicated condition , quarreled
about the possession of a buffalo robe.
Myers had the * robe at his house
and Allen and Harrington drove there
at 10 o ' clock last night and demanded
it. They were met by Myers , who had
a snot gun with him. When they de
manded the robe Myers shot them
both. Harrington was in the buggy
it the time and the horses started at
the report of the gun. Allen died at
12:1.1 this morning. The bodies of
both men were terribly torn. Myers
ivas captured at 2 o ' clock this morning
ind is now in jail.
Grand Island -Road.
Lixcolx , Neb. , Dec. 28. The Grand
Island. Hastings & Southeastern Rail-
: oad company has filed its certificate
) f organization and incorporation and
irticles of association in the office of
; hc secretary of state. The new com
pany purchased the St. Joseph & Grand
Island road at the foreclosure sale held
it Hastings , Neb. , a few days ago.
Che use of the word Southeastern in
stead of St. Joseph in the name is com-
nented on by local railroad men as
lossiblv indicating an intention on the
Kirt of the new company to extend its
inc beyond St. Joseph and to Kansas
"Kansas Kid" Confesses.
Seattle , Wash. , Dec. 2S. Gay
Harshman. alias "The Kansas Kid , ' '
who was convicted recently of passing
510,000 worth of counterfeit money ,
has made a statement to the effect that
his pal. George Conkling , who is now
serving time for counterfeiting , and
who squealed on him , confessed to
him that he was one of the three men
who held up the Northern Pacific train
at Hot Springs in'1394 , when the pas
sengers in the sleeper were relieved of
S. 'i,000. It is believed that Harshman
also had a hand in the hold up. Conk
ling is not a bad man , but Harshman is
an old criminal and a desperate man.
Convicted oT Hanging : nis 'Wife.
Clarke. S. D. , Dec. 26. Christian
Christiansen has just been convicted of
wife murder and sentenced to the pen
itentiary for life. It was supposed
that his wife had committed suicide ,
as she was found hanging to a tree in
a tree claim. It now appears that ho
hung her to the tree from his wagon
and then drove out from under , leav
ing her there. Circumstantial evi-
eenee was found which rendered the
suicide theory untenable.
Fatal Hunting : Trip.
E.MPORrA , Kan. , Dec. 28. John Brad
ley , the 17-year-old son of J. Q. Brad
ley , fatally shot himself while out
hunting yesterday. He and Frank
Pyne had placed their guns against a
tree while eating lunch. One of them
slipped down and was discharged , the
load of quail shot striking Bradley in
the top of the forehead , tearing a liole
in the scalp and shattering the skull.
Salvation Army Charity. (
St , Louis , Mo. , Dee. 28. The Salvation - c
tion army fed 5,000adults and children
at their various rooms in this city
Christmas day and sent out about 1,000
baskct-dinners to deserving families.
TIio Entire I'hllllplno Colony In Kevolt.
LoxnoS , Dec. 24. A Madrid dispatol-
says : "In order to secure the .vaccosi
of the next loan the government i *
straining everj' nerve to to conceal the
true situation in the Philippines. The
whole colony is in revolt , and scattered
bodies of Spanish troops have been
hemmed in by the rebels. It. is r.i-
mored that a certain proportion of
German reserve officers are in the in
surgent ranks.
Sax Fraxcisco , Dec. 23. Private ad
vices from Manilla , Philippine islands ,
reached here to-day and are verified by
an account that appears in the Hong
Kong Press , received per Belgic. The
news contained in the communication
deals with the attack of the Spanish on
the Noveleta isthmus , and the at
tempt of the Spanish to uslo 'dge the
insurgents in Cavite and Vie jo. At
the end of the campaign , which lasted
until the 14th of November , the Span
ish authorities sent out dispatches re
porting that the attack had been suc
cessful , and that the rebel loss was
very heavy. The Spanish claimed to
have lost about 2. killed and 100
wpunded. It is now learned that the
great victory that the Castillians pre
dicted ended in ignominious defeat.
The rebels held Noveleta against war
ships and troops. The Spaniards re
tired after suffering heavy loss.
John I Sullivan I'cnnUiM * .
Bostox , Mass. , Dec. 24.John Ij.
Sullivan , the pugilist , sat in the poor
debtors' session of the municipal court
yesterday to explain why he had failed
to settle a florist's bill. The ease will
be further heard January 11. It is
said that of the thousands of dollars
which Sullivan has made , he not
left even enough to pay this small
judgment of S3 IS obtained by a florist.
Prosecuting ; Attorney Mosby Dead.
St. Louis , Mo. , Dec. 24. Joseph
Mosby , prosecuting attorney of Maries
county , Mo. , died at St. John's hospi
tal , this city , of cancer , aged G3 years.
He was a cousin of General John S.
Mosby , the Confederate cavalry leader.
He was born at Harrodsburg , Ky. , but
come to Missouri when a boy.
Questions and Answers Relating : to
Patent * .
J. V. D. . of Belmond , Iowa , has sub
mitted questions to which we answer
as follows :
1. The average time for getting a
patent allowed is about eight weeks.
2. An application in this country is ,
by international agreement , protection
for six months in most of the foreign
countries that grant patents to Ameri
3. No one outside of the U.S. patent
office has a right to know anything
about an application that has not been
4. Yes , we have the official records
of all U. S. Patents issued since 1S. > 0 to
date and can generally tell when prior
claims interfere with ideas or inven
tions presented now.
r . Principles and results are not
patentable and the same objects and
results may be obtained by inventions
that differ from each other in contrac
tion , in a patentable sense , so that two
machines for the same purpose may
each be patented by different persons
and used without either one being an
infringement of the other's rights.
Valuable information about obtain
ing , valuing and selling patents sent
free to any address.
Printed copies of the drawings and
specifications of any U. S. Patent sent
upon receipt of 25 cents.
Our practice is not confined to Iowa.
Inventors in other states can have our
services upon the same terms as Hawk-
Thomas G. & J. Ralph Orwig ,
Solicitors of Patents.
Des Moines , Iowa , Dec. 19 , 1890.
Quotations From Xciv York , Chicago , St.
.Loul- , Omaha and fcKevriiero.
Butter Creamery separator. . IS < 3 0
liutter Choice fancy country Vi ft. 15
Ejrgs Fresh 23 © 'Si
l-i-airie chickens , per do/ 6 00 fe 0 . " 0
Quail , per do/ 100 < & 1 . .0
Ked head and Mallard Ducks. 3.0 ( & 2 75
bprins Chickens dressed 5 ( in r > < 4
Turkeys h @ 9
Oceic and Docks 7 • S
Lemons Choice Mcssinas 3 j0 @ 3 7 >
Honey Fancy White 14 &s 15
Onions , per bu 35 < [ i 40
Means hundpicked iNavv " 1 : i5 ( ti 1 40
Potatoes : w % 35
fc'weet Potatoes per bbl 2 00 @ 2 25
Oranges Per box 3 75 © 4 00
Hay Upland , per ton 4 50 © 5 50
Apples Per bbl 150 dr. 3 00
Hops Light Mixed 3 20 © 3 35
Hosts Heavy Weights : j ] . ; < ia 3 20
Beef Steers 3 0) © 4 20
Bulls 181 © 3 10
Milkers and springers 25 03 © 3) CO
Mii ? < 2 00 © 3 UO
Calves 2 25 © 5 75
Slaprs 2 25 © 3 50
Cows 150 © 3 25
Heifers 150 © 3 25
Stockers and Feeders 2 00 © 4 00
Sheep Native 2 i © 3 03
Sheep Lambs 3 20 © 4 50
Wheat Xo. 2Spring 77 © 77't
Corn Per bu 22 © 2'si
Oats Per bu 1GJ5 © lY
Pork (5 ( 75 © 0 SO
Lard 3 77 © 3 83
Cattle Ciiristmas beeves 5 40 © 5 00
Stockers andfeeders. 3 45 or. 3 85
Calves 5 50 © 5 75
Hol's Medium mixed 3 20 © 3 30
Sheep Lambs 2 00 © 5 00
wheat No. 1 , hard 02 © 91 ;
Corn No. 2. m © :8
Oats-No.2 22 © 22f
Pork S 2 > © S 75
Lard 4 25 © 4 50
Wheat No. 2 red , cash 59 © $01
Corn Per bu :0 © 20'-
Oats Per bu 21 © 20' ?
Hogs Mixed packing 3 00 © 3 23
Cattle Native s-hip'ng Steers. 3 GO © 4 CO
Wheat No. 2hard 7S@ 7Sv
Corn-No.2. 17 @ 17.
Oats-No. 2. . . yj © 2)
Cattle Stockers and feeders. . 2 53 © 3.-5
Iiojts Mixed 3 JO © 3 CO
Sheep Lambs .j 0) © 5 oj
Sliuuji .Muttons 1 GO © 3 25
A West Superior , Wis. , Hank Closed.
West Superior , Wis. , Dec. 24. The
Eank of West Superior , capital 550,000
and surplus 550,000 , suspended this
morning as a direct result of the fail
ures of the banks of Minnesota and
Gave His Life for Another.
Independence , Ivan. , Dec. 24. Yes
terday Henry Hell and Harmon Long
were digging a well at Edna , where
they struck fire damp. Hell quickly
tied a rope around Long and he was
hauled up. In saving his friend's life
Hell sacrificed his own.
Reader * Are Invited to Send in Dalii ' l l
and Have Their Indication * Printed M
Free Planet * Indicate Invent * , but Do H
Not Cause Tlicui. H
/ • mipeaa HE llOrOSCOpQ Of fl
K- jjfS"- * William MeKinley M
v/ ll V mate hy Prof' Cun" H
f s -1.7 nlngham a year
/ m \ ffiVysiLi aso imllcalcl1 llat |
'l h0 woult ! uecomo" |
lR H
4lr president of the
7 V/lil / / United States- H
A wsTvi > March4 > 1S9L Th0 H
* /\wjF /y astrologer visited M M
' NsL-- tlc MeKinley homo
- " - - at Canton for the M
purpose of obtaining exact data. Ho v l
was cordially icceived by Major Mc- / H
ley , Mrs. MeKinley and the president- f H
elect's aged mother. Prof. Cunningham H
is at present making a horoscope of the- j fl
MeKinley administration , beginning at H
noon March 4. It will he printed in ; H
March. Persons wishing to have horoscopes - H
scopes made should remember to give l l
Christian name , place of birth and H
residence , date and year of birth , hour H
and minute if possible. If you do not M
know the hour , send two two-cent M
stamps for particulars. Correspondents H
should also bear in mind that the astrologer - H
trologer wishes it distinctly understood ! H
that he treats the position of the planets - B
ets at time of birth merely as indlcafl
tions and not causes. A planet may > |
signify an event , like the star of Bethlehem - 3
lehem for instance , hut of itself it J M
has no other connection with it. Correspondents - H
respondents are answered free in these- H
columns. Address Prof. G. W. Cunningham - M
ningham , Dept. 4 , 191 Clinton street , M
Chicago , III. JH
Answers printed in order as received. M
Here are some for this week : JJH
Frank , Notre Dninr. Inil. B
You have the zodiacal sign Scorpio * / ) |
rising , with Sagittarius intercepted on V
the ascendant , and Mercury , Venus and |
the Sun also there , consequently you M
have Mars , Jupiter , Mercury , Venus M
and the Sun for ruling planets. You M
are above medium height , and well * |
proportioned body ; medium to dark |
complexion , hair and eyes ; the eyes j |
have a peculiar sparkle and sharp |
sight. You are stirring and energetic , M
and will' always have an ambition for M
a large business , with plenty of rush | | H
to it. You are fond of anything that M
has a mystery connected with it , and |
are very original and inventive in your JH
ideas. You are also fond of anything LA
pertaining to chemistry and pharmacy. JJH
You have good command of language , J H
and you are also a deep thinker , and H
do not always tell everything you ' 1
know. You have strong intuitions , and H
have a good knowledge of many things. J M
without ever having had to study to f H
learn about them. H
Iis < 3Iary K „ Calva. III. M
You have the zodiacal sign Scorpio , H
which Mars rules , rising at your birth M
and therefore Mars is your ruling H
planet or significator. Scorpio usually M
denotes a person of medium height ; H
well set and compact figure : rather H
short limbs ; the complexion not very |
clear and oftentimes freckled ; the hair |
dark and of luxuriant growth ; you are fl
reserved and secretive in your nature |
and keep your business secrets to |
yourself ; you are ambitious , stirring |
and energetic and inclined to take the M
lead in anything in which you become j |
interested ; you are not very yielding H
in your disposition and when opposed ] |
are liable to lose control of your temper - H
per ; you are fond of anything that is- j H
Df a mystical character and eas- J H
ily become interested in any- H
: hing relating to chemistry ; you M
ire a great admirer of surgeons , H
soldiers , firemen , etc. , when they H
perform any oneration that _ H
quires skill or any act of bravery , sol- J H
diers on dress parade , etc. ; you also H
take quite an interest in war and navy J k
news and all kinds of military affairs. \ H
John 31. , ircolyn. B
You have the zodiacal sign Leo , . |
which the sun rules , rising at birth anoT |
therefore the Sun is your ruling planet Her
or significator. The sign Leo usually J H
denotes a wiry , muscular , slender fig- T l
ure , with wide shoulders in proportion H
to the rest of the body ; the complexion 4 H
\ fair and ruddy ; the hair and eyes light ; |
the eyes are large and in some case& H
they would be called "popeyes. " You f |
are of a sunny , cheerful temperament ; H
you are charitable and generous , too |
much so for your own good ; you are |
very restless when not busy at something - H
thing ; you are very apt to borrow H
trouble in some way or cross bridges J H
before you get to them ; you are appar- * J H
ently quick tempered yet seldom get V l
your deep anger aroused ; yet when you 1
do you become very fierce like the lion ; |
when your anger is once aroused you |
will give somebody that was the cause fl |
of it the full benefit of your opinion regardless - H
gardless of their position or rank. You H
have more than average pride and ambition - H
bition and have a natural gift of |
language. j H
A Towel of Blotting Paprr. H
Paper has been put to a variety of H
uses , but its most curious employment is M
foreshadowed in the recent patenting M
of a blotting-paper towel. The idea. M
is that a person on stepping out of his -J H
morning bath , instead of rubbing himself - H
self dry in the orthodox manner. H
should envelop his body in a towel of | |
blotting-paper , which will , without |
trouble , and in a few seconds , absorb B
all the moisture upon his skin. The - H
idea is ingenious , but it does away with H
that wholesome friction which many H
believe to be so beneficial to tiie skin J H