The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 11, 1896, Image 4

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    H S Highest of all in Leavening Strength. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
I Iv SI Powder
. * For President ,
William McKinlkv of Ohio.
For Vice President ,
, Garrett A. Hobart of New Jersey.
For Presidential Electors ,
At Large J. E. Houtz of Lanca :
At Laree F. J. Sandilek of Sal
First District A.J. Burnham of Nem :
Second Dist rict A. C. Foster of Doug
Third District. . . . Solomon Draper of Ki
Fourth District G. A. Derby of Sew :
Fifth District. . . .J. L. McPheely of Kean
Sixth District M. L. Friese of Val
For Congressman Fifth District'
William E. Andrews of Adams County
For Governor ,
J. II. MacColl of Dawson County.
For Lieutenant Governor ,
Orlando Teft of Cass County.
For Secretary of State ,
J. A. Piper of llarlan County.
For State Auditor ,
P. O. IIedi.und of Phelps County.
For State Treasurer ,
C. E. Casey of Pawnee County.
For Attorney General ,
A. S. Churchill of Douglas County.
For State Superintendent ,
H. R. Corrett of York County.
For Commissioner Lands and Buildings ,
H. C. Russell of Colfax County. -
For Supreme Judge 4 years.
Robert Ryan of Lancaster County.
For Supreme Judge 2 years ,
N. P. Kinkaid of Holt County.
For University Regent ,
W. G. Whitmore or Douglas County.
For Representative 65th District ,
R. P. High of Lebanon Precinct.
For County Attorney ,
Harlow W. Keyes of Indianola Precincl
For Commissioner First District ,
Alex. D. Johnston of Valley Grange Pre
Thk fact that the insurance cot
panies of the country reaped $65C
000,000 of lapses , last year , is not
bad argument in favor of mutual ii
Judge M. L. Hayward , that sta
wart Nebraskan who ought now to b
leading the Republican state ticket
will speak on the issues of the day i
this city in the near future. Somt
thing of strength may be expectec
"And the Democrats only got a pal
try 60,000 plurality in Arkansaswher
the possibilities are almost limitles
for old fashioned Democratic plurali
ties. For shame ! Just as well madi
it an even 100,000 while you were at it
Quk old.frien4 Abbott of the Haye
Center Republican is aii old scamp ii
some particulars , but there is om
thing The Tribune loves about him
he runs his newspaper himself am
without the aid or consent of an ;
other nation on earth.
Nebraska has 274 Grand Army o
the Republic posts , with a membei
ship of 7,602 , Iowa 437 with a membei
ship of 16,224 , and Kansas 440 , with ;
membership of 14,710. The claims o
these states to the titles of soldiers
states are , therefore , based upon th
indisputable fact of their large so ]
dier population. Bee.
The well established reputation o
the Honorable J. W. Cole of Culbert
son as an abolisher of the county at
torneyship , a reducer of interest oi
tax sales , and a repealer of the ne
farious replevin law , is causing j
regular landslide to him up in th <
67th district. Even up in Hayei
county they are talking of 200 plural
ity for him. • The Tribune move ;
that his election be made unanimous
During the last fiscal year the Brit
ish postal savings bank was made the
depository of savings to the sum oJ
445,000,000 , or nearly $2,225,000,000 ,
While the amount checked out during
the year amounted to a little ovei
three-fourths of the amount deposit
ed , it is readily seen what a stimulus
it has given to frugality and saving.
Adding in one year over $500,000,00C
to the accumulated wealth of the
country is no insignificant accom
plishment. Bee.
The collapse of a number of bicycle
factories in the east is not altogether
due to prevailing hard times. In one
sense there has been an overproduc
tion of wheels , yet the demand is to
day greater than ever. There are
thousands of people in Omaha who
want bicycles , but will not pay the
ruling prices. They are waiting for
the inevitable fall in prices of good
wheels. This was shown at the auc
tion of wheels in this city last week.
An outside firm sold nearly 300 wheels
here in a few days , at prices ranging
from $25 to $35 , and did not supply the
demand for them. When manufac
turers realize these these conditions
they will not have to make assign
ments. Bee.
First G/ass Hand-Picked Apples at
70 cents a bushel or S2 a barrel at
Knipple's. Call early. They are
fine and will go rapidly.
- - - - - - -
hhp . _
' ' . . . . " ' tt. . . ,
Kj * j' _ jf' . 1 . . iq ii. . .1 1. 1
All is well , our people happy , ;
time goes fleeting by.
Our pnblic school commenced M
day with a good attendance , the pi
cipal's enrollment being unusua
E. E. Smith and wife took the tra
Thursday morning , for a short vi
with friends in eastern Kansas , ne
Kansas City , Missouri.
Every day brings us one day neai
"Home" and nearer "Election" wh
Wm. McKinley will be launched
the Presidential chair.
O. Frost has been out of town t
past three weeks attending to bu
ness at York , Neb. He is expect
home the last of this week for a. d
or two.
We understand a deal has been cc
summatedwhereby C.E.Williams ge
possession of his farm and that So.
will take charge. Wilber Joslin w
move south of town with the Mur
J. C. Harned left , Wednesday moi
ing , overland for Page county , low
where he expects to make his futu
home. We regret to loose Mr. Ham
as he was a good citizen and a R
DOur local team expect to play tl
return game of ball on the Leban <
grounds next Saturday. Look ou
boys , Lebanon may prepare to ke (
the laurels at home. The game is n <
3ut until played out. *
The game between Freedom ai
Lebanon last Saturday was a 01
iided affair. All of the Lebanc
flayers were not present and the
"fill in" and the
vere obliged to n
iult was a decided victory for Fre <
W , D , Myers left by prairie schoone
oute , Monday evening , for Hamilto
ounty , Neb. , near Aurora , his wif
aking the train , Tuesday morning
n account of little ones havin
rhooping cough. We regret thei
eparture as the family were alwav
lentified with the upbuilding of sc
iety and they will be especiall
lissed in the M. E. church and Sat
ath school of which they were faith
ul members.
A large crowd of patriotic citizen
ttended the G. A. R. and "W. R. C
ublic meeting , last Saturday , anum
er from Cambridge and Indianol ;
ttending. The Commander J , W
Jrown being absent , Willis Gossan
f Indianola made the address of wel
ome , in the course of which he men
ioned that Nebraska had again beei
onored by the election of T.S. Clark
on as National Commander , whic '
ras received with a hearty round o
.pplause. The program rendered wa
oed and patriotic and was well re
eived. The Bartley cornet band as
Lsted with some well chosen musl
or which our local band is famous.
Rev. W. A. Crago was a McCool
isitor , Monday.
Our young men have formed a Mc
[ inley club.
Mrs. James Hetherington was th <
uest of McCook friends , Saturday
James McCallum was an Omahc
isitor , attending thatstate fair , lasl
Charies Colling and wife were ir
le county seat , Saturday , on legal
Harlow W. Keyes had business in
cCook , Wednesday , going up Tues-
ly evening.
J. M. Brown and E. R. Banks drove
a to the seat of county affairs , Tues-
ly , on business.
Robert Welborn ot Denver is at
> me for a few days , having taken in
ie state fair.
D. H. Wentworth and family of
astings spent some days , last week ,
siting relatives here.
Geo. Engleman of Indianola has
nted a building of W. H. Faling and
.11 move here this week. Cambridge
County Attorney and Mrs. H. W.
2yes spent most of last week at the
ate fair and visiting friends in east-
n Nebraska , returning home Satur-
.y night.
[ hereby give public notice that no
rson except Mr. J. R. Procter has
ly right to cut timber or wood or to
move same from my premises near
dianola. Any other person taking
< od , timber or other property from
id premises will be prosecuted to
e fullest extent of the law.
J. J. Kemp.
* '
r * i
t * *
- ? i * *
. . .
> * iiii < * * • in-- -
- 1 * • * * * ' * r * * > * y nM. iHM
- , - i. - , r - - * * ' -1 1 1 1 . . nn 1 - _ . -
I. A. Sheridan waB a McCook pol
cal pilgrim , Monday.
G. W. Burt had business in •
county capital , Saturday.
Judge Isaac M. Smith was on 1
streets , fore part of the week.
X. "EL. Berge was doing our town
Saturday in the interest of the fail
WillDolan went to Lincoln , t
week , with a view of entering 1
State University.
J. J. Kemp , the Illinois millionai
has been here some days looking af
his large land interests.
Mis3 Lillian Welborn in compa
with her brother Robert was a stj
fair visitor , returning Saturday c
ning on No. 5.
The Christian Endeavor meeting
Sunday was an enjoyable affair of (
viable profit. Rev. Howard of Tab
Iowa.was a strong factor In the mei
The Indianola schools in charge
Prof. Dobson and the regular corps
teachers opened on Monday. Ma
are out of school on account of t
whooping cough.
Jas. R. Kinghorn arrived home f re
Deadwbod last Saturday evening.
We are told that Kimball ai
Younger haye started a sorghum fa
Dan Doyle sold his cattle to Wilc <
instead of to Everist , as we report *
last week.
Will and John Johnson started on
tour of the races last Friday , wil
their fast stock.
The Box Elder school opened Mo :
lay morning with Miss Martha Johi
son as instructor.
Last Monday , Geo. Ball and famil
3ade adieu to Nebraska and turne
; heir faces towards Longmont , Col
• ado.
J. E. Werner threshed last weel
lis rye and fall wheat made ssxtee
mshels per acre , while his oats yielt
: d twenty bushels.
Geo. Loomis . . who left with th
ihepherds for a tour of Wyoming
2ft them at Longmont , Colo. , and i
Off working at that place.
Box Elder is to have a broom f ac
ory : not extensive , but a broom f ac
ory employiug one man is bette
han a dozen paper watch factories
Alva Brown has located his Gardei
f Eden 80 miles mlies north of Lara
lie , and if he can secure some catth
e will at once proceed to Wyoming
Last week our genial fellow towns
ian , AI. Wilson , sold his half sectior
E land , lying two miles east of thii
lace , to Jas. Doyle , and we under
: and that he starts to Oklahoma
ais week. Ah.has bee 'nahard workei
nd a good heighbor , and his place
mong us Will be hard to fill.
Turnips are doing splendidly.
The rain came and was a genera
) aker.
School in district 74 began Monday
ith a fair attendance.
E. R. Osbaugh made a flying visil
) Hayes county , last week.
These cool nights are suggestive oi
Greenland's icy mountains" .
Wm. Sharp has 40 acres of com
lat looks nice and green yet.
Snakes of various kinds have been ,
ad still are uncommonly numerous ,
John Taylor of Avoca , Iowa , bro-
ler of Lee Taylor , was in our pre-
nct , Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Coleman and
r. and Mrs. S. M. Cochran dined with
r. and Mrs. Wm. Sharp , Sunday.
We are getting some rain ; had sev-
al showers lately. It is raining to-
ght , Wednesday , and looks like it
as in for a wet night. .
The smiling faces of Frank Brown
id Charley Campbell of Spring creek
sre seen at the Coleman school
use services on Sunday.
tt has been uncommonly healthful
L summer , notwithstanding , the hot
; ather , but sore throat is troubling
me pretty severely now. -
[ . Parsons and wife of Frontier
unty , also W. H. Epperly and wife
tended services at the Coleman
iool house , Stnday , and spent the
mainder of the day at Milton Cole's.
i. Coleman Republican sa3's : Billy
yan is salting the people with free
ver , but his opinion is that the
Lne is not strong enough to save
nself or his followers from a trip
Salt river after Nov. 3d. Vote for
: Kinley , sound money , protection
d prosperity.
Jncle Billy don't keep the pig in
i parlor , but he keeps the pigs in
i corn crib , as they are plentier
m corn. I wouldn't trade our corn
• all of his Cuban-queens , Emerald
31s , and the whole vocabulary from
• ha to omega. Let him eat his
11 melons , but give me the Johnny
' ' * * - * - & 6
r T
H. H. Berry was at the Coler
school house on Tuesday evening 1
gave a most stirring address in
interest of the Republican pai
There was a good attendance , ' m ;
Bryanites being present , The lac
were numerous also. G. S. Bis !
took the floor when Mr. Berry ]
finished and gave a short addr
Wm. Valentine of McCook is to
dress the people at the same pla
Tuesday evening the 22d.
H. K. Bixler has lots of melons.
Russell Corner is working ; for H.
Miss Irwin will teach in district
this winter.
School will commence in district
Monday , Sept. 21st.
Geo. McClain is helping Irve Spa
ding for a few days.
Crowd the hogs news and get th
to market before cold weather.
W. A. Stewart was drawing cane
the factory the first of the week w :
two teams.
H. B. Wales has a fine lot of be
millet and pi airie hay in stack , a
is cutting more.
J. W. Corner was a business pilgr
to the county seat , Friday last , wh
Mrs. Corner did some trading.
Miss Ona Simons will commen
1 six-months' term of school in d
: rlct 58. on Monday , September 21
J. B. Smith has 40 acres of mill
: ut and bonnd. Stand is fair to go
ind will yield a large amount of se
ind feed.
Uncle Billy is repairing his win
ireak. There will be nothing ami
n cutting plenty of fodder in anti <
lation of a severe winter.
Miss Sadie Coyle was a passeng
m No. 2 , Sunday morning , bound f
it. Louis , Mo. , where she will attei
chool for four or five years.
Thomas Real threshed for Unc
Silly Johnson , last Friday , and f (
Salter Hickling on Saturday. Robe
'raphagen is assisting him.
Lon Carothers took some wheat 1
Dwn , Friday , and had the misfortur
J have a tire run off of one of hagen
agon wheels , necessitating the bo
swing.of another wagon.
Word comes to us that a young lad
ear the county line hail a sudden a
ick of grip , Sunday evening , aboi
o'clock. It lasted until two , Moi
iy morning , when John loosened u
is arms and went home.
When we hear a kind , patient , har (
orking wife ask her husband for
ickel and he snaps out , "What d
) u want it for" ? we have our opinio
: that man , and think that she ha
lriven her ducks to a poor market.
Robert Tf aphagen is having a pair
il experience with a felon or cai
incle on his right hand. He has 1
: res sown to fall wheat , which i
> ming up nicely , and intends sowin
' acres. He also has in 40 acres 0
e. of which some is coming up.
If you want to go back east am
sit relatives , at half fare , see Wrr
ileman at once. If you want to gi
ick to Iowa or Illinois , to a count ;
ir , free , see him , quick. If you wan
take the wife and visit a menthe
e what he Avill do for you. Call soon
H. H. Berry and Geo. S. Bisho ]
Iked to the people of this town a
e Coleman school house , Tuesday
ening , on the political pressure o :
e times. They talked until near l :
; lock when the elements took it uj
id thundered its approval of Mc
.nleyism loud and strong. The Mc
nley club at said school house is 1
etty long one , and will knock thf
shorty Smith went to the Willow tc
j to make a deal with Jackey Os-
rn to pick some wild fruit on shares ,
ckey proposed to furnish the plums ,
ipes and shade. Shorty was tc
ve all the plums and grapes , and
okey was to have the shade. Shorty
ced Jafcey if he wouldn't furnish
2 sugar to do up the plums and
ipes. Jackey kicked up at this ,
d thought it enough to furnish
jar for the shade , and Shorty might
• nish his own sugar or eat the
ims and grapes raw.
lev. D. L. McBride preached his
ewell sermon at Zion Hill church
last Sabbath. He has done a grand
rk here , and gained the respect and
niration of the people. The showed
t Sabbath their appreciation of
labor by turning out and filling
s church so full that quite a few
ild not get in at all. All denomi-
: ional lines , vere simply laid aside ,
I the whole people turned out to
farewell to the one who has lab-
d so earnestly and so unselfishly to
e souls instead of church property ,
his efforts were directed to the
aing of the people to God , and God
• e him many souls here for his hire.
1 heart grew sad and the eyes dim
h tears as we listened , for the last
e , to this our beloved pastor , as he
nestly commended us to God. May
meet him over on the evergreen
re and enjoy his societyforever. .
. j
Stan f * . - I
* - - " vr- . - . - . - „ - - . _ , . „ . . _ 1 1 1
\ ' , "
* " * I Pm
I ' Ml
fie Fas Cliii tapiy } l
• • • • ! ! rilI
I 1
i JiH
• • • •
I • JONAS ENGEL , Manager. | j | ! |
j11 j
News of the right sort is a scar
article this week.
Tom Scofield has the job of skii
ming , up at the sugar works.
We have the promise of a barrel
two of apples from Dorchester if i
pay the freight.
James Kinghorn , has returned f re
his brief sojourn up to Deadwood ai
the Black Hills country.
J. M. Henderson has been tearii
down and removing some of the buil
ings from the farm to McCook.
Aunt Martha and the girls ha-
been fixing up things in an attractr
and comfortable way about the hous
Hiram Brown , son-in-law of I. ]
Moore , is up from Crete on a brl
visit , and will return overland Avi1
some horses and implements.
The writer's thanks are due M
Hunter of the Beaver for a fine "la :
out" of choice melons that were dul
appreciated and the seeds saved
We notice a few old sticks and th
ends of an old box or two being haule
by from no one knows where , an
that's going to be our much talked (
Addie Hanlein will fall in line an
resume her former occupation , ha
ing accepted the fall term of scho <
at Snosqualmie Falls , Washingtor
and which begins October first.
A little misunderstanding as t
who would help some one else thres
lias caused a bit of merriment and
jood deal of talk on the side betwee
several Divide and Box Elder folks.
S. D. Belles pushed off one of th
: ranks of his new racing wheel whil <
) n his way home from Bartley , Sue
lay evening , and had the fun of rid
ng from Indianola with one crank ii
lis pocket.
The Divide school began right oi
: ime , Monday morningwith the usua
ittendance and Miss Gibbons ii
: harge. She intends riding back anc
: orth on her wheel as long as thi
leather permits.
Annie Reeves will attend the Mc
2ook high school again this year and
rith that end in view she has ar
anged to board in town and not trj
o drive back and forfh owing to the
istance from home.
Martha Johnson lost no time and
ras right on hand at the opening oi
he Box Elder school. The pupils will
oubtless appreciate her painstaking
lethods in the school room , and we
eel justified in saying that few are
etter qualified.
Sunday morning the five-year-old
irl of Mr. and Mrs. W. X. Johnson
2ll from a horse breaking her left
rm and otherwise injuring her more
r less severely. Dr. Gunn is in at-
iudance and it is hoped the little
ne will soon be in running order.
Herr M. Moehler is making prepa-
itions for a well , the other one hav-
ig caved in soon after one of the
savy rains last summer and his wind-
ill was wrecked about the same time
irinjr a gale that stirred things up
i a lively way over about the "point" ,
bill the old hun and his bride are
ippy and a honeymoon is nothing
> mpared with their daily jaunt of a
iro-mile ride after water.
You can buy anything you want in
e line of queensware at cost at
tipple 's. He is closing out that
ie , you don't have to buy a whole
f of dishes , but anything and ev-
ything at cost.
- - , hf ] JB
L. A. Stephens spent Sunday at fill
home. , | l
J E. Dodge is threshing in thin J $ ' 1 |
neighborhood , this week. M
Rev. J. M. Bell preached his farewell - ( H
well sermon at this place , Sunday. . . il
Andrew Anderson and wife attended !
a basket meeting at Danbury , Sun- I
. : H
J. H. Wade and wife attended services - I
vices at the Pickens school houseSun- . '
day last. H
' 'f M
Miss Stella Cratty and Miss Rose
Albrecht are attending school in Mc- I
Cook , this term. . H
Born , to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Crocker - B
er , Friday the 4th , a boy of the usual <
weight and lung power. H
J. H. Wade and wife are visiting 'I
friends at Danbury , and in Norton . - , B
county , Kansas , this week. ) j !
Quite a number from this place attended - < > H
tended the picnic in Hammel's grove ' H
on Brush creek , the 4th , and report a • \
time. > M
very pleasant f
We were mistaken in our last week's V ' ;
items with regard to the amount of jH
grain which Jas. Resh had threshed. * ' 9
The whole amount was 416 bushels , < . ' . H
150 of wheat and 266 of oats , instead S ' H
of 366 as stated. * f
_ • A * ' *
Knipple sells all ' / "M
queensware at cost I
and less. I
Job Printing The most artis- . V ? 3
tic work at the lowest figures' . L |
The Tribune , McCook. "Write /
Eor prices. A trial order will set- f H
tie the business. H
Elegant sefc of dishes - _ I
es for a mere song at
ELnipple's. I
Don't forget to come and see us S
ffhen you want any kind of job fl
printing. We are the people who " * 'B
lo the nice printing. ' |
i M
$10 hanging lamp
tor $5.50 at Knip-
[ ) le's. . 1 H
SSlPBuy your writing paper st H
Che Tribune office. All kinds in V B
tock and prices very reasonable 4 $ % . H
Try that 15 cent box f pQ
> aper at The Tribuste * * A
> ffice. Worth 25 cts. . " %
Use cheaper grades ,
We are just in receipts of a new |
apply of tablets and box papers H
lemorandums , etc. > y |
Unprecedented bar- 9
rains by Knipple in ,9
Lneensware. * H
[ Notary Public , J : , , H
I Reliable Insurance , J . Mm * ' JH
i Collection Agent. \ JB