The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 21, 1896, Image 3

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    Bk.jBtfi 180C FAIR.
HHBv exhibition.
H Bt To bo heIfl at Omaha August 27 Sop *
' tcrabor 5 , 189G.
K L'
1 l f Will certainly bo the GREATEST
Mft mr .STATE FAIR ever held.
Bk MBl unci those who have retained confidence
Eiflnf are now rewarded by a bountiful har-
Br Rj vest , and all the people , by prudent
fc-ijflBf care , arc able to attend this fair.
B Ht The grounds at the
fl / fl-/ have lost all disagreeable features in-
B X fll citlent to their newness last year and
Bx fliv ' , are iQ good shape
Br J B } In addition to the best-
H/ra&l * TEXTILE.
L i N fine arts ,
H < Jk' mischanical arts ,
T K > exhibits , special attractions in speed
VlW I program and rare musical programs
fl [ l Ki hare been arranged. The
' * wl vV\ give free entertainment on the fair
- 'i J
K i y \ ground , Friday , September 4th 1,000
i-LiJr voices 5 hands of music all of rare
BlJflt " merit. The
k : 'Vl\ KNGIHTS
i Pjflffii will celebrate the FEAST OF OLYM-
H'll PIA. Grand parades each night Sep-
I B' R tember 1st to 5th inclusive , in the city ,
Rl K and special attractions at the theatres.
H nUT NY have made special provision to take
PMtiT care of the people along their line by
B Bv additional train service , and by extra
' /W' facilities at terminals.
f' 'W-Y The low rate of 0NE FAIR FOR
H toI THE ROUND TRIP , plus 50 cents ad-
Hslr / mission , will be made. Handbills ad-
' 'l jJ&L. vertising time of special trains and ad-
t K flfF ditional attractions will be issued
B jK , lie Disputed the Count.
| \kM When the last census was taken the
R fluM ? returns showed that a certain Scottish
H [ l' # v parish had only increased by seven
i * * % from the time the previous census was
vfVM' taken. One or two cronies dropped ia
V' " MK on t le reo ' lstrari just as he was com-
H -wk * pleting the returns , to hear how mat-
K tfl ? ters stood. One of them , an extensive
Bf 'V | family man , inquired what the increase
HrffJvr' was , and on being informed that it
Hrs 'il' , was "only seven , " he exclaimed :
X m mM "What ! Only seven ? Impossible.
Hk4TCv There shairty maun be some mistak' .
y | t' ' Man alivel 1 have contributed mair
' . 3 than that mvsel' ! " New York Post
B < " tm. ' -
flH Piso 's Cure lor Consumption is the best
Bw S P. of a'l ' cough i ui es George W Lotz , Fabu-
BJlj : ? > cher. La. , Austin 20 , lb'J3
. ' • ? 5I ' Announcing' the B.iby's Birth.
PflHm * In sending announcement cards of a
Ev ? { ) 'baby's birth the baby ' s name is printed
HkJ9)H ) V in full on a small card which is inclos-
RjSpjK \ ed with the parents' card If desired
HtpSr I it may be attached to the larger card
a ow ° * vcr narrow white satin
JTMKf ribbon , or silver cord. The date of
B * -iiX "birth is added , but not the weight of
BN am the baby , nor any other particulars of
\ any sort whatever.
Kk'lll Hall's Catarrh Cure
j jyB i Is taken internallr. Price , 75c.
WPS : r :
\\\\\Af . i * A Touc lllngr Sight.
B jrJ There is an old colored man in Wilkes
BwX county who has never had his member-
| kV ship changed from the white people's
| flb m clrurch at Independence. He belonged
BBaflR lo when a slave and has held on to
kw Kv * * * "e * trends service regularly and
B3r7 does not intrude upon the congrega-
B5 ? 2 tion , but sits quietly on the steps and
K X \ & listens to the sermon. Atlanta Con *
t . stitution.
B Plft . \ Personal.
H V * J ANY ONE who has been benefited
fcF2 , by the use of Dr Williams' Pink Pills ,
Bgi ? jfc will receive information of much value
BPfJV and interest by writing to "Pink
B M Pills. " P. O. Box 1592 , Philadelphia , Pa.
BWj ? * L Car * ) nt Aquarium Fish.
BJlSf Fich is aquaria that turn on their
H % > ' sides or in other was at times indi-
B Bik cute a diseased condition. If they arc
Bn&9\ taken out and placed in a vessel of salt
BK"W\ water water made about as salt as
B fe 6 < 'a water thc\ ' will esuall3T recover.
B ? - - They should remain in the salty water
Hl\ about twenty-four hours , according to
K > & Median's Monthly.
K& II the Ilaby is Cutting Xeetn.
E.Xl , Bociiro nnduvo that old ar.d well-tried remedy , lies.
| Ef 9 ' . for Children
* Window's Sootiiu.o Synur Tecthlnc-
H 'r v Nobody bus ever found true happiness
BPji who did not bist find Christ.
BFvl JH' 1 iif : imu uIid would lie strong in mind
K& .9 must Iced on fat ts.
k\'S No tears are when the man dies
Hi ' m , who hns lived only for himself.
& - • FITS . 'o"n l frro and jienmnpntlv cureil. Xo
M - J ntsatt. r.l t o.iiivm. . . Dr. Kline'sOrctt > erve
B. ' 2 s fc ItcMorcr. > 'rt-o t > ilr.U bolllu j.iul Vie.ili e.
BI Jl Sii 1 to Dk. JIune. 931 St. , FliiUUelphia , Pa.
HBB 1 P t-pcct is letter sppured ( > y eiucting
BIB I than i icitmg it Grevlbe.
QT g Only the base believe what the base only
Br sft utter I'eiler.
Ejyr | | The Greatest fledicai Discovery
B of the Age.
P mmx 01SG0VERY ,
iV Has discovered in one of our common
H11f \ pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
h1& kind of Humor , from the worst Scrofula
nL down to a common Pimple.
B D He lias tried in over eleven hundred
Bfl P cases , and never failed except in two cases
B V ( both thunder humor ) . He lias now in his
B B possession over two hundred certificates
B9EL of its value , all within twenty miles of
Kffljf \ Boston. Send postal card for book.
Bllii * A benefit is always experienced from
B l\ , e rs * bottle , and a perfect cure is war-
B > Jt ranted when the right quantity is taken.
& * $ | When the lungs are affected it causes
r M % . shooting pains , like needles passing
k S through them ; the same with the Liver
BlilKs or BoweIsTil's is caused Dy the ducts
KmP being stopped , and always disappears in a
B fW week after taking it Read the label.
B W If the siomach is foul or bilious it will
H- % cause squeamish feelings at first.
B' - - ' # No change of diet ever necessary. Eat
B ' # the best you cxi get , and enough of it
B. l' Dose , one tablespoonful in water af bed-
K . time. . Sold by all Druggists.
Bk@ '
"Yes , sir , that ere bread-fruit tree is
good for more'n the fruit. The fibers
inside the bark , ye see , can be wet and
pounded , and then dried. I know jest
how to do It. Now I guess we'll have
to try some palm matting. Pll show
you how to braid and splice it together ,
and we'll have a dress fixed for all of
us. We must make a tent-top too , for
the night-dews in these forrin places
are a powerful sight like rain , and mas
terly unhealthy , too. I don't see as
my old bones can rest yet , there's so
much to be done afore night. "
"You shall not work alone , my noble
fellow , " said Mr. Vernon , energetically.
"Between your experience and my
scientific knowledge it's a pity if we
cannot go to housekeeping in tolerable
style , since nature has spread every
thing around us in raw material. "
Tom opened his eyes and a look of
deference mingled with his expression
of good fellowship.
"And don't you think , " asked he , "we
had better keep pretty close to this spot
for tonight anyhow ? When we've
turned in and had a watch below , we
shall feel more like finding out what
kind of a home the old caboose brought
us to. "
"I shall always abide by your judg
ment , and I agree with this. Now ,
then , Tom , for the palms ; you ; -"hall
teach me to plait a native garment for
Walter and myself , and after we have
obtained dry clothes we will think about
a bunch of bread-fruit , sauced with
banana and seasoned with cocoanut. "
Tom's oriental experience was of in
valuable benefit He knew precisely
how to work , and in far less time than
would be imagined by a novice , the
broad palm-leaves were woven into an
Eastern suit neither unpicturesquenor
despicable , and their own drenched gar
ments spread out to dry in the warm
sunshine. Returning to their charges ,
they found both patient and nurse fast
asleep. Tom soon improvised a bam
boo couch , over which he spread a mat
ting of palm , and the exhausted chil
dren were laid carefully upon it , and
their wet clothing removed without dis
turbing their slumber in the least.
"We're lucky not to have landed
alongside of the icebergs , " said Tom ,
dryly , as he bent the boughs of a Hibis
cus tree to shade the sleepers more ef
fectually. We needn't fear freezing
nor starving. "
"Nor could we have selected a fairer
spot , " replied Mr. Vernon , looking
around admiringly upon the closely-
wooded heights , rising in a succession
of hills from the shore , and showing in
profuse luxuriance the most valuable
woods and fruits , as well as the gorgeousness -
geousness of tropic blossoming ; "and
we have not yet seen signs of ferocious
beasts or unfriendly inhabitants. "
"I calculate we're safe from both
them 'ere. I kept one eye pretty sharp
around , and all I've seen is an alDa-
tress , a petrel , and two or three heron.
I remember hearing old Pete Jones , a
gone-by shipmate o' mine , who was in
these parts a good while , say that no
beast of prey was ever seen around in
these islands , which , as near as I can
reckon , are in the part of the chart they
call Polynesia. We'll be careful till
we're sure. "
"Now suppose we go down to the ca
boose and set it up for a bedroom for
She children what do you say , Tom ? "
"We'd best save it , anyhow , if only
to remember the old 'Petrel' by. "
So they went down to the beach , and
with their united effort turned over the
shattered shell. Mr. Vernon began to
think Tom was growing insane as he
saw him- dart inside and seize some
thing with the most frantic expression
of joy.
"Tom , Tom , my good fellow , what
ails you ? "
"Good heart , sir , I can't half tell you ,
I'm so pleased. Only see what I've
found ! It's worth more to us than a
heap of gold and diamonds. "
Mr. Vernon bent forward and beheld
a small hatchet , which , fastened by a
stout cord to a nail , had resisted the ef
fort of wind and wave , only twisting
Itself more securely around the brass
head of the nail.
"It is indeed an invaluable treasure , "
said he , with emotion. "Tom , Tom ,
who knows but this frail ark has
brought us to an Eden we shall be sorry
to exchange for the hollow frivolities
and sordid' selfishness of the world ? "
< 5 = sa > OM was detaching
rO jj e hatchet from
v4 v l jglll * e n&iU he paused
fcd * iJ A&llli a moment , and his
< © mf ( lm\ \ clear sray eye wan-
ifefeirlill ° erea over "wave
/ feSffijfjSttVs , ar- sky to the ver-
% ? jy&rfiizsJ dant heights behind
itfM § ( them ; a sober , tran-
• ! } qui1 , melancholy ,
2 *
&yfjfcb. entirely undelina-
' ble look swept over
his face.
"I don't know , sir , " said he , slowly ,
"I can't say , but something seems to
tell me I shall have my grave here on
the island. " He waited a moment , over
powered by a nameless presentiment ,
and then added cheerfully : "But if it
is to be so , sir , no man living now will
have a pleasanter one than can be
scooped out a little beyond the spring
there , under the Hibiscus tree. Ye
mind it , sir , if anything happens ,
tiere's where I'd like to be laid. "
. , ,
* ' * ' ' ' ' 1 npiil"W"ji'ii"T _
J | " > iiinii -iiinim-wwiii * * mm 11 1 1,1 1 i
The time came when , with overflow
ing eyes and outgushing heart , Paul
Vernon recalled these words and dwelt
fondly upon the memory of the picture
then before him. That stout , athletic
form , that plain , homely face , but most
of all that cheery , hopeful , resigned ex
pression that lent such a vivid charm
to the otherwise unprepossessing coun
tenance of Tom Harris.
After a night's rest and a bountiful
breakfast from that most skillful of all
culinary artists , Dame Nature herself
albeit the butler who collected and set
out the savory dishes was none other
than honest Tom our little company
began to feel less like benighted out
casts , and to look upon the beautiful lit
tle island as a home establishment.
The little girl wept bitterly when her
childish mind was made to comprehend
the sorrowful fate of her nurse and pro
tector , yet with the versatility of in
fancy entered also into the keen delight
of Walter Vernon , who capered around
his father and Tom as they were busily
felling the trees needed for their per
manent habitation , loudly rejoicing at
the beautiful sights around them.
On the third day they commenced an
exploring expedition along the shore
and some distance back into the inte
rior. They found they were upon a
small.isolated island , yet evidently one
of a group , since from the top of a
tall cocoanut tree on the summit of the
highest hill Tom declared ho could see
a dim line beyond the water that
marked the land , probably of a similar
island. He made another discovery at
the same time which he believed more
important to them , which was that the
wreck of their ship had not sunk , but
was lying evidently caught between the
jagged points of a reef underneath the
Boundless sources of wealth were dis
closed to them , but no sign of human
habitation. The bread-fruit , cocoa ,
cocoanut , yams , banana , plantain and
sugar-cane grew in spontaneous abund
ance , while Tom pointed out to them
the Abia-tree , hearing its delicious
pulpy fruit , and won Walter's heart
completely when he handed him a
handful of the sweet native chestnut.
Kata. Upon the elevated land they
found forests of stately trees , whose
names were mostly familiar to Tom's
experience or Mr. Vernon's botanical
"Ah , " said the former joyfully , paus
ing beneath a group of apapa and faifai
trees , "here is the stuff , Mr. Vernon , for
our canoe. We will visit the old ship
soon , and find out what's left for us. "
While they were examining the gen
erous supply of valuable timber the
children were gathering flowers. Sud
denly came a scream from the little
girl , and a loud shout for help from
Walter. Both Mr. Vernon and Tom
turned in alarm. A trampling , rush
ing noise came from a thicket of tan
gled vines and underbrush , and out
darted a strange-looking animal , up
setting the courageous boy , who had
flung himself in front of his weaker
While little Elinor she had given
so much of her name to Tom before
the shipwreck , but could not now be
made to recall the rest clung frantic
ally to Tom's neck , Mr. Vernon in much
alarm assisted his son to rise.
"Oh , father , father , what was it a
bear or a lion ? " gasped Walter.
Tom's cheery laugh rang out boister
"It was better than that , my boy it
was our pork-barrel still on its legs.
Bye-and-bye the old fellow will give
you a sausage to pay for this fright. "
"What , a pig ? " ejaculated Mr. Verne -
no , much relieved.
"Nothing else , sir. Wild hogs find
good living here , and so shall we. In
deed , sir , all the wants of a decent hu
man cretur are supplied here. See
there , behind the sandal , is a candle-
tree. We needn't stay long in the
dark. "
Mr. Vernon sighed.
"Ah , Tom , show me a tree where my
books , my precious books , grow , ranged
ready in a row for a hungry mind. "
Tom scratched his head.
"You've got me there ; but if we can't
find any left in the old hulk , I hope it
ain't bold in me to say I mistrust you
can write some for yourself. "
"You are an admirable fellow , Tom ,
for expedients. I think I'll try. , Of
course you'll provide plenty of paper
and ink ? "
"Jest as much as you want , " answered - ,
swered the old sailor triumphantly , de
lighted to see his random suggestion
was likely to work profitably in avert
ing the melancholy he dreaded so much.
"I'll show you some beans bye-and-bye
that will give better ink than any you
can buy in London , I'll be bound , for
sun and water can't fade it out ; and as
for paper , bleach out some of my native
cloth for the strong , or make some of
the tender , like Chinese rice-paper it's
just what you want. "
"Well said. When we build the
house I'll have a study to write in.
Come , children , you have an interest in
our plan ; there must be a school-room
and a parlor on purpose for little Ellie. "
But several days of hard work were
required before the timber was brought
to the site near the shore , selected for
various reasons , and then the house
was only partially finished , as Tom was
anxious to build a raft and visit the
ship before another storm could com
plete her destruction.
The raft looked like a frail , unsea-
worthy thing when it was done , with
out a nail to secure II , only bound to
gether with great thongs of bark ; but
Tom was quite satisfied , and had no
fear , and early one fine morning , as
they sat round their palm-leaf break
fast cloth , announced his intention of
starting Immediately.
Mr. Vernon wished to accompany
him , but to this Tom would not con
"No , no , " said he. "Wait till I find
out what is the risk. Suppose wo both
go , and are lost what's to become of
the children ? Tom's the one to go. "
"Tom is a hero , " replied Mr. Vernon ,
with emotion. "I wish you would let
the children call you Mr. Harris. It
pains me to hear them so familiar with
you , who are in reality our leader and
king. "
Tom laughed.
"Lord bless you , sir , I shouldn't know
how to act with a handle to my name.
I've allers been Tom from the time I
went to school to l'arn my letters , and
faith I've eenamost forgot 'cm it's so
long ago , and Tom I shall keep on.
You can't teach an old dog new tricks ,
and I should feel as silly as a landlubber
ber in the shrouds during a blow if
anybody called me Mr. Harris. Now ,
then , I'm off. "
/Pr ? NXIOUSLY and
j//@zl eagerly the little
/ / $
I5S I/ § ! Party watched
J&5 'ANSp ' STom's \ ra t paddled
pgy g c W slowly around the
I M reef , disappearing
V MiPf behind the cliff , and
ffiuLtM ! ) "with feverish im-
tiKwZa patience Mr. Ver-
pk-ffi non paced to and
( d jniF fro the intermina-
y ble four hours of his
absence. The learned , refined , fastid
ious man of the world the deep thinker
and laborious student marveled at the
utter dependenece he had come to rest
upon that simple , unlearned , unpol
ished nature.
"There is but one thing genuine. " he
muttered , as he saw the children for
saking their play and fruit to watch
anxiously in the direction the raft
should return. "Tom's good heart is
more than all my scientific knowledge ,
my laboriously acquired heritage.
Even here , on this deserted island , am
I taught my own worthlessness. Oh ,
the past , the past if it were in the
power of mortal man to undo it ! "
A black cloud settled on his face.
His thoughts were evidently with some
painful scene in his past life , for his
teeth gnawed impatiently at his pallid
lip , his eye flashed , and on his high
forehead the veins knotted themselves
like cords.
A cheery hallo , answered by glad
shouts of the children aroused him from
the painful reverie. He hurried down
to the beach , thankful to see Tom pad
dling back to the shore.
"Here I am , " shouted Tom , "safe
and sound , you see , and bringing you
good news. Oh , but , sir , I couldn't help
thinking if our folks had only trusted
the old hulk , and not tried the boats ,
how many it would have saved. But
what does a poor wea "k cretur know
about it ? the Lord's the best judge. "
As he drew the raft on shore he went
on in a livelier tone , while he unloaded
its contents.
"There , sir there's a keg of spirits of
some kind. It may come handy when
the rainy season sets in. Here's a chist
of clothes , and this 'ere , I think , is
mighty fortunate , for I know all about
it. I brought this trunk out of the
cabin myself and put it in the hold ,
and I heard the maid say it belonged to
Lady Eleanor's mother , that she was
going to meet. You know they was
mighty particular to call the little
thing Lady Eleanor , so I s'pose she is
one of the nobility. Here , little Ellie ,
it's yours ; and when're older maybe
you won't be sorry to have some pretty
clothes to wear better than Tom can
manufacture. Ye must be nice with
'em , though , for maybe they'll prove
some time who you be. "
He turned then to hand Mr. Vernon a
small clasp Bible the Beacon Light of
their deliverance.
"Here , sir , I thought you'd be thank
ful enough to see this. I calculate
you'll comfort us all out of it when the
blue days come. "
He was stooping down , ready to lift
out another chest , and astonished that
the book was not taken as joyfully as
he expected ; he raised himself and
looked at his companion keenly.
Meanwhile the Building : Mijjht Fall.
Mayor Hooper has received a legal
opinion from City Solicitor Elliott as
to the power of the city authorities to
close a school building which is con
sidered dangerous to the lives of oc
cupants. Mr. Elliott states that it is the
duty of the fire commissioners to ex
amine the building to see whether its
condition is in violation of the law and
if it be so found to report to the inspec
tor of buildings , who , with the ap
proval of the mayor , is authorized to
make the repairs necessary. If , pend
ing the making of the repairs , the
mayor is of the opinion that the oc
cupancy of the building is hazardous
to the lives of the scholars it would
seem to be his duty to request the
board of school commissioners to make
immediate provision for the housing
of the scholars elsewhere and , in the
absence of such provision , to close the
school. Baltimore American.
"Wot are you a-cryin' for ? "
"Me teacher kep * me in an' called me
a ass. "
"Cheer up , ole man ; that ain't nothin'
to cry for ! "
"Oh , I ain't a-crying for myself ; I'm
a-weein' cause it's so rough on me
father ! " Truth. j
Flub That Ynvrn.
It is not generally known that fish
yawn. The writer saw a turbot yawn
twice and a cod once the latter being
one of the widest yawns accomplished
by any animal of its size. The yawn
of a turbot , being something not com
monly seen , rather as if it dad belong
ed to a round fish which someone had
accidently trodden on and squashed
half flat The yawn begins at the lips ,
which open as if to suck in water.
Then the jaws become distended , and
it is seen that this is going to be a real ,
genuine submarine fish's yawn. Hut
the yawn goes on , works through the
back of its head , distending the plates
of the skull , and comes out at the gills ,
which open , show the red inside , are
inflated for a moment , and then , with
a kind of stretching shiver of its back ,
the fish flattens out again , until , if un
usually bored , it relieves itself by an
other yawn. Spectator.
Admonished by the Court.
The venerable Judge Allen , of the
United States Circuit Court at Spring
field , 111. , was hearing a case a few
years ago , in which James C. Courtney
was one of the attorneys. The counsel
on the opposite side had asked a ques
tion of a witness , and Courtney had
objected. The point was argued by
both bides and the objection was over
ruled. The opposite lawyer asked the
same question of the next witness , and
Courtney again objected and began to
argue it over again. Judge Allen in
terrupted him with this observation :
"My. Courtney , you remind me of a
dog that keeps barking up a tree after
the coon is gone. " Mr. Courtney sub
sided. Argonaut.
The Fastest Canoe.
The fastest canoe in the world is the
Wasp ' , owned by Paul Butler , son of
the late General B. F. Butler. The
Wasp's mainmast is 19 feet G inches
long , or 3 feet C inches longer than the
boat , and she carries a spread of 220
square feet of cloth. The mizzenmast
is stepped on the port side of the keel
alongside the centerboard trunk , which ,
contrary to all usage , is well abaft of
the skipper. With this boat Butler
last year made a new canoe record for
the mile , covering the distance in 4:2. "j.
mm mwi wia ii 11 i nui IB
Milk Canned I.Ike Fruit. § B
It has been declared upon good IB
authority that milk can bo kept for a SB
week by canning it as one would fruit. ffl
Fill glass jars and screw down the IB
lids ; then place them in a steumcr over | B
cold water. Heat the water gradually | fl
and steam the jars for an hour , then ffl
tighten the tops. The woman who ffl
has preserved milk in this way can bco ffl
no reason why it should not keep much ifl
longer. Pittsburg Dispatch. jfl
If I'cnturcd Day mill Night rfl
With nervousness , inko Iloalottor's Stomach ffl
Iiittors , vvlilcli luvigorutoH and tramnill- pM
l7es the nervous system. The basis of ro- i M
covery Is a reform In errors of dlgi-htlon. l M
The outKostrlc nerve and brain are united IH
in tlio clobost bond of .sympathy , ho that j l
dyspeptic symptoms In tlio gastric region f |
arc always accompanied by hurtful redox | l
nervous action , ifoth are remedied hy the i M
Hitters which also cures malaria , bullous- l M
nesb , rheumatism and kiduoy trouble. r l
A Minuy temper gilds the edges of life's \ M
blackest clouds , Uuthrie. - M
Wit the pupil of the soul's clear eyo. i M
Sir John Duvis. % M
"Whom the gods-would destroy they first i M
make scorchers of. * B
The $5 god ! jiicco ucighs 135 grains. ! H
I Blood. . . I I
j Bubbles. I [ I
JiS Those pimples or blotches ( c B
( | ) that disfigure your skin , arc B
] h blood bubbles. They mark H
( the unhealthy condition of the > > B
Jo blood-current that throws them ( c f B
up. You must get dowu to j B
5) the blood , before you can be < v j fl
v rid of them. Local treatment ( / j B
/ > is useless. It suppresses , but < \ ' B
s > does not heal. The best remt ( j B
r edy for eruptions , scrofula , f fl
V ) sores , and all blood diseases , is ) / H
| Ayer's j ; H
| Sarsaparilla. | I
j F Sometimes quality is sacrificed in the
f \ effort ' to give big quantity for little money. I p
\fc \ = t No doubt about that. /Jv
J But once in a while it isn't. lUlF
j0For \ instance , there's" BATTLE AX.W \
/piT / L The piece is bigger than you ever saw | "lfe\
i y-p before for 5 cents. And the quality is , as / ] * = %
R many a man has said , " mighty good. " v | y 3
st ? There's no guess work in this statement.JF \
M { J It is just a plain fact. I jfe *
| 22 You can prove it by investing 5 cents /y 4
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Eighteen years of reputation for Building the best bicycle , backed B
by the certainty of quality assured by our scientific methods , | |
should mean much to any buyer of a bicycle. There is but one m
Columbia quality one Columbia price y3
$ t 00" ° " all aukk I
Eeautiful Art Catalogue of Columbia and Hartford Bicycles is free ii" you . caH upen cry 31
Columbia Agent ; by mail from us lor two 2-cent stamps. g |
POPE MFG. CO. , Hartford , Conn. I
prancfr Stores and Agencies in almost every city and town. If Columbias are not SH-
properly represented ia your vicinity , let us know. gj9
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