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    V\ Library Building , Univor'y " 13
| : ® lc ) ' : ; JfkCwIi Cribtme. ' f' . I
WW 4
It Was Quite "Well Patronized and
Enjoyed by Everyone.
Cooling Refreshments Served by
the Ladies It Was a Dressy -
and Jolly Affair Notwithstanding
standing the Heat.
The McCook dub' benefit ball , Tues
day evening in the Workman temple
hall , was one or the pleasantest affairs
of the kind held in the city in many
moons. The only thing to mar the full
est enjoyment of the evening was the
intense heat. There was a good-sized
and gay company present. The music
rendered by the Nebraska Brigade
band's orchestra was excellent and in
spiring. The refreshments , consisting
of ice cream , cake , lemonade etc. ,
served by the ladies , were most palata
ble and cooling ; and everything passed
I off as felicitously as could be desired.
The club realized a neat benefit , the
credit for which remains largely with
the ladies , who took * an active interest
in all of the arrangements , which they
k carried out to a successful and gratify
ing conclusion.
With a Moral.
"Jake Muller on a summer day , raked
the meadow of clover hay. The mule
with which he raked the hay was a
muckel dun with spots of gray. Jake's
shirt was hickory , his pants were brown ,
with a patch on the spot where he sat
down. Jake cussed in a way that was
sad to see and the mule wet "haw"
when said "gee" . A bumble bee's
home in the stubble lay , where Jake and
the mule raked clover hay. A tooth ran
through the bumble bee's home , and the
I bees came out and began to roam in
I search of the man on a summer's day ,
who raked the meadow of clover hay.
They swarmed inside Jake's hickory
shirt , and quickly that mule took a
mighty spurt It was tough on the
v , mule , it was worse on Jake and somewhat
severe on the sulky rake ; for the mule
turned loose in a promiscuous way , and
mt * scattered the rake o'er the clover hay.
And Jake as he ambled quick away ,
swore that he headed the race as cham
pion jay" .
Ate Sprayed Vines.
A. J. Stroud exhibited some honey at
this office , Monday , in which there were
quite a number of dead bees. He at
first thought that the trouble was a
> "foul brood" , but further investigation
convinced him that the bees had died
from eating foliage and vines that had
been sprayed with Paris green and Pur
ple mixture. He consequently will des
troy honey , bees and hives , of which ,
fortunately , he only has a small stock
now. It is a new experience for Mr.
Stroud in the business , one that is not
costly only because he has been selling
off his bees during the past few years.
Infant Clifford Meyers Dies.
Little Clifford Meyers aged three
mouths , died on Tuesday at the resi
dence of Engineer William Francisco ,
uncle of the deceased infant. The child
was the infant of the engineer's sister
that quite recently died in Kansas. The
remains were shipped to Seneca , Kansas ,
Wednesday morning , the engineer and
wife accompanying the bodT .
Burled In Calvary.
r The remains of John Flood of upper
I Driftwood , Hitchcock county , were
S brought down from Trenton on the Mon-
i.- * " / J < ay afternoon freight , and were at once
rjT / interred in the family plat in Calvary
Hflgf cemetery , where a child of the deceased
Bj is also buried. He was a victim of
R * consumption.
H * . The Bowery Dance.
Hfv \ V The Bowery dance was fairly well pat-
Ht v . . . ronized , Saturday night , but the ex-
Hfc" pense account made the profits tired.
mr\ \ . The music was lively and inspiring , all
K \ having a jolly time until a late hour.
K / Quite a pyrotechnic display preceded the
\ dance. Refreshments were served on
R If Lost Their Infant Daughter.
H' * M Engineer and Mrs. J. H. Moore lost
K JC | < ? their infant daughter , Lelia , aged
11 SB about two months , Tuesday , with chol-
| | R era infantum. The funeral was held on
i | Mi Wednesday morning from the house.
wk < K * They have the sympathy of many
B ! / friends in this sad bereavement.
yS Brief but Brilliant.
sM C. E. Mathews has retired from the
* TR Courier staff. Cecil's newspaporial cam -
l\ reer was s ort DUt brilliant. We shall
m * \
KgSpi miss him.
Hk Turnip seed 35c a lb. at LaTourette's.
Is Still Growing Fair Attendance ,
Monday Evening.
Notwithstanding the extreme heat ,
Monday evening , the meeting of' Mc
Cook lodge No. 1 , Star of Jupiter ,
was fairly well attended. There were
three initiations and two applications
for membership in the order. The reg
ular business concluded , the entertain
ment of the evening was given ; it con
sisted of an oldtime Spelling School and
some vocal music by a lady quartette ,
Mrs. Frank Brown , Mrs. H. P. Waite ,
Miss Mary Watson and Miss Hannah
Stangelaud. The ladies sang some
music of Mrs. Brown's own composition ,
which was well received. The Spelling
School was the source of much amuse
ment. Altogether the session was en
joyable and lively.
A Profitable Lawn Social.
The ice cream social , Saturday night ,
by the ladies of the Methodist church ,
at the residence of Miss Rachel Berry ,
was a profitable and pleasant affair.
There was a large attendance and pat
V. Franklin was a business visitor
to Lincoln , Sunday.
Mrs. Tate departed , Tuesday , for Red
Oak , Iowa , on a visit.
Gene Bellamy is up from Arapahoe
helping Dr. J. B. Ballard.
Mrs. E. Q. Robie was a Hastings
visitor , close of last week.
L. Morse , the Dundy county states
man , spent Tuesday in the citj' .
Mrs. E. Hanson and Master Warren
left on Thursday morning for Illinois on
a visit.
A. B. Taylor , wife and daughter of
York , Neb. , were Commercial guests ,
Ed. Wilson , the oldtime cattle man ,
was down from Stratton on business ,
Mrs. E. H. Waters has been visiting
her brother Jacob Yocum at Hastings
since last week.
F. M. RlCHEY was up from Platts-
moutb , Saturday , looking after his inter
ests hereabouts.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Stokes were
down from Hayes Center , fore part of
the week , visiting relatives.
Mesdames Frank Harris and H.G.
Borneman arrived home , Tuesday even
ing , from a flying visit to Denver.
W. E. Dayton of the York Repub
lican spent Sunday night in the city.
He was homeward bound from a flying
visit to Haigler.
Judge G. W. Norris spent Monday
night in the city on his way up to hold
court at Imperial , .whither he went on
Tuesday morning.
P. Walsh and A. J. Rittenhouse ar
rived home , Sunday night , and have
been telling the boys about it pretty
much ever since their return from the
Chicago convention.
W. J. Snider , formerly of the Haigler
News , now connected with the Colorado
City Daily Iris , spent Monday in the
city , while back on a business visit in
Dundy county.
Lawyers A. E. Harvey and Alex.
Aultschuler of Lincoln were Commercial
guests , Monday night , en route to Im
perial , -where district court for Chase
county convened on Tuesday afternoon.
O. W. DeWald of the Trenton Regis-
ister was a member of the A. O. U. W.
escort that accompanied the remains of
John Flood down from Trenton , Mon
day evening , for interment in Calvary
cemetery here.
ridan took in the Populist state dele
gate convention at Grand Island , Wed
nesday. From there Mr. Meserve went
up to Gillette , Wyoming , on a short visit
to his son Leonard.
Congressman Andrews spent Sun
day night in the city on his way to Cul-
bertson , where he delivered one of his
sought-after lectures , Monday , before the
county institute. We enjoyed a brief
call from the gentleman who will again
represent us in the halls of congress.
M. KESSLER just recently returned
from a trip to western Iowa. He re
ports crops as fine , and a vast amount of
old corn in sight , but the cash renters in
hard shape on account of the low price
of farm produce. He says that many of
the renters will leave that section as
soon as they can secure means upon
which to leave , as they can't pay the
big rent and live.
A Successful Session of Two Weeks
Will Close This Evening.
Examinations Will be Held Tomor
row No Third Grade Certifi
cates , Next Yeai A
Few Notes.
The county institute for teachers will
close this evening with a lantern enter
tainment and the happy particulars Supt.
Valentine throws into the same with his
infectious enthusiasm.
Tomorrow the regular examinations
will take place ; and we are advised by
County Superintendent Carnahan that
next year no third grade certificates will
be issued by him , as the number of second
end grade certificates held in the county
will by lhat time fill all demands for
teachers in this county.
The programme of last week has been
for the most part that of this week , save
in the lecturers : On Tuesday evening ,
President Beatty of the Peru state nor
mal lectured on the subject , "Our Gov
ernment , " in which he entertained a
fair audience at the East ward assembly.
Thursday afternoon , State Superin
tendent H. R. Corbett delivered an in
teresting , earnest and instructive address
before the teachers , which was well re
ceived and will doubtless prove profitable
to the teachers.
Friday afternoon , Mrs. A. K. Goudy ,
ex-assistant state superintendent , talked
to the teachers in her enthusiastic , earn
est way that always pleases as well as
instructs her hearers.
Friday evening , Supt. Valentine and
the lantern will close the session with an
entertainment none should miss.
The new enrollments , this week , are :
Minnie Harris. Sarah Viland.
Maggie Smith. Amie Irvin.
Chas. S. Ferris. '
Nettie Fredrick. Elbert Bentley.
Percy Catlett. Cora Daniels.
Amy Daniels. Bessie Thomas.
Irene Flint.
Eugene Mason. Carrie Boyer.
Stella M. Peake. Flora Rankin.
May Whitesel.
F. C. Headley. Mamie Webber.
Cora I. Jones. Josie Marrin.
Quite a number of school directors at
tended different sessions of the institute.
Supt. Valentine made one of his telling
talks to the teachers , Monday afternoon.
Lantern class tonight at 8:30. Open to
pupils , their parents and friends. Pic
tures , music and readings.
Prof. Brown of Doane college and
State Supt. Corbett both addressed the
teachers , Thursday evening , in a profit
able manner.
Prof. Brown of Doane college was one
of the visitors , Wednesday. He was en-
route to Trenton to assist in the county
institute work in Hitchcock county.
Prof. Dow of Orleans has been filling
Dean McBrien's place , this week. The
Professor is a graduate of Orleans college.
He will teach in the Orleans public
schools , next year , as assistant principal ,
and is well spoken of.
A lecture course for the teachers of the
county is being arranged for by Supt.
Carnahan , embracing William Hawley
Smith and Dr. Berry for McCook , Dr.
M. M. Parkhurst of Chicago for Bartley
and Bowlus for Danbury. It is thought
that this talent can be secured and paid
for by proper effort.
The officers of the Red Willow County
Teachers association for the ensuing year
are : Clarence Whittaker , president , Mc
Cook ; G. F. Godown , vice-president ,
Danbury ; Grace Curlee , secretary , Bart
ley ; Nora Stroud , treasurer , McCook.
State Supt. Corbett's course of study
was adopted. Next meeting will be held
in Danbury on the Saturday nearest the
full moon in October.
Just Exactly.
Seven o'clock is just sixty minutes
past six. At 6:60 the business houses of
the city closed on July 15th. The rule
will prevail until September 1st save on
pay days and Saturdays.
The Old Settlers.
The old settlers of the city of McCook
are arranging to hold their annual picnic ,
next Tuesday afternoon , in Fitch's grove.
Store Room for Rent ,
July 20th , store room now occupied by
L. Lowman. Inquire of H. W. Cole or
C. F. Babcock.
Turnip seed 35c. a lb. at LaTourette's.
12-qt. Anti-rust tin pails 57c at La
- - -
An Interesting Program Prepared
by the Leaguers.
The members of the Epworth League
will hold an oratorical contest in the
Methodist church , Tuesday evening , July
21st , commencing at 8 o'clock. The pro
gram for the occasion is as follows :
Opening Song By the League
Solo Mrs. H. P. Waite
Recitation Miss Sircoloumb
Instrumental Solo May Stangeland
Essay Jennie Goheeu
Essay Kittie Stangeland
Duet Ida and Blanche McCarl
Oration Bert Beyrer
Oration Ray McCarl
Recitation Daisy Jackson
Solo Mrs. Frank Brown
Lady Quartette
You and your friend are cordially in
vited to attend.
Has Typhoid Fever.
James Crockford of the Willow is down
with an attack of typhoid fever. Ely
is getting on all right. The Crockfords
are getting more than their share of
sickness ' , just now.
f 1
& * V irf -JR * m.r H - Wta- - > 3W.1V Ttltirrftr T r - ffcrH
Catholic Mass at 8 o'clock a. m.
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a.m. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HiCKEY , Pastor.
Congregational Morning theme :
"Fishing. " Evening meeting will be a
union of church and Endeavor service ,
closing with a short address by the Pas
tor. Sunday school at 10 o'clock. All
are welcome.
Hart L. Preston , Pastor.
Baptist Services in McConnell ball.
Bible school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11
a. m. B. Y. P. U. meeting at 8 p. m. ,
sharp , will be concluded with a short
sermon by the pastor. A'cordial welcome
extended to all. G. P. Fuson , Pastor.
Episcopal Services will be held at
the Episcopal church , January 12th and
every alternate Sunday at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. every
Sunday. Ladies' Guild meets every
Wednesday evening after the 7:30 ser
vice. R. L. Knox , Rector.
Methodist Sunday school at 10.
Preaching at 11. Epworth League round
table led by Mrs. A. P. Welles and L. E.
Cann at 7. Preaching at 8. Morning
subject : "Disregarded Signals. " Even
ing subject : "Bright Side of a Minister's
Life. " This will be the last sermon be
fore the Pastor's vacation. All are cor
dially invited to our services.
J. A. Badcon , Pastor.
Christian Sunday school every Sun
day afternoon at three o'clock in the
German Congregational church. We
have no pastor at present , but the Disci
ples will continue to break bread , each
' school. Endeavor
Lord's day after Sunday
deavor society on Tuesday evening of
each week at 8 o'clock. You are cor
dially invited to attend these services.
By Order of Committee.
Mrs. W. D. Burnett is entertaining
her sister , Miss Pearl Smith , from Red
Miss May Mitchell is up from In-
dianola on a visit to McCook relatives
and friends.
Rev. J. A. Badcon of the Methodist
church has been granted a vacation of
several weeks.
Dr. L. F. Britt of Omaha was in the
city , Wednesday , to see his son C. W.
Britt of the storehouse.
Drs. Miller and McKechnie of Hol-
drege were in the city , Wednesday , on
professional engagements.
R. A. Green and I. A. Sheridan ar
rived .home , last night , from the Grand
IslamJt-sTate Populist convention.
Chas. H. Hart of Bloomington spent
Monday night in the city on his way up
to Imperial on business , Tuesday.
Miss Watie Van Petten , county
superintendent of Hitchcock county , was
a McCook visitor.Wednesday evening.
Miss Camp of Lincoln was the guest
of her classmate , Miss Selma Noren of
our city , from Monday evening until
Mrs. Henry Smith and Roy , who
have been making quite a long visit in
Michigan City , Indiana , returned home ,
Wednesday night.
Miss Lillian Innes of Atwood , Kan
sas , arrived on No. 5 , Wednesday even
ing , and will remain the guest of Miss
Clara Purvis , over Sunday.
Rev. H. L. Preston has been granted
a vacation of 30 days and he will leave
on Monday for his home in Iowa , where
he will spend his vacation.
Mrs. D. F. Neiswanger and the
children came up from Cambridge , Tues
day evening , and have been visiting her
sister , Mrs. H. P. Waite of our city.
Binding Twine at LaTourette's.
Fishing tackle at McConnell's.
A Little of Many Tilings and Different
Topics Tershly Told.
In Paragraph for Readers of "The
Tribune" News Sans Whis
kers and Teeth , and In
Good Form.
The Nebraska State Sunday School
convention will be held in First M. E.
church , Omaha , July 28-30 , 1896. Every
Sunday school is entitled to three dele
gates , including its Superintendent and
pastor. Entertainment will be provided
for all delegates presenting proper cre
dentials. Reduced rates of one and one-
third fare have been granted by all rail
roads in Nebraska. Prominent Sunday
school workers of other states are ex
pected to be in attendance. For copy of
programme or blank credentials , address
E. J. WighTman , Secretary ,
York , Nebraska.
To Subscribers ot The Tribune.
Readers of The Tribune will please
remember that cash is an essential in
the publication of a paper. The pub
lisher has been very lenient during the
past few years , on account of crop fail
ures and hard times , and as a consequence
quence many hundreds of dollars are
due on subscriptions. We are now com
pelled to request all who can to call and
make settlement in full or in part. In
view of the facts , our subscribers must
feel the justice and urgency of this re
quest. The Publisher.
Ice Cream Social.
There will be an ice cream social for
the benefit of the Fitch school organ to
be held at Fitch's grove on Wednesday
evening. July 22nd. Free transportation
for the McCook people who have no way
of coming. All wishing to come will
find wagons on Main street at 8. p. m.
Come one , come all.
Special Sale This Week.
The McCook Mercantile Co. will give
you your choice of any shirt waist in the
store for 49c. this week.
- . . - . . - rr.
( I . I
L. W. Wright is on the hospital list.
W. S. Perry took a trip on west bound
flyer on Wednesday.
Mrs. J. O. Yeiser of Omaha is visiting
relatives at Red Cloud.
R. L. Tinker is fitting some of the
sta'ions out with new wells.
Section Foreman Ben Hutchins has
been spending a few days at Franklin.
Miss Mabel Perry was a passenger
on No. 141 from Red Cloud to Norton on
Harry Conover and wife returned from
their eastern trip and he has resumed his
work in the Red Cloud yard.
Miss Maymie Green returned to Re
publican on Tuesday. She had been
visiting at Oberlin for a few days as the
guest of her sister , Mrs. T. W. Benjamin.
Mail Clerk Holmes , who has been on
the run while Clerk Yates and Walters
were making the transfer , was sent upon
the Deadwood line , and Clerk Casler is
how holding down the run.
General Supt. T. E. Calvert spent last
night in the yard here in his special car.
Mrs. C. H. Harman and children of
Holyoke are visiting relatives near here ,
this week.
Trainmaster W. W. Josselyn was up
with the pay car on Friday evening ,
from Orleans.
Another daughter was born to en
gineer and Mrs. G. W. Conner , on Sun
day morning.
Mrs. G. E. Hymer of Ravenna is
visiting in the city , guest of her sister ,
Mrs. David Magner.
W. A. Lawrence of the McCook-
Imperial run , takes Messenger Graham's
place during the latter's absence in the
east Miss Lulu Stingle took leave of
her friends , Monday morning , ostensibly
for a visit east , but in reality , as we are
since informed , to meet her betrothed , a
Mr. Carter of Chicago , to whom she
was to be married , Tuesday evening.
The young people first met in McCook ,
where the groom was employed in the
railway service. Since then he has been
promoted to a more lucrative position in
Chicago , and there they will in future
reside. Miss Stingle has many ac
quaintances here who will wish her much
happiness. Oxford Standard.
. . . , .
' lU 1 L I rl ! .f- H " - *
Fred Wagner of Frontier County a
Victim of Appendicitis.
Fred Wagner , the 13-year-old son of
John Wagner , who lives in the neighbor
hood of Quick postoffice , in Frontier-
count- , died in east McCook , Tuesday
night , shortly after midnight. It is
thought that appendicitis caused the
boy's death , although no post mortem
was held. The deceased also had marked •
typhoid symptoms. The doctors con
sidered the surroundings impossible to
an operation. But about midnight ,
Tuesday night , the boy was brought to
this city in a lumber wagon and in a
dying condition. No arrangements had
been made for the reception and care of
the sick boy ; but a vacant house in east
McCook was hastily prepared. How
ever , death came to the relief of the suf
ferer shortly after his removal from the
wagon to the house.
Interment will take place in the Gar
den Prairie cemetery in the Quick neigh
borhood , today , unless the condition of
the body demands earlier burial , which
is highly probable.
Western Washers at $3.60 at LaTour
a = = ;
Turnip seed 35c. a lb. at LaTouretts's.
4-tined hay forks 49c. at LaTourette's.
The first new wheat came into market
on Monday.
A. Droll's fall wheat averaged 18 bush
els to the acre.
We violate no confidence in stating
that it is hot enough.
The Tribune has cause to be proud
of its correspondence.
Rev.Knox will sell his horses , carriage
and harness very cheap.
The band concert , last night , had the
usual large and delighted hearing.
The "Liberty" social by the Baptist
ladies , last evening , was well prtronized.
Small grain harvest is in full blast.
Hot weather has matured the crop rap
Over a hundred Endeavorers partici
pated in the county picnic on the Willow ,
last Saturday , and a delightful time was
enjoyed by all.
F. S. Wilcox has bought the old cream
ery building. He is having the building
torn down and moved to his farm south
of town , where the same wi'l be rebuilt
into a barn.
Last Saturday , J. S. McBrayer moved
a dwelling for H. C. Rtder from South
McCook to lower McFarland street , or
iginal town , where it will also be used
for residence purposes.
The Brigade band was handsomely
complimented by a recent issue of the
Omaha Bee. The fame of our band is
outgrowing local limits. It has few
equals in Nebraska , and less superiors.
A delightful shower fell upon the just
and unjust in this neighborhood , Wed
nesday afternoon. The precipitation was
only .13 of an inch , but there was also a
marked , beneficial atmospheric change.
The constitutionality of the free high
school law is questioned by Lancaster
county legal lights. But , when you
come to think of it , questioning the
legality of laws is a weakness of some
lawyers. It's in the business.
A Lawn Social.
The Dorcas society will hold a lawn
social , next Tuesday evening , at the res
idence of E. C. Ballew. A cordial invi
tation is extended the public.
List Your Property.
If you want to sell your farm or town
property list them with the Republican
Valley Land Co. Office in court house.
C. B. Gray , Manager.
17 lbs. Granulated Sugar $100 j !
28 bars White Russian Soap 1 00 1
2-gal. pail Best Syrup 60 |
3 cans Pie Peaches 25 1
3 3-lb. cans Apples 25 a
5 cans Sugar Corn 25 |
4 lbs. Cal. Evap. Prunes 25 ? j
1 qt. Gold Medal Pickles 10 I
6 cans Oil Sardines 25
White Bread Flour per sack 85
Fancy Patent Flour per sack 95
25 per cent discount on Shoes for the I
the next 30 days. Everything Cheap at i
J. W. McKENNA , Proprietor.
ii i i
> 1
& m
% 1
' m