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The Members Turn Out en Nasae on
Monday .Evening.
More Than a Score Initiated and
' Half That Number of Applications -
tions Passed Upon.
The large attendance and keen interest -
est manifested at the meeting of McCook
lodge No. 1 , Star of Jupiter , Monday
evening , in the A. 0. U. W. temple hall ,
emphasized and accentuated the.state-
ments we have made at various times
past that the Star of Jupiter is preeminently -
nently the order of the people of this
city. For they , with their invited
friends from neighboring lodges of the
order , were out on Monday evening four
hundred strong , and in many respects
the session was the most remarkable in
the history of the organization.
The earlier portion of the evening was
taken up in the transaction of the business -
ness of the lodge , chief among which
was the initiation of twenty-two new
members into the order and the favorable -
able report on the application of eleven
Following this was the banquet given
by lodge No. I to its guests and mem-
beas. A very attractive and palatable
spread was served in the main audience
room on tables large and small , all very
tastefully set and decorated. This feature -
ture of the evening touched a popular
chord and was enjoyed with much gusto.
There was quite a delegation present
from Zion lodge and the lodge at Cambridge -
bridge also had representatives in attend-
ance. The lodges at Bartley and Cul-
bertson did not send delegations , thereby -
by missing a pleasurable , social occasion.
The affair was large and gratifying and
delightful in its every particular , and the
committee and assistants are to be congratulated -
gratulated upon its success , which moan
index of the future of the order.
But the Meeker Irrigation Ditch
Stands the Test.
Supt. Meeker made a trip over the
ditch , Tuesday , and reports many evidences -
dences of an unprecedented fall of rain ,
close of last week , along the line of the
ditch. He thinks the precipitation was
much greater south of here than in the
city and vicinity. In driving along ,
Tuesday , he in pockets went through
hailstones to the deph of six or eight
He states that an immense body of
, water"rushed into the ditch from adjacent -
cent hillsides and canyons , in many
places'overflowing the banks ; but fortunately -
tunately in no instance doing much dam-
age. ; The : driftwood . in the. flumes shows
that they , were simply overwhelmed
with then rush of water , but they also
escaped llamaga of a considerable ex
tent , .
i Considering the unusual demand made
upon the carrying capacity of the ditch ,
the Superintendent was greatly pleased
with the manner in which the ditch
stood the test , and with the fact that the
company escaped so fortunately from
what looked to be a damaging storm.
Lost Lots of Fish.
Samuel Ball of the Willow reports the
loss of many fish by last Friday's rain.
Since his location on the Willow in ISSS
he has never experienced anything in
the flood line like that of last Friday
evening. Dry creek emties into the
Willow near his place , and the first flood
came down that long dry creek about
five o ' , clock : About 10 o'clock at night
the main flood came down the Willow ,
running feet deep over his fish dam ,
carrying away gates , fence posts and
making everything , in the neighborhood
lively while it lasted. -
Highest in Many Years.
The Red Willow creek was higher ,
close of last week , than it has been at
any time since the spring of ISS3. A
number of bridges were washed away
and otherr minor damage caused. A
.r- number of bridges over the river canyon
were also washed away , among the number -
ber being the Modrell and Hanlein
bridges , both of which were considerable -
1 ble structures. '
L For Sate or Exchange.
Denver lots worth $1,500 ; want improved -
proved land , groceries , hardware or oth-
1 er merchandise. Also severalMcCook
. residences , value $700 , to $1,500 ; want
Z land or merchandise.
-Address Box 284 , McCook , Neb.
Knippleexpects soon to move his stock
i -into the old Lowman store room. :
It k & k
J. E KELLY went up to Manitou , midweek -
week ,
DELL LAFLIN of Pawnee City was a
city visitorWednesday.
F H. SPEARMAN came out from Oma
ha , Tuesday night , on business ,
MRS. E C. BALLew has gone to the
old Missouri home on a long visit.
Miss EDITH MEYERS is assisting in
Lowmans' store , placing stock in order ,
D , T. WELTY of Cambridge was a
Commercial guest on last Friday even-
J W. KELLEY of the Beaver City Hyphen -
phen was a Commercial house guest ,
Tuesday night.
MISS HELL FISHER Came down front
Denver , first of the week , on her way
up to Wauiieta. Her brother Will met
her here.
C. L DEGRoFF was up front Nebraska -
ka City over Sunday with the family ,
who expect to leave for their new home
early in May.
F H SPEARMAN and family of Omaha
will leave , Monday next , for Wheaton ,
Illinois , 24 miles from Chicago , where
they will make their home in the future.
MR. AND MRS. H. H TROTH were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Allen in
Lincoln , Sunday. Mr. Allen's family
will soon go to Monmouth , Illinois , to
MR. AND MRS. T. B. WEEDEN of the
Cambridge lodge , Star of Jupiter , were
guests of McCook lodge , No. I , Wednesday -
day evening , at the meeting in Workman -
man hall.
JOHN CORDEAL accompanied F. H
Spearman went in to Omaha , last night ,
to remain over Sunday. John expects
to resume his work in 1V. S. Morlan's
office about June first.
PAT WALSH , A. J. Rittenhouse , Marion
Plummer , Matt. Droll and Jake Burnett
went in to Lincoln , Monday night , to attend -
tend the free silver Democratic state
convention , Wednesday.
DeGroff's residence and expects to occupy -
cupy the same about the first of May ,
when the DeGroffs will move to their
future home in Nebraska City.
DEACON MORLAN was in Lincoln ,
Tuesday , on legal business before thesu-
preme court , representing the school district -
trict of the city of McCook in the case of
A. H. Andrews & Co. against the school
To the Ladies of McCook and
Vicinity :
Since the Retirement from Business of
the only Exclusive dry goods establish-
nient in McCook , we have decided to enlarge -
large our stock and carry a full and complete -
plete line of dry goods.
Iii a day or so our new goods will be
here , consisting of the latest patterns in
all lines of summer dress goods. The
ladies of McCook and vicinity are cordially -
dially invited to come and inspect our
stock ; we will take pleasure in showing
our goods whether you purchase or not.
Yours Respectfully ,
An Amicable Settlement.
We are pleased to chronicle the fact
that L. Lowman & Son have made an
amicable settlement with H. B. Claflin
& Co. of New York , and will resume
business again in our city. The remnant
of their old stock became their property
in the settlement , and was yesterday
moved from the Phillips-Meeker building
to the H. W Cole store room , which
they will occupy.
Whatthe Cost Was ,
The improvements recently completed
in the Methodist church cost $317,00.
The money to meet this expenditure was
raised as follows : Church treasury ,
$50.00 ; Epworth league , $32.00. Junior
league , $13.00 ; Ladies' Aid society ,
$100.00 ; raised last Sunday , $9o oo ; personal -
sonal donations , $42,00 ; making a total
of $327 oo ; the balance of $ io.oo being
turned into time church treasury.
A Broken Nose.
Birdie Carty was quite painf111y hurt ,
yesterday , in a collision with some play-
matesat the east ward school house , her
nose being broken in the accident.
Correspondence Wanted.
THE TRIBUNE wants correspondence
from every precinct and town in Red
Willow county. Terms readily given on
Don't miss the Original Tennesseeans ,
Saturday evening , lay 2d. ' .They will
give a splendid programme of negro
melodies etc.
- - -
J - 4 i
The Records Moved to the City on
Wednesday Evening.
Wherein Splendid Quarters Have
Been Provided in Which to
do County Business.
The incident is closed. McCook is
Now the comity seat of Red Willow
county. The closing scene was quietly
enacted here , Wednesday evening , when
the records , safes amid furniture used at
the old county seat arrived in the city
on freight train No. 147 , the county officials -
cials following immediately on passenger
train No , 5.
Time county commissioners , met Monday -
day morning , in Indianola , as per adjournment -
journment ; and after satisfying themselves -
selves that the recent final decision of
the supreme court made McCook the
county seat , the commissioners and
county officers at once set . out for this
city to secure quarters in which to temporarily -
porarily locate the records and officers of
time county.
A survey of the situation and due consideration -
sideration of time bid made by Messrs
Meeker and Phillips and others , finally
on Tuesday evening decided the coui-
nmissioners in favor of the handsome
stone building known as the Phillips-
Meeker block ; and on Wednesday morning -
ing the work of packing the records for
shipment was commenced and prosecuted -
ed with such vigor and success that by
8:30 : the same evening everything but the
jail cage was on board a freight car ready
for shipment ; and shortly after nine
o'clock the car and contents were safely
delivered in the Burlington yard in this
city , where they remained untouched
until the following morning , properly
guarded ,
On Thursday morning the work of
moving the records , safes etc. from
the car to the temporary court house was
commenced and by hard work the job
was completed by evening ; and this
morning the various county oTices are
open amid ready for business.
The treasurer amid county clerk occupy
the south room on the first floor. The
district court clerk and sheriff are located -
ed upstairs in room No. I. And the
county judge and county superintendent
may be found in room No. 2 adjoining
on the same floor. Provision is made for
the commissioners on the ground floor
with the clerk and treasurer. The jail
will be located in the north basement of
time building. The vault will be built
under the main stairway , convenient to
the offices of the clerk and treasurer.
All the offiers have excellent quarters.
The removal and relocation was made
without incident or display and redounds
to the credit of the commissioners , officers -
cers and their assistants.
The board of commissioners held their
first session , Thursday afternoon , in the
new county seat , completing the lease for
the building and transacting a few other
little matters.
Thus endeth the history of Indianola
as the county seat of Red Willow county ,
a history running since the organization
of the county about 25 years since , and
commemiceth the annals of McCook as
the new county seat.
Arbor Day Observances.
The closing of the banks and post-
office and the holiday given the school
children are the sum total of McCook's
observance of Arbor day.
Brief exercises appropriate to the day
were held in the east ward school house ,
in the morning , and the remainder of
the day was enjoyed as a holiday.
Tree planting by individual citizens
was indulged in in a small way.
The Old Originals.
Snowden and Millers's Original Ten-
nesseean Jubilee Singers will sing in the
opera hall on Saturday evening , May 2d ,
under auspices of the Christian Endeavor
society. Reserved seats on sale at Mc.-
Council's drug store. Tickets 35 and 50
cents. A rare musical treat is promised
by this well known company of colored
vocalists. Secure your seats while a
choice can be made.
Score 6 to 21.
The railroad boys and the school nine
played a game of ball on the school
grounds , Wednesday afternoon , resulting -
ing in favor of time school nine iii a score
of 6 to 21.
Negotiations are pending to secure
Alfred A. Farland , the banjo virtuoso , in
in connection with local talent , for an
entertainment here about mid-May.
Farland is the banjo's Ole Bull , and is a
prodigy who is delighting musicians and
lovers of music everywhere he appears.
CATHOLIC-Mass at 8 o'clock a. m
High mass and sermon at 1o:3o : , a m. ,
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 , p. m.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HICKEY , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL-Services will be held at
the Episcopal church , January 12th and
every alternate Sunday at II a m. and
S p , m. Sunday school at to a. m. every
Sunday. Ladies' Guild meets every
Wednesday evening after the 7:30 : ser-
METIIODIST.-Sunday school at 1o a.
m. ; preaching at II ; class meeting at I2 ;
Junior League at 3 p. m. ; Epworth League
at 7 ; preaching at 8. Rev. A. J. Clifton
will preach morning and evening. All
are welcome. Bible study Wednesday
evening at S o'clock.
REV. J A. BADCON , Pastor :
CoNGREGATIoNAL-Preaching at ii
a am. amid 8 p. nt. Sunday school at 1o
a. m. Christian Endeavor society at 7 p.
m. ; Stella Norval , leader ; subject , ' 'Choose
the Good Part. " Mid-week prayer meeting -
ing at 7:30 : o'clock , Wednesday evening.
All are welcome.
BAPTIST.-The pastor will preach a
special sermomi , appropriate to the occasion -
sion of the Odd Fellows' anniversary , in
the Menard ( tall , at ii o'clock a. am. ;
subject , "Lessons of Charity" . The
members of the order will attend fn a
body and occupy reserved seats. All the
other services will be held in McConnell
hail. Bible school at to a. m , B V. P.
U. Ilmeeting at 7 p m. Preaching-aser-
nmon to the children-at 8 p. am. ; subject ,
"Four Little Teachers. " All are cordially -
dially invited to all of these services.
REV , G. P. FUSON , Pastor.
Almost Two Inches of Rainfall on
Last Friday.
This section was visited , last Friday
and preceding night , by another soaking
rain. The Burlington gauge here indicating -
cating one-fourth inch for Thursday
night and one and one-half inches for
Friday's rain. The rain was accompanied -
panied by some hail of unusual size , and
quite a number of window panes in the
city and surrounding country were
broken , on the exposed west side.
Reports from northwest and southwest -
west of the city would indicate that the
storm was heavier in those localities and
the wind was so strong , southeast of the
city and on down toward the Beaver
country as to cause some people to seek
their storm caves. However , there are
no reports in from any of these localities -
ties indicating that there was much
damage. We learn that the Holland
ditch broke through its embankment , a
mile or so west of Indianola , causing
about $500 damage. The house of W P.
Elmer was flooded by the rushing water
and the household goods were badly
injured , the family escaping by climbing
onto the beds and from them out of the
windows. The loss falls quite heavily
on the family. It is stated on authority
that time Red Willow creek , which feeds
this ditch , was the highest it has been
in thirteen years.
Lantern Class.
Tonight at 8 ; Saturday at 7:30. Egypt
and the Nile. "Temples , palaces and
piles stupendous , of which the very ruins
are tremendous. " Talk and reading
both evenings by Mr. Valentine. A liberal -
eral patronage from the public is necessary -
sary to maintain the loan collection of
lantern slides , and it is hoped that there
will be a large attendance of friends of
the school. The following is the musical -
al programme : Piano solo , Mabel Jordan -
dan ; piano and flute duet , Pearl Brewer
and Roy Smith ; vocal solo , Amy Strasser ;
march , Maude Wood.
To Subscribers of The Tribune.
Readers of THE TRIBUNE will please
remember that cash is an essential in
the publication of a paper. The'pub-
lisher has been very lenient during the
past few years , on account of crop failures -
ures and hard times , and as a consequence -
quence many..hundreds of dollars are
due on subscriptions. We are now compelled -
pelled to request all who can to call and
make full or in part. In
view of the facts , our subscribers must
feel the justice and urgency of this re-
Mr , , Farington Power of our city and
Miss Katherine Burgess of Hastings were
united in marriage at the Bostwick hotel
in that city on Tuesday , April 21st.
They arrived in our city on Wednesday
evening and are now living at the Commercial -
mercial house. THE TRIBUNE congratulates -
ulates and wishes them much joy in
their new estate.
Artistic Work by the Peerless Brigade
Band , U. R. K. of P ,
Wedne ay Evening of This Week
for Benefit of Those Kept
Away by the Rain.
The concert given by the Brigade
band , U. R K. of P , in time opera hall ,
last Friday evening , under the direction
of H. P. Sutton , was a splendid musical
treat , which was enjoyed by a fair sized
audience notwithstanding time discouraging -
ing condition of the weather which kept
many at liome.
Time selections by the band were of
high grade music throughout , were rendered -
dered in admirable style , and received
umerited marks of approbation from the
audience. Time band fully upheld its
reputation for superior music.
The clarionet solo , "Sonambula" , by
G. R Snyder , marked that gentleman as
an artist with that instrument.
"Cathedral Chimes" , a guitar solo ,
was charmingly rendered by C. A. Stultz ,
wino was heartily applauded for the
Time clarionet , cornet and baritone trio
by Messrs. G. R. Snyder , A. P Ely and
F. A. Pennell was given in fine form and
was appreciatively received.
The baritone solo , "Concert Polka" ,
as given by' F. A. Pennell , was entlmusi-
astically received , as are all his efforts
by McCook audiences.
The soprano solo , "Sing , Sweet Bird" ,
by Miss Ellington Wilson , was rendered
in her customary , artistic manner to the
evident pleasure of all.
The delay of trains made it necessary
to cut out the male quartette numbers ,
which was a disappointment to many.
On Wednesday evening , the band gave
another concert and to a full house. The
entire programme , embracing some
changes from the one presented on last
Friday evening , was given to the emi-
nemit satisfaction of their large audience.
The band is a proper object for congratulation -
gratulation upon the artistic and financial -
cial success of their concerts.
The city has occasion to be proud of
the Pythian Brigade band , and they are
proud of it.
The band is arranging to give open
air concerts during the summer , and
should be substantially encouraged.
Petition Ready for Councilmanic
Action , Next Monday.
The citizens of McCook promised certain -
tain things during the canvass preceding
the election for the relocation of the
county seat. They were made in good
faith. One was that the city would vote
bonds in the highest sum allowed by
law , to assist the county in building a
court house. This they mean to do. A
petition Imas already been signed asking
the mayor and city council to forthwith
call an election for the purpose of voting
on the proposition. The petition will
be presented for action at the meeting of
the city council on next Monday evening -
ing , and there is no room for doubt as to
the action of the board. They will
promptly call the election.
As we stated the bond proposition was
made in good faith. The business honor
of the city is involved in the agreement ,
and THE TRIBUNE expects the proposition -
tion to carry with practically little erne
no opposition. We'never expect to see a
foreclosure on the business integrity of
this community ; however much this may
be a disappointmeni to our east end
The bonds will be voted.
A Swell Affair.
The banquet given in their hall , last
evening , by the Saint John commandery
was one of the swellest affairs ever given
in our city. It was in honor of the initiation -
itiation of W. C. LaTourette into the
order. Plates were laid for So persons.
The decorations were handsome , the
floral being especially so. A beautiful
boquet of choice cut flowers was laid at
each plate. Among the Knights present
from adjoining towns were : J.A.Kirk of
Culbertson , M. J. Abbott of Hayes Center -
ter , and daughter Mrs. Lane ; J. T. Bul-
lard of Palisade ; A. A. Taylor of Cambridge -
bridge , and wife. In addition to the
local Knights and their wives quite a
number of ladies were present , guests of
the commandery.
House Plants at Knlpple's.
Knipple has just received a large ship-
mentof handsome , vigoroushouse plants
of many varieties. Call at once while
the assortment is complete.
Something new in DeGroff's advertisement -
ment , this week.
Wall paper-All prices from 4c. to 20.C
per roll at McMillen's drug store.
Grandma Fane , who has been very ill
forsome time past , is now recovering.
The Cash Bargain store has a fresh
word to say , this week , to their customers.
Police judge Rowell has moved into the -
Dixon residence on Marshall street , this
Jacob Fahrnbrucli is having a comfortable -
able little Home built over in east Mc-
Don't overlook the new announcement
of J. A. Wilcox & Son , in this week's
Conrad Krieger has milt hiui a , home
among the "cliff diti lers" of South
Jacob Friekel and Ja b Lesser will
soon be living under their own vines and
fig trees.
The Barnett Lumber Co. is this week
enclosing time yard here with the Page
wire fencing.
Remember time severe law against the
selling of cigarettes to minors. It may
save you a considerable fine.
Try Dust Killer. Guarammteed to kill
time dmmst omm your floor. It will give sat-
isfaction. Sold by A. MCMILLEN.
Linton buttons have reached the city ,
and ought to be popular. McKinley
buttons will still fill the bill with the old
line Republicans , however.
Why not-quit borrowing and subscribe -
scribe for TILE TRIBUNE , You will feel
better about it and will not annoy your
neighbor so much , perhaps.
The phonograph concert iii time Methodist -
odist church , Tuesday evening , was not
very well attended , but tue programme
is well spoken , of by those present.
These multiplied , pestiverous "healer"
fakes are becoming excessively wearisome -
some to the flesh , and should be "cut
dead" by time reputable , self-respecting
LosT-An Eastern Star-Masonic em-
bleni breast pin , initials on one side and ,
McCook on the other. Finder will be
rewarded by returning time samie to Mrs.
Smith Gordon.
The Republican Valley Land Company
is the titleofa new land company recently -
ly organized in our city. C. B Gray is
nmanager , and their headquarters are in
the Meeker block , room 4.
The old waste gate on the Meeker
ditch near Joseph Schmidt's was taken
out , Saturday , making quite a hole ,
which a few teems and scrapers quickly
repaired , however , at small expense.
Considerable work is being performed
on time streets of the city just now , crossings -
ings and culverts and wasimouts receiving
needed attention. A new culvert of
tiling has been put in at Dodge and Marshall -
shall streets. Commissioner Jordan and
Sprinkler Coglizer are 1irectimmg the
0. L. Tlmompson of Gerver precinct
on last Saturday was exhibiting on our
streets a half dollar "shin-plaster" of the
vintage of 1776 , owned by a lady of that
precinct. It is ancient , and doubtless
of considerable value on account of its
rarity. Perhaps there is not another
such a curiosityfn the county.
It is too bad , but it must be admitted
that the tide is setting strongly against
the bloomer , this year. Women will be
emancipated to a certain extent by the
bicycle , but the dress reform that she
has been waiting for so long will be only
a partial reform if present indications
are reliable. The skirt still remains.
It has been abbreviated and lightened ,
it is true , but it still remains.-Jourmmai.
United States officers at Linton , Immd. ,
have been making arrests which , if carried -
ried out extensively all over the country ,
would work great inconvenience to bakers -
ers , saloon keepers and other business
men who use checks , scrip , coupons , etc. ,
for money. The officers of four coal
companies at Linton were arrested for
making and circulating "straw money" ,
in the shape of metal checks and coupon
books used to represent money , and taken -
en by dealers at a discounton face value.
Nearly $190,000 in this form was confiscated -
cated by the authorities and $30,000 of
the same was found to be in circulation.
Carried to the extreme , the U. S. authorities -
ities could , under the law , arrest all business -
iness men who use bread checks , milk
and beer checks , and coupon books ,
which are used in every town of any con- .
. -