The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 28, 1896, Image 4

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uo Trfltne.
HERE'S the right hand of fellowship -
ship to Colonel Phillips of the
THE death of genial "Bill" Nye
will be widely deplored by American -
can readers at least.
TIIE McKinley boom is in danger -
ger of breaking its back "pitching
the tune" . There is such a thing
as overdoing the enthusiasm bus-
THE First Presbyterian church
of New York city is gaining some
notoriety over the land from the
stated fact that "Old Glory" floats
from its steeple every Sunday.
IT will not be safe or conclusive -
sive to overlook the influence of
Platt of New York and Quay of
Pennsylvania in betting upon the
nominee of the next Republican
national convention.
. THE controversy between Col-
, oue ISniifli of the DanbuiY News
and Colonel Mitchell of the In-
dianola Courier has readied the
pathetic stage , and it should be
abandoned. Truth and pathos
must be respected.
TIIEIndianola Courier referring
to Oscar Wilde of the Culbertson
Era as a "really eighty" humorist
in embryo , reminds us that the
prospect will remain tolerably
pleasing as long as Oscar's scrap
book holds out.
'T'HE Republican party will need
to make no excuses for Czar Reed
if he should become their national
staularcl bearer in the coming Republican -
publican victory , this fall. Tom
speaks for himself-and like most
men of convictions and courage-
he speaks right out in meeting
when the occasion demands.
THE people of western Nebraska
niust arouse to the overshadowing
importance of the question of impounding -
pounding winter and flood waters.
Everywhere ditches should be excavated -
cavated and the water of the rivers
and creeks stored away iii reservoirs -
voirs for summer use. Embankments -
ments should take the place of
wooden bridges over a thousand
canyons and thus innumerable
ponds and lakes be formed. This
policy should not be further de-
layed. It's practical , and sensible.
Master Linn Rogers is afflicted
with sore eyes.
Miss Bessie Eudslev sojourned
at home over Sunday.
Some of the farmers have commenced -
menced their spring work.
3-.13. Pickering and family moved -
ed into Gerver precinct , this week.
Frafik Ned went to Indianola ,
last week , to be jailer in his fath-
er's absence.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Burns visited -
ited their daughter Mrs.A.L.Miller
on the Willow , last Sunday.
A number of the yours friends
of the Misses Laura and Clara
1 Pickering gave them a pleasant
surprise on last Saturday night.
Over twenty were present. Numerous -
- > , erous games were indulged in and
i good time is the report of all in
Plenty of Apples at
TiniPl ale's.
WANTED-Regular correspondents -
ents for THE TRIBUNE at Danbury ,
Box Elder , Lebanon , Cedar Bluffs ,
and other unrepresented localities
in this vicinity. Write for terms
and full particulars.
Plenty of Apples at
IfniPl ale's .
Highest Honors-World's Fair ,
'DR ,
: : . CREAM
. : . POWDLR
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia , Alum or any other adulterant.
- _ fl. _ _ _
t # . -v. 1
W. D. Myers is moving in A.E.
Crosby's house.
G. W. Bede , late of Cambridge ,
is now living in Wilsonville.
Mrs. W. R. Tucker and family
moved to Cambridge , Tuesday.
W. S. Hamilton is arranging to
moving into the house vacated by
A. W. Porter.
ill. D. Frost came down from
McCook to spend Saturday and
Sunday at home.
Editor J. C. Harlan of the Cambridge -
bridge Kaleidoscope heard the
drama , Saturday evening.
The brothers Cammack are moving -
ing , this week , to the farm recently -
ly vacated by P. J. Byers. I
A. W. Porter's family left on
Thursday evening for Denver , and
he will follow in a few days.
Father Ellis left , last Thursday
morning , for a three weeks visit to
his son at Harrison , Arkansas.
Olive and Edith Ogg pleasantly
entertained a company of their
young friends , Tuesday evening.
Miss Nellie Stephens closed a
three months term of school in the
district just south of townMonda , 3
George Chadci went out to the
Gammill ranch on the Medicine ,
last Friday , to remain a few weeks.
Ed. Stilgebouer and Miss Ola
Pew of Danbury visited F. G. Stil-
gebouer and family , Sunday and
Denver Taylor came down from
Indianola , Saturday evening , to
hear the amateurs and spend Sunday -
day at home.
Samuel Bryan is driver on the
mail route , this week , while B. F.
Sibbett is preparing for the spring
work on the farm.
. W. J. Stilgebouer and wife of
Danbury witnessed "Tony , the
Convict" , Saturday evening , and
spent Sunday with F. . G. Stilge-
P. J : Byers , who has been living
on a farm northeast of town , left ,
with his family , for the eastern
part of the state , Monday , leaving
some creditors to mourn his depar-
Some members of the G. A. R.
post and W. R. C. made Mr. and
Mrs. C. Cowles a surprise visit on
Tuesday eveningand enjoyed their
usual very pleasant time on such
E. J. Laughlin came clown from
his Dundy county farm , Monday
evening , to make a brief visit with
his sister , Mrs. J. A.Curlee , before
leaving for Randolph , Iowa , where
he expects to remain about a year.
A donation party at the Methodist -
dist parsonage , Monday evening ,
was largely attended and greatly
enjoyed. The pastor and wife were
the recipients of a goodly store of
necessaries , for which they are
heartily thankful.
The sporting element indulged
in a couple of horse races and a
cock fight , last Saturday. Lem
Smith's horse won as he pleased in
the raceswhile , the Dutch barber's
rooster carried off the honors in the
feathered engagement.
Charles Catlett resigned as superintendent -
erintendent of the Methodist Sunday -
day school , last Sunday , and F. G.
Stilgebouer was elected to fill the
vacancy. It seems that a general
degree of satisfaction did not obtain -
tain during Supt. Catlett's admin-
After having served in an ornamental -
mental capacity only for some
weeks , the .water works plant-
otherwise recognized as a monument -
ment to the stupidity of the disbursers -
bursers of village funds , is allowed
to resume its former degree of usefulness -
fulness ( ? ) .
The drama "Ton ' the Convict"
offered by the band , last Saturday
evening , was greeted by a crowded
house and was quite creditably
executed. As a rule the parts were
well played , though some startling
inconsistencies were noticedamon , g
them being a shock of football hair
gracefully waving over a suit of
convict's stripes ; while the part of
the sour old maid was filled by a
portly woman with a physiognomy
that couldn't appear other than
jolly. The band realized about
$25 above expenses and intends
presenting the play in Cambridge ,
We are just in receipts of a new
supply of tablets and box papers ,
memorandums , etc.
Tr that 15 cent box
paper at THE TRIBUNE
office. Worth 25 cts.
Also cheaper grades.
How is this for February.
Some say it's too early to farm.
What think you ?
Oscar Werner was out from Mc-
Cook , Sunday last. ,
A wedding is announced among
the events , for March in our town.
A brother of Mrs. E. J. Vivian
from Fullerton , Nance county , is
making her a visit.
Friday last , Miss Martha Johnson -
son closed a successful term of
school in district 41.
Dick Hanlein is trying to break
a bicycle to ride. He seems to be
undecided which will conquer.
George Hanlein writes that lie
may be expected back from the
Pacific coast in the early summer.
Miss Hattie King was taken
quite seriously ill with quinsy on
Sunday , but is better at this time.
J. E. Werner is enlarging his
pasture by the addition of the
quarter section adjoining him on
the south.
While delivering some hogs on
last Saturday , Charles Foye had
the misfortune to lose one of them
by over-heating.
J. W. Sapp and H. S. Barnhart
of Trenton were visitors in this vicinity -
cinity in the interests of the F. C.
Austin Manufacturing Co.
lire understand that Arthur
Cliurch and Eunice Brown were
united in the bonds of matrimony ,
Tuesday of last week. Here's a
long life and a happy one to the
young people.
J. C. Oakley is quite fortunate.
He has had a corner on the wood
market for some time , and the care
of the county poor has now been
awardacl him. Drouth has no terrors -
rors for him.
The Box Elder 'cycle club was
out en masse , Sunday. 1Ve admire
progressiveness , but unless the
boys keep off of the sidewalks they
may have an interview tVitli "May-
or" Campbell.
The Epworth league of Box Elder -
der has almost become a dead letter.
Without help from others , the officers -
cers can no more carry on the organization -
anization successfully , than can a
minister uphold a church without
a congregation.
Rev. E. J. Vivian expects to
commence protracted meeting iii
Box Elder on Wednesday evening ,
February 26th. He has been holding
ing meetings at Red Willow with
wonderful success. He reports 37
converts at that point. He has
been equally successful at other
P oints on his circuit , during o the
past winter. Rev. Vivian i' an
earnest and uncom promising disci-
pie of the Master , and wherever he
goes lie gains and holds the confi-
deuce and respect of the people.
Our new blacksmith is putting
up a dwelling house.
James McClung and wife were
visitors here , this week.
Clyde Bodwell was doing business -
ness in our town , Monday.
Miss Altha McKee visited her
young friends here , last week.
John McClung has built a new
shop just north of the barber shop.
Powell and Harrison shipped
two cars of hcgs to Denver on
The railroad company has put
up some new fences along the road
here , last week.
Miss Betsey Plumb started on
Tuesday to attend the Methodist
college at Orleans.
Mrs. Jacob F. Boyer is moving
to the J. B. Pickering farm , five
miles west of here.
A number of the young folks
here attended the masquerade ball
at Lebanon , last Saturday night.
A party was given at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Ashton , last
Tuesday evening , for the young
folks. A nice time was had by all.
The Sweat family entertainment
proved to be a success , last Friday
night. About $16.00 were taken
in , and the proceeds go toward improving -
proving the school library.
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment
Is unequalled for Eczema , Tetter , Salt-
Rheum , Scald Head , Sore Nipples , Chapped
Hands , Itching Piles , Burns , Frost Bites ,
ChronicSore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids.
For sale by druggists at 25 cents per box.
For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition -
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders
They tone up the system , aid digestion , cureless
loss of appetite , relieve constipation , correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms , giving
new life to an old or over-worked horse. 25
cents per package. For sale by druggists
-r- ,
Principal Schultz of Stockville
was in town , Saturday night.
Marion Powell was a McCook
visitor ou business , Saturday.
Lawyer and Mrs. W. R. Starr
were McCook visitors , Wednesday.
Sheriff Neel and Court Clerk
Boatman were McCook visitors ,
County Judge I. M. Smith had
business of his office in McCook ,
Miss Helen Byrne is expected to
take her place in the school again ,
Monday nest.
C. 1V. Beck left on Monday for
tt trip through Dundy and Hitchcock -
cock counties.
Mrs. E. J. Mitchell visited her
parents in McCook , last week and
fore part of this.
Mrs. F. M. Kimmell and Master
Schell visited Treasurer J. B. Me-
serve and wife , Wednesday.
A. L. Haley went up to McCook ,
Sunday , to spend the clay ti'itli relatives -
atives and friends.
The first issue . pf the Reporter
under the editorial managememitof
J. S. Phillips gives token of a
good pen in the sanctum.
Laing Bros. ' phonograph concert
ill the Methodist church , Monday
night , was well attended , and the
audience went away pleased.
Jon PRIN'T'ING-The most artistic -
tic work at the lowest figures.
TILE TRIBUNE , McCook. Write
for prices. A trial order will settle -
tle the business.
Messrs. C. N.Whittaker and Eli
Crockford of McCook attended , time
high school orchestra's rendering
of "Little Red Riding 'Hood" on
Saturday night.
Rev. H. L. Preston of McCook
occupied the Congregational pulpit -
pit here , last Sunday morning and
evening , in exchange with Rev. A.
S. Houston , Pastor loci.
Time Cobb Bros. Concert Co. appeared -
peared here , Tuesday night , and
according to the testimony of those
present , proved themselves to be a
sestet of blissfully unsophisticated
Farington Power , a McCook
lawyer , was down on Sunday to
see his client , Edward Lorenz , who
is charged by the coroner's jury
with the murder of Michael Trav-
Henry Ough and family arrived
from Duncly county , Thursday of
last week , and on Monday they
buried their baby in the cemetery
here. It was a sad and pathetic
incident , and everything possible
was clone by thoughtful and sympathetic -
pathetic neighbors to make the
burden of sorrow light and render
assistance to the bereaved strangers -
ers in their bereavement.
Jacob Crocker has been quite
sick withm the grip , this week.
A party passed thro' this place
on MoudaY bound for Cripple
Creek , or'bust.
Several of the neighbors helped
Andrew Anderson put up his wind
mill , Wednesday.
W. A. Holbrook and Jacob Pick-
rell are putting in wheat on time
Robert Barr place.
Henry Richardson is looking r ,
after things on the Stewart ranch
during J. A. Resh's absence.
Eugene Dunham and family and
J. E. Logue spent Sunday afternoon -
noon with J. H. Wade and wife.
Rev. J. E. Tirrill will preach in
the school house , next Sunday , at
11 a. m. All are cordially in-
James Resh started on Sunday
evening for Freeport , Illinois , on
a visit to his aged mother , who is
dangerously ill.
R. M.rttde and wife drove down
to Danbury , Saturday , on a visit
to their daughter , Mrs.E.E.Hayes.
They came home on Monday.
Quite a number from this place
attended the exhibition on time 22d
at time Driftwood school house ,
which was given by the Driftwood
and Vailton schools , Belie and Hattie -
tie Bunnell , teachers. It was a
very creditable affair.
When Baby was sick , we gave her Castorta.
When she was a Child , she cried for Castoria.
When she became 3liss , she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children , she gave them Castoria.
Plenty of Apples at
y. . , . . . . . -
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Men's and Boys' ' Overcoats ,
Ulsters , Suits and other Winter
than were ever quoted before. -
Look to your wants at THESE , , I
nez , . IOMAS ENGEL Mgr ,
_ _ _
Notice to Teachers.
I will hold special examinations in
McCook , Danbury and Bartley , at stated
times , which will be published in the
different papers of the county.
No exaniiuations will be given , during
the institute : this year.
Teachers , svtshing to secure a certificate -
cate , must take the examination as
stated above.
A fee of one dollar will he chatged for
the examination.
Teachers passing the required examination -
ination , will he granted a certificate ,
without further charges , during the institute -
stitute , which will be held iu 1IcCook.
County Superintendent.
We Burn Wood
When we can get it. If your subscription -
tion is delinquent and you have the wood
bring us in a load or two.
Ifyou take pleasure in good stationery -
ery , try Crane's. It's fine and reasonable -
ble in price. We also do engraving of
cards aml embossing ofletter paper. See
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To RENT : 13 room residence , central -
tral , fine repair. $ ro a month. Enquire
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i l lllil lll
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a a
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Gem City Oak , and the Thos.
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McCook Transfer Line. I
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> t