The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, November 01, 1895, Image 6

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We are llo 01n o cave town-nor o r e
I se s 1OC goods.
Every article that we se will e ualan-
1 teed to be as represented.
We have placed on sale 10 dozens of
Fine Sid Gloves , 4 large buttons with
ii fancy stitched back , superb assortment
of new colon. This quality should
A PAIR , sell for $1.00 to $1.25. Our price 75c. A PAIR ,
One case , 20 dozens , direct from the
mills , Natural Wool Underwear. . . . . . 1
I Ladies' Winter Underwear.
Aa great special we offer 20 dozens
I C Extra Heavy Fleeced Vests and Drawers -
e ers , vests have silk taped necks , draw-
EACH.ers are full size. EACH.
Winter Jackets.
An Extra Heavy Quality , :111-Wooi ,
_ _ _ _
$4 $ 40 Chinchilla Jacket , Mandolin sleeves and
large buttons at $4.40 , worth 58.00.
Dry Goods , Carpets , Millinery.
e. e.T7ettV
I ° a ooooe
o ° p
o o
I a ° 0
f o . . , Op
a o
o p
1 o . , _ _ j _ _ oJ
- -
. . -
, .
rc lo.q Fou7./C110.1 O w
r 0 0 .
I r 'o ! g.L EsliS" co Q ti
I t BosTO N 10
. .0
o = °
° 00poo ( oaoo oo
1 f lit
f f 1 Good Suggest a !
Is like a crying baby at. a public meeting , it
Those J. B. Lewis Shoes are suggestive of all that
! . . pertains to Style , Fit , and Good Wearing
Qualities at a Peasoltable Price.
1 Suggest
1 , r
E ,
' .
i . -
i , , 1
LCx : a r
No. 2 , through passenger. . . . . . . . . 5:5.5 A. M.
No. 4 ; local passenger. . . . . . . . . . 9:00 P. M.
No. 70 , frolgbt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6:45 A. M.
No. 64 , freight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4:30 A. M.
No. S0 , freight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10:00 A. M.
No. 148 , freight , made up bore. . . . . . 5:00 A. M.
No. 3 , through passenger..11:4o P. M.
No. 5 , local passscnger. . . . . . . . . . . . 9:15 P. M.
No. 63 , freight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5:0O P. 31.
No. 77frelght. . . . . . . . . . . 4 : P.M.
No.149 , freight , made up here. . . . . 0:00 A.M.
No. 175 , loaves at . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:00 A. M.
No. 176 arrives at. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5:40 P. M.
NOTE-N9.63 earrt s passengers for
Stratton , Henkeimun and Hafgler.
All trains run daily excepting 148,149 and
176. which run dully except Sunday.
No. 3 stops at nenkelmau and Wral.
No. 2 slops at Indlancla. Cambridge and Ar-
No. 80 wlH carry passengers for Indlanoltt ,
Cambridge and Arapahoe.
Nos. 4.5.146 , 149 and 176 carry passengers for
all stations.
\Vlen No. So is annulled No. i4S will leave at
S.oo a. in. central time.
You out purchase at this office tickets to a ( .
principal points in the Untied States and Canada -
ada and baagnge checked through to destfna-
tlot without extra charge of transfer. For
information regarding rates , etc. call on or
address C. E MAONER. Agnetl
Oca ews.
Douglass has the 164 an freight.
Engine 246 is in the house for repairs.
Burnett is running No. 209 of passenger.
Engine 212 broke down at Stratton , Monday.
Jack Moore reported for work , Saturday last.
Brakeman Simmons reported for work
again on Tuesday.
Assist Supt. 1-Iarman was down from
Holyoke , Tuesday.
Conductor McClure and crew are serving io
days for the Schramm wreck.
Engineer Gates and ( laughter went up to
Denver , Tuesday night , on 5.
No. 4 was an hour late , Tueeday evening ,
engine 212 coming in on one side.
Six of the eight cars in the Schramm wreck
were reduced to kindling wood.
Roadmaster I ) . F. McFarland and little son
were up from Red Cloud , Saturday.
Engineer Batton's folks were passengers
for Omaha , Tuesday evening , on No. 4.
This week , Tart Wilkinson moved into the
Beggs residence , opposite the Catholic church.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benedict arrived
home from their New York visit , 1Vednesday
Have you drank of the waters of Lethe ?
Subscribe for TIE'1'Rtltunn and live another
trip or two. '
Engineer and Mrs. Dunavan arrived home ,
Thursday of last week , and he at once reported -
ported for duty.
Mrs. A. Snyder arrived , Saturday night ,
from the east , where she has been visiting for
a number of months.
.Engineer Dulaney and Fireman Henderson
took engine 4 to l-loldrege and went rap to
Curtis after No. 83 , Tuesday.
Say , neighbor , have you subscribed for TIIE
TRIBUNE ? Sure thing ! There is nothing
lethargic about TIIE TRIBUNE.
Mrs. V. H. Solliday was again summoged
to Red Cloud , last Saturday , by the serious illness -
ness of her brother , whom , she has since telegraphed -
egraphed home as being improved.
Mrs. Imogene Rowell : daughter Grace and
brother , Mr. Bennett , will return to the old
Iowa home , about the middle of the month.
Mail Agent Barger will occupy the house.
The wooden legged flagman "broke himself
in two" , the other day , in alighting front the
train at Akron. Bonnet reported the fact
that the flagman had broken his leg ; and the
boys at headquarters are having considerable
amusement at the expense of the dispatcher
here who wired back inquiring if they wanted
a doctor to meet No. 2.
The Burlington railway officials are so well
pleased with the first engine manufactured
entire at the Havelock shops that they have
given orders to increase the first order to eight
new high class locomotives. This means that
locomotives can be built as cheaply at Have-
lock as at any other point on the Burlington
system , and that the shopswill steadily grow
and give employment to more than a thousand
men in a few years.-Lincoln Journal.
The Burlington has decided to try the same
way of rating its trains as that in vogue on
the Pennsylvania lines and for the past seven
months on the Q. system east of the Missouri
river. The drawing capacity of an engine is
gauged by the weight of a train in steadof the
number of cars as heretofore. A tonnage
of 7,096 tons was sent out yesterday on train
No. 73. It is hoped that the tonnage hauled
by the various engines will increase the Capacity -
pacity of the roads greatly.-Journal.
The new clergy permit agreement which
the western roads are now considering will
probably be adopted It is the general opinion -
ion of the passenger officials of the interested
roads that the proposed new features will
greatly facilitate the work of issuing the permits -
mits and lessen the labor of clergymen in Securing -
curing half rate privileges. The idea of
having one permit that will be good over all
lines in the ssociation will be a great convenience -
venience to the ministers and will result in a
great saving to the individual roads. A special -
cial meeting will probably be soon called to
consider final action on the entire agreement.
A damage suit was filed in district court
yesterday and was rushed through in short
Oder. Imogene Rowell administrator of the
estate of Charles Rowell deceased , sued the
Chicago , Burlington .C Quincy rilroad for
$3,000 damages resulting from the death of
her husband in a wreck near Edison in Furnas
county. A jury trial was waived and Judge
Hall decided the case upon its merits.
The plaintiff alle es thatthrough ne li ence
on the art of the railroad company herg husband -
band , who was a fireman , was illd by the
engine leaving the track t a washout. Row-
eli was thirty-six ears of age and it was
thought that $3,000 damages were right. The
railroad answered that the defendant was at
fault and begged dismissal and judgments
for costs.
Judge Hall decided that Mrs. Rowell was
entitled to $ ; ooo and gave decree accordingly.
-Lincoln Journal , October 31st.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Medal and DIplema.
, I
Conductor Quigley has charge of Conductor -
ductor Cromwell's cress.
Mail Clerk Kimball has returned from his
extended visit and again has charge of his run.
Mrs.T.W.Benjamin and Mrs. ! I.C.Brovn are
visiting their respective parents at Republican.
Conductor Quigley made his first run on the
new card from Hastings to Oberlin en time.
Conductor Benjamin followed suit on Wednesday -
nesday with Engineer Viersen.
Conductor Cromwell drew Engineer An-
son's bay mare at the raffle. It came in very
handy. lIe can use her to help him pass
his lay-off in a more pleasant manner.
No. 141 on the new card is a "corker" but
if she has to wait some three hours at Red
Cloudfor No. 63 all the new carls , on the
system can't get her into Oberlin on time.
General News.
Who said New Castle coal ?
Irrigate boys , but use water exclusively.
The number of wrecks reported by the daily
newspapers , the last ten days , is simply appal-
Emperor William ought to get a compound
engine to haul his train of thought. It gets
daily more unwieldy.
fhe bronze buffalo head which adorns the
eastern portal of the Union Pacific at Omaha
is the largest casting of that metal in the United -
ted States.
Cars are at a premium nowadays , so we
caution you not to ram by any empties. A full
train east now means all you can get between
the engine and way car.
In England , at the Victoria station , Manchester -
chester , baggage is transferred front one part
of the building to another by a miniature
electric line suspended from the roof.
The Santa Fe will shortly put in shops at
Argentine , Kansas. One building , I2ox2So ft. ,
will be erected immediately. A foundry for
car wheels will be added later , and the rotund
house enlarged.
fhe state railroads of France will use aluminum -
minum for all metal work for ; heir cars hereafter -
after , save for wheels and axles. By this it is
claimed thirty tons can be saved in the weight
of an ordinary train.
One eastern road , the D. , L. & W. , has forbidden -
bidden trainmen to supply boards or cards to
passengers who play cards on the trains. The
P. G. and high hive games are thus placed
under a ban while en route.
Pneumatic seats have been invented for
railway coaches , to he readily inflated by a
hose connection with the air brakes. I 'lie
inventor claims that traveling is made a luxury
at small permanent cost to the railroad companies -
panies thereby.
The regular annual report of the consolidation -
tion of all orders of railroad employes for mutual -
tual protection and benefit is being again agi-
tated. 'this time the B. of L. E. ' 0. R. C. .
of L. F. , B. of R. T. ad the 0. of 1' . will join
hands and circle to the left.
The Lake Shore railroad having made the
run from Chicago to Buffalo at an average
speed of 65.o7 an hour , now and then going
for more than an hour at a time at a rate of 72.9
miles , the electric railway people are begin
ring to look a little anxious. They do not
seem able to meet this speed yet with their
new-angled devices , but promise to do it in
the near future.
Mrs. C. M. Woodward in charge of the
1V. C.1' . U. railroad branch , lately asked the
prayers of that body , in convention assembled
at Baltimore , in the interest of all railroad
men. She claimed that 30,000 railroad men
are killed or maimed every year. Evidently
her statistical reports are compiled mostly
from imagination and not based upon the
The latest reorganization scheme for the
Union Pacific is to place that company's main
line and the Central Pacific together under
foreclosing preceedings and operate them as
one corporation to prevent consolidation with
other transcontinental lines. This scheme
would drop the Northwestern and Vander-
hilts interest out of the possibility of gaining
control of either lines.
A locomotive is said to consume 45 gallons
of water for every mile that it runs. We wonder -
der if that means going "light" over the reader
or pulling a trainif the latter , is it freighter
or passenger ? We have seen lots of "scrap
heaps" get out and run a whole tank of water
through itself between water stations. Some
engineers never run a tank , and if oil tanks
were established , they would have to stop at
them , , too. John Burke says , everything an
engineer drinks effects the engine.
The first annual convention of the Switch-
men's Union of North America was held in
Omaha , last week. D. D. Sweeney , Jersey
City , N. J. , was re-elected Gland Master and
John Dougherty , Kansas City , elected secre
tary and treasurer. The insurance feature
after a long discussion was left optional with
the members. The next convention will be
held at Pittsburg , on the second Monday in
October , 1596. There were seventy-five delegates -
gates in attendance , representing a membership -
ship of 5,770.
Near Tovantic , Conn. , along the line of the
New York rC New England railroad is a seemingly -
ingly bottomless pit. Not long ago the rail
road company undertook to till in the pit ,
which threatens the roadbed. This work has
been going on for several months now with
seemingly no impression , or indication of
success. Two work trains of thirty carsmak-
ing five trips a day each , had dumped in 763. ;
carloads when a novel plan was adopted :
Old abandoned freight cars were first tilled
with sand and earth and in lots of fifteen
dropped into the abyss , the first lot going ker-
splash into the liquid chasm were sucked under -
der like unto the action of quicksand , and except -
cept for the air bubbles left no indication of
their location. Between each of these lots of
cars hundreds of carloads of loose earth were
added until 500 cars had been cast into the
bottomless pit and no one knows how many
loads of earth , with apparently no effect there-
on.The company , however , will keep at it ,
dumping 200 carloads of earth daily-though
they have already spent S20ooo in their effort
to stop its maw-until some impression is
made or the project abandoned.
The natives tread gingerly about the edges
of the pit and gale with awe into what they
consider the gateway to the lower regions of
When Baby was sick , we gave ber Castoria.
When she was a Child , she cried for Cistaria.
When she became Miss , she dung to ( bstoria.
When she had children , the gave them Csstorie.
Canyon City coal , 7
per ton , delivered in
our bin. Other kinds
of coal .soft and hard
a1t equally low prices.
: 2OTl PY & McA dams.
'I'he Darlington , Wis. . Journal says editorially -
ially of a popular patent medicine : "We
know from experience that Chamberlain's
I. ulic , Cholera and Dlarrhrza Remedy , is all
: that is claimed for it , as on two occasions it
stnpp + d excrucitiii paw , uJ possibly saved -
ed us from an untimely grave. We wnuid not
rest easy over night without it in the house" .
This remedy undoubtedly saves more pain
and suffering than any other medicine in the
world. Every family should -p-p it in the
house , for it is sure to be needed sooner or
later. For sale by McConnell 5 : Co. ; drug-
Canyon CCity Lump
Coal 7 a ton. W. C.
Bullard & Co. See us
abouthard coal before
your winter s up ply.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
existing between R. 11. Taylor and Andrew
Carson has this day been dissolved by mutual
consent. The business of the Sunny Side
dairy will be continued ly Andrew Carson ,
who will pay all debts and fullest all outstanding -
standing accounts of the firm.
McCouk , Neb. , Oct. 23 , I95.
Oct. 25.6ts. R. II. ' 1'AV.oR.
ANNAFOLIS , Aid. , April :6 , : Sqi. I have
used Chamberlain's Pain halm for rimeunta-
tism and found it to lie all that is claimed for
it. I believe it to be the best preparation for
rheumatism and deep seated muscular pains
on the market and cheerfully recommend it to
the public. INO. C. llaos , dealer iii b0ut' ,
shoes , etc. , No , iS Main st.
MECIIANiCSVII.I.E , St. Mary County. Md.-1
sold a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm tea
a man who had been suffering with rheumatism -
tism for several years. It made him a veil
man. A. I. McGn.i. . Forsale at .5 o cents a
bottle by McConneil & Co. , druggists.
Try that 15 ( ' ( ' 31 t lOX
IaIer at r iIIE rFRI1 UNE
office. Worth j5 cts.
Also cheaper grades.
Read the best co11II-
ty nwsla.ie1'--that's
The i\IeCook rr1'ilillle
every time.
1,000 cattle feeders -
ers for sale or ( , asher
or on time.
F. S. ILCoh.
Canyon City LunnI )
Coal , $7 a toll , W. C.
BULLAIW & Co. See us
about hairl coal be-
fol'e you b (1 r.
- 1'
NOT1cE. t i ;
William 11. Boyd , defendant , will take notice -
tice that on May 7,1&)3 , Frank Car ruthplain- i
tiff , bled iii the District court of Red Vdlow
county , Nebraska , a transcript of the proceed- !
lags had in an action begun before J. F. Kelley -
ley , a justice of the peace of said county , a- {
gafnst defendant , the object amid prayer ofhis
petition filed therein being to secure the pay- - I
went of a certain promissory note in writing ,
given by said defendant to the Citizen's ban
f McCok Nebraska-Sept. 29 , 18 for the
stmt of $ .lo.5o , due Dec. 29 , IS94 , drawing interest -
terest at to per cent. per annum from ntatur
ity , which note was duly sold and assigned to
) lafntiff before connmeuciu this action and
) on which three is now due Plaintiff fromthe
defendant the sutra of $43. & ' , lfor which sum
with interest and costs f uit the plaintiff
prays judgment a1.aiust said defendant.
Plaintiff on May 7 , , caused a writ of attachment - !
tachment to issue from said district court
against the property of defendant in said
county , which the sheriff of said county ,
being unable to find any personal property
of defendant subject to attachment , on May
9 , 1595 , daly levmed upon the following ( IC-
scribed real estate the property of defendant
in Red IVillow county , Nebraska , to-wit :
't'he southeast quarter of section it , and the '
southwest ( uarter of section 12 , all in town- t
slii ) nortlm of range 2 ( west. 1)ue a ) ) raisal
ant return of said order has been made and
tiled in the office of time clerk of said court , time
In I1 ' ) use of said attachment heir > , * to subject
said land to sale far the Payment of the a-
nm smut found to he due : iff as above set
You are required to answer said petition an
or before Nov. 25 , 1595. io-i8.4ts.
PRANK C.sRRU'rlr. Plaintiff. i
NOTIai 1'OI : 1 UIfI.ICA'f0\ . 1'
Land Officc at McCook , Neb. , Oct. 23 , 1895.
Notice is hereby lpyen that the following-
uamed settler has fill notice of his intention
to make final proof in support 01 inns clallli ,
and that said proof will be nmade before register -
ister or receiver at McCook , Nebraska , on
Friday , November 29(11 ( , :595 , viz : Eugene
Flower , who tirade homestead entry number
8916 , for the nortliw" , : uarter of section IS ,
township 5 , north of range 2S , west 0f the 6th
principal meridian. I Ic names the following
witnesses to prove his continuous resilence :
111)011 and cultivation of , said laud , viz : Cyrus
Blake , Samford ' 1' . Goddard , Charles Blake ,
Frank Boyi , all of Box Elder , Nebraska.
0 t. 2 ; 6ts. A. S. CAnu uEI.i. , Register.
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AT THE . . .
tJ I :
. . - .
- - - - - - -