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    G D V GG flT r
( From the Journal , Detroit , Mich. )
Every one in the vicinity of Metdrum
avenue and Champlalr street , Detroit ,
knows Mrs. McDonald , and many a
neighbor has reason to feel grateful to
her for the kind and friendly interest
she has manifested In cases of Illness.
She is a kind-hearted friend , a natural
nurse , and an intelligent and refined
To a reporter she recently talked at
some length about Dr. William's Pink
Pills , giving some very interesting Instances -
stances In her own immediate knowledge -
edge of marvelous cures , and the universal -
versal beneficence of the remedy to
those who had used it.
" I have reason to know , " said Mrs.
McDonald , "something of the worth of
this medicine , * or it has been demonstrated -
strated in my own immediate family.
My daughter Ktttie is attending high
chool , and has never been very strog
' ( since she began. I suppose she studies
hard , and she has quite a distance to go
every day. When the small-pox broke
out all of the school children had to be
vaccinated. I took her over to Dr. Jame-
son and he vaccinated her. I never saw
such an arm in my life and the doctor
said he never did. She was broken out
on her shoulder's and back and was just
as sick as she could be. To add to it
alt neuralgia set in and the poor child
was in misery. She Is naturally of a
nervous temperament end she suffered
most awfully. Even after she recovered
the teuralgia did not leave her. Stormy
days or days that were damp or preceded -
ceded a storm , she could not go out at
all. She was pale and thin and had no
"I have forgotten just who told me
about the Pink Pills , but I got some for
her and they cured her right up. She
has a nice color in her face , eats and
sleeps well , goes to school every day ,
and is well and strong In every partic-
ular. I have never heard of anything to
build up the blood to compare with
Pink Pills. I shall always keep them in
the house and recommend them to my
neighbors. "
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People -
ple are considered an unfailing specific
in such diseases as locomotor ataxia ,
partial paralysis , St. Vtus' dance , scIatica -
atica , neuralgia , rheutratism , nervous
headache , the after-effects of la grippe ,
f palpitation of the heart , pale and sal-
I low complexions , that tired feeling resulting -
sulting from nervous prostration ; all
diseases resulting from vitiated humors
I in the blood , such as scrofula , chronic
t erysipelas , etc. They are also a specific
for troubles peculiar to females , such
as suppressions , irregularities and all
forms of weakness. In men they effect
a radical cure in all cases arising from
'S mental worry- , overwork , or excesses of
whatever nature. Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills are sold by all dealers , or will be
sent post paid on receipt of price (50
cents a box , or six boxes for $2.50-they
are never sold in bulk or by the 100) ) by
addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Co. ,
Schenectady , N. Y.
A Joke That Is Not half True.
It is a common joke that when a
r man's wife is out of town he writes a
mournful letter , and then goes around
and has a high &d time. There is not
much in that joke. It does not begin
to do duty with the mother-in-law joke ,
and that is pushed far beyond its
deserts. The fact is that out of a dozen
men whose wives are out of the city
for the summer there will be at least
eleven who are really lonely and , in
fact. put in a very miserable time.
' . 'hey do not feel willing to acknotvl-
I edge it at first , and few like to have
sympathy thrust upon them , but there
are mighty few who do not in their
hearts pay the highest kind of tribute
to their wives and wish for their re
turn.-Washington Star.
1m'orda Which Rhyme Not.
The number of English nerds which
have no rhyme in the language is very
large , Five or six thousand at least
- are without rhyme and consequently
It can be employed at the end of the
verse only by transposing time accent ,
coupling them with ad imperfect consonance -
nance or constructing an artificial
rhyme out of two words. Among the
other words to which there arc no
rhymes may be mentioned month , silver -
ver , liquid , spirit , chimney. warmth ,
gulf. sylph , music , breadth , width ,
depth , honor , iron , echo.
. Special Rates and Trains via the Bur-
linzton Route.
Round trip tickets to Omaha at the one
way rate , plus 50 cents ( for admission con-
con to time State Fair ) , will Le on sale Sep-
- temnter 13th to 20th , at Burlington Route
stations , in Nebraska , in Kansas on the
i Concordia , Oberlin and St. Francis lines
and in Jowa and Missouri within 100 miles
of Omaha.
Nebraskans are assured that the ' 9v State
Fair will be a vast improvement on its
prede ° essors Larger-more brilliant-bet-
ter worth seeing. Every one who can dose
so should spend State Fair week , timewho.e
of it , in Omaha.
The outdoor ceobrations : will be particularly -
larly attractive. surpassing anythingof the
kind ever beore undertaken by any western -
ern city. Every evening , Omaha will be
aflame with eertrie : lights and glittering
rn eauts will rarado the streets. The program -
gram for the evenin ; ceremonies is :
Monday , Sept. loth-Grand Bicycle Car-
S Tuesday , Sept. llth-Nebraska s parade.
Wednesday , Sept. 1Sth-Mmitary and
civic rarmldc.
( 'Ihursdav , Sept. 10th-Knights of Ak-Sar-
ben Parade , to be fol.o + + ed by the ' 'feast
of Mondamin" .
. Round trio tickets to Omaha at the reduced -
duced rates above mentioned , as well as
full information about time Burlington
Route's train service at the time o time
State Fair , can be had on application to
the nearest B. & M. R. R. agent.
Honmeseekers' ( Eicurslous.
On Aug. 29th. Sept. 10th and " 4th , 1S9 : ,
the Union Pacific System will sell ticket
from Council Bluffs and Omaha to point
south and west in Nebraska and Kansas
also to Colorado , Wyomin ; , Utah and
Idaho , east of Weiser and south of Beaver
Canon , at exceedingly low rates. For full
information , as to rates and limits , apply
S to A. C. Duxx ,
City Ticket Agent , 1302 Fsrnam St. ,
Omaha , Neb.
' A vein of coal five feet thick was found
00 feet deep near Louisville , ills.
I Among the books announced by
i harper & Brothers for publication in
September is A Study of Death , by
$ enry M. Alden , author of God in His
World. The extraordinary success of
Mr. A1den's previous book , which was
pronounced "the most successful work
of religious thought of the season , "
and time most noteworthy book of a
religious kind ( in style as well as in
substance ) published in England or in
America for many years , insures a
suitable reception 'for A Study of Death
-a book wholly uncommon , spiritual , 1
t hopeful and important
I The largest cut stone in the world is in
the Temple of the Sun at Eaalbee. t
rr7)2 IFi II rr ,
- : 'll li ll
Illl ri '
A S ORYI' l1A rA
- , - - W. JOHNSON.
. , . IRGNl [ i
, . -
rta , . . .
' , I S .
uYl /
1 ;
CHAPTER YII.-Contlnued.l
"Where shall I go ? Where will you
hide me ? " she demanded , with childish
simplicity of confidence.
The color mounted to the young
man's cheek. ,
"I will take care of y on , " was his reassuring -
assuring response , delivered after a
moment of reflection.
"Oh , carry me away from Malta on
one of the ships ! " sighed Dolores ,
clinging to his arm.
e F * s * e e
The hour of departure of the Italian
steamship Elettrico approached. ' 'he
confusion and bustle incident to sailing -
ing increased rather than diminished
as the day advanced.
Mrs. Fillingliamn trotted about to
secure the best of evervthing for her
invalid husband during the short
voyage to Messina.
' 1'lme Signorina Giulia Melita , hoarse
and very much wrapped up in shawls ,
trade petulant responses to the solicitous -
ous inquiries of the urbane Mn Brown.
Melita was bored and out of spirits.
She displayed a fickleness which is
occasionally observable in birds of
song and scarcely glanced at the Island
where her own debut in opera had
been successfully achieved.
'I'he ' American millionaire from the
great west , and his bevy of children ,
were bidding farewell to their numerous -
ous acIuaintances , with cordial invitations -
vitations to visit them in turn and
make a tour of Colorado or the Rocky
"i think the Mediterranean is perfectly -
fectly isplerdid , " allirnmed the 17-year-
old daughter. with enthusiam
"Iloor ay for Malta ! " cried the son
and heir 'l''ornmy , aged 10 , striving to
climb a ladder. "We will come again
soon , won't we , I'a ? "
" 1 shall expect to see you arrive on
a flying machine , invented by your
clever fellow countryman , 'ln Edison -
son , ' ' remarked Capt. Blake.
' I like to travel , " said time rosy -
clIeekc(1 daughter. "People arc so
pleasant. "
Time keen eye of Captain Blake
noticed 'a lady among the passengers
with sudden curiosity.
The lady stood alone. She was enveloped -
veloped in a brown cloak ; with a
hood , and wore on her head a small
straw hat , with a veil of black lace
attached , which effectually concealed
her features.
The captain roamed around this
solitary figure , inspiredby a suspicion ,
and endeavored to gain a closer inspection -
spection of her face , l utshe averted
her head , as if disturbed by his interest -
est , fixing her gaze with a timid and
melancholy insistence on the shore.
. 'rime summons for all loiterers to
seek land was given , and Captain
Blake prepared reluctantly to depart.
Here was a little drama in real life ,
and lie longed to serve as cynical spec-
tator. Here was a baffling mystery under -
der his very gaze , and he wished to
solve it to his own satisfaction.
The agitation of the unknown one
in the brown cloak became marked.
She shrank nearer the bulwark , and
grasped the railing with a nervous I
hand , while her shoulders moved convulsively -
vulsively , as if she was unable to repress -
press some powerful emotion.
.txt this critical juncture a small boat
anproached , and Arthur Curzon sprang
on board of the Elettrico just as the
packet was about to swing from her
My dear fellow ! " exclaimed Capt
Blake , with vivacity. "Areyou oft on
leave ? "
"Yes , " was the brief response.
"And I am chained to this rock of
steel for several months longer , "
grumbled the soldier.
Lieut Curzon had never appeared
more animated and handsome timan in
civiian's : dress on this occasion. He
hastened to the traveler in time brown
"Am hate ? " he demanded , in cheerful -
ful accents. -
"Yes You are very late , " she replied -
plied , in a low tremulous voice.
Tlrey talked together earnestly for
a long time , quite oblivious of sur-
The young olicer , on quitting Dolores -
ores at an earlier hour , had sought the
presence of his kinsman , the commander -
der of H.M.S. Sparrow , to claim the
promised leave of absence. Ile had
no misgivings as to the result , and
possibly the conversation with his
cousin Mrs. Griffith recurred to his
mind. The amiable hostess had intimated -
mated her conviction that time stern
ruler of the ship would be disposed to
overlook all peccadilloes. A brief and
stormy interview had nevertheless ensued -
sued , of which the full particulars
were not given by either of the par-
ticipants. The captain made subsequent -
quent allusion to headstrong young
men who threatened to throw up their
commissions if thwarted in their dear
est wishes of. the moment.
Xae vessel once in motion , Lieut.
- - - -----a--
Curzon led his companion to time Fill-
inghams. What was the amazement
and indignation of worthy Mrs. Fill-
ingham at beholding Dolores , who
stood before her pale and frightened ,
mind holding her little dog Florio in
the ample sleeve of her traveling garment -
ment ,
"Oh , my dear child ! " exclaimed the
matron. "lIo v could you take such a
very rash step ! "
"Ile loves me , and I love him , and
that is all we care about in the world , "
faltered the girl , with a sob.
"But think of your poor grand-
papa ! "
"Grandpapa will not miss me , " retorted -
torted Dolores , stealing a deprecating
glance at the severe and disapproving
countenance of Mrs. Fillingham.
"I am quite sure he will miss you , "
rejoined the older woman.
"Ile never cared about me at all , "
cried Dolores , with a sudden and passionate -
sionate outburst at wrong.
"Lieutenant Curzon , I consider your
conduct as simply abominable , " said
ilrs. Fillingham , becoming red in the
face. " 1 will have nothing to do with
your elopement"
Then she turned away , as if to clearly -
ly demonstrate that she washed her
hands of a very bad business.
The Ancient Mariner removed his
spectacles , and polished the grasses on
a silk pocket-handkerchief.
Dolores clung to her lovers arm ,
aghast and bewildered by this brusque ,
feminine repulse.
Iid Capt. Fillinghamn wink at Licut
Curzon ? It cannot be positively asserted
serted that the old gentleman
was guilty of such an undignified
proceeding on this grave occasion ,
yet assuredly a highly suspicious
trembling of the right eyelid was perceptible -
ceptible , while his benevolent features -
ures failed to reflect the anger of his
spouse He even smiled at the terrified -
rified Dolores , and patted her hand re-
"There is no use in crying over
spilled milk , you know , " he reasoned
at Iength. "What are your plans ? "
Lieut. Curzon eagerly unfolded his
projects. IIe intended to seek Switzerland -
erland at the nearest point of the Canton -
ton Tessin , get married and journey
on to Paris.
If Dolores could be placed under time
charge of Mts. Fillingham in the interval -
terval , all scandal would be avoided
and busy tongues at Malta efi ° ectually
silenced. It is true that the lover
j thought of public opinion for the first
time as the shores of Dolores' island
home faded in the distance.
The young hypocrite pleaded his
cause warmly and well lie did not
hesitate to remind the ancient mariner
that he had been his father's best man
at his wedding , and to hint the acceptability -
ceptability of his giving away a bride
of another generation.
The comrade of Admiral Jack listened -
ened attentively. What reminiscences
did the voice of his companion evoke ?
his heart warmed toward the rash
couple and he felt young again. lie
nodded acquiescence and made the
culprits take a seat bride him on the
deck , thus assuring them of his own
protection and approval.
An hour later Mrs. Fillingham , in
relenting mood , had given time pale
Dolores a cup of tea , with plenty of
sugar , and held the whimpering and
doleful Florio on her lap.
In the meanwhile , Capt. Blake
strolled into Mrs. Griflith's tea room ,
where the Vicar , with the weak chest ,
was discoursing on shells with Miss
Sy mtlie.
"Our friend time lieutenant is off on
leave of absence , " said the airy in-
'Who ? " demanded the hostess , with
an unusual inflection of sharpness in
her tone ,
' "Lieut. Curzon , " replied Capt. Blake ,
accepting cream at the hand of the
hostess. "The pretty Maltese was on
board. "
"Are you jealous , Capt. Blake ? " inquired -
quired Miss Symthe.
Not a trace of displeasure was perceptible -
ceptible on her fair face , nor a tremo
of agitation in her soft voice , as she
turned to the tea-urn.
IIe laughed his grating little laugh.
"I am not a marrying man. "
lie thought-
'She is very strong. "
The clergyman resumed his thread
of talk , pleased with time graceful
deference of an intelligent listener :
"I should like to show you my cabinet -
net of shells , Miss EthelI have sonic
rather good specimens"
Capt. Blake stirred the contents of
his cup and gazed into the depths , as
if he suspected some private jest of
lurking at the bottom.
"I always have bet ten to one on the
chances of the parson in my own
mind , " he thought. "The living is an
uncommonly rood one , I am told. "
The Island of Malta lessened , faded ,
and disappeared altogether to the
passengers of the Elettrico , as the
packet made her way in the direction
of Messina over the calm , blue Mediterranean -
terranean sea.
The day had held is its unfolding
hours the elements of marvelous
A fortnight later a young man sat
at a piano in the salon of a hotel of
the Avenue de l'Opera at Paris , strumming -
ming a bar of the Swallow waltz of
Strauss , while a young woman paused '
in the embrasure of a window , holding -
ing a tiny dog in her arms
The night was rainy , and the great
globes of the ciectric light shone on
the passing crowds and the wet pavement -
ment ,
The young woman drew. from the
folds of her dress a Maltese cross She
gazed at it for a long time , and then
kissed it with reverence.
Time trinket slipped from her fingers ,
and fell on time floor. Stooping hastily
to recover it , she trod on the cross ,
and broke it. She burst into tears.
"I dreamed of grandpapa last night , "
she sobbed. "Jie seemed to be calling -
ing for me. Oh , poor , old grandpapa !
The portrait of our knight had fallen
down. Take me back to the Watch
Tower ! "
"We must start for Malta on Monday -
day , " said Arthur Curzon.
"Let us go at once , " pleaded
tYI il ;
b7 , ! . ' Si J
tottered into time
little garden of his
abode , and sank
down on a bench.
His appearance
was that of a man
who had just sus-
tamed a crushing blow. Ile wiped his
moist brow , and gazed , vacantly ,
about him.
"Good God ! " he groaned , his pinched
features contracting with anxiety and
fear. "Who would have ever believed
it ? how could I have forseen this day ?
Accursed knaves ! "
Two weeks earlier his agitation
might have been attributed to the
flight of his granddaughter ; but , in
fact , the old man had sustained her
loss with remarkable equanimity and
"It is her Spanish blood , " he had
muttered aloud , after reading the note
written by Dolores before sailing.
"She must be full of tricks as she
grows older- . Let her go , once for
all ! "
In his profound egotism he might
even have been suspected of a sentiment -
ment of relief that a burthen was re-
moved. Sorrow , apprehension , regret -
gret for the rash step taken by a
young girl , wholly ignorant of the
world-did these paternal misgivings
fail to touch the heart of Jacob Deal-
try ? lie gave no sign.
When a letter from Licut. Curzon ,
dated Lugano , had been received , announcing -
nouncing the marriage , and enclosing
a second , faulty , little missive , written
in Italian , from the bride , he had read
the two communications without comment -
ment , and thrust the crushed envelope
into the pocket of his threadbare
Now a far more severe misfortune
had stricken the old mar , , and his
whole being threatened to collapse in
tli ( : shock.
The event which moved Jacob
Dealtry to despair had convulsed all
native Malta as with an earthquake
Italy , actuated by the aim of consolidating -
solidating a national currency , had
recalled the coin known as the Sicilian
dollar. The government of Malta announcing -
nouncing the decision , had given an
ultimate date for all money of this
denomination in circulation on the
Island , to be brought to a given place
and redeemed.
The unexpected tidings were received -
ceived and discussed with a perturbation -
tion of which municipal authority
may have nre'-iously entertained no
suspiciolr. The Maltese , bigoted by
tradition and distrustful by temperament -
ment , had remained cold amidst the
fever of modern speculation , hoarding
his worldly goods rather than risking
all in bank , railway shares or loans.
To possess gold one should be able to .
handle and count the glittering coins
frequently. Suchi is his creed. Moreover -
over , to obey the present summons
would be to fully reveal one's treas-
nre , a course to be deplored.
Malta wept , prayed , raved in secret.
In vain ! The nobleman in his palace ,
penurious and abtemious of life , time
merchant , the man of law. the sailor ,
the fisherman , equally cursed the tern
poral dispensation which so ruthlessly
unveiled the actual condition of individual -
vidual finances to public curiosity.
here was a situation almost unique
in history. The island must divulge
her wealth as far as the Sicilian
dollar was concerned. .Now the Sicilian -
ian dollar was a coin of preference
with all grades of society agreeable
to manipulate , and sufficiently convenient -
venient to slip into unsuspected hid-
ing-places where neither moth nor
rust need be feared nor thieves breamk
through and steaL
Swift and unforeseen stroke of destiny -
tiny coming to overturn time established -
lished order of things ! The world ,
changes , and one must change with it ,
or be flung from the wheel of fortune
and crushed.
During the period of waiting , conjecture -
jecture and doubt , when rumor still
lacked complete confirmation , Jacob
Dealtry had gone about like one distraught -
traught , seeking news Each neighbor -
bor was absorbed in bis own gloomy
meditations , and did not especially
heed the eccentric foreigner
Alone in the Watchm Tower , his conduct -
duct did not astonish grandchild or
At time first hint of impending change
he had haunted the streets of Valetta
and the quay- , eager to glean fresh
news from any source. Then he had
returned home , to sink down on the
stone bench , spent , dejected and
broken in spirit.
In all the prudent calculation of I
y Gars it had been impossible to realize 1
his day. ;
( re
- ' - - - '
= = : :
I Highest of all in Leavening Powcr--Latcst U. S. Gov't Report i
f L U
( 414th'
I ' j'W DLtIU ng ji i j
i . P Powder . I
Confined round.
The intensity of confined sound is
finely illustrated at Causbrool : castle ,
isle of 11'ight. where there is a vze11 200
feet deep amid l feet in diameter. The
well has IS feet of water in it , and the
entire interior from top to water is
lined with smooth masonry. 'rhmislining
so completely confines time sound that a
pin dropped from t1m top can be heard
very plainly to strike the water , at a
distance of 1S2 feet below. Another
instance is cited from India , where
workmen at waterworks often talk
with those at the reservoir , iS miles
away , their telephone being an 18 inch
water main that is no longer used for
conveying water.-St. Louis Republic.
Di. L. TIiOMPSON & CO. , Druggists. Cou
der port , Pa. , say hall's Catarrh Cure is he
Lest aria only sure euro tor catarrh they ever
sold. Druggists sell it , .ac.
The Woman Medical Writer.
A London , writer , with due respect
lot' women journalists , thinks that the
only department of a paper that should
be closed to a woman writer is time
medical-unless , of course , she is a
medical 'elan. ' ' IC goes on to say that
the medical columns of any LOfllOfl
weekly. it is easy to perceive , arc conducted -
ducted by accouiplisfined experts , but a
case has recently come under his notica
where a young woman vine had failed
as an art critic was set to answer time
nmedical inquiries of correspondents oil
a country paper. "I forget to a deem- I
maul what was the exact mortality of
time district. " he continues , "but the
proprietor stid if she remained munch
lommger on the paper he Should have had
no subscribers left One of her replies
tvas sommctiiing like this : "I'o Daisy-
'llmmnks so nmclm for your irind letter.
Yes. The mistake was mine. It
should have been a quarter grain of
strychnine instead of a gtnu te of a
pound for your father's complaint
flow unlucky ! Better luck next time ,
but 1 was so very busy. Yes. ' 'here is
no better shop for mourning than
' "
After six years' suffering , I was cured by
Pi = o's (2are.-MAItY ' 1'uouaoar , ' ! 9i. : Ohio
Ave. , Allegheny , Pa. , March 19 , ' .11
A Iauhter's Crael Joke.
A story is being told of a young lady
who found a package of love letters
that had been written to her mother
by her father before they were mar-
ried. The itnughter saw that she
could have a little sport. and read them I
to her mother , substituting her own
name for that of her mother , and a fine
young man for that of her father. The
mother jumped up and down in her
chair , shifting imer feet , and sceumc(1
terribly disgusted. and forbade her
daughter to have anytlung to do with
the young nen who would write such
sickening and nonsensical stuff to a
' girl. 11 lien the young lady handed
time letter to her mother to read the !
I house became so still that one coull f
hear the grass growing in the back
"Iianson'C Pagic Conn Salve. "
I yvarrauted to ctne or nimey retnded. ; 1.1 ; yo1 :
dnaght for it. Price 15 cent. .
The Century for September will contain -
tain three complete sketelmes of fiction
by popular American writers , representing -
senting three different sections of the
country. Mrs. Mary Ifallock Foote
will contribute a powerful story of
ramming life in the far west , entitled
' 1'iie Cup of Treumbljug. " Hiss Saralm
Orne Jewett will contribute a humorous -
ous story of the New' England coast.
entitled ' 'All My Sad Captains , " and
illustrated by I'ape. The third is a
roarmn sketch , by harry Stillwell Edwards -
wards , of negro life in time south. It is
entitled "The Gum Swamp Rebate , "
an(1 is full of humor , and is a faithful
reflection of the characteristics of the
negro race.
'rickets at Reduced L'atrs
Will be sold via time Nickel Plate road
on occasion of the meeting of the Ger-
mnan ( 'atholic Societies of the United
States at Albany , N. V. , Sept. 15th to
I th. For further information address
.1. Y. Calahan , Gen'l Agent , 111 Adams'
St. , Chicago.
Small and steady gains bring the hind of
riches that ( lo not take wings amid fly a1ay.
Pifiard take , second-hmand , for sae !
cheap. Apply to or address , hi. C. AKmr ,
511 S. 1.tim St. , Omaha , Nep. :
Life has no blessing like a i rudent friend.
The thC A M ,
. of Coilsumlmptiou is
stopped short L v Dr.
Picrcc's Golden Mcd-
ica1 Discovery. If
yon lmalem't waited
, . reason ,
' '
there's complete rev
f , cover } and cure.
r' Although by many'
- believed to be iner-
f _ ( " able , there is the
evidence of hundreds
: of livinf , g witnesses to
. , the fact that , in all '
K - ! its earlier stages , con-
. .y in ; Sumptmolm ms a curable ,
„ disease. Not everI I
" x"i' , - . " .case , but a 1ac per-
" ceimlage of cases , and
° ' , yry , we believe , fitly 98
- per cent. are cured
by Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery- ,
even after the disease has progressed so
far as to induce repeated bleedings from
time lungs , severe lingering cough with
copious expectoration ( including tubercular -
lar matter ) , great loss of flesh and extreme
emaciation and weakness.
.t Solution Found.
The Boston 'l'ravcller saysthat a few
weeks ago a Maine young man bought
a pair of socks cotaining a note saying I
the writer was an employee of the I '
Kenosha ( \\'is. ) knitting works and
wanted a good husband. She gave her
name amid requested the buyer , if an
unmarried man to write with a view ute
to matrimony. 'Pic young ratan who
found the note considered the matter
in all its phases and decided to write to
time girl. lie ( lid. Awaiting the answer -
swer with considerable anxiety he was
at last rewarded with a curt letter i
stating that the girl was now the mother -
er of two children and had been roar- 4
ried four years , and the letter he had
answered -had been written ever so
long ago. It was a "sock dollager , "
and the young man hunted for a solu-
tion. Ile found it. The merchant of
whom he bought the socks doesn't ad-
vertise. ,
The Modern Beauty ,
Thrives on good food and sunshine , with
plenty of exercise in the open air. Her
form glows with health and her face i
blooms with its beauty. If her system
needs the cleansing action of a laxative
remedy , she uses the gentle and pleasant -
ant liquid laxative , Syrup of Figs.
Some mouths look like peaches and '
cream ; umd sonic like a hole chopped !
into a brick wall to admit a new floor or
mvindow. 'l'ime mount is a hotbed of I
toothaches , the bunghole of oratory !
and a baby's crowning glory. It is
patriotism's fountain head and the tool
chest for pie. 11'ithout it the politician w
would be a wanderer on the face of the
earth , and the cornetist would go down
to an unhonorhd grave. It is the gro 4
cer s friend , the orators pride and the
dentist's hope.Mamtunpth : pringllou-
FITS-.111 Fitsstopred frrr byDr.Ialnr's dream
ltcrveJcstorer. No Fltsatterthaursuap'su : + n ,
Iarvrmouscutes. Tn atkeand 'Stral butt 1.'rn . tt
4t cases. Scud tonl..Kllue,93t. rchSt.l'hlla.l'a.
1-Iumility is a virtue allpreat h mono prar
tire , and yet eyorybody a content to hear
Exprrlencclcada many motera la.a
"Lrc t'r'ersliner'I'uuc.ecauselsteprei ! ! dly
wood fur curds , unto pmt almost every weakuess.
Time largest mmm mnroth tusk yetdiscovcred
was sixteen feet in length.
'I'ioa. dlwtreaainy ; Coma :
nam : as they are , ll lndcrcorns wt.l r nwvc them and
th ° n you can wih and run and jump a' yuu like.
1 he Nickel I 'late road has authorized
its agents to sell tickets at greatly re-
IUCCI rates to Albany , N. Y. , on occasion -
sion of the meeting of the German
Catholic Societies of the United States
in that city , Sept. If tlt to 14th. For
particulars address .1. Y. Calahan , Gcn'l
Agent , 111 Adams St. , Chicago.
Love boos not .Vint the eves , but with
the mind.
The Greatest Necker ! Discovery
of the Age.
MEDICAL J . lm , E > < I
DONALD KENNEDY , nF flfXiihhf , MASS. ,
Has discovered in on "t ' ur common
pasture weeds a renmedv tint cures every "
kind of Hunior , fronm the w'prst Scrofula i"
down to a common Pimple.
lie has tried it in over eleven hundred
cases , and never failed except in two cases
( both thunder humor ) . 'has now in his
possession over two imundrt.l certificates
of its value , all within twenty miles of
Boston. Send postal card far book.
A benefit is always eperienced from
the first bottle , and a perfet cure is 11ar-
ranted when time right quantity is taken.
/hen the lungs are affected it causes
shooting pains , like needles passing
through tlmeni ; the same with the Liver
or Bowels. This is caused by the ducts
being stopped , and always disappears in a
week after taking it. Read the label.
If the stomacim is foul or bilious it will
cruse squeamish feelings at first.
No change of diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you ca.m get. and enough of it.
Dose , one tablespoonful in water at bed-
time. Sold by all Druggists. !
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cL cs rvi.tcK ' .
1nLsto ttanc " i
nxlr. Kaven . j r
Cmt meny 't
tknesln a sea
ran ;
o ! Io v uheems
to at your v' aon
forhaulin ,
u ,
grainfodier , man.
arr. ins , &c. : o. " . -
resetting of tire.
Catrglree. ddJre + s
rrmrlreffg. Co. .
P. 0. Box 33 , Quincy lit.
AND tLn Ur. In 1610.
U S ED ands Aga curedanthotu
Corc Ton. t3rnd
LOCALLY forfreo book , end
' : WiTN e by m , t
' ' '
Eeld by all druggists.
1 .
e Field a [ Cabled Poultry , Garden and Rabbit Force ,
Steel Web Picket Lawn Pence. etc. QuaLty
first Class. Pit CE S LOW. Cataiogu F1 EE.
H 0 erne i
, De Kalb Fence Co. , 121. Nish St. . De K3tb , II , I
1 . - = . . .a + - . ya-Y.- ,