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t' ' Alfalfa Is King.
McCook , the metropolis of the Republican -
lican valley , is in Red Willow county ,
t about midway between Omaha or Kansas
City and Denver , and in the country effected
fected by the drouth of 1894 The settlement -
: tlement of this country commenced
when the land office opened here in
t It is a well known fact that the pioneer
settlers of any new country are not
"bloated bond holders" or capitalists or
even well-to-do farmers , but are men
' with very little means , who generally
I ; have little more than a team , wagon and
a few farm implements to begin with.
A failure of crops to such a people ,
' whether by drouth or any other cause ,
usually finds them { without a surplus to
+ draw from ; hence the necessity for aid
or relief , which was so generously furnished -
nished , last winter , by more prosperous
and fortunate eastern friends , and which
enabled our farmers to remain and put
out a crop , this season , which now promises -
ises an abundant haavest.
( It is not necessary to call attention to
' the fertility of the soils of the Republican -
can valley and Red Willow county ,
neither is it necessary nor are we disposed
to deny that we have had severe drouth
in 1890 and 189.4 here , which almost
completely destroyed the farm crops.
We believe that improved methods of
cultivation ( sub-soiling and sub-packing
of the soils ) will prevent failures even
rt t r in such years as 1894. But even with
our drouth record , if our farmers had
' had a year's supply to draw from , we
1 could have saved our reputation.
; But we append below the evidence
that lands in the Republican valley and
its tributaries are worth more and will
yield a greater income per acre for the
labor applied than any farm lands in the
United States , and the income is not
curtailed by dry years.
In the following exhibit we have abbreviated -
viated the extended statements of the
parties. The original statements over
the signature of each of the parties
herein named can be seen at the office
of C. P. Babcock in McCook , together
with perhaps fifty more. If there are
any doubting Thomases they can call
and inspect the original statements , or
the postoffice address is given , write
them. It should be borne in mind that
these results were obtained without irrigation -
rigation , and alfalfa grown without it
rigation is much better and stronger
feed than that which is forced by irriga-
Many will probably wonder why every
one in the Republican valley don't have
alfalfa growing. The reasons are plenty
and good : The experiment was commenced -
menced in 158.4 with seed worth $12.oo
per bushel. It took a few years for the
people to discover that the experiments
were successful. Some succeeded from the
start , others failed because of improper
preparation of the ground , or seeding at
the wrong time ; and more of them did
' not have money to pay for seed , and in
1894 it was too dry.
There have been about 8ooo acres seeded -
ed to alfalfa in Red Willow county , this
season , and all is looking and growing
finely. It is a demonstrated fact that all
of the bottom and bench lands in Red
Willow county are adapted to alfalfa culture -
ture , and three or more crops per season
can be harvested ; and while its growth
on the uplands is still in its experimental
state , it has been demonstrated that
with sub-soiling it can be grown successfully -
fully on the divides , and in addition to
its furnishing at least one good crop of
hay or seed it will furnish an abundance
of pasture.
S. W. STILGEBOUER , Danbury , Neb.
Average product per acre for 9 years , 2
tons hay and y bushels seed. Crop of
1894 and value per acre was :
2 tons hay at . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8 oo $ I6 oo
1 2 tons straw at . . . . . . . . . . . . . 600 12 00
8 bushels seed at. . . . . . . . . . . 5 00 4000
Total. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6800
B. B. DUCKwORTH , Indianola , Neb.
Average product per acre for 5 years , 2
tons hay and q bushels seed. Crop of
1S94 and value per acre :
4 tons hay . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 00 $44 oo
10 bushel seed at. . . . . . . . . . 4 00 40 00
Total. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8400
J F HELM , Red Willow , Neb.
Average product per acre for 4 years , 2
tons hay and 1o bushels seed. Good acre
a ' of alfalfa will pasture 5 head of cattle for
6 months or 30 head of hogs for S months.
r Average product per acre for q years
, on upland , 75 feet to water , 2 tons hay
and 5/ bushels seed. Cut 4 tons per
' 'z acre on June 17 , ' 95 , and could cut as
: s much more on July 20 ; am saving second
o- crop for seed.
HIGH Lebanon Neb.
Grown on land so feet to water , Average -
: = erage product per acre for 5 years , 2 tons
s hay and 5 bushels seed. Crop of 1894
. , and value per acre :
{ 2 tons hay at . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ to 00 $20 00
' = 9 bushels seed at. . . . . . . . . . 4 50 40 50
Total. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $60 50
: Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
Mrs. Underhill was taken quite sick on
Sunday evening.
Tax sale notices for publication now
have the newspapers.
Lawn Sprinklers and hose and hose
couplings. COCHRAN & CO.
A renewal and increase of pension has
been granted Joseph A. Brinton of this
Cochran & Co , handle the best Refrigerators -
frigerators in the market. A large stock
now on hand.
It is stated that at least 8ooo , acres of
Red Willow county soil were this season
planted to alfalfa.
We sincerely hope that Red Willow
county may be creditably represented at
the state fair. We have the produce.
DlcCook's attorneys have filed their
answer in the county seat case and Indi-
anola will have until August 12 to reply.
In another column of this issue will
be found a call for a democratic state
convention , which we publish by re-
During the absence of the regular
eight policeman , Howe Smith , in the
mountains , Joe Malcomb , the big miller
of the McCook roller mills , is wearing
the night man's star.
Grasshoppers may be seen flying over
the city , with the wind , almost any day.
Saturday morning , quite a few might
have been seen on the sidewalks down
in the business part of the city.
Akron isn't doing a thing but attempting -
ing to work up another boom-and this
time on the strength of an alleged gold
find. Those Akron fellows are an energetic -
getic gang at any rate ; and suckers there
are not a few.
The lawn fete at S. G. Goheen's , last
evening , by the South Side Endeavorers
was well patronized and thoroughly enn
joyed by all. The rain caught some of
those present.
Concerning Thomas & Co. of the
Rialto building , Chicago , who are running -
ning ads. in the various country weeklies
of this section , we wrote one of the great
dailies of Chicago and they reply that
"they know nothing about them" . This
may save publishers a useless waste of
Richardson & Roberts have moved a
large frame building in the rear of their
present building and will occupy the
same as a blacksmith shop. The building -
ing has been used as a stable in the vicinity -
ity , and was moved into position yester-
day. This will give them very commodious -
modious quarters.
The Rocky Mountain News , published
at Denver , Colo. , is the only daily Populist -
list paper in the nation. Its cartoon ,
apropos to the times , with every issue , is
worth the subscription , and it is full ,
fair and strong for the cause of reform.
Daily , 65c. per month ; Weekly , $ I in
advance. Send 5c for a sample copy.
The postoffice authorities have just
announced the perfection of arrangements -
ments whereby letters sent to Chicago
may be more promptly and more directly
delivered to those to whom they are
addressed. In order to secure this advantage -
age in addition to the name and address
of the party to whom you are sending a
letter must also the letter
, you place on I
or parcel the number of the carrier of
the district within which the party addressed -
dressed resides. By so doing the carrier
will receive the same at an office which
has been created at the railroad depot ,
and will deliver thesame from the depot ,
instead of sending the mail to the post-
officelor sorting and final distribution.
This of course can only be done in cases
where the writer has secured the number
of the carrier.
Protect the Game and Fish.
Shoot or fish only in the proper season
and escape the game warden by observing -
ing the laws. Many states have new
game and fish laws this year , and if you
don't know them , send five 2c stamps
for a copy of the Game Law issue of
THE AMERICAN FIELD , 245 State St. ,
Land for Sale.
I have some desirable small farmsalso
unimproved lands , situated near DesArc ,
county seat of Prairie county , Ark.which
I will sell on favorable terms to goodin-
dustrious people. For further information -
tion address B , F. SEINE ,
DesArc , Arkansas.
Binding Twine.
10,000 pounds of binding twine for sale
by the McCook Commission Co. at 5
cents a pound. It will work on any
A "National" Social.
The members of McCook lodge No. I ,
Star of Jupiter , will entertain their
friends on Tuesday evening next in the
A , 0. U. W. temple hall. A unique plan
has been devised by which each gentleman -
man will be provided with a partner
for refreshments. A varied and interesting -
ing program has been prepared which
will be given at 8:30 , following which
refreshments will be served in the banquet -
quet room. The members of the lodge
and their guests are to be photographed
if they survive the supper.
The following numbers will comprise
the program which will be rendered on
the occasion :
"America" . . . . . . . . . . . . , , . . . . . .Full Chorus
Solo..A. G. Paul
"l'he First Gun is Fired"-Root.
Duet. . . . . . . . . . . .Miss Wilson and Mrs. Utter
"The Land of Swallows"-F. Masina.
Violin Solo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , Mabel Wilcox
Selections from "Martha"-Flotow.
Hattie Varger , Organist.
Solo. . . . . . . . . . " . . . . . .F.D.Burgess
"The Old Sexton"-Henry Russell.
Quartet , "Give Me MyOwnNative Isle ; White
Hiss Wilson , Mrs.Utter , Mr.PaulMr.Burgess
Recitation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Miss Minnie Harris
"Bernardo Delcarpio" .
Solo and Chorus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mrs. Utter
"Song of a Thousand Years"-Work.
Solo and Chorus. . . . . . . . . . . . , Miss Wilson
"Red , White and Blue"-Coe.
Organ-1lrs. Burgess , Miss Troth.
ViohusMrand Mrs. Thompson.
Some Improvements.
The water works company has been
throwing up some dykes and embankments -
ments , recently , to protect the pumping
station against possible overflows of the
river ; and incidentally making some
noteworthy improvements in the appearance -
ance of the grounds about the plant. A
portion of the grounds hove been graded
and seeded to alfalfa , and walks of cinders -
ders made through part of the grounds.
The alfalfa is up and doing nicely , presenting -
senting quite an attractive appearance.
By the way , it is suggested that if the
company can secure the cooperation and
assistance of the city authorities or
of associated individuals , by acquiring
a little more land , and the spending of a
few hundred dollars , a very attractive
resort can be secured for the city and
people right at their back door. THE
TRIBUNE hopes that sooner or later some
effort may made to secure for the people
such a retreat. The possibilities are
there for acquiring a very pretty and
convenient little public park , embracing
a small lake if desirable , plenty of
shade etc.
For the State Fair.
The management of the county agricultural -
cultural society are very desirous of
making a fine and creditable exhibition
at the state fair , which follows immediately -
ately after the fair at Indianola.
To this end they earnestly and urgently -
ly request that produce and articles be
saved in good condition by the exhibitors
for the purpose of taking the same to
Omaha for exhibition at the state fair.
Parties doing so will please report to
President Fitch or to C" F. Babcock in
McCook , and parties in the east end of
the county to C. N. Beck in Indianola.
The county fair association will see to
it that the exhibits are taken to Omaha
and suitably displayed.
We understand that the premiums secured -
cured , if any , go to the exhibitor. So
all articles should be properly described
and the exhibitor's name should be carefully -
fully written on the same.
Is a Smooth Swindler.
Word from the Pinkerton National
Detective agency would indicate quite
conclusively that the fellow Levinson or
Seiffert is a smooth and all-around
swindler , and that his operations have
covered a number of states.
And those who are watching the matter -
ter seem to be quite unanimously of the
opinion that the slick individual who
was up in this section of the state , last
week , ostensibly looking after evidence
upon which Seiffert might be released
from the penitentiary , claiming it was
Seiffert's first offense , was really Seiffert's
pal and confederate in the swindling
Among other things this slick looking
person seemed to be quite anxious indeed -
deed to secure certain papers , which
Seiffert had signed.
One of the Brownie's Cods.
There has been a lurking suspicion in
our mind that the Times-Democrat's
editor's skull has never perfectly united ,
and the effigy cod that leaked out of his
brain-pan , last week , is quite convincing
proof not only of our theory but of the
fact that the constipated crack in the
editor's think tank is even more diminutive -
tive than the famous 3-16 of the water
service. The joke which came to the
editor's mind so like an inspiration was
so ancient as to be valuable only as a
In the days of old Rameses
Are you on , are you on ?
In the days of old Rameses
That cod had Paresis
Are you on , are you on ?
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Awarded Gold Medal Midwinter Fair , San Francisco.
l 4
MRS. A. S. CAMPBELL spent Sunday
in Hastings.
MISS ADDLE DOAN arrived home on 4 ,
Wednesday night.
MRS. L. W. Show is the guest of her
sister , Mrs. A. J. Clute.
MRS. ROCKWELL , who has been visiting -
ing McCook friends , returned home , last
MISS LIZZIE SPY is clerking at the
McCook Mercantile Co.'s store vice Miss
Anna Heard.
Culbertson were guests of McCook
friends , Monday.
SHERIFF SbrALL and Mr. DeGarmo of
Hayes Center were visitors of the metropolis -
tropolis , Monday.
spending a couple of weeks in Denver
and the mountains.
GEORGE HOCKNELL arrived home on
last Friday night , from a business visit
to Omaha and Lincoln.
MRs. S. E. CALLEN'S cousin , Miss
Ruth , accompanied her from the east
and is making her a visit.
MISS SARA LOWMAN went down to
Lincoln , last week , on a visit to her
cousin Miss Sara Schwab.
MRS. E. C. BALLEW was a member of
the party that left here for Hot Springs ,
S. D , Wednesday morning ,
DR. HALL has hung out his shingle at
Red Cloud , where he formerly resided
and practiced his profession.
MRS. PETER SMITH of Holdrege returned -
turned home , Wednesday night on 4 ,
from a visit to Mrs. Sarah Haley.
DIIss ANNA HEARD and brother John
departed , last night , for Santa Ana ,
California , where they expect to live.
J. W. Hupp drove Miss Maude Soverns
over to Lebanon , Tuesday , Miss Soy-
erns has been the guest of Mrs. Hupp
for the past two or three weeks.
home , last Friday night , from Missouri ,
where , it is stated , he contemplates locating -
cating in the practice of his profession ,
W. T. LINDSAY and wife left for In-
dianola , Iowa , Sunday morning , being
called home by the death of his aged
father. They have the sympathy of all
their friends.
night last for a six weeks outing in
northern Wyoming , with a party of
Orleans friends headed by J. W. Farrell
and family.
F. M. RICHEV was up from PIatts
mouth , early in the week , looking after
the cultivation of the 100 acres of broom
corn he has planted on his farm southwest -
west of the city.
REV. J. W. HICKEY went down to
York , Monday morning , to attend a
"retreat" there this week , in company
with a score or more priests. He will
be home on Saturday night.
Miss EMMA and Master Martin Thor-
grimson departed on Wednesday morning -
ing for Sweetwater , Buffalo county , Nebraska -
braska , where they expect to visit at
their old home for a few weeks.
J. T. BULLARD came down from Palisade -
isade , Saturday evening , going on to
Omaha on No. 4. He returned on his
homeward way , Tuesday night , going
up the branch , Wednesday morning.
L. H. RooNEY arrived home from Los
Angeles , California , Sunday night. He
reports having seen many McCook people -
ple in the "City of the Angels" , and
that they all seemed to be doing well.
Kendlen departed on Wednesday morn
ing for Hot Springs , S. D. , where they
expect to remain a few weeks. They
will be joined by parties of friends at
both Hastings and Lincoln.
DIIss ADDLE DOAN of McCook is wising -
ing her relatives Mr , and Mrs. J , K.
Balderston and family of this city. She
stopped off No. 4 , Thursday evening ,
while enroute home from Denver , where
she attended the educational meeting and.
where she has since been visiting friends
and relatives. She will return to Mc-
Cook about the middle of next week.-
Benkelman News.
MRS. J. F. GANScHOW and Mrs. J. H.
Ludwick departed on No. 5 , last
night , for the Pacific coast country on a
visit of considerable length , Mrs. Gan-
schow will visit Mrs. Calvin Zeigler , and
Mrs. Ludwick her sister , Mrs , C , A.
Clark , both of whom were former residents -
dents of our city and now reside in Ore-
gon. Master Earl Ludwick will accompany -
pany his mother. It will be a delightful
and extended trip and visit. Earl expects -
pects to be absent about a year or longer ,
[ Under this head we invite the ministry of the
city to contribute freely of any and all church news
of interest to theirvarlous organizations. ]
The Congregational Sunday school
will hold a lawn social on the evening
of the 13th , Tuesday"
The Dorcas society will meet at the
home of Mrs. F M. Kimmell , next
Thursday at 2:30 p , m
The Baptist tent meetings continue
with encouraging success. There have
been six conversions and immersions ,
and the good work is just started.
METHODIST-Usual services in the
Methodist church on next Sunday. Sunday -
day school and Epworth League meetings -
ings at the usual hours.
REV. A. G , FORMAN , Pastor ,
by Rev. David Donaldson of Montreal.
Sunday school at ten o'clock. Evening
service by the Christian Endeavor soci-
ety. Topic , "Our Promised Land and
How to Reach It" . Russell McMillen ,
leader. Public cordially invited to all
JACK R0ONEY arrived in the city ,
Tuesday night.
J. A. KELLEY of Beaver City was a
Commercial guest , Tuesday.
MR. HOCKNELL went down to Hastings -
ings , Tuesday night , on No. 4.
Miss GERTIE COLEMAN left on last
night's passenger for California.
PAT. SULLIVAN was a visitor from
Hastings , early part of the week.
GEORGE COLVIN was up from Arapahoe -
hoe , Monday , looking after his interests
in this vicinity.
MISS JULIA RYAN arrived home ,
Wednesday night , from an extended
visit to Grafton relatives and friends.
S. M. AND C. G. SCRANTON , who have
been the guests of Mrs.Griggs for a week' ,
left for Lawrence , Kansas , Thursday.
C. H. SLOAN of Geneva , state senator ,
and quite a clever fellow , was a city visitor -
itor , yesterday" He was out in this part
of the state looking after some real estate -
tate interests.
Binding Twine.
10,000 pounds of binding twine for sale
by the McCook Commission Co. at 5
cents a pound. It will work on any
Farm Land For Sale.
Cheapest farm on earth. 400 acres uu-
encumbered fine land on Driftwood
creek. Plenty of timber and water. All
fenced. Long time and low rate of in-
terest. Inquire at TRIBUNE office.
A Sad Doom.
The country village is doomed , and
with its decline will go its larger merchants -
chants and tradespeople. This is to be
regretted on some accounts , but the
bicycle , the constantly cheapening rate
of the round trip by rail and the concentration -
centration of trade in department stores
in cities are doing it. Railroads are
scheduling trains for local travel in the
interest of cities , thus dividing with the
city merchant the profits of his trade.
The adoption of the cashi system is an
aid to this condition of affairs.-Nebraska
We Have Another
Carload of that famous White Bread
flour-we make right prices on this.
Fresh vegetables , every day , kept attractive -
tractive under our water spray.
We have a large sale on our Breakfast
bacon and Picnic hams. Give them a
Pure kettle-rendered Lard and Coto-
suet always on hand"
We have something important for you
in future.
Try McMillen's NEW perfumes.
Princes Violet Perfume at McMillen's.
Try Stolen Sweets Perfume at McMil-
Syringa Blossoms Perfume at McMi1-
Buy a patent lever hose coupler from
Cochran & Co.
Good writing paper ten cents a quire
at this office.
Screen doors and wire cloth , all sizes ,
for sale by Cochran & Co.
Screen doors and wire cloth , all sizes ,
for sale by Cochran & Co.
Hail insurance in a good company
written by C. J , RYAN.
Lawn Sprinklers and hose and hose
couplings. CacHRAN & Co.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Hlehut Medai and Diploma.
' II
With Thunder , Lightning and Fire
Attachments Galore. ;
For a space of about two hours , last
night , a tremendous min storm prevailed -
ed in this city and vicinity. From to to ,
12 o'clock 2.62 inches of rain fell. It ,
was the heaviest rainfall experienced in ,
this place in a number of years. (
From the Burlington office we learn
that the rain was general from Akron to d
Oxford on the main line , front H0I' '
to Holdrega on the Cheyenne branch ,
and throughout both the Kansas branch
lines. Being heaviest in this vicinity
and tapering off to a slight rain at Hot-
There was a terrific demonstration of
thunder and lightning during the continuance - I
tinuance of the storm , one of the worst
witnessed here for a ttuniber of years.
The sky was perfectly luminous most of
the time with occasional bolts of electricity -
tricity and thunder claps of the hair-
raising sort. ,
One bolt of unusual strength , which
was felt and noticed all over the city ,
struck the McCook roller mill , damaging
the mill , machinery and stock to the
amount of in the neighborhoodof $
Only the persistent work ofthe fire department - }
partment , the fact that the mill is coy-
ered with tin and the deluge of water
falling all the while saved the property
from complete destruction. The bolt
entered the cupalo over one of the bins
in the elevator portion of the mill , and
from there communicated to the interior
of the upper story of the mill proper ,
where for the most part the flames were
confined. Much of the flour and feed
was carried out , only to be ruined by the
rain. Besides some fine wheat in the
bin was damaged by fire.
There is $2,500 of insurance on the
building , which will likely cover the
damage thereto.
Half the residence electric lights in
the city were put out by the lightning.
The area wall on the south side of J.F-
Ganschow's building was forced in by a
the overflow of water from the Main St.
gutter , the Dennison st. culvert being ,
clogged by an accumulation of small
stones recently placed in the gutter up
the street to fill up holes made by former
rains. Pave the gutters.
An amusing incident was that which
victimized Dr. J. A. Gunn. The doctor
w as rudely aroused from a happy sopor-
ous state by the deep and mellow tones
ofthe fire whistle Betaking himself
out onto the front porch the doctor hastily -
tily scanned the horizon , or words to
that effect , to locate the fire if maybe.
In his drowsy haste the doctor was likewise - ,
wise forgetful. He ivas not arrayed like
Solomon ; and yet in all his glorious absence -
sence and independence of raiment was
the doctor. And again the doctor was
unmindful of the night spring lock and
at the time was oblivious of the absence
of his family. The doors were all locked
and the windows down and screened.
The doctor yearned for the seclusion of
his boudoir. He finally managed to elevate -
vate a rear window , tearing away the
screening , crawling through the opening
and hiding himself from sight , blushes ,
dimples and all.
Land. Land ! Land.
I have the largest list of lands on my
books of any agency in southwestern
Nebraska , and all of these lands can be
bought right and at prices that will make
the purchaser money. But in addition
to my regular list I have a few tracts
upon which I took options , last spring ,
and for the next 6o days I can sell these
lands at dry weather prices. There are
some very fine alfalfa lands among them.
Office on Main st. , opposite hotel.
A Fine Prospect.
It is conceded by those who have seen
it that the corn prospect on the Stewart
ranch over on Dry creek is as fine and
promising as any in the county. Manager -
ger Resh states that he has 75 acres of
corn in magnificent condition. He
thinks that his oats will average 15
bushels to the acre , and that the wheat
will go at least 6 bushels to the acre ,
House For Rent.
A new five-room dwelling on uohh
Dladison street , corner of Dudley. In-
mire of
Binding Twine.
10,000 pounds of binding twine for
sale by the McCook Commission Co. at
5 cents a pound. It will work on any
Consult Holmes Bros. , the carpenters.
Mrs. B. J. Doyle of South McCook has
become violently insane , and the county
board is investigating her sad case today ,
with a view of sending the unfortunate '
woman to the asylum for treatment.