The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 19, 1895, Image 7

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A Precious Stone in High Favor.
A precious stone which at the present -
ent time is very valuable , because it is ,
the stone of the houris the peridot , or
"evening etncrald. " It is a lovely
stone , with its exquisite shades of
tranrparcnt green , the best suggestion
of whose hue is the effect produced by
tS looking at the light through a delicate
leaf. , le vclers say that the peridot is
a sPccics of olivine , of the same class
as the beryl , aquamarine and the topaz ,
I and that it is in fact the ancient "topa-
zion , " otherwise known as chrysolite.
It is found in Egypt , Ceylon and Brazil ,
good crystals being exceedingly rare.
' Of the various shades of green olive ,
leaf , ppistachio , or leek , the clear leaf
green is the most admired
p Of all these precious stones the per-
, dct is the most difficult to polish. The
final touch is given on a copper wheel
moistened with sulphuric acid , a process -
cess which requires ; the greatest care ,
for , if dipped into the acid the stone
has the peculiarity of becoming sol-
uble. Sometimes it is cut in rose
form , or like a carbuncle , but it is better -
ter and more valuable when
worked in small steps , as the brilliance
is thus increased.
Owing to time quality of softness the
peridot has been considered of little
value , but now that it is the fashion
fabulous prices arc charged for the
; tone.-Montreal Star.
Ten Thousand Miles or Thirty ,
It matters not which , Inay subject you to
sea sickness on the "briny deep. " Whether
you are a yachtsman , an ocean traveler , out
for a day or two's llshirig on the salt water ,
or even an Inland tourist in feeble health ,
you ought to be provided with llostctters
t-tomach Bitters , a valuable remedy for
nausea , colic , rheumatism , nervousness : tnd
SICk headache. Lay ht an adequate supply.
Ants Keep' Cows.
There are other ways in which ants
are like us , though their bodies arc so
different from ours.
They have stables under the ground
in which they keep-guess what-tiny
green plant lice , like those mama
will show you on her rosebush. The
right name for these little things is
"aphis. " The stable ants take care of
them and bring them bits of tender
green leaves to eat
The aphis is the ants' cow. It does
not give extctly the same kind of milk
that we drink , but the ants are very
fond of what it ( Ices give. We call it
honey dew. When an ant wants some
he touches the aphis in a certain place
and the aphis gives a tiny bit of honey.
'this seems to me a wonderful thing ,
and makes me feel as if the ants were
in some way related to us. Perhaps as
nearly as third cousins. Indeed , the
more we watch each little live thing ,
the more we find that each has something -
thing about it like us. Everything is a
nice part of the lovely , useful world in
which we live.
E. 13.WALTIIALI. & CO. . Druggists , Horse
Cave , Hy. , say : "hall's Catarrh Cure cures
everyone that takes it. " Sold by Druggists , 7c.
Three Eyes a Day.
Casset's Saturday Magazine : It is a
fallacy to suppose that people who
wear cork legs and glass eyes are indifferent -
different to their personal appearance.
They are often vainer than ordinary in-
dividuals. A rich man , for instance ,
who is obliged to wearan artificial .eye.
will wear three different eyes every
day-an eye for morning , when the
pupil is not very large : aneye for noon ,
when the pupil is smaller , and an eye
for evening , when the pupil has extended -
tended to its full size. A dealer fu
artificial eyes , who gave this information -
tion , said he made aboutan equal proportion -
portion of glass eyes for men .and
women. Some people keep quite a
stock in their possession ; in fact no
fewer than twelve eyes have been
made for one individual within three
years. his son had got one -made from
measurement , and that eye fitted so
perfectly that the old gentleman , in an
outburst of gratitude , wrote off for
eleven other eyes.
A Use for Marines.
Pearsoi's Weekly : hiss Inland ( to
old salt , who is showing the party over
the flagship-'And ) what are those
soldiers on board ship for ? "
Bosuns NateThim ? Oh , tltim s
the marines , mum. ' '
Miss Inland- ' Marines ? And what
are they for ? "
Papa lnland-"Don't ask so many
foolish questions , Mary Ellen. Everybody -
body knows those gentlemen are employed -
ployed by the government for the sailors -
ors to toll stories to. "
A man was photographed in Georgia
white dangling at the end of a rope.
Don't 1 e a saint in church and a heathen
on the street car.
, ,
s 'u
t t
i Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
' rightly used. The many , who live better -
ter than others and enjoy life more , with
! ' less expenditure , by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being , will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy , Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleasant -
ant to the taste , the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect laxative -
ative ; effectually cleansing the system ,
dispelling colds , headaches and fevers
an permanently curing constipation.
t It has given satisfaction to millions and
' met with the approval of the medical
profession , because it acts on the Kidneys -
neys , Liver and Bowels without weak-
I enina them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
r Syrup of Figs is for sale by all dru ;
gists in 50c and $1 bottles , but it is man-
: 1 j ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
e Co. only , whose name is printed on every
package , also the name , Syrup of Figs ,
and going well informed , You will not
accept any substitute if offered. _
I t
1 u u , ,
_ . y 1RGlN1 A W. JOHNSON.
t ;
, _
- -
. . tit
„ , ' . .
q : , , . . . . - -
Mr. Brown had obediently taken
from the depths of a convenient pocket
a bundle of gloves , which combined a
rainbow of delicate tints , varying
from violet , lemon color , the blue of
a robin's egg , to velvety black , and
the owner bestowed her gift with careless -
less good humor.
Left alone , after murmuring some
confused words of thanks , Dolores contemplated -
templated her first pair of fresh gloves
with an ecstasy of feminine contentment -
ment impossible to describe. How
beautiful they were , of a texture like a
roseleaf ! How deliciously they were
scented with some unfamiliar perfume ,
which may have represented the first ,
subtle odor of a perfected refinement
of civilization to the awakening senses
of the girl ! She seated herself with the
poodle on her lap , stripped oft the old
gloves ungratefully , casting them down
at her feet , and assumed the new ones.
Then she rose , and glanced about
her , irresolutely. Unfamiliar with the
mansion , she sought Lieut. Curzon
on every side , with her glance. Ile had
promised to wait for her and conduct
her to the ballroom. Tiresome Florio
must first be given to grandpapa.
She went on to the next room of the
suite , bewildered by her interview
with the singer.
In the second apartment a lady
had paused to button her glove.
She glanced up , recognised Dolores ,
and came swiftly toward her.
She wielded no fairy wand wherewith
to further embellish the poor , little
maiden admitted to this paradise of
. f n I''vLQ'V
° ' C
ct } ,
cit tr
C ' = = 4 ? , \ , \
1 \ , ' I " \ 1
) it t' ' r I „
t t -
revelry. Instead , her blue eyes dwelt
with an expression of wounding disapproval -
approval on the flimsy , pink ribbon
encircling the golden-brown throat ,
and the coarse texture of the dress.
The glance was one to coldly discern
defects in other women rather than
Miss Ethel Symthe , in arobe of pure ,
white silk , subtly interwoven with
glittering silver , which shone like
diamond dust scattered over snow , inspired -
spired fear , a chilling dread in the soul
of Dolores , as she looked at her , Why ?
What had she done amiss ? The irrepressible -
pressible flash of jealousy and irritation -
tion in the blue eyes of Diana may
have been the annihilating ray
launched at a rival , the obstacle in the
path , since the day of Queen Eleanore
and the fair Rosamund. Miss Symthe
had not failed to remark the folly of
mankind , as evinced by Capt. Blake ,
and even the Ancient Mariner , Capt.
Fillingham , in lingering near the
I'henician of the tableau. The
anxiety and abstraction of Arthur
Curzon had inspired in her secret
uneasiness and suspicion. Where
had he found Dolores ? Why was he so
solicitous about her pose and acecs-
series in the scene ? Fate having delivered -
livered the innocent culprit into her
hands , this daughter of her ctntury
decided to dispose of her in summary
"Good-bye , " she said with a haughty
bow. "You are going away now , I
suppose. Mrs. Griffith is too busy to
see you again , I fancy , but it does not
signify , as I am here. "
The radiant face of Dolores clouded ,
and she recoiled a step. She was expected -
pected to go away instead of dancing.
The words , look , and manner of Miss
Symthe pierced her heart , as the blow
of a whip might have stung her cheek.
"I am not leaving yet , " she stam-
mered. ' 'There is to be a ball. "
Miss Symthe elevated her. eyebrows ,
and bit her lip. She knew that the
Grand Duke had expressed a wish to
dance the next quadrille with the
Phoenician. She was aware that
Arthur Curzon loitered in an adjacent
corridor to claim his partner. Rage
and bitterness filled the soul of the
young lady of many seasons.
"You are mistaken , " she said , in
such cutting accents that the listener
winced instinctively. "You do not
know about such matters , of course , "
with another disdainful glance at the
pink gown and ribbon. "You were
asked to share in the tableau. Mrs.
Griffith gives the ball to her frierds. "
"Then why as I invited at all ? "
cries poor Dolores , piteously.
"Men will always make a fool of
you , if you allow it , " said Diana.
"This is your way out. You will find
your grandpapa yonder. " She pointed
to a door , and waited to see Dolores
depart with a marked impatience that
brooked no appeal.
Surprised , dismayed , and nota little
aggrieved , the girl would have caught
at any straw of delay , had such detention -
tion offered. Iler pride flamed up
suddenly , and she departed swiftly ,
stifling tears.
Miss Symthe rebuttoned her other
glove , glided behind a screen of plants ,
thus adroitly avoiding Arthur Curzon ,
and entered the ballroom with a smile
on her rosy lips.
Dolores , with head lowered , and
clasping her dog , ran into Capt. Blake ,
who started forward at her approach
from the court.
"Where are you going ? " he demanded -
manded , extending his hand.
" 1 am to go away , " replied Dolores ,
in a faint voice , placing her little ,
trembling hand in his grasp , and looking -
ing up at him appealingly and sorrow-
"The little witch ! " thought the soldier -
dier , with a pleasurable quickening of
pulsation in the region of the heart ,
beneath his red jacket "I never saw
such eyes in my life. "
lie had placed himself in ambush to
1 await her approach , for he had reasoned -
soned that she must bring her dog to
her grandfather before dancing. lie
was moved by the complex motive of
admiration of her beauty , curiosity as
to who she was and a desire to thwart
the sailor.
"Going away without dancing with
mc : " ' he exclaimed aloud. "That will
never do. "
"The lady-I mean Diana-said I
was to go away now. Oh , 1 am so disappointed -
appointed ! " confessed Dolores , bending -
ing her head still lower to hide the
threatening tears.
"You ihust not mind Miss Symthe.
She is not the mistress of this house , "
said the gallant captain , in soothing
Dolores dried her eyes with a quizzical -
cal expression. In the game of cx
perience Miss Symthe had thrown the
shuttlecock of dire warning that men
would make a fool of Dolores , and here
was the first man met by the girl
afterward , tossing back the refutation ,
in unconscious vindication of his sex ,
possibly , by admonishing her to beware -
ware of Miss Sv mthe.
Lieu t. Curzon waited impatiently ,
dressing room where Dolores had betaken -
taken herself to change her stage costume -
tume , and again pacing the length of
colonnade. '
The onening quadrille of honor was
over. The new singer , Melita , invited
.for the occasion , had rendered successfully -
cessfully a brilliant , operatic aria ,
with innumerable bird-like trills and
quavers , substituting as an encore an
odd and sad little Russian song in a
minor key. Still Dolores did not come.
The young officer was vaguely aware
that girls require an unconscionable
time for their toilet. He was too large
of soul to notice the frock of
Dolores , if he thought of it
at all. He was determined to give
her the pleasure of dancing
at a real ball , and , well-of dancing
with her. Still she did not come. The
blood coursed more quickly in his
veins. lie paced about restlessly. Perhaps -
haps some accident had happened to
her. The admiration bestowed on her
beauty in the tableaux inspired in kiln
as much distrust as satisfaction. He
would seek the grandfather. Why had
he not done so before ? Iie paused
suddenly at the sight of Capt. Blake
approaching , with Dolores on his arm.
The captain thoroughly enjoyed the
situation. Miss Ethel Symthe , who
had slighted him on several occasions
in favor of Lieut. Curzon- wished to
banish Dolores. He would make the
latter dance all the evening , if possible -
ble , in consequence. Besides , he found
it very agreeable to pour flatteries into
the unsophisticated ear of his compan-
ion. He held a card , and was writing
down his own name for a number of
dances , Dolores observing him with
puzzled attention meanwhile.
She recognized Lieut. Curzon. withdrew -
drew her hand from the arm of
her escort , and ran toward him , with
a joyous exclamation. 'I am glad
to see you again , " she said ,
simply. "I was going away , only
Capt. Blake stopped me. He has been
so kind , " with a light gesture , caressing -
ing and grateful , toward her late com-
. "I "
panion. may stay ?
Dolores glanced from one to the
other in sudden misgiving of her reception -
ception in that great world of ballroom -
room beyond , where reigned Miss
Ethel Symthe in her robe sparkling
with silver.
Capt. Blake laughed.
"Oh , the women ! " Ile said.
He uttered a few sentences of explanation -
nation in the ear of Lieut. Curzon , and
laughed again. The other listened
with an expression of surprise and
anger , while a steely light shone in
his ayes , and the lines about his lips
tightened visibly.
"Here is your card , Miss Dealtry , "
added the son of Mars. gaily , concealing -
ing any vexation the intrusion of
Lieut Curzon on his tete-a-tete might
have occasioned him. Do not forget
. "
your engagements with me.
"Oh „ no , " replied Dolores. smiling ,
and attaching the card to her fan by
the silver cord.
The next moment her features
"I hate her ! " she whispered , fiercely.
"Oh , how she has made me suffer ! "
Evidently she had heard and comprehended -
prehended the words of Capt. Blake.
"What does it matter ? " said Arthur
Curzon. "Nobody shall cheat us of
our dance , Dolores. You do not hate
me , little bird ? " lie would have
deemed his tone sentimental , even
lachrymose , in another man.
She lifted her flower-like face , as if
inviting a caress , all softness and alluring -
luring sweetnessin smile and dimple.
"How could I ever hate you ? " she
He looked at her in silence. She
was there under his protection , but
surely some emotion deeper , more
subtle , blended of pain and bliss , than
the chivalrous sentiment of the gentleman -
tleman and the sailor , was awakening
in his nature.
Already the orchestra breathed
forth the first notes of Strauss' Swallow -
low Waltz , in which the listener feels
the poising of the bird on fluttering -
ing wing before launching into wide
circles of flight.
Lieut. Curzon led his partner to the
ballroom , and had already clasped his
arm around her slender waist , when
the message of the Grand Duke was
communicated to her. Was Dolores ,
surprised or pleased , tasting a
first triumph ? Her color went
and came quickly , still she did not
attempt to withdraw her hand from
that of Arthur Curzon , even to listen.
"Shall I accept ? " she inquired ,
"Yes. "
The couple glided away into the
midst of the dancers , leaving Mrs.
Griffith disturbed and displeased by
so much audacity and coquetry !
Was it a mere waltz , after all , the
brief span of time when society accorded -
corded these two the privilege of obeying -
ing the rhythm of the music , and the
rose in her hair brushing his lips , and
her light form obeying every impulse
of his guiding and encircling arm ?
Both forgot the Grand Duke , the ball ,
mere external circumstances. They
were alone in a world of life and
radiance , moving through space , almost -
most without personal volition , attuned -
tuned to the strains of delightful
In the sailor's instinctive
yielding to the spell of a waltz
measure it was apparent that
the sea had been his dancing master ,
and the wind his musician , imparting
buoyancy alike to pulse and limb. In
his zest of enjoyment lie more closely
resembled the Frenchman , or the Italian -
ian , than the average young Briton ,
who stalks gloomily through time mazes
of the modern dance.
As for Dolores , the blood of her race
asserted time right of agility and lightness -
ness , spurning the trammels of ordinary -
nary instruction in the terpsichorean
art. The pupils of the convent school
had danced together , during hours of
play , as they had laughed or sung.
Dolores had often been their leader ,
but such rudimentary practice of steps
could not explain the innate grace of
her movements in the Swallow Waltz.
Other forms mingled and separated
about her in giddy circles , and the
waves of soft draperies broke over
without submerging her in the folds
of silken gauze , shot with variegated
colors , the rich bloom of velvet , golden
and peach-tinted tissues. Once she
was confronted by the calm face of
Miss Symthe , making a turn of the
dances with the Grand Dukeand again
the singer Melita gave her a friendly ,
half-amused nod of the head in pass-
All too soon the music ceased to resound -
sound , and Dolores found herself on a
terrace softly liehted with tinted
lamps placed amid masses of palms
and ferns.
"I am to dance withm the Grand
Duke next , I suppose , " suggested this
southern daughter of Eve , glancing
up at her companion through her long
and silky eyelashes.
"IVill that give you pleasure-
" 1 don't know. Perhaps I am a little
afraid. I wish our waltz had lasted
longer : "
"I wish it had lasted forever ,
Dolores. "
Calm reason nolongerguided Arthur
Curzon , even a clear perception of the
reality of things was merging in the
intoxication of the hour. The Swallow -
low Waltz of the magician Strauss
still palpitated through his frame and
hummed in his ears. He tools hem
card , scrutinized it with severity , and
erased the name of Capt. Blake
with a lofty , masculine unconcern of
Jc's,1 ' III' ' Jl r
, '
I 1 , . ' 'l
i y i + tt 4.
r'IIOTII FORGOT TI1I : G1tANIl I)1 1.13. "
all rivals. This
high-handed mcas-
ure was calculated to arouse indignation -
tion in the breast of the most tame-
spirited cavalier , and could only hare'
been satisfactorily adjusted among l
continental nations by time allaying
of hot blood by means of cold steel.
"You must keep the engagement with
the Prince , but afterward you belong
to me. Do you understand ? " he said ,
"Yes , ' ' assented Dolores , with sweet
docility. i
Capt. Fillingham quitted a group of
gentlemen to accost the young people. l
Isis eyes beamed on them illrough hi ;
spectacles with a benevolent and speculative - ;
ulative interest. He wore on his breast
a formidable array of decorations , including -
cluding the China , Turkish and liaflir
war medals , and the Swedish Naval
Cross of Merit
1Ca jeE inge nod
li n , atest V' ABSOLUTELY PDRE i
Japan uud the Cotton Trade.
One of the consequences of the new
relations between Japan and China , it
is predicted , will be that the British
and American cotton industry will be
injured liy rapid development of cotton
manufacturing in Japan. But to make
our operatives accept 50 cents for the
dollar in their wages will avert the
predicted shrinkage would not seem
intelligible to any but an incurable fa-
natic. For an American workman to
subsist on half rations is not an immediate -
diate economic necessity , nor is it ever
going to be. There are other trades to
turn to when cotton manufacturing for
export declines. Meanwhile , moreover -
ver , domestic demand is bound to in-
. Times-herald.
crease.-Chicago - .
Sow grass ; that is the foundation of
all successful farming. Sow this fall !
Did you ever hear of six tons per acre ?
Salzer's seeds produce such yields.
Wheat 60 to SO bushels ! Rye 60 bushels !
Cut this out and send for free sample of
winter wheat and grass and fall catalogue -
logue to the John A. Salzer Seed Co. .
La Crosse , Wis. ( W.N.U. )
A Queer Journey.
lrarions towns in 1Vashfngton county
saw a curious expedition in progress
last week. A man and woman , both
well along in years , were trudging
steadily along the country raids. the
man pushing a wheelbarrow vithwhat
appeared to be bedding , his wife bringing -
ing up the rear , carrying a lunch wrap.
peg in a red bandanna. They occasionally -
sionally halted by the roadside , brewed
and partook of the cup that "cheers
but not inebriates , " then filled their
pipes and had a social smoke. They
claimed to have walked from St. John ,
and were coming to Bangor looking for
work. They seemed to be contented
trth their lot- and to feel as though
their lines had fallen in pleasant places.
IlegentanrsenutpltorIcAwitIi Glycerine.
Cure-Cha Handsand FaceTendProrSore Feet ,
Chilblalnsl'iles.&c. C. G. Clark Co..NcwUaten.CL
The lylso Malden.
An Ohio man who is being sued for
breach of promise makes the defense
that he proposed and was accepted on
Sunday , and that according to the laws
of his state contracts made on Sunday
are not legally binding. If this defense
is held by the court to be rood , future
courtships in Ohio will proceed about
in this way :
. 'r'ime IYise Maiden-I cannot consider
your offer today. If you are in earnest
repeat it tomorrow , and perhaps I may
give you the answer you wish.
The Suitor-lint why not today ?
Why will you keep me in suspense ?
't'he 11'fse Maiden-This is Sunday ,
you know. I don't intend to get left
on any futurebreach-of-promise suit by
entering into a Sunday contract.-L'uf-
falo Express.
Tobacco-Weakened Resolutions
Nerves irritated by tobacco , always cravin' ;
for stimulants , cxplaias 1vhy it is so hard to
svsA1t ore. No 7'u-Bac is the only guaranteed
tobacco-habit cure becaus it acts directly on
atfecled nerve tenters , t.cstrol s irritation. Promotes -
motes dwestion : utd healthy , relreshbt , sleep.
Many gain to pounds in lu days. Yon cwt ho
ri.l ; . No-'I'o Ilac is sold and graranteed by
Druggists everywhere. Book tree. Address
Sterhuo lleniedy Co.New York City orChicago.
English Mullins.
One quart flour , one-half teaspoonful I
sugar , one teaspoonful salt , two large
teaspoonfuls baking powder , one
and one-quarter pints milk. Sift together -
gether flour. sugar , salt and powder ;
add milk , and mix into smooth batter ,
trifle stiffer than for griddle cakes.
Have griddle heated regularly all over. I
grease ; t and lay on muffin rings , half ;
fill them and when risen well up to top
of rings turn over gently with cake
turner. They should not be too brown ,
just a buff color. When all cooked ,
pull each open in half , toast delicately ,
butter well , serve on folded napkin ,
piled high and very hot.
. 'i hrvt iris I I'ur ter'K Giuzer'Fonte
andbalievein i , 's y a mother at. , ! ' 0 WI I you
sap when iritlt its revitaliril t , ropcrlies.
If there fr : any dot { 1n a man it is sure to
growl when his fond is hot to his taste.
The wise can learn something froth the
mistakes of a fool.
.Itl t. lion. it doeN it iM I"It the rtil .
It is.enouait to knl.w Ihal Iltndtrtur s takoutthe
to ns andavery pleasing r.lie1ltis.Ueatdruggists
Minnesota has a variety of wolves
which so closely resemble the Siberian '
wolf that ninny people believe they
came from that country. I
Cast-steel billiard balls are in use in l
Sweden. Thcy are made hollow , so that
their weight is about the same as that
of ivory LaIIs.
The .tngler's Paradise.
Northern Wyomin ; holds out very i
sre fal iaducement3 to the summer yaca-
tionist , I ertcula rlv if he i.e of n si orting
turn of infud. Its stream' teem whim the
gamiest , greedie.t trout that ever rose to a '
fly. Four pounds are not infrequent and
several fish weighing over six pounds have
teen hrouht to batik.
'Ihe fishing waters are so extensive cad' '
so accessible that it is not even necessary
to go to the trouble of making preliminary
enquire aLolt them. Just purcha o a
round trip ticket to Sheridan and place i
yourself atter arrival in the hands of one
of the numerous capable guides who make
their headquarters there. He will 'do the
rest. '
J. Francis. the general paesen „ er agent
of the Buriington Route at Omaha. Neb. ,
will take pleasure in promptly answering
letters asking for information about time
cost of tickets , Lest way to reach Sheridan ,
'l'ime word pays more for pleasure than I
it does for tread.
Don't Take the Earth.
Wheelmen are on the high wave of
popular favor just now , but they should
not demand the earth. They should
permit those who do not ride the
bicycle to live , or at least share the
ozone in a restricted way. The luunblo
worm will turn , and if they do not v
grant the pedestrian some rights ho '
may arise in his might and demand
Make Your Oun Bitters :
On receipt of 30 cents In U. S. stamps , l
will send to any address one package Sto-
kete&s Dry Bitters. One package mnkea
one gallon bem tonic known. Cures stomach -
ach , kidney diseases , and is a great appa-
tizer and blood purifier. Just the medicine
needed for spring and summer. 23e. at k
your drug store. Address GEO. G. Sill .
sixesGrnd ltauids. Mich.
An Optical Delusion. IsA #
Mrs. llammond-"Mrs. Ilashcroft
has bragged again today about her
keeping boarders so long. "
Mrs Foraweek-"She don't really
keep them long. She keeps thent so i
thin that they look longer than they
really arc.-Indianapolis Journal.
Tobacco Chewint ; Do : ; . ( 'S
Supt. McAlvoy has a little English ntnstift
pup , eight mouths old and weighing 135
pounds that has developed an abnormal rip-
petite for tobacco. He acquired this taste'
for it by watching Amos chow no doubt , '
and ho is never happier than when ho 1sl
given a "chow. " He chews awl spits like 1
any other man and has never yet been'
sick. His tobacco habit is avery expensive
one amid ho will ho given a treatment otl
No-to-back in the hope of curing him-
Crawfordsvillo ArPus News.
There are said to ho over 3OttOO ) deitloS
in time Hindoo mythology. i
in france there are fur inure fenutlo than' '
mare bicyclists.
I helieve Piso's Cure for Consumption
saved may boy's life last summer.-Mns.
ALLIE DOUGLASS , LeRoy , Mich , Oct. 'O , J 1. .
Immersion in snail , tumid or water pro ,
serves wood for ninny centuries.
II the Baby Is Cutting Teeth.
ae sure and use thatuld and well-tried , ntu , ti
W1 Lorr'sSourotsaStourfurChildrenTcetling
The right kind of gooduers is sure to ho
good for something ,
"Ranscn's Magic Corn Salve. "
Warranted to cure or utouey retnndol. Ask yo.
druggist fur it. l'rlee 15 cent. .
The poor have a thousand joys that the
rich know nothing aLout.
FITS-Ail Flts stoppca Tree by hue's ( f rcat
irervtRestorer. iroFltiatlerthetrstday'yuse. [
Dtarveluuscure. . Treatisr : uu1S'StrtatIotUetlretu
' . . . ' . ' . i
l''itcases. , : rchSt.,1'hda.,1'a.
When wo go out to nieet trouble ve iiovor
have a long walk.
Billiard tnife , second-hand , for sale
cheap. Apply to or address , H. C.AiI ,
Ill S. 12th St. , Omuha , No ! , .
Estes Parlr , Colorado.
Sixty-five miles nortlnvot of ieuver and
reached by a two hours ride by rail thence
twenty miles by stage is Estes I ark , ono of
the most delightful retreat' it f. ; 1 t .iido to
inlu.fmio Year by year it , attrnr bens become -
come more widely- known amid ea' h nmireeed- I
ih ; : Season Svitnesses a larger influx of suui-
nmervisitors who timid its the wholesoumT
out-of-doors life that is there the r'le just
what their systems most need ctrl they
themselves most cnoy. 'l'ime tishiir { in.
Estes Park is unequalled in t'ooruto. :
Shady hoots nl.ound. lnd sh' , hate' . , cottages -
tages and Camping faeiitie ! are all t hat can'
be desired. I ,
A copy of n little fook ; t ontainiug ail the
information shout Estes furl : one reauiros
will to nmaic'd : to any address on : mp ihhr.a-
tion to .1. Fran is , G. i' . & T. A. hurling
ton Route , Omaha , Nob.
Worry mid thegrave digger et ( .11 well
, I'ou can catty tie
1 little vial of Doctor
-1 Pierce's Pleasant Pellets -
lets right imt the vest-
pocket of von ! dress
suit , and it will not
make even a little
lump. The ' ' Pellets"
are so small that 42 to
t of thrum ; o in a vial
. - scarcer more than an
itch long , and as big
round a a lead pencil.
' They ctn'c coustipa-
0' 1 tion.One i
One "Pellet" is a
Laxative ; ttvo a mild
cathartic. Orr taken
after tinnier will stinm-
ulate dige-tiva action
: nod palliate time effects
of over-eatiug. They
act withm gentle efLf-
CIeuCr oil .temaC ] ! ,
liver aui bowels.
They don't do time
work theni.elvts.
They intpiy'tinlUlale
the ntttji .u tion of
the orbtu them-
- selves.
vat MAcmEf
Iliastratsd cataloet chnrrln r
o r YELL/i
SE.yr Faz2. Have boon tested an'i
all warranted. /I
City Engine & Iron Works. _ ,
Successors to Pech Mfg. ( o , 5
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TILE 1lOWELL&'nA'E.Itr or " 1 ' "
1414 treat Eeventh : Strt. . , I.1a 1 f 7 , no.
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5 ® tl i1V idlinm ton 1l. C.
Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
LatePrincipal Ethminer U.S. Penefon Bureau.
3yrs .ulast war , JSadjudttatmgclaiut. , art ; , iuc' ,
l'reeCatalogue. G * u.It.l wter.
Box 2246 , Rochester , \ . Y.
e Field an Cabled Poultry , Garden and Pabbl ; fence ,
Creel Web Picket I ztvn nonce. eic tualtty
nrst class. PRICls LOwCaiatc gt : P'111E.
0 Fen ce
, De Kalb Fence Co.,121 Ni hat. , Dealb , III.
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