The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 15, 1895, Image 3

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Why Pbtntob % Are Large. '
The extremely. large size to which
' Otatoes Sometimes in the
grow west is
due to
causcs which
following are given by Rural New
Yorker : Potatoes thrive best in cool
Climates and in loose , loamy , rich ,
moist soils. Irrigation , properly practiced -
1 , furnishes the desired mechanical
conditjo8 and in rich soils brings into
' proper solution and consequent availability -
bility quantities of p'ant ' food which
the potato being grassfceder , fastens
Onto and expands itself accordingly.
L There is no magic about it , siIr1py rich
soils , intelligently cultivated and mdi-
ionsly watered.
Ilowells' Love for ) Istory.
: I have alsvys ] oved history , whethe
in the annalsof peoples , or of the lives
of persons , and 1 have at all times read
it , writes \\'illiam Dean Howells in. his
literary autobiography in the February
Ladies' Home JournaL I am not sure
but I prefer ' it to fiction , though I am
awareth'a in looking back over this
record ofmy literary passions I must
seem to have cared for very little besides -
sides fiction. I read at the time I have
just been speaking of , neary all of the
new pOctz9 as it came out , and ' I constantly -
stantly 'recurred to it in its mossier
Sources , 'whore it sprang from the
green English ground , or trickled from
the antique nrnsof Italy.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
p Like a Slevu.
The * lifttfunctfon of the kidneys is to sepa
Tate from the blood , In its passage through
them. of certain Impurities and watery par-
ticleswhjch make their lien ! exit through the
. bladder. The retention of these , In conse-
quenceof Inactivity of the kidneys , is produc-
tire of Bright's disease , dropsy , diabetes ,
albuminuria and other maladies with a fatal
tendency. Hostcttcrs Stomach Bitters , a
l1Igh1ysanctIond diuretic and blood dep rent ,
; impels the 1ldncys when Inactive to renew
their sifting function , and strain from the vital
current Impurities which infest It and threaten
: their own existence as organs of the body.
eatrrh of the bladder , gravel anl retention of
the urine arc also maladies arrested or averted
bythls benign promotcr.and restorative of or-
garlic action. Malaria. rheumatism , constipa
lion , biliousness and dyspepsia also yield to the
Bitters , which is also speedily beneficial to the
weak and nervous.
Agenerous sign of the times is increase
in size of wedding cake boxes.
A steel ship hasn bee constructed in CardifF -
. difF , with the standing rigging , as well as
the hull , all of steel.
flack with Rich Trophieg.
t Last spring we made notice in these
) . . columns that Mr. Henry A. Salzer of
the John A. Salzer Seed Co. , La Crosse ,
Wis. , America's leading seed growers
and merchants , was in Europe in search
of rare seeds and novelties for the
-American farmer and citizen.
Judging from their new catalogue ,
his trip was an eminently successful
one. It is brimfull of rare things. Of
especial merit we name the Bismarck
apple , bearing the second year ; the
Giant Flowering Star Phlox , the German -
man coffee berry , and for the farmer ,
the Victoria rape , Gerinanica V tch ,
the Lathyrus silvestris , the Giant
Spurry and Giant Incarnate clover ,
Sucaline , and dozens of other rare
This wide-awake firm is in the van ,
. hand their catalogue , which is sent for
5c postage , would be cheap at $1.00
' per. copy. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
In Sweden a man seen drunk four times
is deprived of his olcctora ( vote.
. "Hanson's Magic Corn Salve. "
Warranted to cure or money refunded. Ask year
, druggist foiit. Price 15 cents.
Only eight of seventy-five counties in
Mississippi license saloons.
: (
) - .
i ) , - -
7- ,
I.t "
-S ' 111 \ % . .
Brings.comfortan'd improvement and
-tends to personal .enjoyment when
xightly used. The many , who live bet-
'ter.than others-ande'jQyJ.ife more , with
: le expenditure , byinore promptly
: aaapting thC world's best products to
-the needs of uhysical 1bcing , will attest
- -thevalue ieaIthof the pure liquid
ative principles 'embraced hf the
remedy , Syrupof Figs.
t . . i.e ± cellenccisdue , toith presenting
' iti tIie form most acceptab1e and pleas-
; 9nttO the tetherefrethingand truly
beieficial properties . .ofi perfect lax-
jtheeff ; ctual1y.CleaflS11g the system ,
.disnelling colds , iheadaches and fevers
and permanently cuing constipation.
it has given satisfaction o millions and
met -with the approval the medical
profession , because 1t .acts on the Kid-
iCy , Liver and Boiv ls without weak-
.eningthem and it is perfectly free from
. objectionable substance.
.cvery Syrup of Figs is for sale byall dr-
.niStSifl 50c and $1 bottles , but it is manufactured -
-ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co.Only4 whose name is pnnted on every
acagealS0 the name , Syrup of Figs ,
tnd being well infornied you will not
ccept.aDy subsitutC ! if offered.
Eis Cream Balm
Cleanses the Nasal CjCQLD
passages , Allays Pain
and InflaminatloIl , Eli
Jiestores the Senses of
Taste and Smell.
heals the Sores.
App1 Balm into each notril.
EL BZOS. , 56 Wn SL i. Y.
- Your name and address , 'itha
two cent stamp entitles you to a -
stickpin ropresentingtb. Bronze
statue exhiulted at the World's
Fair. together with circulars
descrlpttVO of a very excellent
line of Implements manufactured -
ed by us. Address .
braska Moilne Plow Go , ,
ENIiLw VabIugtozi , D.C.
F Claims.
S Pension Bureau.
. _ Late Prin
: 3yrs In st war ,
w-b1iTED In every Locality to handle
iENTs ; UI. AuIuInum otfofl Can make foru
week- Send stamp for exgiued "beet.
no tn $30 i'or OTi0N CO..996N. - 24tht.Oxnaiia.Neb.
U.Omaha - 7,1895 -
. v i U.-
dvert4emCU u3Wy
, avi4 A" er1iig
) . .
a - ; Ieuttoi2 tbJiy.Per.
- . .
- - - -
1 -
- _
- - - - -
- - = - -
'Zht itoguisli Son of tile King c.:1
Juceiz ot Fairyland-.t Lemon and
Homo Toothpicks Make a Cnn nIn
Pig-Snow Song-Piano I'Iayiug.
A Mischievous Sprite.
Robin Goodfellow is the name given
in England to a spirit or fairy analogous -
gous to the Brownie of Scotland and
the Robin of Germany. During the
reign of Elizabeth his existence was
vei.y generally believed in and lie was
famous for his "mad , merry pranks. "
It was from the popular belief in this
fairy that Shakespeare got his - conception -
ception of Puck.
From the early ballads eoncrning
Robin Goodfellow , we learn that lie
was the son of Oberon , king of Fairy-
land. Rogucry and mirth were his
characteristics , and-one day he car-
ned his sportiveness to such excess
that he greatly displeased his mother.
She determined to whip Robin br his
misconduct , and told him so. This
made him very-angry and , to avoid
the whipping , he an away from
After wanderinr aimlcssly about
for some time Robin grew very tired
and sat dOVfl to rest. He was so a-
tigued that lie-soon fell asleep and in
hissleep he had a most wonderful
vision of faries. When he awoke.
great was his surprise to find a scroll
lying beside him which had evidently
been left there by his father. In
verses written in letters of gold the
scroll infoimed him that lie should
have anything he wished for , and also
the power of assuming various shapes.
He was cautioned , however , to harm
none but worthless people and was to
"love those that honest be , and help
them in necessity. "
Robin was very fond of disturbing
domestic peace , but he was believed
to be easily conciliated. If a bowl of
milk or curds were set out for him , he
would , about midnight , perform a
great many household duties for the
servants ; but if they forgot to give
him his milk , he would pinch their
noses , pull their ears and hair , skim
the milk and annoy them in many
One night lie went to a wedding
and was a very welcome guest because -
cause hn was going to play the "fid-
dle" for the wedding-party. But he
was so full of mischief that lie could
not resist the temptation to play
tricks on the company. First , he cx-
tinguished all the candles in the
roQm , and then he boxed the men's
ears and caused them to engage in a
general fight ; nor did the women escape -
cape , for he kissed the handsomest
ones and pinched those that lie did
not consider pretty enough to kiss.
When the candles were re-lighted
and order was restored , a great bowl
of posset was brought forth. It
looked very tempting and made
Robin's mouth Iairly water ,
"I must and will have that posset ! "
said he ; to himself.
Soiie quickly turnel himself into a
bear. 'Of course , -when ; the men and
women discovereda among them
the-v forgot nil about the posset and
ran for dear life. Robin. thus left
alonesoonmade an end .of The posset ,
and went .away .without waiting for
the money due iiim for playing the
' ' . " .
'fiddle.-P.hiladelpliia Times.
Fun for tbo Children.
Yes , you -can inake your own pigs
very easily , children , and they will
be so nice -and sweetand funny that
nobody can -object to your taking
them right into the .parlor with you.
The first requisite isa lemon. This
will cost about three -cents and you
can get it at any grocery store. You
must ask the man who sells it to you
to permit you to select one from the
basket. Take one with a long stem
or peak at one encL ,
When you get home Sent a. small
notch down in.the stem. , This will
be the pit's mouth and should be
colored red. ( Red nlc will do. ) After
his mouth has been properly cut Mr.
Pig should be laid square on his back
and four matches or small sticks of
wood should be sharply thrust
through the skin and well into the
lemon to serve for legs. The matches
or sticks should stand out an angle
so Mr. Pig won't fall over , and if he
is to be allo\ved. -sitdown put the
hind legs deep in.
Pigs like to sit down , and they
usually do after eating ; so it is just
as well to make your pig repose in
this comfortable mannr at the start.
: Now ask mamma for a couple of black
-pins to be put in above his nose for
piggy's sharp little eyes and whittle
out two car-shaped. pieces of thin
wood , dye them pink on the inside
with paint or red ink , and press them
in over the eyes , so they will "lop" or
hang a little. Now tie a piece of
grayish-brown string about the head
of a. pin and drive it. , head and all. in
through poor piggy's skin where his
tail belongs. You can' then cut the
string off to leave his pigshipwith a
tail of an inch or so in length.
It is really of little importance
where you keep this kind of a pig ,
and figs themselves don't seem to be
very particular where they are kept
ii they only have enough to eat.
YQU can make a small pen of one of
papa's cigar boxes , 1and I will show
you how to hangS the door and fasten
it so Mr. . Pig cai't gdt out UnICS3 you
open th gate for him.
The inside measurement of the box
5hould be three inches by three by J
rour inches , though -'some pigs like
arge pens , and a great deal depends ,
ilpon how often you let your pigs out. ,
Whenyouhavemade your pen take
tlirec pins and cut the heads off in
; uch a way asto leave a point , with
tn old pair of shears or a file , and
hien bend them carefully into a long1 ;
' -
; : -
slender "U" for staples. Now cut out
a piece from the cigar box cover as
long as the pen is wide and about an
inch wide itself , the grain of the wood
running with the length.
This is for the gate. Make a notch
in the center of one end for the
Now for hianing the gate , which is
the nicest part of the whole job , and
must be done very carefully. The
first thinr to do is to hammer down
the heads of two pins so they will
pass through the staples. When they.
are just right drive one into the
lower edge of the gate , close to the
opoosite end from the latch. If you
don't put it very near the edge the
will "bind" it ' .
gate won't open freely.
Nowput the other pin in the upper
edge , directly opposite the lower pin.
Then lay the house on its back , the
.open side up , . and place the gate in
the position you want it. The gate
should be about half an inch from
the bottom o th&pen so piggy can't
get under it. Now very carefully
drive two of your staples into the
edge of the box just above and below
the edges of the gate and over the
pins. Don't drive them too far at
first. Try the gate to see if it swings.
A curved pin makes a good hasp.
Cut the point off , so you will not
prick your fingers when you go to let
piggy out for a stroll in the garden.
Your pig and his pei are done.
Famous Itogrue Elephants.
The complete history of the rogue
elephants would make an interesting
chapter. They seem to have decided
to avenge man's wrongs against their
kind. Some years ago one rogue
actually took possession of a stretch
of country in India forty miles wUe
by 100 long , and in a business-like
way proceeded to demolish everything
in or about it. The animal rushed
into the villages , took huts upon its
tusks and tore them apart , or tossed
them until they fell in splinters. It
chased the people away or killed them
whenever it could , or standing by the
wrecked houses , it ate the grains and
This elephaRt seemed remarkably
intelligent. It entertained in particular -
lar , a grudge against the watchtowers -
towers or scaffolds. Whenever this
rogue saw one , lie would creep slyly ,
spring at it , push it to the ground ,
and kill its occupants.
A famous rogue elephant named
"Mandla" was owned by a rich man
near Jublulpore in central India.
Suddenly it began to develop the
characteristics of a "rogue , " and attacked -
tacked human beings wherever seen
It killed them so cruelly that it became -
came widely known as "the man-
eater. " He was finally destroyed by
an organized effort of English army
Another famous rogue took posses.
sion of a public road and attacked
every passer-by. Suddenly darting
from the jungle , it would rush up to
an ox-cart , seize the driver with its
trunk , and disappear. Repemted raids
of this kind so terrified the people that
a large tract of land was to all intents -
tents and purposes deserted ; but finally -
ally an English hunter determines to
rid the country of the rogue. By
careful inquiry he found that the dc-
phant always seized the driver , and if
there were two carts in company , it
chose the driver of the last. So he
arranged two ox-carts , putting a
dummy driver upon the second , while
upon the first was a stout bamboo
cage in vhich the hunter was to sit
rifle in nand. , When a1 ! was ready ,
the two ox-carts started , one.
day , followed. by the hopes
and best wishes of the coin-
munity. The fatal district was
soon reached , and , about half way
down the road there came a crash- ! .
and time monstrous elephant , dark
and ugly , dashed upon the party.
Making direct for the last cart , with
a vicious sving of its trunk , it seized
on the dummy man and made off ,
receiving as it went a shot from the
cage. 'But the oxen , alarmed at the
uproar , ran away , leaving time road
and taking to the op.n country. Ihey
tipped the cart over , nearly killing time
caged driver and the English sports-
man. What the elephant thought when
it tore the dummy into shreds must be
imagined. Some months later , however -
ever , this rogue was driven away and
caught.-C. F. Holder in St. Nicholas
Snow Song -
Over valley. over hill ,
Hark. the shepherd pi'ping shrillI
Drivinr all the white llock'm forth
From the far fold's of the North.
Blow.Vincl. . blow
Weird melodies you play ,
Followin : your flocks that , o
Across the world to-day.
How they hurry. how they crowd
When they hear the music loudi
Grove and lane and meadow full
Sparkle with their shining wool.
Blow. Wind. blow
Until the forestm na
Teach the caves the tunes you know ,
And make the chimney , lng !
Hfther. thither up iind down
Every hkhway of the town. -
Huddlinclose. the white fioccs all
Gather at the shepherd's call
Blow. Wind , blow -
Upon your pipes of joy :
All your sheep the Likes of snow
And you their shepherd boy !
_ _ _ _ -St. Nicholas
Earth's Most Valuable Product.
' Now , Freddy , " said the teacher ,
who had just read a chapter about
minerals , "what are the most valuable -
able timings that we get out of time
earth ? "
"I know , " replied Freddy , who was
thinking about a fishing expedition
that he had planned for the next day.
"Worms ! "
lL Desirable ( randpa.
A little girl , busy working a pair of
slippers as a birthday present for her
grandfather. said to a little playmate :
"Ah ! You are well off , you are , your ;
grand-dad has only one leg. "
Cure for Toothache.
Willy-Aunty. may I hav2 a lump.
of sugar ? Aunty.Noifly ; it will
make your tooth anhe more. Willy-
No it won't ; I'll just go and eat it in
front of the dentist's.-Puck. ,
, . _ _
- - -
. . .
Highest of all in Leavening Power.-Latest U. S. Gov't Report
DeVA1 BAin
kv'v Powder
War Correspondence in Asia.
Hard indeed is the lot of the war correspondents -
respondents with the Japanese army.
An order has gone forth from headquarters -
quarters enumerating a long series of
conditions on which alone these unfortunate -
tunate journalists will be permitted to
perform their duties. Among them is
a rule that controlling officers alone
are to prescribe the places correspond-
ent.s are allowed to visit as well as the
tiine'when they nmay do so. Correspondents -
pondents must. moreover , always carry
"in their hand" their tickets of permis-
simm. As to their letters , they must in
all cases be laid before the controlling
officers for examination at a time to be
fixed by them. Their remarks must ,
moreover , be strictly limited to past
events , must not mention in any case
the strength or distribution of the
Japanese forces and must on no account -
count state the place or time of sending -
ing out time letters.-Londown News.
sioo iteward , SiOC.
The renders of this ptper will ho pleased
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure in
all its stages , and that is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
Jjein a constitutional disease , requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internully , acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system , thereby destroying time foundation
of the disease. ami giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature in doing its work.
The proprietors have so much faith in its
curative powers , that they offer Ono Hundred -
dred Dollars for any case that it fails to
cure. Send for list of Testimonials.
Address , F. J. CHENEY & CO. , ToledoO.
'So1d by Druggists. 75c.
Hall's Family Pills , 25c.
The Only Exception. -
Exchange : It is related of time Duck-
ess of Westminister that she put in her
guest chamber a curious Swiss clock ,
to which was attached a printed notice -
tice : "Please do not touch. " When
Mr. Jolly , the Canadian Liberal , visited
her grace he ventured to inquire the
reason for the prohibition. ' 'You are
the twentieth ziman who has asked time
question , " replied , the lady gleefully.
"Women , you know , are supposed to
be proverbially curious , and 1 put that
placard on the clock to test the same
weakness in men. and I am happy to
say I find them not a whit less curious
than women. I keep a list of all time
gentlemen who have asked me that
question you have just put , and there
has been only one exception among all
my guests who have occupied the room ,
and that was Mr. Fawcett , the late
postmaster general , and he , poor man ,
was blind. "
HOW I MADE 81.200 W
By not sowing Salzer's seeds ! That is
what a jolly farmer said as lie entered
our sanctum. flow is that ? Why ,
says he , Seizer's seeds not only grow
but they produce enormously. Had I
planted a few acres more of his oats ,
wheat , corn , potatoes , grass and clover
seeds , I would have had to double the
capacity of my barns ; that would have
cost me $1,200. It is a fact that if you
want bigrousing farm , grass and vegetable -
table crops , you must sow Salzer's seeds.
If You Wilt Cut Thlo Out and Send It
with 7c postage to time John A. Saizer
Seed company , La Crosse , Wis. , you will
get free a sample OfGrass and Clover Mixture -
ture and their plantand seedbook. wnu
Both Wicked.
"ify husband , " said the large , fleshy
lady. "has a habit of marking paragraphs -
graphs in the paper that say mean
things about women. "
"So you will not fail to see them , elm ?
Still that is not as mean a trick as
mine plays He cuts them all out.
Then 1 have to get another paper only
tofind thatl have been fooled again. "
-Indianapolis Journal.
Worms in Horseg.
The only sure cure forpin worms In horses
known Is Steketce's IIo Cholera Cure.
Never fails to destroy worms in horses , hogs ,
sheep. dogs or cats ; an excellent remedy for
sick fowls. Send sixty cents in United
States postage stamps and I will send by
mail Cut this out , take it to druggistand
pay him fifty cents. Tltreepackares for $1.50
express paid. G. U. STEKETEE , -
Grand Rapids. Mich. -
Mention name of paper.
Philadelphia Record : Customer ( who
has just been cut by a barber much
given to strong drink-There ) , you
scoundrel , that's what comes of too-
much strong drink. Barber-Yes , sir ;
it does make the skin tender.
General Booth declares that of over 10- ,
COD women rescued by the Salvation army
sJo0 ( have not re apsed into sin.
A Paris store has 4J100 employes.
An . ( ntl Antitoxins Crusade.
Opposition to the use of the antitox-
me treatment for diphtheria has already -
, ready taken an organized form in
England. . A deputation headed by
Lord Coleridge has protested to the
authorities against its usc in time liospi-
tais on the ground that "public money
ought not to be devoted to experiments
in psychology. "
1,000 BUS. I'OTATOES l'Elt ACRE.
Wonderful yields in potatoes , oats ,
corn , farm and vegetable seeds. Cut
this out and send 5c postage to the
John A. Salzer Seed Co. , La Crosse ,
Wis. , for their great seed book and
iamnple of Giant Spurry. wnu
Atlanta Constitution : "What are
you doing for a living now , Uncle
. .JimVelI , suh. dat's what I call a
mighty close question ; you'ro a-gittin'
right to my home now , but dey ain't
none er yo' feathers in my yard , Marse
John : "
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Ilegeman's enliLplior lcevlth Glycrint.
The uriglniI and oiily genuin.- . Cures Chapped hands
aiid Face , Cold Sores , &c. C. 0. Clark Co.N.llavcn.Cl-
England's average wheat yield is about
thirty-six bushels to the micro.
I cannot SPemtk too highly of Piso's Cure
for Consumption.-Mims. Fn'-Nu : foinis ,
:21W. : ; . 22d St. , New York , Oct. 29 , lSt-I. )
MECCA COMI'OUNI ) houId be in erery houso.
Stops tI'c pain of a burii Instantly i'reveiits car-
rinL. heals nil kinds of oie. Iruggist e1 , it.
Sent by mail on r. ceipt of price. 'l'nr.o Ouncu jar
2. cents. for painihIot.
touncIL Bluffs , Iowa.
Washington Star : Don't you tliiimk
there is a greatdcal more peril in coasting -
ing than there is in sleigh riding ? " she
"It depends. " lie replied reflectively ,
"on which kind of peril you mean ;
physical or financial. "
If the Baby is Cutting Teeth.
Be sure and use thatold and welltriedenedv , , Mas.
WixsLow's SooThiNG Syit'r for Cli1drer , Teething.
Diamonds have been discovered in Tas-
Farmers and other OOplO located along
the line of time B. and M. and U. P. roads in
Nebraska , who want Colorado coals , should
write to J. J. Thomas & Co. , lOiS , 17th
Street , Denver , for vrices and other infer-
There are 9,742 locks and keys in the
Grand opera houso. Paris.
Billiard Table , second-hand. For sale
cheap. Apply to or address , H. C. Axis ,
Ml S. ] 2th St. , Omaha , Neb.
In Paris one person in eighteen lives on
_ _ _
1 uts
. , Sr . . - .
( mild all derangemei/s of I/ic
Sloinacli , Liver and Rouds.
, of all drziggisls.
low good health. .
But all fail whemi the ' [
vital powers are "
weakened. Nervous
debility and loss of
manly power result /
froni had hiabitscon-
tracted by the young
through ignorance -
of their ruinous con-
seunences. Low
spirits , melancholia ,
impaired memory ,
morose or irritable
temper , fear of impending calamity and a
thousand and one derangeniemits of body
and mind , result from such pernicious prac-
tices. All these are permanently cured by
imeroved methods of treatment without time
paient leaving home.
A niedical treatise written in plaimi hut
chaste language , treating of time nature.
syniptonms amid curability of such diseases ,
sent 5ecurdiy sealed in a plain envelope , omm
receitofthiisnpticewith Ioceimtsin stamps.
for postage. Address , WORLD'S Dism-
SARY MEDICAL AssocrATloN , Buffalo. N.Y.
_ _ \
- Scott's 'Emulsion
- -
of Cod-liver Oil , with Hypohosphites of Limo and Soda ,
is a constructive food that nourishes , enriches the blood ,
creates solid flesh , stops wasting and gives strength. It is
Iorafl -
- Wasting Diseases
like Consumption , .Scrofuia , Annia , Marasmu2 ; or for Coughs and
Oo1d , Sore Throat , Bronchitis , 'Weak Lungs , Loss of 'Flesh and
General Dbfflty. Scott's Emulsion has no equal as
- NourIshment for Babies and Growing Children.
Buy only the genuine put up in salmon-colored wraj5er.
Sendforpamlet on Scoll' : Emulsion. FREE. -
. cott - & Bo'wre N. Y. All Druggiats 5O nts and S I ;
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- - : ' . ' - - . - - - 1.-- - ' : . ' . . - . . .
: K4
35 6llt Patterns
tor 106ellts.
These patterns retail in fashion bazaars ana
stores for twenty4lvo to forty cents each. but
in order to increase the demand among stran-
orswo oer them to the lady readers of this
paper for the remarkably low Price of only 10
Centu Each. Postage one cent extra.
The patterns are nil of the very latest Now
York styles. and are unequaled for style accuracy -
racy of fit , simplicity azid economy. For twenty-
four years these patterns have been used the
country over. Full descriptions and directiopi
-as the nuzmmber of yatds of material required ,
the numberund names of time different pieces in
the pattern. how to cutand fit andput the garment -
ment together-are sent with each pattern ,
with a P1ctureot the garment to go by. These
patterns are complete in every particular. there
being a separate pattern for every single piece
of the ( tress. Your order will be tilled the same
day It is received.
Order patterns by number and give size ift
Every pattern guaranteed to be perfect
To get got BUST and BREAST measure. put
the tape measure ALL of the way around the
body. over the dress close under the arms.
Price of each pattern , 10 centB , whez
ordered on coupon printed below.
Postage one cent extra on EACH pattern.
g/ii- .
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sc : ; -
LAIIES' OJw.tN.PII'n utrtv WIT ! ! TnitE
Connvs. I'a item No. d2'JO is cut in live sizes ,
'viz. : 2 , 2 , 26 , 2l and :0 : inches waist measure ,
The fashiounbic skirt is no longer made to
match the waist , but often in direct contr.zst to
It. These independent skirts are in many va.
rieties and are made of various materials. We
here give 0mw of the most stslish skirts now
worii , which has the mulditional merit of being
very generally lecoming. The gored front and
sides hare umodishly at the foot. L'clzmg faced
( leeply with hair cloth. 'l'he three godets In
back are hued throughout with the Fair cloth
amid tacked at the seanis to mm band of elastic
underneath which holds theni in lOSitiofl.
The center godet Is cut strmiglit in the middle
and falls on each side something like aboX
plaitwith roundedcdges. The top lits smoothly
in front and over the hIp . .w bile the back is arranged -
ranged in small plaits. 'rho placket is formed
underneath the center plait.
Rock or oilier varieties of crepon. velvet , gro-
de-Londres , penu-de-soic. moire amll satin antique -
tique , hesfdcs silk and wool mixtures of every
fashionable kind are used for these handsoma
The retail price of pattern is CO cents.
( .
( I - \ \ , ' S
Pattern No. 6208 Is cut In live sizes , viz. : 52 ,
34 , 30 , : ms and 40 inches bust measure.
Nile green broadcloth Is hero charmingly
combined with emerald velvet. The waist is
one of the latest modes and will frequently up-
pear on the Street after heavy wraps are laid
aside. The adjustment Is glove fiIng and
closes in center front under the V shmlped vest
of velvet. The box plaits are formed separately
and sewed on with invisible stitches. the velvet
V in center back being laid on betweenthe
plaits. The vest is sewed to the right front
under the plait and is tinished on the left side
to close under the left plait. i'olnted revers
stand out stylishly from under the box plait In
front. Full gigot sleeves droop fashionably to
the eltow. the lower portion fitting the arm
closely. Stock collar and belt to match of
velvet with irredescent buckles. Many stylish
combinations vill be suggested by the mode ,
which can be carried out in any oi the fashionable -
able silk , woolen or mixed fabrics. It can be
all of one material and any preferred modu or
decormition can he appropriately used.
Time retail price of pattern is 25 cents.
- * - O4 - C 0 U P 0 N
t In ordering. give No. . . . . . . of pattern'
; -wanted Bust. . . . . . amid Waistmeas -
nrc. Either of these patterns will be sent
' ' to any address upon receipt of 10 cents in
' silver or stamps when this coupon is enclosed -
' closed wlthorderandone centfotpostuge.
A with your address.
xx7 Lock Box 747 , New York. # .
_ _ . , _ ,
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Standard Novels to the public we wHI ,
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P I l % D.C. No atty' , fe until Patent ob-
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