The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, January 04, 1895, Image 3

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The Mandoline Populnrlty.
Perhaps the mandolin is stealing
some of
popularity enjoyed by time
A t any rate , the former instrument -
ment is
becoming a greater favorite in
soeiety , and shop windows show them
tench more frequentl now than h re-
tof0re. ' Formerly all the mandolins
used 'in this
country were imported
from Germany and Italy ; now ncarl
all i
I t1Jat are used here- and a great
than : are used-are
- made in this coun-
iry. In past year and a half or
ttvo years the lnanddin has become
very popular here , and its popularity
shows no signsof diminishing. The de
mnd for mandolins
comes from all
over the country , and it is so great that
wholesale dealers in musical instruments -
ments are not always able to keep up
with it promptly. It is said that we
nhahe in this country mandolins better
thin the imported , and the same is
Maid of American guitars Guitars
made in this
country are now used
throughout the laud , and they are also
exported to all Spanish-American coun
tries.-Philadephia Bulletin.
Mystifying n Ientucky Audience.
Colonel ltaintuek-'t'alking about
slight of hand , the most mysterious
trick I ever saw was in a little town
down in Kentucky. The mean wasn't
a professional , either , but just a bright
young fellow who has a genius for such
things. IIe took a glass of water and
held it up before us all , and then we
threw a big tablecloth over him. In
two minutes he threw oft the cloth-
and there was the glass empty ; yes , sir ,
not a drop in it.
Friend-Perhaps he drank it.
Colonel Kaintuck-fly Jove ! Maybe
he did. Never thought of it-sew
York 11'eekly.
Sloe Reward $100.
The readers of this paper will bo pleased
to learn that there is at least ono dreaded
( IlSC3Se that science has peen able to cure
in all its stages , and that is Catarrh. Hall s
Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure
known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease. requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally. ( toting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the
Kvstem , thereby destroying the foundation
if the disease , and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution
nud assisting nature in doing its work. The
proprietors have so mouth faith in its cura-
j tine powers , that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case that it fails to cure.
Send for list of tostimonfals.
Address , F. J. CHEN El & CO. , Toledo , 0.
l. old by Druggists. lac.
Hall's Family Pills ! 5c.
! liis feeds.
"Aaron' , boy would do tiptop if ht
had a string long enough , " said one
neighbor to another.
"I don't know what use a business
I man can put a string to , " said neighbor -
bor Number Two.
" \l'ell , if he could tie up all the loose
' ends that he leaves dangling , tie himself -
self down to his work , tie his pocket
book together , and then tie his tongue
so it wouldn't wag so busy , he'd be as
! useful a man as we have got in town.
But I doubt if it can be done. It would
i take considerable string. "
The.diamond is believed to be of re'
cent geological formation , and a microscopic -
scopic examination often discloses in
its substance minute plants and vegetable -
ble fibers.
cheerful spirits and the ability to fully
enjoy life , conic only with a healthy
body and mind. The young
man who suffers from nervous -
ous debility , impaired mem-
ort , low spurts , irritable -
ble temper , and the
' thousand and out de-
l 4) ) raugenrents of mind
' and body that
result from unnatural -
natural , pernicious -
ous habits usually -
ly contracted in
voutli , through
ignorance , is
thereby incapacitated -
itated to thor-
f ougltly enjoy
1 'r life. He feels
tired , spiritless ,
and drowsy ; his
sleep isdisturbed
and does not refresh -
fresh himn as it
sihouid ; the will power is weakened ,
morbid fears haunt hue and may result
iii cotefinued hypochondria , or rnelan-
cliolia and , finally , in sorting of the brain ,
epilepsy , ( "fits" ) , paralysis , locomotor
ataxia x11(1 even in dread insanity.
To reach , re-claim and restore such
unfortunates to health and happiness , is
the aims of the publisliers of a book of
136 pages , written rn plain but chaste
language ; oIl the nature , syniptoms and
curability , by lionie-treatnient , of suchm
diseases. This book will be sent sealed ,
is plant envelope , on receipt of this no-
lice withm ten cents in stamps , for post-
age. Address , World's Dispensary Med-
teal Association , Bufhrlo , N. Y.
For niore than a quarter of a century
physicians connected with this widely
celebrated Institution have made the
treatnientof the diseases above hinted at
their specialty. Thousands have consulted -
sulted themi by letter and received advice
and nredicmes which have resulted iii
permanent cures.
Sufferers from premature old age , or
loss of power , will find muchi of interest
in the book above mentioned.
Take Home a ott1e of
Lg Balsam
Great Rock Island Route
Playing Cards.
k If you send 15 cents ' in stamps orC t 1 it I. P. .
S IN , Gen'1Wiillsre ive postpaid the
IIiy s. Chicago. you in cards you ever handled.
B engraved Whist Rules accost-
Beautiful steel e
pans them .
jti'nbhlgllOte , D. ) .
Succe 9 uIIy Prosecutes Claims. Bureau.
, ] ' ! P
Pw udicatiuchduuattyIinca
lyre iulaat w sr , l5adj
it e
, ' lYIiEA All FA ! l S.
, 0l1f1Fb . Tastes ate , IIeo
gent Cough 6prnp.
v In w time. Bold br druRRiat w
. 1895
1 > i' 111 Ql.
Auvertlaemeat + , 1 > auWf
. t , uau uitvermug Meuttuu title leper.
- LI1r b r
Iaermined to Lop ofr Duties , Decrease
tLo Revenue and iierp on horrowhtg-
Lndosirablo Ituui „ rants - - No Escape
! for Doiii IIy.
I huddler Ii txtrxordtuary.
Perhaps the most ( ; nriops thing
about the present national administration -
tration is , not that it has tried to demolish -
molish the protective system although
the mere menace of free trade paralyzed -
alyzed industry and business , but that
it has at the same time plunged the
government into ( lebt and imperiled
the stability of the currency without
any reasonable excuse whatever.
A slashing of protective duties was
promised by the Democratic national
convention of 1892. 't'he party was
pledged to enact "a tariff for rpvenue
only" and to provide a revenud sulli-
eient to meet the needs of the gov-
crnulcut "econonieall' administered. "
't'his meant , of course , the abrogation
of protective rates of duty aiid the
raising of necessary revenue , from
other sources-from duties on non-
competing articles , and also by direct
taxation-enough revenue to enable
the government to pay its obligations
when due and maintain the currency
on a sound basis.
0Congress and the president seemed
to totally lose sight of the vital ( nat-
ter of revcnne in their zeal for "tariff
reform , " says the ( 'ineinnati 't'imes-
Star. Notwithstanding receipts were
rapidly decreasing and the demand
upon the treasury for gold was increasing -
creasing and the national finances
were falling into chaos , the Fifty-
third congress at its first regular session -
sion passed a tariff bill reducing the
revenue , without cutting down expen-
'rule 'Filson bill would have brought
.j50J00,000 less revenue than the
Gorman law provides. Yet that
measure teas ardently Cllttnlliolled by
President Cleveland in face of the fact
that he had been compelled to borrow
X50,000,000 to cover a deficit ! What
would be thought of a business man
who , deep in debt and getting deeper
in every day , needlessly sacrificed part
of his income just after horrowing
largely to avoid bankruptcy ? 'hat
was and is the Cleveland policy of
administering time government. 'Flee
Gorman law , much better than the
Wilson destroyer , failed to avert another -
other crisis in the treasury , and a
second loan of m50,000,000 was ne-
In his message President Cleveland
declared that he would borrow money
whenever it might be necessary to do so
to preserve the public credit. That is
a wise and patriotic resolution. But
it only heightens the general astonishment -
ishment at the inconceivable folly of
preferring to borrow rather than to
take the practical , business-like
cotx'se of raising more revenue. The
message contained no suggestion on
this subject. It indicated no alarm ,
but a stolid indifference as to the
Not only were new taxes or new
duties not recommended , but the
president urged congress to lop off
some of the existing duties , which are
expected to yield at least 530.000.000
a year : this , despite the assurance of
treasury experts that there trill be a
deficit at the end of the fiscal year ,
June 30 , 1595 , of between $50,000,000
and $60,000,000. On the heels of a
bond issue , the president would further -
ther reduce the revenue from customs ,
with the certainty confronting the
treasury that the revenue for the current -
rent fiscal year 1vi11 fall far below requirements -
quirements !
If Mr. Cleveland pursues his present
policy. bond issues will follow one another -
other at short intervals until he leaves
office , March 4 , 1897 , and his admin : -
tration will increase the public debt
more than President IIarrison reduced
Rcpublicans'Vtlt Take Care of the Tariff.
Tariff agitation in itself is injurious
to business. The Republican party
therefore will not disturb the tariff
till it regains sufficient power to no-
cemplish something. When U'leve-
land steps down and makes way for a
Republican president the lepublican
congress then sitting will frame and
enact suitable tariff legislation. Time
congress recently elected is not l)10-
posing to change the existing law , for
the very excellent reason that it is
powerless to do so. The Republican
party is not recreant to the cause of
protection. When the proper time
comes it will take prompt steps -to restore -
store industrial prosperity by the enactment -
actment of a vigorous protective
measure-a measure that will stimulate -
late the home' market and protect
home labor as fully as the McKinley
law did , and possibly more so.
Must lie the City.
An Ohio paper has a laudatory anti- I
cle on "Cleveland's Growth in time
. " well-ac-
Humanities. According to - -
ceptecl definitions the humanities mean i
music , art and literature , and we must
therefore suppose that the reference
is to a city in Ohio by the name of
Cleveland. 1Ye cannot possibly call to
mind any person of the name who is
in that .
growing way. I
.i ha ' 'lace for % Viltie.
If President Cleveland is so anxious
to find an ollico worthy of being
adorned by William L. Wilson , he
might name that gentleman for secretary -
tary of the exterior. That would just
about fit 1Vilson.-N. Y. Tribune.
No Escape for Donnelly. 1
Ignatius Donnelly's letter resigning
the presidency of the Farmers' Alliance -
ance of Minnesota is a pathetic but
unconvincing document. It may be
trueas Mi. Donnelly therein observes , i
that lie "has a brain busy with
schemes for the welfare of men and ti .
% -s _ ssr z
heart full of benevolent impulses , "
but it is equally true that he employed
most unwise methods to further his
ends. On the other hand , it is not
true that corporate influences alone
hue built an impassable wall of fire
around him. The defeat of the Minnesota -
seta Populists was due to a general
distrust of their methods , not to any
single force. When Donnelly allied
himself with them he invited the fate
of all impractical rcformcrs-failure-
and he cannot escape his own respon-
sib lity-now.-Pliiladelphhia Inquirer.
i -
Lhulosirable Immigrants.
The old country is still trying to
empty its weak , helpless and poor into
the generous lap of America in spite
of immigration laws male by the
United States in an attempt to put an
end to time practice.
That was a queer lot of passengers
which arrived at Philadelphia from
Liverpool on the steamship Ohio a
few days ago. Among them were ono
violent case of insanity , a helpless
mute , a batch of weak-minded children -
dren and a number of assisted immigrants -
grants , women and children whose
ivay to America ] mad been paid by the
charitable societies of England. Still
another of the assisted passengers had
so little heart foe encountering the
unknown life in the new world that
she preferred the bottom of the sea
and committed suicide on the voyage.
In all fifteen passengers were returned -
turned fromn where they came from.
'hat assisted immigration should be
attempted on so large a scale would
seem to indicate that the charity-lov-
ing pcoplc of Europe.tiwhose charity
does not begin at home , must succeed
in ridding their country eveim yet of a
great many people who are entirely
unworthy of being permitted to come
to this country.
The only present remedy is the
strictest possible interpretation of the
laws restricting immigration and a
prompt return to Europe of all parsons
who should not be permitted to land
here. But in the near future the lax
laws themselves should be made
stricter. The negligence of the country -
try s law-makers in respect to this
question has given birth to a number
of patriotic organizations whose votes
and agitation in favor of keeping
America for Americans , or for such
Europeans as are lit to become Americans -
cans , arc at least beginning to make
an impression.-Kansas City Journal.
Railway Robbers.
how little justice there is in time indiscriminate
discriminate clamor against railways
appears from time fact that freight
rates in this country are lower than
in any other part of the world. Com-
petitioli brought losses this year on
much of the business done. The interstate -
state commerce commission in its
annual report says that although
the traffic has largely decreased
during the year , the rates have
also declined. There has been sharp
bidding for the diminished business.
It is the opinion of the commission
that"a , large amount of competitive
traffic has been handled at a loss to
the railways' and "had reasonable
rates been maintained the revenue
from the traffic would have been more
nearly adequate to meet the fixed
charges of the roads. " In this report
congress is urged to confer upon the
commission the power to prescribe
minimum as well as maximum rates.
A more remarkable contrast could
hardly be conceived than that presented -
sented by the facts here stated and the
howls of the Populists in the West.--
Mr. Clevelutd's I'erill
hndoubtedly congress should take
early cognizance of the sentry box
which Mr. Cleveland has had placed
on the lawn in front of the llrhite
house. It was our impression
that General Lanmont had made
no reference to this in his report to
congress , and a careful re-reading of
the document confirms this impression.
Not a line appears there about it. Is
some new danger threatened ? The
American people , whose president
llr. Cleveland is. are entitled to all
time facts. Mr. Cleveland's well known
indifference to peril may have led
llim to underestimate the gravity of
time situation which confronts him.
If congress looks into the matter perhaps -
haps it will appear that the White
house should be further protected by
drawbridge and portcullis in order
that Mr. Cleveland's consecrated person -
son may be absolutely secure from the
invader. Let us take no chances. If
need be let the secretary of war sleep
on a cot in the hall.-New York
T u Bafralo I ockot and its Sticit.
llr. Cleveland went up like a sky-
rocket. Ills rise was even more plie-
nomenal than that of the great Napo-
Icon But how ] me has come down"
He is to-day utterly without influence. !
IIe has no following but the men who
are hunting after offices , and when ho
has no more to give he will go out of
the office-the most unpopular man in
the United States.
, Terry Is ! tight :
Jerry Simpson owns that if prosperous -
ous times should come the Populist
party would no longer have any reason -
son for existence. The Republican
party always has had a raison d'etre.
Sometimes it's to resto.c goof times ;
other times it's only to keep them up.
lionI'ennsylvaitba Did It.
The Republican majority in Pennsylvania -
sylvania this year is larger than Ali
the combined Republican majorities
in that state for thirti-five years past.
That's what the Pennsylvania People
think of the Democratie tariff reform.
\o Sun iii Democrat Laud.
Paul du Chai.llu , the traveler , h
lecturing in Washington on "The
Land of the : lidnfgitt San. " It has
no reference to the Democratic financiers -
ciers groping around in the dark for a
thetisury surplus.
You can rake better- food with ' f '
I - : "
Lighter , sweeter , more wholesome. fl
. . , .
- -
- -
how the 3Ilokskln Cost So leach.
"That is a very fine minksltin you
you have , " said a citizen to Mr. ' 'Lurk
Botefuhr. "It ought to be a good one , "
was time reply ; "it cost me enough. "
Further inquiry elicited the information -
tion that the mink had been killed on
Mr. Botefuhr s place , up on Cornell
mountain. It had made way with fourteen -
teen of his prize chickens , valued at
$14 , and was then caught in a trap set
by a man in charge. When it was
found that the animal was trapped , the
man took out a fine shotgun to kill it ,
but , concluded it was not worth whip
to waste the powder and shot out so
small a varmint , struck at it with the
butt of the gun. The mink dodged the
blow , and the man , becoming excited.
whaled away at it again and smashed
the stock of the gun. 'r'ime making good
of this damage cost $12 more , so the
minltskin cost $26 net. Mr. Botefuhr '
is not anxious to get enough shins at
the seine price to line an overcoat.-
1ortlalld Oregonian.
Emersnn's Method of 1Vriting.
It was Emerson's practice to set
down in his journal his detached
thoughts as soon as they had taken
shape. 11'henever lie lead a lecture to
prepare , he selected from his journal
those sentences which seemed to bear
on the subject of his discourse , adding
whatever other illustrations or anecdotes -
dotes suggested themselves to Imifim at
the moment. "In writing my
thoughs , " lie declared , "I seek no order
or harmony , or results. I am not careful -
ful to see how they comport with other
thoughts and other words ; I trust them ,
for that Any more than how any one
minute of the year is related to any
other remote minute which yet I know
is so related. The thoughts and the
minutes obey their own magnetism ,
and will certainly reveal themselves in
time. " I
The Dnexpected Discharge or a Cannon
Close by would not have a more disturbing effect -
fect upon nerves which are vigorous than an
ordinary noise upon those that are WCaat and
unstrung. As a nertino , Hostotter's Stomach
Bitters is unrivalled. By promoting digestion
and assimilation they overcome that gastric
disorder , which is the most prolific cause of
nervous debility , and which , so long as ft exists ,
defeats hm large measure the action of sedatives
and opiates. Such remediesrnoreover , , uteccs-
sitate the use of increasing doses and finally
cease to act altogether , except in dangerous
quantities. They never reach the fountain
head of the trouble , and quiet the nerves only
by semi-paralyzing them. Equally objectionable -
able are fiery unmcdicated alcoholic stimulants.
Kidney , bladder and liver trouble , malaria , constipation -
stipation and rheumatism n are relieve ( ' by the
Bitters , which also promotes appetite and
nightly repose.
Incmnes In Countryand City.
Five thousand dollars in a country
town is affluence , if the beneficiary is
content to stay there ; but in a city the
fitmily man with only that income ,
provided he is ambitious , can only just
live , and might fairly be described as
the cousin Berman to a mendicant
And yet there are some worthy citizens
still , who doubtless would be aghast at
these statements , and would wish to
know how one is to spend 55,000 a year
without extravagance.
I am entirely cured of hemorrbage of
lungs by Piso's Cure for Consumption.-
Lortse LixuAsIAN. Bethany , Mo. , Jail. s94. ,
Property PiIlts Among Birds.
Meehans' Monthly : Birds and other
creatures apportion the earth among
themselves just about as man does. A
bear has boundaries beyond which his
fellow bear does not trespass with 1w-
flunity-the wild rabbit you see on
your lawn is the same little innocent !
eature you have been seeing every
might all the summertime-anI even
time robbin that gathers the early worm
for his breakfast from your gardeu will
show fight when another commes mar-
ar.ding'on his preserve. Nor does this'
last a year only , for there is good evidence
dence that the same bird will comeback
back to the claimi it staked oft the year
Low Rate Excursions January. ; . I S1)i.
On the above date , the Missouri Pac iih m
Railway and Iron Mountain Route will sell
tckets at half rates , ( plus ; 2.00) ) iroum St.
Louis. Cairo and Missouri river gate-ways
to all points on their lines in Arkansas.
Louisiana , including points on the K. C.
1v. d ; G. ; to all joints in Texas. Deming , N. I
11. , and I'ecos Valley points in N ew Mexico. '
Will also sell from and through St. Louis to
points in Missouri South and West of Har.
risonville : from and through St. Louis ,
Kansas City. Leavenworth , Atchison , St.
Joseph and Omaha to points in Kansas , Net -
t raska and Colorado. For particulars re-
gardingimit , stopover privileges , and furI I
timer information , see nearest ticket agent.
H. C. Towssrxu ,
General Passenger Agent , St. Louis.
Awfully Embarrassing.
Sue-Did you hear about Blanche's
terrible mbarrassing experience at the
theater the other night ?
Nell-No ; tell me about it
"Her hair came down. "
"Ilow excessively annoying. "
"But that wasn't the worst of it. It
rolled under the seats and was only recovered -
covered after a good deal of trouble ,
and then you can fancy what condition 1
it was in"-Pittsburgh Chronicle-Tele-
Chinese Dentistry.
The Chinese dentist makes artificial
teeth from the femur of an ox , and inserts -
serts them by passing a copper wire
through them and fastening them to l
the adjoining teethe.
The fool thinks his death would leave a
hole in the world.
How a locomotive engineer can make his
own headlight-by drinking too much.
Pat's Faith in the Doctor.
"One of the most remarkable eases of
faith I have ever seen , " said a well-
known physician , "oceurre(1 when I
was a student in Philadelphia. I had
a patient , an Irishman , who had a
broken leg. When the plaster bandage -
dage was removed and a lighter one
put in its place , I noticed that One of
the pins went in with great difficulty.
and I could not understand it. A week
afterward , in removing this pin. I
found it stud : hard and fast , and I was
forced to remove it with forceps. What
was my astonishment on making an
examination to find that the pin had
been run through the skin twice instead ?
-stead of through the cloth. ' 11'hy.
Pat , ' said I , didn t you know that pin
was sticking itt you ? ' To be sure , I
did , ' replied l'ai , but I thought you
knowed your business , and so 1 hilt uhc'
tongue. ' " .
Jeffersnnlan Siutplicity Punctured. l
A pleasing story of Jefferson's inauguration -
guration that has lung been current ,
represents him as riding to the capitol l
and tying his horse to time fence , and
then entering almost unattended to
take the oath of office. This fable has
been dispersed. Current accounts relate -
late his ceremonial installation into office -
fice surrounded by martial music , banners -
ners and guns. Salvos of artillery tam-
noun ced Ills arrival anddeparturefront
the capitol , and the militia paraded in
front of his lodgings before he left for
the ceremony.Seribner's. .
Better Every Year.
Time-was when the "glorious L'limato of
California" did not attract tourists But
year after year the tide of travel sets in
stronger and strongerovery fall and winter
toward this favored region. Time is no
climate like it on this continent for avin-
tor resort , and the usual fine service on the
Union Pacific System has this season been
brought to a degree of l.erfection which
leaves nothing to be desired.
! For further information call on your
nearest ticket agent or address
E. L. LOMA\ ,
General Pass. and Ticket Agent ,
When to Sell.
A potato grower of long experience ,
discussing the question of whether it.
was better to sell or hold the crop says :
"My opinion is that it is undoubtedly
best to sell at 50 cents per bushel at
digging time , even if one were assured
of double the price four months after
storing. handling , shrinkage and decay -
cay in four months usually reduce the ,
amount stored about one-third , and I
have never found out when to market
a well-grown crop.
Wiuter Tourist Tickets Via the Wabash
Are now on sa'.o to all the winter resorts of !
the South , good returning until .Juno 1st ,
' 95. HA1tvrsr Exrultsrox T1cmfETs to !
all points south on excursion dates. In addition -
dition to above , Railroad and Steamship ,
tickets to all points in the UNITEn STATES
and Ermoi'E. at lowest rates. For rates ,
tickets , excursion dates and full informa- ,
tioh or a copy of the Home Seekers Guide ,
call at Walash Otlice , 1502 Farnani street ,
or write
N. W. P. Agt , Omaha. Nob.
Ended the I : tubarrassrtient.
An old man in a Cheshire workhouse
lately admitted to the poor law guardians - i
dians that he had 3 in his possession i
to provide for his being buried beside'
his wife. Time guardians decided that
as he was not destitute he had no business -
ness in the workhouse , and ordered'
him to be turned out. At dinner the
nest day time poor man seized a knife ,
emit his throat and so relieved the guardians - '
dians of their emharressment.
'Victims of 'Vild Animals in India.
Ferocious as the rogue elephant t.p-
teats to be its record as a mean killer is
far below that of other animals iii Imt-
dia. Thus in India , in 1555 , the tigers
killed S':3 ' persons and 12't' ' : i domestic
animals ; wolves killed 1,061 persons ;
leopards , 1S7 persons and 1.0,155 domes-
tie animals : while the elephant ms
charged with but sixty-one persons
killed and sit donesticantmals. Rogue
tigers , wolves and leopards are far
more to be dreaded than rogue ele-
IIeg , mitnb : ( 'itmupttor Irnwitli Glycerine.
Curiaa1 , : ; ; eii iimdsand 'aceTcndernr Sore veer ,
Chllblabtsihles.te. C.i ClarkCo. . eNhaven. .CL.
In Canton , Chum , ; 00,000 live in house-
Glans houses on wheels are now employed
by ltorticutturists for forcing plants.
if the Baby Is Cutting Teeth. t
Sesnro audu ethatold anti tre11 tried remely , Mits.
Itl.scosti ° s $ e0Th ING SYCL'r for Children TecthIn--
If everybody was perfect what would the-
gossips do for iimterestiug materialll
a' rl , nsnn'i Mail is Corn Satv , . "
Warrurted iu curt or nwney rufunJed. Ayk your
druggist for it. 1'rie Ir c , itt. .
A good printer'can always tell how time
case stands. _
Billiard Table , second-hand. For sale
cheap. Apply to or address , H. C. Amos ,
all S. I ith St. , Omaha , Nob.
These nmay be plenty of room at the top ,
but happiness doesn't always get there.
It is better to fail iii trying to do good
than it is not to try.
: .i : : ' t
M . I T'\
. . - / Ir , , . . . , w'
Brings comfort and improvement and .Ag
tends to tersoual enjoyment when
rightly used. Time many , who live better -
ter than others and enjoy life more , with
less expenditure , by more promptly
adapting time world's best products to
the needs of physical being will attest ,
time value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy , Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form mmost acceptablesand pleasant -
ant to the taste , the ref resuming and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect Imix-
ative ; effectaally cleansing the systenm ,
dispelling colds , headaches and fevers '
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given sati.-faction to millions and
met with the approval of time medical
profession , because it acts on the Kid-
tiers , Liver : urd BoIvcIs without weak-
cuing them and it is 1m rfectly . free from. .
every objectionable subta11ce.
v rup of Figs is for sale by all drag
gists ill 5Oc and -$1 bottles , buttit is lmill-
ufactured by time California Feb Syrup
Co. mm iv , whose came is printed on every
pakage , also the name , Syrup of F is ,
and being well rnfornmed , you will not
accept any substitute if oflered.
For twenty years folks all over the world have cured
rheumatism , neuralgia , and all other pains and aches by
using St. Jacobs Oil. There must be something in it ,
for 3ton couldn't fool all the people for so many years.
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I Weak Mothers
and all women who are nursing a babies , derive almost inconceivable -
ceivable benefits from the nourishing properties of
: Scott's Emulsion
e This is the most nourishing food known to science. It en-
I riches the mothers milk and. gives her ilrcngik. It also U
I makes babies fat and gives more nourishment t o g loulug
children than all the rest of the food they eat
Scott's Emulsion has been prescribed by physicians for
1 twon } " } tar s for Rl 'cie ) ta , iarasmas , Wasting Diseases of Children ,
Coughs , Colds , Weak Lungs , Emaciation and Consumption.
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Scott do Bowne , N. Y. A1Druggists. . 50 cents and Si.
_ - . "