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- ,
reet Andrews and Crounse Here
Last Friday Afternoon and
Evening With
Hon. W. i. Andrews and Governor
Lorenzo Crounse discussed the issues of
; this campaign in our city , last Friday
afternoou and evening , to large , deeply
interested and enthusiastic audiences-
the Menard opera house being crowded
upon both occasions.
Mr. Andrews opened the afternoon
meeting with an address on the pension
and money questions. He conclusively
proved that the pension policy of the
republican party was based on gratitude ,
justice and patriotism. That the republican -
lican party has always been the true ,
tried and consistent friend of the old
veteran. That about all' the desirable
legislation and fair execution and administration -
ministration thereof have been secured
- ' . . , , n . .through the republican party and policy.
. : As to the money question he favored
a true bimetalism , a sound and honest
currency , the frees ; use of silver consistent -
sistent with its maintenance at a parity
; / with our gold and paper money. And
incidentally roasting the walking delegate -
gate in a gentlemanly way for his contraction -
traction of facts and expausion of errors
in his money discussions.
Governor Crounse followed up this
able and convincing speech with some
remarks touching the republican administration -
istration of state affairs , the extravagance -
gance of populistic legislatures , the
damage the state has already received
aud the menace and danger to the
' state's credit threatened by populistic
domination ; and closed with a brief
characterization of Senator Allen and
Congressman McKeighan that carried
his audience by storm.
The evening meeting was even larger ,
if anything , than the afternoon , although
the attendance of farmers was larger
upon the afternoon. The ladies were
'cell represented in the evening meeting
! at is gratifying to note.
f The opening remarks of the evening
were made by Governor Crounse , who
covered pretty much the same ground as
on the afternoon , explaining , among
other interesting things , the reason why
a special legislative session was not
.called by him to devise means to assist
those who need aid in this section of
state , viz : that populist extravagance
had long since exceeded the constitutional -
tional debt limit of the state , etc.
Mr. Andrews closed the meeting with
a most eloquent speech covering as
fully as might be in the limited time
the labor and tariff questions. That
labor should have a just portion of the
wealth it produces. That this result
can best be secured through the protective -
tive policy of the republican party as
promulgated by McKinley , and reciprocity -
ciprocity as set forth by the lamented
Altogether the speeches were well 're-
ceived , 'and an intererestand enthusiasm
and admiration aroused in many breasts
that will go with them throughout the
Gentlemen of McCook.
Mr. P. A. Wells , the proprietor of the
. McCook Mercantile Co. , while in Chicago -
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DeGroff & Co.
Rev. Boggess has been reinstated as a
Congregational minister and the work of
forming a Congregational church here
goes merrily on. The church will start
in with about forty members. Twenty-
nine of this number come out of the
Presbyterian church.-Oberlin Opinion.
Grace Eaton , ( daughter of the old veteran -
eran James Eaton , now in the Grand
Island home , ) is now in the Home for
the Friendless at Lincoln and officers
have been here looking for the alleged
cause of her ruin. But it is understood
that the young man has left town. 'Tis
a sad case.
Mrs. Real , accompanied by her niece ,
Miss Marcella Halligan , recently of Mc-
Cook , left for Chicago , Monday , where
they will visit relatives for a few weeks.
Miss Halligan expects to enter the novitiate -
tiate of the sisters of charity at Dubuque ,
Iowa , this winter. She is an estimable
young lady and has many warm friends
here.-Grafton cor. Fairmont Signal.
West McCook was the scene of matrimonial -
menial gaiety , Monday evening , Mr.
Amen and Mrs. Bindewalt being the
high contracting parttes. The groom
was a widower with an endowment of six
children , while the widow was just as
well fixed in that line. So they set out
with an even dozen children between
them. They expect soon to enter upon
their wedding trip to Oklahoma , whither
they will journey overland with a pair
of oxen for motive power. The newly
wedded and happy couple were treated
to a charivari , Tuesday evening , which
is described by the people of that section -
tion of the city as being a corker with
several well defined sets of horns , lasting
through a vociferous period of about
four hours , and only concluded when
the horny-handed son of the Czar had
invested in a copious supply of the amber -
ber colored liquid for the crowd.
Mr. and Mrs. McClung Sr. , George ,
Ira , and Sam McClung , and William and
Barney Wright left , Monday , for the
Creek Nation , Indian Territory. There
was six wagon loads of them. They
were all good citizens and our people
are sorry to lose them. . . .Howard Ruby
and Jim Scarrow returned to Danbury ,
Tuesday. They came in on the "toot"
cars , leaving John Allen to drive the
team home after he has finished another
month's work. The boys did well while
in Colorado , but do not like the country
on account of the alkali . . . .Robert Gore ,
arrested at his home a few miles east o f
Lebanon , seven years ago , for a murder
committed in Illinois about twenty years
prior to that time , and sentenced to the
penitentiary for 14 years , has been liberated -
erated and arrived home , one day this
week. He is staying with his daughter
Mrs. SVill Eifert , north of Danbury.-
Danbury News.
Fine Printing.
We make a specialty of fine job print-
ing. Oursamples of fashionable and elegant -
gant stationery for invitations , programs
etc. , is not excelled in Nebraska.
Sidney J. Kent , populist candidate for
commissioner of public lands and buildings -
ings , speak in our city , Monday
evening next , October 22.
John M. Thurston at the opera house ,
McCook , Tuesday evening , October 23d.
Hear him.
Buy your tablets , inks and box paper s
of I , . W. McConnell & Co ,
An Evening With Phillips Brooks.
Arranged by the U. S. C. E. , there will
be given under their auspices , next Sunday -
day evening at 7:30 o'clock in the A. 0.
U. W. temple hall , the programme fol-
lowing. The music of the church choir
under the direction of Mrs. Utter promises -
ises to eclipse anything of the kind ever
beard in our city. A cordial invitation
is extended to all to come and hear
something about t h i s world famous
preacher. Arrangements will be made
for sufficient chairs to accommodate all.
Programmes at the door.
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : . . . . . . -
Singing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Choir
1 rayer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Leader
Extracts from Boston Memorial Addresses :
Tribute of Mr. Choat..Florence Thompson
't'ribute of Rev. Gordon. . .Olive Rittenhouse
Tribute of Lyman Abbott. . . . . C T. Watson
Solo , "Sweet and ; ' . . . . . . . . . . . . Utter
Selections from his Sermons and Letters :
Sermon , "The End..Minnie Whittaker
Lecture-a Sclection..Martna Battershal
Sermon , "New Experience.Lora LeHew
Solo or Duet-Provisional.-
Selections from his Poems-Recited :
"Easter " . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Burgess
"An Easter " . . . . . . . . . . . Whittaker
"Constant Christmas".Mrs. A. J. Clute
" " . . . . . . .
Song , "Christians Good-night.Choir
The High School Alumni.
Fifteen members of the McCook high
school alumni met at the home of Miss
Johannah Engel , last Saturday night ,
for the purpose of organizing an alumni
association. After some discussion a
temporary organization was effected with
the following officers : Miss Edna IIe-
serve , president ; Miss Augusta Hunt ,
vice president ; Miss May Stuby , secretary -
tary and treasurer. A committee on
constitution was selected as follows : Mr.
J. -Fowler , Miss Della Johnston and
Miss Hattie Varger. The next meeting
will be held subject to the call of the
committee , and will be when the committee -
mittee are ready to report a constitution
for the approval of the association.
Thirty-three pupils have graduated
from the McCook high school. Of this
number twenty-seven still reside in the
city and vicinity. It is expected that
the fifteen present on the evening of the
temporary organization will be joined by
most of not qnite all of the graduates
still living here.
A Successful Social.
The Baptist friends conducted a most
gratifyingly successful social in the A.
0. U.W. temple hall , last Saturday even-
ing. A musical and literary programme
of merit and excellence was given in the
fore part of the evening , which was most
satisfactorily rounded off with an oyster
spread. The programme rendered consisted -
sisted of a chorus by the choir-with a
soprano solo by Miss Ellington Wilson ,
a recitation by Miss Bertha Boyle , a
song by five young girls , an instrumental
trio by the Misses Bomgardner and Mr.
Ely , a'chorus and duet with Miss Wilson
and Mrs. Robinson , a solo by Mrs. Utter ,
a recitation by Mrs. Chute , and concluding -
ing with two choruses by the full choir.
The programme throughout was well
rendered , the several numbers being
warmly applauded and appreciated. The
affair in its totality reflected credit upon
all concerned , and deserved the measure
of patronage bestowed-and it was very
Ladies of McCook.
The McCook Mercantile Co. has just
received from New York city a full line
of the latest novelties in dress goods.
These goods were selected by Mr. J. Albert -
bert Wellswho was formerly in business
here , and his knowledge and taste in
such matters is well known to the ladies
of McCook.
Come and see what we have before
purchasing elsewhere. It will be a pleasure -
ure for us to show you what we have even
if you do not want to buy or cannot find
something to suit you.
Zane Teeter , who was arrested at In-
dianola , close of last week , for alleged
boot-legging during the county fair ,
eluded the deputy United States marshal
at this place , Monday evening , and the
officer left here empty handed. Zane ,
it will be remembered , had a little seance
with the federal grand jury at Omaha ,
not long since , for alleged moonshining.
You will find all the fruits , berries
and vegetables , in season , at Noble's.
And they will be the freshest and best
the market affords.
Fifteen ( I5) ) cents will buy a box of
nice writing paper at this office , con-
taming 24 sheets of paper and z4 envel-
We are selling meats cheaper than
any one in the city. And we do as we
advertise. F. S. WILCOx.
Abstracts of title will be furnished
promptly and accurate" byC.
C. T. BEGGs.
Dr : Price's Cream Baking Powder
Awarded Gold Medal Midwinter Fur , San Fancasco.
- . : , s
J. G TATS was a brief visitor , Monday
C. F. BABCOCP had business in Cul-
bertson , Tuesday.
DR. S. L. GREEN had business in In-
dianola , Tuesday.
MRS. JANE MAHANA is visiting her
daughter at Minden.
DR.T. P. LIVINGSTONof Plattsmouth ,
was a city visitor , Sunday.
W , GEORGE SHEPPARD was a city visitor -
itor , fore part of the week.
0. FRoST was up from Bartley , Tuesday -
day morning , on business ,
P. A. WELLS had business in Hastings
and Red Cloud , Monday and Tuesday.
C. C. BURR , the well known Lincoln-
ite , was a Commercial guest , Monday.
REVGEARHART of Indianola , was at
these all-around headquarters , Monday.
Hastings visitors , Monday and Tuesday.
RLMER GOCE LEY is visiting his parents
at Holbrook ; he may remain there all
down from Culbertson , on Wednesday
MRS. SAMUEL STRASSER is entertaining -
ing her sister , Mrs. Stern of Holdrege ,
this week.
C. T BEEZLEY and wife of Hastings
were guests at the Commercial , early
days of the week.
A. P SHARP departed , first of the
week , for Fairbury , Nebraska , where he
expects to make his home.
E. M MCGILLIN o f Youngstown ,
Ohio , and of Hitchcock county ranch
fame , was in the city , Tuesday.
MRS. E. J. MITCHELL of Indianola ,
was the guest of McCook friends , Tuesday -
day and Wednesday of this week.
CASHIER EBERT of the Citizens bank ,
was a Kansas City visitor , early in the
week , arriving home Tuesday evening.
BARNEY HoPER of the Hayes Center
Times , was in the city a few hours , Monday -
day , on his way home from his visit in
MR. AND MRS. A A. BATES feel very
grateful to all for the kindness and help-
fuluess shown them in their late sad
Miss ELLEN HALLIGAN , sister of Mrs.
C. J. Ryan , came up from Grafton , a few
days since , and will make her home here
for the present.
MRS. ED. JORDAN and children moved
up from Alma , close of last week , and
are living in the old Hollister residence
on Madison street.
MR. AND MRS. P. F. RUFINOT arrived
from Chicago , Monday night , and will
make their home with their daughter
Mrs. Joseph Menard.
persett and Lila Welborn of the county-
seat were up doing some shopping ,
Wednesday evening.
MRS. FARIIN , Horace Farliu a n d
Minnie Farliu , mother , brother and
niece of Lewis Farljn , are here from
Villisca , Iowa , visiting him.
BENJ. BARER was summoned to Jasper
county , Iowa , Wednesday , by the announcement -
nouncement of the death of an elder
brother. He left on the evening train.
MR. AND MRS. C. E. MILLER of Fair-
mont , were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Hupp over Sunday. Mr. Miller is a
banker and a brother of Mrs. Hupp. He
is also interested in this county.
MRS. J. F. GANSCHOW arrived home ,
Monday night , from Lincoln. Miss Ona
Simons returned on Sunday night. They
report the Christian Endeavor meeting
a splendid success , and having had a
delightful time.
MRS. W. C. LAToURETTE a r r i v e d
home , Wednesdap night , from her sad
journey to Hot Springs , South Dakota.
Her mother accompanied her and will
remain here. The widow of her brother
R. D. Tate , has gone to Iowa for the
H. STONE arrived home , Wednesday
morning , from a visit to Boulder , Long-
mont and other Colorado points. He is
quite favorably impressed with the
country and thinks of locating. Mr.
Nelson , who has been on the Meeker
farm this year , was with him , and has
rented an irrigated farm in that country.
JACOB PICKRELL expects to start for
Crab Orchard , Johnson county , latter
part of this week , to winter his stock.
He will drive overland , and will return
early in the spring to put in a crop. He
has an abiding yfaithin ? the future of Red
Willow county ; which we trust'willt be
fully realized , as he is oqe of our most
energetic farmers.
Teachers' Association.
The following is the programme of the
Red Willow County Teachers' Association -
tion , to be held at Beartley , on Saturday ,
November Loth , 1844 :
Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Devotional Exercises. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Address of Welcome..S. T. Parsons
"School-room Improvement and Decoration -
tion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Laura Paine Snyder
"Cultivation of the Sensibilities" . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jennie Holland ,
"How to Ask Questions" . . . . . . . . .J. E. Boyd
"Tlte Teacher's Personality" . . . . L. W. Smith
"Primary " . . . . . . . . . . . . . Welborn
Talk by County Superintendent J. H. Baystor ,
The School Officer" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
F. G. Stilgebouer and W. F. Miller.
Paper. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mrs. M. J. Cordeal
Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Talk. . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . .Wm. Valentine
Those expecting to attend please notify
Seth T. Parsons , Bartley , Nebraska.
All teachers present will be expected
to take part in the discussions.
The committee in charge is composed
of Seth T. Parsons , J. H. Bayston and
Addle Hanlein.
Still Uncertain.
Tuesday evening , Attorney W. S.
Morlan telegraphed Supt. A. . Campbell
of our city that the supreme court had
affirmed the decision of the district
court in the county-seat case , which was
in McCook's favor. On Wednesday ,
however , another telegram was received ,
from the clerk of the supreme court ,
to the effect that the supreme court had
modified its decision of the previous
day and that the case had been dismissed -
ed on the grounds that the contestant
Thomas was not a competent person to
bring such a suit.
What the next move will be time
alone will tell.
But this "modification" cost McCook
merchants a quantity of good kindling
wood , the band boys a little wind , a few
private individuals a small quantity of
fire works , Tuesday evening , and the
small boys some enthusiasm.
And the county-seat is still at Indian-
Frank Bartley of the tenth grade left ,
on Tuesday , for Malvern , Iowa , to join
his parents now living there.
The ball game between the McCook
and Trenton school clubs , Saturday , on
the home grounds , resulted in a decisive
victory for the local aggregation in a
score of IS to 4. As we have intimated
before , athletics are looking up.
Don't fail to hear the orchestra concert -
cert in the assembly room of the high
school building , this evening. The pro-
gramme will be unusually fine. Encourage -
courage the orchestra by your presence ,
and enjoy some splendid music at the
same time.
Elder McBride will be absent from the
city , next Sunday , consequently there
will be no preaching services at the
Baptist church. Sunday school as usual
in the morning and special Union Endeavor -
deavor exercises in the evening.
Preaching at the Methodist church
next Sunday morning and evening. The
subject in the morning , "The Fatherhood -
hood of God. " In the evening , "The
elder son. " Sunday school and the
Epworth League meeting at the usual
hours. '
Sermon topic for Sunday morning at
the Congregational church will be "The
City and Its Citizens. " Evening , "Con-
vention Echoes" Endeavor at 6:45 p.
m. , topic , "God Helping the Weak. "
Miss Norma Noble , leader. Sunday
school at 1o a m.
Their Second Annual.
The Walla Walla Tribe No. 20 , i. 0.
R. M. , of our city , have neat and attractive -
ive bills up announcing their second annual -
nual ball , which will be held in Menard's
opera house , Friday evening of next
week , October 26th. Tickets $ r.oo. Rei-
zensten's orchestra will provide the
music. The Red Men propose to open
the season with one of the most delightful -
ful balls of the year. Purchase a ticket
and enjoy the occasion.
Consult Holmes Bros , the carpenters.
Good writing paper ten cants a quire
at this office.
Perfumes and toilet powders at L. W.
McConnell & Co's.
Buy your tablets , inks and box papers
of L. W. McConnell & Co.
The wire fence has been removed from
around the city park block.
This week August Droll purchased
Jacob Steinmetz's stock of goods and
at once took possession.
The Catholic festival opened up last
night with an encouraging prospect. It
will continue tonight and conclude Sat-
urday'night. Danchng and supper each
Has Judge Welty Arrested Under
a Charge of Receiving
a Bribe.
Quite a sensation has been created
throughout the 14th district , this week ,
by the arrest of Judge D. T Welty on
the charge of receiving a bribe. The
complaint was sworn out Saturday by
A , D. Gibbs , late court reporter , and the
warrant was issued by Judge Anderson
of Furnas county. The arrest was made
on Monday by the sheriff of Furnas
county at Beaver City. The preliminary
hearing was set for Oct. 25th , and the
bond fixed at $ Iooooo.
The complainant Gibbs was recently
discharged from the position of court
reporter by Judge Welty , and John
Stevens , Jr. , son of John Stevens , Sr. ,
now populist representative from Furnas
county and up for reelection , was appointed -
pointed to succeed Gibbs. Both Gibbs
and Stevens were former employes of
W. S. Morlan of our city. This action
caused the arrest.
Among other allegations in the complaint -
plaint is one that Morlan paid Welty
$225 oo for Gibbsappointment as official
Another incident enlarged upon is the
fact that at the convention held in 18gt
when Welty was nominated for judge , a
pledge was secured from \Velty that he I
would not accept a pass from any railroad -
road under airy circumstances ; and
letters that could not have beet : secured
honestly by Gibbs are by ] tiny produced
in evidence on this point-that Welty +
has used passes and mileage , the latter
being used in this district as a blind.
This seems to be about a11 , if not all ,
there is iu this matter , and the fact is
doubtless not denied. But whatever
may be the merits of Gibbs' case , no
man will attempt to condone an offense
so offensive to and at variance with even
a low ideal of manhood and honor , as
violating private confidence and trust.
And again the public will doubtless indulge -
dulge the question which will naturally
arise in their minds , as to haw Gibbs
came into possession of original letters
front iris employer's office , or of even
copies of tare same.
Judge Welty is doubtless open to
political criticism for pledge-breaking in
using transportation and THE TRIBUNE
does not condone the offense ; but we
feel perfectly certain that the offense is
no graver than that , and hence have no
disposition to manufacture sentiment
against him or his party on that line.
As to the charge of receiving a bribe
from W. S. Morlan , we have reasons to
believe that the allegation is false , and
the preliminary examination on the
25th will bear us out on the statement.
As to ex-stenographer Gibbs , TuE
TRIBUNE will be excused for saying
that in his passionate peek and vigorous -
ous vindictiveness he has bitten offntore
than he can gracefully masticate , and if
he experiences some difficulty in swallowing -
lowing before the end of the chapter it
will not cause much wonderment.
Next Monday Mrs. E. E , Utter ex-
pectsto have her studio , room 3 in the
Union block , over Ganschow's store , in
readiness to receive pupils.
The southwestern Nebraska teachers'
association will meet in Ioldrege. Nov
ember t , 2 and 3.
Buy your tablets , inks and box papers
of L. W. McConnell & Co.
Patronize the Sunny Side Dairy of
Carson & West.
A nice variety of ink and pencil tablets -
lets at this office.
THE C. 0. 1) . STORE
17 lbs. Granulated Sugar . . . . . . . . . . ,
2 packages Javanese Coffeethe best
package coffee on the market ) . . . .a5
I lb. best Uncolored Japan Tea. . . . 45
I lb. of the 45c grade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
3 lbs. sun-dried Apples. . . . . . . . . . . . r
2 lbs. evaporated Apples . . . . . . . . . . .25
I good broom-a bargain. . . . . . . . , . . .15
Crawford's Genuine Apple Cider
Vinegar , per gallon . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
I gal. pure Ohio Maple Syrup . . . . . 1.25
I gal , fancy new Sorghum. . . . . . . . . . 50
6 bars White Russian soap , . . . . . . .25
3 cans Blue Valley Sugar . . . . . .
6 fat family mackerel . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
Salt Salmon per pound .to
New England Mince .cleat. . . . . . . . . .to
J. W. Mc1 ENN A ,
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma.