The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 28, 1894, Image 8

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    30 Days Net to Reliable Parties,
No Favorites. —
- - No Bad Debts.
FTBB a Very Thorough Test of the
— Credit System, I have concluded
It to change to CASH, or thirty days
; net to reliable parties. By this
means I shall increase trade and give
of what heretofore had to be charged
for uncol 1 ectable accounts. This is no
reflection on you, but a plain business
state in ement. I can easily afford to sell
at lower prices in this way.
A Change
. . Of Plan.
Spot Cash Always Buys The Best.
Knipple has just received a car
load of Loomis Flour, than which
there is no superior on this mar
ket, that he is selling at the very
lowest figure for such a high grade
and popular article.
Tablets, inks and pencils at this
MeMillen Brothers
are headquarters for
Harness, Saddles, Fly
Nets, Dusters, etc.
Well Digging.
If you want a well put down in doe
shape see Frank Nichols. He guaran
tees his work. Leave orders at ?. M.
Coehrap & Uo.'s.
Dr. A. J. Thomas, Dentist, office in
Union block, over J. F. Ganschow's.
Mixed Paints 90c a
gallon at McMillen’s
drug* store.
W.L. Douclas
! ^ 3.5P POLICE,3 Soles.
You can nave money by purchasing w. L.
Douglas Shoes*
Because, we are the largest manufacturers of
advertised shoes in the world, and guarantee
the value by stamping the name and price on
the bottom, which protects you against high
prices and the middleman’s profits. Our shoes
equal custom work in style, easy fitting and
wearing qualities. We have them sold every
where at lower prices for the value given than
any other make. Take no substitute. If yout
dealer cannot supply you, we can. Sold by
DEALER whose name will shortly ap
pear here. Agents wanted.
Apply at once.
srreeable Laxative and NSBYS TONIC,
j- DmgirUtior aent by mail.
OOperpaekaca. flr~lf~T free.
• , VA Hie Favorite TOOTS FOWSU
j XtUfortheTeethandPtaath.Sio.
As Described by a Medical
W nter.
The regular, old-fashioned fever
and ague or chills and fever is, in
deed, bad enough, but far worse to
bear is that kindred disease known
as chronic malaria. The old-time
chills and fever would produce a
distinct chill,followed by fever and
sweating, when the victim would
have a respite of one, two or three
days in which to recuperate and
regain his courage and strength.
But not so with chronic malaria.
Every day—morning, noon and
night—chronic malaria will plague
and tease its victim with misera
ble, creeping rigors, nasty, cold
sweats, bitter taste, coated tongue,
sallow skm, loss of appetite, con
fused mental faculties,heavy,stupid
listlessness, and a host of similar
symptons as infernal as they are
persistent—not a day’s intermis
sion nor an hour’s cessation. Work
is a wearisome worry, study sick
ening and senseless, and play a
prosy impossibility.
The ordinary treatment for
malaria is not of the least possible
use in such cases. It only seems
to aggravate it. Unless a thorough
course of Peruna is taken the
patient will seek in vain for med
ical relief. The effect of Peruna
is pleasant,positive and permanent.
Specific directions for the use of
Peruna in these cases can be ob
tained by sending for a free book
on malaria, published by The Pe
ru-na Drug Manufacturing Co. of
Columbus, Ohio.
You can buy 100 pounds of
good flour for $1.40, in 1,000
pound lots, from the McCook
Commission Co. They have a fine
high patent flour for sale at $2.00
per 100 pounds, in 1,000 pound
lots as well.
Cochran & Co. have on display
a large line of carriages, phaetons,
buggies, road carts, spring wag
ons, etc. Completest stock in Red
Willow county. Inspect them if
you want anything in that line.
Knipple always leads in fruits
and vegetables. He carries the
freshest and largest assortment
the market affords.
A Private Ditch.
Page Francis is surveying and platting
a ditch projected by William Byfield.
The head of the canal will be on Frank
Stillman’s land at the high bluffs near
the narrows and the ditch as now pro
jected will be three miles long, emptying
into the Willow. It is proposed to drift
up the river from the head of the ditch
and thus secure the underflow of the
river. The ditch will he known as “The
Byfield Irrigation and Water Power
Canal ”
When Bill»y wa» siclr, w gave her Cas oria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them. Castoria.
The Bryan democrats put up
the following ticket at Omaha,
Wednesday night: Governor, Si
las A. Holcomb; Lieutenant Gov
ernor, James N. Gaffin; Secretary
of State, F. B. Elliek; Auditor, J.
0. Dahlman ; Treasurer, James A.
Luikliart; Attorney General. D.
B. Carey; Commissioner of Public
Lands and Buildiugs, S. J. Kent;
Superintendent, W. A. Jones. The
bolters put up this ticket: Gov
ernor, P. D. Sturdevant; Lieuten
ant Governor, B. E. Dunphy; Sec
retary of State, D. T. Bohlf; Audi
tor, Otto Bauman; Treasurer, L.
Breidenthal; Attorney General,
John H. Ames: Commissioner of
Public Lands and Buildings, Jacob
Bigler; Superintendent, Milton
Opening of fall millinery at Mrs.
A. Barnett’s bazaar, on Thursday.
October 4th.
J3F“Buy your writing paper at
The Tribune office. All kinds in
stock and prices very reasonable
The McCook Commission Co.
has 50 tons of alfalfa—splendid
fattening feed—for only 45 cents
a bale. Also 150 tons of fine hay
at 50 cents a bale.
The Tariff, Financial, Hawaiian
and other questions of the day do
not interest the people hereabout
as much as the question where can
I get the most and best groceries
for the money. C. M. Noble can
answer the question to the satis
faction of all.
We had a good rain here—two
years ago.
Frank Cain contemplates going
up into Colorado to work a month
or so.
Our school is progressing nicely
under the scholarly instruction of
Miss Marsh.
Kate Dutfey visited with her
parents over Sunday. She return
ed. Monday, to her school in dist
rict 78.
Clifford Dunham,who is helping
make hay on the Dismal, reports
an enormous amount of grass in
that region.
Mr. Barr left, Friday last, with
his cattle for the western part of
Dundy county, where he intends
to winter his stock.
Uncle Jimmie Boatman is quite
lonesome now. Mrs. Boatman is
visiting in Iowa, and liis sons are
at work away from home.
James Cain,who has been occu
pying the Allam house, has moved
back to McCook. He stayed hard
ly long enough to become acquain
ted with his surroundings.
The people around here are con-1
verting their farms into cattle j
ranges. With another year like J
this the cowboy will be the prinei-!
pal inhabitants of this country.
Len Stevens and wife accompa
nied Mr. Barr up to Dundy county
and wrill be in his employ through
the winter. 'Dennis Dutclier and
Roy Barnes accompanied him also
to help take care of his stock.
There will be a Sunday school
entertainment at the school house,
next Sunday between 10 and 12,
a. m. An enthusiastic crowd is
the greatest encouragement the
scholars could have. All are invi
ted to attend.
E. F. Duffey and family, except
the daughters Bertha and Kate,
departed on Wednesday for Bell
ville Kansas, where they intend to
visit with relatives a short time.
They will go from there to Gales
burg, Illinois, near where they will
probably make their home.
Our merchants are receiving
their fail and winter goods
Dr. W. A DeMay was a visitor
to the county’s metropolis, yester
day afternoon.
A team composed of Indianola
and Arapahoe players defeated our
club on the home grounds, last
Saturday. •
Old lady Marshall is seriously
ill and her recovery is a matter of
doubt. Henry Randall is also on
the sick list.
There was a watermelon social
at the home of Mrs. Annis, Thurs
day evening, for the benefit of the
M. E. church.
Oman, McDonald and Sandon
came up from Lebancii, Sunday,
on their wheels. They made the
run in 45 minutes.
Leisure and Murphy returned
home, last Tuesday, from their
trip up iu the North Platte coun
try. They report having had a
splendid time.
S. W. Stilgeboner and wife de
parted for Illinois, last Tuesday,
whither they were summoned by
a telegram announcing the vary
serious illness of Mr. Stilgebouer’s
The New York Morning Adver
tiser has been charged with draw
ing the long bow when it states
that Grover Cleveland is the rich
est man who ever occupied the
White house, but insists upon the
correctness of its original state
ment. “We never had a president
in the White house,” it says, “who
greased his boots with government
tallow for economical reasons until
the gods gave us Grover Cleveland,
and in the matter of bank accounts
none of them can match him "
There were about S2.000 up on
the Holdrege-McCook ball game
at Arapahoe, yesterday, and as a
consequence some of our local
sports have money to throw at the
Eepublicans, register your vote j
in favor of a republican United j
States senator.
The McCook Commission Co
is making very low prices on flour,
feed and hay; and these prices will
be good for the next thirty days
Go to them when you need any
thing in their line.
The McCook Commission Co.
keeps a large stock of all kinds of
chop feed, corn and oats, at lowest
market prices.
Austin j. kittenhouse.
Office over the Famous Clothing storo
^^MFLAMATiO?iFT^~9LADDEg>.flMo !
Can’t Pull Out?
Why the
Bow on the Jas. Boss Filled
Watch Cases, made by the
Keystone Watch Case ConT
pany, Philadelphia. It pro
tects the Watch from the pick
pocket, and prevents it from
dropping. Can only be'had
with cases stamped w
with this trade mark.
Sold, without extra charge
for this bow (ring), through
Watch dealers only.
Ask your jeweler for pam
phlet, or send to makers.