The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 03, 1894, Image 8

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No Favorites. —
- - No Bad Debts.
30 Days Net to Reliable Parties.
J Zl FTER a Very Thorough Test of the
1 -.. (Credit System, I have concluded
t «©•- ----
| |L to change to CASH, or thirty days
: net to reliable parties. By this
means I shall increase trade and give
of what heretofore had to be charged
for imcollectabie accounts. This is no
reflection on you, but a plain business
statemement. I can easily afford to sell
at lower prices in this way.
Spot Cash Always Buys The Best. |
A Change
. . Of Plan.
v.'iicii Bal)V wa. sick, we gave her Cas.oria.
When the ua>a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, She clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
Independent County Convention.
The delegates of the Peoples’ Independent
Party are hereby called to meet in convention
at the court house in Indianoia. Nebraska, at
to o’clock a. m., August It, 1894, at which
time the following candidates will be nomi
nated: one candidate for representative, one
candidate for county treasurer to fill vacancy,
one candidate for county attorney, one candi
date for commissioner of second district, one
candidate for coroner to fill vacancy, and' to
elect eight delegates to attend the state con
vention to be held at Grand Island, August
24th, eight delegates to attend the congres
sional convention at Holdrege, August 14th,
and eight delegates to attend the senatorial
convention at Culbertson, August 16th, and
for the purpose of transacting such other bus
iness as may come before the convention.
The basis of representation will be one dele
gate for every ten votes or major fraction
thereof cast for J. H. Berge for county judge,
in 1893, and two delegates at large for every
precinct in the county, which will give each
precinct the following representation:
Alliance - - - - 8 Beaver - - - - 7
Box Elder - - - 5 Bondville - - - 6
Coleman - - - 4 Danbury - - - 6
Driftwood - - - 4 East Valley - - - 9
Fritsch - - - - 8 Gerver - - - - 4
Grant - - - - - 3 Lebanon - ... 5
Missouri Ridge - b North Valley - - 5
Perry.3 Red Willow - - 6
Tyrone - - - - 5 Valley Grange - 4
Indianoia - - - 15 Willow Grove - 22
It is recommended that no proxies be al
lowed in the convention. It is also recom
mended that the primaries for electing dele
gates be held at 2 p. m. on Tuesday, August
7th, and that at said primary, precinct officers
and central committeemen be chosen. It is
further recommended that delegates attend
all the various conventions by means of teams,
as many together as possible.
By order of the County Central Committee.
O. D Mosher, S. R. Smith,
Secretary. Chairman.
Republican Convention.
The republican electors of the Fifth con
gressional district of the state of Nebraska
are requested to send delegates from their
several counties in said district to meet in
convention in the city of Holdrege, Thursday,
August 9th, 1894, at 8:30 o’clock p. m., for the
purpose of placing in nomination a candidate
tor congress, for the election of a congres
sional committee and for the transaction of
such other business as may properly come
before said convention.
The several counties in said district are en
titled to representation as follows, being based
upon the vote cast for Hon. I. M. Raymond
for presidential elector in 1892, giving one
delegate at large to each county and one for
each loo votes or major fraction thereof:
Adams. 17 Harlan. 7
Chase. 5 Hayes. 4
Clay. 17 Hitchcok. 6
Dundy. 5 Kearney. 9
Franklin. 7 Nuckolls. II
Frontier. 8 Phelps. 9
Furnas. 10 Perkins. 4
Gosper. 5 Red Willow. 9
Hall. 16 Webster. 11
It is recommended that no proxies be ad
mitted to the convention and that the dele
gates present be authorized to cast the full
vote of the delegation. ]. L. McPheely,
D. M. McElhiney, Secy. President.
The McCook Com
mission Co. has the
best grades of Flour
at bottom prices.
Well Digging.
If you want a well put down in fine
shape see Frank Nichols. He guaran
tees his work. Leave orders at S. M.
Cochran & Co.’s.
For harness warranted to be first
class in material as well as in work
manship; also the most complete and
best stock of saddlery, see L. Penner.
second door south of A. 0. TJ. W.
Corked faced collars, light, cool and
elastic, warranted not to gall horse’s
shoulders, for sale by L. Penner. Sec
ond door south of the A. O. U. W.
temple building.
Ink, pens, pencils school tablets, etc.,
at The Tribune stationery department.
Dr. A. J. Thomas, Dentist, office in
Union block, over J. F. Ganschow’s.
Seventy-five cents buys a scale book
of 500 tickets at this office.
Bananas only 25 only 25 cents a
dozen at Knipple’s.
Knipple is selling bananas at 25
cents a dozen.
Lettuce and radishes at Knipple’s
grocery store.
County Attorney Dodge arrived
home, Wednesday night, from a
visit up in Grant county, with his
sons, looking for feed. He reports
hay plentiful up there, but that it
is impossible to get the feed out of
the country, so parties are taking
their stock there to winter. He
states that Matt. Droll, Henry T.
Church, Irv. Spaulding and others
have adopted this plan.
The reporter wrote it August 7.
The compositor set it August 17.
The proof reader did not do his
duty, although it was his own wed
ding notice; and that is how it
happened that last week’s Courier
said that Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Mitch
ell would be at home to their
friends after August 17.—Courier.
Tomorrow’s county convention
will be among the warmest ever
held by Bed Willow Bepublicans.
Senatorial Convention.
The People’s Independent Party Conven
tion is hereby called to meet at Culbertson,
Nebraska, August 16th, 1894, at 10 o’clock a.
m., for the purpose of placing in nomination
one candidate for state senator for the 29th
senatorial district, and transacting such other
business as may come before the convention.
The basis of representation will be one dele
gate for every 100 votes or major fraction
thereof cast for Hon. Silas A. Holcomb for
judge of the supreme court, and one delegate
at large for eacb county which gives the fol
lowing representation by counties: Chase. 5
Frontier. 9 Dundy. 5
Gosper. 6 Hitchcock. 7
Hayes.3 Red Willow. 8
It is recommended that no proxies be al
lowed and that the delegates present be em
powered to cast full vote of the convention.
J. W. Olmsted,
Acting Chairman and Secretary.
Senatorial Convention, District]29.
The Republican electors of the 29th district
are requested to elect delegates from their
respective counties to meet in Cambridge,
August 17th, 1894, at I o’clock, p. m„ for the
Surpose of placing in nomination one candi
ate for State Senator, and to transact such
other business as may come before the con
The basis of representation will be one
delegate at large from each county, or.e for
each 100 votes or major fraction thereof cast
in 1893 for H. D. Estabrook for regent, which
will give the following number of delegates
from each county:
Chase. 4 Hayes. 5
Hitchcock. 7 Furnas.10
Red Willow. S Frontier. 8
Dundy.5 Gosper. 4
Done by order of the committee.
J. P. Lindsay, Chairman.
James John, Secretary.
McMillen Brothers
are headquarters for
Harness, Saddles, Fly
Nets, Dusters, etc.
Frank Moore went to Danbury,
first of the week.
Samuel Ball interviewed some
of the Republicans at this place,
last Wednesday.
Rev. Carmichael preached to a
good sized congregation at this
place, last Sunday.
Quite a number of our people
expect to attend the camp meeting
at Cambridge, next week.
•J. C. Moore, Isaac Horton, J.
W. Pagitt and C. S. Blair are the
delegates unanimously elected to
the Republican County Conven
tion and are pledged to Frank
Moore for representative.
General Pleasanton of “Blue
Glass” fame is dead. There are
plenty of young mothers, readers
of The Tribune who have grown
up since “blue glass” became a
national craze and can tell their
little ones of it only by hearsay.
Yet at one time it created a great
sensation in the country. Gen
eral Pleasanton had a theory that
the rays of the sun coming through
blue glass had peculiar health
giving properties. People put
blue glass in their doors and
windows and skylights; they put
blue glass in their conservatories
and in their stables. Invalids sat
| under blue glass and experienced
wonderful cures—and to-day the
craze is as dead as idolatry in the
land. Thus wags the world awar.
While Mr. Cruzen, in Frontier
county, candidate for secretary of
state, only secured his delegation
to the state republican convention
by the skin of his teeth, and the
opposition has started a paper to
fight him in his own county, J. A.
Piper will not have to make any
such canvass. He will go into the
convention with the hearty support
of the county and neighborhood
where he lives.—Stamford Enter
The house promptly knocked
out the senate’s million dollar ap
propriation for the eradication of
the Russian thistle. Now let the
people knock out the thistle and
that will end the war.
Big rains over north of us
John Leisure had business at
Indianola, this week.
W. A. Minniear was a McCook
visitor, first of the week.
The building of our new school
house is progressing finely.
Powell Bros, shipped a carload
of hogs, this week. The stock
train was a day late, this week.
T. E. McDonald is putting up
his windmill. S. W. Stilgebouer
will put his mill up, this week also.
John LeLong and Will Stilge- j
bouer and their families started on j
Wednesday for the eastern part of
this state.
W. H. Harrison moved into his
new' residence, this week. J. W.
Leisure is moving into the Harri
son home.
Sanford Cass started for Ohio,
last Saturday evening. Joseph
Cass and family started Thursday
for Ohio. Their father is not ex
pected to live.
The delegates to the Republican
county convention from Beaver
precinct are: S. R. Messner, J. F. j
Boyer, Thomas Boyd, Wm. Hind
man, F. P. Eno and Wm. Hierse-1
korn. The precinct ticket nomin
ated is: J. W. Leisure for asses
sor,William Riersekorn for justice
of the peace, Charles Gentry for j
constable, William Hiersekorn for
road overseer of district 24, and J. i
W. Ruby for road overseer of dis-!
trict 42, John L. Leisure and A.B. ;
Smith for clerks of election, J. W. j
Ruby, Thomas Musgrave and S. R.!
Messner for judges of election.
..—. —
Willow Grove Precinct—The
Independent electors of Willow
precinct are requested to meet at
the city hall in McCook, Neb., on
Thursday, August 7th, 1894, at
2 o’clock, p. m., for the purpose of
electing 22 delegates to the county
convention to be held at Indianola,
Nebraska, August 11th, 1894, and
to nominate precinct officers.
The gold reserve is now down
to 12 per cent of the government’s
note obligations, or considerably
below what is required of the
smallest national bank. The gov
ernment ought to see to it that its
reserve is kept at least as substan
tial as that which it exacts from
The Tariff, Financial, Hawaiian
and other questions of the day do
not interest the people hereabout
as much as the question where can
I get the most and best groceries
for the money. C. M. Noble can
answer the question to the satis
faction of all.
Cochran & Co. have on display
a large line of carriages, phaetons,
buggies, road carts, spring wag
ons, etc. Completest stock in Red
Willow county. Inspect them if
you want anything in that line.
Do you know that woven wire
fencing is the best and cheapest
fencing on earth ? S. M. Cochran
& Co. have a large stock of all
sizes. Don’t fail to see their line
before buying.
Knipple always leads in fruits
and vegetables. He carries the
freshest and largest assortment
the market affords.
Flour and Feed of
all kinds at McCook
Commission Co.’s.
Don’t Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your
Life away is tbe truthful and startling title of
a little book that tells all about Nd-to-bac
the wonderful, harmless guaranteed tobacco
habit cure. The cost is trifling and tbe man
who wants to quit and can’t, runs no physical
or financial risk in using No to-bac—Sol.? h,
all druggists. Book at drug stores^ br man
free Tbe Sterling Remedy Co.. fndTanl Mm
eral Springs. Indiana. Aug. 25_t yr.