The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, June 22, 1894, Image 5

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    DON’T BE
Don’t be misled by the statements of merchants
.... claiming that they can....
first-class groceries right along-as low
i claim they can save you money it you
th them. Below we give a few items.
Pickels, per bottle, • $ .10
Onions, per bottle, - - .10
Chow Chow, per bottle, .10
Catsup, per bottle, • .20
Raisins, per pound, - .05
Best Tea in McCook, lt>, .50
Syrup, per pail, - - .05
Jell, per pail, - - .65
Mince Meat, per package, .10
Clothes Pins, per dozen. .02
Peas, per can, - - - , .10
Corn, per can, - - - .10
Alaska Salmon, per can, .12+
Everything else in proportion.
Always the Lowest and Best
Values Can be Found at
No. 2, through passenger. 5:40 A. M. ;
No. 4. local passeuger.9:10 P. M. 1
No. 70, freight.0:45 A.M. I
No. 04, freight.4:30 A. M. I
No. Hi), lreight .30:00 A. M.
No. 148, freight, made up here . 5:00 A. M.
No. 3. through passenger.11:35 P.M.
No. 5, local passscnger.9:25 P.M.
No. 03. lreigbt.5:00 P. M.
No. 77, freight.4:20 P. M.
No. 149, freight, made up here.8:00 A. M.
No. 175, leaves at.;.8:00 A. M.
No. 178. arrives at.5:40 P. M.
PF"Note:—No. 83 carrr-iS passengers for
Stratton, Ilenkelman and Haigler.
All trains run daily excepting 148. 149 and
178. which run daily except Sunday.
No. 3 stops at Benkelman and Wray.
No. 2 stops at Indianola, Cambridge and Ar
No. 80 will carry passengers for Indianola,
Cambridge and Arapahoe.
Nos. 4. 5.148, 149 aud 178carry passengers for
all stations.
You can purchase at this office tickets to all |
principal points in the United States and Can
ada and baggage checked through to destina
tion without extra charge of transfer. For
information regarding rates, etc. call on or
address C. £ MAGNEK. Agent.
One of R. A. Brown's children is down
with the fever.
Mrs. George Burns and daughter
Bertha departed on Tuesday night for a
visit in Ottumwa, Iowa.
Mrs. Santford Stapp has been here
past week or two settling up her deceased
husband's estate matters.
Fred Washburn, wife and child ar
rived home, Tuesday night, from their
visit in Bromfield, this state.
Mrs. Frank Harris went down to Dav
enport, Wednesday morning, returning
the same night, accompanied by her
daughter Alice.
Mrs. J. W. Holliday left for Lincoln,
Tuesday morning, to make a protracted
visit. Frank Rockwell accompanied
her home.
Engineer James Ford of Red Cloud
has been let out of the company's ser
vice on account of "burning out” his
engine. Harris is on his run now.
We have it pretty straight that a
prominent mail clerk on the B. & M.
and one oi our handsome school mams
will be married ere many more moons
have passed.—Hastings Tribune.
Engineer Ressler fell out of the cab of
his engine at this place. Wednesday,
and received injuries that will demand
that his nose be court plastered until it
Tains.Mrs. Anna Stansby and Della
Herrington narrowly escaped being run
down by fast freight No. 63. last Sunday
p. m. They endeavored to cross the
track ahead of the train and the horses
balked on the crossing. But for the
cool head of the former lady a horrible
accident would surely resulted.L. H.
Sheppard has resigned his position with
the B. & M. at this place.—Holbrook
A new ballast plow was sent from
McCook to Sheridan, this week, to be
used out on the front. . The boys say
that the McCook engineers think it
rather hard to have to go through an
examination on train rules and train or
ders before pulling trains on main line.
The boarding house keepers are kicking
on the boys for burning so much oil
nights, but the boys must read up their
little black-covered books..... A man
whose name is supposed to be John Sailer
of Culbertson, Nebraska, was killed,
Sunday morning, the 10th, a mile west
of Ardmore by train 4S, engine 295,
Conductor C.outant, Engineer Nolan.
The supposition is that he and two other
men stole a hand car and were run into
by the train. He had on his person a
cheap gold-filled watch and chain, three
door keys, five skeleton keys, one store
door key, one pair hair clippers, one
jacknife; one grip key, pocket book con
taining 11 cents, and two razors. The
remains were turned over to Constable
Anderson of Fall River county, and
buried at the expense of the county.—
Alliance Grip.
According to a recent article in the
Railroad Gazette, the steam city rail
roads of London earn only $73,000 a
mile per annum. It appears the New
York railroads carry a far larger number
of passengers and run quicker and make
more stops than the London roads. In
New York it takes from 12 to 15 seconds
ior the people to get into and out of the
cars, but in London it takes about 30
seconds, although the cars in London
have side doors, which are supposed to
afford greater facilities for the ingress
and outgo for passengers. The Gazette
says that the superior speed on the New
York roads is largely a matter of smarter
working. An underground road ought to
be able to make greater speed, for it can
use heavy engines and so get up to the
maximum speed quicker; but, on the
other hand, it is questionable if what
they gain in this way is not lost in the
greater caution needed in working heavy
trains and working them in tunnels.
These elements necessitate absolute
blocking; but, on the elevated railroads
of New York, worked in what is almost
always a clear atmosphere and with but
few obstructions to a long sight ahead,
the trains can be run safely at a consid
erable speed without block signals. One
train can run right up to the tail of an
other and thus take advantage of every
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria,
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov’t Report
Mr. Benedict, the assistant hostler in
the Oxford railway yards, went to Mc
Cook, Thursday evening, to accept a
position as fireman. Mr. Benedict has
grown quite popular while here and his
friends regret to learn of his departure.
Charles Bloom has been promoted to the
position he vacated.For the first
time since the organization of the rail
way postal service in 1858, congress has
re-classified the salaries of postal clerks.
The measure became a law last Saturday
and is said to largely increase the com
pensation of these faithful servants of
Uncle Sam. The postal clerks of this
city are felicitating themselves that they
will hereafter draw from $15 to $20 more
per month than formerly’. . Accom
panied by Mrs. T. and children, W. S.
Tomlinson left for McCook, Monday
evening, to assume his new duties as
passenger brakeman between Denver
and Hastings. A residence of nearly
five years here has gained for his family
many friends who will deeply regret
their departure and as earnestly wish for
their subsequent return to our city-.
Mr. Tomlinson still retains his propertv
interests here.—Oxford Standard.
The national convention of the railway
yardmasters began at Peoria, 111., last
Tuesday morning. Among the reports
was one by D. A. Shaw of Indianapolis,
on car couplers. Mr. Shaw was deputy’
third auditor during President Harrison's
administration and was instrumental in
securing the passage of a bill by congress
requiring air brakes and automatic self
couplers to be put on all freight cars.
It now transpires that there is too great
a variety of self couplers, there being
twenty-eight kinds, and the next con
gress will be asked to amend the bill so
as to make them uniform.
Sam Wilde’s little baby is very ill
w-ith the pneumonia.
Auditor Foreman was here, yesterday,
on business.
You will find all the fruits, berries
and vegetables, in season, at Noble's.
And they will be the freshest and best
the market affords.
Fifteen <151 cents will buy a box of
nice writing paper at this office, con
taining 24 sheets of paper ar.d 24 envel
opes. _
For Rent—The J. Albert Wells resi
dence of seven rooms. Inquire of P. A.
Wells, over Citizens bank.
Fine and complete line of calling cards
at The Tribune. Also order taken for
engraved cards.
Abstracts of title will be furnished
promptly and accurate by
C. T. Beggs.
Brewer actually sells corn fed beef 40
per cent, cheaper than anybody.
Buy meat at Brewer's at hard times
prices. He beats them all.
Try Meadow Lily at McConnell’s.
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria.
$10 Reward
Will be paid to the subscriber who will send
us the first correct list of the the three men
who will be nominated for governor in this
state by the three parties this year in the reg
ular state conventions. Each guess to be ac
companied by a campaign subscription to the
Weekly Bee with 25 cents. This subscription
will entitle you to the Weekly Bee from July
I to December I. Any old subscriber can
send in his guess and receive credit for it and
have the paper sent to any address he may
see fit. The award will be made immediately
after the three state conventions have ad
journed. In case no correct guess be sent in,
the money will be awarded to the first guess
that is nearest correct. Awards will be made
only on the choice of each convention and
not on the result of any action taken after the
adjournment oi the convention.
Send in your guess in the following shape:
Guesser's Name..
P. 0 .
State . .
Republican .
Unless otherwise directed, tne paper will he
sent to the name and address of the guesser.
Address ail orders and guesses to
Omaha. Nee.
^-No guess received after August loth.
Awarded Highest Honors at the World’s Fair.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes—40 Years the Standard,
Dear Gresham:—One more boon I crave,
1 trust in your affection,
Tis not to murder Dole, the Knave,
Or put down insurrection;
Tis tg>t my crown but me to save,
1 write in deep dejection.
And so a package I must have
Of Parks’ Tea for my complexion.
When I received your cablegram
1 thought I sure would famt
For though I often use Parks’ Tea
’Tis not for your complaint.
I feared that Mrs. G. would think
Wrong about our connection
'Til on her dresser there 1 saw
Parks’ Tea for her complexion.
—Sold by McMillen.
If you have a horse that has poor appetite,
is stuped, hair rough, run down in flesh, and
out of fix generally, use Morris’ English
Stable Powder and you will be surprised at
the result. One package will add ten dollars
to the value of a poor run-dowr. horse, colt
or mule. Full pound package 25 cents.—5
for $1.00. Sold by McConnell A: Co.
A positive and speedy cure for Cholera,
Gapes, Roop and all diseases of chickens,
ducks, geese and turkeys. Is composed of
the purest and best drugs obtainable and is
the best egg producer known. The price of
one fowl invested in this remedy will ward
off disease from the whole flock. Price 25
cents. Sold by .McConnell A: Co.
Morris’ English Stable Liniment removes
all hard or soft lumps, puffs, saddle or collar
galls, scratches, rheumatism, barbed-wire
cuts, bruises, sprains and deformities of every
description, l'he most remarkable discovery
of the nineteenth century, originated by a
celebrated English veterinary surgeon; pene
trates to the bone itself. Price 50 cts. and
Si.00. Sold by McConnell A Co.
In horses, sheep and dogs positively pre
vented and quickly cured by using Craft's
Distemper and Cough Cure. Safe to use
under all conditions. One dose prevents, one
bottle cures in three to six days. Send for
‘•Treatise" and testimonials from breeders
who have used it for many years. Address
the Wells Medicine Co., LaFayette, Ind.
W. P. Bayes of 2405 Jones st., Omaha, Neb.,
says of Parks’ Sure Cure: “My wife has been
constitutionally wrecked for years. Tried
everything fruitlessly. My druggist's persua
ston. backed by his guarantee, induced me to
buy a bottle of Parks’ Sure Cure. The results
are truly wonderful. Parks' Sure Cure for the
Liver and Kidneys is a positive specific for
the diseases of women.” Sold by McMillen.
John C. Lutton of LeRoy, N. V.. a promi
nent grocer and G. A. R. man says: “1 have
been troubled with indigestion and biliousness
for years. Tried Parks’ Tea and it has cured
me. 1 recommend it to everybody.” Sold by
Mrs. W. J. Fahey of LeRoy, N. V., says:
“Have tried fifty cough cures. Parks’ Cough
Syrup is the only one that helped me. I know ;
it is the best Cough Remedy." Sold by Me-!
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria. |
Hot Springs, South Dakota, ie a place that j
everyone should visit.
It’s a health resort: the best :n the west.
It's a charmimg place where pure a:r and j
healing waters put sickness to flight and j
make anything but perfect health well-nigh j
an impossibility.
Invalids, no matter what their ailment, I
should give Hot Springs a trial. It’s sure to !
benefit them, more than likely to cure.
How to get there Why, by the Burlington j
Route, of course. It’s the line. Ask the local j
agent for full information or write to the un- j
dersigned for a beautifully illustrated pam-1
phlet. J. FRANCIS. ,
G. P. T. A., Omaha, Neb. |
On June 23d to July4tb, Burlington Route
agents at stations wiibin 150 miles of Beatrice
will sell tickets to that city at one fare for the
round trip. June 21 and 22 the same low rate
to Beatrice will apply from all stations in
Nebraska. Tickets and full information upon
application to local B. & M. agent.
Annual Convention Nebraska Sunday
School Association. Fairfield, Neb., June 26 to
28. Tickets on saie to Hastings. Neo., June 24
to 28, inclusive.
For the above occasions parties paying full
fare going will be returned at one-tb;rd fare
on presentation of certificate signed by tbe
proper officer, providing there are one hun
dred or more paying full tare in attendance.
Take receipt when purchasing tickets.
National Educational Association. Asbury
Park, N. J.. July 10-13, 1894. For tbe above oc
casion we will sell round trip tickets for one
first-class fare plus f2. Tickets on saie July
6 and 7.
Annual meeting United Societies of Chris
tian Endeavor. Cleveland. Ohio. July 11-15,
1894. Tickets on sale July 8 and 9 at one first
class fare for the rouDd trip.
Annual meeting Baptist Young People’6
Union. Toronto. Ontario, July 19-22, 1894.
Tickets on sale jnly 16 and 17 at one first-class
fare for the round trip.
Annual encampment Grand Army of the
Republic. Pittsburg, Pa., September 8-10,1894.
Tickets on sale September 5 and 6 at one first
class fare for tbe round trip.
Crete Cbatauqua Assembly. July 3-14, 1894.
One fare for round trip. Tickets on sale July
3 and 4.
Annual convention National Republican
League, Denver. Coio.. June 36.
Annual meeting Imperial Council Mystic
Shriners. July 21-2.
Annual meetingLeague of American Wheel- ■
men, Denver. Coio.. August 10-1.
For tbe above occasions we will sell round
trip tickets to Denver. Colorado Springs and
Pueblo at one fare for the round trip.
Tickets on sale June 12 and 13. 23 to 25. July
21 to 23 and August 9 to 12. inclusive.
Transit limits continuous passage in each
direction east of Colorado common points.
Final limit in each case, thirty days from day
of saie. Stop-overs will tie allowed after
reaching the first Colorado common point,
either on going or returning trip, within final
limit. C. E. MAGNER.
J. FRANCIS, Agent.
G. P. A.
Clearance Sale.
r GOODS. -
li. LOwman
& Sou.