The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 23, 1894, Image 7

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    Chamberlain't Eye A Skin Ointment.
A certain cure for Chronic Bore Eye*. Tetter,
Balt Kbeum. Scald Head. Old Chronic Sorea,
Fewer Boros, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches,
Bore Nipple* and Pile*. It I* cooling sod
•nothing. Hundred* of oases have been cured
by It arter all other treatment had failed. It
is put up In 26 and 60 cent boxes. For sale by
George M.Cbenery. Now-20-lyear.
Don’t Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your
Life away Is tbo truthful and startling title or
a little book that tells all about No-to-bao,
the wonderful, harmless guaranteed tobacco
habit oure. The cost Is trifling and tbe man
who wants to quit and can't, runs no physical
Or fluanolal risk In using. No- to bac—Bold by
all druggists. Book at drug stores or by mall
free. The Sterling Remedy Co., Indiana Min
eral Springs, Indiana. Aug. 86—lyr.
A New Entertainment—“A rab
bit buut were tbe mysterious words ou
the invitations issued by a society baoh
elor for a few intimate men and women
friends lo pass an eveniug with. Some
of tbe uninitiated did not realize the
full significance of the occasion how
ever, until, alter some excellent music
and a game of progressive hearts, small
tables were brought in, each equipped
with a chafing dish and the other para
phernalia and ingredients for a genu
ine Welsh rarebit, which expert mem
bers of a popular chafing-dish olub pro
ceeded to concoct. Favors for the
ladies were toy rabbits filled with the
dainty oonfections which it is au fait
to carry in tiny silver bonbonnieres.
About midnight a ghost story was call
ed for, which- was thrillingly told by a
dramatio raoonteur, with the lights ef
fectively low; but whether some mis
creant, as at one memorable ghost story
party, suddenly turned up a light at an
unexpected moment and disclosed
things intended to be strictly entre
deux, is a point about which all tbe
guests are suspiciously reticent.—From
“Chat,” in Demorest’s Magazine for
More serious sickness is produced by
allowing the bowels to remain in a tor
pid or partially constipated condition
than from any other cause. In many
instances diseases are produced from
which people never wholly recover.
Dyspepsia, piles and nervous disorders
are*three of the most common and most
serious. They are caused by neglect
ing the bowels, and can be prevented
by an occasional doBe of St. Patrick’s
pills, which always produoe a pleasant
cathartic effect, and not only physic,
bat cleanse the whole system and regu
late the liver and bowels. 25 cents per
box for sale by MoConnell & Go.
/ Owe it
To suffering humanity to tell the
great benefit my wife has received from
Parks’ Sure Cure, the truly great liver
and kidney oure. She has been con
stitutionally wreoked for several years.
Tried everything fruitlessly. After a
large amount of persuasion from my
druggist, baoked by his guarantee, 1
bought a bottle of Parks Sure Cure and
the results are more than wonderful.
W. P. Bayes, Omaha, Nebraska. 8old
by McMillen.
Will Wake Heat Lay.
Wells’ Hoosier Poultry 'Powder is
the greatest egg produoer known. A
small sum expended for it will pay one
hundred per cent on the cost in an in
ereased amount of eggs, as it furnishes
all the material neoessary for their con
struction, and keeps the hen in a good,
healthy condition. Price 25 cents. Sold
hy McConnell.
Speech is silypr in Colorado, and
Louisiana’s sweetheart is sugar.
One My Sirs
She had been troqblcd for years with
a baching cough. Had many doctors
and tried fifty cough cures, but grew
worse all the time. She finally tried
Parks’ Cough Syrup and found imme
diate relief. It begins at the bottom
of the disease and is the best cough
remedy on the market Refer any suf
ferer to Mrs. W. J. Fahey, Le Roy, N.
T. Sold by MoMillen.
To Hone Owners.
For putting a horse in a fine and
healthy condition use Morris’ English
Stable Powders. They tone up the
system, aid in digestion, cure loss of
appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidney disoiders and destroy worms,
giving new life to an old or over-worked
horse. 25 cents per paokage, 5 for $1.
Sold by McConnell.
Mr. Frederick Miller, of Irving, III.,
writes that he had a severe kidney
srouble for many years, with severe
pains in his hack, and also that his
bladder was affected. He tried many
so-called kidney cures but without any
good result. About a year ago he be
gan the use of Eieotrio Bitters and
fouud relief at once. Electric Bitters
are especially adapted to tbe cure of
all liver and kidney troubles and often
gives almost instant relief. One trial
will prove our statement. Price only
50c for large bottle. At McMillen’s
drug store.
Persons troubled with rheumatism
should read the following from Mrs. N.
M. Peters, of East Des Moines, Iowa.
She says: “I had suffered with rheu
matism the greater part of the time
for nearly seven years. At times I was
almost helpless. 1 doctored a great
deal for it with physicians, and tried
electric delts, patent medicines and al
most everything that is recommended
for rheumatism. Finally a neighbor
advised me to try Chamberlain’s Pain
Balm, and was so sure that it would
help me that I procured a bottle. And
it did help me, right from the start,
but it took five fifty-cent bottles to cure
me, so you can guess how bad I was,
as one or two bottles will cure any or
dinary case. For sale by McConnell.
Morris’ English Worm Powder,
A specific remedy for worms; warrant
ed to care the worst case of worms
known, or money refunded. Knocks
pin worms in horses every time. Also
good for all kinds of worms in horses,
sheep and dogs. Price 50 cents at ail
drug stores, or postpaid by mail. The
Wells Medicine Co., LaFayette, In
diana. Sept. 8—1 vr.
Distemper—Cause and Treatment
Is the title of our little book which
tells all about one of the most loath
some and dangerous diseaaeo affecting
horses, sheep, and dogs, with unques
tionable proof of the merits of Craft’s
Distemper and Cough Cure in the treat
ment of the same. Sent free by ad
dressing The Wells Medicine Co., La
Fayette Ind. The remedy is sold by
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction or money refunded. Price 25
cents per box, at McMilled’s.
A hoodoo—the due bill.
Liver and Kidney Cure.
Parks’ Sure Core is the only guaran
teed remedy. Its action is quick and
positive. Will stop that back-aehe and
sick head-ache. A positive specific for
alt diseases of women. Why suffer
when it will cure you? Sold hy McMil
len, the druggist
How’s Your Horso?
Morris’ English Stable Liniment will
positively cure his lameness, sprains,
bunches, swe«ney, galls, puffs, pool evil,
scratches, callouses, barbed-wire cuts,
and flesh wounds of every description.
No other preparation epuals it for
promptness, safety and economy. Price
50 cents and $1. Sold by McConnell
AH Ills That Pills
Are good for are treated more suc
cessfully by Parks’ Tea. It is not a
cathartic, no griping or pain, yet moves
the bowels every day. Guaranteed by
We are printing the date to which
each subscriber has paid his subscrip
tion to The Tribune along with the
address. Watch the date and you will
know if you are in arrears. If you are
please come and See us.
Dr. Humphrey’s new specific for the
Grippe iB meeting with a phenominal
sale. A sure cure—almost infallible,
curing 99 cases out of 100. For sale
by all druggists.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Awarded Highest Honors World’s Fair.
Improvements in Machinery and
Large Volumes of Business
There never was a time when news
papers were an good anil so cheap m
they ire uow. When TtfB STATE
Journal began mailing their paper
twice a week at the same old price of'
One Dollar, tiie enterprise was hailed
with delight, and tens of thousands of
new names have been added to the list.
The Semi-Weekly Journal has
made a contract with The Chicago
Weekly Inter Ocean whereby it can
send both papers a whole year for $1.25.
Ibis gives readers three papers a
week—Two Journals and one Inter
Ocean. It is simply wonderful the
way orders are rolling in for this offer.
The Journal and the New York
Weekly Tribune are also $1.25 per
Gov. Furnas has charge of The
Journal’s agricultural department,
and I. L. Lyman ib the poultry editor,
which makes it unnecessary for Jour
nal readers to take farm or poultry
papers. Its news features are away
ahead of the old-fashioned weeklies
giving telegraphio news' and market
reports several days ahead of the week
lies. Annin’s Washington correspon
dence is a big feature. There is no
question about your getting a big Dol
lar’s worth.
The Journal’s $1.90 offer is a hum
mer: The Journal, Inter Ooean,
Nebraska Defender, Womankind, and
American Farm News, five papers a
year for $1.90.
To any one who will pend The
Journal three new subscribers with
$3.00, the paper will be sent a whole
year free. Sample copies and premi
um list sent free to any address. Send
your orders to
Nebraska State Journal,
Lincoln, Neb.
The egotist has no use for the dotted
i—he inflicts capital punishment on
his readers.
“There is little in woman’s advice,
yet he that won’t take it is not over
wise,” says Cerventes. This proverb
ii most aptly illustrated in the follow
ing item:
During the fall of 1882, while my
dau{ hter was teaching in the country
near here, she contracted a severo cold
and cough. I sent her a bottle of the
Chamberlain Cough Remedy, and the
effect was so satisfactory, that on her
recommendation the entire neighbor
hood began its use, and with the most
satisfactory results, which has contin
ued with increasing confidence ever
since.—J. H. Reinhart, Druggist, Al
ton. Kansas. 50 cent bottles for sale
by McConnell & Co.
Rounders are seldom on the square.
For a quarter of a century Dr. King’s i
New Discovery haB been tested, and
the millions who have received benefit
from its use testify to its wonderful
curative powers in all diseases of the
throat, chest and lungs. A remedy
that has stood the test so long and that
has given so universal satisfaction is
no experiment Each bottle is posi
tively guaranteed to give relief, or the
money will be refunded. It is admitted
to be the most reliable for ooughs and
colds. Trial bottles free at McMillen’s
drug store.
W. I. Church, of Staunton Post, G.
A. R., says: “I have tried nearly every
cough remedy but have found nothing
to compare with Parks’ Cough Syrup.
There is nothing on earth like it for
bronchitis. I have suffered ever since
my discharge from the army and Parks’
Cough Syrup is the only remedy that
has ever helped me. ”—Sold by A. Mc
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Mrs. N. Weyette, the Genesee coun
ty treasurer of tbe W. C. T. U. and a
very influential worker in the cause of
women, says: “ 1 have used Parks’
Tea, and find it is the best remedy I
have ever tried for constipation. It re
quires smaller doses and is more
thorough. I shall use nothing else in
future.” Sold by A. McMillen.
Parks’ Sure Cure is a positive speci
fic for women who are all “ran down”
and at certain times are troubled by
backaches, headaches, elo. Sold by A.
Sheriff’s Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale directed to me
from the district court of Bed Willow county,
Nebraska, on a judgment obtained before
Hon. D.T. Welty. judge of the dlstnot court
of Bed Willow county. Nebraska, on the 18tb
day of December. 1893. In favor of George A.
Dewey as plaintiff, and against Elbert J. Hen
derson et al.. as defendants, for the snm of
five hundred sixty-eight ((588.00) dollars and
ninety-eight (98) cents, and costs taxed at
(22.18 and accruing oosts, and Burton k
Harvey on tbe same day on their cross-petition
having obtained a decree forthesumof (33 25.
I bave levied upon the following desanbed
itate taken as tbe property of said de
lta to satisfy said judgment, to-wit: Tbe
ilf of the northwest quarter and the west
:he northeast quarter of section tweo
. In township two, north of range
nine, west of the 6th P. M.. in Bed
county. Nebraska. And wUl offer the
1 sale to tbe highest bidder, for cash
on the 13th day of March, A. D.. UN.
T the south door of tbe oourt house
ila. Nebraska, that being tbe build
bereln the last term pf court Was held,
hour of one o’olook; P. M.. of said day.
id where due attendance will be given
undersigned. Dated February 1. UN.
Incorporated Under State Laws.
Paid Up Capital $50,000. Surplus $10,000.
f&anfting % business.
Collections made on all accessible points. Drafts drawn on
principal cities of Europe. Taxes paid
for non-residents.
Tickets for Sale to and from Europe.
V. FRANKLIN, President A. C. EBERT, Cashier.
The First National Bank, Lincoln, Nebraska.
The Chemical National Bank, New York City.
Tfte First National ©anf?.
$100,000. I
GEORGE HOCKMELL, President. B. M. FREES, Vice President. IV. F. LAWSON, Cashier.
Says she: “That air gal of Dekin
Pogratn, she don’t know—why she just
don’t know pntty, she don't. There’s
that air gal, she burned her hand aw
ful, so she did, and instead of a puttin’
on Haller’s Australian Salve whicb ud
tuck all the fire right straight out and
jist made it git well right off, so it jist
would, why she jist put on lots of stuff
and—and—you jist bet she'll know
better next time. For sale by McCon
nell & Co.
“If you don’t look better, feel bet
ter, eat better and sleep better, bring
it back.” That is what we say when
we sell a bottle of “Parks’ Sure Cure.”
If you are not feeling just right, if
your bead aches; your back aches;your
stomach distresses you; if you are “out
of sorts” and don’t kuow what the
trouble is, why don’t you try a bottle
on this guaranteed plan? “We will
take the ohances if you will take the
medicine.”—Sold by A. McMillen.
I want you to understand, John
Henry, that you ain’t to drink that
Haller’s Sarsaparilla all up; I got it
for pap and me. Pap he sez—mam—
yon go down and git a bottle of Hal
ler’s Sarsaparilla and Burdock and git
over feeling so tired and bad and git
rid of all them pimples. So let that
alone now. For sale by L. W. McCon
nell & Co.
If four boys and two girls coughing
16 times a minute can be cured with
one bottle of Haller’s Sure Cure Cough
Syrup, how many bottles will it take to
cure four girls and two boys coughing
9 times each a minute. A Tommy
Tupper book for each solution. Haller
Prop. Co., Blur, Neb. For sale by L.
W. McConnell & Co.
When Baby was siok, wo gave har OMtoria.
When she was a Child, die cried for Ogdona.
When die became Mas, ahe ofamg to Oadoris.
When aha had Children, ahe garo them Caatoria.
What is it? It is a bottle. What
is in the bottle? Syrup. Why do I
see it in so many houses? Because
everybody likes it What is it for?
For ooughs, colds, croup, whooping
cough and consumption. What is its
name? Parks’ Congh Syrup.
This is to certify that I have been
using Chamberlain’s Eye and Skin
Ointment for salt rheum, and find it
all yon reoommend it to be. In fact it
is the best I have ever used.—James
McGarvin, Albion, Idaho. For sale by
MoConnell & Co.
We have yet to find any case of barb
wire cut that Haller’s Barb Wire Lini
ment will not cure. We absolutely
guarantee it and McConnell & Co. will
refund the cash for all proving unsat
isfactory. The Haller Proprietary Co.
It Curas.
Parks’ Gough Syrup will cure oolds,
coughs, croup and whooping cough.
The standard home remedy in thousands
of families for all lung diseases. Guar
anteed by McMillen.
A eup of Parks’ Tea at night moves
the Dowds in the morning without pain
or disoomfort. Sold by A. McMillen.
His Second Wifa
Told him the secret of her very good
health. She used Parks tea every
night Sold by MeMillen.
Children Cry for Pftahor’s Cmtortf
The Leading Weekly in West
ern Nebraska.
Will Cure Cramps, Colic, Cholera
Morbus and all Bowel Complaints.
PRICE, 25c., 50cm and $1.00 A BOTTLE.
You Win Find
Legal Blanks, Stationer).
Pens, Ink, Blank Books,
Letter Files and Copying
Books, Writing Tablets,
Etc., Etc., Etc.,