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    J'l* JVi&UBt.
The current number of the Ir
rigation Age contains a valuable
article on “Irrigation by the Use
of Windmills” from the pen of B.
A. McAllester, land commissioner
of the Union Pacific railroad. His
attention was drawn to this method
of supplying the deficiencies of
nature in the semi-arid region
while attending the irrigation con
vention held at Salina, Kansas, in
September last. Believing that
there was something in the meth
od worth investigation, he immed
iately secured reports from all the
stations and laud agents of the
Union Pacific in the western coun
ties of Kansas and Nebraska and
the eastern counties of Wyoming
and Colorado.
From these sources he secured
the names of over 200 farmers
who are successfully irrigating
their lands by means of mindmills,
and from these men he proceeded
to derive close and accurate in
formation about their methods and
the results reached. He gives a
record of the amount of water
raised, the amount required to
supplement the average rain fall
in the extreme western counties of
Kansas and Nebraska, and con
cludes that a few hundred dollars
invested in a reservoir, a well and
windmill will irrigate from ten to
fifteen acres, with no expense for
operation and a very slight out
lay for repairs. His conclusions
are stated m these paragraphs:
It is my opinion that the future
irrigation of the plains country is
to be largely carried on by means
of mindmill pumps. Each man
can, independent of his neighbors,
or any irrigation
company, and at a cost not exceed
ing $250, irrigate from ten to fif
teen acres of his quarter section,
and ten to fifteen acres
properly irrigated and
carefully cultivated is as much as
any one man ought to undertake
to cultivate under irrigation. On
this irrigated ground he can raise
those crops which will bring in
the best financial returns, and can
thereby insure himself and his
family sufficient income to more
than support them independent of
the fluctuations of the natural rain
fall. On the remaining portion of
his 1G0 acres he can raise by dry
farming, the same crops in charac
ter and amount as he is now get
ting, and two years out of three
he is bound to get magnificent
eiops from the non-irrigated land.
I am further convinced that if
ten acres out of each quarter sec
tion of the plains country were ir
rigated the resultant evaporation
from the necessary reservoirs, and
from the irrigated land, would so
disturb the existing climatic con
ditions that the long droughts
which are new liable to be exper
ienced would be permanently
broken up, and that the average
aunual rainfall instead of coming
at frequent peiiods and in heavy,
driving storms, always causing
more or less damage, would be ob
tained at frequent intervals, and in
the shape of gentle rains, which
would do the greatest amount of
good. The result would be that
from the non-irrigated land would i
be obtained each and every year
fully as good crops as were obtain
ed in western Kansas and N e
braska in 1891 and 1892.
There is a great field for wind
mill irrigation in the western
counties of this state, and we look
forward with confidence to a time
when every farmer in the west will
provide himself with the means of
fighting the drought on at least
one corner of his farm, and thus
save himself from a crop failure,
no matter how unfavorable the
season may be.—Journal.
The Culbertson Era very feel
ingly warns its readers against its
Commissioners’ Proceeding's.
Iudienola, Nebraska,
January 12th, 1894.
Uoar.t met pursuant to adjournment. Full
board present.
On motion tbe following claims were audit
ed and allowed:
J. 8. Modreli, battling lumber aud work
on bridge. $ 5-25
J. 8. Modreli, annual settlement district
No. . 21.00
Patrick Caslien, hauling lumber and
work on bridge. 3.0U
Hoard continued examiuatlou of the county
treasurer’s aceounls during the day.
On motion board adjourned to meet January
13th. 1894.
Attest: 8AMUKL Youno,
Geo. W. ttoper. Clerk. Chairman.
Indianola, Nebraska,
January 13th, 1894.
Board met pursuant to adjournment. Full
board present.
On motion the following claims were audit
ed and allowed:
O. Woods, work on roads. f 3.00
T. 8. Graham, work on roads. 4.60
II. N. Graham, work ou roads. 6.00
8. 8. Graham, transportation for pauper
(Barber). 16.87
8. 8. 0raham, assisting commissioners ... 34.20
F. M. Kimmell. bar dockets, etc. 27.76
F. M. Kimtnell, blanks. 6.00
J. M. Short, meals fur .Ished jury. 6.00
Melvin H. Young, digging grave for T.
J. Malone. 1.50
W. o. Bond, clerk's fees in state versus
Williams . 13.53
E. K. Banks, sheriff’s fees, state versus
Williams. 5.75
Charles Robertson, wituess foe in state
versus Williams.-. 5.20
Frank Kellogg, witness fee in state ver
sus Williams . 5.C0
Ed. Ruby, witnees fee ic state versus
Williams. 5.40
Carl Kube, witness fee in state versus
Williams. ...... 5.20
Joseph Boss, witness fee in state versus
Williams.^. 5.00
Mark Durham, witness fee in state ver
sus Williams. 5.30
James Wingate, witness fee in state
versus Williams. 5.30
Columbus Wise, wituess fee in state
versus Williams. 5.20
Due notice having been given that the board
would oil this day receive sealed bids for pub
lishing tbe commissioners' proceedings, legal
notices, and delinquent tax list, during tbe
year 1894. The following bids were received
and opened:
Bid by Indianoia Courier:
For printing delinquent tax list one-half the
legal rate. For printing legal notices one-half
rate allowed by law. For publishing commis
sioners’ proceedings one-half legal rate.
By IndeDendent of Indianola:
For publishing commissioners' proceedings
and legal notices free, provided the Independ
ent is designated as the paper in which to pub
lish the delinquent tax list for this year.
By Independent Enterprise, McCook:
For publishing commissioners’ proceedings
and all legal notices, free of cost. For pub
lishing tax list, legal rate.
By Times-Democrat, McCook:
For publishing commissioners’ proceedings,
legal notices and delinquent tax list, at tbe
rate allowed by law—less 40 per cent.
By McCook Tribune:
For publishing delinquent tax list one-third
legal rate. For publishing commissioners’
proceedings one-half cent a line. For publish
ing legal notices one cent a line.
On motion further consideration of bids laid
over until January 17th, 1891.
Board adjourned to meet January 16th, 1894
Attest: Samuel Young,
Geo.W. Koper, Clerk. Chairman.
Indianola. Nebraska,
January 16th, 1894.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Present Samuel Young and J. M. Thomas,
commissioners, and Geo. W. Koper, clerk.
On motion the following claim was audited
and allowed:
James Boatman, annual settlement dis
trict No. S5.t 19.00
Board continued examination of treasurer's
accounts during the day.
Board adjourned to meet January 17th, 1894.
Attest: Samuel Young.
Geo.W. Koper. Clerk. Chairman.
Indianola, Nebraska,
January 17th, 1894.
Board met pursuaut to adjournment. Full
board present.
On motion the following claim was audited
and allowed:
Ed. Kuby, work on road.$ 6.00
In the matter of printing commissioners'
proceedings, legal notices and tax list during
year 1894. The board having given each bid
due consideration find that the bid of The
McCook Tribune to be the lowest and best
bid, and on motion the contract for printing
the commissioners’ proceedings, legal notices
and delinquent tax list, duriug the year 1894,
is awarded to F. M. Kimmell of The McCook
Tribune at the prices bid, viz: Publishing
delinquent tax list one-third the legal rate.
Printing the commissioners’ proceedings one
half cent a line. Printing legal notices for
couuty one cent a line.
Mr. Thomas voting no.
Board continued examination of treasurer’s
accounts during the day.
Board adjourned to meet January 18th, 1894.
Attest: Samuel Young,
Geo.W. Koper. Clerk. Chairman.
Indianola, Nebraska.
January 18th, 1894.
Board met pursuant to adjournment. Full
board present.
On motion tbe following official was appoin
ted to fill vacancy:
J. F. Rollins, overseer road district No. 10.
Petition of John Payton, John R. Young et
al. asking for the location of a public road
read and considered. Tbe board find that al;
owners of land along the line of proposed road
have given consent in writing thereto, on mo
tion same is granted establishing a public
road as follows:
Commencing at the southeast corner of sec
tion 26. towuship 3. range 26, thence we6t on
tbe section line to the northwest corner sec
tion 34, thence north to tbe northeast corner
of section 2S, terminating thereat, all in town
ship 3. range 26.
On motion the following claims were audit,
ed and allowed:
Q. R. Miles, work on road.S 2 50
Sam McClung, work on road. 6.00
N. D. Wyckoff, work on road. 5.00
Ira McClung, work on road. 8.00
F. P. Eno, hardware for bridges. 7.C0
Harrison & Harrison, merchandise for
pauper E. G. Smith. 5.00
E. J. Mitchell, stationery for treasurer
and sheriff. . • 10.30
John Newberry, work on road. 5.00
Eli Harger. work on road. 6.00
Pade & Son, coffin for child of Henry
Walker. 7.50
L. A. Admire, board for Samuel Sloan. 3.00
C. L. Miller, board for Ben Stoddard— 1.70
8. E. Hager & Co., coal for oounty. 44.80
J. T. Armstrong, superintendent, cloth
ing for C. McCrosky. 20.46
L. W. McConnell & Co., medicine for F.
W. Bennett. . 3.25
P. A. Brower, medicine forE G. Smith.. 3.15
P. A. Brower, rent of building for elec
tion, etc. 4.40
T. F. Welborn & Son, Move etc. for court
house . .— 19.90
J.C. Shumaker, oil and glass for court
room. . 5 30
W. O. Bond, clerk of the district court.
postage and express.. 7 00
Indianola Hardware and Implement Co.,
hardware for bridge. 23 37
O. I). Mosher, stove for treasurer. 15.25
N. J. Johnson, work'>n bridge. 0 25
C. K. Newberry, work on roads. 5 00
W. 8. Fitch, annual settlement district
No. 0 for the year 1891. . 10.00
W. S. Fitcb, annual settlement district
No. 9 for the year 1892. . 10.00
Andy Barber, annual settlement of dis
trict No. 28 for 1893 . 32 50
Adelbert We6t, annual settlement dis
trict No. 37 for 1893. 15.00
J. W. Dutcber. annual settlement of dis
trict No. 20 for the year 1893.. . 27 29
T. J. Kuggles, annual settlement of dis
trict No. 10 for the year 1893. 13.90
Joseph Menard.merch&Lidise for paupers 57.30
P. Walsh, work ou roads— . 12.00
8. M. Cochran & Co., bridge material— 16.13
W. O. Bond, drawing jury etc. 3.00
W.O.Bond, fee in case of Matie Chenery,
insane. 5.75
F, W, Eskey, fee in case of Matie Chen
cry, iusatie. 8.00
J. H. Berge, fee in case of Matie Chen
ery, insane . 3.00
W. T. Henton, cash advanced, same. 40.00
On county bridge fund levy 1893 as follows:
Barnett Lumber Co., bridge material...f 134.32
8. E. Hager & Co., bridge material. 89.80
Barnett Lumber Co., bridge material... 130.05
Barnett Lumber Co., bridge material... 9 25
W. C. Bullard & Co., bridge material_ 127.85
J. A. Cass, bridge material. 333.19
On motion board adjourned to meet January
19th, 1894. Samuel Youno,
Attest: Chairman.
Geo. W. Roper. County Clerk.
Indiauola, Nebraska,
January 19tb, 1891.
Board of county commissioners met pursu
ant to adjournment. Present Samuel Young,
C. J. Ryan and J. M. Thomas, commissioners,
and Geo. W. Roper, county clerk. Minutes of
previous meeting read and approved.
On motion following claims were allowed
and warrants drawn for same on the county
bridge fund levy 1893:
George Younger, bridge work.$ 7.00
Board continued examination of treasurer s
accounts during the day.
On motion board adjourned to meet Janua
ry 30th, 1894. Samuel Young,
Attest: Chairman.
Geo. W. Roper, Countv Clerk.
Indiauola, Nebraska,
January 20th, 1894.
Board of county commissioners met pursu
ant to adjournment. Present Samuel Young,
C. j. Ryan and j. M. Thomas, commissioners,
and Geo. W. Roper, county clerk. Minutes of
previous meeting read and approved.
The following county official was appointed
and his official bond examined and approved:
Andy Barber, county surveyor.
The following claims were allowed and war- J
rants drawn on 1893 levy couuty general fund:
State Journal Co., stationery. . J 57.20
job. Spotts. work on bridges. 5.00 1
W. T. Henton, tax erroneously paid. 5.70 !
j. W. Toruey, repairs ou plow and scra
pers . . 1.051
Matthias Stadler, work on road. 30.00 j
Mrs. S. Young, board of Lizzie Craig.... 7 00
Frank Schmoldt, two plow beams .. . 5 00
Board continued examination of treasurer's
accounts during the day.
On motion board adjourned to meet January
22d, 1894. Samuel Young, j
Attest: Chairman.
Geo. W. Roper. County Clerk.
Grover’s team does not seem
to be growing any more tractable.
Uncle Grover has sent in to
the senate the name of Judge
Peckham for the associate supreme
judgeship. It is not thought he
will meet with Hornblower’s fate.
Cambridge is preparing to put j
on a whole lot of style in t h e
spring: Water works and elec
tric lights are among the contem
plated frills. Cambridge is the
best town of its weight in the val
ley. Good luck to her and her
enterprising, genial people.
It only required four rounds for
the Hon. James Corbett, U. S. A.,
to polish off the Hon. Charles
Mitchell, B. I., with neatness and
dispatch. Twenty thousand people
witnessed the brutal affair, and
Governor Mitchell’s puissant mili
tia, without arms, gallantly encir
cled the enthusiastic multitude.
The chinook winds are said to
be the cause of our warm winter.
Rev. Carmichael preached last
Sabbath, and pi esided at the S. S,
Frank Moore was re-elected
Supt.; Mrs. Richmond,Ass’t Supt.;
Wm. Crosby, Secretary: August
Broman, Treasurer, and Louie
Walton, Librarian.
The cross-roads literary society
will debate the question,Resolved:
“That a man should not be requir
ed to pay tax on any more than
the assessed value of his property,
less his indebtedness.”
18 pounds of granulated sugar
for One Dollar at Knipple’s.
We Continue this Our Fifteenth
Liberal Discounts in Prices to Make Them Move Rapidly.
f=j i Manager.
The Lircoln Call, always one of the
very foremost of newspaper dailies,con
tinues to improve. It has recently add
ed Walt Mason, the best known of
western humorists and authors, to its
staff. Its condensation of the news of
the world and its ‘‘Fresh Nebraska
News” are features of especial excel
lence, and these, with its increased As
sociated Press reports, makes it in
every sense a complete newspaper. Its
price, $5 per year, is little over half
that ol tiie other dailies, and it is not
to be wondered at that its list is mak
ing a wonderful growth The Weekly
Call is $1 a year.
. .OF THE . .
Ruildingand Saving? Association
on the .5oth dav of December, i8q5
First Mortgage Loans.$48,250.58
I.oans secured by Stock of this Asso
ciation . 1,550.00
Real Estate. 1,920.93
Insurance and Taxes Paid. 133-15
Cash with Treasurer. 1,525.49
Capital Stock, paid up.849,591.57
Premiums Unearned. 3,120.51
Dues Prepaid. 12.50
Contingent Fund. 455-57
State ok Nebraska,)
Red Willow County. \ v>‘
I, G. VV. Kaime, Secretary of the above
named Association, do solemnly swear that
the foregoing Statement of the condition of
said Association, is true and correct to the
best of my know ledge and belief.
G. W. KAIME, Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn to before me tins 10th
day of January, 1S94. A. C. Ebert,
Notary Public.
My commission expires Aug. 2, 1808.
Frank Harris,)
T. B. Campbell, Directors.
J. A. Wilcox, ) 3ts.
tasr-OFFlCK-Fiont rooms over I.owman A
Sou’s store. Residence-402, McFarland St.,
two blocks north of McEntee hotel. Prompt
atteutiou to all calls.
Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the aunuai meet
ing ot the stockholders of The McCook Irri
gation and Water Power Co. will be held at
the secretary's office in McCook on Wednes
day, Feb. 7th, 1S94, for the purpose of electing
directors and transacting such other business
as may come before said meeting.
McCook, Neb., Jan. 3d, 1894.
Charles A. Hanna, President.
Charles H. Meeker, Secretary. 33-5ts.
- ■ ■ BB1 a a
■ 31k* m ]S3
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Waff Paper ...
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L. W. IJcCoimell & Co.
For First-Class
LeLundry Work.
McCook, - - - Nebraska.
J. S. McBkayf.e. Milton Osborn.
^o6RWER 4 0S30fl/v
Proprietors of the
McCook Transfer Line
V* %i
Bus. Baggage and Express.
. ..In the City....
Leat e orders for Bus Calls at Commercial
Hotel or our oflice opposite depot.
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Daily.$4.00 per year
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S®'”Nigbt calls answered at office.
Office: In rear ot First National Bank.
Has just received his fall and win
ter stock of Cloths and Trimmings
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able as possible. Shop first door
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