The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, November 24, 1893, Image 8

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Women’s Best Glove Calf Shoes.$1.50
Women’s Best Oil Grain Shoes. 1.50
Women’s Pebble Grain Shoes, solid. 1.00
Women’s Fine Dongola Kid Shoes.. 1.50
Women’s Extra Quality Kangaroo Calf Shoes. 2.00
Men’s Grain Congress and Bluchers.$2.00
Men’s Grain Veal Congress. 1.40
Men’s Prime Oil Grain Boots. 2.50
Men’s Prime Kip Boots. 2.50
Men’s Solid Split Boots. 1.40
Eight Lines of School Shoes from the Best Factories m the Country.
I3F"Groceries at Nobles’.
Pure Drugs at Chenery’s City Drug
Store. _
You can get anything in queensware
at cost at Knipple’s.
Writing tablets at The Tribune
stationery department.
Paints, Oils, Glass and Putty at
Chenery’s City Drug Store.
Club House cheese, nothing finer, for
sale at Anderson’s grocery.
Dr. A. J. Thomas, Dentist, office in
Union block, over Knipple.
Seventy-five cents buys a scale book
of 500 tickets at this office.
Log cabin maple syrup, finest in the
market, at Anderson’s grocery.
Hecker’s self-rising Buck-wheat at
Andersen’s grocery. Try a package.
S. M. Cochran & Co. carry a large
line of buggies in stock. See them if
you want a good vehicle cheap.
Noble is the only exclusive grocer in
the city. His stock is the largest and
his prices correspond with the times.
Remember that S. M. Cochran & Co.
now carry in stock a full and complete
stock of builders’ hardware supplies.
J. H. Ludwick is buying and selling
second-hand goods at the old stand on
west Dennison street. Give him a call
or drop a postal card.
McMillen Bros, have a splendid as
sortment of Robes and Horse Blankets.
Their stock of Harness and Saddlery
is unequalled in western Nebraska.
Don’t build a fence around your
property until you have seen and priced
that woven wire fencing at S. M.
Cochran & Co.’s. Nothing cheaper,
neater or better.
Ladies wanting great bargains in
millinery should be sure to call on Mrs.
M. E. Barger, west Dennison street,
cast of Predmore’s blacksmith shop.
That's the place to secure them.
Pure Ohio and Can
ada Maple Syrup. No
log’ cabin goes with
this—It sells itself.
Knipple warrants it.
Very Finest Uncol
ored Japan Teas for
50c. a pound at Knip
ple’s. Every pound is
warranted by him.
Alfalfa fed beef has
the finest flavor. Try
some at B. & M. Meat
market. It’s great.
Use McGonnell's Fragrant Lotion
for Chapped Hands and Face.
Well Digging.
If you want a well put down in fine
shape see Frank Nichols. He guaran
tees his work. Leave orders at S. M.
Cochran & Co.’s.
Beware of peddlers. Call and in
spect the Household sewing machine
sold by S. M. Cochran & Co. before
buying a machine. There is no better
on earth.
Don’t forget that the Barnett Lum
ber Co. is in the coal business. They
always have on hand a full supply of
hard and soft coal of best grades.
IN QUEENSWARE Noble carries
the largest assortment and the richest
designs of the season. His prices are
Thompson & Co. have moved into
the A. O. U. W. building. They have
a larger and better stock than ever.
Noble carries a large and complete
stock of the best brands of canned
goods of all kinds.
Sixteen pounds of Granulated
j Sugar for One (1$) Dollar at Knipple’s.
Ink. pens, pencils school tablets, etc.,
at The Tribune stationery department.
Hecker’s self-rising Buck-wheat at
Anderson’s grocery. Try a package.
Use McConnell’s Fragrant Lotion
for Ghapped Hands and Face.
Nothing' in market
like Wilcox’s alfalfa
fed beef. Bo not eat
poor meat any longer.
North Divide people are jogging
along about the same as usual.
Fred Carter is figuring on buy
ing a farm a few miles west of this
Neighbor Pat lias been doing
some very needy work in the way
of fencing.
A. F. Reeves will look after the
road affairs in this district for an
other year.
There is considerable sickness,
of a light nature, throughout this
James Brady has improved the
looks of his house by the addition
of several coats of paint.
A. J. Hanlein is home from his
Akron visit and has hired out to
Joe Allen of Frontier county.
We understand that Michael
Dooley is arranging to have his
sister reside with him in future.
Some of the young folks are
anxious to have a Christmas tree
and entertainment again this year.
Uncle Billy Johnson has been
overhauling and fixing up his sta
ble to be in readiness for that ear
ly storm.
It may not be generally known,
but it is said that we have an en
tirely new kind of Methodist in
our midst.
There is talk of starting a liter
ary society here, but judging from
past experience, we would consider
it a waste of time.
The writer has been dabbling
around trying to do some so-called
painting, much to the displeasure
of all concerned.
North Divide’s teacher is highly
delighted at the “notes” that are
sent him occasionally from would
be ambitious parents.
A number of the young folks
from here attended a social, last
Thursday evening, at the home of
Mr. Harrison, “over beyant.”
M. E. Piper, an all-around clev
er chap, and former instructor of
the Divide school, is at present
teaching up in the Spaulding dis
trict with much apparent success.
An Epworth League was for
mally organized at Box Elder, last
Tuesday evening, the 15th instant.
They will meet on Friday evening
of each week, and we hope that
much good may be the result of;
this move.
Ret'. Vivian of the Box Elder
M. E. church, is an unusually
bright and thoughtful speaker, and
large and appreciative audiences
greet him each Sabbath. A series
of protracted meetings are being
held there this week.
It has been said that if one is
anxious to have other people know
you right well, all that is necessary
is to run for some office or make
sorghum m®lasses. This we get
from one who, it appears, has been
there himself, don’t you know.
Farmers in general have been
taking advantage of the pleasant
weather, gathering what might
have been a large yield of corn.
If we will be permitted to use a
slang expression we will say that
“everything will be up and a corn
in’ ” another year, and even some
of the independents are looking
forth to better times. CoxxiE.
Make Noble your family grocer and
many other blessings will fall to your
lot, besides having the best groceries on
your table that the market affords.
S. M. Cochran & Co. have an im-j
mense stock of farm implements on
hand. See them before buying else
Hanging and stand lamps, a large ‘
and fine variety, at Anderson's grocery.
Freshest fruits the market affords are
to be purchased at Knipple’s grocery
Perfumes and Toilet Articles at
Chenery’s City Drug Store.
Old and Young, Big and Little,
Will find what they want in our
.... OF....
New Novelties, Pleasant Surprises, Immense
Quantities, all at the Lowest Prices. Come
and see them. Everybody welcomed.
McCook Book ^Stationery Co.
They have just received three cars
of fancy alfalfa fed heifers at the B.
& M. Meat Market from Colorado.
It is the finest meat ever placed on
the butcher’s block in this city, and
it costs no more than poor, tough \
grass fed meat. Try it and see.
Cut your $ $ $ where they will do
the most good, where they will secure
the best and the most groceries for in
stance. You will make no mistake if
Noble’s is the place of deposit. He
gives the limit in quantity, quality and
value, and his stock cannot be duplicat
ed in Western Nebraska.
The burning question with house
wives of all lands, all creeds, and all
ages is: “Which is the best Cooking
Stove?” S. M. Cochran & Co. answer
this question today by proclaiming the
“Ciiarter Oak Stoves” to be the
best in every conceivable shape.
Log cabin maple syrup, finest in the
market, at Anderson’s grocery.
School tablets in great variety at
Chenery's City Drug Store.
B. & M. Flour and Feed Store.
Pillsburys Best,.$1.50 per sack.
Boss, granulated H. P... 1.35 per sack.
Monogram “ “ 1.20 per sack.
Charm “ “ 1.10 per sack.
“ 1-10 per sack.
Jack Frost, winter. 1.00 per sack.
Faultless.85 per sack.
1 avorite.30 per sack.
Pride of McCook.75 per sack.
llye Flour, Graham. Buckwheat.
Flour and Corn Meal. Bran, Shorts,
Chop Feed. Grain and Hay. All goods
delivered free. J. J. Garrard,
211 Main street. 'Manager.
Sewing* machines at
$5.00 per month on
the installment plan
at Pade & Son’s.