The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, November 03, 1893, Image 1

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Our Fall Stock Complete
In Every Department.
Ladies’, Misses’ and Children’s Cloaks, Boots^and Shoes.
We have made heavy purchases on a
Declining Market For Cash.
And we are going to sell goods
Be Sure to Examine Our Stock
And get prices before making your purchases.
^41 CASE &■»»
Bargain House.
No. 2, through passenger. 6:40 A.M.
No. 4. local pnssenger.11:40 P.M.
No. 6, through passenger.4:10 P.M.
No. 80. freight.9:00 A. M.
No. 148. freight, made up here..5:00 A. M.
No. 1. through passenger .11:25 A.M.
No. ;l. through passenger.11:35 P.m!
No. 5. local passsenger. 8:45 P. M.
No. 63. freight. 5:00 P.M.
No. 149. freight, made up here . 6:00 A.M.
la^NdTE:—No. 63 carri s passengers for
Stratton. Itenkelumn and Haigier.
All trains mil daily excepting 148, 149 and
176. which run daily except Sunday.
No. 1 stops at Stratton. Benkelmnn & Wray.
No. 3 stops at Benkeliuan and Wray.
No. 2 stops at Indianola. Cambridge and Ar
No. 6 does not stop between McCook and
No. 80 will earry passengers for Indianola,
Cambridge and Arapahoe.
Nos. 4, 5.148, 149 and 170 carry passengers for
all stations.
You can purchase at this ollioe tickets to all
principal points ill tlie United States and Can
ada and baggage checked through to destina
tion without extra charge of transfer. For
information regarding rates, etc. call on nr
address C. E MAGNElt, Agent.
Nebraska State Poultry Show and Conven
tion, Kearney, Nebraska, January i6-2o. Tick
ets on sale January 14 to 20, good returning
until January 21.
Omaha, November 28-30.—Meeting of Ne
braska Implement Dealers. Tickets on sale
November 26-30 inclusive. Good for return
December 1st.
For the above occasions delegates paying
full fare going will be returned at one-third
fare on presentation to the B. & M. agent, at
point of meeting, certificate signed by proper
officer of the meeting.
Special Ticket Rates.
We will until further notice sell tickets to
Spokane, Wash., Portland, Oregon, and inter
mediate points. 1st class continuous passage
$30.00. 2nd class continuous passage $25.00.
Effective Oct. 16th, round trip tickets will be
sold to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Colton,
San Bernardino and San Diego, California at
very low rates. For full particulars regarding
rates, etc., call on or address
C. E. Magner, Agent.
Engineer Barney Lewis is among the
sick, this week.
Jim Chambers is here from La Junta,
Colorado, on a visit.
Auditor Brandt was here from Omaha,
forepart of the week,on official business.
Agent O'Bear’s wife from Imperial was
at western division headquarters, Mon
Assistant bupt. Hannan was down
from the high line on official business,
Monday and Tuesday.
Auditor \V. P. Foreman came down
from Denver, Wednesday afternoon, on
business of that office.
No. 5 was somewhat delayed here,
Tuesday night, by a temporary freight
blockade on the main track.
We understand Conductors Pope and
Odell are visiting in California, instead
of at Chicago, as stated last week.
A new time card is announced to take
effect on next Sunday at noon. Passen
ger trains Nos. i and 6 will be discontin
Something like |i,ooo has gone from
Oberlin to the Rock Island since the B.
&. M. took off the passenger train, mostly
in tickets to Chicago. But we take it for
granted the management knows its own
business.—Oberlin Opinion.
The Union Pacific railroad has notified
the western passenger association of its
withdrawal from the association, even
from all local agreements to which it
has been a party. And in the big rate
fight it will be a free lance.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dwyer arrived
home on last Saturday night. The have
gone to house-keeping in the Sheriff
Banks residence over on south Melvin
street, and are receiving the congratula
tions of their many friends here.
Tuesday evening, Mrs. J. F. Kenyon
gave a very enjoyable Hallow-e’en par
ty at her home in honor of her charming
niece, Miss Ona Simons, whose admiring
friends were present in numbers. Games
and refreshments made their cup of pleas
ure full.
The superintendent of the railway
mail service pays some attention in his
annual report to the oil lamp which he
says is a prolific source of danger to life
and proporty on trains. He points out
that a vast amount of damage is done
that the public does not hear of, and
mentions forty-three cases where lamps
broke and saturated the interior of cars
with oil without taking fire. The car
stove is going and the car lamp must
follow suit. It is out of date.
Mrs. Tingley, who has been visiting
here with her son Mel for some time
past has returned to McCook.Mrs.
Clarence Anderson, who has been visit
ing friends here for some time past, re
turned to her home in McCook Wednes
day evening.E. P. Bolton of the
B. & M. eating house will make some
improvements in that popular hostelry
as soon as the carpenters arrive. He will
also have a lunch room built on the
platform.—Red Cloud Belt.
Miss Clara Bonnot was a passenger for
Holdrege on 6, Monday evening.
A feeling of apprehension prevails in
railroad circles. Sunday’s card promises
to make considerable changes all around.
Ellsworth Oyster arrived in the city,
Tuesday noon, on his way to Mexico
from taking in the world’s fair. He is
the guest his brother Engineer Oyster.
Under the coming new time card Mc
Cook will not have a day passenger train.
This will doubtless be cheering news to
the livery men.
Mrs. Will Yetter returned to her home
in Hastings, Wednesday evening, after
spending a week or ten days here, guest
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bur
Another cut in employes is announced
for the 5th of this month, next Sunday.
It is rumored that the force of men em
ployed here will be very considerably re
duced, in nearly all departments.
Rosewater thinks the government
ought to donate 50 millions to the Union
Pacific railroad. Wliat’s the matter with
the government taking charge of the
road? It owns it. It ought to be able
to run it.
The following is a list of the officers
just elected at the biennial convention
of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen:
Grand master, S. E. Wilkinson, Gales
burg, 111.; first vice grand master, P. H.
Morrissey, Galesburg; second vice grand
master, A. E. Brown, Philadelphia; third
vice grand master, G. W. Newman, Chi
cago; grand secretary and treasurer, W.
A. Sheehan, Galesburg; grand trust
ees, S. C. Young, Fort William, Ont.;
O. L. Rolfem, Beardstown, 111., R. S.
Rodman; Los Angeles, Cal.; executive
board, C. U. Terrill, Chicago; T. N.
Dodge, Downers Grove, 111.; W. E.
Bowen, Lafayette, Ind. Galesburg, 111., j
will probably be retained as lieadquar- j
Fireman Harry Kingsbury of the switch
engine experienced a narrow escape from
death, last Saturday evening, in this
wise: He stepped offliis engine at seven
o’clock, and in the dusk and not hearing
the approach of the Imperial train on ac
count of the switch engine “popping,”
he stepped right in front of Engineer
Chambers’ locomotive, which struck and
tossed him up on its pilot, from which
he fortunately rolled off the side and out
of reach of the wheels. Subsequent inves
tigation disclosed the fact that his left
arm was broken, although Kingsbury
was making preparations to go to a
dance, not thinking his injuries more
than of slight account.
Everything points to a big revival of
work at the Havelock shps, and the
Times of that place says that prospects
for a speedy resumption of full time at a j
very early date is exceedingly bright. ]
Some go so far as to assert that this will
occur about the first of the month, al
though no authoritative news could be
learned. A number of the gangs are now
putting in ten hours a day and some of
them extra time. The rush of work has
begun and a vast amount of repairing
will have to be accomplished by the time
severe weather sets in. The Burlington
stands in need of the engines and the
boys will doubtless be put back on full
time very soon in order that the motive
power of the system may be put in pro
per shape. As a straw, it is well to note
that where a month ago the storehouse
track was filled with idle locomotives,
now there are none, all having gone
back into service.
The ticket office and general Western
headquarters of the Burlington road will
be established in the Iron building, Sev
enteenth and Arapahoe, on December i.
The papers closing the lease were signed
Wednesday, and plans are being drawn
for the finest railroad office in Denver.
The company will occupy the cffices of
the defunct Chamberlin Investment
company. The offices are on the ground
floor, at the corner of the street, and are
well lighted supplied with every modern
convenience. The movement two blocks
toward the south from the present loca
tion, Seventeenth and Larimer, is in ac- J
cord with a general influx of business in
the direction of Broadway, which is point
ed out as the future retail center of Den
ver. It is understood that several other
railway companies are preparing to take
flight in the same direction, one of
them having its eye on the Equitable
building. From unofficial sources it is
learned that the Burlington company has
been paying £7,800 rental per year for the
use of the rooms at Seventeenth and
Larimer. The outlay of $650 a month
was considered too heavy a burden bjT
the management, and the lease expiring
the change was decided upon. The new
location is said to have been secured at a
much lower figure than the amount nam
1 ed above.—Denver News.
You’ll Soon Want Winter Underwear and
Clothes. For Ladies, Misses and Children we can
supply you on anything. ladies’ and Misses’
Union Suits are the Newest, Most Comfortable
and Warmest Garment produced in many years.
Come and let us show these to you. Ladies’
Heavy Vests from 22c up. Cloaks and Millinery
at hard times, rock bottom prices. We Always
do just as we advertise.
L. Low mail & Son,
or two is considerable these hard
times, but there are times when
you are wholly justified in the
expenditure. For instance if you
are looking for a
Hound (j>a(»
Heating Stove, don’t let some un
scrupulous dealer sell you some
other Stove for the
Round ©a(t
Fjlor sell you some cheap imitation
y which is “just as good” for
wl dollar Or TvvO
Less. Remember that imitation is
An Acknowledgment of Superiority,
So Buy The
Ct"uine HIM OIL Origninal
See the name cast on the legs, also on the nickel name plate.
.... AT THE ....
W. C. LaTourette, Propr.