The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 27, 1893, Image 1

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Our Fall Stock Complete
In Every Department.
Glotlii, Overcoats, Dress Hs,
Ladies’, Misses’ and Children’s Cloaks, Boots and Shoes.
We have made heavy purchases on a
Declining Market For Cash.
And we are going to sell goods
/ —- ———----V
Be Sure to Examine Our Stock
And get prices before making your purchases.
Bargain House.
No. 2, through passenger.6:40 A. M.
No. 4, local passenger.11:40 P. M.
No. 6, through passenger.4:10 P. M.
No. 80. freight. 9:00 A. m!
No. 148, freight, made up here.5:00 A. M.
No. 1. through passenger.11:25 A.M.
No. 3, through passenger.11:35 P.m!
No. 5, local passscnger. .. 8:45 P, M.
No. 63, freight.5:00 P. M.
No. 149, freight, made up here.6:00 A. M.
£3§r"NoTE:—No. 63 carri »s passengers for
Stratton, lienkelinnn and Haigler.
All trains run daily excepting 148, 149 and
176, which run daily except Sunday’.
No. 1 stops at Stratton, Benkelmau & Wray.
No. 3 stops at Benkelmau and Wray.
No. 2 stops at Indianola, Cambridge and Ar
No. 6 does not stop between McCook and
No. 80 will carry passengers for Indianola,
Cambridge and Arapahoe.
Nos. 4, 5.148, 149 and 176 carry passengers for
all stations.
You can purchase at this office tickets to all
principal points in the United States and Can
ada and baggage checked through to destina
tion without extra charge of transfer. For
information regarding rates, eic. call on or
address C. E. MAGNER, Agent.
Nebraska State Poultry Show and Conven
tion, Kearney, Nebraska, January 16-20. Tick
ets on sale January 14 to 20, good returning
until January 21.
Lincoln, October 23-27.—Nebraska Baptist
State Convention. Tickets on sale October
21-27 inclusive. Good for return October 28th.
Omaha, November 28-30.—Meeting of Ne
braska Implement Dealers. Tickets on sale
November 26-30 inclusive. Good for return
December 1st.
For the above occasions delegates paying
full fare going will be returned at one-third
fare on presentation to the B. & M. agent, at
point of meeting, certificate signed by proper
officer of the meeting.
Special Ticket Rates.
We will until further notice sell tickets to
Spokane, Wash., Portland, Oregon, and inter
mediate points. 1st class continuous passage
$30.00. 2nd class continuous passage $25.00.
Effective Oct.i6th,round trip tickets will be
sold to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Colton,
San Bernardino and San Diego, California at
very low rates. For full particulars regarding
rates, etc., call on or address
C. E. Magner, Agent.
~— .. . ■ - - -
Engineer Harris has a badly scalded
Conductor Hank Rouch has been on
the sick list.
Conductor Pope went iu to see the fair,
Monday on four.
There are fifteen days in store for us
ing valve oil in rod cups.
Engineer Conner is still in the hands
of his enemy-tlie rheumatism.
C. A. Mitchell of the shop force is on
the sick list, with a severe sprain.
Mrs. W. T. Shields is liable to lose a
little finger from blood poisoning.
T. E. Calvert of Lincoln was a Com
mercial house guest, last Friday night.
Auditor Foreman was down from Den
ver, first of the week, on business of his
Conductor Odell is away taking in the
last days at the fair. He went on 4,
Monday night.
Gus Budig is up at Akron in charge of
the locomotive department during
Pavers’s absence at the fair.
“Neighbor” Archibald returned from
Chicago, last Friday, where he has been
viewing the wondrous white city.
Mrs. Will Yetter of Hastings has been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bur
nett, since the latter part of last week.
Engineer and Mrs. J. H. Moore arrived
home, Monday afternoon on delayed No.
1, from their visit to the fair and to Iowa
The taking off of Nos. 1 and 6 will
make a big and unsightly hole in our
passenger service, which is already rocky
Mrs. Will Brown entertained her moth
er from Hastings, Mrs. Wirts, from last
Friday noon until Monday evening of
this week.
One of Pete Carty’s children cut an
artery of one of its eyes, the other day,
while playing with glass, making a sev
ere injury.
The company is burning out its right
of-way to avoid setting out fires in the
spring. They are also putting up their
snow fences.
Jacob Burnett went up to Colorado,
Tuesday night, on business connected
with his ranch near Sterling. He will be
absent a week or two.
The earnings of the Pullman car com
pany, the past year, were $11,389,896.19
Disbursements, $7,383,447.69. Surplus,
$4,006,448.50. Their assets are the neat
sum of $61,791,643.14.
The handsome English locomotive
called “Empress” is to be pitted against
the famous American No. 999, for a race
against time after the fair closes. They
are supposed to be the best engines in
the world and the race will be attended
with considerable interest and the time
which will be made, one of the railroad
wonders of the age.
St. Francis shipped 24 cars of stock,
Mrs. \V. Joslyn is just recovering from
a week’s sickness.
Eighteen cars of stock on No. 174 of
the ‘‘sunflower’’ Monday night.
Mr. Hunt and another party shipped 8
cars of feeders to Wilsonville last week.
Mrs. Agent Knox has returned from
her visit. Mr. K. has quit the baching
L. E. Cann has the day office at Red
Cloud now during McClintock’s absence
at the fair.
All the crews who used to live at Or
leans are residing at Republican except
Brakeman Cropp.
Mrs. Spencer is rapidly recovering her
wonted strength and health, being able
to take short rides in a buggy.
Ag't Cann, of Danbury, is taking in
the sights at the white city. Extra Ag’t
Barden fills his place in the interim.
The section foreman at Danbury was !
suspended on account of dereliction ofj
duty in allowing a switch stand to be
come unsafe.
There is only one conductor on this
branch who is a Christian,and he is such a
“dear conductor” and his name is—but
then we will not give it away as no body
but the evangelist preacher knows it.
Mrs. J. D. McAlpine came in from Den
ver, Wednesday evening, on a visit to
her parents, Mrs. *C. W. Knights.
Will Ackerman, now of Havelock, for
merly of the machinist force here, was in
the city, close of last week, greeting his
numerous acquaintances and friends.
Articles of Incorporation
Red Willow County, Nebraska.
We tlie undersigned, Frank U. Spearman,
Sylvester Cordeal, and Joseph A. Cordeal,
of Ked Willow county, and slate of Nebras
ka, do hereby voluntarily associate ourselves
together lor the purpose of forming a corpo
ration under the laws of the state of
1. The name of this corporation shall be !
the “Farmers and Merchant Hank of Mc
Cook, Nebraska.”
2. The principal office where the business
of this corporation shall be transacted shall
be at McCook, county of Ked Willow, state
of Nebraska.
3. The purposes for which this corporation
is formed are to transact a banking business,
by receiving money on deposit, buying and
selling exchange, loaning money on notes,
bills of exchange, and other real and per ’
sonal securities, and such other business as
is by law authorized to be transacted for the
purposes and uses of said banking corpora
tion hereinbefore mentioued.
4. The term for which said organization is
organized is twenty-live (25) years.
5. The business of this corporation shall
be conducted by officers known as president,
vice president and cashier, and by a board of
three directors, which directors shall be
stockholders. The officers and board of
directors shall be elected annually, on the
first Monday of April of each and every
year. The first officers of said corporation
shall comprise the following named persons:
Frank H. Spearman, president; M. A. Loner
gan, vice president; and Sylvester Cordeal,
cashier. And the first board of directors ot
the said corporation shall comprise the fol- •
lowing named persons: Frank H. Spearman,
M. A. Lonergan and Sylvester Cordeal, who
shall hold such offices until the first Monday
in April, 1894, or until their successors are
elected, and upon such first Monday in April,
1894, the regular annual meeting of said cor
poration shall be held; due notice shall be
given of each meeting as required by law.
6. The capital stock ot said corporation
shall be twenty-five thousand dollars (§25,
000), paid up capital stock, and shall be
divided into two hundred and fifty (250)
shares of one hundred dollars (§100) each.
Certificates of such stock shall be signed by
the president and cashier and shall be trans
feraDle ouly on the books of the corporation,
and at all meetings of the stockhold
ers eacli share shall be entitled to one vote,
which vote may be cast either in person or
by proxy. The capital stock may be in
creased or diminished as provided by law,
by a vote of three-fourths of the shares
thereof at any regular meeting of the stock
holders, or at a special meeting duly called
and held for that purpose.
7. The directors shall till any vacancy in
the offices ot said corporation.
8. The oooks of said corporation shall be
kept at the banking office of said corporation,
and shall be open for the inspection of any
stockholder during the ordinary business
hours of tlie corporation.
9. The board of directors are authorized
to make such regulations as to its meetings
and government and such by-laws as may
be necessary, in conformity with these arti
cles of incorporation; the place of meeting
being always at the banking office of the
corporation, A majority of the board shall
at all times have power to call a special
meeting of the stock holders.
10. The indebtedness of this corporation
shall not exceed fifteen thousand dollars at
any one time, and that sucli limitation shall
be governed by the laws of Nebraska relat
ing to banking business, and transactions
related thereto which are made the object of
this corporation.
11. These articles may be amended at any
time by a vote of three-fourths of the capital
stock at any regular or special meeting con
vened in the manner provided by said corpo
In testimony whereof we have hereunto
subscribed our names this 26th day' of
October, 1893.
Frank H. Spearman,
Sylvester Cordeal,
J oseph A. Cordeal.
On this 26th day of October, 1S93, person
ally appeared before me the undersigned, a
notary public, duly commissioned and qual
ified for and residing in Red Willow county,
Nebraska, Frank U. Spearman, Sylvester
Cordeal and Joseph A. Cordeal, to me known
to be residents of Red Willow county, Ne
braska, who in my presence sigued the fore
going articles of incorporation, and who
before me and in my presence jointly and
severally acknowledged the foregoing instru
ment and the execution thereof do be their
voluntary act and deed for the uses and pur
poses therein set forth.
Witness my hand and notarial seal the day
and year last above written.
[seal.] C. H. Boyle, Notary Public.
My commission expires January 23d, 1S97.
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