The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 08, 1893, Image 1

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^NEW ■*£*!)»«■
9 9 STORE.
oooooooooooooooooo oo
It is not the only Exclusive Grocery in
in the city, but my prices are as low as the
lowest. My Goods are All New and Fresh.
A full line of SPICES, strictly pure and un
adulterated. Also a complete line of good
CROCKERY which will be sold at remark
ably low prices. When in the city give me
a call. Respectfully,
• - month.
To Reduce Our Stock
During the month of August we
_will make_
r: iuctms
.... ON ALL_
Summer Soods.
Cash Bargain House.
No. 2. through passenger. 6:40 A. M.
No. 4. local passenger.11:40 P. M.
No. 6, through passenger.4:10 P. M
No. 80. freight.9:00 A. M.
No. 148, freight, made up here.5:00 A. M.
No. 1. through passenger.11:25 A. M
No. 3. through passenger.11:35 P.M.
No. 5, local passsenger. 8:45 P.M
No. 63, freight. 5:00 P.M.
No. 149, freight, made up here . 6:00 A. M.
fcw Note:—No. 63 carries passengers for
Stratton, Itenkelman and Haigler.
All trains run daily excepting 148,149 and
176. which run daily except Sunday.
No. 1 stops at Stratton. Benkolman & Wray.
No. 3 stops at Benkelman and Wray.
No. 2 stops at Indianola, Cambridge and Ar
No. 6 does not stop between McCook and
No. 80 will carry passengers for Indianola,
Cambridge and Arapahoe.
Nos. 4, 5,148, 149 and 176 carry passengers for
ill stations.
You can purchase at this office tickets to all
Drinclpal points in the United States and Can
idaand baggage checked through to destina
ion without extra charge of transfer. For
nformatlon regarding rates, etc. call on or
Iddress C. E. MAGNEH, Agent.
Special excursion to World’s fair, Chicago,
September ioth and nth. We will sell round
rip tickets to Chicago, good for return until
September 17th, for $21.10.
Annual conference of the M. E. church at
Beatrice, Nebraska, September 13 to 18. For
ibove occasion we will sell tickets September
[o_to 18, inclusive,to Beatrice atone and one
bird fare for the round trip on certificate plan.
Special Ticket Rates.
„ We will until further notice sell tickets to
Spokane, VVash., Portland, Oregon, and inter
nediate points. 1st class continuous passage
i>30.oo. 2nd class continuous passage $25.00
State fair, Lincoln, Nebraska, September
ith, to 15th. For above occasion we will sell
ound trip tickets, September 8th to 15th in
dusive, good returning until September 18th,
or $7.46. These tickets include transporta
ion to and from the fair grounds and one ad
mission to the same.
C. E. Magner, Agent.
Our store will be closed on Monday,
September nth and on Thursday, Sep
:ember 21st on account of holidays.
The Famous Cuothing Co.
Railroad business is lookivg up a little
.n all departments.
A boy baby was born to- Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Kidder, Monday.
A baby made its appearance at Charlie
Probasco’s, Sunday morning.
Richard Evans narrowly escaped an
attack of sunstroke, Tuesday.
Jack Bullard succeeds Harry Harding
in the night freight office, this week.
Miss Clara Bonnot went down to Hol
drege, Tuesday evening, on a short visit.
Engineer Frank Reid moved from Ox
ford to Red Cloud under the late re-ar
Passenger traffic is noticeably increas
ing, as well as business in the freight
Roadmaster Sam Rogers and family
arrived home from the west on 6, Tues
day afternoon.
Conductor White and Brakemen Mun
dy and Lyman were up from the St.
Francis line, Sunday.
Rumors are Current that more trains
will be placed in the service, soon, to
meet the increasing traffic.
Miss Holiday is suffering from a badly
poisoned face received, Sunday last,
while visiting friends up at Trenton.
John Mullen had No. 239 out of the
shops, Saturday, from receiving an over
hauling, and was getting her ready for
the road again.
Mrs. Rolison left for the world’s fair,
Tuesday morning. She will make her
sister, Mrs. George Leming, a visit of a
month or longer upon her return from
Chief Dispatcher and Mrs. J. F. Forbes
went down to Lincoln, Saturday night,
on a short visit. Mrs. Tomblin, who has
been visiting her daughter, returned to
Arapahoe, the same evening.
Count Hulaniski, who has been in the
city for past few days greeting his many
friends and transacting a little business,
left for Oberlin and Herndon, Kansas,
Tuesday morning, on a similar mission,
before returning to Hinsdale, Illinois.
George Hartman of McCook and Miss
Flora McCarthy of Ecklev were united
in marriage at Wray, last Sunday even
ing. The happy couple have many
friends in Haigler who wish them a long
life of happiness and prosperity.—Haig
ler News.
Terry McAloon has been transferred
from Republican city by the B.& M. com
pany and given his old job of night en
gineer in the yards here. J. J. Slabby
goes back to his old job of hostler and
Mr. Vannice has been called to McCook.
—Akron Republican.
No. i ran through the switch at Wray,
The steel gang moved to Cambridge,
latter part of last week.
W. M. Shinsel and bride are home from
an extended eastern visit.
We learn with sorrow of the serious
illness of Mrs. John Stevens.
Conductor Hegenberger has resumed
work after a prolonged illness.
L. W. Wright has been transferred to
this place from Republican City.
Conductor C. E. Pope and family came
home from the east, first of the week.
Engineer Joe Lee is carrying his good
right arm in a sling, with a sore hand.
Mrs. Cal. LeHew is visiting her mother
at Oxford, going down on 6, last Friday
They are only working 40 hours per
week now in the shops here—Saturday
being a holiday.
C. M. Case, late with Western Union
at Kansas City, is now at Atlanta until
business revives.
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Rees arrived home,
Saturday noon, from visiting in the east,
doing the fair, etc.
W. B. Mills left for the world’s fair on
2, Tuesday morning. Townsend fills his
position during his absence.
In Persia when a railroad train kills a
man the natives pull up the track for
miles and boycott the trains.
Mrs. J. D. McAlpine was down from
Denver, first of the week, guest of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Knights.
Mrs. J. W. Holliday went down to
Lincoln, Monday morning, to visit rela
tives and friends there and elsewhere for
a few weeks.
Dispatcher and Mrs. C. E. Winger were
bereft of their infant daughter, early yes
terday morning. The remains of the
little one were laid away in Longview,
this morning, services being conducted
at the house at ten o’clock by Rev. A.W.
Coffman. The bereaved young parents
have much sympathy in their sorrow.
Now that the express company has had
time to adjust itself to the new condi
tions created by the late time card which
left several of its messengers without
employment, a number of changes is
announced on the valley line, taking
effect at once. H. F. Harman, C. C.
Graham and C. G. Lynch, being the
oldest men, will hold the run between
here and Kansas City. This will neces
sitate the transfer of Messrs. E. E. Drum
mond, J. D. Martin and Fred Marty.
The last two named gentlemen have not
yet received orders, but Mr. Drummond
will supply the St. Francis line for a
short time, relieving Sam Gildner who
will enter the state of matrimony, next
week.—Oxford Standard.
Republican City.
Operator Talcott goes to Orleans for a
' Postal Clerk Hollinger has a new mail
car, the 65.
Empty cars are moving east from the
branch nowadays.
Fireman VanNice has a job of firing on
the 66 with Jack Cook.
W. W. Green goes on with Conductor
Curran in place of Dwyer.
Conductor Foley is taking a lay-off and
Conductor Beale is in his place.
Count Hulaniski took a trip to Hern
don, Tuesday, the 5th, from McCook.
Uncle Billy Brown was a passenger on
171, Tuesday, from Orleans to Hendley.
25 cars of stock from the “Sunflower,”
Tuesday morning, on the stock express.
Mrs. T. \V. Benjamin went to Beaver
City on 171, Saturday, and returned on
172, Monday.
Agent Vaughn of Atwood has returned
from his western trip. He looks like he
had been well cared for.
Engineer Vierson has returned to Mc
Cook on account of Engineer Keeling’s
recovery from his sickness.
Agent Dwyer was at these railroad
headquarters, Monday and Tuesday. He
went east on 17, Wednesday morning.
Agent Holder has returned from his
trip east, and Extra Agent Riddel has
relinquished his place there in conse
Elmer Drummond takes Sam Gildner’s
run from Republican to St. Francis as
messenger. Sam has a ticket for a voy
age on the hymeneal ship.
Mrs. Guy, wife of the agent at Beaver
City, is very sick with fever. She has
passed the nine-day limit and conse
quently will have to endure it for twelve
days more.
n<>Make loom
.... We Will....
For The Next 15 Days
At Much Less Thau Cost
See Our Four and One-half Cent Challies.
Come to Us for Croat Bargains.
L. Lowman & Son.
/ Extra.
Until September 1st
We offer our entire stock of Summer Goods
at Actual Cost. The following are the lines
on which we are willing to
In order to close them out.
R e frige r a tors,
Gasoline Stoves,
Ice Cream Freezers,
Screen Doors,
Screen Wire,
All at
Your Own
W. C. LaTourette, Propr.