The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 19, 1893, Image 7

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    Court Calendar.
Chabb County:—March 27th, Jury; June
JOtb, no jury; November 13, jury.
Dundy County:—March Pith, jury; Septem
berfith, no jury; November 20th, Jury.*
IFrontikr County:—April 3d.Jury;Sept,ein
P* 14th, no Jury; November 0th jury.
Jitn.\s County:—April 17th, jury; Septem
V»o jury; October30th, Jury.
^i‘Ktt County : —February 27th, jury: Sep
tan bar 1st, no jury; Decern her 4th, Jury.
Hitchcock County:—March 6th, jury; June
27th, no Jury; October 23<1, jury.
Hayes County:—April 24th, jury; Septem
tember8th, no Jury; December 11th, jury.
Bed Willow County:—May 8th, Jury; Sep
tember J8th, no jury; December 18th, jury.
Dated ut Cambridge, Neb., Jan. 1, 1803.
D. T. Welty, Diet. Judge 14th Jud. Diet.
April 13th. 1803. I
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has Hied notice of his intention
to make final proof in support, of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before Reg
ister or Receiver at McCoook, Nebraska, on
Saturday, May 20th. 1803, viz:
T.C. application No. 1860. for tin* north-east
quarter of section 26. townetiip 1, north of
range 30. west of the 6th P. M.
He nntnc6 the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence, upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: William H. Bcr^amin.
of Ranksville, Nebraska; Francis CitTn, of
Ranksville, Nebraska; NHs J. Johnson, of
McCook, Nebraska, and Ed. L. Walker, of
Herndon, Kansas.
J. P. Lindsay, Register.
Chamberlain’s Eye & Skin Ointment.
A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes. Tetter,
Salt Kheum, Scald Head, Old Chronic Sores,
Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches,
Sore Nipples and Piles. It is cooling and
soothing. Hundreds of cases hat e been cured
by it alter all other treatment had failed. It
is put up in 25 and 50 cent boxes. For sale by
George M.Cbenery. Nov.i.'0-lyear,
In the Fisheries Building.
Don’t forget to take a look in at the
Fisheries Building, where everything
frora the inoffensive seal, over which
our ccnintisioners are now arbitrating
in Paris, down to a tadpole, is beauti
ftSdy arranged and labeled for your con
\ience. The necessary salt water for
} i sea-fish was brought Iront the At
(mtic, after reduction to one-fifth its
bulk by evaporation, and properly di
luted after its arrival in Chicago. These
anks are filled with sharks, devil-fish,
and all the curious forms found only
at great depths. After escaping the
sharks in the city you will be able to
look with complacency at these fero
cious-looking acquatic monsters, ai>d
even the octopus and the alligator will
appear tame and tractable fellows to
you. If you follow in,the footsteps of
President Cleveland and are a great
fisherman, the reproduction of Izaak
Waltons house will be one of the shrines
which you will visit like a good and
faithful diciple of the quaint old angler.
—From “Round About the Columbian.
Exposition,” in Demorest’ Family Mag
azine for June.
With every increasing probability of
a cholera visitation there will be an in
crease in the attendance at church.
Buck/en’s Arnica Saha.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
■ tores, ulcers, salt rheum, tetter, chap
ped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles or
no pay required. It is guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction or money re
funded. Price 25 cents a box. For
sale by A. McMillen. S 23-lyr.
The devil has a hard time to hold his
own in the home where there is a pray
ing mother.
If ever a man feels like i!a poor
worm of the dust,” it is when he suffers
from that tired feeling. Ayer’s Sarsa
parilla removes this discouraging phys
ical condition and imparts the thrill of
new life and energy to every nerve,
tissue, muscle and fiber of the whole
The kind of righteousness that takes
people to heaven is not the kind that
goes around bragging on itself.
“The flowers that bloom in the
spring” are not more vigorous than are
those persons who purify their blood
with Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. The fabled
Elixer Vitae could scarcely impart
greater vivacity to the countenance
than this wonderful medicine.
The most effective preachers are not
always those who wear long tailed coats.
Shiloh's Vitalizer is what you need
for Dyspepsia, Torpid Liver, Yellow
Skin or Kidney Trouble. It is guar
anteed to give you satisfaction. Price
75 cents. Sold by A. McMillen
A great deal of meanness masquer
ades in all parts of the land under the
name of prudence.
Karl’s Clover Root, the new Blood
Purifier, gives freshness and clearness
to the Complexion and cures Constipa
tion. 25 cents, 50 cents and §1. Sold
by A. McMillen. 4 26-lyr.
Not one man out of twenty can give a
sensible reasou, if you ask him, why he
keeps a dog._
Captain Sweeney, U. S. A., San Di
ego, Cal., says: “Shiloh’s Catarrh Rem
edy is the first medicine I have ever
found that would do me any good.” Price
50 cents. Sold by A. McMillen.
Putting armor on a coward will not
make him fight.
Shiloh's Cure, the Great Cough and
Croup Cure is for sale by us. Pocket
size contains twenty-five doses, only 25
cents. Children love it. A. McMillen,
druggist. _
Neglect of >he hair often destroys
its vitality and natural hue, and causes
it to fall out. Before it is too late ap
ply Hall’s Hair Renewer, a sure remedy.
Mr. Win. Westlake, a prominent far
mer and breeder of thoroughbred horses,
living near Avoca, Neb., was so badly
injured by being thrown from bis sulky,
as to be unable to raise his hand to hi.s
head. After using numerous liniments
and consulting several physicians with
out getting any relief, ho asked if I
knew anything that would help him. 1
recommended Chamberlain’s Pain Balm,
which he used, and within two weeks
he had entirely Recovered the u-e of h’s
arm. I consider Chamberlain’s Pain
Balm the greatest preparation ever pro
duced for sprains, bruises, deep-seated
and muscular pains, burns, and scalds
—.J. J. LaGranor. druggist, Avoca,
Neb. 50 cent bottles for sale by Mc
Connell & Co.
The only people who complin ot
hard times are those who do not give
A Million Friends.
A friend in need is a friend indeed,
and less than one million people have
found just such a friend in J)r. King’s
New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds. If you have never used this
Great Cough Medicine, one triale will
convince you that it has wonderful enr
ativ powers in all diseases oT Throat,
Chest and Lungs. Each hottle is guar
anteed to do all that is clamed or money
will be refunded. Trial bottles free at
McMillen’s Drug Store. Large bottres
50c. and $1 00.
An extravagant man is always talk
ing to his wife about the necessity of
So Badly Afflicted he Could Scarcely
Reach Home—0. K. T. Effects a
Radical Cure.
Portland, Ore., .July 31.
While I was in Tillamook last winter
I was affected in my back and kidneys
so that it was almost impossible for me
to reach Portland. When I got here I
was induced to try the OREGON KID
NEY TEA. I drank at my meals the
tea made from it, and it has effected a
radical cure. I can highly recommend
it to all who are afflicted as I was.
If you go to church without meeting
Christ the devil will walk home with
Deserving Praise.
We desire to say to our citizens, that
for years we have been selling Dr.
Kings’s New Discovery for Consump
tion, Dr. King’s New Life Pills, Buck
len’s Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters,
and have never handled remedies that
sell so well, or that have given such
universal satisfaction. We do not hesi
tate to guarantee them every time, and
we stand ready to refund the purchase
price, if satisfactory results do not fol
low their use. These remedies have
won their great popularity purely on
their merits. McMillen, druggist.
The devil never knows exactly what
to do with the man he cannot discour
age. _
I have been troubled with chronic
sore eyes for forty-five years, and dur
ing that time I have used many differ
ent remedies, but have never found
any that seemed to do me any good,
until I procured a box of Chamberlain's
Eye and Skin Ointment. I have used
only about one-third of a box, and can
truthfully say, I have never had my
eyes feel as well, nor look as well as
they do now. I expect to cure them
entirely with the Ointment. Ben
Heath, Dow City, Iowa. 25 cent bot
tles for sale by McConnell & Co.
During an epidemic of whooping
cough at De Witt, Iowa, a prominent
family there bought a fifty cent bottle
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy for their
children. It proved so satisfactory
that they recommended it to their
neighbors; and they in turn to others.
In less than a week’s time the druggist,
Mr. C. V. Baxter, was having an im
mense run on it. The medicine is still
the main reliance in that vicinity for
coughs colds, croup and whooping cough.
Mr. Baxter says, “It sells on its merits.”
For sale by McConnell & Co.
The Only Thing Used by Fashionable
To perpetuate beautiful complexion is
Wisdom’s famous Robertine, which is
as harmless as the morning dew. as sub
tile in its action as ttye magician's wand
and as invisible—save the bloom and
delicacy it gives to the cheek—as the
air we breathe. Read the testimonials
from famous artists, celebrated chemists
and eminent physicians.
Give the Boys
A chance to be strong and healthy, feed
them with good plain food and keep
their blood in good order with Haller's
Sarsaparilla and Burdok and who knows
but they will he president or alderman.
For sale by McConnell & Co.
North Bole, Dec. 25, 1892.
Haller Proprietary Co:—Be sure
and send me a lot of Haller’s Sure Cure
Cough Syrup. I get lots of letters
from the children asking for it. For
sale by McConnell & Co.
Humphreys’ Specifics Nos. Ten and
sixteen speedily and permanently cure
malaria and bilious fever. Price 25
cents each at all drug stores.
One of His Experiences.
For thirty-eight years Capt. Loud followed
tlie sea, most of that time as master of a ves
sel, and upon retiring from tlie water was ap
pointed by the Secretary of Hie United Stale
Treasury to superintend the seal fisheries in
Alaska, which position beheld live years, lie
relates one experience as follows:
“For several years I laid been troubled with
general nervousness and pain in the region
of my heart. My greatest affliction was
sleeplessness; it was almost impossible at any
time to obtain rest and sleep. Having seen
Dr. Miles’ remedies advertised 1 began using
Nervine. After taking a small quantity the
benefit received was so great that 1 was posi
tively alarmed, flunking the remedy con
tained opiates which would finally be injuri
ous to me; but on being assured by thearug
gist that it was perfectly harmless, I contin
ued it together with the Heart Cure. Today
1 can conscientiously say t lial Dr. Miles’ Re
storative Nervine and New Heart Cure did
more for me Ilian anything I had ever taken.
I had been treated hv eminent physicians
in New York and Nan Francisco without ben
efit. I owe my present good health to tlie
judicious useot these most valuable remedies,
and heartily recommend them to allafltieted
as I was.”—Capt. A. P. Loud, Hampden, Me.
Dr. Miles’ Restorative Nervine and New Cure
are sold by a II druggists on a positive guaran
tee. or by Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart,
Ind., on receipt of price, SI tier bottle, or six
bottles for S5, express prepaid. They are
free from all opiates and dangerous drugs.
That old reliable, The Daily State
JONKNAL, lias .spent more iiinnev in sec
uring news the past year than any other
state paper, and stands to-day at the
head of Nebraska newspapers, recogniz
ed for its enterprise, truthfulness, and
reliability. Published at the capita],
it is the paper for Nebraskans. It has
just completed arrangements whereby
it offers free accident insurenne to every
new subscriber paying $2.(Jo for three
months in advance, which is only 10
cents more than the regular price of the
paper alone. This gives every subscriber
a $500 accident policy, or less, according
to occupation, free. I f you want a daily
paper. The .Journal is the one you
should read, as its state editions contain
much later telegrams than is given by
the Omaha papers. Compare them for
your own satisfaction. The insurance
feature alone is worth the money, as it
enables every man to protect bis family.
Try it three months and you won't be
without it. Address,
Nebraska State Journal,
Lincoln, Neb.
The State Journal lias sent two
special correspondents to Chicago to
remain untii the close of the World’s
Fair, and from now on The Semi
Weekly Journal will contain the
fullest accounts and illustrations of this
greatest of world's exhibitions. Send
us $1.00 for this great twice-a-week
paper a whole year. 104 papers, just
twice as many as you get in any other
paper in a year. Our U. S. History and
paper, $1.40; N. Y. Tribune and paper
$1.25; all three, $1.05. To all who ask
for them, until our supply is exhausted
we wiil send free a box ot dominoes
with each subscritpion. Send for sample
copy. Address,
Nebraska State Journal,
Lincoln, Neb.
We are printing the date to which
each subscriber has paid his subscrip
tion to The Tribune along with the
address. Watch the date and you will
know if you are in arrears. If you are
please come and see us.
No matter what daily paper you
read at other times, the Daily
j State Journal, published at the
j state capital, is the paper for Ne
I braskaus during the legislature.
; Eighty-five cents a month. Try it.
A good live paper every Tuesday
and Friday, is what you get in The
[Semi-Weekly Journal for one dol
lar. The Tribune and Journal both
| one year for $2.50.
When the bank breaks the religion
I of some folks goes with it.
When Hannibal,
\ The great elephant got a sore foot they
i used Haller’s Barb Wire Liniment and
| cured it up in four days. For sale by
j McConnell & Co.
j It is a poor sermon that will not hit
1 a sinner somewhere.
When a man pounds his thumb he puts
it in his moutlu and says ***** get
me Haller’s Pain Paralyzer, quick now.
For sale by McConnell & Co.
. The Citizens Bank of McCook.
® Incorporated under State Laws.
| Paid Up Capital, $50,000
| General Banking Business.
ijjfjj Collections made on all accessible points. Drafts draws
directly on principal cities in Europe, Sales
0i paid for non-residents.
Sj Tickets For Sale to and from Europe
§9 V. FRANKLIN, President. JOHN R. CLARK, Vice Pres.
” A. C. EHERT, Cashier.
The First National Rank, Lincoln Nebrska.
US The Chemical National Rank, New Tork CKj
Tfte l^irst jVafional BanL
__ _ _
GEORGE HOCKNELL, President. B. M. FREES, Vice President. W. F. LAWSON, Cashier
I —-———
Now is the time.
This is the place....
We Have Added Clothing ...
And Sell Hoys’ and ens’....
SUITS AT FROM $1.50 TO $18.
Large Line of. *
Huv a Hat of Us and.
We* Will Give You a. * *
Ticket to the World’s Fair
Rockford No. 101 Hose 85c per Dozen.
In lOdoz. lots and upwards 7:!e per doz.
.Coates Thread 50c per dozen.
22 LB.S N.O. SUGAR $1.00.
....All Other....
As Low as any House in the City.
J. WILCOX & SON. ' |
_ j
V . 9
----- - _
Dealer in
The Finest Line of Machinery Ever
Brought to this County.
—Call and See my Line of—
McCormick, Buckeye and Deering Binders and
Mowers, Minnesota Chief Threshers, Randolph
Headers, Deere-Wells & Co. Plows, Keystone
Agent Disc Harrows, Grand Detour, Little Yankee,
FOR G. W. Brown’s Knox Lister, Norwegian Plows
' and Gangs, Moline Flying Dutchman, Superior
and Hoosier Drills, Hero and Buckeye Feed
Mills, Moline and Ketclium Wagons.
Yard West of First National Rank, McCOOK, NEB.
Will Cure Cramps, Colic, Cholera
Morbus and all Bowel Complaints.
PRICE, 25c„ 50c„ and 11.00 A BOTTLE. „
Office: In rearof First Nuiiunxl Rank.
HUGH W. (’OLE. Lawyer,
Will practice :n ail cent ts Horm:;erc;*».
tnd corporation l»rv a specialty Money to
oan. Rooms 4 ami ol«l F'rst Nation*! bid*#
i. li. DAVIS. AY. V. dAdK.
Physicians & Surgeons,
JS^Officb Horns: () to 11,«. rr... 2 to 5 an<J
’ to it, p. in Rooms over F'rst National bank.
has a hue stock of Cloths, Bind
iiigs, and other trimmings always
on hand.
■onet branded on left blp or left ehoulde*
r. u.anaroBO, imperial.
ICbaee County, and Beat
rice, Neb. Range, Stink*
ing Water and French
man creeks. Chase Co.,
Brand as cut on side of
some animaie, on hip an4
► 6ides of some, or %nj
(There on the animal.
Ft:bjeetsneed fearno iorsror - -• '* : nc? cr
Terrors, for by a : . st
medicine, cancer on i»:;: t • c
permanently cured tviiLout IK'- ^ -a ci'
the knife.
MKS i1. 1 >. COT.TtY, 2307 Indir-p A :■.. r*; .p•,
lays “ Was cured of cancer oi t ... i.i s-.x
weeks l>7 y.»ar method « : treat ju* • 1 f.,x
treatise. Ur. IS. C. Hale, ./>-'* 24th . t •
I [From Mrt.N. 0£- jfg\
J. HaYL EY.ftW gwd
. • .c Kfcw’ef Bell'-vilie, Kaa. -I* ’ A.*/
‘‘When 2 be, an >T*K
L treatment 3 mos. ag . I was so/ * i i( ' .
exhausted by ai'ments that I could not| Before. After. Los*,
doanv work. The accompanying 6g- Weight .'4' IV. 1*5 lbs 50 1?.
ures show ther<suit of 3 months’ treat-!Post.i- in. 3? ir. II la
ment, I now fee.‘.ike a r.ew being. Ills-Waist... 41 in. -Jin. ilia,
and pains are all gone. My friends at ej Hips •—£>"• >n. 4s in. 9 in.
surprised. Will cheertnliy reply to inquiries with stamp tacjcsed.
Harmless. So Starring. Send 6 cents la rtamrs for particu.ars t<>
hedicjl mo sim mim
S. rt. lor. llt!i anil Br ndwaj.
For the treatment of ai'. CLronic 2nd
Surgical Disea and Di«ea>es of the
Eve and The object of this Sanita
rium is to furnish board, raonis and
medical attention to the «• r :3enng *:th
Deformities. Diseases of Women. D;»
eases or the l nnarr ana sexuai wrgani, uiseaw* u. wr ,-ci • • ji
8 r stem. Lungand Throat Diseases, Piles. <>nc- r , Tumors. Err .
Etc. Surgical Operations performed with skill, iiooka free :>*
lien amd Women. For further information call ot. or ad ir**3
DR. C. M. COE, Kansas City, Mo.