The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 17, 1893, Image 5

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    The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes—40 Years the Standard
Had to be Quick.
“Com a-humpin' heah to ye'mammy.
Wash dat face an’ take de curry comb
an’ git dem kinks out’n yo ba’r.
Den you go right to Mars Knights sto'
an’ git a pa’r dem pants, an’ go quick
fo’ deys all gone. Dey done say Mr.
KnightB alums’ giben dem winter goods
away. Now you jes’ git a move on yo’
sef au’ don’t ston on de road to play
■wid any white trash.’’ He got.
Knipple must reduce bis immense
stock of groceries and queensware and
is putting the knife relentlessly to all
prices to make them move.
If you want to sell
your farm or your
town property list tlie
same with C. J. Ryan.
Implements of all kinds at tl.c Har
iris hardware.
You can huy Sew
ing Machines at Pade
& Son’s on $5.00 a
month payments.
For Lamps, Chenerv’s City Drug
VJwnsxT -v
It long ago seemed ns though
shoes could never be better and
never be cheaper, but they are
better now and cheaper now than
they ever were before. The great
every day favorite is our men’s
and ladies’ shoe. It is as much a
boon to the pocketbo’ok as it is to
the feet. It won’t wear you out
to wear it out. You don’t need to
take care of it; it takes care of
itself. It will give you solid com
fort for the simple reason that a
better shoe for knockabout pur
poses has never been produced.
If prices never appealed to you
before, the price of this shoe will,
fbr it costs only $2.50. It will
look nicer and wear longer than
any shoe on^earth.
For Best Furniture
and Lowest Price go
to Pade & Son.
The Keystone Watch
Case Co. of Philadelphia,
the largest watch case manufactur
ing concern in the world, is now
putting upon the Jas. Boss Filled
and other cases made by it, a bow
<ring) which cannot be twisted or
pulled off the watch.
It is a sure protection against the
pickpocket and the many accidents
that befall watches fitted with the
old-style bow', which is simply held
in by friction and can be twisted off
with the fingers. It is called the
cases bearing their trade mark— ^0^
Sold only through watch dealers,
without extra charge.
Ask any jeweler for pamphlet,
or send to the manufacturers.
Another northeaster.
The ground hog saw his shadow.
Harris &, Harris have their new ele
vator uearly ready lor grain.
Will Leisure is around again after
his tussle with the rheumatism.
Milt Maek’s folks moved into their
new house in town last Monday.
MrB. George Bede has been on the
sick list the past week, but was im
proving at lust reports.
G. B. Morgan and wife went down
to St. Joseph, last week, after more
goods, returning on Friday.
Mr. Oman thought he was well and
went down to his store, last Wednesday,
but suddenly took a relapse and is con
fined to his bed again.
There has been considerable delay in
getting cars us fast as wanted to , ship
Hie corn and aii occasional “scrap ’ be
tween elevator mtsii and farmers over
the possession of cars has resulted.
“Kesoi.vkd: That Hawaii should be
annexed to the United States,” is the
discussion at the lyeeum, this week,
which will of course be decided in the
affirmative, as our judges, regardless of
their oath of office, always decide ac
cording to popular opinion.
Charlie VanDyke and bride were
given a lively chariviri last week and
it is reported that the air was fairly
rent with discordant music and deafen
ing musketry. Not quite as bad as
burning a negro at the stake though.
Will Harrison, the gentlemauly grain
buyer for Powell Bros., rushed up the
street. last Saturday, making hurried
and exciting inquires for a doctor, and
we naturally thought something had
happened. It had. He had cut his
We ar.- awful glad we have a sena
tor, even if the demo-pops had to com
bine to elect him, for since the agony is
over the wheels of legislation, which
have been clogged so long, begin to roll
and our legislators begin to earn their
money. Moreover, Gvover has the
kind of senate he wants. X. X. X.
Spring Bonnets.
Hals and bonnets for the spring are
things of beauty. Of course there are
a few startling and “outre" things for
those who demand them; but conserva
tive women of quiet and refined taste
can all be suited. There is the small!
turban of fancy straw trimmed with
velvet folds, which some women like
so much for shopping and traveling;
and close little capotes of fancy straws
and chip. Strings are the color of the
trimming, and full two inches wide.
All kinds of buds and berries are more
used than flowers. Hats have wide
brims and low crowns, are bent and
pinched into many shapes, and trimmed
in front, at the side, or back, as is most
becoming. The severe, but to some
faces most coquetish, Empire poke
comes in fine, colored chip, and is
trimmed with velvet ribbon in severe
lines, and erect ostrich feathers. —From
“Review of Fashions,” in Demorest's
Family Magazine for March.
A state and national paper combined
is The Seme-Weekly Journal. The
Tiubune is your best local paper.
Subscribe for these and you are fixed
for a year. Both for $2.50.
Nebraska Conference Swedish evan
gelical Lutheran Church, Wahoo, Neb.,
February 20-28. Fare one and a third
rate for round trip. Tickets on sale
February 17-28 inclusive.
You get a Seaside Library free with
a year’s subscription to The Scmi
Wcekly Journal. The offer will not
last long.
Extra fine choice apples, $4.50 a
barrel, at Kmpple's. These are New
York Baldwin’s, full three bushels to
the barrel.
Noble, the leading grocer, makes a
specialty of fresh, clean family grocei
ies. He will treat you right.
Absolutely rust proof tinware is sold
by S. M. Cochran & Co., the west Den
nison street hardwaremen.
It just takes $4 50 to buy a three
bushel barrel of fine New York Bald
win apples at Knipple’s.
All kinds of Squashes, Turnips and
Potatoes at Bottom Prices at Knipple’s.
One dollar will buy 17 pounds of
Granulated Sugar at Kninple’s.
5 pounds Evaporated California Ap
ricots for $1.00 at Knipple’s.
Buy the best Machine Oils at Chen
ery’s City Drug Store.
North Divide Blossoms.
The literary has liteially let up.
•lames Robinson's m!w house is near
ing completion.
A. F. Reeves lias been busily en
gaged in putting up ice of a good qual
Miss Martha Johnson enjoyed the
freedom of the old home, close of last
Herr. M. Mohler disposed of a num
ber of cuttle to J. F. Helm of Red
The dance up at Toiu Scofield’s on
on Friday night was very largely at
J. M. Henderson in company with J.
Menard were North Divide visitors,
Wick Hanlein put in the early part
of the week helping Fred Carter with
his corn shelling.
Wind mills, hay stacks and other
“temporary” objects suffered during
the recent wind storm.
Mrs. James Robinson was taken seri
ously ill Tuesday and lias been suffer
ing from a dangerous malady.
Fred Carter was among the ailing
ones, this week, making it inconvenient
for one of his rustling nature.
We are to have one more week of
school; on account of sickness the at
tendance has not been as large as usual.
F.\ L. Campbell representing the
Phoenix Insurance Co., has been soli
citing around about here with success.
J. S. Modrell has been hauling the
hay lie put up on the Cain place. The
quality is all right, but the quantity has
somewhat diminished.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Brown enter
tained a company of their numerous
friends on Wednesday evening. All
enjoyed a good time.
We understand that Mr. Ed. Couse,
who left here a number of months ago
for California, will return again; some
of his effects have already arrived.
Ben Johnson North Divide’s allaround
comedian was a welcome caller over in
these diggins, fore part of the week,
entertaining us briefly in his pleasing
Mr. Steltzer, who formerly lived up
on the Willow, has leased the Laman
farm and has been busily engaged dur
ing the past week erecting buildings
The weather is pleasant, the days, are
getting longer and spring is coming and
with the exception of an occassional
bop things are moving along in a steady
every day fashion.
James Pinkerton and son have the
contract of putting up a frame house
for Herr M. Mohler. The latter will
give possession of the place he now oc
cupies the first of March. r
The old familiar land mark has dis
appeared, the Mat. Gentry domicile,
which in its time was the resort of
questionable tenants, public meetings,
Sunday school and etc., etc., for the
past nine or ten years.
The removal from the neighborhood
of the Saunders-Ward outfit will be an
event of tho coming spring. We wish
them much jov and happiness in their
new home and herewith congratulate
the Big Flat people on their valuable
(?) acquisition.
A certain individual was not backward
in coming forward to take care of the
proceeds derived from the basket supper
held some time ago at the school house
which was under the direction of the
teacher and the scholars. As a con
sequence considerable disappointment
prevails. It is thought however the
matter will be fixed up to.the satisfac
tion of all concerned. In the mean
time different and numerous stories and
excuses are making and remaking the
On Friday evening last the ]7th birth
day of Ben and Eliza Johnson was cele
brated in a very charming manner. A
large number of their jolly young
friends were present who wished them
many happy returns of the day. Mu
sic and singing, games and charades
and finally a sumptuous repast took up
the time until the wee small hours.
Theyoung people were the recipients of
numerous tokens of affection and alto
gether the occasion was one to be re
membered. Connie.
Harmony District School Report,
The first month of school in Har
mony district ended February 10th.
Several hours were lost by tardiness
which is a great disadvantage to the
school. Hoping that it will stimulate
the children to be more prompt in ar
riving at the school by !) o’clock, I put
in print the names of those that were
not tardy duriug the month, and want
the pleasure of having the balance
published next month; they were Floyd,
Rosa, Mabel and Cora Reed.
Mothers and fathers help your child
ren in coming, and encourage them in
their efforts to arrive on the field of
battle by school time, and better and
more vigorous work will be performed.
Julia Phillips, Teacher.
The twenty-sixth annual meeting of j
The Nebraska State Sunday School
Association is to be held in the beau
tiful and picturesque city of Fairbury,
on the line of the Chicago, Rock Island
& Pacific and the St. Joseph & Grand
Island roads, on Tuesday, Wednesday
[Thursday, June 6, 7 and 8, 1893.
O. Frost, Esq., was in our city, Mon
A. P. Bodwcli was over from Leba
non, Thursday.
Mrs. J. W. Smith and Ida were in
this berg, Saturday.
Mrs. Garner and son Harry came in
from Denver, this week.
•I. (J. Shumaker is building an addi
tion to bis store building.
Miss Belle Cavanaugh of Denver is
visiting friends in this city.
C. W. Hupp, Lebanon’s banker was
in the county capital Wednesday.
B. W. Seeley of Trenton, formerly of
Bartley, was examined for pension on
R. W. White has laid a ten-foot
walk and put up a neat awning in front
of his implement house.
Mr. Stephens, representing the Lin
coln Printing Company, was soliciting
orders for his house, Monday.
C. W. Hodgkin and wife and M N.
Eskey and wife attended the Odd Fel
lows supper on Wednesday evening.
Several families have arrived from
the east during the past week to take
up their abode in this neck o’ timber.
N. VV. Miller of North Valley pre
cinct and J. W. Wolfe of Alliance had
business at court house on Wednesday.
Hon. Israel Sheridan was home a few
days the first of the week, but returned
to the seat of war on Wednesday even
ing. -
Frank H. Strout and wife left, Sun
day night, fjr Culbertson where Frank
is engaged in preparing a set of ab
stract books.
The public schools will give a supper
on February 2?d at the school house,
after which an entetainment is the or
der of the evening.
Attorney Wright of Hutchinson,
Kansas, representing the Phenix Ins.
Company, was in the city, Monday, in
the interest of said company.
Born:—To Ralph L. Duckworth and
wife on February 15th, a 124- pound
girl. Mother and child doing well, but
it is feared that Lotou will have to set
up the cigars.
Rev. James Lisle returned from his
Iowa trip on Saturday night and filled
his pulpit ffn Sunday morning. While
away he visited his family at Long
Pine, Nebraska.
Charles H. Crocker and A. II. Or
man each made proof on a timber claim
before the county judge on Friday last.
Mr. Crocker’s was commutted and Mr.
Orman's an ei^ht year proof.
Messrs. Jesse Reedy, who is teaching
in District No. 45, J. F Hendrick, the
teacher in District No. 44. and Miss
Anna Hauxwell, teaching in District
No. 42. all consulted the county super
intendent on Saturday last.
Among the new arrivals in town the
past week arc Mrs. Gilett and daughter
Laura, who are mother and sister of
Mrs. Dr. Brown. They came from Ke
oto Iowa, and will occupy the Dr.
Moore residence which they purchased
last weak.
Paris Henderson loaded a car for
Oklahoma on Wednesday. They will
stop in southern Kansas, however, and
wait until the opening up of more
territory. The I. O. O. F. lodge, of
which he was a faithful member, gave
him and his family a farewell reception
on Wednesday evening, which was well
attended by members and their wives.
Since our last letter the following
persons have applied for permission to
enter the state matrimony, the appli
cations have been passed by the county
judge and decissions rendered in favor
of the applicants: February 10, Mr.
Sanford S. Case and Miss Lillie McKee,
both of Danbury; February 11th, Mr.
S. A. Moore and Miss Etta Hamilton,
both of McCook; Mr. B. J. Nightingale
and Miss Anna M. Tines, both of In
dianola; February 13th, Mr. Mathew
Hemelius and Miss Anna Weires, both
of Atlanta, Neb.; February 14th. Mr.
John D. Jackson and Miss M. Belle
Kinkaid, both of Tyrone precinct. Of
the above Mr. Nigntingale and Miss
Tines and Mr. Hemelius and Miss
Weirs were married in Indianola on the
14th by Rev. Bernard Sproll of the
Catholic church. “Who will be next.”
Squire Berry’s time was occupied on
Thursday night listening to a case of
assauit with attempt to do great bodily
injury. The complainant was James
Kelly and the defendant his brother-in
law Robert Moore. The result Moore
is bound over till next term of district
court in the sum of one hundred dollars.
Joint Conference W. C. T. U. Wo
men’s Suffrage Association and Prohi
bition committee, Lincoln. Nebraska,
February 21-23. Fare one and a third
rate for the round trip. Tickets on
sale February 18-23 inclusive.
A good live paper every Tuesday
and Friday, is what you get iu The
Semi-Weekly Journal for one one dol
lar. The Tribune and Journal both
oue year for $2.50.
The famous Smith wagon at the
Harris hardware.
Tlie Domestic, New
Home, White, Stand
ard and American
Sewing Machines at
prices to suit at
Pade & Son’s.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov’t Report
Residence property
for sale in all parts of
the city by C. J. Ryan.
Groceries at Nobles’.
Machine oil of all kinds at Predmore
Pop corn at Knipple's for 2 cents per
Fancy rockers just received at Padc
& Son's.
Baker barbed wire at the Harris
Elegant Perfumes at Chenery’s City
Drug Store.
McMillen has a large assortment of
Pure drugs can always be found at
Chenery’s City Drugstore.
S. M. Cochran & Co. keep repairs
for all kinds of machinery.
5 pounds Evaporated California
Plums for $1.00 at Knipple’s.
We sell the Empire letter copying
books. Also best grades of type writ
ing paper.
Remember that Knipple is selling 5
cans of fine California fruit, assorted,
for only $1.00.
Noble carries a large and complete
stock of the best brands of canned
goods of all kinds.
Best York State Canned Apples, gal
lon cans, 35 cents or three cans for
$1.00 at Knipple’s.
Knipplc is making tremendous price
reductions to reduce his immense stock
of groceries and queensware.
Way son & Odell can fix you up com
fortably and stylishly in any thing you
may desire in the livery line.
Noble is the only exclusive grocer in
the city. His stock is the largest and
his prices correspond with the times.
IN QUEENSWARE Noble carries
the largest assortment and the richest
designs of the season. His prices are
A fine line of Plush Goods, Albums,
Manicure Sets, Perfumes, Sponges,
Toilet Articles, etc., at Chenery's City
Drug Store.
Make Noble your family grocer and
many other blessings will fall to your
lot, besides having the best groceries on
your table that the market .affords.
Put your $ $ $ where they will do
the most good, where they will secure
the best and the most groceries for in
stance. You will make no mistake if
Noble’s is the place of deposit. He
gives the limit in quantity, quality and
value, and his stock cannot be duplicat
ed in Western Nebraska.
To My Debtors.
I have decided to go out of business,
and desire all persons indebted to me
to call and settle at once.
Mas. J. B. McCabe
Pony Mare for Sate.
1 have a fine pony mare for sale at a
very reasonable price. Inquire at this
office if you want a bargain and mean
Look at This.
Knipple is selling preserved fruits
cheaper than they can be bought at
Preserved Strawberries, doz. cans,$2.60
Preserved Raspberries, doz. cans.. 2.60
Preserved Blackberries, doz.cans, 2.60
These prices are for cash. The
goods are the very best in the market.
Marvelously Cheap.
Just sec what cash will buy for you
in the way of canned fruits at Knipples.
All these goods are Standard grade
California fruits and cannot be equaled
in this market. No one should be with
out fruits when they can be bought at
Plums, per dozen cans,.$2.20
Apricots, per dozen cans,. 2.20
Muscatel Grapes, per dozen cans, 2.20
Prunes, per dozen cans,. 2.20
Egg Plums, per dozen cans,. 2.20
Green Gage Plums, per doz. cans, 2.20
Peaches, per dozen cans,.2.50
Pears, per dozen cans,. 2.50
These goods must move, bring your
cash and take them away.
Pade & Son keep an
elegant line of Baby
5 cans of California Fruit, assorted,
at Knipple's.
Paints and Oils, Cheuery’s City
Drug Store.
McMillcn is headquarters for all
kinds of lamps.
Queenswarc at cost for the next 30
days at Knipple’s.
Predmore Bros, keep the best cylin
der nil in McCook.
17 pounds Granulated Sugar for
$1.00 at Knipple’s.
Buy your school supplies at Chen
cry’s City Drug Store..
Knipple has reduced preserves from
35 cents to 25 cents a jar.
Waysoli & Odell arc putting out some
handsome rigs these days.
5 pounds Evaporated California Peach
es for $1.00 at Knipple’s.
Dr. A. J. Thomas, Dentist, office in
Union block, over Knipple.
Horses for Sale.
Ways on & Odell keep horses for sale
at their livery barn opposite the Cen
tral hotel.
Land for Cattle.
I have 40 acres of land, about one
mile from McCook, to trade for cattle.
Impure at the Cash Meat Market..
For Sale.
One span of good mules and a num
ber of four and five year old horses; or
will trade for cattle.
J. B. Meservk.
World’s Fair.
If you wish to secure rooms for
World’s fair write for particulars to
J. L. G ray, G3'J4 Wright Street,
Englewood, Ills.
What the Big Silver Dollar Will Do
at Knipple’s.
I have just received a large ship
ment of flour, which I am selling at
the following '
“Snowflake” flour, per sack, $ .85
“Straight,”—2d patent, - 1.00
Finest Fancy Patent, per sack, 1.25
For Sale Cheap.
A choice residence property, consists
ing of three lots filled with hearing
fruit, good 7-room house; a few choice
residence lots; choice level land partly
improved, in good farming neighbor
hood; young mares, colts and fresh
milch cows.
Terms of real property, about one
half cash, balance on time to suit pur
chaser at ten per cent interest.
Inquire of or address,
J. E. Cochran,
McCook, Neb.
We will offer for sale at our place in
Driftwood precinct. G piles southwest
of McCook, on
TUESDAY, FEB. 28, 1893,
commencing at 10 o’clock a. m., the
following stock, implements, household
goods etc., to-wit:
One team of dark bay mares, 8 years
old, weighing 2G00 pounds; one team
of bay mares. 9 years old, weighing
2000 pounds; one team of 2-year-old
bay colts, broke to drive; one yearling
colt; one gray mare, 8 years old; one
milch cow. fresh; thirteen head of
shoats; one spring wagon; two lumber
wagons, one Minneapolis binder, used
1 year; one Knox lister; one stirring
plow; one breaking plow; one 3-section
harrow; one mower and rake; two cul
tivators; one bay rack; two sets of
doable harness; one saddle; household
goods too numerous to mention.
Terms of Sale:—All sums under
$10 cash. On sums over $10 seven
months time will be given at 10 per
cent, inteiest per annum. Bankable
paper required.
Holmes Bros.