The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 28, 1892, Image 5

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It long ago seemed ns though
shoes could never be better and
never be cheaper , but they are
better now and cheaper now than
thev ever wore before. The great
* * 3
every day favorite is our men's
and ladies' shoe. It is as much a
boon to the pocketboolc as it is to
the feet. It won't wear you out
to wear it out. You don't need to
take care of it ; it takes care of
itself. It will give you solid com
fort for the simple reason that a
better shoe for knockabout pur
poses has never been produced.
If prices never appealed to you
before , the price of this shoe will ,
for it costs only $2.50. It will
look nicer and wear longer than
any shoe on earth.
1C per cent off 011
all Cloaks and Hats.
McCook , Neb.
Machine oil of all kinds at Preduior
For Lamps , Chenery'.s City Druj
Paints and Oils , Cliencry's Cit ;
Drug Store.
Prediuorc Bros , keep the best cylin
dcr oil in McCook.
Buy the best Machine Oils at Chen
cry's City Drug Store.
Buy your school supplies at Chen
ery's City Drug Store. .
Wayson & Odell are putting out semi
handsome rigs these days.
Dr. A. J. Thomas , Dentist , office it
Union block , over Knipple.
Try W. J. Palmer at Joe Spotts' olt
stand for a fashionable hair cut or :
clean shave.
McCook's building boom has reached
quite respectable proportions as the
fall progresses.
Noble , the leading grocer , makes s
specialty of fresh , clean family grocer
ies. He will treat you right.
Noble carries a large and complete
stock of the best brands of canned
goods of all kinds.
The building first door south of Low-
man's is being put in condition to re
ceive a stock of groceries for J. W.
McKenna. The painters , carpenters
and decorators now have the room in
Stop Thief !
Any one whose Watch has a
bow ( ringwill ) never have oc
casion to use thistime-honored
cry. It is the only bow that
cannot be twisted off the case ,
and is found only on Jas.
Boss Filled and other watch
cases stamped with
this trade mark.
Ask your jeweler for a pamphlet , or
send to the manufacturers.
Keystone Watch Case Co. ,
Residence propertj
for sale in all parts oj
the city by C. J. Kyan
Machine Oils at 20c , 25c , 30c. am
35c. at KHIPPLE'S.
Elegant Perfumes at Chonery's Cit ;
Drug Store.
iMcMillen has a large assortment o
lamps cheap.
Pure drugs can always be found a
Chenery's City Drug Store.
S. M. Cochran & Co. keep repair
for all kinds of machinery.
H. P. Waitu has been awarded tin
contract for building the new Congre
gational church.
Union Congregational and Baptisl
services in Meeker hall , Sunday morning
and evening.
Knipple will pay 50 cents cash foi
for 10,000 bushels of potatoes. Bring
them in at once.
Absolutely rust proof tinware is sold
by S. M. Cochran & Co. , the"west Den-
tiison street hardwarcmcn.
Domestic , White , Standard and New
Home sewing machines on $5 .a month
payments at Pade & Son's.
Wayson & Odell can fix you up com
fortably and stylishly in any thing you
[ nay desire in the livery line.
Noble is the only exclusive grocer in
: he city. His stock is the largest and
lis prices correspond with the times.
Don't sell your potatoes to outsiders ,
Knipple will pay you 50 cents cash for
; liem. Hevants 10,000 bushels at
) nce.
IN QUEENS WARE Noble carries
.he largest assortment and the richest
leaigns of the season. His prices are
A fine line of Plush Goods , Album- :
Manicure Sets , Perfumes , Sponges
Toilet Articles , etc. . at Chenery's Cit ;
Drug Store.
Mr. and Mr. Tom Bales mourn tin
loss of a three months old girl baby
The little one died on last Saturda ;
and was buried Monday.
, Purveyor tox-
Common People , is now . e
about the handsomest and largnst as
sortment of plain and fancy lamps to bt
seen in Southwestern Nebraska.
That Nebraska farmer who raiset
1,100 bushels of potatoes on five acres
this year proved that he knew the ad
vantages of diversified farming. Tin
price of potatoes is high while grain is
away down. Nebraska soil appears to
be well adapted to almost all crops urn
the time is not far distant when the
farmer of this state will raise a little o :
everything. If more of them had po
tatoes to sell this year it would be a
good thing for the state.
Invention is at a white heat contin
ually in the circle of the electricians ,
and it is now announced that the
Thompson-Houston-Edison company
has by great good fortune stumbled
upon an appliance whereby platinum ,
the most expensive material used in in
candescent lights , can be superseded
with iron and the cost of globes greatly
reduced. Furthermore , another inves
tigator has invented a globe that will
be made in sections so that if the glass
breaks it is only the work of a minute
to detach it and put on a new one and
everything goes on as merrily as before.
This is good news to the consumers.
Mr. Sheridan presents his side of the
scraper case in tbis issue of the
Courier. He naturally makes the best
defense possible. Mr. Sheridan may
have no great ability as a statesman ,
but his ability to smooth things out is
second to none , and yet there are bad
breaks in this scraper deal. Mr. Sheri
dan admits that he was aware that the
price was too high. Then why present
his bill until the matter was adjusted
between himself and the wholesale
house. Besides this Mr. Sheridan had
already a month's time and it requires
scarcely more than a week to get a
reply to a letter written to any part of
the United States. We will , however ,
accept Mr. Sheridan's statement as uncolored -
colored , and we find upon his own
statement that he charged the county
$45.04 profit on $127.76 , which he
claims is the cost of the scrapers as first
billed , including freight. Mr. Sheridan
had but $10.26 invested yet he charges
the county nearly $4.00 profit on each
scraper. Mr. Sheridan says he refund
ed the $88.80 without any demand.
This may be technically true , but he
will not deny that members of the
board came and talked to him about the
matter before he returned the $88.80.
McM Hen IB headquarters for all
kindn of lamps.
Knipple wants 10,000 bushels ol
potatoes at 50 cents a bushel cash.
There is too much carelessness ex
ercised in causing false fire alarms in
The sidewalk war is over and white-
winged peace has spread his pinions
over all.
The McCook land district has been
added to John Major's territory as spe
cial agent.
The indications are that McCook
will cast a splendid vote for Con. Ryan
for commissioner.
E. M. Woods should win the battle ,
November 8th , hands down , and by an
overwhelming majority.
A. C. Clyde is thoroughly overhaul
ing his residence on Madison street and
is making large additions to the same.
Make Noble your family grocer and
many other blessings will fall to your
lot , besides having the best groceries on
your table that the market affords.
Two weeks from today you will
know who knocked the presidential
persimmon. If you could tell now to
certainty you would have millions in
your grasp.
J. M. Hctiderson has commenced the
rcction of a dwelling house on north
Madison. It will be of the " 6 feet
square type , with a 16x14 feet kitchen
addition. McAdams is doing the work.
Judge Ballard , the independent
orator , did not appear hear , last Satur
day evening , the opera company having
the opera house engaged on that even-
ng , and it being too cold for out door
speaking. %
The coal yard of the Burnett Lumber
Jo. has received some extra trackage ,
this week , besides other improvements
are contemplated which will add largely
o the convenience and facility of the
bain e.
We are printing the date to which
each subscriber has paid his subscrip-
ion to THE TRIBUNE along with the
iddress. Watch the date and you will
enow if you are in arrears. If you are ,
ilease come and see us.
The race on Wednesday afternoon
Between J. W. Holliday's black mare
nd A. Gr. Bump's bay gelding resulted
in a victory for the latter , whosecured _
a purse of $50 which had been hung
up for the winner. The doctor and
bis backers ; fro in mourning.
Under the present system of our
public schools the boon of education is
furnished to the rich and poor , the
win it ; aim LMUU& nit : iiiuiu aim
of every condition in life. The syston
is without fault , and is imitated b ;
many of the nations of the world.
At the grand lodge and encampment
of Nebraska Odd Fellows held it
Omaha , last week , action was takei
excluding wholesale and retail liquoi
men , as well as brewers and distillers
from membership in the order. Rev. P
C. Johnson was chosen grand chaplain ,
Fair audiences greeted the Boston
Comic Opera Co. , last Friday and
Saturday evenings , upon their presenta
tions of "Olivette" and the "Chimes of
Normandy. " The company contains
some good timber , and withal both their
performances were quite satisfactory
and meritorious
Mr. Frank S. Reid wishes in this
way to publicly acknowledge the kind
ness of all concerned in the late testimon
ial concert in his behalf ; and desires to
express his gratitude and thankfulness
to each and all engaged therein. He
will ever hold the kindly acts in grate
Ful remembrance.
Put your $ $ $ where they will do
the most good , where they will secure
; he best and the most groceries for in
stance. You will make no mistake if
Coble's is the place of deposit. He
gives the limit in quantity , quality and
value , and his stock cannot be duplicat
ed in Western Nebraska.
By strict attention to his personal
ntereets and the interests of a few
cronies , and by neglecting the welfare
of the people generally , Commissioner
Belles has clearly earned a retirement
o private life. And the voters of this
listrict should take strict pleasure in
eeing that he secures a permanent
W. R. Starr , the republican nominee
for county attorney , comes before the
people of Red Willow county on his
merits and fitness for that office , and
seeks election on these grounds. On
this basis he asked the support of the
people of Red Willow county , who
should ever be interested in securing
efficient servants for the several offices
of the county.
Sheridan's Story.
To the editor of the Indianolt
Courier. DEAB SIR :
Your political and uncalled foi
attack on me in the Courier ol Get
14th , and the manner and toneofyoui
write-up of the article on the scrapei
question , together with the many mis
statements made in jour column and
a-half article , injustice to myself and
my friends , calls for more than pass
ing notice. Will you be so kind and
do me the justice to publish facts con
cerning this matter , omitting any
slander or abuse that might appear in
this article against yourself or your
character as a business man , or any
thing that might appear in the article
that would injure the character of the
parties at the court house or the bank
that arc aiding in making this attack
without sufficient cause and written for
political purposes only.
The plain facts are these. In July
I Bold to the county commissioners ,
Mr. Belles , and Mr. Graham , twelve
No. 1 road scrapers with runners.
They asked me what 1 could furnish
them for. I told them 1 could not
tell what they would cost now , as I had
not bought any of them lately ; but 1
would guarantee the price and make
the price as low as they could get the
same scraper of anyone. 1 ordered the
scrapers at once and the company bill
ed them to me at fifteen dollars each ,
making the scrapers at their price ,
$180.00 , with thirty five per cent dis
count , making , with discount off , $117.-
00 , drayage , 50 cents ; freight , $10.26 :
total , $127.76. 1 thought this price
was too high ; but it takes time to get
these things righted when they once
In the meantime I billed them to the
commissioners ai list price from the
catalogue with ten per cent off , calcu
lating to make price right when I got
settlement with the company , and just
as soon as I got settlement with the
company I corrected the same to the
county without any demand from any
of the county commissioners or anyone
else , and made the price seven dollars
each or eighty four dollars for the
No. 1 scrapers with steel runners ,
You misstated my bill to the county in
your article. My bill was for 12 No. 1
steel scrapers with steel runners , and
not 12 scrapers at sixteen dollars with
ten per cent off for cash , as you stated
in your paper. The fact is , I have not
got one cent of the county's money.
It took the scrapers and $41.56 in cash
to pay my taxes , which was $125.56.
Now , Mr. Editor , if there is any
thing dishonorable about this deal don't
you vote for me to go down to the
legislature , and if there is nothing dis
honorable , then you vote for me to go to
the legislature and you will be as good a
reformer as you was two years ago
when you belonged to the independent
party and wanted me to join hands with
you and leave the old democrat party
and help you , this country and vote for
Respectfully ,
To the Indianola Courier and other
papers that copied the article. Cour
Quite an Ovation.
That was a splendid audience tha
greeted Hon. Sterling P. Morton in th
opera house , Monday evening , am
should be very gratifying to all person
concerned. The eloquent and able frei
trader was at his best and delivered ;
most affective political speech fron
the democratic point of view ; spieinj
the whole effort with some clever roast
ing of General VanWyck.
A small torchlight procession , carry
ing a number of banners and headei
by the band , preceded the speaking.
S. N. Wolbach , the democratic nom
inee for lieutenant governor , made :
few remarks at the opening.
F. H. Spearman , the clever local dis
ciple of Cobdera , introduced Mr. Mor
ton with marked satisfaction and pleas
ure.Mr. . Morton did not state , however
among other things , why the late over
whelmingly democratic congress did not
amend or repeal the McKinley tarifi
bill. Perhaps it was a mere oversight.
Even the ' -Sage of Arbor Lodge"
had to play to the gallery ; as witness-
eth his reference to assafcetida and the
republican party.
On the question of finance the speak
er is a stalwart gold-bug and decidedly
out of tune with his friend Bryan of
Lincoln , whose district he religiously
avoids in his political pilgrimages.
Hold on Quaker.
Some of the independents seem in
clined to go back on Mr. Sheridan.
The Courier is , as we have said before ,
in favor Mr. Sheridan , in favor of the
present war , also the next. The way
to accomplish a reform is to vote for
the nominees on the independent ticket
no matter who they are or how they
were nominated. It is different with
the republican ticket. We trust this
is clear to our independent friends and
needs no further explanation. Cour
There was a splendid republican
rally up at Osborn postofficc , a large
gathering of farmers being present
from a wide scope of surrounding
county , and the attention and enthus
iasm was quite marked. Hons. T. J.
Majors , J. C. Allen , W. E. Andrews ,
W. S. Summers and J. C. Gammill
were" the speakers. It was a most
gratifying meeting to republicans.
I I"
* r " * ' * " * l
: . ' ? Y
Used in Millions of ; thu't in7 ; . . ' .
Municipal Matters.
The city council met in regular ses
sion Wednesday evening , present
Mayor Brewer , Clerk Warren , Councilmen -
men , Menard , Spickelmicr and La-
Tourette. Following bills were allow
ed :
W. C. Bullard & Co. , $ 79.20
Berry & McConnclI , 85
H. H. Berry , 14.60
P.T.Francis/ 6.00
Sylvester Cordeal , 75.00
The marshal was instructed to re
move all hitching posts , signs and awn
ing posts on Dennison street between
Marshall and Manchester streets.
The band was notified not to use the
city hall in future as a place for re
Keport of J. H. Bennett accepted.
The clerk was instructed to notify
city attorney to sue persons delinquent
on occupation tax , and if such action
is not taken within 48 hours , to hire
an attorney , the cost to be tak'en out of
city attorney's salary.
Frank/in Academy.
Students and friends of the Franklin
academy will be pleased to learn that
the State University , of Nebraska , has
placed the academy first in its list of
accredited schools , thus giving it first
rank among the preparatory schools of
the state. This school is at the front
in all lines of work and we advise all
young people to investigate and find
out what it can offer them before going
elsewhere. The fall term begins Sep
tember 18th. Send for catalogue arid
information to ALEXIS C. HART ,
Franklin , Nebraska.
The Best Yet.
The Omaha Weekly Bee for the bal
ance of the year , with a large colored
lithograph of President Harrison , will
be sent to any address in this country
for 25 cents. This elegant picture is
the best likeness of the President pub
lished , and would cost at least one dollar
lar in any art store. Don't miss this
chance , but send in your order at once.
Omaha , Neb.
Take Notice.
To all whom it may concern. All
trespassing with dogs and guns is pro
hibited on my farm under penalty of
the law.
2l-3ts. D. H. BABBITT.
Horses for Safe.
Wayson & Odell keep horses for sale
at their livery barn opposite the Cen
tral hotel.
The average salary a month pai (
each man teaching in the public schools
of the United States is $42.43. The
highest average salary paid a month in
any state tn a man teaching in the
public schools is to be credited to Mas
sachusetts , $108.88 ; but the next high
est salary paid is that found in Colora
do , $95.21. Colorado pays its teachers
more than Massachusetts ; Ohio gives
its teachers twice as much as Maine ;
and the teachers of Illinois receive
more than twice what the teachers of
Vermont receive.
To those who think Mr. Sheridan
had no cause for leaving the rotten old
parties ( it is said he has belonged to
ill of them ) we would point them to Mr.
Sheridan's financial standing in 1890
when his taxes were $72 and in 1891
only $52. This is certainly evidence
enough that the value of his personal
property shrunk almost one third. At
; his rate , in two years Mr. Sheridan
will be without a dollar. Courier.
Ryan stock is going up daily. Mc-
ook owes it to herself and her future
jrosperity and improvement to see that
le is elected.
In the county-seat removal matter ,
ndianola has filed an amended petition
nd McCook has thirty days in which
o answer.
The { < Q' ' system is now in the midst
f a genuine grain blockade.
There Will be Republican Meet
ings at the Following : Places
and Dates. Meetings to
Begin at73O P. M.
Banksville , Grant Precinct ; II. H.
Berry and Dr. Welles.
Moore's school house , Tyrone ; R. S.
Baker , W. R. Starr and others.
School house , district 33 , Missouri
Ridge ; Wm. "Weygint and J. J. Lambom.
TUESDAY , Nov. ist.
Vailton postoffice , Driftwood precinct ;
H. H. Berry and Win. Weygint.
TUESDAY , Nov. ist.
Lebanon , Lebanon precinct ; J. W.
Dolan , J. P. Lindsay and E. M. Woods.
WEDNESDAY , Nov. 2nd.
Danbury , Beaver precinct ; J. P. Lind
say. J. W. Dolan and W. R. Starr.
WEDNESDAY , Nov. 2nd.
Fritsch school house , Fritsch precinct ;
C. W. Beck , F. W. Eskey and Win.
THURSDAY , Nov. 3d.
Pulliam school house , Alliance pre
cinct ; J. J. Lamborn , R. S. Baker and E.
S. Hill.
THURSDAY , Nov. 3d.
Ash Creek school house , Bondville
precinct ; Wm. Weygint , E. A. Sexon
and J. S. Shaw.
THURSDAY , Nov. 3d.
Modie school house , Coleman pre
cinct ; J. E. Cochran and Dr. Welles.
FRIDAY , Nov. 4th.
Box Elder school house , Box Elder ;
H. H. Berry , Dr. Welles and E. M.
SATURDAY , Nov. sth.
Red Willow school house , Red Willow ;
Wm. Weygint , E. M. Woods and J. E.
MONDAY , Nov. jth.
Peyton school house , East Valley ; J. J.
Lamborn and H. W. Keyes.
The coniniitteemen of each precinct
will see that proper arrangements are
made for these meetings.
Will open next month in Menard's op
era house on November I5th , continuing
three evenings.
The ladies in charge of the different
tables have been busy at work the past
month endeavoring to make the display
of fancy and useful articles more attract
ive than ever. Great interest is being
manifested among the different contest
ants , as many articles will be voted to
the most popular ladies and gentlemen
of McCook ,
During the fair an orchestra will be in
attendance each evening , adding to the
many attractions which will be announc
ed latter.
The second evening will be given to
the contest of McCook's beautiful babies
under one year of age , for a handsome
silver goblet , to the one receiving the
most votes.
Refreshments each evening from 6 to
12 o'clock.
Father Hickey extends a cordial invi
tation to all the people of McCook and
vicinity to be present during the fair , at
the same time thanking them for their
liberal patronage in the pasi.
Red Willow county teachers' associa
tion at Indianola , Saturday , Nov. 12 ,
1892. Morning Session. 10:00 : O'clock.
Devotional Exercises. Roll Call.
"Arrangement andjjUse of School
Programs. " Prof. C. Howard.
"Intermediate Spelling , " . .Edwin Piper.
"How to Interest the Ten Year Old
Boy , " Edna Meserve.
Select Reading , Kitty Shackelton.
"Non-Professional Reading for the
Teacher , " J. C. Moore.
Opening Exercises.
"Reading Circle Review , "
Supt. Bayston. .
Paper , Mrs. E. Wilson.
"Friday Afternoon Exercises , "
Miss Mary Newton.
Paper , Angie Horn.
Discussion , "What Constitutes a
Successful School , "
Led by Miss Eva Bayston.
General Business.
The democratic meeting announced
o be held in the opera house , last even-
ng , and to be addressed by Mat.Gering.
the democratic candidate for attorney
jeneral , was a conspicuous fizzle , as the
mdience did not appear. The gentleman
las been swinging around the circle with
McKeighan , lately , attesting the quality
of McKeighan's democracy , and the ac-
ion here last night is claimed to be a
) ractical repudiation of both Gering and
tfcKeighan by the McCook democracy.
The political pot has taken on quite a
igorous simmer in this vicinity.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. I.atc .t U. - . Gov : , . . .