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Nothing id more correct and interesting in the cultivated family circle than
a bright Prize Competition which will bring into active use the abilities of eom-
petitorf ) wliun it i kn wn lint it.-li competitions is carried out by the originat
ors in a ( icrfuully FAIii AM ) ilON'oitAliMuiatincr. : .
As a inuuiis nF advcrji i"i " ' "in-linind of KxQUlsiTK TOILET SOAP and intro
ducing it into li'inic.- . xviirii ! it is imt , used , and \vc offer the following piizc. ,
\ which will bu awunlt-d to siicei'M-fiil cmitcRtants without any partiality being
shown to person or locality.
Tn tins puivon tending the Iir i currect answer to the following problem will
be givuii their choice between a firoi i-laps UPRIGHT PIANO or THREE HUNDRED
For thu .second correct answer \vill lie paid Two HUNDRED DOLLARS in Cash.
For the third correct answer will ! paid ONK HUNDRED DOLLARS in Cash.
For the fourth correct answer will be paid FIFTY DOLLARS in Cash.
To the person sending the correct , answer which is received last will be given
their choice between a firnt class UPRIGHT PIANO or THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY
DOLLARS in Cash.
For the next to the correct answer will be paid ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS
in cash.
Every answer will he numbcrc-l as received and entered in a book kept for
this purpose.
The ten persons sending correct answer which are the middle ones received ,
will each be awarded their choice between an elegant SlLK DRESS PATTERN (1C (
yards in any color de.sired ) or an elegant GOLD WATCH ( warranted to be solid
gold and a good time keeper. )
OTHER VALUABLE Pnr/tss .such as Silver Watches , Pearl Opera Glasses ,
Silver Vegetable Dishes , Stiver Tea Sets , Silver Biscuit Jars , Silver.Coffee Sets ,
Silver Cake Stands , Piano Lamps. Silver Dessert Knives , etc. , etc. , will be award
ed to every person sending correct answer.
A frog at the bottom of a well ten feet deep climbs up a foot every day and
slides back a half foot every night. How many days will it take him to reacli the
top of the well ?
Every contestant mubt enclose with their answer , one dollar for one dozen
cases ot our j'jxiiujsrrr : JOILET OUAF , WHICH is me puresc anu unescsoapior me
skin and complexion ( hat has ever been manufactured. It contains none of.the
poisonous preparations which cause the skin to become rough and parched.
tt is the only -oaji lor the toilet , nursery and bath. It positively removes
pimples and cures ivdisva.s and loughne.-s of the skin. It is universally acknowl
edged by those who have o-ud it as the soap par excellence for nil toilet purpos
es. It is sent free of ciiMum.s duty to any parl of the United States. Answers
may be mailed at any time he tun : .November 1st , 1892 , as the prizes are equitably
divided over entire time c > .n. > etuioi : is open , and persons can enter at any time
with an equal opportunity of .securing one of the leading prizes. HEMEMBER
This toilet soap U rct-uicd at three dollars per dozen cakes , and \ve make
this extraordinary"i i.t price simply to introduce it.
The Bxquisiti1 L'-nier. \lfr. C > . is an established and financially responsible
manufacturing ( J i. , wh-i .ffr ilu : sibovts prizes purely as a legitimate manner of
extending the cal.- > of - Kxqm.sjti' Toilet Soap to the people of the United
He in it by U. S. Postal Xoie , Express money order , Two-cent U. S. Stamps or
Kegistered Letter , and send 30111-answer AT ONCE. Address :
Recently the following Notice appeared In the
San Francisco Chronicle.
"Judge S had been sick only about two
weeks , and itwas not until the last three or
four days that the malady took a serious turn.
At the beginning of his illness he suffered from
diabetes and stomach disorder. Later the
kidneys refused to perform their functions and
he passed quietly away. Thus ended _ the life
of one of the most prominent men in Cali
fornia. " Iike thousands of others his un
timely death was the result of neglecting early
symptoms of kidney disease.
are troubled with diabetes , gravel , or any de
rangement of the kidneys or urinary organs ,
don't delay proper treatment until you are
forced to give up your daily duties ; don't
waste your money on wortniess liniments
and worse plasters , but strike at the seat of
the disease at once by using the greatest of all
known remedies , the celebratea Oregon Kid
ney Tea. It has saved the lives of thousands.
Why should it not cure you ? Try it Purely
vegetable and pleasant to take. $1,00 a pack
age , 6 for $5.00.
1 Hcn.ltli
5 andyonth-
fill "VlCOl *
Y Sanailfeprolontrcdcveiilnadvanced
VV fTcara by a mtraclo of modern scl-
t t _ - ; .nce. call or irrltc enclosing SI , ctato
< > ' - 'Vaniret n tr'-.l treatment and
vi- -r j'i" -13tc" < < ! ' > " y.ars * eii'C
inec-c , 1IVJCEE , IVIS.
. _ . . -iYLCY.j
. _ of Belleville , Ka
, _ , - - "When I bg n ycor
' treitmentSmc * . ncolwajio . i > . r , , ,
ta by allmenU lt t I could not Before. Ate. Lon.
work. The acconpunrlns Cg- Weight ! 15 Ib 195 Ibs 50 Ibi
lowtheresnltofSmonthV treitBazt 43In. 37 in. II In.
llowfellllke.newbetep. Illi W J.t.40In. 23m. "to.
r iregone. . My frlendi zrt Hip . . . . .S7In. 43 In. . Q in.
. WUl hterfiinyrtplytoinqairieiwim.Uraptectesed.
nnu. KoSUrrlBS. Send 6 cenU to itanna for pirtiraUn to
Kecommcndcd as the Best. IS
IIE MARS , Plymouth Co. , la. , May , 1889.
I suffered from temporary sleeplessness from
overwork for two years , for -which I used Pastor
Koonlg's Nerve Tonic , and can recommend saino
as the best inodicino for similar troubles.
, Neb. , October , 1890.
About four years ago our now 20-year old
daughter had an epileptic fit after she had re
tired and about a year later she had another
such attack ; we could hardly believe that she
had this terrible disease , "Epilepsy , " hut -when
about three months later she again had a fit we
ivero forced to believe the fact that the dreaded
posed "n diheaso without a known remedy.
About this time we read about Pastor Koenig'a
Nerve Tonic , and wo conclnded to try a bottlo.
God be thanked , she is cured.
Mil. and MBS. LESOING.
A Valuable Book en Nervous
Diseases sent free to any address ,
and poor patients can also obtain
this medicine free of charge.
This remedy has been prepared by the Reverend
Pastor Koenip. of Fort Wayne , Ind. , since 13TC. and
tsnow prepared underhis direction by the
KOENIC MED. CO. , Chicago , ? ! ? .
Sold by Druggists at SI per Bottle. G K ? ft'j.
Iiarsrc Size , S1.75. G Bottles for Sj.
C . -CHf tO- 3. 5.7. i 1 8EEKMAH 51 ;
"ANAKESIS" givssinstanfi
relief and is an infallible
Cure for Tiles. Pri-joSl. By
Druggists or mail. Samples
frse.Address"AKAKESIS , "
Box 2416 , New York City.
. t A Cure for the Aliments of Man and Beast
A long-tested pain rc'ic-rr.
Its use is arac ! = t UHI-T- ' bbe Housewife , the Farmer , thu
Stock Raiser , ai.d t/ every one requiring an effective
liniment. ,
' : - - - . - v-h it in eScacy.
Mo otherton c < ? ;
This well-law.-u r-ir-/ : - . i : the test of years , almost
.fXo medicine chest is.coir.piei.2 \ , > .nout a bottle of MusTAUG
LINIMENT.- / -J . $ | , * V ? ' . " * :
Occasions arise for its use almost e.ry day '
/IU druggists zuiu u. J. o hare it-
For Farmers , Miners and Mechanics.
Cures Chafing , Chapped Hands , Wounds , Burns ,
Etc. A Delightful Shampoo.
Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Water
The cures which arc being effected by Drs.
Starkcy & I'alcn , 1529 Arch St. , Philadelphia ,
Pa. , in Consumption , Catarrh , Neuralgia ,
Bronchitis , Rheumatism , , and all chronic dis
eases , by their compound Oxygen Treatment ,
are indeed marvelous.
If you are a sufferer from any disease which
your physician has failed to cine , write for in
formation about this treatment , and their book
of two hundred pages , giving a history of
Compound Oxygen , its nature and effects with
numerous testimonials from patients , to whom
you may refer for still further iutormation ,
will be promptly sent , without charge.
i ins uooi ; asiae iiom us great meni as a
medical work , giving , a-i it does , the result of
years of study and experience , you will find a
very interesting one.
1529 Arch Sticet , Phiiladelphia , Pa.
120 Sutler St. , San Francisco , Cal.
Please mention this paper.
MERCURIUS , a Lincoln horse , trotted a mile
at York , last week , in 2:22 % over a half-mile
They Say it Contains no Poison.
The celel rated chemists , whose opinions
are above the price of gold , tell what they
SAN FRANCISCO. June 29,1889.
DEAR SIRS : We have made an exhaustive
chemical analysis of "Wisdom's Robertine , "
obtained by us in the open market , and find
it to be free from all poisonous or deleterious
ingredients , constituting a harmless prepara
tion for the face. Youis truly.
THOMAS PRICE &Sox , Analytical Chemists.
To Messrs. W. M. Wisdom & Co. 16-415.
THE Rock Island railroad company is on
the eve of doing extensive construction in
eastern Nebraska.
Wisdom's Violet Cream
Is the most exquisite preparation in the
world for softening and whitening the hands
and face. It is not only a substitute for , but
in every respect superior to glycerine , cold
cream , vaseline , and like preparations. Try it.
Typhoid fever is prevalent in some sections
of the state , and it is uncommonly fatal.
To Ladies Troubled With
Painful or suppressed menstruation , Oregon
Kidney Tea , if taken a few days before the
expected period , relieves all pain. It contains
no mineral poisons.
The Kearney cotton mill is turning out
26,000 yards of cloth daily.
Worth its Weight in Diamonds.
C. A. Willis , editor , "The Horseman , " Chicago
cage , writes : "If my experience is to decide
Lhe value , Humphreys' Witch Hazel Oil , the
"Pile Ointment , " is worth its weight in dia-
Uhildren Cry Tor Pitcners Castoria.
When Baby \vas sick , tre gave her Castoria.
When she iros a Child , she cried for Cactoria ,
When she became Miss , she clung to Castoria ,
When shehad Children , she gave them Castoria.
Dr. Humphreys' Specifics arc sclentiacally and
carefully prepared Remedies , upcd for j-enrs In
private practice and for over thirty years by the
people with entire success. Every single Speelflc
a special cure for the disease named.
They cure without drugging , purging or reducing
ihesystem.aad are In fact and ticeu the Sovereign
Remedies of the World.
LIST nv DIBES. ccr.Ea. rcicLa.
1 Fevers , Congestions , Inflammations. .25
2 Worms , "Worm Fever , Worm Colic. . . .25
3 Tcethins ; Colic , Crying , Wakcfulness .25
4 Diarrhea , of Children or Adults . 25
5 I > ysentery , Griping , Bilious Colic . 25
G Cholera Morbns , Vomiting . 25
7 Coaclis , Colds. Bronchitis . 25
S Neiiraleia , Toothache , Faceache . 25
9 Headaches , Sick Headache. Vertigo. .25
10 Dyspepsia , Biliousness. Constipation .25
11 Suppressed or Painful Periods. .25
13 Whites , Too Profuse- Periods . 25
13 Cronp , laryngitis , Hoarseness . 25
14 Salt llucnm , Erysipelas , Eruptions. .25
15 Kheuraatism.or Rheumatic Pains. . .25
16 Malaria , Chills. Fever and Ague . 25
17 Piles , Blind orBleedlng . 25
IS Ophthalmy , Sore or Wcat Eyes . 25
19 Catarrh , Influenza , Cold In tlie Head .25
20 Whoopint ; Consrh . .25
21 Asthma , Oppressed Breathing . 25
22 Ear Discharges , Impaired Hearing .25
23 Scrofula , Enlarged Glands , Swelling .25
24-General Debility , Physical Weakness .25
25 Dropsy , and Scanty Secretions . 25
26 Sea-Sickness , Sickness fromBJdlng .25
27 Kidney Diseases . 25
29 Sere Month , orCanker . 25
30 Crinnry Weakness , WettlngBed. . .25
31-Painful Periods . 25
34 Diphtheria , Ulcerated Sere Throat. . .25
35 Chronic Congestions & Eruptions. .25
28 Nervous Debility , Seminal Weak
ness , or Involuntary Discharges . 1.00
32 Diseases of the HcartPalpltatlonl.OO
33 Epilepsy , Spasms , St. VI rus * Dance. . . 1.00
Sold by DrogUts , or cent post-piU on receipt of price.
' 31EU. CO. , 1 11 & 1 1 S William SI. , Xeir York.
For Piles External or Internal , Blind or Bleeding ;
Fistula in Ano : Itching or Bleeding of the Bectum.
The relief Is Immediate the cure certain.
Bold by DroggliU , or cent post-paid on receipt of price.
HC3FURETS' BED. CO. , Ill * 113TUJlin St. , KE1T YOBK
Energy Always Win.
ATLANTA. Ii.i. . . March 6.1802.
Queen City Silvci nnd Nickel Plating CV.
Enst St. Louis , 111.
GKNTS : The Queen Plater heats anything
ever saw to make money. When I received i
I jnit in a brass riiifj to test it , and to my sur
prise it was nicely silver plated in five minutes
I made 20.50 the first week , and § 47.85 tli
second vreelc , plating jewelry and tableware
At the end of the first month I had $197.4
clear profit. I now ( jet all the knives , forks
spoons and jewelry one person can plate
without Roinii from home. I will let my soi
have the Plater I now have at home , and I an
going out to sell Platers. I sold three today
at $10.00 each , and did some plating besides
1 f ent $20.00 today for lourmore-Platers. I be
believe any enterprising person can make
grand success of this business.
Very respectfully ,
If you want to make more clear mone
than you ever made in your life , send for cir
culars and price of the Queen Plater ; forgohi
silver , nickel , copper and brass plating ; cai
be used by anyone. Plates beautiful ant
equal to the finest new work. Every class o
goods or metals. Twenty dollars a day cai
easily be made. Address ,
13 N . Main St. , East St. Louis , III
Sept. 23-gmos.
( Mention this paper. )
John Deveny has some of the finest hogs a
the fair we have yet seen in the state. Indian
ola Courier.
Electric Bitters.
This temedy is becoming so well known
as to need no special mention. All who have
used Electric Bitters sing the same song o
praise. A purer medicine does not exist am
it is guaranteed to do all that is claimed
Electric liitters will cure all diseases of the
Liver and Kidneys , will remove Pimples
Boiles , Salt Rheum and other affections causet
by impure blood. Will drive Malaria fron :
the system and prevent as well as cure al
Malarial levers. For cure of Headache , Con
stipation and and Indigestion try Electric
Bitters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed , or
money reiunded. Price 50 cents and $ i per
bottle at A. McMillan's drugstore.
THKIIU was a creditable display of Red
Willow county apples at the fair. Courier.
A Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman , a young man , of Bur
lington , Ohio , states that he has been under
the care _ of two prominent physicians , and
used their treatment until he was not able to
get around. They pronounced this case con
sumption and incurable. lie was persuaded
to try Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption , Coughs and Colds and at that time
was not able to walk across the street without
resting. lie found before he had used half
of a dollar bottle , that he was much better ; he
continued to use it and today is enjoying
good health. If you have any Throat , Lung
or Chest Trouble try it. We guarantee satis
faction. Trial bottle free at A. McMillen's
Tin : McCook visitors were all bent on en
joying the horse races at the fair. Courier.
Read This Slowly.
Lives there a man with soul so dead ,
Who never to himself hath said ,
I'll take St. Patrick's Pills before I go to bed ?
When a mild cathartic is desired , one that
will cleanse the whole system and regulate
the liver and bowels you can not do better
than take St. Patrick's Pills just before going
to bed. They do not nauseate nor gripe , and
leave the system in splendid condition. For
sale by George M. Chenery.
THE fair was well attended by McCook pee
ple. Courier.
Oh , What a Cough.
Will you heed the warning. The signal
perhaps of the sure approach of that more
terrible disease Consumption. Ask yourselves
if you can afford for the sake of fifty cents , to
run the risk and do nothing for it. We know
from experience that Shilqli's Cure will cure
your cough. It never fails. This explains
why more than a million bottles were sold the
past year. It relives croup and whooping
Cough at once _ . Mothers do not be without it. For
lame back , side or chest use Shiloh's Porous
Plaster. Sold by A. McMillen.
THE finest weather ever seen at a county
fair in Red Willow county. Courier.
uyspepsia ana Liver Uomplamt.
Is it not worth the small price of 75 cents
to free yourself of every symptom of these dis
tressing complaints , if you think so call at our
store and get a bottle of Shiloh's Vitalizer ,
every bottle has a printed a guarantee on it ,
use accordingly and if it does you no good it
will cost you nothing. Sold by A. McMillen.
Prosperity for the individual , prosperity for
the state and prosperity for the nation ; that's
what the republican party stands for and lias
always stood for. Beatrice Express.
Buck fen's Arnica Satire.
The best salve in the world for cuts , sores ,
bruises , ulcers , salt rheum , fever sores , tetter ,
chapped hands , chilblains , corns , and all skin
eruptions , and positively cures piles , or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Price 2 = Jc. a
box. For sale by A. McMillen. May23-iyr.
Hastings is infected with a number of am
bitious amateur sluggers.
Mr. Van Pelt , editor of the Craig , Mo. ,
Meteor , went to a drugstore at HillsideIowa ,
and asked the physician in attendance to
give him a dose of something for cholera
morbus and looseness of the bowels. lie
says : "I felt so much better the next morning
that T concluded to call on the physician and
get him to fix me up a supply of the medicine.
I was surprised , when he handed me a bottle
of Chamberlain's Cholic , Cholera and Diar-
rhcea Remedy. He says he prescribes it
regularly in his practice and finds it the best
he can get or prepaie. I can testify to its effi
ciency in my case at all events. " For sale by
Geo. M. Chenery.
C. M. Coon , li-5ng near Osceola , raised the
largest cucumber _ in the history of civilization.
It was fifty-two inches in length and contain
ed , no doubt , the genus of several grades of
cholera morbus.
A carpenter by the name of M. S. Powers ,
fell from the roof of a house in East Des
Moines , Iowa , and sustained a painful and
serious sprain of the wrist , which he cured
with one bottle _ of Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
He says it is worth $5 a bottle. It cost him
50 cents. For sale by Geo. M. Chenery.
Frank Cardwell last Sunday had a piece of
steel taken from his arm which was received
there while working in the B. & M. shops
over two years ago and has been troubling
him ever since. Wymore Reporter.
We have a speedy and positive cure for
catarrh , diphtheria , canker mouth and head
ache in Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. A nasal
injector free with each bottle. Use it if you
desire health and sweet breath. Price 5oc.
Sold by A. McMillen.
Hebron is having a marriage epidemic.
The only remedy is to quarantine the youth.
The fear of Cholera is the beginng of wis
dom as , noted by the general cleaning up in
all the large , cities.
If anybody else wishes to "expose" the
wickedness of the Republican party , let him
come up to the rack at once.
" The Kearney canning factory is puttingup
10,000 cans 'of vegetables per week.
A. I'eiinsylvnniii AV < > niru MurdcrM Tlirro
Children An Old .Mini Kills His AVlCo ,
Seriously Wound * Hi * -pcluifli- -
ter , tiiul Commits Sulciile
University Stu-
tlentH Itobbotl.
SAN FKANCISCO , Sept. 21) ) . A short
time ago a man calling' himself Dr.
Henry C. licul , his wife , known as
Nellie Haven , and IIattic E. Graham
were arrested charged with the mur
der , by malpractice , of Mary Carrel ,
the daughter of a Petelauma county
fanner. ] 5eal forfeited So,000 bail and
disappeared , but the women are still
in prison. According- the story
of a Sirs. Montreso , JJeal has com
mitted a great number of * mur
ders in this city. The woman says
that Meal used her house for ten
months as a private hospital. During
that period lie had about fifty pa
tients , and there were no fewer thun
forty children born alive in the house ,
not one of them being permitted to
live. Heal either chloroformed or
drowned his helpless victims , after
which he weighed their bodies and
threw them into the bay or cremated
Looted mid -Burned.
CAI.IFOKXIA , Mo. , Sept. 29. The
large general store of .T. T. Tising at
iiign i'omt , a village two miles south
of this city , was burned early yester
day morning together with all the
contents. On examining the safe it
was found that a hole had been drilled
into it and the door blown off and it
is presumed robbers secured its con
tents , amounting to several hundred
dollars , and then set the building on
fire to cover up their tracks. Total
loss § 13,000 ; insurance § 8,000.
Triple Tragedy.
PATTERSOX , N. J. , Sept. 20. A fright
ful tragedy was enacted last night
in this city. Joseph Mellenburg mur
dered his wife , shot and seriously
wounded his stepdaughter and took
his own life. The tragedy was the
outcome of a petty quarrel over a set
tlement of a judgment recovered
against the Mcllenburgs in the district
court. Mrs. Mellenburg was 70 years
old and her husband 74.
Murdered tic Children.
BOP.DENTOWX , Pu. , Sept. 2 ! ) . Jennie
Schmitt , a German woman of this
place , yesterday murdered three small
children by choking them to death at
icr house at Xo. 4 Chestnut street.
One of the victims was her own son
and the two others were the little sons
of William JJodker , a neighbor. The
children's ages range from 1 to 3
years. The woman is believed to be
The Statements About Uid Treatment In
Georgia Positively Denied.
ATLANTA , Ga. , Sept. 29. lion.V. \ .
Y. Atkinson , chairman of the Demo
cratic executive committee of Georgia ,
says in reply to the published address
of General Weaver and various special
; elegrams which have been sent out
Tom Georcria bv Mrs. Lnnso.
do great injustice , not only to the
Democrats , but to the people of the
state. lie says :
"According to his own admission
General Weaver received a respectful
hearing at Way cross and Columbus.
At Albany his speech was listened to
) y several hundred people , and no ef
'ort whatever was made to prevent
him from speaking. A prominent ne-
jro of that place , at the conclusion of
leaver's speech , took the stand to re
fute what he had said , and bitterly
attacked Weaver and the third
> arty. Weaver was so indignant
; hat a negro should attempt to
answer him , that he immediately left
, he platform. The only possible foun-
lation for the greatly exaggerated
egg stor3r spread broadcast by General
Veaver and Mrs. Lease is that a small
) oy in the open air audience at Macon ,
hrew an egg and he was prompt-
y arrested and punished for it.
Veaver's claim of persecution is noth-
ng more than an overworked eifort to
) ese as a martyr. His statements de-
iberately misrepresent the people of
5eorgia , and were cunningly devised
or campaign purposes. "
" "liu Hold Express Uobbcr Iteleascd 1'rom
the 1'eiiitentiary.
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , Sept 29. A tall ,
veil formed young man of about 30
years was in Kansas City yesterday
haking hands with and receiving the
ongratulations of old friends. To
trangers he was introduced as Mr.
fred Wittrock of Leavenworth , but j
none of them comprehended who the
man really was until informed that he
vas famous in criminal history as
'Jim Cummings , " the perpetrator of
, he boldest express robbery recorded
n recent years. Wittrock completed
lis six. years' sentence in the Missouri
penitentiary Monday and came at once
o Kansas City to look for employment ,
le did not meet with success yester
day but after a visit to his mother and
ister at Leavenworth he will return
icre and renew his search.
JJIrs. Cleveland Loses Her Suit.
OMAHA , .Neb. , Sept 29. Mrs. Grover
Cleveland , wife of the Democratic can-
idate for president , was the plaintiff
n a suit tried by Justice Eradley yes-
erday morning in which Abraham
Jincoln Record was defendent Abra-
lam Lincoln Reed was agent for the
plaintiff , and Abraham Lincoln Dick
was attorney for the defendant. The
uit was to recover possession of a
) lacksmith shop occupied by the de-
endant and owned by the'plaintiff.
L jury was called and found for the
efendant , because he had an agreement - i
ment erivinsr him an extension of time. I
Kupurt of tint Comml.-ctloncf of Indian
AfT.ilrx .Submitted to Srt'rutury Noble.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 20. Indian Com
missioner Morgan has submitted to
Secretary Noble his annual report.
"The government has a well defined
policy of dealing with the Indians , "
says Coinmi.ssioncr Morgan , "the es
sential ulcmrnt of whu-h is suggested
by the one phrase. American citi'/.en-
Khip. ' Citizenship accompanied by
the allotment of lands necessarily
looks toward the entire destruction of
the tribal relation and the dealing
with the Indians as individuals. It
will destroy the whole agency hy.stem
and eventually do away with the
necessity of any Indian bureau. Citi
zenship is to be conferred upon the
Indian when he has acquired sullicient
education to warrant the change. "
The subject of Indian education is
covered fully , its diiliculties are
pointed out , a general survey of the
Held is presented and the tables are
given showing the diJFereut kinds of
schools in operation , their capacity
and attendance.
There are now in operation or .soon
to be opened twenty large training
schools , located in the midst of civil
ized communities , in the Indian reserve
agencies. Three years ago there were
eight such institutions. When com
plete their capacity will be about 50-
000 pupils. The total enrollment of
pupils iu all these schools for the ycur
ending .June 30 , 1892 , was nearly 20-
000 , an increase of more than -1,000
withm three years , or more than 2. >
per cent Four years more at this
rate of progress will see practically
all Indian children gathered into
The plan of detailing army ofliciab ;
to .take charge of Indian agencies is
fully discussed and disapproved.
A AVeek of JJ.xce.H.tlvc Heat and .Sunslilm ?
Had Matured Corn.
COLUMIIIA , Mo. , Sept. 29. The
weather crop bulletin of the Missouri
weather service of the state board of
agriculture for the week ending Sep
tember 21 says : This has been a week
of excessive heat and sun
shine. So little rain has fallen
that drought continues , and may
be said to have prevailed and
was detrimental principally to pas
tures , stock and prompt germination
of early sown wheat. Under the
above named conditions corn made
rapid advancement toward maturing.
The greater part of the plant is now
beyond damage by frost , and cutting
is general in southern counties. Much
of the wheat acreage has been sown ,
and much of what has come up is
being seriously injured by grasshop
The Oklahoma ( Jerrymander.
GUTIIKIK , Ok. , Sept. 29. The ap
portionment board appointed by an
ict of congress to redistrict the terri-
, ory into council and representative
districts completed their work ycstcr-
lay afternoon. They found the popu-
ation of the territory to be l.'J.'S.OUO.
A close examination of the districts
ind their boundaries shows that the
Democratic and Alliance members of
the board outvoted the Republican
nembers and arranged the districts to
suit themselves , giving to their two
7artics fully two-thirds of the district
jy large majorities. The Republicans
ire indignant , but cannot help them
Kansas City.
Prices were quoted as follows : No.
2 hard wheat , old , ( Jlc ; new , Gl } @
Cc ; No. 3 hard wheat , old , 57c ,
new , 59 @Glc ; No. 4 hard wheat , old ,
52 < t5Gt ; ; new , . jG' 59cj ; rejected hard
wheat , -10@"ioc ; No. i red wheat , G4@G3 } < ; c ;
No. 3 red wheat , old , 57o)5Ss ) ; new , CO ®
G3c ; No. 4 red wheat , 50 tu , 'Js.
\Vnixn Coux Was Ic lower and mixed
weak to } c lower. Trade was slow , some
mixed com was bought by shippers at 4.3 ] "
( R4c river. Closing cash prices were :
No. X white , 43c ; No. 3 white , 43(543 ( ! > c ;
No. . ! mixed , 3S3j 39c ; No. 3 mixed , Sbc ;
No. 4 mixed , 33C 3Ga ; no grade , 3'J34c. (
On the call 5,000 bu. October corn special
billing- , sold at 33c.
OATS Were steady , with fair demand.
Cash prices were : No. 2 13ixcd , 2G ti7c ! ;
No. 3 , 25Vf'i2Gc : No. 4 , 2ir 23c ; No. 2
white , sold at 29 31c ; No. 3 white , 23
@ 30c.Rrc Was firm. No. 2 rye sold
at S4 ; ' 5'ic river , No. 3 , 52.53c ; Re
jected , 4Sc. FI.AXSUED Firm ; 03
(7Z97c. ( accoi-ding to billing , on
the basis of pure ; small lots 2c less. BIJAK
Steady ; 54@33c , according to billing ,
ICO-lb sacks. HAY Receipts 28 airs ;
market steady. Quotations are : Timothy ,
choice § 9 ; No. 1 $159 : No.J $7.)0 per ton ;
fancy prairie , new , § 7 ; gooJ. to choice ,
S3.50ii.G.50 : low grade , § 4 " " ) " > . " > ) .
St. i.ouis.
ST. Locis , ilo. , Sept. 29. Wheat Re
ceipts 109,0JO bu ; shipments , 11G.OJ3 bu ;
corn , receipts , 23.000 bu ; shipments , 70,003
bu. Wheat October , 70Jac ; December ,
72KcMay. 79c. . Corn September , 4--c ;
lay , 45 c. Oats October , SU o ;
May. 353 c.
KANSAS CITT , Mo. , Sept 29 Cattle Ito-
cipts , 10,105 ; calves 801 ; shipped yester- '
ay , 7CGJ ; calves. 370. The market for
oed cattle was steady and others were"
Imost unsaleable.
Dressed beaf and shipping steers. § 3
(53.10 ( : cows and heifers , SL < 2 ; Texas
and Indian cows , S1.2 ; stockers and feed
ers § 2.7 > : mixed , $ ! .4'JcaG. (
Hogs Receipts. 7,510 ; shipments yester
day , 1,403. The market was fairly active
and steady to 5c lower. Prices ranged
from 54 93 to § 5.33 per 10Ibs , according to
Sheep Receipts , S35 ; shipped yester
day , 203. The quality of offerings was ;
common to fair. The market was quid
and unchanged. The following are repre
sentative sales :
No. \Vt. I'nce. No. Wt. I'rlCi.
SO mut. SO 4 2o I 17 1'rabs 54 4 10
lit mut. 71 4 00 j
tivc Stock Notes.
Dressed beef men bought 3.S53 cattle
yesterday. Armour bought 2.1GO , Kingan
24 , Dold 209 , Phoenix packing company
253 , and Swift 1,195.
Packers bought . ,101 hogs yesterday.
Armour bought 3,054 , Kingan 1.051. Fowler
2 , . .4. Dold 1,052 and Swift osU. Cole
bought 9G4 and other shippers 499.
Receipts since January 1 aggregate 960.-
538 cattle , : G,03 > 5 calves , ! ,70:5,154 : hogs and
32 ,318 sheep. Compared with 1591 the in
crease is 13.,355 cattle. 10,243 calves , 74,101
hogs and 41.S22 sheep.