The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 23, 1892, Image 1

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Injured Innocence ,
Is shown in the handsome
face of our colored friend.
He wants you to understand
that he
But if you will come to the
next week , you will see a new
line of Ladies' , Misses' and
Children's Shoes which will
For trade at the head of
the procession with the right
swing , and we propose to
The frisky dollar. In all
lines of Boots and Shoes there
is no dealer in Southwestern
that can
To equal yours respectfully.
We are here for business from
the ground up , and propose to
Come and see us.
Is the key-note to success.
The firmness of our resolution
In Boots and Shoes is sym
bolized in the noble figure
here given. THE BOSTON SHOE
STORE has .already set the
Of making people talk about
their goods and prices. A visit
to their store will convince
you of this.
A Big Drive
Is now being made by us on
many lines , but especially on
a fine line of
Ladies will find the selection
very desirable , while the shoes
themselves are admitted to be
Call at once and get the pick
before sizes are broken. These
goods will go like ice cream.
G. L. Laws was tip the valley , Tuesday , on
land business.
Mr. Frank Can nth anived Iioino from
Plaltsmouth , yestei day.
Emil LindiiLTcamedown from Denver.Iast
evening , on some niatluis of business.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Noble arrived home ,
Tuesday noon , fioin their St. Joseph trip.
Chairman Eskry of the Republican county
central committee was m > on matters politi
cal , Saturday.
Prof. Valentine attended a meeting of pub
lic school superintendents of southwestern
Nebraska at Holdregi1 , Saturday.
John II. Bratby of Omaha canvassed our
business men , foie part of the week , in thu
behalf of Dun's Merchantile Agency.
Editor Abbott of tlm Hayes Centre Republican -
lican , and candidate lor representative in his
district , was with us brielly , last evening.
lion. Lorenzo Crounse was registered at
the Commeiclal , last night He was on his
way to Culbertson to make a speech today.
E. C. Ballew returned , Tuesday noon ,
from St. Joe. Mrs. Ballew remained and
will visit relatives in Missouri before her re
MissFurbush arrived home , Saturday night ,
from the east , where she has been visiting
and making purchases for Mrs McCabe's
millinery establishment.
T. E. Sedgwick of the Nebraska Newspa
per Union of York , Neb. , was a welcome
caller at these headquarters , yesterday morn
ing , on ready print business.
Secretary of State and Mrs. J. C. Allen
were up from Lincoln over Saturday and
Sunday , guests of Postmaster and Mrs. H. H.
Troth , to greet their numerous friends in the
valley's finest.
Judge Cochran left on G , Saturday , for
Washington , Baltimore and other eastern
cities , to investigate the claims of parties in
this vicinity to a large estate in Baltimore.
He may be detained some time in the prose
cution of his search for the lost estate.
Colonel Le Hew , the well known McCook
democrat , says that the democratic votes in
the western end of the Fifth district will go
solidly to Professor Andrews because the
people out there are convinced thatMcKeigh-
an is "neither lit , honest nor able. " Journal.
A Large and Successful Enterprise * .
The publisher accompanied a party of in
spection to the Meeker irrigation ditch on
Sunday afternoon , and with others was sur
prised at the magnitude of the work and at
the great obstacles successfully overcome by
Mr. Meeker in the construction of bis irriga
ting canal , especially at what are known as
the "narrows , " where almost insuperable
difficulties were encountered and finally and
substantially solved , by dint of hard work ,
skill and keeping eternally at it. The ditch
was in fine running order , everything work
ing smoothly , with about two feet of water
in it. There are twenty-two miles now com
pleted , extending from the junction of the
Republican and Frenchman rivers east to a
point somewhat beyond the Pickens farm
southeast of the city. A pretty feature of
this great enterprise is the numerous small
lakes which dot the course of the ditch , num
bering in all over twenty. They are not alone
valuable as storage reservoirs but as fish
ponds they have inestimable worth , and
should be stocked with proper species of the
finny tribe at once. Mr. Meeker is entitled
to great credit for his ceaseless efforts to
make the project a success , and it is to be
hoped that he may reap a bountiful harvest
Republican club headquarters have been
established in the Meeker block , upstairs ;
and the star spangled banner is still there.
Don't fail to attend the republican rally
tomorrow night.
The man who can only shake hands
when he is a candinatc is not to be
trusted. Ho is one who manufactures
his friendliness for occasions and lacks
the uniformity which always character
izes the man who is genuine.
Remember the grand rally on Satur
day night. Hon. Lorenzo Crounse ,
Hon. J. C. Allen , Hon. J. Gilham and
Hon. T. J. Majors will be the orators
for the occasion. Let the people all
turn out.
i , Purveyor to tne Great
Common People , is now exhibiting
about the handsomest and largest as
sortment of plain and fancy lamps to be
seen in Southwestern Nebraska.
B. Jackson has bought Charles Aus
tin's fruit stand , but desires it under
stood that he did not buy Austin's
indebtedness and will not pay them.
He asks a share of patronage.
\Yarm weather , flies and sticky fly
paper come together. You can secure
a prime and satisfactory article of the
latter at Chenery's City Drug Store.
You will find Kalstedt two doors
south of The Famous hereafter.
' '
Foreman Ritchie went down the road on C ,
Saturday afternoon , on a brief trip.
Mrs. Henry Tomblin of Arapahoe is the
guest of Iier daughter Mrs. J. F. Forbes.
C-gHLJuy a house from S. II. Colvin on the
monthly installment plan and save money.
Assistant Supt.C.11. Harman is down from
Ilolyuko today on business at headquarter ! ' .
Quite a number of the boys are enjoying a
vacation of thiity days for sundry short com
Clarence U. Lindsay made his maiden trip
as a conductor on Thursday. Success to
you , my boy.
Trainmaster J. F. Kenyon has been visit
ing Salt Lake City , lie returned. Tuesday ,
looking all the better for his outing.
C. M. Case left on (5 ( , Saturday aiternoon ,
for Red Cloud , to be day operator there vice
Al. McCUintock who is oil on a leave of ab
sence of six weeks in the mountains.
Conductor Jack Curran spent Sunday with
his family ; and while here closed the sale of
his north Marshall street residence property
to George Letning of the dispatcher's office.
The genial face of "Uncle" Tom Mtuidy
is missed by his many friends. Tom is gath
ering the tickets on the St. Francis line , run
ning opposite to conductor J. J. Curran on
the passenger train.
Engineer L. D. Reynolds has been transfer
red to the Alliance line. Windy's bazoo will
be missed from the western division. He
came in Monday nightto arrange for moving
his household goods to Alliance.
Percy Ewing , a young man 19 years old ,
was thrown under a switch engine in the U.
& M. yards , yesterday , and very seriously in
jured. He was helping to do switching , and
losing his balance was thrown under the en
gine. Hastings Democrat.
A way car , two brakeman standing there
in , a cut of cars running wild , crash , two
brakemen lying prone on the iloor-sulpluir-
OHS atmosphere-sequel , one senseless shock ,
one bruised law , cut eyes , doctor's bill. This
is railroading. It occurred in McCook yard
and Shorty Keith is still laying off.
The Burlington is rapidly pushing its line
toward Sheridan , Wyo. , and will be running
trains into that town by November 1. Sher
idan already has a population of 1,000 and is
growing rapidly. The agricultural resorces
of the region in which it is situated will make
it a thriving city in a few years.
Trainmaster Kenyon of McCook was in
Red Cloud Sunday , and as a consequence ,
Frank Quigley has been promoted to regular
conductor between Hastings and Oxford with
headquarters at Red Cloud. Frankjis a good
boy and has earned everything he has receiv
ed at the hands of the B. & M. and we are
very much pleased to note his advancement.
Red Cloud Argus.
Yesterday afternoon Rev. A.V. . Coffman
of the Methodist church uttered the words
which joined in the holy bonds of matrimony
Mr. Samuel E. Gallon and Miss Dora E.
Beyrer. The ceremony was performed at
the residence of Dr. A. P. Welles , being wit
nessed only by relations of the contracting
parties and a few friends. The groom is
well known in railroad circles as one of the
Burlington's most capable and trusted con
ductors. The bride is one of McCook's most
estimable daughters. Widely known for de
voted affection for her brothers. They were
handsomely remembered by many friends
and well wishers. The happy couple left enC
C , the same afternoon , for the east , where
they will pass an extended honeymoon ; at
the conclusion of which they will take up
their residence in our midst and go to house
keeping after the fashion of all well regu
lated young married people. THE TRIBUTE
joins in the grand chorus of congratulations.
May their trips through life be smooth , free
from worry and care , and may they have a
head of lime order to prosperity.
The Circus.
Brazil ( Ind. ) Times , May 31.1S92.
Walter L. Main's circus here yester
day drew a large crowd. The affair
was much larger than expected and was
meritorous throughout. There was a
pleasurable absence of fakers , tough
characters , three-card monte men and
such dangerous nuisances that usually
congregate around a circus. The per
formance was good and much appreciat
ed. McCook , Sept. 26th.
Houses and Lots for Safe.
I have a few desirable dwellings and
lots in McCook which I offer for sale
at bargains. H. Gr. DixON.
Horses for Safe.
Wayson & Odell keep horses for sale
at their livery barn opposite the Cen
tral hotel.
C. F. Babcock is now officing with
B. F. Troxel on'Main avenve , next door
south of Paine's harness shop.
Dr. A. J. Thomas , Dentist , office in
Union block , over Knipple.
IN ;
China Mattings ,
Ko-Ko Mattings ,
Oil Cloths in
All Widths.
Smyrna Rugs ,
Moquette Rugs.
Art Squares ,
Carpet Paper ,
Stair Pads.