The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 19, 1892, Image 8

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Is the name of the new store in the Babcock Building ,
one door north of the First National Bank , McCook ,
Neb.which -will open
"Will always be the Bargain Store of McCook.
SPOT CASH in the Eastern Markets is what
secures the Bargains for . . . . .
And enables THE TAIK to give you Bargains on
the same term SPOT CASH.
A Savingof from 25 to 5O Per Cent Guar
anteed on the Following1 Goods :
Towels , Mens' Socks , "Writing Paper , Boys' "Waists ,
Toweling , Ladies' Hose , School Slates , Suspenders ,
Table Cloth , Children's Hose , School Crayon , Shirts ,
Ladies' Aprons , Combs , Pencils , Overalls ,
Hair Curlers , Brushes , Pocket Books , Jumpers ,
Buttons , Pins and Needles , Thread , Neckties ,
Corsets , "Window Shades , Handkerchiefs , Toilet Soaps ,
Laces and Embroideries , etc. ,
And 500 other useful things too numerous to mention.
A full line of the Best Grades of
At Cheap Grade Prices. The stock will be changed as
fast as sold and it will pay you when needing an article
of any kind to step into
One door north of First National Bank , McCOOK. NEB.
= AND =
Cornet and Sterling
Store opeii till the usual hours
Camp meeting at Cambridge com
mences , this week.
Miss Lizzie Moulton of Bartley has
organized a class in Art here.
J. H. Goodrich , ex-county treasurer ,
spent Sunday here visiting friends.
Roy Hendershot of Danbury is em
ployed in county treasurer's office.
Mrs. N.V. . Baker and Mrs. E. C.
Brown drove to Cambridge , Thursday.
County Judge is repairing his prop
erty at Bartley. Consequently is away
some this week.
County Clerk Roper was the guest
of A. D. Johnston in Valley Grange
precinct , Sunday.
Sheriff Banks drove up to McCook ,
Saturday , on business of his office. A.
J. Rittenhotise occompanied him.
Rev. S. A. Beck , formerly a Bartley
student , but now pastor of the M. E.
church at Wauneta , visited C. W.
Beck's family , this week.
County fair in one month , get ready
and go. Those inclined to matrimony
should read Sutton's special at once ,
who will get the gold watch.
Mrs. J. E. Nor thru p , recently of
Wisconsin , has rented the south room
in the Masonic block and will open up
a millinery and dress making estab
Dr. Eskey , of Wheeling , West Vir
ginia , a brother of Dr. F. W. and Milt ,
stopped off on his return from Denver
and made a visit in Indianola and
License was issued on the 15th for
the marriage of Mr. Louis Suess and
Miss Katie Schmidt. Mr. Suess is the
popular clerk employed at C. L. De-
A fiend , in the shape of a human be
ing , living in Mo. Ridge precinct , whip
ped a neighbor's six year old boy with a
cattle whip so that the little fellow's
body is completely black and blue.
Rev. J. M. Mann of Alliance precinct
was in the city , Thursday , and reports
that his mother-in-law , who fell and
broke her leg badly on Decoration day ,
is getting well. Which is remarkable
as she is nearly 94 years old.
County Superintendent corrects the
statement in regard to the number of
children of school age in the county to
be sent to State Superintendent as fol
lows : Girls , 1463 ; boys , 1463. There
are 41 others in districts where no
school was held that cannot be counted
in the report to State Superintendent.
The county agricultural society are
making arrangements to make an ex-
libit at state fair. The secretary has
secured a favorable position in the hall ,
and as it will be impossible to canvass
the whole county for the exhibit , will
every one who has any thing choice
that they can furnish notify the
rotary , C. W. Beck , at Indianola , at
once. All kinds of grain , grasses , veg
etables , etc. , wanted. Let us ma ke a
good showing for our county.
The weather is exceedingly warm
and we are needing rain.
Win. Relph started on a visit to his
brother in Kansas , a few days ago.
The harvesting is about done and
threshing has commenced , but no news
yet to tell the yield from threshing.
We are listening with all our listen
ing faculties to hear something drop
to assure us that the county seat goes
to McCook.
W. A. Gold finished stacking , last
week , and H. H. and A. M. Benjamin
finished rye stacking , Monday. Grain
stacking is a large part of the business
The House Mace.
The mace of the house of representa
tives consists of a bundle of thirteen
ebony rods entwined and bound togeth
er with silver bands. The thirteen
ebony sticks represent the thirteen ori
ginal states of the Union. They are
surmounted upon a globe of silver up
on which the hemispheres are traced ,
while a silver eagle with outstreched
wings is perched upon the summit of
the globe. It was made in 1884 , and
weighs twenty pounds. From the Chicago
cage Times.
Bear in mind that spring has opened
up and house cleaning has commenced.
Also remember that I am in the mar-
cot as usual for the purchase of second
land goods. Drop me a card and I
will call. J. H. LUDWICK.
THE American flag has been in
sulted again in Toronto , bnt the
effort to tear it from the head of a
procession was quickly balked.
Little by little the Canadians are
becoming accustomed to the Stars
and Stripes and are reaching the
stage when they must vent their
spleen in curses alone. It is hands
and not mouths that the United
States first endeavors to regulate.
SIXTEEN wild steers turned loose
in the lower part of New York city
caused great excitement for several
hours Tuesday. The futile attempts
of the staid old stronghold of the
Knickerbockers to simulate the
breezy abandon of its Western riv
al of the great unsalted seas would
be pathetic if they were less amus
THE most toothsome trust of
them all has been found in New
York in preserves and jellies. A
combine on the air supply may be
looked for nearly any day , every
thing else being now pooled.
THE total value of all diamonds
in Illinois , Chicago included , ac
cording to the assessors returns ,
is only $58,762. What a lot of
paste must be used in swell society
events in Chicago , if the returns
be reliable !
IN all of his travels up and down
the country St. John has heard but
one man hurrah for a presidential
candidate , and it goes without say
ing , of course , that the nominee
thus honored was Mr. Harrison.
IF Mr. Cleveland follows up the
practice of writing letters to all of
his namesakes , another private sec
retary will become an early neces
sity at Grays Gable.
C. E. Eldred returned from Phillips-
burg , Kansas , last evening , accompan
ied by a better half secured in the Sun
flower State during his brief absence.
The boys think of excusing him , this
time. But he must not do it again.
The railroad has been completed to
Imperial and they will have a grand
"blow-out" August 24th.
Shiloh's Consumption Cure.
This is beyond question the most successful
cough medicine we have ever sold , a few
doses invariable cure the worst cases of cough ,
croup and bronchitis , while its wonderful suc
cess in the cure of consumption is without a
parallel in the history of medicine. Since its
first discovery it has been sold on a guarantee ,
a test which no other medicine can stand. If
you have a cough we earnestly ask you to try
it. Price loc. , SDC. and $ i. If your lungs are
sore , chest or back lame , use Shiloh's Porous
Plaster. Sold bv A. McMillen.
A New Kind of Diamond.
Jas. S. Kirk & Co. , of Chicago , have put up
on the market lately , as a result of their half
century's experience , their Dusky Diamond
Soap , a soap adapted to all household uses.
By a happy but peculiar combination they are
enabled to use tar in this soap , and there is no
one that needs to be told that tar is recognized
as the greatest of the healing agents. It also
is recognized for its softening qualities , and
any one troubled with hard , sore hands , will
become enthusiastic over the "Dusky Dia
mond" Soap after once using it. Your grocer
keeps it.
L , W. McGON-
Growers of , and dealers in choice , fine ,
green , broom corn , will please quote price
baled on board cars , and state when it can be
delivered. Address
Free ! Free !
In order to increase our cash trade we
will give away the following' list of presents
to our cash customers ,
REE ! FREE ! .
1 Gold Watch , worth - - $100.0O
1 Gold Watch , worth - - 75.0O
1 Gold Watch , worth - - 50.0O
1 Lady's Gold Watch , worth - 75.0O
2 Silver Watches at $25 each - 50.00
6 Magnificent Oil Paintings at $25,150.00 , , !
6 Magnificent Oil Paintings at $25 , 90.00 < i
100 Books , standard works of English
and American fiction , hound in
cloth and gold , at $2 - 200.0O
n ii
118 PRESENTS WORTH $790.0O vl
We carry the largest stock of
Hardware , Stoves , Tinware , Harness ,
Saddles , House Furnishing Goods ,
in lied willow county.
And we meet all competition and go them
one better. Call and examine these pres
ents and price our goods before buying.
W. C. LaTourette.
you/ ace it i
it i * co.
Has the actual difference in the I
way CLOTHING- put up ever oc
curred to you ? If it has not , a visit to
the various places where clothing is
sold will convince you that there is a
vast difference between "slop-shop jl
hand-me-downs" and clothing ( not
things ) made of good material and
nicely put together. Here is where
we have always made a strong point
and the fact that we are selling Men's and Boys' Suits
and Pants , trimmed , lined and sewed equal to any tailor
made suits , at prices as low , and often lower , than the "slop
shop" stuff explains in itself why we are doing so large a
clothing business. We have put forth an extra effort this
spring , and you will find our tables loaded down with the
prettiest line of MEN'S , BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S SUITS
to be found on this market , and if you are looking for good ,
honest goods at the lowest prices , we ask you to carefully
inspect this department. And in Hats , Shirts , Suspenders ,
Overalls , Jeans , Pants , SOCKS , Ties , Night Shirts , etc. , we
have just what you want and at a price that will meet your
Stock of Iron , Lead and Sewer Pipe , Brass Goods ,
Pumps , and Boiler Trimmings. Agent for Halliday ,
Eclipse and Waupun Wind Mills.
40 TO 2000 ACRE TRACTS ,
$5 TO $15 PER RCRR
p for Price List and Descriptive
Circular of Southwestern Nebraska to
AND STOCK RANCHES. S. H. COLVIN , McCooMerf wtnou > a , . , Neb.