The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 27, 1892, Image 1

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Are all in ; and we show a
DfBSS comPlete stock , the best by
all odds in the city.
Is open and doing- rush
ing * business from the start ,
Millinery Dept
none to compare with it in
the city of McCook.
We are the only house in
rigflit and. to fit.
r v When you want goods in our line ,
come and inspect ours.
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M The Leading Weekly in West
ern Nebraska.
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Has the actual difference in the
way CLOTHING- put up ever oc
curred to you ? If it has not , a visit to
the various places where clothing is
sold will convince you that there is a
vast , difference between "slop-shop
hand-me-downs" and clothing ( not
things ) made of good material and
nicely put together. Here is where
we have always made a strong point
and the fact that we are selling Men's and Boys' Suits
.and Pants , trimmed , lined and sewed equal to any tailor
made suits , at prices as low , and often lower , than the "slop
shop" stuff explains in itself why we are doing so large a
clothing business. "We have put forth an extra effort this
spring , and you will find our tables loaded down with the
prettiest line of MEN'S , BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S SUITS
to be found on this market , and if you are looking for good ,
honest goods at the lowest prices , we ask you to carefully
inspect this department. And in Hats , Shirts , Suspenders ,
Overalls , Jeans , Pants , SOCKS , Ties , Night Shirts , etc. , we
have just what you want and at a price that will meet your
itt House ,
\ r " , V / .
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L. W. McUoiinell succeeds Dr. Jones a
secretary of tlie McCook Club.
Col. J. S. LeHew Sundayed in Hastings
fighting the war over with an old comrade.
Chas. A. VanPelt was up from Norcatur
Kansas , Monday and Tuesday , on business
JudsonEabcock was up from Cambiidge
Wednesday , the guest of his brother Charles
J. II. Christner , the Hayes Centre abstiact
er. had business in the metropolis , Wednes
Sheriff Banks was up , Tuesday , on busi
ness of his oilice. Mrs. .Banks accnmpaniet
F. H. Spearman , of the Farmers and Mer
chants bank , was at the state capital , Satur
day , oil business.
Miss Louie Staibuck ainved home , Mon
day , from Omaha , where she has been visit
ing her sister Mrs. George Goodwin.
Judge Abbott of the Hayes Centre Repub
lican paused a biief while at these headquar-
teis , Monday , while on his way to Hastings.
Dr. L. J. Spickelmier expects to go Omaha
soon to complete arrangements for establish
ing "gold cure" in McCook tor inebiiacy , etc.
D. C. Stapleton of Omaha , president of the
Stapleton Land Co. , ariived in the city , Tues
day morning , on matteis of business moment.
D. E. Bomgardner went in to Omaha and
Lincoln , Sunday night , and represented Mc
Cook at the state's silver anniversary on the
Dr. A. T. Kice of Stratton moved to Mc
Cook , Tuesday , to engage in the practice of
his profession. The family occupy the
"giout" house.
Mr. and Mis. J. T. Bullard left , Wednes
day morning , for eastern Nebraska , and will
be absent some time visiting relatives in
Omaha and Lincoln.
E. 0. Butterfield , Haider's leading lawyer
and politician , spent a few hours in the city ,
Satuiday , on his Way to Indianola on some
foreclosure business.
Ex-Eepreseutative Cruzen , of Curtis
gazed with astonishment upon our substan
tial prosperity , Wednesday , while in the city
on matters of politics etc.
Grand Lecturer Gillett , of Beatrice"has
been here part of the week on Masonic work.
He is also Inspector General of the Scottish
Rite degree of the great order.
George LeHew was before the examining
aoard of this congressional district at Hast
ings , last Saturday , being an applicant for
the appointment to West Point.
C. H. Peck , the Tienton irrigationist and
janker , was a city visitor , Monday evening.
He reports irrigation matters as progressing
satisfactorily in Hitchcock county.
Sol. Dewey put in appearance on our
streets , Tuesday morning , jind says the rest
of the family will arrive from Ouray , Colorado
rado , to make McCook their home , soon.
E. C. Ballew , THE TBIBUKE is pleased to
earn , has decided to remain with us , and
will not return to Missouri , as contemplated ;
rat thinks of engaging in the abstracting
Dr. C. fl. Jones departs , Sunday , for the
west The doctor is a rising young man in his
) rofession ; his many McCook friends wish
lira boundless success ; and regret his depart
ure from our city.
M. E. Piper came in , Saturday , from a two
or three week's trip through the counties
vest and northwest of us. He reports the
rep acreage as almost double that of last
ear , and the prospect elysion.
J. W. Hupp of the State Bank of Lebanon
C. A. Baxter , the Burlington's accommodat-
ng agent at that sprightly station , and Geo.
Sifert , were with us of the valley's pride ,
Saturday and Sunday , on matters of busi
C. J. Jones and family did not get away ,
ast week , as expected , but left on yesterday
morning's passenger for Benson , Douglas
ounty , where Mr. Jones will be in charge
of the herd of buffaloes formerly located at
his point.
M. N. Eskey , chairman ; of the Republican
County Central Committee , spent a few
lours in McCook , Wednesday evening. He
was on his way to Denver to bring Mrs. Es
key home. The chairman is pieparing for
in active county campaign , this fall.
Miss Bertha Boyle expects to go to Daven
port , Neb. , flrst of next week , to make her
ister Mrs. T. B. Stutzman a visit. While at
Davenport , Miss Bertha , who is a painstak-
ng and accomplished elocutionist , will or
ganize a class of young people , and as she is
particularly successful in teaching the young ,
? HE TRIBUNE hopes she may secure a large
Col. Barnes uncovered his beautiful loan
Hyphen to the gaze of the venerated citizens
f Indianola , Sunday , despite the injunction
ssuedfrom this office restraining the Col-
nel from spending more than seven days in
he week at Indianola. Col. Mitchell , the
expediate" localizer , herded the Dutch
Brigade on the commons north of town dur-
ig the chief's absence.
C. C. Bean , a practical irrigationist , arriv-
d yesterday , from Loveland , Colorado , to
ive instruction in the scientific use of an
rrigation ditch. Mr. Meeker has been mak-
ig a thorough canvass for the right man to
id those taking * water from his ditch , and
in Mr. Bean , who comes with unqualified
ecommendations of Colorado's best irriga-
onists , he feels confident that he has the
man he has been seeking. Mr. Bean will go
a work at once giving all the beneQt of his
cnowledpe and experience of years in the
msiness. Hewili no doubt be of great as-
istance to all. )
The new time card is expected Sunday ,
J. J. Curran is enteitaimng his brother's
wife and child from Dakota.
Mrs. Harry Tyler of Orleans visited Mc
Cook relatives , first of the week.
E Buy a house from S. II. Colvin on the
monthly installment plan and save money.
Travel ing Engineer Dixon and family oc
cupied the residence vacated by C. J. Jones ,
this week.
No. 1 went through to Denver , Tuesday ,
in two sections , the Kansas City train being
late at Oxford.
Mis. A. J. Chambers returned home , yes
terday , from Hastings , wheie hhe had been
visiting since Monday.
Mrs. George Leming of McCook is visiting
in the city , the guest of Wm. Parks and wife
on Sewaid street. Red Cloud Argus.
A scarlet fever card is displayed at the
west side section house , one of James Pow
ell's children being down with the dreaded
The bridge near Otis , Colo. , burned out ,
last Saturday , delaying trains a number of
hours from the west before the bridge gang
could make temporary repairs.
It is announced that work will be commen
ced on the extension of the Frenchman val
ley line to Imperial , about June 10th , the
road to be completed to that point in August ;
which will be a crowning event in the life ot
: Iie Iinpeiialites.
Mrs. W. M. Vischer and family go to Mc
Cook , tomorrow morning , and will hereafter
make their home in tiiat city , wheie Mr.
Vischer has a good job on the B. & M. , being
foreman of a gang of men repairing freight
cars. Red Cloud Argus.
The longest run that has been made by an
engine for some time was made by engine
So. 161 , last week , Misner , engineer , from
Denver to Sterling over the U. P. and Holyoke -
eke to Hastings over the B. & M. with pas
senger No. 0 , only stopping for coal and
Fanaticism will carry some people to great
extremes. A case in point was that of a hand
somely dressed woman who boarded a B. &
M. passenger coach in Central City the other
day , and who upon taking her seat glanced
up and observed over a small apaitment in
one end of the coach the significant sign ,
'Ladies Saloon , " "whereupon she exclaimed :
Here brakeman help me off with my bag
gage. I do not propose to ride on any train
, hat carries a saloon nlnner with it. much less
x saloon for ladies , " and off theladvgot while
he gentlemen in the car broke into an ungal-
ant roar of laughter in which even the ladies
oined with considerable of a titter. All
agreed that it would be strictly in order for
heB.&M. to change their.signs to something
lot so likely to be misconstrued by the ladies
of the towns where the saloon question is be-
ug severely agitated. Grand Island Inde
Sunday night at 9:30 : o'clock , thirteen miles
east of New Castle , occurred one of the most
unfortunate and saddest accidents that has
ever befallen the Wyoming division. At
; hat time engine 178 in charge of engineer
Wilson , and fireman M. E. Rinehart , was
going on train 45 , when suddenly Con. Zol-
iuger and brakeman Rodgers saw a cloud
of flame and smoke from the engine. The
rain was earned forward by its momentum
until the way car stopepd nearly op
posite where the engine had been , and it was
discovered that the boiler and cab of the en
gine had been torn from the frame and
.hrown . nearly two hundred feet from the
rack. The engine frame and wheels were
not moved from the track , and the tank was
untouched. Engineer Wilson , fireman Rine
hart and brakeman A. E. Woodberry were
all found badly burned and bruised by the
concussion ; the first two fatally. Fireman
linehart was conscious to the last and lived
five hours after the accident. He was down
on the deck of the engine and was terribly
) urned and larcerated. Engineer Wilson
ived till 3:27 Monday aftemoon , but did not
egaiu consciousness. Medical assistance
and the railroad officials left Alliance as soon
is word was received of the accident , but
lothing could be done to save the two men.
kakemanVoodberry was scalded and had
lis spine bruised , but is doing well at home
under the care of Dis. Barr and Houck. The
leceased both carried insurance in the relief
iepartment. Rinehart leaves a wife and
hree children to mourn his loss. No one
eems to know the whereabouts of Wilson's
elatives. The officials have used every
effort to find them without avail. Both of
he dead men were brought to Alliance for
burial. The funeral being conducted by
lev. McReynolds from the M. E. church'
Tuesday afternoon , at five o'clock. A num
ber of their fellow railroad employees , and
ympathizing friends in town attended the
uneral. Alliance Pioneer Grip.
W. S. Morlan and J. A. Cordeal were in
Stratton , Wednesday , attorneys in the some-
vhat famous sqaubble to establish a saloon
n that place. The petition was withdrawn-
Dr. G. E. Belles , the widely known travel-
ng dentist , is in McCook today on some mat
ers of business.
She Doesn't Have Any.
rrom The Alliance Herald.
Bro. Kimmell , of THE TRIBUNE ,
aeems to have a great admiration for
old maids , he's talking a good deal of
the time about the Old Maid's Hyphen
at McCook. Why not give the Hy
phen a rest Bro. Kimmell and toll
something abouther periods \
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J ,
All the Very Latest Styles
P4PFS ft
Vyi\l JLyO 01
Our Millinery Dept.
Stylish Trimmed and Usitrsmmed
We have the Best and Most Experi
enced Dress Maker in the city. Every
thing guaranteed.
Our New and Beautiful Line of
PARASOLS just received. Come er J
see them.
M/SS CORY , Designer and Trimmer.
MRS. LEWIS , Dressmaker.