The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, June 19, 1891, Image 5

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I am prepared to fill a few good
applications at once. Money on
hand when application is approv
ed. J. E. KELLEY.
District court , Monday.
Family Groceries at Noble's.
Rve will soon be readv to harvest.
Jr. .
[ I * Staple and Fancy Groceries at Noble's.
Wall Paper latest designs at Mc-
"Rain still holds the reigns and reigns
supreme. "
Perhaps a drainage canal would suit
you better.
Dr. A. J. Thomas , Dentist , office in
Union block , over Knipple.
Ryan &Noren insure all crops against
hail. Loses paid promptly.
Paints , oils , brushes , and painters'
supplies at the City Drug Store.
Superior flour.
The Eagle Clothing Store is display
ing a stylish stock of spring clothing.
An attractive line of stationery , inks ,
pens , pencils and the like , at Chenery's
City Drug Store.
Kapke , The Tailor , guarantees you
the lowest prices and the most stylish
and elegant clothing.
Crete flour has no superior and but
few equals. Knipple has just received
an entire car load of it.
Last Saturday , W. J. Porter traded
his stock of merchandise for some
horses and town lots in Bartley.
You will always find a superior
stock of tobaccos at Chenery's. And a
nice assortment of smokers' articlest
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Parties wishing 500 pound lots of
flour will save money by calling on
S. M. Cochrane & Co. are agents for
he Piano and Walter A. Woods Bin
ders. They are the best in the market.
If you want a stylish fit at the very
lowest figures , KAPKE , THE TAILOR ,
is the man to atronize. Rear of The
Famous. -
IN QUEENSWARE Noble carries
the largest assortment and the richest
designs of the season. His prices are
You will be needing binding twine
soon. S. M. Cochrane & Co. are pre
pared to fill your orders at lowest mar
ket price.
A few gentlemen can be accommo
dated with good day board at reasona
ble rates at Mrs. Hobson's , upstairs in
Union block.
Groceries , fruits , confectioneries and
the like must be fresh and clean to be
desirable. Knipple makes a specialty
of these points.
Eight bums enjoyed the hospitality
of the city bastile , Sunday night , and
were escorted to the city limits on the
morning following.
A healthful and refreshing drink is
Seltzer Water. The finest article may
be found at Chenery's City Drug Store.
Also the latest and most popular soda
water dnnks.
If you need a Binder or a Header call
on S. M. Cochrane & Co. They sell
the Walter A. Woods and Piano Bin
ders and the Randolph Header , machines
not excelled in the world.
Marsh , the Liveryman , by his square
dealing and excellent service , is gradu
ally gathering the cream of the livery
trade. He is becoming more thorough
ly equipped every day to give the public
the best livery service in the valley.
The blind may see ,
The mute may talk ,
The deaf may hear
The maimed may walk ,
And Johnnie may have the possess
ion of his gun ; but the time will never
come when you can buy first-class cloth
ing at the low prices obtainable at the
Red Cloud flour.
Do You Want a Farm Loan ?
If so , come and see me before
making an application elsewhere.
Try Knipple for staple and fancy
groceries. Union block.
'Ryan & Noren innureall crops against
hail. LOSCH paid promptly.
A commodiouH , neatly furnished room
for rent. Inquire at this office.
Knipple has just received a car load
of the celebrated Crete Mills flour.
In Wall Paper you will find newest
styles and lowest prices at McMillen'n.
White and Fijrured Windsor Ties
all the rage at the Eagle Clothing
Prescription work a specialty at the
City Drug Store. Promptness and ac
curacy are assured.
Noble carries a large and complete
stock of the best brands of canned
goods of all kinds.
FOR RENT A furnished room. One
block from the postoffice. Information
iven at this office.
A piano for sale or trade for a team
of horses , or McCook property. In
quire at this office.
See Knipple in his new quarters in
the Union block. Everything nice in
fruits , groceries , etc.
There is a rumor that Judsre Hatfield
is figuring on establishing a tile factory
on his alfalfa ranch.
Noble , the leading grocer , makes a
specialty of fresh , clean family grocer
ies. He will treat you right.
HANGING LAMPS Noble is head
quarters for hanging lamps. He car
ries a large and splendid selection.
Do you want the latest and best and
cheapest ? Well , they keep a large
variety at the Eagle Clothing Store.
Noble is the only exclusive grocer in
the city. His stock is the largest and
his prices correspond with the times.
The Randolph Header is sold by S.
M. Cochrane & Co. See them before
buying your harvesting machinery.
quite painfully injured , Monday after
noon , by being accidentally struck in
the face by his horse.
The Eagle Clothing Store is in the
clothing business. They will dress you
up handsomely and stylishly , and do it
at a very reasonable figure.
FOUND A set ring , in McCookTues-
day evening. Owner can have same by
calling on Minnie Meyers in South Mc
Cook and identifying the ring.
Make Noble your family grocer and
many other blessings will fall to your
lot , besides having the best groceries on
your table that the market affords.
District court will open at Indianola ,
Monday. A portion of the time Judge
Gaslin will preside , as there will be cases
in court which Judge Cochran prefers
not to hear.
SHIRTS TO ORDER. White or fancy.
Gents who are accustomed to have their
shirts made to order give us a trial
order. We guarantee a good fit and
reasonable prices. THE FAMOUS.
Nothing succeeds like success. Noth
ing in the livery business takes the
public eye and fancy like good horses
and comfortable vehicles. With these
Marsh gives prompt service and courte
ous treatment.
The roller mill will resume opera
tions , Saturday , and Mr. Doan proposes
to keep the wheels moving right along ,
taking care of all business that comes
promptly , and reaching out for more.
At the regular meeting of the Masonic
lodge held June 16th , officers as follows
were elected for the ensuing year : R.B.
Archibald , W. M. ; T. G. Rees , S. W. ;
John R. Roxby , J. W. ; S. H. Colvin ,
Treasurer ; W. M. Anderson , Secretary.
Installation will take place on St. John's
day , June 24th.
The season of the year is approach
ing when pants will be fashionable.
We do not refer to the dog days. We
have in mind the large stock and fine
assortment "of pants just received by
have anything you want in size , color ,
or quality. Prices are right.
FOR SALE Part of my irrigated
farm near McCook , in small lots to
suit purchaser. Private ditch. No wat
er rent. Good chance for small fruit
farms. Have had two years' experi
ence in Colorado and two in Red Wil
low county with irrigation.
P. 0. Box 311 , McCook , Neb.
A man who wanted to learn what
profession he would have his son enter ,
put him in a room with a Bible , an ap
ple , and a dollar bill. If he found him ,
when he returned , reading the Bible , he
would make a clergyman out of him ;
if eating the apple , a farmer ; and if in
terested in the dollar bill , a banker.
When he did return , he found the boy
sitting on the Bible , with the dollar bill
in his pocket , and the apple almost de
voured. He made a politician of him.
We allow no one to undersell us on
Large Assortment !
Latest Designs I
Prices Way Down !
Paints , Oils ,
Artists' Goods.
The band rendered an excellent pro
gram at their initial open-air concert ,
Saturday evening , which called out the
populace in numbers.
The band of our city will play for the
Red Cloud people , July 4th. They are
to he congratulated upon securing the
best music in the valley for the occasion.
The work of securing right-of-way
for an extension eastward of the C. H.
Meeker ditch is progressing satisfac
torily. The advent of the ditch is being
hailed with joy on all hands.
The sample of rye which stands guard
at the door of our sanctum sanctorum
was grown by B. F. Clark on A. W.
Corey's Quarter Circle "C" ranch , east
of the city. It is over five feetin height ,
and there are about 35 acres just as fine
as the sample.
The social at the Congregational
church , last Friday evening , by the joint
societies of the Congregational and
Baptist congregations was largely at
tended. The program rendered was
full of interest. The net returns were
very satisfactory.
THE TRIBUNE is pained to hear of
the death of Mrs. Walter Rowland at
Indianola , Sunday , after a brief illness.
Funeral occurred on Monday. The de
ceased leaves a husband and four small
children inconsolable over her sudden
and untimely demise.
A young man named George W. Smith
was arrested , Saturday , for mortgaging
an imaginery horse to Tailor Kalstedt
as security for a pair of pantaloons.
Squire Colvin turned him over to the
tender mercies of Sheriff McCool for a
period of 20 days to meditate upon his
folly. /
This week E. H. Doan closed nego
tiations with A. J.Thompson and is now
the owner of the McCook roller mills.
It is the purpose of Mr. Doan to still
further improve that excellent proper
ty in due time ; and under the able man
agement of himself and Mr. Paul THE
TRIBUNE expects the McCook roller
mill to continue to hold its own among
the best mills in this section of Nebraska.
Children's day was observed by the
Congregational Sunday school on an
elaborate scale , Sunday morning. The
church s interior was transformed into
a perfect bower of flowers and birds ,
and the program of exercises was ap
propriate and prettily rendered. The
edifice was crowded. The floral arches ,
the harp and other decorations were
truly beautiful evidences of the good
taste and industry expended in prepar
ing for the ever interesting occasion
Children's day.
The Methodist friends celebrated
Children's day and the seventh Anni
versary of their Sunday school in a
splendid manner , Sunday evening. They
had ah elaborate program of music and
recitations , and all agree that the same
was rendered with commendable smooth
ness and rare excellence. The interior
of the house of worship was decorated
with a profusion of choice flowers , tune
ful caged songsters , and-so-forth. The
audience crowded the edifice to the ut
most and many failed to gain admission.
1 . V
In these days when it rains whenever
it has an opportunity a few statistics in
regard to the rainfall of this and last
year may be interesting : In May , 1890 ,
only 1.55 inches of rain fell while in
May , 1891 , we had 5.37. For the six
months ending June , 1890 , 8.42 inches
fell , but during the corresponding
months of 1891 , being only 54- months
thus far , 18.11 inches have moistened
the earth in this vicinity. For the year
ending December , 1890 , 15.28 inches
fell , while for the five months of the
present season , ending May 3lst , 15.26
inches have fallen. Thus far in June ,
2.75 inches have been precipitated upon
us and the indications are that June
will be fully as wet as May.
The reader may imagine Henry Col-
lumburg's surprise , the other day , to
have one of his horses drop completely
out of sight , while out plowing in the
field. The continued wet weather had
softened the earth over a wolf hole , and
when the horse stepped on it he drop
ped through , only his nose being above
ground. By dint of hard work Henry
got the animal out without injury ; when
the horse was released and on his feet ,
he dropped over on his side from sheer
exhaustion and fright. There is another
wolf hole only a few rods away from
this one and Henry keeps a good look
out in that direction all the time , for
fer-r that all the holes are not in the
bottom of the sea.
Humboldt flour.
Well , this is a little more like corn
weather. Morel
\ .
McCook mourns the death of a noble
citizen and true. In the twilight hours
of Monday , Frank H. Fowler's life went
out , and his bright spirit separated from
tbia pain-racked tenement of earth ,
winged ita flight to realms celestial and
eternal. His was a heroic battle for
life , and a calm and peaceful surrender
to the inevitable. It wan well with
Frank H. Fowler's soul.
Suddenly stricken down with u fatal
and insidious malady , his condition had
been a source of most intense solicitude
of this community for two weeks past.
Aim at the last , when the summons
came , the blow fell with crushing force
upon the dear ones of his home and
heart , and called forth the spontaneous
utterances of profound regret and sym
pathy of this whole people , in whose
affections he held a high and enduring
On the afternoon of Wednesday , that
which was mortal of the departed was
conveyed to Longview cemetery and
deposited in the quiet bosom of Mother
Earth , the obsequies being attended
with the highest marks of respect for
him who has gone before. The Masons
and Workmen had the remains in charge
and conducted the exercises at the cem
etery in accordance with the rituals of
their respective orders. The floral of
ferings were profuse , exquisite and
beautifully symbolic , representing in
nature's most charming form sentiments
more tender and lovely than language
can convey. The floral crowns , cross
and crown , the gates , the harp with the
broken string , and the many other hand
some and suggestive designs which filled
the chancel , were particularly rich and
The services were held in the Con
gregational church , but so vast was the
concourse of people who came to pay a
last tribute to the memory and virtues
of the deceased that but a moiety were
able to secure admission , llev. D. L.
McBride expressed in tenderest , most
heartfelt terms a glowing tribute to his
absent friend. Words which touched a
responsive chord in every heart present.
THE TRIBUNE voices a universal sen
timent in extending the bereaved and
sorrowing the most profound sympathy.
H. FOWLEK was born iu Canaan ,
Columbia county. New York , October 29th ,
1848 , and died on June 15th , 1891 , aged 42
years , 7 months and 17 days. He came from
New York to Illinois in 1869 and settled near
the town of Fairbury in Livingston county ,
in which town , five years later , he was joined
in marriage with Miss Henrietta McKee.who
with her two children survive him. He re
moved from Illinois to McCook about five
years ago and immediately became associated
in business with Mr. J. A. Wilcox , which
business relation continued until his death.
He leaves to sorrow at his departure wife.
children , mother , sister , father-in-law , and
many other relations more distant , together
with a community of bereaved citizens.
Last Sunday , the 14th , witnessed one
of the most imposing scenes occurring
in the history of the Catholic church of
McCook. The event was particularized
in the presence of Rt. Rev. Bishop Bon-
acuru ol Lincoln , Neb. , who adminis
tered Confirmation to a class of forty.
The first Mass was celebrated by the
Rt. Rev. Bishop , at which those who
were to be confirmed partook of Holy
Communion. Long before the hour for
the High Mass great numbers were seen
winding their way towards St. Patrick's
church , where Confirmation was to be
administered after the conclusion of
High Mass. Promptly at 10:30 A. M. ,
the Rev. Pastor J. W. Hickey intoned
the Aspergea while the choir took up
the beautiful antiphon "Sprinkle me ,
0 Lord , with hyssop , and I shall be
cleansed. " Following the Asperges ,
Mass was commenced by the Pastor in
the presence of hia Lordship , while the
harmonious strains from the choir filled
the beautiful edifice with its sweet mel
ody that is so inspiring and character
istic in the Catholic Ritual. Immedi
ately after High Mass a beautiful ad
dress was given to the "Confirmaudi , "
dwelling principally on Confirmation as
a Sacrament , when St. Peter and St.
Paul went to Samaria to confirm those
whom St. Philip had converted and bap
tized. The Sacrament being adminis
tered , a short exhortation for the perse
verance in their good resolutions and
devotion to Christ's church was encour
agingly given by his Lordship. 1 he
services closed with the "Te Deum"
beautifully rendered by the congrega
tion. * . *
Following are the total valuation fig
ures of this city and precinct :
Real estate , city , $154,490
Personal property , city , . . 86,324
TOTAL $240,814
Real estate , precinct $ 25,444
Personal property , pre. . . 4,285
TOTAL $ 29,729
GRAND TOTAL $272,543
The above figures show a considerable
decrease this year from the valuation of
1890 which was about $320,000.
Feed of all kinds.
Try Knipple for fruits of all kinds.
Union block.
" V
- , \
" . . . '
Council was in adjourned session ,
Wednesday evening , Mayor Brewer ,
Councilmen Knights , LaTourette and
Mcnard , and Clerk Warren present :
Following bills were allowed :
Charles Weintz , $ 1.50
S. M. Cochrane & Co. , 90
Gray & Maddux , 50.00
L P. Moore 2.00
J. H. Bennett 50.00
W. C. Bullard & Co. , 133.06
LukeTulley , 6.00
The appointment of John McCotter
as night policeman was confirmed by the
council. He will report for duty on
June 18th. His bond was placed at
Clerk instructed to purchase a copy
of the Nebraska statutes.
Petition for sidewalk along south side
of lot G , block 19 , lot 8 , block 19 , all
of block 20 , first addition , was allowed
and walk ordered built. ( See resolu
tion elsewhere in this issue. ) Adj.
Both comfort and style are desirable.
Indeed when the matter of selecting a
livery rig is concerned , they are abso
lute necessities. The Circle Front
Livery Stable make these a study , and
together with their prompt and courte
ous treatment and reasonable charges
they offer every advantage possible to
the public. Their new surrey is the
acme of comfort and elegance.
Kind friends one and all I will ever
hold in most grateful remembrance your
devoted helpfulness durinir Mr. Fowler's
illness and the last of earth. Accept
my thanks for them all.
McCook , June 18th.
The June 15th , 1891 , term of Dis
trict Court for Red Willow county is
hereby adjourned to Monday , June 22d ,
1891. J. E. COCHRAN , Judge.
McCook , Neb. , June 10th , 1891.
THE TRIBUNE hereby acknowledges
the receipt of a buxom basket of cher
ries from the Crete Nurseries. The
fruit is fine and no mistake. Col. E.F.
Stephens has thanks for his thoughtful-
ness. He informs us that in addition
to their extensive cherry orchards , which
usually yielded from 400 to 600 bushels
of fruit , they have vineyards which
promise 15,000 pounds of grapes and
80 acres of orchards , a small portion of
which only is coming into bearing , and
which will yield this season 10,000 to
12,000 bushels of apples , at the price
likely to prevail the crop of fruit having
failed in the east , this will yield a hand
some sum of money. The Nursery aims
particularly to sell directly to the plan
ter , to encourage direct trade , and , as
far as possible , avoid the intervention
of middle men and dealers. They wish
to encourage people to deal with home
nurseries. They have also built up a
large business in planting timber claims
in which they have been very success
For the space of a half hour , early
this morning , a tremendous rain fell
here. An immense volume of water
poured down our streets and few cellars
on the lower streets escaped a flooding.
Had the rain continued long the damage
must have been serious. The area wall
on the south side of the Union block
fell in and some water entered the cel
lar under that handsome block. The
cellar under McMillen's drug store ,
Dewey's laundry and others were more
or less flooded. But in no case was the
damage at all severe. These repeated
floodings should stir up our business
men on Main street especially to some
decisive action in this matter. Serious
results may be averted.
The social and reunion held in Meeker
hall , last evening , by the members of
St. Patrick's church , was a splendid
success. Ample and attractive amuse
ments were provided for the large attend
ance , and the church's exchequer was
handsomely replenished by the liberal
patronage accorded. Reizenstein furn
ished the music.
Will trade a quarter block , house
24x24 with basement , in Red Cloud ,
for a farm near McCook. Enquire at
this office.
A 4-room house convenient to the
round house. A good cellar. Full acre
lot. Inquire at this office for particulars.
Noble , The Grocer.
Wall Paper latest designs at Mc
Try Knipple for staple and fancy
groceries. Union block.
In Wall Paper you will find newest
styles and lowest prices at McMillen's
What must you do to be saved ? Why
buy your groceries at Noble's , of course !
A four-room house in good location
for rent. Inquire at Bullard's lumber
The Eagle Clothing Store has the
only Genuine Dog Glove found in
S. M. Coohrane & Co. for binding
twine. They will give you the lowest
price possible.
Graham flour.
- A Jf
We offer COO pairs of Men's Shoes
( samplesnil ) styles and widths ,
all number 7 , at
Our prices will be found in
teresting to purchasers of
Ladies Shoes ,
.50 Hand Turned ,
$3.OO Hand Turned ,
$2.5O Machine Sewn ,
.00 Machine Sewn ,
,5O Machine Sewn ,
Are unusual values.
That is to say : Do you want to buy.
rent or trade for a barn. If so call on
or address E. LINDNER , McCook.
The soda water season is open at the
City Drug Store. The latest and best
drinks. Pure fruit juices. A specialty
of seltzer water.
Corn meal.
JONAS ENGEL , Manager.
Complete Lir es of
and other Furnishing
Itch on human and horses and all animals
cured in SO minutes b7 Woolf ord's Sanitary-
Lotinn. This never fails. Bold by L. W. McConnell -
Connell & Co. . Druggists , McCook. 30-ljr.