The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, June 19, 1891, Image 1

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wishes to nnnounce that his stock of
are now on the shelves. He does not claim to have the
biggest stock on earth , nor does he promise
what is impossible in prices. But in
of all kinds , he carries a complete and well-selected stock ,
and , the quality of goods considered.
I also carry a full and fresh stock of
and in this department also I will
Meet All Competition !
rive a call and get my prices.
Are on hands as usual this spring with a large
and complete assortment of
iri | c of every description , all qualities and grades ,
t I which they : ire selling
They are also well stocked up with everything5 ,
usually kept by a first-class grocery store in
Fancy and staple Groceries.
They have no superiors in quality or prices.
Just test these statements.
> ! . . . - _ /
Ko. 6. local pJispenKcr 4:25. A. M.
No.2 , throiiRh passenger , 5:50 , A.M.
No. 4. local passenger. 5:40. P.M.
No. 78. through freight 10:25. A. M.
No. 128. way frcitrht 5:55. A.M.
83f Way freight No.lTO arrives from west at
4:15 , P. M. . mountain time.
No. 1 , through passenger , 10:40 , A.M.
No. 5 , local passenger. 9:30 , P. M.
No. 1 9 , way freight 5:00. A.M.
J39 Wa.v freight No. 127 arrives from the
east at 7J5 , P. M.
S3 ? Tli rough freightNo.TSarrivesfrom east
ft 15:20,1' . M. . central time. Departs at 4:45 ,
P. M. Stops at Stratton. Uenkleman. Haigler.
63 AII above trains are daily except way
freights Nos. 127. 128. 120 and 130 , which are
dally except Sunday.
P ? No. 137 , Beverly accommodation , leaves
at5:15. A. M. Returned , arrives at 9:15A.M.
Huns only on Mondays , Wednesdays and Fri
days. A. CAMPBELL , Supt.
There is , perhaps , no
subject on which people
who delight to be smart
differ more than on the
proper pronunciation of
words , particularly when
taken from foreign languages. The follow
ing iingle , written by one of a jolly party
which rode on "The Burlington" from Min
nesota to St. Louis sometime since , illustrates
the different pronunciations of r-o-u-t-e
whether "rowt" or "root : ' '
Hear the pilgrim's joyful shout :
"The Burlington's a dandy route ,
Other lines we henceforth shoot.
This is the only first-class route ;
Rival claims we hereby scout.
None can please us but this route ;
Locomotives never toot
Half as nice as on this route ,
And the roadbeds hereabout ,
All are rough except this route ;
All in all beyond dispute ,
The Burlington's the banner route. "
On the pronunciation there is some latitude
for choice , but none on the question whether
"The Burlington" is the best and favorite
line to Chicago , St. Louis , St. Paul , Minne
apolis , Peoria , Denver , Kansas City , Chey
enne , St. Joseph.
" \Vie gehts" is a German salutation , liter
ally translated "How Goes It ? " Addressed
to one of our friends it was answered in this
"Wie geht'B" did you say , mein freund !
If you speak of "The Burlington's" train ,
Scbneller tils time it goes , do ye mind ,
. "The Burlington" vestibule train.
Are you wishing a journey to take ,
To tne north , south , east and west ;
Then apply to your local agent ,
I am sure he will do his best.
To supply you with information
And very cheap tickets , too.
To go on "The Burlington" limited train
Is the very best thing you can do.
Without fatigue or discomfort.
You will reach your journey's end.
And the polite conductor and brakcman
Will nil your wants attend.
The folio wins is the unsolicited expression
of a traveler who has just returned from a
trip over "The Burlington : "
What road in all the great Northwest
Is smoothest , pleasantest , and best.
With every sweetest comfort blest ?
"The Burlington. "
What road has engines strong and fleet ,
Accommodations most complete ,
Employes all polite and neat ?
"The Burlington. "
What road that ever strives to please
Its patrons all , consults their ease ,
And to their safety always sees ?
"The Burlington. "
So , when your summer tour you make ,
To mountain , sea side , falls , or lake ,
Your own good sense will bid you take
"The Burlington. "
Headmaster Wickersham of Holyoke was
a Sunday visitor at headquarters.
OgpBuy a house from S. H. Colvin on the
monthly installment plan and save money.
Conductor John Morris departed on No. 4 ,
Sunday , on a well-earned eastern visit of
some length.
Mrs. A. H. Chapin and children left , Tues
day , for Ashtabula , Ohio , the home of her
parents , where she will visit until September.
The National Association of Car Account
ants who have been in session at Denver the
past week closed their meeting , Wednesday.
Conductor Keddin attends the same old
law suit , having gone to Denver first of the
week , but with prospects of a very early
Jack Currau went out on Conductor Kend-
len's run , Monday evening. Frank is a com
pany witness in a suit at Falls City , this
week , we understand. *
Mrs. W. H. Dodge who has been the guest
of the Benne family departedMonday even
ing , for Edgmont , S. D. Miss Clara accom
panied her as far as Bastings.
Mr. W. E. Mullen came in yesterday from
Memphis and has taken a position with the
Paducah , Tennessee and Alabama road as
assistant auditor. The Paducah ( Ky. ) Daily
Mrs. L. N. Cronkhite has given S500 to the
Hastings College for a permanent scholar
ship in that instit"'ion. She does this partly
in honor of herwho would have gradu
ated at this tetvat , / for his.untimely death.
This is a very generous donation to a most
worthy purpose. Her son , who was taken
away in the bloom of youth , will have some
one in the college to remember him and the
generous and loving mother as long as the
college exists. It is impossible to guess how
many young men will be fitted in Hastings
College for life's work by this munificent
gift , a memento of her love for the boy and
her good will toward the institution. Hast
ings Tribune.
Citizens and Visitors Briefly
Mentioned. We Have Had .
Our Eye on You.
"I Know Not What the Truth May Bo ,
I Tell it as 'Twas Told to Me. "
City Clerk Warren arrived Home , Monday.
Deputy Marshal Stewart was officially
present with us , Tuesday.
Geo. E. Johnston visited in Juniatn , Sun
day , where he has brothers living.
Mr. C. E. Shaw and family and Mrs. Chas.
White left for Lincoln , Monday evening.
Judge Cochran has been down at Beaver
City , this week , holding court for Furnas
Sheriff W. A. McCool was present with us ,
Wednesday , having official business in the
Special Agent Early came in from Grand
Island , Wednesday , on government land
Ex-Senator Dolan , premier of Indianola ,
was a guest of the smartest city in the valley ,
Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. T. F. liowell and druiirlitpr Minnie
left on Wednesday evening for southeastern
Iowa to make a lengthy visit.
Secretary of State Allen was with us in the
flesh , the early part of the week , coining up
from the state house , Tuesday.
Dr. S. L. Green and Hugh W. Cole went
in to Omaha , Wednesday night , to attend a
Masonic grand lodge meeting.
Mrs. Thos. Lonergan of Chicago arrived
in the city , yesterday , and is the guest ot" her
daughter , Mrs. F. H. Spearman.
Editor Abbott of the Hayes Centre .Repub
lican had business in the city , Monday. His
daughter Bessie accompanied him.
Miss Lillie Kowell spent Sunday with her
brother John at Hastings , going down on
Saturday evening and arriving home , Mon
day morning.
ueorge B. .Berry and F. H. Elliott indulged
in a flying visit to Denver , Sunday , going up
on Saturday night and returning home , Mon
day evening.
Banker Frost of Bartley circulated about
the metropolis , in asocial way , Monday after
noon. He was en route home from an east
ern visit of two weeks.
Cashier and Mrs. W. F. Lawson had the
cockles of their parental hearts warmed up
as only the birth of a fine boy baby into the
family can , Monday afternoon.
Judge and Mrs. L K. Darnell of Dallas ,
Texas , weie Commercial guests , middle of
the week , the Judge being present on land
business connected with the famous Harlem-
Kit Carter cattle company litigation.
Mrs. Jos. Menard and daughter Aimee are
visiting Mrs. Fred Harris at Alliance , leaving
for there last Saturday morning. They ex
pect to go on to Ctiicago on a visit before
returning home , and their absence will be
quite extended.
Miss Alice Murphy and Miss Emma Me-
Kee are attending the Fremont normal
school during vacation. We understand that
Miss.Murphy will not return to Oxford. !
Miss JVIcKee has been re-elected to the priu-
cipalship of the Akron schools.
M.Y.Starbuck arrived home , Sunday iioou ,
from his Chicago trip. Moody reports that
the boys have organized an association of
Postal Clerks of the Sixth District ; head
quarters of the association to be at Chicago ;
object the furtherance of the interests of the
mail service , and for social purposes.
Auditor Foreman was at headquarters ,
Conductor Jack Birdsell took his run on
the night of the 16th.
J. 11. McFaul of Trenton , an old railroad
man , was in the city , Wednesday.
Engineer J. F. Kcyuolds is running engine
52 at Republican City , this week.
Engineer Max Katzenmeyer and wife have
gone out to Denver for a short visit.
Fireman Will Aichibald expects to visit
Chicago p. d. q. , and spend the 4th at home.
No. I's delay , Wednesday , was caused by
the washing out of a bridge near Coruingja.
Barney Cavanagh and family from Holyoke
eke were in the city , Sunday , attending
Engineer J. S. Willard came over to Mc-
Cook , Wednesday , from Holyoke to get a
run out of here.
Engineer J. V. '
O'Connell is laid up with
rheumatism and bids fair to stay so for a
couple of weeks.
A large number of railroad men turned out
with the societies attending the funeral of
Mr. F. H. Fowler.
Engineer F. S. Eeid returned on the flyer ,
Wednesday , from Chicago , where he has
been on a weeks' visit.
Engineer J. E. Kingsbury returned home
from Chicago , Wednesday , where he had
been visiting his friends.
Bob McElhennev went out to Denver , this
week , with Joe Hawksworth to see a new
play at the Tabor Grand.
Geo. Johnson with engine 224 got strayed
away from his usual run , forepart of week ,
having gone west on No. 5.
A. G. Willis , foreman at Bed Cloud , spent
Sunday looking over the town and putting
in a bid for shops at Eed Cloud.
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Bargains Ever Offered
Wetfs :
al attention given mail orders.
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