The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 24, 1891, Image 8

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. Are on hands as usual this spring -with a large
and complete assortment of
. *
j * < $ of every description , all qualities and grades ,
" ' * " which they are selling
They are also well stocked up with everything
. x ' / " " , usually kept by a first-class grocery store in
Fancy and Staple Groceries.
They have no superiors in quality or prices.
Just test these statements.
Looking out over the many homes of this country , we see thousands
of women wearing away their lives in household drudgery that might be
materially lessened by the use of a few cakes of SAPOLIO. If an hour
is saved each time a cake is used , if one less wrinkle gathers upon the face
because the toil is lightened , she must be a foolish woman who would
hesitate to make the experiment , and he a churlish husband who would
grudge the few cents which it costs.
If your grocer sends you anything in place of SAPOLIO , send it
back and insist upon having just what you ordered. SAPOLIO always
gives satisfaction. On fbors , tables , and painted work it acts like a
charm. For scouring pots , pans , and metals it has no equal. Everything
shines after it , and even the children delight in using it in their attempts
to help around the house.
t3f Grocers often substitute ch apor goods for SAPOLIO to make a better profit.
I. Send back such articles and insist on having just what you ordered.
I will offer iny entire stock of
Will sell
Staple and Fancy Groceries
As low as anybody.
Babcock Building. McCook , Nebraska.
1 1 Lite Co.
Also Hard and Soft Coal.
H. KAPKE , The Leader ,
Calls attention to the fact that he has just received an
other shipment of the latest , most stylish spring goods , and
that he is prepared to make them up in the most stylit" mode
and at the lowest figures. Call and see for yourself.
B. & M. Meat Market.
R. A. COUPE & CO. , Proos.
Guaranteed Largest Bona Fide Circn-
, lation in McCook.
April showers are gratefully accepted.
A. W. Campbell and Oan Doyle are both
planting corn.
Mies Clara Flnkerton has been suffering
from a relapse of la grippe.
Kov. Jacob ( O , how ! ) Long preached at Box
Elder , one week ago Sunday.
The farmers have nearly nil finished putting
in wheat. Charles Masters says he has sown
nearly 100 acres.
Mr. Anderson who rented N. J. Chrysler'
place has just moved in. We wish him suc
cess in farming.
If the hitter rains arc as plentiful as the
early the farmers iiuiiv expect an abundant
crop of small grain.
The soil of lied Willow county was never in
better condition to receive small grain than it
has been this spring.
Mr. Campbell says he likes to have stumps
in the Held. We suppose they make bandy
seats when a man gets tired.
The desert should blossom as the rose this
year. The young ladies of Box Elder have al
received packages of flowers.
Judging from packages in the mail , this
week , the Agricultural Department evidently
think this a good country for turnips and beets.
Wheat sowing is nearly completed ,
About half the amount of small grain will
be sown this season that was sown last.
E. A. Sexson will plant fourteen thousand
ash trees on bis timber claim , this season.
Several farmers in this neighborhood will
sow flax on account of the scarcity of seed
Sammy Belles was inquiring after yearling
and spring calves , last week. There seems to
bo quite a demand for that kind of stock this
The Kev. Roberts , so we are informed , will
preach at tbo Ball school house on Sunday
afternoons , this summer. Will also organize
a Sabbath school.
Stephen Belles will sow considerable alfalfa
on the low land of the Willow. Several that
have sown on the divide say that it stood the
drouth well and they have a fair stand left.
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens , that for
ears we have been selling Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption , Dr. King's New
ife Pills. Bucklen's Arnica Salve and Electric
Bitters , and have never handled remedies that
ell as well , or that have given such universal
satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee
nem every time , and we stand ready to re-
'uud the purchase price , if satisfactory re-
lults do not follow their use. These remedies
have won their popularity purely on their
merits. A. MCMILLEN , Druggist.
W. N. Cratty left for Lincoln , Sunday night.
Joe Schmidt hops around on one foot now-a
rt ay. It's a boy.
Wonder if we couldn't get Meeker to tile the
ilarsted country.
Mr. J. R. McFaul's family have moved onto
.heir south side farm , recently purchased of
! . W. Sellers. UNO.
A Safe Investment.
Is one which is guaranteed to bring you sat
isfactory results , or in case of a failure a re
turn of purchase price. On this safe plan
you can buy from our advertised druggist a
bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption. It is guaranteed to bring relief in
every case , when used for any affection of
Throat , Lungs or Chest , such as Consumption ,
Inflammation of Lungs. Bronchitis , Asthma ,
Whooping Cough , Croup , etc. , etc. It is pleas
ant and agreeable to taste , perfectly safe , and
can always be depended upon. Trial bottles
free at A. McMillen's drugstore.
What is a cold in the head ? Medical authori
ties say it is due to uneven clothing of the
body , rapid cooling when in perspiration , &c.
important , point , is , mat. a com in tne neaa
is an inflammation of the lining membrane of
the nose , which , when unchecked , is certain
to produce a catarrbal condition for catarrh
is essentially a "cold" which nature is no
longer able to "resolve" or throw off. Ely's
Cream Balm has proved its superiority and
sufferers should resort to it before that com
mon ailment becomes seated and ends in ob
stinate catarrh.
From New York City , has the most com
plete stock of Spring and Summer Goods.foi
men's wear , between Lincoln and Denver.
His store is just replete with the latest nov
elties from New York and Chicago , and as
he buys strictly for cash he can afford to give
you first class Clothing at very reasonable
prices. Hu has guaranteed every garment
he has made up in McCook for nearly six
years and has never had a misfit in that time.
'all ' and see him. Cne door north of the
ommercial House.
In ( Prices and Stylish Work ,
has just received a large ship =
nent of Cloths for Spring and
Summer of the Latest and Most
tylish Goods , which will be
nade as cheap as the cheapest.
Contractor and Builder.
SPECIALTIES Making and repairing furn
iture. Furniture of any description made to
order. Mail orders promptly attended to.
'Shop on Dennlson Street , opposite Pred-
moro's blacksmith shop , McCook , Neb.
Capes , Black Hemstitched Goods
Jackets , New Embroidery ,
Carpejts , Ribbons ,
Clothinsr 9 Braids ,
Dress Goods , Cords ,
Straw Hats , Laces ,
Demorest's Family Magazine.
Were you over uc sea in a atorm a storm
near the count , when you expected the next
wave woul.l clash tbo good ship to pieces ? If
you overpassed through such HU experience
you will remember the relief toll when you
realised you were nenr u life-saving station
with Its corps of heroes , and you will bo glad
to know more of the Hfo of those "bravo ,
watchers by the soft" ; nnd even the confirmed "
stay-at-home will bo interested in the band-
somely illustrated article on "OurLlfc-SuvlnK
Service" in the May number of Demoresfs
Magazine. "Signs of Character In the Fuce :
How to Ueud them" ( illustrated ) will enable -
you to Judge more correctly ofhuman nature.
Then there arc brlgbt stories , and information
on all live topics , with over 200 Illustrations.
Altogother.thls Is an exceptionally good numi
bur of that always good Family Magazine ,
published at $2.00 u year , by W. Jennings
Demorest. V East 14th St. . Now York.
An exchange says : The new game "Tiddle \
dy wink" Is a daisy. Few understand how to
play it , but it is very simple when you know
how. The game is plajed with tlddlddles ,
winks and winkpot. dinguses , dutllclties , etc.
Each player takes a dingus. The winks are
divided ex-only , and likewise the duflicities.
Then you take u wink , put it on the dingus , ,
press u tiddledy on the wink and make it jump .
into the tv inkpot , if you can. If you succeed i
you uruentitled ton ciifllcicty and for every |
wink you jump into the dingpot.from thi du-
wlnk you count u flictiddledy , and you keep '
on operating the tlukwlnklo upon ttib polIy- 1
wog until the points BO carried equal the sum- * >
total ot tbo bogwip multiplied by the pliter- j.
inktum and added to the contents of the wink i.
pot or words to that effect , and you liavo then .
won the game.
Consumption Cured.
An old physician , retired from practice ,
having bad placed in his hands by an East In
dia missionary the formula of a simple veget
able remedy for the speedy and permanent
cure of Consumption , Bronchitis , Catarrh ,
Asthma and all throat and Lung Affections ,
also a positive and radical euro for Nervous
Debility and all Nervous Complaints , after
having tested its wonderful curative powers
in thousands of cases , has felt it his duty to
rauko it known to bis suffering fellows. Actu
ated by tbis motive and a desire to relieve
human suffering , I will send free of charge , to
all who desire it , this recipe , in German ,
French orEnglish , with full directions for pre
paring and using. Sent by mail by addressing
with stamp , naming this paper. W. A. Noyes ,
820 Powers' Block , Rochester. N. Y. 38-ly.
Buck/en's Arnica Salve.
TIIK BEST SALVE in the world for cuts , bruis
es , sores , ulcers , salt rheum , fever sores , tet
ter , chapped hands , chilblains , corns , and all
skin eruptions , and positively cures piles , erne
no pay required. It is guaranteed togivo per
fect satisfaction , or money refunded. Price I
5 cents per box. For sale by A. McMillen. *
A Word in Season. < '
The barking of a pack of hounds may bemu- 11
sic , but the barking of the human family is
certainly discord. Stop that cough with Hum- K
phreys1 Specific No. Seven.
Itch on human and horses and all animals ,
cured in 30 minutes by Wooiford's Sanitary
Lotion. This never fails. Sold by L. W. Me- ,
Connell & Co. . Druggists. McCook. 30-lyr. i '
Hrst JYati cma J
$100.000. $60,000. | ! i
GEORGE HOCK/I/ELL , President. B. H. FREES , Vice President. W.F. LAWSON , Cashier.
A. CAMPBELL , Director. S. L. GREEH , Director.
The Citizens Bank of McGook , i II ,
Incorporated under State Laws. i
Paid Up Capital , $5OOOO.
General Banking Business ,
Collections made on all accessible points. Drafts drawn
directly on principal cities in Europe. Taxes paid
for non-residents. Money to loan on farming
Jands , city and personal property.
Tickets For Sale to and from Europe
V. FRANKLIN , President. JOHN R. CLARK , Vice Pres.
A. C. EBERT , Cashier. THOS. I. GLASSCOTT , Ass Cash
The First National Hank , Lincoln Nebrska.
The Chemical National Bank , New York City.
Paid Up Capita , ! , $50OOO.
General Banking Business.
Interest paid on deposits by special agreement.
Money loaned on personal property , good signatures
> r satisfactory collateral.
Drafts drawn on the principal cities of the United
States and Europe.
3.E. SHAW , President. H. 0. WAIT , Vice President.
P. A. WELLS , Cashier.