The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 27, 1891, Image 1

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Before invoicing on Jnn. 1st , 1891 , we will close every line
AT - : - ACTUAL - : - COST !
The following are some of the prices :
10 dozen of MISSES' TOBOGGANS at 25c. Worth 75c.
10 dozen of MISSES TOBOGGANS at 50c. Worth $1.25.
10 doz. suits MEN'S UNDERWEAR at $2-50. Cheap at $5.
10 doz. suits MEN'S UNDERWEAR at $1. Cheap at $2.
LADIES' UNDERWEAR at ONE-HALF regular price.
' Misses' ' Children's ' and Men's '
Ladies' , , Shoes
Notwithstanding that shoes have advanced 20 per cent.
We will make this absolutely
in McCook and vicinity. We have a full stock of
X ! E3
to select from AS LOW AS THE LOWEST. Give
us a trial and be convinced that
We are THE CHEAPEST DEALER in the City.
1 LI
Also Hard and Soft Coal.
H. KAPKE , The Leader ,
Calls attention to the fact that he has just received an
other shipment of the latest and most stylisn fall goods , and
that he is prepared to make them up in the most stylish mode
and at the lowest figures. Call and see for yourself.
( gflflLPG
[ EEDS for your Garden. PLANTS for your Lawn.
WHERE to get the best Seeds and fresh ones ? WHERE
to get the new Plants and good ones ? This must be decided. Which
of the new and famous are worthy , and which of the old are better , you
should know. We print an Illustrated Catalogue with Photo-Engravings ,
Colored Plates , and REASONABLE descriptions. As to its completeness ,
we say IT TEItliS THE "WHOLE STOBY , for the GARDEN , LAWN
35CT5.I and FARM. Free. We offer tiree collections of VALUE. In SEEDS , S3 kinds for gl-00 ;
3V/iT CAT/V &ue. . . PL15TS , 9 prat Specialties , $1.00 ; FLOWER SEEDS , 20 best for 60 els. ; tie three for $3.25.
VAU < SHAN'S SEED STORE. 88 State St. . Box 688. CHICAGO.
M9Cook , -Neb ,
No. ' , through passenger 5:50 , A. JI
No. 4. local passenpcr. 5:40. P. M
No.78. way freight 10:25 , A. M
S3T Way freight No.130 arrives from west nl
4:15 , P.M. . mountain time.
No. 1 , through passenger , 10:40 , A. M ,
No.5. local passenger , 9:30 , P.M.
freight No. 73 arrives from the east
.Mi , r. i. . ceiiiriu unit1. uujJiiriH HI 4:10 ,
P. M. Stops at Stratton , Uenklemun. Halgler.
J3 ? No. 137 , Deverly accommodation , leaves
nt/i:15. A. M. Returned , arrives at 0:15A.M.
Huns only on Mondays , Wednesdays and Fri
days. A. CAMPBELL , Supt.
George Goodwin is back twisting brakes
The railroad boys will be "in it" about
April 7th.
Supt. Harman of the high line was at head
quarters , Monday.
Engine 110 went to Omaha , this week , to
be used by the Omaha Land Co.
Engine 198 in the shops 13 about completed
and will be out on the road shortly.
Engineer Tyler and fireman brought the
147 to McCook for work , last Sunday.
Jgf Buy a house from S. H. Colvin on the
monthly instalment plan and save money.
Five snow plows were in use , Thursday ,
on the western division and all east of Mc
The snow in the valley isin greater quan
tities than at any time before in the vast five
K. R. Woods , of Buffalo , Wyo. , solicting
agent of the Burlington , was a city visitor ,
Fireman Fred Koger was called to Denver ,
the early part of the week , by his wife's
Conductor Pope was called east , early in
the week , by a telegram announcing his
wife's illness.
Mrs. J. H. Bums and the children went
down to Hastings , Monday evening , on a
visit of recuperation.
Geo. Laverty is once more around on his
feet , but has not recovered from his serious
illness so as to be on * duty.
Elmer DeLong , fireman at St. Francis , has
moved his family and goods to McCook and
is firing out of McCook now.
AI. Harris who has been doing the hostler
at Akron has returned to McCook , on ac
count of his family being sick.
Assist. Supt. C. H. Harman from Holyoke
spent Tuesday in McCook , taking in the
sights and seeing the trains go by.
John Griffin , wiper , who has been sick for
the past month with typhoid feverhas recov
ered sufficiently to be removed to his home
in the country.
Noah B. Thomas an employe of the water
service department , died at Holyoke , on
Thursday the 25th inst. He had for a long
time been unable to work.
Col. Cooper , the tallest man on earth , ( be
ing somewhat over 8 feet in height , } was an
east-bound passenger on No. 4 , Wednesday ,
so Conductor Burns informs us.
General Manager Gee , Holdrege was in
Denver , the fore part of the wees , and in
company witli Supt. Campbell made some
changes in the motive department.
Master Mechanic Archibald had the ill
luck to spend all night of the 25th in a snow
drift near Orleans with his engine and snow
plow off the trackbut he got them on again.
The rail road boys are willing to wager a
month's wages that Jim Ritchie will be one
of the members of the board of education
after April 7th. And he will make a first-
class member , too.
Leon D. Reynolds , the jovial fireman , has
moved from Holdrege , where be has been
working for some time past , to bis old town
McCook. This time lie brings his family
with him and has gone to housekeeping.
i A destructive wreck happened on the B. &
M. , four miles eastof Button at7:30Thursday :
morning. Freight train No. 77 , running
twenty-five miles an hour , had its rear end
run into by the flyer , which was running at
the rate of fifty miles an hour. The latter
had two engines and a snow plow on the
front engine. As the snow was drifting and
flying thick at the time it was impossible to
see anything ahead. The flyer struck the
train ahead with full force , sweeping the
trucks from the under side of the freight
cars , scattering them like chaff , bending the
mils and crushing ties for many rods. The
engineer on the front engine sat at his post
and with his fireman escaped unhurt. The
second engine of the flyer was thrown off
the track sidewise bodily to the distance of
thirty feet and lit on its side. Her engineer ,
John G. Roberts , fell under the engine and
was killed instantly. As he lay pinned to
the earth under his engine his hand grasped
the steam guage with the grip of death. Fire
man Udell was also injured and died shortly
afterwards. The last freight car that was
struck stood on top of the engine bodily. It
was filled with cattle , nearly all of which
were alive. A platform was built up to the
car and the affrighted animals were tumbled
out. The baggage and express cars and
siroker were thrown off the track and smash
ed up. As near as can be learned there was
something wrong with the order on which
No. 77 was running. None of the passeng
ers were hurt
Citizens and Visitors Briefly
Mentioned. We Have Had
Our Eye on You.
"I Know Not WhHt the Truth May Be
I Tell it as Twns Told to Me. "
Cocliran was at the capital , Monday
on business.
E. C. Ballew had business at the county-
seat , Saturday.
Hilen Trowbridge is in the city on a short
visit of business.
Miss Cora Murphy of Buda , III. , is a guest
of Mrs. M. E. Knipple.
H. H. Easterday was down the road , yes
terday on firm business.
Miss Jenkins , Mrs. McCabe's millinery , ar-
ived from Chicago , yesterday.
Genial .Bob Williams of the Stratton Her
ald was a city visitor , Monday.
Secretary of State Allen sojourned in the
city our Sunday on private business.
Dr. A. J. Thomas spent Sunday with his
family out on the ranch , returning to his den
tal work here on Monday.
Dr. A. P. Welles was called up to Akron ,
Saturday , on an important professional visit ,
eturning home on Sunday.
Judge J.E. Cochran of McCook , says the
rincoln Journal , occupied a sofa in the
lenate chamber , Wednesday.
J. H. Goodrich , Jr. , formerly county treas
urer of Red Willow , now a resident of Lin-
: oln , was a city guest , Wednesday.
Lovell Clyde , who has been attending the
Illinois College of Pharmacy , at Chicago ,
during the winter , returned home Tuesday.
D. L. Brace , the Lincoln real estate dealer
who has cleaned up a neat fortune out of
capital city realty , was a city visitor.Monday.
City Clerk Kelley , who has been absent a
few weeks attending to an uncle's business
in Des Moines , Iowa , arrived home , Sunday
noon on the flyer.
Mr. John Hatfield is here from Decatur ,
Ills. , looking after his large interests near
McCook , which he proposes improving ex
tensively , this season.
G. E. Wallin came in from Oskaloosa , la. ,
yesterday noon. He will remain a few days
looking after his real estate interests down
in Ked Willow precinct.
O. P. Smith , brother of Frank Smith , the
pharmacist , has removed to this city from
McCook and will assist Frank in his drug
business. Beatrice Express.
Capt. R. O. Phillips , the handsome and
clever manager-in-chief of the Lincoln Land
Co. , came in trom Lincoln on yesterday's
flyer on business in the"Lalla of the Valley. "
U. J. Warren and W. S. Kimmell drove
up to Culbertson , Sunday , and enjoyed the
matchless hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. John
S. Hughes of the Commercial House of that
Mr. and Mrs. L. Sibray , en route home to
Indiana from a visit to Portland , Oregon ,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Scott ,
this week. They journeyed eastward this
County Attorney Dodge was before the
supreme court , Wednesday , using his best
efforts to show that august body thatlndian-
ola's costs in the county-seat skirmish ought
not to be taxed to Red Willow county.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. DeLand of Sheboygan ,
Wis. , en route home from a visit to Cali
fornia , stopped over in the city , yesterday ,
to see Mrs. E. G. Nettleton , county superin
tendent , an old friend and acquaintance.
John F. Majors left , Monday morning , for
Wyoming , to assume the duties qf his office ,
special agent of the general land office. His
jurisdiction covers the entire state , and his
headquarters will be at Cheyenne. His
family will remain here for the present
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Kowell enjoyed a visit ,
.he closing days of last week , from their son
John and famllv. who left , the fnrenartof
the week , for Hastings where Mr. Rowell
will engage in merchandising. His clerk and
brother-in-law , Mr. Anderson , and wife ,
who were also here , accompanied them.
Mr. Hocknell returned Sunday from the
Northwest. He visited , during his brief ab
sence , those marvelous municipalities of the
sound , Seattle and Tacoma ; also charming ,
prosperous Portland-on-the-Willamette. To
say that he is sensibly impressed with the
wondrous progress of that famous and favor
ed section of Uncle Sam's fair domain is put
ting it strictly mildly.
M. Cohen & Co. vs. Thomas Clark , replev
in action to recover a stock of general
H. A. Babcock vs. Henry Crabtree , judg
ment in favor of defendant.
Frank Fritsch vs. H. A. Babcock , settled
and dismissed.
Frank G. Ives , aged 29 , McCook
Jennie Harding , aged 27 , McCook.
Milliard F. Davis , aged 35 , Tyrone.
Ida'D. Fough , aged 19 , Tyrone.
* r = > Special attention given mail orders.