The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 13, 1891, Image 4

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    By F. M. KIMMELL.
HAYES county people seem to
be interested in developiiig the ex
istence of artesian water in this
section of Nebraska.
THE TRIBUNE herewith tenders
its sympathy to Representative
Modie. Truly "the path of glory
leads to the ( political ) grave.- "
THE Lincoln Herald cautiously
observes that "the county-seat case
from Red Willow county , between
Indiauola and McCook , seems to
be taking a turn favorable to the
latter. "
PERHAPS the cheapest piece of
political buncombe chargeable to
Mr. Howe is the destruction of his
last year's pass before the house
upon its recommending the pas
sage of the anti-pass bill.
THE irrigation bill passed by the
Kansas legislature is described as
being undoubtedly the most im
portant measure enacted by that
body during the present session.
How will it be in Nebraska ?
AKTTCLES of incorporation of
The Bush and Hagermau Canal
Company have been published.
The principal place of businss is
Hudson P. O. in Hayes county.
The capital stock is placed at $20-
THE Breckenridge firm of shys
ter lawyers , of Omaha , who will
especially be remembered in Wes
tern Nebraska for their facility in
swearing foreclosure cases into the
federal courts , were on the carpet ,
last Wednesday , and advised by
the state supreme court to do so no
THAT eminent patriot , Mr. Kose-
water of the Omaha Bee , who per
formed such conspicuous service ,
last fall , in knifing Mr. Bic hards ,
ruthlessly gives the whole scheme
away and thus exhibits the main
spring of his political activity :
"I am aware , " he writes , "that the
principal issue between the par
ties is that of spoils. " It is the
issue evidently between the office
holders and party bosses.
THREE week's hence , on the first
Tuesday of April , the spring
elections will be held. They
are very important to the people ,
of more importance perhaps than
the November elections. The people
ple suffer more or less because they
do not take the interest in these
spring elections which their im
portance demands. It is your
duty as a citizen to help to select
officers at this election who will
discharge their official- duties faith-
fully. _ _
= = =
THE house has passed the Fax
on bill , which requires the signa-
natures of a majority of the legal
voters in a precinct outside of an
incorporated village or town , to
authorize the issue of liquor licen
ses. This is merely a new method
of applying the local option feature
i of the Slocumb law. Under the
present system the people regulate
the matter in the choice of their
county and precinct officers. The
new method is more cumbersome ,
but is otherwise unobjectionable.
A BILL prohibiting the use of
tights or any other arrangement
of clothing that will expose the
nether limbs on the stage has been
passed in committee of the whole
in the Minnesota legislature. If
ifc becomes a law it will cause con
sternation in St. Paul and Minne
apolis , but the remainder of ! Ihe
state will not be seriously incon
venienced. It is probable that
Ignatius Donnelly and his alliance
friends are pushing the bill. They
are after the city folks , and are
striking in a way that will bring
a great many of them to their
knees. Journal.
Fii'Mt National Hank of Indiatiolu ve.
L. C. Hoot tit ul ; dismissed.
Albert Stcgiuan vs. Red Willow Co.
Co-Operutive Association'of Patrons of
Husbandry et al ; judgment in Favor of
plaintiff for $351.62
H. A. Biibouck VH. Henry Crabtrce ,
constable ; .action of replevin to recover
possession of two houses.
A. Oarmichucl vs. Philip and George
P. Weick ; suit to recover judgment For
$300 and interest.
Frank Fritch v. . II. A. Babcock ; ac
tion of attachment for $136.00.
B. A. Bellingar , 36 , Mu&kegon , Mich ,
rp. Kate Neal , 34 , Chicago , Illinois
The Worst Weather.
Foster , the weather prophet , makes
the following prediction : "We are now
nearing the most destructive storm
period of recent years , a period that
has not been equaled for atmospheric
and earth disturbances within the mem
ory of any person now living and I
would advise , all to prepare for it.
There will be more of the most de
structive tornadoes , the most severe
blizzards and cold waves , the deepest
snows , the greatest rainfalls and other
extremes of weather from May 1 , this
year , to May 1 , 1892 , that have ever
been witnessed by the people now livin
Ad my readers well know , I am not
given to sensational predictions and will
probably be censured for these fore
casts , but the occasion demands all that
I say about it and time will vindicate
my action in the matter. "
Kalstedt , The Tailor ,
Will hereafter be found in his new
quarters in the old Bump restaurant
building opposite the Frees & Ilosknell
Lumber Yard , where he is bettor pre
pared than ever to accommodate his
trade. He guarantees stylish work ,
snd his prices are reasonable. They
be the latest and most stylish.
We have muvaii our stock of jewelry ,
watches , clocks , etc. , into new quarters
in the Smith brick , ( formerly the First
National bank building. ) where we have
increased room and facilities for dis
playing our line , and where we will be
plea&ed to welcome customers old and
March Weather Forecasts.
13 to 19 A hard snow storm fol
lowed by changeable winds and snow
20 to 27 Very changeable and stor
my , with rain and snow.
28 to 31 Variable winds and rain.
Carpenter , Cabinet maker , Furniture
Packer and Repairs. Makes water
tanks and puts new finish on oldl furni
ture. Shop in Savior building , West
Dennison St. , or drop card in P. 0.
To Let.
A 13 room house on the hill , two
blocks from tlm post office. Can rent
to two parties in four and nine rooms.
Kickapoo Indian Oil and all the In
dian remedies at
Call for "Heliotrope. ' * the best 5 cent
cigar on earth , at
WANTED 300 head of stock. April
1st. to pasture. 3 miles cast of Mc
Cook. .GOO acre ? . A. W. COREY.
Buy your Stationery , Tablets. Pen
cils etc. , at
Licb's Rycningine Flap Jack prepar
In Wall Paper you will find newest
styles and lowest prices at McMillan's.
EF-JRye flour.
Latest in men's and boys' hats just
received. THE FAMOUS.
Ground oil cake.
Wall Paper latest designs at Mc-
The following list of patents have been re
ceived at the McCook U. S. Lund Ofllco and
will ho surrendered to the parties entitled
thereto upon surrender of receiver's receipt
properly endorsed. Do not delay securing
your patent : Kelsu John U.
King Samuel E.
A Kollfer Engene
Kliikead John C.
Arnold Elmer
Anderson James M.
Armstrong James A.
Arbogast George W. Leonard Mary
Armstrong Cliurlos W. Leo Itucl W.
Angel ! Harvey P. Larson Andrew P.
Lee Murilla
B Lange Louisa , heirs of
naughman John W. M
Hrown Kiloy Y.
Doyd Charles Mosher Stella
Oarton James W. Moshor Viola
Hunker Isiuio F. McCoy Moses S.
Heigh Ezra Magulre Albert
Heigh John M. Merriman Halsey L.
Hench Isaac 15. Muguirn Francis K.
Burton Uichard Miller Henry
llartier John Marshall Hnnjarain F.
Hntes William P. Morton William
Helden Louisa , heirs Miller William F.
Mrown Uriah K. McGooden Samuel
llartlctt Gain M. Miller Samuel
Bufley Chnrles Murr Jacob S.
Drown GeorKe Miller Jacob
Baker Marlon It. Murdock O. C.
Howdish Anson H. Method James
Bush David W. jr. Moss Sherwood H.
McCluin Samuel D.
Cook George A.
Craig Jane Nlckerson James H.
Catlott UobertC. Nelll Maria
Craig Thomas J. Neill Mary J. . widow
Cozurd Henry J. Kelson Aubrey C.
Collins Charles M. bowman Uarthsheba
Callaway Achilles R. OhlsonOlof
Culllson George W.
Conrad Amelia , widow
Clark Thomas
Pennell Hezekiah C.
Phillips Hannibal
Potter Cynthia A.
Doyle James Piper Benjamin
Dunton G. M. . heirs of Patterson John A.
lieckcr Abraham Pierson James W.
Decker Augustus G. Predmore Joseph C.
Daharsh Edward Pletzkow JohiiC.
Donnelly James J. Quadmor Carl
DeMay Will A.
Delaware James T.
Dyson Sarah
Drury James C. ttay James F.
Hoper Charles W.
Ueeves Solomon J.
Hurrup Christian
Frey John Roberts Carroll C.
Farley David , heirs of Hath bun Isaac
Francis William G. Rockwell Vernon L.
Ferris Charles S. Robertson James E.
French Columbus P. Ryder Stanford M.
Fuel KobertY. Rollins George
Franklin Thomas Remington Wm. Jr.
Geddes Charles Scars William I.
Guilder Harvey S. Shiffler Henri' , heirs of
Goodenberger Amos Smith Hannah M.
Smith Isaac M.
H Scbaarschmidt Carl
Stalker Jonn
Heatou Dan Schmelzei JohnC.
Harris Lydla Stocklasa Frank
Huggins Cliirish H. Schmidt Phillip
Hart Charles O. Sellers Oliver W.
Hansen Hans J. Stephens Joseph N.
Elansen Christen Smith John F.
Hnlverson John Stewart William N.
Hunter Alfred A. Spaulding James
Hazlett James L. Schmoldt Frank
riiletnan itotnees S.
Hall George S.
I'eel Frank E.
Thompson Chester P.
( ones Harry U. I'rue Sarah E.
( ones W. Tavlor L'urner Edgar F.
loues Tuttle U. Critique William
Thomas John W.
K Taylor William M.
Tvrrel Everett , heirs
telch William E. iland Colbein P. .
An ordinance to annul article 4 of ordinance
2 of the revised ordinances of the Oily ol
-McCook , entitled "An ordinance regularity
the election and appointment , and defining
the dutiPS und fixing the salaries and feesol
city officers , approved March 7th. 1889. '
And to repeal said section No. 1 and ordi
nance No. 41 amendatory thereto , approvei
March 20th , 1890.
OP TUB CITY or McCooic :
SECTION J. That section 1 of article 4 of an
ordinance entitled "An ordinance regulating
the election and appointment and defining the
duties and fix in ; ; the salaries und fees of city
officers he and the same is hereby amended tc
read as follows :
OFOFFICEHS. The city officers shall receive
compensation as follows :
Mayor. § 50.00 per year , iwyalile quarterly.
Councilmen , each $50.03 per year , payable
Clerk. S100.00 per year , payable quarterly.
Treasurer , $50.00 peryear , payable quarterly.
Attorney. $50.00 per year , payable quarterly.
Marshal , who shall be Chief of Police , $30.00
per month.
Police , 40.00 per month.
Police , lining position of Overseer of Streets
and Alleys. S50.00 per month.
City Engineer. $4.00 per diem for actual ser
vice and no more.
The Police Judge shall charge and receive
such fees as are allowed by statute to Justices
of the Peace for like services and no more.
SUCTION 2. Said original Section 1 of Ordi
nance No. 2 and Ordinance No. 41 amendatory
thereto , approved March "Gth , 1890 , are hereby
SECTION 3. This ordinance shall take effect
and be in force from find nfter its passage ,
approval and publication according to law.
Passed , March llth. 1891.
Approved , March llth , 1S91.
C. W. KNIGHTS , Acting Mayor.
Attest C. F. Uubcouk , Clerk Pro Tern.
City Election Notice.
Notice is hereby given that 0:1 Tuesday , the
7th day of April. 1S91. next , at the City Kail ,
in the M waul , and at the Luke Tulley build
ing , in the Iht ward , in the City of McCook ,
Ucd Willow county , Nebraska , an election will
be hold in and for said city for the purpose of
One Mavor.
One City Cluck.
One City Tieasurer.
One Councilman , fiom 1st ward.
One Councilman , IromSd ward
Two members of the Hoard of Education at
larjie lor the term of three years.
Which election will be open at 8 o'clock in
the morning and will continue open until ( !
o'clock , mountain time , in the afternoon of
said day.
The following persons are designated to act
as judges and clerks of election :
1st Ward. Judges : J. S. Lellew. IJ.F.OIcott
and T M.Scott. Clerks : James Miinson and
John II. Hart.
3d Ward , Judges : If. H. 1 Jerry. David Walk
er and Uuvrence MeKntee. Clerks : ( J. H.
Merry and C. M. Loper.
r. K. H.utcocK. City Clerk. Pro Tom.
Dated this llth day of March. IfcOl. 42
In estate of Andrew ) In county court. Keel
Bankson. deceased. \ Willow county. Xeb.
To the creditors , heirs , legatees , and others
interested in the estate of Andrew Dnnkson.
TAKE NOTICE , That Paul Bankson has
filed in the county court a report of his doings
as administrator of said estate , and it is order
ed that the same stand for hearing the 4th day
of May , ( A. D. , ) 1891 , before the court at the
hour of 9 o'clock. A. M. , at which time any
person interested may appear and except to
and contest the same. And an order will be
made assigning the residue of the estate to the
legal heir or heirs at law of said deceased.
Witness my hand and the seal of the county
court at Indianola this 5th day of February ,
( A. D. , ) 1891. 11ARLOW . KEYES ,
40-415. County judge.
Itch on human and horses and all animals
cured hi GO minutes by Woolford's Sanitary
Lotion. This never fails. Sold by L. W. McConnell -
Connell & Co. . Druggists. McCook. :30-lyr. :
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Bertha A. Libblo and M. A. Llbble , defend
ants , will take notice that on tbo 7th day o
February , 1891. The McCook Co-OperaUvo
HuildlnK and Saving Association , plaintiff
filed its petition In the- district court of Ket
Willow county. Nebraska , against the above
named defendants , the object and prayer of
wntch is to foreclose a certain mortgage upon
lots six and seven in block four , in North Mo
Cook , in the city of McCook. in Hed Willow
county , state of Nebraska , given by tbeabovo
naiiiedtiefciidants to thu above named plain
tilf to secure the payment of a certain prom
Isuory note dated September 5J6.188U. for the
sum at $800 , payable in installments of four
dollars each on or before the twentieth of
each month thereafter , and the sum of six
dollars on or before the twentieth ol each
month thereafter , being interest at nine per
cent , per annum on said $800 for one month ;
said payments to continue until four shares
owred dy said defendants In said McCook CoOperative -
Operative liulldlng- and Saving Association
arrive at the pur value of two hundred dollars
each , according to the rules and regulations
of said Association. That the defendants have
made default in ( hi ; payment of said monthly
Installments of principal and interest , and
under the conditions of said note and mort
gage the pluintilT is entitled to a foreclosure
ot said mortgage. That there is now due on
said note the sum of $742.11 with interest at
the rate of nine pur cent , per annum from
thu20th day.X January. 1891. That said de
fendant * lie required to p y mild sum and in
terest or Unit Hitid ptemisuH be sold and the
pniueedH of said mile applied to the payment
of Htiid debt.
You are required to fiiswer this petition
on or before thi-jOth day of March , 1891.
Dated this 17th day of February. 1891.
\V. S. Morlan. its attorney.
You will take notice that on the 18th day of
February. 1891 , Henry S. Bartholomew , plain
tiff herein , nled his petition In the district
court of Ked Willow county. Nebraska , against
you as defendants , the object and prayer of
which Is to foreclose a certain mortgage exe
cuted by the delendants upon the following
described property , situated in the county of
Hed Willow , state ol Nebraska , to-wit : Twen
ty feet off the west end of lots fourteen ami
fifteen In block twenty-nine in the town of
McCook. to secure the payment of one curtain
promissory note dated June 11. 1883. for the
sum of $50000 due and payable five jears
from the date thereof ; that there is now due
on said note and mortgage , including thu pre
miums paid by the plaintiff for insurance on
said premises , the sum or $530.00 with interest
at Ihe rate of ten per cent , per annum on
$500.00 thereof from the llth day of December.
18S8 , and on $30.00 thereof from the 20th day
of J nil nary. 1801. and praving that said prem
ise may be decreed to be sold to satisfy the
amount due thereon ; and further that a re
ceiver be appointed to take charge of said
premises , to collect and receive the rents and
profits thereof , and that the same be applied
to the amount found due plaintiff. And you
will take further notice that on the 13th day
of April. 1891 , at the hour of 10 o'clock. A. M. .
or as soon thereafter as I can be heard , I will
make application to Hon. J. E. Cochran. judge
of the district court of eaid county , for the
appointment of a receiver to take charge of
tbo premises mentioned in the plaintiff's peti
tion , upon the ground that the mortgaged
property is in danger of being materially in
jured , and that the same is insufficient to dis
charge the mortgage debt. Oral and written
testimony will be used in support of said ap
plication. I propose the name of J. E. Kelley ,
asreceiver. with George W. Hurton and A. E.
Harvey as his sureties : I also offer ns sureties
for myself Geo. W. Hurton and A. E. Harvey.
You are required to answer said petition on
or before the 13th day of April. 1891.
Dated this 28th day of February. 1891.
HKNKY S. IlAimiOLOMEW. Plaintiff.
By W. S. Morlan. his Attorney. 41
Publication of Summons.
In the District Court of Ked Willow County ,
11. J. Angus , plaintiff , vs. Frank \V. West ,
Lottie B. , William Hexotir , Mary
Sexour , George llileiiian , Martha. J. llile-
man , Lillah A. Tedrow , John Ii. Eichel-
barger , Sarah E. Eichelbarser , L. W.
Ttibbs and Mrs. h. W. Tubbs his wife ,
whose Christian name is to plaintiff un
known , delendants.
To John 11. Eichelbarjjer , Sarah E. Eichul-
batxer , L. W. Tubbs and Mrs. L. W. Ttibbs ,
wife of said L. W. Tubbs , whose Christian
name is to plaintiff unknown , defendants.
You will take notice that on the 27th day of
February , A. D. Ib91 , K. J. Angus , plaintiff ,
filed his petition in the District Com t of Red
Willow county , Nebraska , the object and
prayer of which is to foreclose a certain
mortgage executed by the defendants Frank
W. West and Lottie B.Vest to the Dakota
Mortgage Loan Corporation , ( now the Globe
Investment Company , ) and duly assigned to
plaintiff herein , upon the northwest quarter
of section thirty (80) ( ) in township one (1) ( )
ranie thirty (80) ( ) west , in Ked Willow county ,
Nebraska , said mortgage bHnjr dated the
twelfth day of March , 18SS , and upon which
there is now due the sum of 875.00 and inter
est thereon at the rate of ten per cent , per
annum from the first day of March , A.D.1890.
Plaintiff prnys for a decree of foreclosure
and sale of said premises ; that the defend
ants be foreclosed and baned of all title , lien
or other interest in said premises ; for defici
ency judgment and equitable relief. You
are required to answer said petition on or be
fore Monday , the sixth day of April , 1391.
Dated this 27th day of February , 1891.
K. J. ANGUS , Plaintiff.
By his attorney J. E. Kelley. 40-4L
lly virtue of an order of sale directed to me
from the district courr of Ued Willow county ,
Nebraska , on a judgment ohuuncd before
Hon. J. E. Cochran , judge ot the district court
of Hed Willow county. Nebraska , on the tld
day of December. ISS'J , in favor of Nebraska
& Kansas Farm Loan Company as plaintiff ,
and airainst James A. Porter as defendant ,
for the sum of fifty-six dollais and forty four
cents , and costs taxed at S"O.S5 ! and accruing
costs. I have levied upon the following real
estate taken as the property of said defend
ant , to satisfy said decree , to-wit : N. E. f.i of
N. W. U and N. W. H of N. E. U of section ! > ! .
and S. E. Ji of S. W. > 4 , and S. W. ' 4 ot S. E. 't
section 28. town. 1. range 20. west ot ( Jth P. M. .
in Hed Willow county , Nebraska. And will
offer the same for sale to the highest bidder ,
for cash in hand , on the -1st day of February ,
A.D. 1HH. in front of the south door of the
court hoiiFO , in Indianola , Nebraska , that
being the building wherein the hist term of
court wn held , at thu hour of one o'clock P.
M. . of said day. when and where due attend
ance will be givcii by the undersigned.
Dated January 7 , IfcOl. W. A. McCooi , ,
; J3 Sheriff of said County.
The above sale was continued tor want of
bidders until March 23 , IS'Jl.
By virtue of .an order of sale directed to me
from the district court of Ked Willow county ,
Nebraska , on a judgment obtained before J.
E. Cochran , judge of the district court of Ked
Willow county , Nebraska , on the 10th day of
December , IS''O. ' in favoroi Emily O. CSibbs as
plaintiff , and against Henry ISallreieh as defendant
fondant , for the sum ot six hundred and forty-
six dollars and thirty-one cents , and costs
taxed at § 314t and accruing costs. I have '
levied upon the following real estate taken as
the propelty of Paid defendant , to satisfy said
decree to-w"it : The N. W. of Foctiou II ,
township 1. north of range 30. west ol Oth P. M. .
in Hed Willow county. Nebraska. And will
offer the same for sale to the highest bidder ,
lor cash in hand , on the Sunday of February.
A. D. lt-91. in limit ol the south door ot the
court house , in Imiiaiuila. NpbrusUa. that
being the bunding wherein the last term ol
court was held , at the hour of one o'clock.
P.M. . of said day. when and wheie due at
tendance will be given by the undersigned.
Dated January "jth , 1S91.
: jj ; W. A. MCCooii.
Sheriff of said County.
The above sale was com-lined for want of
bidders until March s . IWM.
March 1th. IfciU. I '
Notice is Iiereby iriven that the following-
named settler has lilcd notice of his intention
to make iliml five year proof in support of his
claim , and that said proof will be made lietore
Kegister or Kecciver at McCook. Nob. , on
Saturday. April llth , IS'Jl. viz :
1L E. No. O'JSO , for the S. W. 4 of section 2i ! ,
in town. 1 , north of range-7 , west of tith P. M.
Ho names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon , and cultiva
tion of. said land , viz : William..Stilgebouer ,
Joel B. Dolpli , Henry II. Anders , Henry Mar
shall , all of Danbury. Neb.
* 41 J. P. LINDSAY , Register.
V -
UP !
May be the correct thing for a
horse-thief or desperado , but
Is the proper thing where prices are concerned , and that i J' '
precisely where we propose to benefit our patrons.
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. J" . WARRRN , Manager.
R. A UPE & CO. , Props.
ff j'
* * r S A : - . / '
YOU 5\S\
/\SGOOD \ 5/
So rrs'f.'V. .
f , , -'f.'V.
, [ SW * .S. & &