The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 13, 1891, Image 3

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dotting IlourH tliat Should Have
Keen Attended to Month * A ; o Con
ference ItcportK Agreed to Z.'n a o
of Appropriation IIIllM The I'rcul-
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that Got Through the Txvo HOIIHCH.
In the senate ou the 2d the creden
tials of Senator-elect Kyle of South' Da
kota were presented and filed. The
postal subsidy bill was passed. Mr.
Sherman offered a resolution electing
Senator Manderson of Nebraska as
president pro tempore , to hold office
during the pleasure of the senate , and
Mr. Gorman offered a resolution tendering -
-ering the thanks of the senate to Mr.
Ingalls for the "eminently courteous ,
dignified , able and absolutely Impar
tial manner in which he presided over
its deliberations and performed the
< iutics of president pro tempore. "
Both resolutions were agreed to and
the oath-of office was administered to
Mr. Mandersou. The house bill , relating -
lating to the treaty of reciprocity with
the Hawaiian islands was passed , as
was also the house joint resolution
appropriating $1,000,000 for the im
provement of the Mississippi river , to
be immediately available. The con
ference report on the bill as to claijns
for indian depredations was here pre
sented and agreed to. A resolution
was offered continuing the select com
mittee on Pacific railroads debts dur
ing the recess of the senate , with
power to sit at Washington ; agreed to.
The senate then proceeded to the con
sideration of' the agricultural appro
priation bill. Mr. Carlisle made a
point of order against the committee
.amendment allowing sorghum sugar
manufacturers the use of distilled
spirits -free of tax. The point was sub
mitted to the senate and the amend
ment was ruled to be in order. Yeas
29 , nays 23. The amendment was
then agreed to. Mr. Stewart offered
.an amendment appropriating § 20,000
for the collection and publication of
information as to the best methods of
-cultivating the soil by irrigation and
extending the limit of time from July
1 , 1891 , to January 1 , 1892. Mr. Paddock -
dock moved to amend by inserting his
pure food bill excluded on point of
order. The bill was passed and the
senate proceeded to consideration
of the general deficiency bill.
In the house the conference report on
the bill to repeal the timber culture
law was agreed to. Mr. Soutells of
Elaine asked unanimous consent for the
passage of the senate bill granting a
pension of $2,500 to the widow of Ad
miral Porter. Mr. Bunn of North Car
olina objected. Subsequently Mr. Bunn
withdrew his objection and the bill
passed. The senate bill was passed
granting the Missouri & Northern
railroad the right of way through the
Flathead Indian reservation in Mon
tana. After the passage of a number
of unimportant bills , the rules were
suspended and the senate bill passed
for the erection of a new mint build
ing in Philadelphia at a cost of $2,000 , -
000 , as was also the senate bill for the
erection of a new custom house in the
city of New York. Mr. Harris moved
to suspend the rules and pass ( with
amendments ) the senate bill to pro
vide for an inspection of live cattle ,
hogs and carcasses and products there
of , which are subjects of interstate
commerce. The motion to suspend the
rules and pass the bill was agreed to :
Yeas , IGlpiays , 70.
In the senate on the 3d amendments
providing for payment to the Pacific
railroads was agreed to without divi
sion. The general deficiency appro
priation bill was taken up and all the
amendments were agreed to bulk ex
cept as to four which were reserved ,
including the French spoliation claims
and the Pacific railroad claims. Mr.
Plumb offered an amendment appro
priating $50,000 for the relief of citi
zens of Oklahoma who were rendered
destitute by drouth. A paragraph was
inserted , directing the secretary of the
treasury to resettle and pay the claims
of Xcw York , Pennsylvania , Delaware ,
Virginia , and Soutli Carolina and the
oily of Baltimore on account of ad
vances made in the war of 1S12 , and
-appropriating1 $2,500,000 for that pur
pose. The bill then passed and was
sent back to the house with the senate
amendments. The conference report
-on the sundry civil appropriation bill
was agreed to , as was also the confer
ence report on the copyright bill. The
senate bill to incorporate the national
conservatory of music of America was
taken from the calendar and passed.
The conference report on the pension
-appropriation bill was agreed to. The
'Conference report on the copyright bill
was agreed to. All the house pension
bills that were on the calendar passed.
After debate , the conference report.on
the postofiice appropriation bill ivas
presented and agreed to. The confer-
encc report on the agricultural bill
was presented and agreed to. In the
L house pending action on the conference -
ence report the legislative bill was pre
sented. An agreement is reached on
-all questions except the senate amend
ment making senators' clerks annual
-employes. The report vras adopted
ind a further conference ordered. The
house non-concurred in the senate
-amendments to the agricultural appro
priation bill and a conference was
ordered. On motion of Mr. Grout of
Vermont the bill was passed providing
for the payment of the bonds of .the
.District of Columbia falling due July
1. 1891 and 1S92. The conference re
port on the pension appropriation bill
was agreed to. The cpnference report
on the postoffice appropriation bill waa
agreed to. The senate amendments
no the deficiency -bill were non-con-
currcii in nnd a conference asked. Mr.
Morrow of California presented a dis
agreeing1 conference report on the pen
sion appropriation bill , and a further
conference was ordered.
Iii the senate on the 4th the house
bill for the protection of the lives of
miners in the territories * was passed.
The house bill for the issue of the com
mission of Phillip 0. Johnson as rear
admiral in the navy and to deliver it
to his widow was passed. ] n the mean
time the conference report on the agri
culture bill was agreed to and the par
tial conference report on the deficiency
bill was agreed to , a further confer
ence being1 ordered. At Gl : 0 the senate
took a recess till1) ) a. m. , at which
hour it resumed its session with the
vice president in the "chair. When no
other business remained to be done ,
the vice president arose and said : "J
am admonished by the dial that the
life of the Fifty-first congress is ended
and that the -hour of separation and
farewell has again arrived. The re
cord is made up and has gone into his
tory. No one of us can be unmindful
as we part of the fact that all are not
with us who answered the first roll-
call of this congress. I acknowledge
with grateful sensibility the courtesy
and kindness which , even in critical
and complicated situations , the mem
bers of the senate have been accus
tomed to accord me and the honor con
ferred by the resolution just adopted in
my absence from the chair. With the
earnest hope that each member of this
body may bo blessed in every relation
of life , I now declare the constitu
tional period of the Fifty-first congress
having been completed , the senate
stands adjourned without day. * ' In
the house the conference report on the
legislative appropriation bill was
agreed to. The conference report on
the defidiency bill was agreed to , thus
disposing of the last general appropria
tion bill. Mr. Funston of Kansas
moved to suspend the rules and pass
the senate bill for the erection of a
public building at Kansas City , Kan. ,
at a cost not to exceed $150,000. Lost.
The speaker stated that the enrolling
of the agricultural bill appropriating
§ 150.000 for the relief of destitute per
sons in the west had been inadvertent
ly detained. He therefore asked unan
imous consentforthe passage of a joint
resolution rectifying the mistake. All
business being done Speaker Reed de
clared the house adjourned without day.
Signed by tlio President.
WASIIIXGTOX , March 4. The presi
dent has signed the direct tax bill ; the
act to prevent bookmaking and pool
selling in the District of Columbia ; the
act amending the act for the relief of
volunteers and regular soldiers of the
late war , approved March 2 , 1890 ; the
act granting a pension to the widow
of General William H. Hoffman ; the
act to establish a circuit court of ap
peals and to define and regulate in cer
tain cases the jurisdiction of the courts
of the United States ; the act in regard
to the treaty of reciprocity with the
Hawaiian islands ; the act providing
for the safe and humane transportation
of cattle ; the act for the erection of
United States prisons and for the im
provement of United States prisoners.
The act amending the laws in re
gard to the immigration of aliens ; the
act granting a pension to the widow
of Hear Admiral Porter ; the act to pro
vide for ocean mail service between
the United States and foreign ports ,
and to promote commerce , and the act
to regulate the granting of leases of
lands at Hot Springs , Ark.
The president approved tonight ,
among other bills , that to provide for
the inspection of live hogs and car
casses and products thereof , subjects
o'f interstate commerce ; also the joint
resolution appropriating $1,000,000
for the improvement of the Mississippi
river and making same immediately
available ; also an act providing for the
adjudication and payment of claim ?
arising from Indian deoredations.
Tlie Seed for Drouth Sufferers.
WASHINGTON" , March 9. I saw Con
gressman Pickler of South Dakota in
President Harrison's room the other
morning. He wanted to ascertain what
would be done with the § 150,000 ap-
prooriated on the agricultural appor
tionment bill , by mistake , for the pur
chase of seed grain for the drouth
sufferers in Nebraska and South Da
kota , etc. It will be remembered that
this was incorporated in the agricul
tural appropriation bill through an
error of the engrossing clerks of the
"The money will not be disbursed
at ail , ' " said Major Pickler , after talk
ing to the president , "for the reason
that it was not the intention of con
gress to appropriate the money , and ,
you see , the president having author
ity to correct such an error , ho will do
so. It was the'fault of Mr. Cannon of
Illinois , chairman of the committee on
appropriations , that we do not get that
money , " continued Major Pickler , 'and
I wish you would emphasize that fact.
The committee on agriculture were all
in favor of it , and the members of the
committee on appropriations all fa
vored it excepting Cannon , who has
always had an aversion to our country
and never let an opportunity escape
to kick us. A chairman of a commit
tee having a bill in charge can strangle
almost anything at the last moment of
a session. Cannon exercised that
power most arbitrarily. The next
congress will do nothing.
Enlarging the < Uaiision.
WASHINGTON , March 4. Mr. Blilli-
ken reported favorably a bill for the
erection of an extension to the white
house , in accordance with the plans
proposed by Mrs. Harrison. The
whole structure , when completed , is to
cost not BWO than $950,000.
The body oi Emma Abbott , the singer ,
secretly cremated at Pittsburg.
JHandcrnon at Out * IVlth Morgan. .
WASHINGTON ; March 9. It has just {
leaked out that on the last day of the
session of congress there was a decidedly -
edly spirited colloquy between Senator
Manderson and his former prdtegc ,
Rev. Mr. Morgan , the commissioner of
Indian affairs , which resulted in the
senator ordering the commissioner
from the committee room.
Although Marderson had nothing to
do with Morgan's appointment , he is
responsible for his conlirmationiby the
senate , and has been his staunchest
defender. While Mprgan's nomina
tion was pending there was a great
deal of opposition in the senate from
the Grand Army because ho was court
martialed and dismissed from the ser
vice during the war and from other
sources for other reasons , but Mander
son took an interest in him because he
once taught school in Nebraska and
pulled him through. Morgan made
proper acknowledgements at the time
and has since professed great respect
for the senator , but nothing can recon
cile them now.
The trouble was about Buffalo Bill.
Morgan refused to allow Colonel Cody"
to have any more Indians for'his Wild
West show. Manderson attempted to
induce him to reconsider his decision.
'Morgan was stubborn and , after a long
interview , gave as his only reason that
some person had told him Buffalo Bill
was a very bad man and exercised an
evil influence over the Indians. The
senator asked the name of the person.
Morgan refused to give it. The sen
ator asked the privilege of confronting' '
him. The commissioner declined.
Manderson said he had known Colonel \
Cody intimately for twenty-two years ,
and pronounced the statements of the
anonymous witness unmitigated false
hoods. He called the attention of the
commissioner to letters from Generals
Grant , Sherman , Sheridan , Crook , Ter
ry , Howard , Schofield , Miles. Macken
zie and other generals of the army ,
testifying to the honorable character , ;
usefulness and ability of Colonel Cody ,
to letters from eight or ten governors
of states , a dozen or more senators , a
whole quorum of representatives , a
score of Indian agents , bearing wit
ness to the same effect , and said that
his colleague , Mr. Paddock , and hhn-
self with ail the Nebraska delegation
cordially and earnestly endorsed Col
onel Cody and would go on his bond'
for anything.
"Now I want to know , ' ' demanded
the indignant senator , "if you propose
to accent the evidence of one anony
mous witness , whom you will not per
mit us to see or even tell us his name.
against the testimony of the ablest and
most honored officers of the United
States army , the Nebraska delegation
and all the other witnesses I have
cited ? "
The commissioner said the anony
mous witness was a person in whom he
had great confidence , and declined to
faltcr his judgment.
"If that is the kind of judge you
are. " said the senator , "you are unlit.
to decide anything. You are unfit to
be trusted with official responsibility ,
and I want nothing more to do with
you. You may leave this room as
rapidly as you can. " '
The commissioner left , but after *
reaching his office he wrote an insolent
letter to Mr. Manderson , in which he
intimated that the latter had a pecuniary - .
niary interest at stake , and referred to ,
Colonel Cody as his "client. "
This letter the senator handed to ]
Secretary Noble , who overruled thej
decision of the commissioner and gave
Buffalo Bill permission to take a hun
dred Indians from the reservation.
What occurred at the interview be
tween the secretary and Commissioner
Morgan is unknown , but the secretary
was very indignant at his treatment of
Senator Manderson , and apologized
for it.
on ilic IiiU.
PEOKIA , 111. , March 9. The Jack
sonville & Southeastern fast passenger :
train , which left here at 1:30 yesterday - ;
day morning , met with a terrible accident - ;
dent at Havana. '
The train consisted of a baggage car.
coach , chair car and two sleepers and
was an hour and a half behind time ,
owing to the terrible storm raging.
At Havana there is a sharp curve a
mile and a hair" from the deoot , and
the engine struck the curve at a Switch
and left the track , all the cars follow
ing , piling up in great confusion.
The half-dressed passengers clam
ored out of the windows of the cars ,
barefooted , and made their way
through the sleet and over the icy road" ,
for the nearest house.
The passengers who were in the
coach extricated their injured compan
ions. .
Under the engine was Fireman Sad
dler , who was instantly , killed.
By the side of the fireman was En
gineer Barkenhead of Peoria , with one
arm and a leg cut off.
The wreck immediately took fire and
burned with great rapidity. It was
with the utmost difficulty that some of
the passengers were rescued , and one
or two were severely burned.
The loss to the company , including
death and accident claims , will not fall
short of $100,000. An unusually small
list of passengers were aboard the train.
The people in the sleeper were not in
jured , but had to make their way for a
mile through the terrible snowstorm
to shelter.
Two electrical companies have sued
the city of New York for $1,075,000 , !
which sum , they claim , represents the
damage done by Mayor Grant's raid on
poles and wires in 1889.
Jay Gould is said to have bought a
' controlling interest in the Kansas City
suburban belt line.
The remarkable secrecy observed
during the cremation of Emma Abbottj
has caused a change in Pittsburg city
regulations. Hereafter a public per
mit must be taken out as in case of
TAG president has approved the di
rect tax bill.
Leonard 'Jerome of New York died
in Brighton , England. ,
The public debt was increased $2 , -
994,750 during February.
A reunion of the blue and gray at
the World's fair is proposed.
A meeting in New York city decided
to erect a statue to Sherman.
A group of silver mines in Ontario
has been sold for $10.000,000.
Speaker Keed was thanked for his
services by a strict party vote.
Two hundred and seventy-eight per
sons were massacred in Madagascar.
The glass trust has absorbed several
of the leading goblet factories in Ohio.
Senator Vest got the Mississippi river
improvement resolution through the
Judge Lehr of Fort Wayne. Ind. ,
has been discovered to bo worth $14-
The snow-fall in Montana during the
past month has been an unusually
heavy one.
The senate defeated the free ships
amendment offered by Mr. Vest , by a
partj' vote.
Ex-Gov. Oglesby's house near Elk-
hart , 111. , was burned and Mrs. Oglesby
painfully burned.
Winter wheat in western states has
improved on an average of 1 per cent
since February 5.
Gen. Sherman's sons have applied
at New York for letters of administra
tion on his estate.
President Harrison may visit the
Pacific slope this spring , visiting .sev
eral southern states.
New York business men propose to
raise $35,000 to erect an equestrian
statue of Gen. Sherman.
There is great excitement in Chau-
tauqua county. Kansas , over the spread
of smallpox among farmers.
Senator Morgan asked leave to with
draw from the foreign affairs commit
tee , but consent was refused.
Senator Manderson of Nebraska was
elected president of the senate pro tern-
pore , succeeding Mr. Ingalls.
Stevens and Boudet , convicted Min
neapolis census stuffers , were fined
$2,000 and § 1,000 respectively.
Damaging evidence was produced
against the Italian assassins of Chief
of Police Ilennessy of New Orleans.
Western members of the Iowa farm
ers' alliance have declared war on the
Northwestern road , on live stock rates.
The product of the beet sugar fac
tory at Watsonville , Col. , during 1890
was 2,128 tons which netted $102 per
A statue of John Wesley was un-
veiled in London on the occasion of the
one hundredth anniversary of his
An Emporia ( Kas. ) funeral was in
terrupted by the priest , who would not
allow the coffin to be opened in the
Comptroller Lacey issued a call for
a statement of the conditions of na
tional banks at the close of business
February 28.
Banker Hegglund of McPherson ,
Kas. , returned home , after a mysteri
ous absence , fatally shot. His bank
has suspended.
The Bowman Evangelical conference
at Allentown , Pa. , has expelled Rev.
D. A. Barr for gross slander and de
famation of character.
Alliance men are reported to be con
templating the formation of a grain
and live stock trust in Kansas , Iowa ,
Missouri and Nebraska.
Gould & Co. , of Philadelphia , the
oldest furniture firm in the country ,
has assigned. Liabilities between
§ 225,000 and $250,000.
The president nominated Richard S.
Berlin of Nebraska to be a member of
the Missouri river commission , vice
W. J. Broatch , resigned.
The steamship Chester arrived at
New York with the crew of the Iowa ,
who had been rescued from their sink
ing ship in mid-ocean.
The Brussels treaty for the suppres
sion of the African slave trade and
the traffic in spirits and firearms was
defeated in the senate executive ses
Five laborers traveling through the
northern part of Montana were caught
in the blizzard in the mountains and
four perished. The other man is badly
It is believed in England that Gen.
Bouianger is responsible for the hos
tile expressions of the French toward
the Empress Frederick during her visit
to Paris.
The preliminary statement of the
Pennsylvania system for last year
shows : Gross earnings , § 133,521,000 ;
net , 41,518,257 , the largest the com
pany ever made.
The Delaware legislature has di
rected the secretary of state to enter
judgment against the bondsmen of ex-
State Treasurer Herbert , who owes
the state § 34,000.
Ramiastra' , governor of the province
of Belanond , Madagascar , resenting a
popular petition for a cessation of cru
elties , massacred 278 men , women and
children of the first families.
The conferees on the diplomatic ap
propriation bill settled the only re
maining question in dispute by striking
out the proposition fora cable between
the United States and Hawaii.
Secretary Noble approved the re
commendation of the Indian agent at
Yuma , Ariz. , that § 1,000 be expended
for the relief of those Indians who sus
tained losses to their property on ac
count of the recent flood.
Mr. Connell introduced in the house
of representatives ( by request ) a bill
to provide a system for the creation of
money and to provide for its loaning
to states and territories , and from the
states to counties and by the counties
to citizens.
What is
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