The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, November 21, 1890, Image 4

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    ' By F. M. KIMMELL.
BLA.INE and reciprocity is the
slogan. *
NEBRASKA has eighty-nine or
ganized counties and one unorganized -
ized counfcv Arthur.
AN Incima war appears immi-
jieut in the northwest. Troops are
on the ground in force.
brmdie cow s a
hard looker , but Lord , what a
milker ! Edgar Times.
THE McKi-.iiey tariff bill was
sentenced and hung by the people
and they will now proceed to give
it a trial.
IT doth now appear that Mr.
Omaha , of Boyd , can not read his
title clear to the coveted guberna
torial chair.
" ! N defeat , " says the Tecumseh
Chieftain , "L. D. Richards is a
greater and more imposing figure
than Jas. E. Boyd in victory. "
THE players' league has finally
gone the way of the grass and the
big cities will not try to support
two base ball teams , next year.
THERE is a probability that the
entire state ticket elect will be
contested by the independent
party- . ,
THE Gosper County Citizen takes
consolation in the fact that the re
publican state ticket received a
larger vote than either the demo
cratic or independent tickets.
T. Y. POWDERLY was re.-elected
Grand Master Workman of the
Knights of Labor at the Denver
meeting , this week. At his re
quest his salary was reduced from
5 to 3 thousand dollars.
THERE is a remarkable iiuani-
rnity of expression among the coun
try newspapers touching the thin
ness at Omaha of the crust sepa
rating us from Pluto's dread abode.
There is also some solicitude lest
Herr Eosewater should drop into
an incipient fissure.
IT may be true , as Speaker Eeed
maintains , that the Republicans
would not have been defeated this
year if the new tariff law had been
passed six months earlier ; and on
the other hand there is some rea
son , THE TRIBUNE belives , that a
more prolonged discussion of cer
tain features of that measure would
have increased the number of
worms in our lettuce.
EOSEWATER'S fight is not over.
It looks as though a prohibitory
law might be passed. Omaha
played the traitor toEichards , and
republican senators and representa
tives have a sharp knife with
which to stab the traitors.l Pow
ers was sold in Omaha , and the alliance -
, liance members are ready to give
Omaha an object lesson. Pass the
law. York Eepublican.
THERE have been only four law
yers elected to the legislature in
Kansas , this year , and one of them
Judge Eeeder of Ellis county
is likely to be ousted on a contest ,
as he has a majority of only two
votes , and the Alliance claims that
lie secured his election by corrupt
means. It will be necessary to
draft in a number of farmers to
fill out the judiciary committee in
the House.
THE greatest spectacle Nebraska
has ever witnessed is that of Old
Democracy , bald-headed , grizzled ,
toothless , tobacco-stained , and
highly perfumed with the ancient
odors of rock and " "
rye , "shying up"
to that gentle , blushing , rustic
damsel , Mis Sal Liance. The
leery old reprobate really thinks
he is making a mash , but Sal
knows better , and the public is
laughing in its sleeve at so silly an
affectation of holy affection. Hub.
IN one part of his two column
card explaining why he did not
support the republican state ticket
the editor of the Bee says that "the
anti-'monopoly platform was stig
matized as a delusion and a snare. "
In almost the next paragraph he
boasts : "It is true that I framed
the greater part of the platform. "
If he framed it nobody could be
blamed for considering it a delu
sion and a snare. It is time for
Colonel Eosewater to change the
subject. He is giving himself
away. State Journal.
THOSE who believe most firmly
in the agricultural future of the
counties in the western part of the
state that are JIOAV suffering from
the dry season are the people who
reside in that very district. They
do not want to leave because they
are satisfied that if the winter can
be weathered through there will
be no trouble about good crops
and plenty of means in the future.
This is the true Nebraska spirit.
The drought will never be able to
conquer a region filled up with
that kind of people. Lincoln
OFFICIOUS correspondents are
already sending out over the
country stories about the tumble
"distress of the farmers of Nebras
ka. " That business must be stop
ped. There is distress on the
frontier , but Nebraska is rich
enough and liberal enough to re
lieve all suffering without a gen
eral call for aid. In fact , begging
in any other state for our people
will not be permitted under any
circumstances. There are seventy -
five counties that are able to take
care of themselves and the unfor
tunate communities on the extreme
frontier , and they will do it
promptly. Now let that settle it.
Lincoln Journal.
"I , " said a. L. Laws , "did not seek
a renomination. I am not much of a
politician , hub I can see some of the
plainest signs of the times. Before I
am buried I want time to take my boots
olF. " Lincoln Herald.
GgSp'Annouiices the arrival of his fall
stock , comprising the latest and most fash
ionable goods of the season. His prices are
lower than any tailor's in JNIcCook. Don't
fail to see his line.
Having recently returned from business
visits to Denver and Lincoln , at the request
of my many patrons I have decided to re
main in McCook until
MARCH 1st , 1891 ,
When i shall go to Lincoln to accept a posi
tion in a leading carpet house. In the mean
time I am better prepared than ever before
to do
Ho use Cleaning & Carpet Laying.
Leave orders at THE TRIBUNE Office.
I take pleasure in announcing to the
people of McCook and vicinity that I
have received an appointment as sales
agent for the old reliable clothing firm
of Wanamaker & Brown , of Philadel
phia. I can guarantee the same high
quality in their goods to-day which has
ijiven such excellent satisfaction in the
past. Samples may be seen at Menard's
store. Prices to suit the lines.
J. S. ALLAM , Sales Agent.
From New York City , has the most com
plete stock of Fall and Winter Goods , for
men's wear , between Lincoln and Denver.
His store is just replete with the latest nov
elties from Xew York and Chicago , and as
lie buys strictly for cash he can aiford to give
you first class Clothing at very reasonable
prices. He has guaranteed every garment
he has made up in McCook for.nearly six
years and has never had a misfit in that time.
Call and see him. One door north of the
Commercial House.
_ = - Vs.N. .
If there's one set of men who appreciate a good
itcrproof coat it is the fanner. He knows that a
" Fisfi Brand Slicker" costs him less per year than
any garment made. Did you know it rains or
mows one day in three the whole year through ? A
" Fish Brand Slicker" makes every day a pleasant
day to its lucky owner. * Go anywhere with it in
rain , hail , sleet , snow , or blow , it is wind and
water proof. Costs less than rubber , and lasts ten
times as long. Rubber is good for show days , but
will rip in a week. If you want a coat for hard
wear and hard weather , get the. " Fish Brand
Slicker. " Every good thing has its imitation , so
has the " Fish Brand Slicker. " Look out. Beware -
ware oiwonhless imitations , every garment stamped
with "Fish Brand" Trade Mark. Don't accept
any inferior coat when you can kave the " Fish
Brand Slicker " delivered without extra cost. Par *
tkulars and illustrated catalogue free.
A. J. TOWER * Boston , Mass. .
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Compare our prices -with those
of the CREDIT STORES around
15 Ibs. Granulated for $1
15 Ibs. Light Brown Sugar for 31
14 Ibs. California Dried Grapes $1
22 Ibs. Navy Beans for. . . . . . $1
8 Ibs. J T Plug Tobacco for. . $1
1 Ib. J T Plug Tobacco for. . .35
1 Ib. Target Plug Tobacco for .25
1 can 2-lb. Corn for 10
1 can 3-lb. Tomatoes for 10
1 can 16-015. Price's for 40
1 can IG-oz. Royal for 40
6 bars White Russian Soap. . .25
6 bars White Eagle Soap for .25
6 bars Lenox Soap for 25
1 gal. BEST COAL OIL for .20
1 Ib. Kio Coffee for 25
Every thing new and fresh.
NO CATCHY prices offered to
fool people , , but only a fair profit
on all goods.
DOLLARS are growing in size
each day ; take our advice buy your
goods at the CASH BARGAIN
HOUSE. We save vou from 25
to 33- | per cent over the CREDIT
Cash Bargain House.
Great Dry Goods Sale.
Enormous reductions in all
Ladies' and Children's
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Men's Overcoats ,
Boys' Suits ,
"We will close out all our Clothing
Boots and Shoes !
Boots and Shoes !
Prices cut LOWEE THAN
EYER BEFORE. Every thing
Standard Calicos , 5 cts.
Cash Bargain House.
is a clever , sensible old gentleman , and the public will not be surprised to learn
that lie has this early inthe season established his headquarters in McCook for \
the holiday trade. And they will admire his good taste and wisdom in select
i , i'
V Jt
in which to make his MOST EXTENSIVE , ELABORATE and DAZZLING-
DISPLAY. We shall not attempt to give an adequate description of the costly
and marvelous array of presents the generous old fellow has placed there and
upon which you are invited to feast your eye. It cant be done. But he has dJ ]
commissioned Mr. Sutton as his distributing agent , and he wjjl take giei
and pleasure in showing you the same , and satisfactioi ,
KRIS is a cash buyer , and I am able to sell low.
Will duplicate any eastern prices on any goods.
Stock of Silverware purchased before passage of
Silver Bill. Will sell cheaper than anybody.
ea Sets , $10 $
A splendid stock of Sterling Silver. All goods
engraved free of charge to our customers.
And then in the line of
W W n La 9T
we are unapproachable. Car
rying a stock of
Diamond Rings ,
Diamond Ear Rings ,
Diamond Scarf Pins ,
Studs , Lockets ,
CuffJBottons , Pins ,
Broaches , Bracelets ,
Necklaces , Pendants ,
Hair Ornaments ,
and an endless variety of every
and all articles kept in a
Jewelry Store.
That the heart desires in the
line of JEWELRY that Sutton
does not have and what can be
more acceptable for a Christmas
Gift or a New Year Present than
a Diamond Ring , a Watch , Silver
Tea Set , or in fact any of the 100
things of beauty and joys forever
to be secured at
No establishment in Western Nebraska carries one-half
the quantity , nor the quality , of
that I now have displayed in my show cases , embracing
the best movements , such as the
Roekford , Howard ,
VXfaltham , Columbus ,
Elgin and Hampden.
You can also have a choice of Solid or Filled Gold cases ,
of which I carry an elegant line , or of a large assort
ment of the less expensive silver cases.
In addition we have anything you want in
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