The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 26, 1890, Image 4

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    By F. M. KIMMELL. .
THE republicans have opened
the campaign. The cold weather
for democrats has arrived and will
grow more frigid as the 4th of No
vember draws near. After this
date the democrats will imagine
.that they are in Siberia.
THE Fairbury Gazette observes
quite pertinently that the well-to-
do farmers of Jefferson county did
not turn out to hear McKeighan
when that truly great and good re
former spoke at the alliance picnic
held in that county , last w ek.
The facts seem to be that McKei-
ghan's audiences are made up of
the disgruntled , dissatisfied and
disaffected wh erevor h e goes. The
prosperous farmer has no use foi
THERE was a large and notable
gathering of Republican editors ,
candidates and politicians at Lin
coln recently. Reports were had
from all over the state. The con
census of opinion was that a vigor
ous , aggressive and persistent cam
paign will bring the Republican
ticket through in good form in No
vember. The need of active work
by the party all along the line was
recognized , and the determination
to wage a winning battle was firm
ly expressed. Being alive -to the
situation , the Republicans of Neb
raska will not be found sleeping ,
but will make things interesting
for the opposition with oldtiine
McKEiGiiAN , the people's-demo-
cratic nominee for congress in the
Salubrious Second , has been some
thing of a boodler himself. For
merly a county judge , his official
integrity in that capacity is being
very seriously questioned. Charg
ed with robbing an orphan girl of
her inheritance and of getting away
with other monies ; charged with
keeping the worst set of books ever
seen in a county judge's oflice and
Tvith inoculating his accounts with
the whiskey that befuddled his
brain , charged even with indictable
offences , this noble champion of
the people , posing as the reform
Moses , appears extremely ridicu
lous. Tecumseh Chieftain.
THE dull thud with Avhich the two
lieaded site for the world's fair
was dispatched to the other world
l > y the hatchet of the commission
ers , was heard with joy all over the
land. The commission have decid
ed that the board of directors have
-trifled with the nation long enough ,
it is now probable that Chicago
"will come down to business and
offer a site that will accommodate
the people of the country rather
than the real estate sharks who
liave taken options in such large
quantities on the lands adjacent to
Jackson Park. In fact if Chicago
does not offer a proper site in short
meter there will be a storm and
she will face a sort of music that
Tvill make her sick. The fair will
l > e removed to Washington and
.congress will appropriate'the funds
to erect the buildings without a
word of protest from the west
-which had so generously backed
aip the lake city in the contest for
the location. Journal.
"McKEiGHAN's record is rising in
various unexpected places , The
.records of the supreme court of our
state show a case entitled HeKei-
.ghan vs. Graves in which the court
filed an opinion February 19,1890.
This was a case wherein a man
named Graves secured a judgment
before a justice of the peace against
McKeighan in 1887 for $130.60 on
the promissory notes that McKei-
.ghan had given him. This judg
ment McKeighan dragged through
the courts on pretended error until
it reached the supreme court of Ne
braska , and of this case the court
.says : "No particular objection to
ihe judgment is pointed out and
3ione is apparent from an inspec
tion of the transcript. The case
lias the appearance of an appeal in
order to delay the collection of the
judgment. But , however that may
.be , the judgment appears to be
right and is affirmed. " The opin
ion is rendered by Judge Maxwell.
A man who resorts to shyster law
yer tricks to prevent the payment
of his small promissory notes is
Jiardly the man to .be elected over
JN" . Y. Harlan to representthe great
state of Nebraska in congress. Our
alliance friends can read the opin
ion in this case in the Northwest
ern Reporter , Yol. 44 , No. 14 , pub
lished April 20 , 1889.
THE Kearney Enterprise , that o.
year ago ranked os one of Nebras
ka's brightest and best dailies , has
gone where the woodbine twineth.
Let's see , didn't the Omaha Bee ,
World-Horald and State Journal ,
in their little autopsy of the Oma
ha Republican , discover that its
change from a whiskey to a prohi
bition paper killed it ? About two
mouths ago the Enterprise flopped
from a prohibition to a whiskey
sheet. Will those great and wise
dailies hold another examination
and see why the Enterprise didn't
live and flourish like a sunflower
in June after it flopped. Ex.
September J8th. 1890. f
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named Bottler IIHH tiled notice of his Intention
to make final commutation proof in support
of lilri claim , and that said pioof will be in nil o
before Register or Receiver at McCook , Neb. ,
on Saturday. October 23th. 1800. viz :
H. R. No. 9G20 for the W. fcj N. W. H and W. yt
S.V. . % of Ht-ct ion 27. town. 2 , north of range
29 , west of Oth P. M. Ho names Iho following
wituecses to inovc his continuous residence
upon , and uuitivationof , said hind , viz : James
E.Troy. .John Stalker. John E. Tirrill , William
T. Shields , all of .McCook. Neb.
H. P. HART , Register.
Septum bur 18th , 1890. f
Notice is hereby given thut the following-
mimed settler has Hied notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim ,
und tbul said proof will be made before Regis
ter or Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on Saturday ,
October 25lh , Ib'JO. viz :
D. S. No C937 for the S. W. H Sec. No. 32. town.
5. north of range 29. west of ( ith P. M. He
names ihc following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon , und cultivation of ,
suidland , viz : Muthewtitewiut. Hubert Beach ,
Aulln O. Houge , Severt O. Jlougc. all of Box
Eider , Neb. S. P. HART , Register.
Land Oflice at McCook , Neb. , t
September 1st , 1890. f
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final five year proof in support of his
claim , and Unusual pi oof will be made before
Register or Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on
Thursday , October ICtli , 1890 , viz :
H. E. No. 4494 , for the S. E. X section 20. town
ship 5. north of range 29. west of Gth P. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove-
bis continuous residence upon , and cultivation
of. said land , viz : James Spauiding and Irving
W. Spauldingot Box Elder , Neb. , James 1'
Foley of McCook , Neb. , Alexander C. Harlan ,
ofOsburn. Neb. * 13 S. P. HART , Register.
August I30th , 1S90. f
Notice is hereby given that the following-
naircd settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final five year proof in support of his
claim , nud that said proof will be made before
Register or Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on
Wednesday , October 15th , 1890 , viz :
who made H. E. No. 3130 for the N. y2 N. E. } 4
and E. yt N. W. 14 of section 3 , in town.5 , north
of range 29. west of Cth P.M. He names the
following witnesses to prove his continuous
residence upon and cultivation of. said land ,
viz : Samuel Godard and Santford T. Godard
of Indianola , Neb . John F. G.irlick and John
G. Harrison of Quick , Neb. S. P. HART ,
15. Register.
A UK usr 2/I ! ) . 1890. f
Notice is hereby given thut the tollowing-
naim-d settler lias ilk-ii notice ol his intention
to make final pirn ) ! in support ol his claim
ami that said prim ! " nil ! t.e imuie belore Reg
i < i < 'r or UfU'iver ntMoC.iolc.Xob. , on Satur
day. October4th , IMHi.7. \ :
II. K No. 27i for liioV. . 4 N. W. S. E. &
N. W. 14 N. W. } 4 S. W. tf S"c U4. town. 3. north
range 29. west OiliV. M H.- > names thp following
lowingtt'itn - M,1t , prove ills continuous resi
dence upon. : tiid i-iiltiviiiion of , said land , viz :
J. H Stcphfiiii. MaMlii-w stt'wait. Lee Ann
Ketch and William Wi-vgint. al ! of Box Eider ,
Nclirns-ksi. U. ' S. P. HART ; Register.
Aii Ubt20th. lb ! > 0. (
Notice is hiM-eby given Uiat ihe following-
nanifd settler hus filed noticu ot his intention
to make final live year proof in support of
its claim , and that said proof will be made be
fore Register or Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on
Saturday. October llth. 1890. viz :
who made H. E. No. 1203 for the E. VN. . W. J
and W. yx N. E. J4 t seuti'on 20. town. 1. north
of range 29 , wi-st 6th P. M. He names the
following witnesses to prove his continuous
residence upon , and cultivation of. said land ,
viz : Abraham V. Olmstead. John Gooden-
berger. James Luwthors , James E. Lawthers ,
all of McCook , Neb. S. P. HART ,
* 13 Register.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an
order of sale issued by thu clerk of the district
court of Red Willow county , Nebraska , upon
a decree rendered Jn said court , in favor of the
Nebraska Loan and Banking company , against
John Howater . J. Wheeler and John Riley ,
I have levied upon the following real estate
as the property of John Howater. to-wit : West
half ot north-west quarter of section thirty-
threeI33I township lourI4I north of range thir-
tvBSOS west of 6th P.M. in Red Willow county ,
Nebraska , and I will on the 21st day of October ,
1890 at 10 o'clock of said day , at the front door
of the court-house of said county , in the town
of Indianola. Bell said real estate at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash to satisfy
said order of sale , the amount due thereon in
the aggregate being $239.25 , and 518.53 costs ,
and accruing costs.
Dated Sept. 13,1890. W. A. McCoor , ,
Sheriff of said County.
Per E. R. Banks. Deputy.
In the District Court of Red Willow county ,
Nebraska. Mary L. Lenart , Plaintiff , vs. Jac
ob H. Lenart. Defendant.
To Jacob H. Lenart. non-resident defendant :
You are hereby notified that Mary L. Lenart ,
plaintiff herein , has on the 18th day of Sep
tember , 1890 , filed a petition against you in the
District Court of Red Willow county. State of
Nebraska , the object and prayer of which are
to obtain a divorce from you on the ground of
extreme cruelty and praying for the custody
ot Daisy Elta Lenart minor child , the issue of
the marriage ot the plaintiff with jrou the said
defendant. You are required to answer said
petition on or before Monday , the 27th day of
October , 1890. MARY L. LENAUT.
By her attorney , C. II. Boy'e.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a
chattel mortgage dated February 21st , 1890 , and
duly filed in the office of the county clerk of
Red Willow countv. Nebraska , and executed
by Elmer Wickwiro to George Lehind. ( and by
George Leland assigned to the First National
Bank of McCook , Neb. , ) to secure the payment
of the sum of one hundred and twenty-flve
dollars ( S123.00) ) and upon which there is now
due the sum ot $123 00 and ten per cent , inter
est from August 21st. 1890. Default having
been made in the payment of the said sum and
no suit or other proceedings at law having
been instituted to recover said oebt or any
part thereof , I will sell the property therein
described , to-wit : One red cow , 3 years old ;
one red cow , 5 years old ; one red cow. 5 years
old ; one roan cow , 6 vears old ; one roan cow ,
7 years old , all branded "O" on left hip ; one
bay mare mule , about 12 years old. "weight
about SOOpounds ; one bay horse , about 9 years
old , weight about 1.000 pounds : one lumber
wagon in use about 2 years : one set of double
harness in use about 1 year ; one stirring plow ;
one brenkingplow ; one harrow ; togetherwith
the increase of above-mentioned cows ; at
public auction on the corner of Main avenue
and Dennison street , in McCook , Neb. , on
Saturday , September 27th , 1890 , at 2 o'clock ,
P. M. , central time.
Dated this 5th day of Septcmher. 1890.
assignee of GEORGE LELAND , Mortgagee.
J. t & ts. 1C. &
1886-The Beginning , 1890-Tiie End.
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